Where Is Taco Bell Corporate Office Headquarters

Taco Bell Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 949-863-4500

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 34,297

  • Established: March 21, 1962

  • Founder: Glen Bell

  • Key People: Julie Felss Masino, Liz Williams

Taco Bell Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Taco Bell Corporate Office

You might want to find the Taco Bell headquarters for various reasons, including discussing business with higher officials to sell them ingredients or to open a new outlet in your area under your banner, or meeting your relative working at the headquarters. Food business enthusiasts and partners would often visit the headquarters to make deals and plans for a successful business expansion. There are many ways you can contact the headquarters.

Taco Bell headquarters address:

If you want to send physical mail to the Taco Bell headquarters, you can use the below-mentioned address.

1 Glen Bell Way

Irvine, CA 92618


Taco Bell Board of Directors address:

You can send a parcel or message to the board of directors by using the below-mentioned address.

Taco Bell Board of Directors

1900 Colonel Sanders Ln.

Louisville, KY 40213


Phone Number:

You can reach out to them to resolve your queries or get an appointment by calling +1 949-863-4500.

Media query:

Questions can be answered with media queries. Through this, you can reach out to them through their social media profiles mentioned on the media query page. You can get to their media by clicking on this link.


You can visit their official website to get more information on their food products and dishes. You can visit the media link Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Headquarters Info & Photos

Taco Bell started in 1962 at Irvine. Gleb Bell founded it. In 1978, PepsiCo bought Taco Bell, and Taco Bell has been a subsidiary of PepsiCo ever since. Inspired by various Mexican dishes, Taco Bell serves various Mexican-styled food products to its customers worldwide. Irvine has been the headquarters’ location ever since its start. Taco Bell had seen a few rough years initially, but it rose as one of the standard fast-food chains in today’s world.

With its spiced dishes, Taco Bell serves over two billion customers yearly. With having 34,297 employees, Taco Bell runs its food chain all over the globe. With its one road site setting in Irvine, Taco Bell quickly became a global food restaurant chain, spanning across 30 countries globally.

Taco Bell Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618, United States



ASHI Bhawan Ground Floor, 19 Rouse Avenue New Delhi 110002, India



4th Floor, Punjabi Bhawan 10, Vishnu Digamber Marg, Rouse Avenue, Central Delhi, Delhi, 110002

Taco Bell Headquarters Executive Team

Tracy Skeans

David Gibbs

Chief Executive Officer,, Yum! Brands, Inc.

Tracy Skeans

Tracy Skeans

Chief Operating Officer & Chief People Officer,, Yum! Brands, Inc.

Mark King


Mark King is a business administration graduate from the University of Wisconsin. He worked for Adidas in key leadership positions before joining Taco Bell as the Chief Technical Officer in August 2019. Mark has extensive experience in leading firms. With his emphasis on creativity, Mark can take Taco Bell to great heights.

Name Title
Chris Turner Chief Financial Officer Yum! Brands Inc.
Scott Catlett Chief Legal & Franchise Officer & Corporate Secretary Yum! Brands Inc.
Sabir Sami Chief Executive Officer KFC Division
Dyke Shipp President KFC Division
Tarun Lal President KFC U.S.
Aaron Powell Chief Executive Officer Pizza Hut Division
David Graves President Pizza Hut U.S.
Shannon Hennessy Chief Executive Officer The Habit Burger Grill Division
James Fripp Chief Equity Inclusion & Belonging Officer Yum! Brands Inc.
Allyson Park Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Yum! Brands Inc.
Clay Johnson Chief Digital & Technology Officer Yum! Brands Inc.
Gavin Felder Chief Strategy Officer Yum! Brands Inc.
Ken Muench Chief Marketing Officer Yum! Brands Inc. Co-Founder Collider Lab
David Russell Senior Vice President Finance & Corporate Controller Yum! Brands Inc.

About Taco Bell


Glen Bell first formed taco Bell in early 1951. It assumed various names until 1962, when he opened his first restaurant. Until 1962, Taco Bell was street food. It was formed with inspiration from Mexican-style food.

In 1978, Taco Bell was acquired by PepsiCo, which later spun off into Tricon Global Restaurants, which currently goes by the name Yum! Since 1978, Taco Bell has been a subsidiary of the companies mentioned above.

PepsiCo had experimented with Taco Bell in the late ’90s by adding genetically-modified corn called Starlink. This corn was not approved for human consumption. It faced backlash, and they had to call back their new product.

The experimentation did not stop with the spin-off. It carried on to Yum! Taco Bell recovered by focusing its express locations near busy areas. Taco Bell has widely experimented on the combination of menus, including alcohol on its menu. Today, Taco Bell is a global food and restaurant chain with a versatile menu.


Burritos, tacos, and beverages make most of Taco Bell’s menu. They offer food and beverage services to their customers. It is a fast-food restaurant with a versatile menu. Its menu includes burritos which are rolls stuffed with vegetables and meat.

Tacos are semi-folded wheat crusts filled with meat and vegetables. Specialties have mixed ingredients, making them more tasty and attractive. Quesadillas are slices of stuffed wheat crust and vegetables.

They even have beverages and desserts. Desserts include snacks and sides with ice-cream. They have sides which are like chips that you have with sauce. Shareables are mixtures of snacks and other eatables.

Apart from food, Taco Bell supports sports events and teams by creating dishes representing team logos.


    • It didn’t start with tacos. It started with hot dogs, milkshakes, and hamburgers as a street-side fast-food center.
    • Tacos cost only 1$ each. They may look cheap but aren’t because they were 0.19$ when they started in 1962.
    • Even though you cannot find burgers on their current menu, Taco Bell offered chili burgers in the initial days.
    • The first Taco Bell had no tables and options to sit.
    • Taco Bell is the first food chain company that valued gender equality and hired women as managers.
    • Taco Bell’s beef contains a 12% secret recipe and 88% beef.
    • Taco Bell had many great personalities visit them since its establishment in 1962.
    • Taco Bell offered free tacos to the stages of rockets if they fall on a specified target.

  • Steven Gilbert says:

    Order a K8 and a chicken pot pie. Was given one cup for a drink. When I pointed out that a should have been given 2 cups,I was told I paid for just a chicken pot pie. I was told I did not ask for the meal

    Your menu only shows combo meal chicken pot pie plus drink $5.59. Then I asked how much the meal was and was told $5.59. I asked the price for only pot pie and it also was $5.59.

    Menu does not say pot pie and pot pie combo. Just combo plus drink.

    Since I did not say meal they would not give me a drink. Then your employee told me –Corporate sets the prices not her and that I just work here. Then turned and walked away.

    I did not get her name but it was at Taco Bell 025722 8302 n hwy 146 baytown tx 77520 281 573 2867.
    This was very rude and the menu should be clearer and the staff taught courtesy and manners

    5915 evangelinee way baytown tx 77523

  • Robin Garberick says:

    I went to your taco bell on capital but there are two taco bells on capital I was at the wrong one it changed me I called the wrong one they said I would not be charged but I was . Way don’t you put pennfield or Lakeview on the site so this won’t happen so much or change the store automatically.

  • Edward Taylor says:

    My wife and I went to our local Taco Bell, located at 3612 N. Sharon Rd. Charlotte, NC, tonight at 8:00 P.M. First off, they ran out of beans and weren’t going to make up a fresh batch, even though they had two more hours to go. No telling when exactly they ran out of beans. Second, so my wife ordered a cheese quesadilla. To call it a cheese quesadilla is being generous. It looked like they ran a thin amount of cheese on the bread, and covered only half the bread with a microscopically thin layer of cheese. I ordered a sweet tea and was told they ran out of that as well, They were going to give me a cup with less than half full. But they were able to produce a full cup after pressing the issue. We asked for a reciept and they kept putting off my wife and two female workers in back began using abusive, profane language rather than produce a receipt. To be fair, there was one male employee there, that was helpful and respectful, but we still didn’t get any receipt and were subjected to foul language with no attempt to deescalate the situation. If not for my wifes calm demeanor, it could have gotten ugly real quick. This is not the first time that we’ve experienced service and attitude, several tiers below the expected, at this location. Safe to say, this location is crossed off our go to list and we will seriously rethink going to any Taco Bell after this particularly ugly, disrespectful incident. My wife was very hungry after a long day at work. I’m sure you can Identify with that. First she is told that her choice is unavailable, because staff is too lazy to make up a fresh batch. She puts in an order for an alternative choice, only to find it is a very thin piece of bread with an insufficient amount of cheese and treated in a very disrespectful way. Is this the way you would like to be treated after a long, hard, day of work and hungry? I am outraged that this is the way this particular store is allowed to operate. We will do our part in spreading the word of how disrespectful your staff is and the poor quality of your food served. I will also attempt to contact corporate in California as well, but to be truthful, I’m not sure I’m going to get much satisfaction there. But I’ll get less if I don’t contact them.

  • L says:

    I just quit my job at taco bell in Portland Indiana today because of the manager friends. And one of them comes in and started to talk crap and lies about me. All I asked was for him was if they could not come in while I was working because it a distraction for me to do my work. He said that he won’t tell them. Plus his wife comes in and started to bark orders at us sometimes plus goes behind the counter and starts making food when he first started to be a manager. Hopefully corporate can/ will do something about the issue and future issues with banning people.

  • Anna says:

    Ordered 4 tacos. I was told no mild sauce only HOT AND DIABLO. Told the girl give me two. I ended up with 30. Are you trying to get rid of the hot sauce!


  • Sonia says:

    Hi I’m one of many of yours costumers that love Taco Bell and me and many of my friends wondering when are you guys are going to bring back the taco salad of years ago with the flour shell taco salad supreme hope soon ,Taco Bell needs to bring back the old manual .Thanks

  • Kiesha says:

    Bring back the caramel apple empanadas.

  • Debra Marie Wiser says:

    Please bring the Taco Bell Enchirito from the 70’s…they were the best!!

  • Kerry Poole says:

    God forbid you ACTUALLY have a VALID reason for contacting someone at taco bell so called headquarters! We got a big ass peice of plastic in out taco. Treid calling so called corperate number sends you to stupid customer service!! Oh your hold time is 32 dam minutes!!! OMG!!!

  • Faye Hill says:

    I need employment verification

  • Diana pierce says:

    We go to Taco Bell in Terre haute In which is located on Hwy46. We were there last Friday and the guy that handed us our food had the dirtiest nails I have ever seen. He should never be allowed to work around food.Looked like he had been gardening. Someone needs to check this out.

  • T.L.-Hemminger says:

    On 9/28/2022
    Restaurant # 037057
    Iowa City Iowa
    We visit this location i asked what spice was on the new Double Steak Grill burrito, in return was told that just cheese steak and sour cream was on it so I ordered 2 and 1 5layer 2 soft shell tacos. and a Nacho Belle grande,,my order total was$27.07 for this and said that I have a second order they said we couldn’t do it, I have never had a problem before,,the second person has a learning disorder and we mentioned this and the Manager came on mine and still said they couldn’t do a second order.We waited 15 minutes in the drive,, long enough for her to Doordash her order …We asked for the Manager and he wouldn’t come to the window and asked for Cooperate’s number and we were told to Google it.. Needless to say when I got home my new Double steaks were burnt I have a picture of mine front and back and there was spicy sauce on it so my husband couldn’t eat his,, the Nacho Belle grande was pushed up frome the bottom of the bowl to looked full and more beans than cheese even thoughbefore Ipaid make sure I have,extra cheeseon it, I am not person to complain unless I’m in person. I have met Cooperate at this restaurant before to return food that that was saturated and could’ve fallen through the sack at that time they wanted to give me a job on-site but alas I was management at a different fast-food . I don’t believe this should have ever happened also her order got delivered burnt too,, how do I know it’s because she sent me a picture of hers..
    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

    The email address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.

    Unfortunately I am not on my email every day and did not notice this .I’m not fluent in using emails so a friend help me send that particular email..


    Diagnostic information for administrators:

    Generating server: azeyumxch002.us.tgr.net
    Remote Server returned ‘550 5.1.10 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipientNotFound; Recipient not found by SMTP address lookup’

  • Dustin Rook says:


    My experience today at Taco Bell was a normal experience. Although, I have a few concerns. I’m sure and well aware that this topic may already have been brought up but I just want to share some thoughts…

    I’m not an entirely picky eater but if I order something off of the menu and decide I do not want a certain topping on my meal, such as lettuce, beans, cheese etc., shouldn’t that deduct off of the price of my meal? Meaning, if I wanted to add a topping to my meal, it would surely raise the price of it, correct? Essentially, by me deducting toppings off of my meal, it is saving you inventory and decreasing your labor times to make your facility more efficient. The end result is me still being charged full price for menu toppings that I asked to not have on my meal. Meaning, I’m still being charged full price for something that I’m not receiving. In a sense, it seems like you’re taking advantage of the customer by charging them full price for a topping that they asked to not receive. I understand not everyone can have it their way. But there has to be something in your database that allows the customer to get what they deserve. Especially with the price increase over the last several months. Maybe this is an incentive to regain customers?…

    Dustin Rook

  • Carol says:

    My husband was visiting the Taco Bell on Highway 49, north of Interstate 10. I tried using the online site to place my order and when it got to the process for the order, it wouldn’t let me. I tried three times and then called. I told the guy who answered what happened and his comment was “Well, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t”. My husband said he would go pick it up and place the order there. I asked if we would still get the Cravings Box for $5 and he said NO with no explanation. It isn’t OUR fault the online order process wouldn’t work!! My husband placed our order inside the store. After getting to the car he realized the order was totally wrong when he looked into the bag! They had to redo the order and got it wrong the second time. The third time was fine, but they did not have a good customer service attitude. I haven’t written the complaints for previous orders, but this one cost us a lot more money!!

  • Crystal says:

    This particular Taco Bell (3561 Plano Pkwy, The Colony, TX 75056) has the worst service! That is why I stopped eating here but I gave it a try again tonight and Nya proved why I stopped coming to this one. WORST customer service skills EVER! And refused to get me a supervisor when I asked for one. She was very condescending, she mocked me, and acted as though I was inconveniencing her to do her job!

    Nya was just rude altogether. It took me to say hello after dead silence for 3 minutes (drive thru), before she even started taking my order. Then while I was giving my order I said I need to make a correction I’d like 3 beef supreme chalupas and what not she actually sat there on the intercom huffing, puffing, and harshly sighing saying well you said you wanted 2. I said yeah and I corrected myself and changed it to 3. Then she wanted to sit there and say “oh well you know what oh no”. Then I asked her politely if they could do me a favor and put my crunchy taco in a separate bag so it didn’t get broken by the other food. I was nice when I got to the window and gave her my card for my order then was resting my head on my hand while I waited. She sat there making fun of me mocking me and how I was sitting in my car. Then texting on her phone. Then she gave me my order and I asked where’s the 2nd bag for the taco. She sat there rolling her eyes sighing again saying “ma’am it’s on the top” . I said that’s not what I asked for. I asked for it to be in a separate bag so it doesn’t break. And she literally complained acting like I was asking for such a huge thing. I finally said all you had to do was give me another bag as I asked for instead of arguing with me. Then I told her to get me her supervisor and she refused. She then was a smart aleck as I was driving off screaming out the window have a blessed day.

    I am beyond livid! I work customer service myself and if I treated my patients/members anywhere near as bad as I was treated tonight I would have been written up on a final warning or fired!

    This is not the first time I’ve had issues with this Taco Bell and the ONLY reason I went to this one was because the one at 5005 Main St, The Colony, TX 75056 was sold out of chalupas.

  • Sue says:

    Only the drive thru was open. I sat in the drive thru line for 22 minutes before being able to place my order. After placing my order the line did move a little faster. When I got to the drive thru window the cashier Joel A. immediately without eye contact stuck his hand out of the window for my payment. I went to hand my debit card to Joel and he snatched my card out of my hand. He ran my payment and when returning my card to me he did not give me a receipt, which I have never had happen at this location. I normally would not care about not receiving the receipt, but my house has been under restoration for water damage the past week and a half and the insurance company is paying for any meals that are not being prepared at home. When I asked Joel for the receipt he rolled his eyes at me and said okay. I continued to sit and wait about 5 more minutes for my order to be complete along with still waiting for my receipt while Joel wandered away from the drive thru window to the front counter register for the remainder of my visit. Another employee came to the window and looked confused when I told them what order I was waiting on. After another minute a bag of food was placed on the table next to the drive thru register and the employee checked the bag, looked confused again and told me that the bag was my order, but was still missing something. After placing said missing items in the bag, the employee handed it to me, and I had to ask once again for my receipt because Joel never gave it to me after I asked for it, even though I explained to him why I needed my receipt. I finally received everything and drove home. When I got home and was getting the food out of my bag, I realized that not only did the employees forget to put something in the bag, some of thee items that they had placed in the bag were wrong. I had ordered a chicken chalupa combo for my husband and it was not in the bag. Instead the items received were 2 hard shell beef tacos and a soft shell taco with a fried chicken tender, lettuce, cheese, and some spicy orange sauce. My husband ate the hard shell tacos and because he was hungry from working overtime today, he decided to eat the “taco” with the chicken tender in it. He took a bite and almost immediately spit it out because it tasted like say old chicken. I also tasted it because he can over exaggerate sometimes, and it tasted awful. I have never had such an disappointing experience with Taco Bell. I wanted to inform the company through this survey because I can imagine that I am not the only customer from tonight that is so highly dissatisfied with my experience.

  • Chellie Mcmorris says:

    Let me start by saying I love Taco Bell, I am not a Karen and never complain but tonight’s service was ridiculous. Let’s start with the wait time, we were 6 cars waiting for our orders to be taken while teenagers were jumping out their car talking to the drive through. Everyone had to wait forever once to the speaker only to hear a female laughing ant talking to her coworkers. The icing on the cake was that my order was incorrect. I’d just worked a 14 shift and this was the worst part of my day.

  • Sherry Starkey says:

    I went to the Taco Bell at 10035 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63122, waited in the drive thru lane for 20 minutes when I went to order the girl advised me they were CLOSED it was 1 pm in the afternoon and the seven cars in front of me got served, I then had to wait until the two cars in front of me got their order when I got to the window the girl said they were closed and they had people inside in line, I ask for their store number and she got a manager who would not give me the store number but gave me a phone number to call Carol at 3146308637, the lady then advised me that they were just to busy to take anymore orders! Carol was very nice and said she would check it out and go straight there but did not offer me anything for my 20 minutes in line!

  • Jeremy Starczewski sr says:

    Ordered from app, store said they didn’t have those items and I had to deal with the app. So they got my money and all I got was attitude.

  • Makayla Horsley says:

    I did not have a very good experience with a Taco Bell employee

  • Pamela A Kroll says:

    Taco bell in Lake geneva Wis…..is a very dirty sloppy store….rude employees

  • Stephenturnier says:

    Please bring back Taco salds

  • Katherine Sylva says:

    Dirtiest Taco Bell I have ever been to. Wish I could send a picture of taco my grandson got..in today’s environment, cleanliness should be number 1 top priority..no words for the taco we got..unbelievable I guess. Taco Time it is..you get what you pay for..😲 Location: Bremerton WA. 98311

  • ruth says:

    Please bring back the chili cheese burritos the menu is bland now all the good stuff is gone. Please please please chili cheese burritos in Florida…

  • Luis says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I write you to inform you that I no longer will be a customer of Taco Bell. I am appalled that Taco Bell is involved in the woke culture. Your Drag Queen breakfast experience is not what I expect to see in the stores I frequent. This has no business in any stores. If you want to promote this, open a theater or pay for them to perform in an auditorium. It literally has no place in your restaurant. I have pondered on this and it conflicts with my values. I can no longer support Taco Bell.

  • Johnnie Harrell says:

    At 3:30 P. M. Monday, 05/09/2022, we visited Taco Bell 003480, 1465 N. Main Street, Suffolk, VA. 23434. A construction crew was working in a portion of the parking lot. My wife went in to pick up an order. The construction crew started a blower, blowing concrete dust all over my newly cleaned truck. I do not mean just a little dust but rather a heavy, thick cloud of dust. I got out of my truck and waved at the crew as if to ask them to stop, they laughed and turned the blower directly at me. I saw four workers. I was covered with dust to the point I could actually taste the concrete dust. When my wife returned, I moved out of the parking lot, stopped, got out of my truck and took a photo of the work truck and work van. I called Taco Bell and spoke with David (manager) explaining what had happened. He apologized and told me to call Corporate as there was nothing he could do. The work truck’s signage was: H & S Construction, Concrete/Roofing. The truck was a red Ford with Virginia plates. The partial plate number was JF-4697. The work van’s plate was, Virginia, UAG-4737.
    Any hired construction crew at any business should always conduct themselves as an extension of the business they are working for.

  • Michael Meyer says:

    If you go through with your plan to celebrate with drag Queens , I will never go with my family to Taco Bell again. I am the father of 11 children and 26 grand children and the husband of one wife. Drag queens are an abomination to God and all decent people. I have been boycotting Burger King since they came out with the Proud Burger in a rainbow wrapper and have been boycotting Frito -Lay since they celebrated this abomination with their rainbow colored Doritos. You need to fire your advertising executive.

  • Roxanne says:

    Let me tell you what happened and this is not the first time!
    I was in the drive up line in Fargo, ND 2270 Veterans Blvd. 58103. No phone listed on the internet for them.
    I was in line for 25 min before I finally got to be the second in line. I sat for 15 more minutes behind the guy ahead of me who had not even been asked what he wanted to order yet. I looked them up on the internet . No phone. I called another one in Fargo to see if this place is still open or did they close the drive up and not say anything. They told me they should be open. I waited 5 more minutes and inched my way out of line-back up, drive forward, etc. Many cars behind me. I decided to go to the one I just talked to on the other side of town which is quite a ways away. Well-they too had a long line. So I was going to go inside. The person on the phone had not told me only the drive up was open even though I asked if they were open inside. This has happened to me too many times in Fargo. I am a Taco Bell lover and we do not have one in my town so I love to stop there. However, you have lost a customer for life . I realize there is a shortage of workers but this was absolutely ridiculous! It happened to me even before covid so that cannot be used for an excuse!

  • Colleen Curtacci says:

    Item on menu you can not order unless you have a App .”for on line ordering only ” why ?? I really wanted the steak quesadilla .I was told I can’t have it because I don’t have the app .I would rather go somewhere else where they give me what I am willing to pay for .It’s funny how many people I know now that has had this happen to them also.Who also will not eat at Taco Bell .We may be only a handful and more then likely you will not care anyway…Have a nice day 🙂

  • Penny Davis says:

    My friends son 16 yo Braden works for taco bell in springfield mo was choked out by his manager who also by the way is live in boyfriend to the store manager he was seriously injured and forced to stay way past closing his mother has made several complaints do they moved him to different location after a year of bulling ..they they send the manager who was bulling him to the location Braden works at he beat this kid up its all on camera …u need to fire the district manager down they failed this kid horribly

    • Af says:

      I didn’t expect to see a comment like this especially from another city but evidently Taco Bell approves of that kind of management. Because I had a similar experience here in my store. But it’s their loss eventually people will stop wanting to work for them which is the case here because of their bad reputation for treating people poorly. And then they’ll just go out of business.

  • Brian K. Hessey says:

    Hello, my name is Brian Hessey and I am currently the Principal at George Voinovich and OHDELA Success Track. We will be opening a new state wide drop out prevention school in Ohio next year called Gateway of Ohio. We get many students that come to us and we are their best or last chance to graduate. Most of them are over age, credit deficient and have had poor attendance. Overall school has been a bad experience and they do not believe in themselves. Our philosophy is that each individual student is the most important person in our school and we work hard on the following ideals;
    1. We individualize their education program to meet them when they are available (work around jobs, childcare, etc.) and reduce weekly required hours by having a longer school year.
    2. We try to develop relationships with them. Each student and family is assigned a mentor that has contact several times a week to provide support, help with outside needs and just talk and care.
    3. We are positive and encouraging. We try to take away all the negative experiences and celebrate any successes they have. Show them they matter and can be successful.

    Our Mentors are looking for positive behavior rewards and one of the biggest rewards that you can give a teenager is food. Your company was discussed as one that is considered by many, as community driven and a friend to educators. Because of that discussion I would like to ask if you would consider participating in our reward program for students who show academic success and /or improved engagement. We are looking to reward students with gift cards ,Certificates or any other method that will allow us to show them that we recognize and celebrate their successes and improvements.

    I would love to discuss ways that you can team with us to encourage these at-risk students to achieve. If you have further questions or want to support us, please reach out to me at your convenience. We are looking to start this program now with it being in full existence at the beginning of next school year

  • Bruce W. Weigelt says:

    Last week Wendy’s closed here in Sedona/Village Of Oak Creek, 86341..all the locals here agree, we need a Taco Bell..the Wendy’s drive through, inside amenities are a perfect fit for Taco Bell, approx 85% of traffic drive through the village to get to west Sedona..Please contact me if you have any questions, and/or need any help trying to achieve your goals

  • Kelley G Williams says:

    I NEED for your company to PLEASE bring back Mexican pizzas, beef meximelts, and enchiritos (chili cheese burritos) my daughter loves Taco Bell, but I cannot find anything for myself there anymore! ALL of the items that I loved for years are now gone. It hurts me to my core! I want to love eating there still, but I just can’t.

  • Jean dickey says:

    Why have you discontinued the taco salad? Mexican taco salads are a big disappointment. Please. Offer thee taco salad on your menu.

  • john tinkelenberg says:

    why was the mexican Pizza discontinued? will ever return to the menu?

  • Everett Dungan says:

    For several weeks now I have been going to Different Taco Bell locations here in Colorado Springs, Colorado trying to purchase breakfast for myself and My fellow co-workers. I arrive at 8 am, the time listed on their doors as open hours. Each and every store I go to is never ready to serve me. Their machines aren’t ready or they are inoperable. I pull into the drive through and am disappointed every time. There is an entire world of us that have to be to work at or before 8 am, so I feel you are losing an entire market by not opening at an earlier hour…..

  • >