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  • Address: 3618 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 425-641-1140
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: 52000
  • Established: September 18, 1990
  • Founder: Richard Johnson
  • Key People: John Legere, Mike Sievert

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T-Mobile Headquarters Executive Team

John J. Legere

Chief Executive Officer

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Mike Sievert

President & Chief Operating Officer

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David R. Carey

Executive Vice President, Corporate Services

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David Miller

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

J. Carter

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Peter Ewens

Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Callie Field

Executive Vice President, Customer Care

Nicholas Drake

Executive Vice President, Special Project

Jon Freier

EVP, Consumer Markets

Janice Kapner

Executive Vice President, Communications & Community Engagement

Thomas Keys

President, MetroPCS

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  • T-Mobile Announces Plans for THREE Supercharged New T-Mobile Un-carrier Moves That Will Use Transformational 5G Network for GOOD
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  • private says:

    tmobile locked my daughter’s phone because of a small balance due on my account during this pandemic and I need to talk to my daughter wile she is home and im at work. Its imperative that I keep in touch with my daughter especially during this time. I thought Tmobile their slogan was they know how important it is to keep InTouch with your love ones

  • Lorraine another unsatified customer says:

    I went to a T-Mobile store located at 3490 boston road in the Bronx, NY 10469 on Monday, September 16, 2019 on or about 4:20 pm and had the worst experience ever.

    Upon entry, I spoke with a representative who initially appeared pleasant. I explained that I was there the day before and had an unpleasant experience. The representative asked for a fee of $5.45. I explained to her that I was there yesterday and the representative contacted claims and it was noted that the fee was waived. The representative then note that she cannot verify this information. I suggested that she call claims exactly what the other representative did the day prior. She excused herself. She returns with a manager who notes that they don’t waive fees at this site. I made an attempt to explain. Again, he notes they don’t waive fees. At this point, I don’t want another altercation with T Mobile and agree to pay the fee of $5.45. The manager becomes hostile. At this point, I ask the manager if he could provide me a listing of affiliate phone providers with T Mobile. I am thinking to myself I am going to switch phone providers however not affiliated with T Mobile. The manager turns at states to me you can google it and walks away. I in turn noted to the manager that he could have easily provided this information to me and he continues to walk away and exit through office door. At this time, I am furious then the sales representative who is taking care of me states,” it not that serious”. I looked at her and stated how dare you tell me what is not serious. You have no idea what I have gone through last week and yesterday to rectify a situation that was not my fault initially (defective phone). I ask the sales representative her name. She then tells me, “I don’t have to give you my name” . Please note that none of the representatives in the store had on name/id tags. I then proceeded to ask another sales representative for the supervisors name and the sales representatives name who waited on me all persons refused to answer me. There were at least five other representatives on the floor who would not respond to me. The sales representative who was waiting on me gave me my phone. I then asked the supervisor’s name who oversees the assistant manager. She refused to provide me the information. She then went in the back room and out comes the assistant who wanted to know why I want this information. I clearly stated to report him and the sales representative. After a few seconds, the assistant manager finally provided me the sales representatives name ( I am not sure this is legit). I asked him for his supervisor’s name. He tells me, “I am the boss her for now”. I again asked for the supervisor who he reports to, again he tells me he is in charge now. I asked again for the third time for the information and he finally provides me his business card and tells me by the way you are not allowed to come back to this store. At this time, I was heated. I asked why can I not return because I want to file a complaint about you and the staff. I noted that his customer services skills were horrible and that I would return. He told me I’ll be here waiting for you.

    I left the store and immediately contacted 611 in order to file a complaint. The operator who took the information was extremely courteous and apologized for the incident.

    I have been a customer of TMobile’s for 14 years and do plan on finding another carrier. That was the worst customer services that I ever experienced. I would love for someone to contact me for further information regarding this incident.

    There should be some type of disciplinary action for all staff at the store as nobody wanted to provide with the supervisor’s information.

  • Neil the unsatisfied customer says:

    I recently switch from Verison to T mobile. The rep in the T mobile store on presidential parkway informed my that my Samsung S10+ would be paid off through a prepaid debit card. I provided the sales person with all the necessary documents and he submitted the saying that was all that needed to be done. I then received an message from the promotion dept. say that my S10+ was not on the reimbursement list and that I need to contact the store. I contacted the store and even got on a three way call with costumer support. Costumer support offered me a 650 credit on my phone bill. I told them no this was unacceptable that I wanted what was offered or I would just go back to Verison. I was then told this matter would be taken to a district manager and would take 5 day to resolve it. In the meantime while I waited I contacted Verison to see if I could come back to my old contract and yes I could because it had not been over 30 days. The Tmobile store called me back and said they would honor the reimbursement and would send me a reimbursement card within 7 to 11 days, that was over two weeks ago. I called 1-888-390-6867 got a total runaround and now I’m pissed was told a manager call after her meeting at 5oclock yesterday and nobody has called me yet its 9 am. Verison has now sent me the final bill for my S10+ and it is due. I thought this was a decent company but Its turning out to be the biggest mistake I’ve made. Verison was more expensive but they are not Liars. Now its been past 30 day since I switched so I cant get My old contract back without paying off my phone. This text will be copied and pasted on facebook twitter and Instagram. Hopefully I can stop someone else from being deceived as I have been.

  • feancisco banos says:

    My name is francisco banos 3721 sw 152 place miami fl 33185b phone number 786 252 0589 i have 3 lines i am 87 years old suffering from parkinson in both hands few weeks ago y traded my daughters phone 786 328 5877 for agalaxy10 priced at 800 dollars wirh a rebate of 17 3 dollars i wenr to one of your stores in miami with my daughter we spend around 3 hours talking with the rebate and they could not figure our how to approve thr rebate after that i have called many times explaining my case that i cannot go on line and nobody could help me somebody told me to fo rget about it i am writing to you for help you are my last resort with all my respect francisco banos

  • J.U. says:

    This letter is to express my frustration with the hope to get a solution to this:
    I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from T Mobile just when it came out to the market with the warranty that T Mobile offered me. About a week ago ago the phone fell and got a crack on the screen. Last Tuesday 20th I called T Mobile and got transferred to Assurant to place a claim. Assurant gave me a 24hr period to get my claim approved. On May 22nd I received an email from Assurant stating that the claim was approved with a link to follow up the claim. When I go to the link the claim doesn’t show. I was charged $99.00 deductible as arranged when purchasing the insurance. On May 24th I called Assurant to follow up the claim, a representative said that they didn’t have a Note 9 available for replacement and that I had to wait. On May 25th I received an email from Assurant stating that device is being shipped with a FedEx follow up number 495100636619 which I click and I receive a message “NOT FOUND”. On May 25th a T Mobile representative Christian, was very kind to make a 3-line call to Assurant. A representative from Assurant said they didn’t have a Note9 available.
    Tomorrow it’s gonna be a week since I placed a claim, and I still don’t know when my device will be replaced.
    All representatives understand my frustration but still nobody resolves my problem. How come T Mobile sells insurance through a company that can’t replace what you are paying for. How dare a company says “I’m sorry but at this time we don’t have a replacement” and we as loyal customers who always pay on time never say “we are sorry we don’t have the money to pay you now”. I’m contacting you because you sold the insurance and I pay you every month. How dare you make me feel you are doing me a favor when I’m paying for it. One representative gave me a credit of $25 that I didn’t request all I want is for you to comply with the insurance agreement.
    How would I rate this experience? Can you guess?

  • Natasha says:

    I Have been with T Mobile since 3/2011 and was very please with the service until recently. I had a personal account and went to open a business account . I was not told all the do’s and don’ts to switch my personal account under my business line . I was told its better, I would get better discounts . I was also added phones to my business line so it was all about the sales person making a sale. So because of this behavior my personal account is with a debt collector saying I owe T mobile 1300.00 all because my personal account was not switched over correctly . I need some answers and its reporting on my credit report.347 330 1996

  • Patricia says:

    In October my husband & I switched from our previous carrier to T-Mobile. There was a buy out program in place where they would pay off our old phones. We were told we would receive 2 prepaid visa cards, in the mail, in which to give to our previous carrier. After many frustrating phone calls and trips to the store we still have not received the cards and are getting the run around as to when or if we will receive them. We have now received a letter from our previous carrier that they are turning us over to collections for the amount due. We trusted T-Mobile to make good on their promotion.
    My husband and I are both in our 60’s and on a fixed Social Security income. The amount owed would be a very big portion of our monthly income. We came to T-Mobile in good faith looking for better coverage and now this has placed a huge hardship on us, especially here at the holidays. We feel T-Mobile has lied to us numerous times and have not been helpful in trying to resolve this issue.  We desperately need help from someone in your company to get this taken care of. 
    Russell & Patricia Michaels

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