Where Is T-Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters

T-Mobile Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3618 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 425-641-1140
  • Email: support@tmobile.com
  • Number of Employees: 52000
  • Established: September 18, 1990
  • Founder: Richard Johnson
  • Key People: John Legere, Mike Sievert

T-Mobile Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact T-Mobile Corporate Office

T mobile is one of America’s leading mobile manufacturers and 5G network providers. One might want to contact or reach out to the headquarters of T mobile for various reasons, including queries and complaints about new products and 5G services, business partnership with the mobile manufacturing giant, for any other personal business with the employees of the headquarters, to get a mobile phone, or to attend to your work as a fresher at the headquarters. You can contact T mobile headquarters in one of the following ways.

T Mobile headquarter address:

If you want to send a physical mail to the headquarters, you can use the following address to reach out to them physically.

3618 Factoria Blvd SE


WA 98006


T Mobile Board of directors address:

If you want to reach out to the board of directors physically or send them a parcel, you can use the below-mentioned address.

3618 Factoria Blvd SE


WA 98006


Phone Number:

If you want to reach out to the headquarters during working days, you can use the number +1 425-641-1140

Email Id:

You can reach out to them digitally by using their Email id. Here is the Email Id of T mobiles - mailto:support@tmobile.com. Through this email id, you can get all your questions answered and problems attended to!


For extensive and detailed information about T mobiles, their services, and their products, you need to visit their official website. Click here to visit their official website.

T-Mobile Headquarters Info & Photos

T mobile is the brand of the german telecommunications firm, Deutsche TeleKom AG. T mobile is the german manufacturer's brand name to operate in the 20 nations that T mobile operates in. The history of T mobiles goes as back as the radiotelephone systems of the first generation wireless communications. It develops communication technologies to grow as one of the largest telephonic service providers in the world.

It was found in December 1999. Until 1999 it was a german government telecommunications office that did the government bidding. After privatization, the company was reformed with many subsidiaries for various countries. It is currently lead by john J Legere. It has 52,000 employees, including John. The privatization and reforming of T mobiles led to the rapid growth of the company. A lot of acquisitions and changes made the T mobile finally settle in its current headquarters at Bellevue.

T-Mobile Headquarters Photos 1
T-Mobile Headquarters Photos

T-Mobile Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Five Newport, 12920 SE 38th St Bellevue (HQ), WA

T-Mobile Headquarters Executive Team

John J. Legere

Chief Executive Officer

John was born in June 1958. He had a keen passion for networking and communications. He worked for technology and communication giants such as DELL, AT&T, etc., in the past before joining T mobile as the CEO of T mobile. He has a vast amount of previous experience in leading a telecom company while joining T mobile. He stepped down as the CEO after the merger of Sprint and T mobile.

Mike Sievert

President & Chief Operating Officer

Mike was from Canton, Ohio. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1991. He was the former chief operations officer of the T mobile. In April 2020, he became the CEO of T mobile. He is also a member of the board of directors. He continued his role as the president of the company. He was hired in 2012 as the Chief Marketing Officer by then CEO John.

David R. Carey

Executive Vice President, Corporate Services

Mike was from Canton, Ohio. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1991. He was the former chief operations officer of the T mobile. In April 2020, he became the CEO of T mobile. He is also a member of the board of directors. He continued his role as the president of the company. He was hired in 2012 as the Chief Marketing Officer by then CEO John.



David Miller

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

J. Carter

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Peter Ewens

Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Callie Field

Executive Vice President, Customer Care

Nicholas Drake

Executive Vice President, Special Project

Jon Freier

EVP, Consumer Markets

Janice Kapner

Executive Vice President, Communications & Community Engagement

Thomas Keys

President, MetroPCS

About T-Mobile


The company Voicestream Wireless PCS was established in 1994. It was spun off from its parent company before Deutsche Telekom AG purchased it and branded it as T mobile. It launched its first brands in Nevada and California.

It ran its run of acquisitions over the next few years by acquiring Suncom, which led to the inevitable expansion of companies market base to other and southern parts of the USA.

With the acquisition of Suncom, T mobile gained 1.1 million customers under its umbrella. This helped the company rise among the top mobile network providers in the USA.

In 2013, after a failed attempt to merge with AT&T, T mobile Acquired MetroPCS communications, which gave the company a large financial and technological boost making it the 4th largest in the USA.

In 2020, T mobile merged with sprint corporation, making them the largest 5G services provider in the country. The merger strategy has worked well for T mobile, and it continues to work well.


T mobile provides mobile and data services to its users. Users can subscribe to a plan they are interested in using the data and network services. It releases new plans every year to accommodate the growing demands and to satisfy its customers.

The T mobile magenta max plan provides you 4G/5G services according to the customer’s choosing. The magenta max succeeds the magenta and magenta plus to provide customers with 5G services.

The military plans avail special discounts for army and military personnel. The first responders are for new T mobile customers, and the unlimited 55+ is for senior citizens who are above 55 years old. All these plans have benefits and subsidies.

T mobile ONE is a relatively old plan, but it does offer good connectivity and service to its customers.


    • With approximately 230 million global subscribers and users, T mobile is the world’s 13th largest telephonic service provider.
    • It is the 4th largest mobile phone service provider in multiple nations after UK’s Vodafone and the others.
    • The T mobile network covers 84% of the US population, which is the highest for any country's network provider.
    • T mobile is America's fastest 5G service provider with the fastest upload, download, and speed experience.
    • T mobile has blocked over 1 billion scam calls over the years till 2018.
    • The merger between T Mobile and Sprint has cost many workers around the States their jobs.
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  • Jill says:


  • Donald Mikeska says:

    This past Friday (4/8/22), my wife and I went into the LaGrange, TX store to start a new personal plan with unlimited everything under a veteran plan. I was already quoted a trade in on my phone from another T-Mobile store. And my wife wanted to keep her phone she has. The two young ladies in the store were rude, refused to do the trade-in, and just plain lazy and cause the loss of us switching over. They both need to find a different career. They did not even know how to remove my SIM card, I had to do it for them. If I decide to go into a t mobile store and see either of these lazy young ladies I will walk away before I open the door.

  • Suresh Pathania says:

    Fremont CA, Weibel School Neighborhood
    Just want to let you know that the signal strength in our area is so poor that the phone calls break all the time. Some time the talk starts in ne corner of the house with poor quality and as you move to the other part of the house the call breaks or becomes so poor to understand with choppy/breaking words. When are you going to fix this, this is going on for so long. We hardly see a single (little) bar on the phone. I am not talking about 5G, this is just 4G issue. Or you want all of us in this neighborhood to move to AT&T/Verizon…..

    It seems like you don’t care about the customer problems. I hope you listen to this and try to rectify the problem ASAP.


  • Rose says:

    I am extremely disappointed customer T-Mobile terrible/ horrible I am leaving this stupid idiot nonsense company!! I have been a loyal customer w/ t-mobile . I am an extremely disappointed customer as of a few years , but still giving them chances!!! Now I will be leaving! I ordered a phone never received it’s been a month!! I just lost my lil sis she died I grieving! But my calls all go to overseas never to USA customer service!!!! The issues never get resolved!! I have had! I want a USA senior manger or executive to personally call me after 3pm !! No Thursday or Friday any other you contact me after 3pm. I need an USA senior executive to contact me I am extremely disappointed with other reps and issues not resolved! Email rosepedals20@yahoo.com

  • Michael and Nickia Barasch says:

    My husband and I have been a Tmoble for well over 20+ we started when it was voice stream for the last 4 years I have been have problems with our service to point I wasn’t receiving call my booster stop working and my customer couldn’t get through to me so I called Tmoble it was nothing else they could do so I had no choice but to cancel my service I was told that they would handle everything they told me to send everything back even my phone which they sent me
    labels to do so and I would be refunded I did everything I was told to do that was October 2021 they receiving my phones November 2021 just to tell me that they were after buyers Remorse mind you they Representative knew this and still told me to send the phones which I did. so I told them to send me back the phones so that I can take it to the company that I was changing my phone with they were going to pay them off they told me they can’t send the phones back but they can’t refund me my account So after a long 3 months they finally refund me my one phone which they were supposed to refund both phones Now they close my account completely and put me with Default on my account so not only do they have the phone they’re trying billing me for the phone which is considered stealing And they keep telling me that my phone was going to be refunded at the end of my bill cycle which never happened not do I have a bill for a phone that they have now I have more fee from a Collection company. Not fair.

  • Raul Rodriguez. says:

    very bad customer service until guys merge with Sprint I went to the T-Mobile store today and spoke to a gentleman named Xavier and give me really bad service he’s a real a******. I would like to change my phone to T-Mobile from Sprint and this guy Xavier was really disrespectful and was not helpful at all. that Hutchinson River Pkway & Lafayette Ave Store: 646-662-5167 date 4/10/2022 2:20 pm. there is a new employee named Kevin who was being trained by Xavier bad influence. ask Xavier about different phones and different settings he told me to go look it up on the website. Xavier is a real A****** and should be terminated. we also had a promotion and flyer and we sold to him he tells me that doesn’t work here. immediately termination.

  • Nette says:

    Me and my husband been with T-Mobile for 3 yrs paying for 2 phones and the internet well customer service has been hell every other day they turn off our phones they turned off our phones for nothing lose account numbers I just noticed that my phone been turned off since November I don’t have no data they tried to activate my Sim card through additional Sim card that didn’t work I’ve been on the phone with them for eight hours they’re steel wall refund us the money that we’re paying for two phones I still don’t have service in my phone unless I’m around Internet I live in Minnesota where is snowing I was stuck on the road for four hours because I couldn’t call my husband they turn off our phones and we just found out when they do turn your phone off they charge you extra fees to turn it back on I have my bank statements they lose payments is hard for me to contact the corporate office I feel like I’m being bullied out of my money

  • N Kobayashi says:

    People at Tmobile (1-800) are really nice, but dont have the capacity to solve problems and make you waste A LOT of time. Frustrating!

  • Chad Stapleton says:

    It has been a Nightmare since this whole Merge for me.
    #1 My uncle and me has phones with Sprint for 14yrs. Just a few days ago we asked about putting this phone and number in my name so it was easier for him. We asked clearly if I would lose our Loyalty if 14yrs and Upgrade eligibility and they assured us it would not affect me.
    #2 I go to the Store the next day and wanted to upgrade and I’m informed beings I was a “NEW” Customer I would have to trade in my Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra in new condition plus $499 up front. Which clearly I was not told the truth about my 14yrs loyalty.
    #3 I have spent hrs on the phone with Customer Service and on Hold for numerous hrs to get nothing but the runaround and constantly am told let’s get you to the right Department to get this resolved and I am told several different Stories. I have asked numerous times for this to be escalated to upper Management and nothing has happened. I also have been promised call backs and never get them. They tell me the tried to call me. But it’s funny doesn’t show on my phone and NO voicemails.
    #4 Now since the Sim Card switch my service is terrible and can’t even go drive down the road and listen to my YouTube because there is constant NO Internet service it tells me. Also can’t make calls or receive them like I did before the Sim card switch. I hardly feel this Service is so incredible as you people keep trying to tell everyone it is. Why are so many people unhappy at this time if it so Great?!
    #5 Now untop of everything I have lost My Voicemail because your in store Representative did not tell me that I needed to back them up first before the Switch. You can’t put a price on these things i needed. All I would have had to do was send them to a email or store them on my Laptop. But I was NOT told I would lose them. I was told when I asked it would not affect anything another Lie. I had a guy a rep yesterday run a check at my second home on my phone service. He said unfortunately where I was there is a gap in service. Well that’s funny because before the Sim Switch I had no issues with calls or internet service. I have tried and tried to be patient and give you guys the chance and spent Hours and Hours on the phone and Via Text to get treated terrible by this Company. I was Afraid this was going to happen when T-Mobile bought out sprint. It’s very sad that this happening to alot of loyal customer of sprint and you will lose more than you will gain.
    Plus Last night I get a text that my 360 Protection was Canceled! I didn’t Cancel Anything so who the Hell Canceled it?! 😡😡

  • Lori Grimaldi says:

    Been with them since 2016 until when it comes to them over charging,making promises they don’t keep,and not following up when there a customer complaint or situation you need handled. Today was one of the worst customer service calls I have ever experience in my life and I am in my 50’s pay attention to your bill. Keep things in writing and ask questions and keep notes. It will help you when you seek counsel.

  • Lisa White says:

    I see that I am not the only person with customer service issues after reading these reviews. I am beyond angry with the level of service I have received in the last 2 days. In 2 days I have placed over 15 calls requesting a supervisor with no rep honoring my request. I did a live chat requesting the same thing and still no call back. It is sad that I am a Sprint customer for over 19 years and since this merge I have had nothing but problems. If someone with any authority is reading this you need to get a clue with the decline in the level of customer service you are providing to the customers. You may want to escalate these reviews to the higher ups because word of mouth and negative reviews are not good for business. I will continue to post all my negative experiences until I get resolution.

  • Michael Neall says:

    t-mobile customer service or lack there of , their “team of specialists” do not have the knowledge to transfer all information from samsung phones to apple products , they really do not care about the little guy , us the customers !!! I have spent days trying to get my situation resolved with no sucess

  • MAXINE says:

    I have been abused for over 30 days from T-mobile “EXPERTS” anyone interested in pursuing a class action suit against their customer service or lack of. They have stolen $105 from my personal account and will not refund it! I have spent too many hours and they lie, disconnect you, are incapable I’m so upset

    • Lori Grimaldi says:

      I agree with you

    • Raquelle Walker says:

      I with you on the Class Action suit. They have screw me out of 1700.00 . Kicker was they put it in writing it was credited to my account. Then when I asked a week later oh we wasn’t able to do it.

    • Nicole says:

      I am in agreement with you Maxine. My husband and I have been trying to get a situation resolved that has essentially reeked havoc on our lives and possibly our future financial security. We had one of our phone numbers ported out without our consent and it has created all kinds of security problems for us. NO ONE has been able to help us get this number back. We have spent the last week closing down accounts, freezing everything because of this security compromise and we still do not know the long term repercussions of all of this. IF they could send the number back to us, we might be able to salvage some accounts that have been compromised. Because you have emails and phone numbers connected, this “new” person with our number has hacked emails and other accounts. I AM BEYOND LIVID!! My next step is to pursue legal action, so I am all for a class action lawsuit if that is what it takes!!!!!

    • Nette says:

      I’m willing to join you moving forward with the class action lawsuit my service been off since November 2021 and they have taken money from me my identity has been stolen we are still paying a phone bill for my phone and it doesn’t have no service data I’m fed up yes I agree

  • James W says:

    I tried to return a phone to an office here in Las Vegas yesterday February 28, 2022. The rep at the local store refuse to except my LG Velvet or give me a receipt for the phone. I spoke to a gentleman today at 844-984-2979, who was no help…I spoke to his supervisor name Cali who told me something about buyers remorse, even in the midst of a pandemic. I asked for her manager or supervisor or the corporate office number …she hung up on me…wow…Yet Tmobile is trying to stick me with a $495.00 bill to my credit report when $398.00 is there phone which they want back?? SMH

  • Marcella Anderson says:

    I am very disappointed with Tmobile customer service. Most of the time you can’t even understand them because their English speaking skills are very poor. But that is a different issue. My problem this time is that my deductible for insurance on my phone is $99….5. Tmobile reps have confirmed this information…a Tmobile store manager has confirmed this…. My account information confirms this….yet assurant wants to charge me $149. Tmobile does not want to do anything about it. Their solution is to credit my account on my bill after I pay the deductible. That doesn’t help me come up with the extra money I wasn’t expecting to have to pay for my deductible. So I have to wait until my next paycheck and hope my phone doesn’t quit before I am able to come up with another $50. I was told basically that Assurant can do whatever they want and I just have to deal with it. My loyalty as a customer doesn’t matter. Tmobile is a POS company who gives not a single shit about it’s customers. All they do is LIE LIE LIE LIE. Absolutely no INTEGRITY. The last issue was with trying to get my brothers phone number that was on my accpuntbto.his new account he opened WITH T-MOBILE. That took 3 days. Geeze. What happened to your customer service. It use to be 5 star phenominal, now I would struggle to give it a 1 out of 1000. Get your shit together because your customers deserve better. My goal is to spread the news about your crappy customer care and I have already begun to do so.

    • Lisa White says:

      I see that I am not the only person with customer service issues after reading these reviews. I am beyond angry with the level of service I have received in the last 2 days. In 2 days I have placed over 15 calls requesting a supervisor with no rep honoring my request. I did a live chat requesting the same thing and still no call back. It is sad that I am a Sprint customer for over 19 years and since this merge I have had nothing but problems. If someone with any authority is reading this you need to get a clue with the decline in the level of customer service you are providing to the customers. You may want to escalate these reviews to the higher ups because word of mouth and negative reviews are not good for business. I will continue to post all my negative experiences until I get resolution.

  • Kristina syjud says:

    Trying to reach corporate phone only keeps ringing

  • John Doe says:


    My name is , I am sending this email regarding the customer service I have received in the past few months. I have called on behalf of my account a few times last year 2021 regarding several emails, I received from Tmobile stating the IEM number has been changed, when I called the rep stated they do not seen anything on their end and they are not sure as to why my account is being used or the sim card is being changed, so hence someone is using my account and they cannot tell me how.

    I called in December 2021 to cancel my account, the rep convinced me to do two jumps and an upgrade. Now this is where it really gets interesting, I received two iPhone Max Pro 13 and one pink iPhone 13, when I went into the T-Mobile store so they can help me with the new phones as well as my returns, the store rep in LA Verne CA, stated the jumps have incorrect information and they could not help me set up the new Gold and Pink iPhone, due to the wrong phone numbers attached to the account. I was told to call customer service again and have them correct on their end or I could not set up my new phones, I called customer service, the rep stated I had to do a buyer’s remorse so they can correct the phone numbers associated to the correct phone’s lines. Now remember I just got the new iphones, now I must return the new iphones to get new iphones. The rep stated I have a Motorola Phone on my account and I kept telling the rep, I do not have a Motorola with my account, the rep still sends me an email to return the Motorola? At this point, I am frustrated with T-Mobile. I called this morning to check on the status of my buyer’s remorse PINK iPhone, that I still have not received, the manager was very rude and stated that my account still has not been fixed, the phone numbers are still associated to the wrong phones, the PINK iPhone is connected to the wrong line. WHY is this happening? This tells me all the buyer’s remorse and going back and forth getting a bill for over $500 is ridiculous, when I asked the manager why my account still has not been fixed and that I am going to reach out to corporate she hung up on me. This is the type of service Tmoble is providing, I am not happy, and I have pictures of my account showing other phones on my account and the IEM numbers being changed without my knowledge.

    I pay my bill on time, I was on an auto pay and your customer service people took me off, until my account was resolved, my account is the same when we first did the jump.
    I have done everything that customer service has told me to do, and my account is still a complete mess.

    I need a call today . This is a small claims case, I have proof of the incompsetinse of T-Mobile customer service, with the incompsetinse of T-Mobile this is how people’s credit gets ruined!

  • Steve J. says:

    T Mobile Service in Clute, Texas 77531 is horrible and no body seems to care. The Tower is on Dixie Drive, and Brazoswood Drive in Clute, Tx 77531 I have reported it on several occasions and keep getting empty promises. Can you get something done. When first came to T Mobile my service was great. I live 3 blocks from the Tower and can see the top of it out of my bedroom window. At first the excuse was Modernization, then when the Modernization was supposedly over the service got worse than before the Modernization. Can anyone help me.

  • Ricky says:

    Unable to deliver message after multiple retries, giving up.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    After months and months of calling your lack of professionalism employees. They just decided not to give my money back. Call after call to T-Mobile several employees about 5 none of the knew what they were doing. So they just cancel my account to get rid of me. So that way next time I will call they will your are not our customer.
    I called many many times for about 2 months. Every employee got or gave me different story or solution to my problem with my phone service and some employees just hang up on me.
    I explained to them my situation..and they say will refund your money back. Some found me.on the system other claims that I wasn’t in the system. Some told me steps to follow to get money back others said. We can’t give you back not a Pennie. That’s was the word one employee told me.
    Bottom line it’s that I m very dissatisfied and i will not recommend T-Mobile services.
    I used to be a very good customer to T-Mobile. I bought many phones in the last 5 years or so. Now I m disgusted by the service and mas that you took my money.
    I m writing to you because apparently MetroPCS doesn’t care about customer service. Screw me they said?
    I was on MetroPCS. Wich is part of TMobile
    Enjoy my money..thank you

  • Mary Hamby says:

    I have been abused by T mobile I did pay my Dec bill T mobile said I didn’t so I get turned off I was so stupid to leave metro for t mobile my unlimited bill at metro was only for two people 80 dollars a month an my bill with metro was never the same. I’m on medicine an I have heart trouble an meds I would like my service on please I had my phone maybe 2 months an had to replace it

  • Mary Hamby says:

    My phone has been off for two months I paid my December bill an they say I didn’t but I didn’t pay January cos I was cut off

  • EMILY McGEE says:


  • EMILY McGEE says:


  • Collin says:

    Wow, I was going to put my complaint in but after reading everyones below they summed it up perfectly. The employees lie the company lies. It is all crap. I was told to upgrade my plan to max so I could receive my 15% discount from the work perks. But of course after upgrading my plan to the MAX to do so they then inform me I have to wait 30 days to get the discount…. so here we are 30+ days later and guess what….. now they are telling me I have to add another line to be qualified for that discount. Weird that the idiot on the phone didnt say all that???????? So now I am wasting 40 extra bucks for shit i dont need do to false information. TMOBILE SUCKS

  • Terry Ross says:

    Would you please contact me at this ph number 423 617 3624

  • stephen Grant says:

    +18448395060 this is a scam company pretended to be T-Mobile call them and pretend that you need the new home 5G they tried to scam me I don’t know how they got phone number the scam was I see that you signed up for T-Mobile 5G congratulations it’s in your area.

    • Mary Hamby says:

      I am on disability an I have to have a phone I looked up to T mobile but now I think I will get a lawyer I paid my December bill an they turned me off an I lost one phone an want me to pay 10 dollars to get one

    • dilia says:

      Seriously, I just got that phone call. Are they really scammers, I was very close to giving them my personal information and then I saw your post.

  • Daryl A Morrison says:

    Hello I would appreciate it if Ms. Callie Field would contact me regarding a horrific customer experience I have had with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and T Mobile Store 7875 150th St W, Apple Valley, MN 55124.
    I believe you would have interest in the events regarding my device.
    Could you please contact me at 763-807-6413 or damautoart7@gmail.com
    Thank You
    Daryl Morrison

  • Pamela Vernon says:

    I do not know where to start! My experience at one of your stores located in Augusta,Georgia off of Robert. C. Daniels Parkway was a nightmare in daylight! I went to the store to purchase an apple watch for my disabled 32 year old son. He is an amazing disabled man with a gift of giving and asking for nothing in return. But he asked me for only one thing and that was to have an apple watch. So I went to the T mobile store in the hope of being able to purchase this watch and have them tell me how to work this watch but to my dismay the associate by the name of GiGi hurried me out of the store and told me to get on the internet and figure out the know how on working the apple watch and she insisted that it was so easy to do. And she also gave me a deal on a or promotion for the apple watch well at least I thought she did. She never did go over any of the charges. I felt bamboozled and later on I found out I was right.
    So I get home and I cannot figure out how to work the watch so I took it to another TMobile location in Augusta,Georgia off of Washington Rd located in Evans. And they tried to help me and they did! They told me that in fact I did not have the promotion I was told I had that GiGi had given me. I was also charged for insurance on my apple phone. But again to my dismay as I went home my apple watch still did not work! So I decided to try another T mobile store located in Augusta Mall! And the staff there were patient and worked diligently to try to get this apple watch to work and again to my dismay the Apple Watch did not work but I went back to this store in Augusta Mall because the staff there were more patient and customer friendly but they could not get the Apple Watch to work so I had to opt for a phone. And then I was charged more money for the phone. And then I was instructed that I had to go back to the rude unfriendly store to get a refund and was charged a restocking fee and had to pay more money there. And not to mention I had went by this store on an earlier occasion to speak with the so called manager but again to my dismay the associate lied to me that this particular girl was the manager but I came to find out that she wasn’t and the only reason that I found out was the manager from the Augusta Mall location called the Robert. C.Daniel location and spoke with the manager to let them know I was coming back for the refund so I would not get a restocking fee. And While I was there I did see GiGi and her and the manager Tekiki we’re making comments as if they were the best of friends and my experience or my nightmare there did not matter! The manager there that I finally meant did not apologize for GiGi negligence on making the customer on the know how the product works and was fraudulent in giving me a higher rate plan then I was aware of. I am a rental sales agent and I always let my customers know what they are paying for and I treat all of my customers the way I would like to be treated. Please be advised that I spent the better part of my two days off from work trying to get quality customer service from your T mobile locations in Augusta, Georgia!!!!! I am very disappointed in T mobile!

  • John says:

    T-Mobile is a rip off they put fake phone numbers for the corporate office because so many people complain and they lose so many customers I wonder why they put of number that’s No longer in service that’s because their employees lie to everyone

  • Mick says:

    T-Mobile is a rip off their employees lie about everything they told me they were set up a payment plan so I paid the money and I turned around shut my phone off five minutes later do not trust anything to employees tell you

  • Mike says:

    Do not go to T-Mobile they are a rip off they’d rather lose customers over dumb fees and do not care about their customers I owe $500 and they would even work out with me a payment plan so they lost me as a customer and I was with Sprint since 09. I’m on my way to Verizon to get a new phone and I had to deal with all the fees and lies That their employees tell people

  • Becky Johnson says:

    Well I been having problems and still is my balance needs to be 000 cause you all have messed up my account and I had to call in a lot because of my service and my phone not working right and my bill needs to 0000 thank u but I am began to hate tmobile

  • Tom m says:

    The worst experience ever . Good thing we have social media, to show the world how T-Mobile treats there customers

  • Dallas says:

    Hell iv been robbed by T-mobile its been since the 11th of November since I turned in my device for a buyer remorse device return I payed $989.99 down cash money but still waiting for a refund)for that amount I keep getting told wait I’m done waiting I call and call every day especially being told it would be instantly it’s all lies with u guys and I’m locked in to a BTA for A ZFold 3 5G from Samsung that was damaged during shipping I have proof from my bank That u Have yet to pay me I have my receipts I have all the proof that shows nothing from. U guys and iv only had my service since the Second of November and wait it get even better my daughter’s device has flicked out to where she can’t us it my wife’s is about the same iv been with out a primary device since the 11th and something needs to be done now please this is my last time asking nicely iv tried calling corporate I get transferred to shitty customer service and lied to misled or hung up on all around service 0 something needs to happen today

    I payed cash down and never got payed my $989.99 want ticket numbers I have a stack of them for u along with my receipts that says I kept my end of the agreement and T-mobile Robbed me

  • Andrea says:

    I purchased 3 Samsung 21 Ultras, out right, at a Best Buy store. About a month after I purchased them, T Mobile started charging me a monthly fee for the phones as if I was on a lease agreement. I had purchased all 3, unlocked phones, at the full price, no lease agreement. TMobile will not remove the lease agreement, even though I have emailed them the receipts several times, showing I bought all 3 phones out right. I get my service shut off every week and more money added to my account, that I do not owe. I pay my normal bill every month and yet I get shut off. I am up to over $2000 that they say I owe, though again, I paid over $3000 for the phones. I have spoken to a supervisor every week for almost 6 months. They kept telling me to go to Best Buy to have them fix it and Best Buy keeps telling them it is T Mobile’s job. Last weekend I spoke to a supervisor who said she took care of it and cancelled the contracts and would send it to the back office to make sure. She said my service would not get turned off. Low and below, 4 days later, I am without service and am on the phone, on hold, waiting for another resolution supervisor..who I am sure cannot help me. I dont know what else to do. I am beyond frustrated and angry. I cant get another carrier and then have TMobile try to put this on my credit. I cant wait to go to another carrier!! I had Sprint and since they merged with TMobile, it has been crap service and crap customer service where I constantly get the run around!

  • Jeaneen Brandon says:

    T Mobile has lied to me. I need help fixing my new account. I currently have no phone or text service. T Mobile has turned off my ATT service and I can’t get them reinstated. 2 disabled people on these lines and we have no way to contact anyone except a text to T Mobile only. And nobody there can fix my issue.
    You promised to pay off my phone with ATT and port my numbers over. Well you didn’t and won’t as far as rebate people are concerned now being told it could take up to 8 weeks after I send documents supporting that I paid off the account. Not what I was told when you sold me the account and now nobody can do anything to fix my service. You have tied everyone’s hands. I can’t get service with anyone including you until I pay the phone off. YOU made the promise it would be an easy transfer such a LIE
    Please contact me via this email. I have no other form of communication because of you.

  • Sofia & Peter Katzab says:

    We applied for emergency Broadband Program, were approved. We were so happy instead $70.00 for 2 lines, to pay only $20.00. Few days later, we got an email from. T-mobile, that there was an error & mistake. Without any explanation. Sure they continue charging me $70.00, not $20.00,as we were told & promised by one of t-mobile representatives. Especially to treat senior citizens this way? SHAME ON T-MOBILE!

  • Mark Stoker says:

    Since June of 2021 I have tried to migrate my account from Sprint to T-Mobile. My business account has more than 15 devices. I have logged scores of emails and phone calls. I have been “helped” by more than ten customer care reps, supervisors, store employees and many others. I have spent hours on the phone. I have names and email addresses for at least eight of them. I have ordered phones, never delivered. To date only ONE phone has been migrated. I just received my third bill from T-Mobile for almost $400 for a single line.

    Is there ANYBODY in your organization that has the power AND inclination to get this issue resolved.
    Please call, email or text me.
    Mark Stoker

  • K Smit says:

    I called customer service and asked for a supervisor and twice I was denied twice. Since when is that a part of your policy to deny customers the right to speak with a supervisor?

  • Laura says:

    I have had my account with 4 lines with t-mobile for about 6 months already. After having service issues and dealing with them for the past 3 month I have decided to switch switch my lines to Verizon wireless on Sept 14th for better service. All my 4 lines have iPhones. iPhones I have purchased CASH, UNLOCKED, at Best Buy so I can connect them with what ever carrier I please. When I switched my T-Mobile sims card to Verizon 2 of my iPhones displayed a carrier lock error. And I have been calling. Waiting for someone to answer me for hours on the line. And still my issue is not resolved. I have been put on a 24 hour time frame twice. Escalating the issue every time I call. About 6 agents, managers, supervisors and none have said anything different. All my time waited and my iPhones are still locked. What does it take for MY IPHONES to get unlocked??? I have had the worst experience with T-Mobile.Customer service wise, Phone service wise. Worst customer service what so ever. I will never recommend T-Mobile. All the contrary I will encourage people to never get your service and I will put my bad, time consuming, energy consuming experience in every social media and BBB. Get my iPhones unlocked!!

  • YBiS says:

    Since the end of June I have been having serious problems with the tmobil promotions because they were removed, I spoke with 2 supervisors and more than 8 representatives explained to me that they would climb to another level and I never had any response. Currently we have 6 tmobil teams, I would like to be able to have a solution to this problem thanks

  • DaGraMommaz says:

    Switched from Verizon to Tmobile cuz the prices, lies , bs , horrible service & customer service out of Verizon I had enough of . When you drive & rely on a GPS for work. You NEED service that works correctly…
    We have 5 lines.
    Myself 3 adult kids & my 70yr old ex who lives 1500 miles away , various health related issues WHY he is on my plan to make sure he has a working phone.
    SIM cards came ex ended up in the hospital… so I waited to change the lines over to Tmobile. (Had to 2day the ex’s SIM)
    last Friday after 4 days in the hospital they said he could go home Saturday.
    Saturday came I mailed off his SIM . Once his mail came on Monday & ALREADY receiving a Bill in the mail . It was time to get the SIM thing straight to make the switch.
    ALL numbers ALL IMEI ‘s & ALL SIM’s on a notepad on my computer in front of me with the TYPE of phone they are go with….
    Not once…Not Twice But THREE times *So Far* they have put the WRONG SAM’S with the WRONG phones.
    Now on the FOURTH time as I type this .. 26 phone calls and NOW Wednesday morning after being on the phone Yesterday from 6:43 pmtill 2:08 am !
    Back on the phone now over an hour ….
    Please Note: oldest son has been waiting to hear from the pediatrician about his 2 yr olds COVID test …as IF that isn’t bad enough. My ex who is 70yr old who was released from the hospital on Monday is on IT’S Some type of monitor that is supposed to be connected to his phone to the doctor’s office needless to say the tech who has come to his house 4 times to set that up still haven’t been able to set that up. I’m furious all I can figure is SINCE the sprint merger now we are so big we just don’t give a dammm

  • private says:

    tmobile locked my daughter’s phone because of a small balance due on my account during this pandemic and I need to talk to my daughter wile she is home and im at work. Its imperative that I keep in touch with my daughter especially during this time. I thought Tmobile their slogan was they know how important it is to keep InTouch with your love ones

  • Lorraine another unsatified customer says:

    I went to a T-Mobile store located at 3490 boston road in the Bronx, NY 10469 on Monday, September 16, 2019 on or about 4:20 pm and had the worst experience ever.

    Upon entry, I spoke with a representative who initially appeared pleasant. I explained that I was there the day before and had an unpleasant experience. The representative asked for a fee of $5.45. I explained to her that I was there yesterday and the representative contacted claims and it was noted that the fee was waived. The representative then note that she cannot verify this information. I suggested that she call claims exactly what the other representative did the day prior. She excused herself. She returns with a manager who notes that they don’t waive fees at this site. I made an attempt to explain. Again, he notes they don’t waive fees. At this point, I don’t want another altercation with T Mobile and agree to pay the fee of $5.45. The manager becomes hostile. At this point, I ask the manager if he could provide me a listing of affiliate phone providers with T Mobile. I am thinking to myself I am going to switch phone providers however not affiliated with T Mobile. The manager turns at states to me you can google it and walks away. I in turn noted to the manager that he could have easily provided this information to me and he continues to walk away and exit through office door. At this time, I am furious then the sales representative who is taking care of me states,” it not that serious”. I looked at her and stated how dare you tell me what is not serious. You have no idea what I have gone through last week and yesterday to rectify a situation that was not my fault initially (defective phone). I ask the sales representative her name. She then tells me, “I don’t have to give you my name” . Please note that none of the representatives in the store had on name/id tags. I then proceeded to ask another sales representative for the supervisors name and the sales representatives name who waited on me all persons refused to answer me. There were at least five other representatives on the floor who would not respond to me. The sales representative who was waiting on me gave me my phone. I then asked the supervisor’s name who oversees the assistant manager. She refused to provide me the information. She then went in the back room and out comes the assistant who wanted to know why I want this information. I clearly stated to report him and the sales representative. After a few seconds, the assistant manager finally provided me the sales representatives name ( I am not sure this is legit). I asked him for his supervisor’s name. He tells me, “I am the boss her for now”. I again asked for the supervisor who he reports to, again he tells me he is in charge now. I asked again for the third time for the information and he finally provides me his business card and tells me by the way you are not allowed to come back to this store. At this time, I was heated. I asked why can I not return because I want to file a complaint about you and the staff. I noted that his customer services skills were horrible and that I would return. He told me I’ll be here waiting for you.

    I left the store and immediately contacted 611 in order to file a complaint. The operator who took the information was extremely courteous and apologized for the incident.

    I have been a customer of TMobile’s for 14 years and do plan on finding another carrier. That was the worst customer services that I ever experienced. I would love for someone to contact me for further information regarding this incident.

    There should be some type of disciplinary action for all staff at the store as nobody wanted to provide with the supervisor’s information.

  • Neil the unsatisfied customer says:

    I recently switch from Verison to T mobile. The rep in the T mobile store on presidential parkway informed my that my Samsung S10+ would be paid off through a prepaid debit card. I provided the sales person with all the necessary documents and he submitted the saying that was all that needed to be done. I then received an message from the promotion dept. say that my S10+ was not on the reimbursement list and that I need to contact the store. I contacted the store and even got on a three way call with costumer support. Costumer support offered me a 650 credit on my phone bill. I told them no this was unacceptable that I wanted what was offered or I would just go back to Verison. I was then told this matter would be taken to a district manager and would take 5 day to resolve it. In the meantime while I waited I contacted Verison to see if I could come back to my old contract and yes I could because it had not been over 30 days. The Tmobile store called me back and said they would honor the reimbursement and would send me a reimbursement card within 7 to 11 days, that was over two weeks ago. I called 1-888-390-6867 got a total runaround and now I’m pissed was told a manager call after her meeting at 5oclock yesterday and nobody has called me yet its 9 am. Verison has now sent me the final bill for my S10+ and it is due. I thought this was a decent company but Its turning out to be the biggest mistake I’ve made. Verison was more expensive but they are not Liars. Now its been past 30 day since I switched so I cant get My old contract back without paying off my phone. This text will be copied and pasted on facebook twitter and Instagram. Hopefully I can stop someone else from being deceived as I have been.

    • Raquelle Walker says:

      I going thru this right now. I spoke with them 3/18 and they promised to issue my promotion. Which they backup that in writing and sent it to me. A week later now they can’t issue my money but want to give me 1500 in acct credits. It will take me 18 months to use it up. I so wish I never came to T-Mobile.

  • feancisco banos says:

    My name is francisco banos 3721 sw 152 place miami fl 33185b phone number 786 252 0589 i have 3 lines i am 87 years old suffering from parkinson in both hands few weeks ago y traded my daughters phone 786 328 5877 for agalaxy10 priced at 800 dollars wirh a rebate of 17 3 dollars i wenr to one of your stores in miami with my daughter we spend around 3 hours talking with the rebate and they could not figure our how to approve thr rebate after that i have called many times explaining my case that i cannot go on line and nobody could help me somebody told me to fo rget about it i am writing to you for help you are my last resort with all my respect francisco banos

  • J.U. says:

    This letter is to express my frustration with the hope to get a solution to this:
    I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from T Mobile just when it came out to the market with the warranty that T Mobile offered me. About a week ago ago the phone fell and got a crack on the screen. Last Tuesday 20th I called T Mobile and got transferred to Assurant to place a claim. Assurant gave me a 24hr period to get my claim approved. On May 22nd I received an email from Assurant stating that the claim was approved with a link to follow up the claim. When I go to the link the claim doesn’t show. I was charged $99.00 deductible as arranged when purchasing the insurance. On May 24th I called Assurant to follow up the claim, a representative said that they didn’t have a Note 9 available for replacement and that I had to wait. On May 25th I received an email from Assurant stating that device is being shipped with a FedEx follow up number 495100636619 which I click and I receive a message “NOT FOUND”. On May 25th a T Mobile representative Christian, was very kind to make a 3-line call to Assurant. A representative from Assurant said they didn’t have a Note9 available.
    Tomorrow it’s gonna be a week since I placed a claim, and I still don’t know when my device will be replaced.
    All representatives understand my frustration but still nobody resolves my problem. How come T Mobile sells insurance through a company that can’t replace what you are paying for. How dare a company says “I’m sorry but at this time we don’t have a replacement” and we as loyal customers who always pay on time never say “we are sorry we don’t have the money to pay you now”. I’m contacting you because you sold the insurance and I pay you every month. How dare you make me feel you are doing me a favor when I’m paying for it. One representative gave me a credit of $25 that I didn’t request all I want is for you to comply with the insurance agreement.
    How would I rate this experience? Can you guess?

  • Natasha says:

    I Have been with T Mobile since 3/2011 and was very please with the service until recently. I had a personal account and went to open a business account . I was not told all the do’s and don’ts to switch my personal account under my business line . I was told its better, I would get better discounts . I was also added phones to my business line so it was all about the sales person making a sale. So because of this behavior my personal account is with a debt collector saying I owe T mobile 1300.00 all because my personal account was not switched over correctly . I need some answers and its reporting on my credit report.347 330 1996

  • Patricia says:

    In October my husband & I switched from our previous carrier to T-Mobile. There was a buy out program in place where they would pay off our old phones. We were told we would receive 2 prepaid visa cards, in the mail, in which to give to our previous carrier. After many frustrating phone calls and trips to the store we still have not received the cards and are getting the run around as to when or if we will receive them. We have now received a letter from our previous carrier that they are turning us over to collections for the amount due. We trusted T-Mobile to make good on their promotion.
    My husband and I are both in our 60’s and on a fixed Social Security income. The amount owed would be a very big portion of our monthly income. We came to T-Mobile in good faith looking for better coverage and now this has placed a huge hardship on us, especially here at the holidays. We feel T-Mobile has lied to us numerous times and have not been helpful in trying to resolve this issue.  We desperately need help from someone in your company to get this taken care of. 
    Russell & Patricia Michaels

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