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  • Address: 11708 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 310 442 2253
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 450
  • Founder: Susan Sarich
  • Key People: Michelle Bono

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Headquarters Executive Team

Name Title
Susan Sarich Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Bono Corporate Controller
Kelly Pacillas General Manager
Erika Lester Assistant General Manager
Kaitlin Reiss Vice President, Digital Marketing
Alicia Low General Manager

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  • D Anderson says:

    I picked up my order at the Manhattan Beach Location on Christmas Eve. I was in a long line where I waited about 20+ minutes until it was my turn. That wasn’t a problem until a man walked up past the line and was waited on. I wasn’t the only person in line that was surprised that he was waited on immediately. I walked up and asked the man if he realized there was a line of people waiting their turn. He said he was a delivery driver and he didn’t have to wait. I asked him what company he worked for.

    Now before he could answer me it gets interesting! An employee named Mila, walked up and said that I didn’t have a right to talk to him. I replied that we were having a conversation. She said again, you can’t talk to him. Now I became defensive and I said I wasn’t talking to her. She said loudly, WELL, I’M TALKING TO YOU!! I walked away, I’m too old for this childish behavior.

    It was like she was in high school childishly responding to another student and trying to pick a fight! I thought, why was she interrupting me and honestly she really didn’t have any business getting involved in our conversation. I was shocked at her rudeness. At that point I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Now the delivery driver looked upset because Mila interrupted and made it blow up into a conversation that wasn’t intended to be negative in any way. Why was this employee Mila, so rude? I found out that she was a counter worker and that she was giving the driver his orders and that’s why she had walked over to begin with.

    Mila is a negative example of the face of Susie Cakes. Perhaps she doesn’t realize her behavior is the face of the company. Her only job is to ask me what I would like to purchase. The manager, Laima, was at a table beside myself and the delivery man helping other customers. When I turned to look at her she said can I help you? I said no, you can help the next person in line and I went back in line.

    When it was my turn I talked to Laima again. I thought that she may have heard part of the original conversation between myself and her employee, but she was waiting on another customer. I asked her about the delivery drivers. She said she was sorry for the inconvenience but they wait on the delivery drivers first as they have delivery times to meet. I told her that her employee was rude to me and that I was going to to write a letter. She didn’t seem very concerned about that at all as she just gave me a small smile. I hope my letter can make a positive change at this location.

    By the way, I wasn’t the only person in line still upset with the way it was handled. A few people stopped me when I left and they were very upset with the line situation as well.

    I like to problem solve and improve situations when possible. So I hope this helps.
    1) Since delivery drivers are very common now can you please make a sign for the store to use during hours: This line for delivery drivers only and have it very visible like a double sided stand.
    This would help your customers to understand that the delivery people have priority over the regular customers. That’s a true statement, I’m not trying to be rude.
    2) I think retraining employees and managers on customer service. The employees should never be confrontational with customers, but instead be apologetic, helpful, and most importantly stay out of other peoples business. Your employee, Mila was so disrespectful.

    In fact, Mila was so rude that she negatively escalated a conversation unnecessarily into an unpleasant situation. The conversation would have ended after we talked a little more. I guarantee that that if she saw the driver again she continued to escalate what had happened and to what purpose? It wasn’t intended to be a negative conversation. It’s OK to ask questions and to understand what’s going on around us.

    I won’t be returning to your store. I wouldn’t possibly want my customer service to be from an employee like Mila. I wish I hadn’t purchased from your company after my experience. What an awful situation to happen on Christmas Eve. My husband was so upset he wanted me to return my order but I didn’t want to go back there even to make a return.

    The bottom line is that I won’t come to Susie Cakes again. I remember when you first opened and how professional the store employees were. It was very nice then and a pleasure to visit.

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