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  • Address: 15510 Carmenita Rd, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, USA

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    +1 562-345-9000

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  • Established: 1981

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Are you in a dilemma as you have a hectic day ahead, yet your fridge and cupboards are empty? If you want to make sure you can get everything you need in a breeze, you can check out Superior Grocers. Yes, and you can find their headquarters at Santa Fe Springs, California and their over 45 stores throughout Southern California.

What can you expect from Superior Grocers? Everything that can fill your fridge and your cupboards! They have the best quality of everything that is meant to fill your tummy. Not only that, they also have wellness products such as the best fruits in season and a lot more!

Superior Grocers also offer the most useful services that are just perfect for the busybodies! That is right as if you are too busy to check their actual shops, you can have the items you need delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour! They also have other amazing services you will surely love and you can check more about this shop online!

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  • Ernest Orrantia says:

    Photos will validate my stance. Today at 18: 21: 08 I visited the Superior Grocers (#00135) located at 2000 S. Central Ave Los Angeles CA 99011. The cashier was Xochitl R (Cashier #3563) and I was appalled by her lack of concern for her safety and the communities well-being. She demonstrated classless acts by eating a bag of chips, licking her fingers, and handling money (the dirtiest thing in the world because of germs). She is obviously a newly appointed Supervisor because of arrogance. Remember photos don’t lie! I will not hide behind a fictitious name and I am transparent.

  • Gerardo says:

    Hello, good night. On December 12, 2022, at 8:12 p.m., I went to the shop at 16055 Foothill Boulevard, Fontana, California 92336. The cashier is called Myron. I politely inquired as to whether the cashier area where I placed my items could be cleaned, but he refused. I then offered to do it if he couldn’t, but he said it didn’t matter because I was going to place my items there anyways. He acted unprofessional as a worker. I wrote this because I wouldn’t want anybody to go through this experience like I did.
    Thank you for your time

  • Maria says:

    Amnesta store manager at Superior at Crenshaw and Marine 90249 is the worst manager in charge she has the worst customer service experience ever. Is her way or the highway. I was at the store today and she asked my son to leave for no reason. All this time he was with me and my husband and we where shopping and my son was by my side. She explained that the last time he was outside the store he had an argument with another person and that is the reason why. Let clarify my son was outside the store and he was going to get run over by a car and she didn’t care. Today she kick him out the store in front of me and I tried to talk to her but she said my son is no longer welcome in the store ever. I also talk to other employees at the same store and they confirm she is a very mean manager and that even one time a lady drop a watermelon on she did not want to replace it.

  • Jose says:

    Today was my last day ever going to superior due to this last encounter with the store in Bakersfield California s. Union Ave so today I was attacked by a security guard this man got in my face and pushed me for not wearing a mask but I had my face covered while I was walking away from him he pepper spray’d me out of the blue’s no joke literally just like that I didn’t threaten him nor push him back for grabbing me just walked away and got sprayed inside by the door. previously two or three months ago got racially profiled Buy a caucasian female security at the same store for walking out with no bag she followed me until she seen me get in my Mercedes Benz probably realized I didn’t steal anything I honestly feel sorry for the owners because you think you hire an out standing person until you’re liable for the employees behavior and I just hope they make it right and apologize for the matter because using pepper spray when someone isn’t a threat is against the law and morally isn’t right just because you feel a type of way of the person’s character and I will also add this. This caucasian security guard who sprayed me let a lot of other’s go in with no mask was it coincidence that they were Caucasian as well?????
    Or is this a wtf incident can someone from HR contact me for information as i left HR a message and I am looking to file a complaint for both the store and security agency on behalf of the security who assaulted me I have called the store and wanted to speak to the manager for information to what security agency they’re using and they have just been rude and hang up every on video

    • UnKnown says:

      I used to work for superior specifically this location and let me tell you, you are not wrong. Security guards there are a problem! I’ve personally have heard guards make racial comments multiple times. It’s unprofessional and very rude and disrespectful. I really hope you follow through with making a report because it needs to stop.

  • A Vanegas says:

    My daughter and I went to the Superior market in El Monte yesterday 11/22/21.
    We were at the self check out and where having difficulty with ringing on some of the items. The young lady that was there made a rude hand gesture for my daughter and I to move out of the way.
    I came to this store to shop not to be treated in a demeaning manner.
    I complained to the manager Andy it seemed it that it was no taken seriously.
    They have horrible customer service and they need to have better service in order for customers feel welcome.

    • Liz says:

      I have to agree with you 100% even the comment that Jose said too on another post that this company needs to be shut down in my opinion. Customer Service and Treatment to customers is very demeaning. There is ways to contact City and County Business license and BBB. Whatever happened to Ralph’s, Albertson’s and Von’s Supermarkets. I was literally swished away with a hand gesture from the bakery department employee and was told that she was doing me a favor to use the piping bag. I told her I was not suppose to use the bag because of hygiene and Covid restrictions. Again, She said she was being nice to me. I paid $40 and literally had to pipe my own cake on the spot with Happy Birthday because the associate told me the decorators went home for the day. She turned to the other employee and Rolled her eyes. I mentioned to her what was the store managers name she got smart and gave me a dirty look. She said why what do you need him for. I said no reason I just wanted to know. She was pretty much talking to me like she wanted to beat me up! I would have fired her on the spot. I did not yell or scream at her. I went ahead and said it looked like they needed help. She threw her hands up NO we don’t are you kidding me!! This is how she was yelling at me that if I wanted to see a manager she would get one. I told her I was just talking to her and did not want to talk to anyone. I just figured a person paying for a $40 dollar cake that they can pipe Happy Birthday or give me a Happy Birthday sign that’s all. She told me enough already just go leave! And used a ride hand gesture to get the hell out! Is this how we are suppose to be treated at Superior? This has been going on for years now. When is this company going to start auditing their stores! This is unacceptable. I am going to see what I can do to remove these stores from our neighborhoods. This company does not deserve our money.

  • Laura says:

    I just came to Superior on S.Union Ave in Bakersfield CA to buy groceries with my brother n as I’m paying the employee comes n starts being rude with us talking about that we were stealing food when clearly I was paying for everything n took some of my groceries out of my shopping cart because o didn’t pay for them supposably him n clearly it’s payed for on my receipt then secure comes out behind us n starts taking pictures of us n my vehicle like we did something wrong they have really bad people skills n no respect for customers please do something bout this it ain’t right

  • Kevin says:

    The location in Huntington Park, CA sells only expired product it seem like.

  • David Ruiz says:

    Its nice to know they allow their management to spent money on other peoples debit cards without permission. And they do nothing about it so not only am I sueing that money but also superior.

  • Dorothy Clark says:

    today, 4/28/19 I was at Superior on 2nd St in San Bernardino, CA. I was in the meat department and this red headed employee was passing me over waiting on people who has just arrived while I have been there for more than 10 minutes, and then I had to speak up; another employee came to assist me with my purchase. I informed the manager, who stated that he would speak with the red headed employee, but he didn’t ask me to show him to whom I was inquiring about. I decide that the manage was not going to speak with anyone about this incident, that’s why I’m writing you about it.

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