Where is Supercuts Corporate office Headquarters

Supercuts Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7201 Metro Boulevard
    Minneapolis, MN 55439-2130
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 952-947-7777
  • Fax Number: 952-947-7300
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 3234
  • Established: 1975
  • Founder: Geoffrey M. Rappaport and Frank E. Emmett
  • Key People: Steve Price

Supercuts Headquarters Location & Directions

Supercuts Headquarters Executive Team



Steve Price

Chief Executive Officer and Director

John R. Conlisk Jr.

Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and Senior Vice President

Lawrence D. Imber Esq.

Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

About Supercuts, History and Headquarters Information

It is a hair salon with a huge number of branched all around the United States of America. In 1975, Geoffrey M. Rappaport laid the foundation of this remarkable salon chain in Francisco. They are specialized for hair treatments and cutting styles for men, women and kids.

Supercuts is not the parent company, in fact it is a wholly owned subsidiary of a company named, Regis Corporation.  Headquarter of supercuts is now located Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are stores in United Kingdom and Australia as well but they do not fall under Regis Corporation. In United Kingdom, there are about 180 plus branches and they all are operated by a private company named Regent L.P.

They offer off the mark services related to anything related to hair and hairstyles. It neither falls in cheap saloons nor is a very expensive one, it is a middle ranged salon where you can expect mid-range charges for a normal haircut.

Supercuts Headquarters Photos

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  • Mary Kara says:

    Just went to supercuts in Bloomfield N.J on Belleville ave , very dirty salon

  • KW says:

    Not sure what happened to the SuperCuts at 334Lake Mead Blvd. Henderson, NV .
    It appears to be under new management? I was there yesterday and it was pretty dirty, and smelled awful, I noticed that the person cutting my hair didn’t match the picture for the license displayed, so I was looking at the other licences and nobody matched, I used to go here all the time, but not anymore, something wierd is going on at this place, you should really look into it!

  • Gene Fagin says:

    Despite common knowledge of the Virus, yr stores websites are consistently inaccurate….. If closed, just note closed…Clients shall be content to make appointments.Thanks.

  • Lynn Smith & Randy Bridges says:

    Well, since my complaint was deleted I will resend it. The owner of the Supercuts store located in W. Lafayette, IN. contacted my boyfriend and left a vm. Randy called him back, and never received another phone call back from him.

    -I had scheduled a hair cut for both my boyfriend and I on 7-23-2020 for 11am. I had called the salon earlier that week, since I have a medical condition that I couldn’t wear a mask. She said ok, I will put it in the schedule.
    -I received a call from my Stylists a couple hours prior to our appt. She said “This is in regards to the restrictions of the mandatory mask law in W. Lafayette”. Our Stylists (Anna) on the day of our appointment she said “it is the policy of the store, that Lynn would have to wear a mask or I might lose my license”. I explained to her, that the Mayor had specified in his new law, that people with medical conditions didn’t have to. To further elaborate more in detail, my boyfriend got on the phone and explained to Anna, that she wouldn’t lose her license. She would be abiding to what the Mayor had specified in regards to the new mask law.
    -I ended up canceling my appointment, and my boyfriend (Randy) went to his appointment with his mask on. He brought in the paperwork, that the Mayor had specified on medical conditions. He hi-lited those areas, and showed it to Anna. (as proof, that what he was saying was accurate)
    -Anna’s manager came out of the backroom, and apparently gave Randy a really bad time about the whole situation. She refused to look at the document, or even try to understand what he was explaining to her. She, the manager said if you don’t like it, Randy could leave. So he did, and we will never be back to this Supercuts again. It was a really bad experience all the way around, and it wasen’t necessary either.

  • Melissa Vance says:

    Got a bad haircut told them and they still charged me wont ever go back for myself

  • Janie says:

    By NOT requiring “stylist” (employees) to wear masks until this pandemic to totally over or a vaccine is available is telling people your company does not care about their customers. It doesn’t matter what “phase” of re-opening the country is in…there is still a pandemic HAPPENING!! I’ve been told that if I want the person working on my hair to wear a mask…they will. That is stupid! and totally UN-caring about clients. All the medical experts are saying (if you listen to them) to social distance(6 ft. apart) and WEAR MASKS!!!! Even today…if phase 3 that’s what they are advising, especially since the numbers are going UP!!!! Not caring about and not taking care of your clients is the fastest way to loose business. Any business that has that attitude should be out of business.

  • Donna Beck says:

    Went to supercuts 20533 Biscayne Blvd MiamiFl 33180 I looked up the prices before I called an made the appointment Goggle says haircut and shampoo 16.00 so was really floored when they charged me 24.50 I mentioned to the girl and she said she didn’t know anything about it I showed her the Google ad she would not honor the ad I will never go to supercuts again and will not recommend it to anyone Also the bathroom was nasty very nasty

  • Garry Hershman says:

    Today my wife and I wanted to get our hair cut. She had a stroke almost 8 yrs ago and can’t communicate so I talk for her. She also has a service dog prescribed by her dr. We went to Supercuts at dawley farms in Sioux Falls S D. Her dog whimpers alittle around strangers and who must have been the mgr. asked if I could take him outside while she got her haircut. I did for about ten minutes and returned. I was talking to the stylist about an area she wanted cut alittle more. This mgr. said could you take the dog outside he’s annoying me. When I explained he was a serve dog she told me she didn’t believe it. We’ve been to a lot of hair places and never have we been treated more rudely than today. Absolutely no respect or compassion for the disabled at this place. As I told her. We will never go back to a Supercuts again.

  • Don Lutz says:

    You need to fix a website problem. I go to your Supercuts store in San Diego on Washington Street. There is nothing wrong with this website. It says they are closed. However this morning I entered “Supercuts near me” and this Supercuts showed up and it said “Open in 3 minutes.” It now says “Open – Closes 6pm”. I drove there this morning and they are closed with a note on the door saying “We will open in April.”

    Please fix this website problem. Thank you.

  • June Hosking says:

    I need to talk to someone about my W2 2019 ASAP on phone please can I have a phone number I need Regis number I am no longer an employee and I never received a w2 from them

  • betty barnhart says:

    Today I went to the supercuts in Emporia ks. I told the girl I wanted shampoo,cut and blow dry. What I got was a very lengthy shampoo hardly rinsed the soap out, then just verially snipped the ends of my hair.Never sectioned it off just combed it straight down and a few snips ,then blew the ends half dry using a comb ! Really 17.99 for that unbelievable I will not be back or recommend this trip off unprofessional place to anyone !

  • Leann Ferreira says:

    Really hard to find out who is management over which store ?

  • Bill Bradley says:

    How can you charge me $10 to blow dry my hair after a hair cut, this is unbelievable in all my years getting a hair cut no one ever charged me to blow dry my hair. It was cold that day and the hair cutter was gonna let me leave with my hair wet. I paid the ten dollars because I didn’t want to get sick. I would like a response here. Thank You

  • steve says:

    Lawrence D. Imber Esq.
    Steve Price
    Chief Executive Officer and Director
    John R. Conlisk Jr.

    Your stupid employee cut at least 6 to 7 or more inches of my wifes curly hair today she has had that way for over 30 years, and about the sametimeor more she has mainly going to your locations, and your employee claims she meaning was saying yes, but according to my wife she didnt and your employee was told to stop,
    This happened at the Otay mesa san diego location in california 92154 on dennery road. The manager and the employee both acknowledge they know spanish .
    then the hair style is lesbian style gay which some of fellow gay females said it is that I know from and its a male alpha cut to them, making some lesbian statement.
    I have nothing against gays but its very Upsetting to me and a free shampoo isnt changing nothing, in fact i doubt her hair will ever be the same due to your employees stupidity.
    if there is a way to sue your company and the franchise owners I will.
    Your employee does speak spanish so I dont understand if she was gossiping with the other lady or not understanding the word to stop!
    Its a Terrible experience for me as to be her husband since a neighbor thought my wife is gay now when I didnt even recognized her until she took off her sunglasses.

    • Leann Ferreira says:

      Get em Steve the idiocy that goes
      On when someone tries speaking behind someone’s back until oops I know that language too just makes ya wanna smack them but legal smack them legal get them Steve with all you have

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