Where is Super 8 Hotels Corporate office Headquarters

Super 8 Hotels Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 22 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 973-753-6000

  • Fax Number: 973-496-2305

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 25000

  • Established: 1974

  • Founder: Ron Rivett

  • Key People: Geoffrey A. Ballotti

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Geoffrey A. Ballotti


About Super 8 Hotels, History and Headquarters Information

            Super 8 operates a chain of hotels in the US, China and in Canada. They allow the users to book, review and search hotels online. It was founded in 1974 in Aberdeen, South Dakota by Ron Rivett. The headquarters of the chain is situated in New Jersey. Today it is present in more than 2800 places.

            Super 8 began its journey with just 60 rooms next to a Holiday Inn. The inner walls were plainly decorated with rough drawings. These 2 features, setting up next to Holiday Inn and the drawings became the trend of Super 8 in later days.

 The introduction of frequent traveler program and the VIP club in 1976 took the chain to the next level. However the program was sold to Cendant in 1993.

            Super 8 entered China in 2004 launching their first hotel in Beijing. TOday there are 1000s of Super 8 hotels in China alone.

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  • Joya Marion Stevenson says:

    The Super 8 in West Monroe Louisiana is awful. I have been asking to speak with the manager since Dec 26, 2023 its February 13, 2024 and I have yet to hear anything back. The facility is tacky and the workers match. If you’re not a people person then maybe a hotel is not the place to work. I would like to speak with someone about my matter on Dex 26

  • Amelia Claassen says:

    My experience with Super 8 has been to say the least horrific. The manager at the Super 8 in Abilene south has never tried to resolve the issue I have. He is either never there or doesn’t read his emails. The staff run the place and it shows. I have not given up with the issue I have, and am going to consult an attorney.

  • Billy Barron says:

    Geoffrey A. Ballotti, I’d like to give you an opportunity to contact me personally, before I post pictures of the latest, and, not coincidentally, last time we will ever stay at one of your hotels. Being the CEO, one would think that you’d care more than the obvious, which is that you don’t care. Comment after comment on this site, all of them negative. Believe this, Geoffrey A. Ballotti: when the TV news, social media sites, the world, in fact, see the pics I took from our last stay in your pigpen, negative comments will be the least of your worries. Getting customers, however…that’ll be the trick. My email is included.

  • Austina Oliva says:

    Worst experience of my life!

  • Wayne Brooks says:

    Debit Card 6658
    A charge of 90.50 at SUPER 8 SANTA ROSA on 11/02 10:24 PM ET has been approved. Reply STOP to cancel alerts

    Desk clerk worst receptionist I’ve ever encountered! Rude to customers! Breakfast was 15 minutes late with looby full of customers! Slamming cupboard doors in a hurry and very short on attitude! Trish on night shift should be given a raise!!! Absolutely the kindest lady receptionist I’ve met! There was a complete difference in daylight and dark!! Room clean and nice no issues! Receptionist must have had a wild hair up his buttocks. I mentioned his attitude to him in front of others and he disregarded my comment! I will pass your motel up because of this young man! And tell others the same!
    Others in our group of six said he was a SOB!

  • Robert Klosowski says:

    I’ve been stay at you motel in Heath Ohio for a while, why are you taking more money than I allowed, plus the motel is loaded with bugs….. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! I want the money you took replaced or I’ll sue!!!!

  • Cherrie Hudson says:

    I stayed in the super 8 in Longview Texas first I asked for a room with absolutely no smoke in it as I have lung disease second thing I said make sure there’s no mold in it so I get in here it smells like smoke the bathtub doesn’t drain it’s poor and the water doesn’t turn off there’s a whole next to the bathtub no shampoo nope soap the curtains were hanging haphazardly I had to pin them so that they would close I had a rolling desk chair and it was right next to a truck stop so I had to put the chair and then take the table had I not been so exhausted I would have just slept in my car and I travel quite often and with other people this is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had at a super 8 it stunk the s*** I brought in my own sheets and blankets for my car the wash rags were from a a rag where you at I clean like a cleaning company and bag of rags that was so rough that it hurt my skin the tiles are falling off the wall and then they put the sealant and they for the tiles on top of old so they cocked the mold right into the wall I actually am very upset with this I would really like a full refund and whatever else you feel is right because I really haven’t been able to sleep all night I was worrying about things crawling on me I should have just kept driving. I wish I could take pictures of this place the refrigerator they have in this room not that I put my food in it is rusted on the outside pieces are missing off of it it’s I think I don’t even know I don’t even know how to tell you this it is absolutely horrible and loose there’s no smoke detectors there’s one light bulb. You need to send somebody out to check this this place and have it redone

  • Deb says:

    I stayed at the super 8 In Altoona Pa. It was nasty. The microwave wasn’t clean, bathroom was dirt , I said on 9/29/23 the was a lot more stuff dirt

  • Dolores Sharp says:

    The Super 8 in Talledaga Alabama, the brekfast is … What breakfast coffee and juice the same pitch was on the counter. Had bowls out ask for what was handed a cinnamon bun looked like from Little Debbie company. Don’t advertise for breaksfat if you don’t offer one. HOtel is very very dirty and needs new carpet in rooms. update this hotel please.

  • Ginny says:

    My daughter walked out of Super 8 in Mount Vernon, Ohio due to bugs and filthy. Was told she would receive a refund. No refund to date and no communication. Seems like they are trying to take advantage of a young person. She needs to be refunded!!! I will pursue this further.

    • John says:

      We just walked out of one in Virginia. Bugs all in the room. Dirty sheets. Used wash clothes in the bathroom. Phone was not even wired. Broke from the receiver. We need a refund !!!!

  • Joan nolan says:

    Charged twice for same reservation

  • Maurice Champagne says:

    We spent the night at Super 8 in Lynchburg VA…needles to say it was a horrendous experience! We booked a king room and when we arrived were told they only had a queen bed available but not to worry we wouldn’t be up charged…for what..we were being downgraded! The key cards didn’t work and got into the room finally and couldn’t believe what we were seeing…the carpets were stained and sticky…there wer no toiletries, dirty towel (one) there was paint patches all over the walls the bathroom was filthy no stopper in the sink no cover on the electrical outlet no remote for the tv…and the list goes on…we had been traveling for 8 hours …so unfortunately leaving wasn’t an option ..we were exhausted! Tried to settle in and get some rest but the adjacent room was extremely loud and obnoxious with slamming doors all night long..we finally left at 330 in the morning…and don’t I leave my cpap machine there…been trying to contact them to get it back but there’s never and answer and you can’t contact corporate offices they also don’t answer!! My advice don’t ever stay at any Wyndham Properties…we paid 100 bucks for crap!! Terrible terrible terrible!! The smell of marijuana and urine permeated the hallways and rooms…horrid!!

  • Shenna says:

    i am a platinum member of Windum hotels and had enough points for a free night stay, this was the beginning of my nightmare. the Site manager told me once I got there that i had to put down a $30 deposit, i didn’t want to argue so i paid it-was told that as long as everything is not damaged i would get it back. this man then says i have visitors and that against policy so he calls the cops on me, they refuse to give me back my free stay points so i can go elsewhere, puts me on the DO not Rent list, AND kicks me off his property. So now i am without anywhere to stay, no money and no free night stay points and WILL NOT give me my security deposit back. worst hotel ever!!!!

  • Tammy Swafford says:

    Super 8 in Bradenton with manager Nik on Tamiami Trail. I had roaches crawl on me in the bed. Told the manager he did not care. As at 2:00 am when it occurred I did not tell him so he could not care . he said did not care if I place a bad review. Hooker residents, illegal maids with fake SS cards. The room also had a water leak In The bathroom sink it sprayed my feet when turned on seems like the illegal maids would have noticed when cleaning the room. Tv remote did not work, TV had serious issues. My boss Louis Najmy had rented this room for me Tammy Swafford x2 room 111 good the 2nd room horrible. Roaches nests in lobby near food as well. The older gentleman relative of Nik takes an hour to check you in…very slow and horrible English. Tina at front is the best one there. Thanks for reading.

  • Sarah Schneider says:

    This Super 8 in Oshkosh,Wi was the worst and are breaking many laws for hygiene of there rooms. I included many pics of the pubes in the bathtub and black feetprints in tub. I cleaned the toilet before I sat down.Theres a brown splash on the wall next to the bed..appeared to be bodily fluid. Black corner of walls where people have been scratching their back on for years!! Many stains in carpet. When I sat on the bed I felt the wire around an old spring mattress push into my legs. There may be bed bugs..It’s a good chance! I was booking a long stay to see my niece and family. I wouldn’t suggest staying here to an enemy. Discusting!! These pics should be made public. Holes and stains everywhere! No continental breakfast but manager said if I bring a coffee cup he would fill it with cereal from behind the counter!!! Please refund my money and we may try this brand somewhere again. Grade F

  • Donna Powelson says:

    whom it may Concern,

    I booked a 3 night hotel stay with the Super 8 by Wyndham Mackinaw City/Beachfront Area. Located at 

    519 South Huron Street, 49701

    The dates were August 24-27, 2023. We arrived as a late check in on the 24th. Upon entering room 215, there was a terrible musty smell and the room looked disheveled. Many cobwebs and spiders. Pulled blankets back. Spider in bed. Very dirty. Fire Alarm hanging by its wires from the wall, mold in bathroom, spilt something on nightstands, wallpaper peeling off, knobs missing on lamps. Beds short sheeted, and dirty. 2 in my party have Asthma and couldn’t stay in the room, not to mention the filth. When we went down to talk to the office, it was locked up. There was a number to call. Called it. No manager available until morning. While we tried to get ahold of manager. Elderly guest had fallen. Luckily we were there to help her up and to her room. The next morning talked to the office. They wouldn’t refund our stay, due to not meeting the 24 hour cancelation policy. It was not our intention to cancel. The room was absolutely unacceptable and not safe. I have video and pictures. Guest behind us in the office in the AM, was also there to complain about mold and dirty room.

  • Sharon wells says:

    Yes I’m up here in fort Worth Texas off of 20 and Beach Street y’all have a Worthington eight y’all have a super 8 up here I walk as close as I can to the building cuz they put up fences the other day and I got robbed the other day after they put up the fence I’m going to the damn store a guy comes running out and tells me I can’t walk on that property because it’s private property well I’m going to tell you something if that’s private property then the people that are staying there are not going to want to stay there as soon as I post this on Facebook

  • Raquel Cook says:

    My name is Raquel cook and I own super 8 motels all over the world. It is not a family owned business and Rodney cook is not allowed at any of my hotels or motels, he is a terrorist that rapes and kills or he is currently trying to stay at a super 8 motel on my accounts and needs to be arrested immediately

  • Lorie Nolan says:

    I paid in advance reservations and payed at the front desk and another payment

  • Carolyn says:

    Our room was disgusting…foul, musty…boarded up window with broken glass…broken tile with sharp edges and during thunderstorm our ceiling was leaking in (and not slowly)…no smoke detector…room 103 in Grinnell Iowa…had reservations for 2 months and upon arrival it was no longer available. And this shitty ass room is what we got.

  • Paul Robert Corry says:

    Super 8 in Bishop California absolutely a disgrace to your motel chain. Cockroaches. Bed bugs. Indian guy on reception selectively could not speak English. Been in the US many times with no issues.Super 8 will be soon in the media regarding cleanliness

  • Concerned Guest says:

    One of your employees, possibly a manager, has been selling illegal drugs out of a converted guest room at your Super 8 property in Wichita Falls, TX.

  • victor hernandez says:

    I booked a room at Milford Connecticut, I ask for non-smoking room, they gave me a smoking, they told me if I don’t want I will be charged anyway, room dirty, smells, bad, broken doors, water dripping in bathroom, toilet paper dispenser broken, breakfast a small yogurt and a candy. Front desk rudely speak to me, they told me, they own the hotel and they can do anything they please. I’m allergic to nicotine. I has to go to my doctor. Please you must go there

  • Farrell stephens says:

    Not happy

  • Kayla says:

    We attempted to stay at a super 8 by Wyndham in Bedford Indiana. Upon check in we were told no elevator (husband on crutches) and no rooms on first floor as they were sold out. We attempted to make this work. Upon entering the room it was evident it had not been cleaned properly, foul odor coming from room, and too unsafe in an emergency with crutches and no elevator. They refused a refund, had no other rooms, and the manager was rude stating “it’s not that dirty to us, we all think differently about dirt.” There was hair and dirt all over the floor, bathroom, etc. Despite the picture and video proof she refused refunding the ridiculous $169 price for the dirty room in the first place. I ended up getting a room at Hyatt for much less than that dump with much better service, cleanliness and safety.

  • Jade diaz says:

    Also the tub was clogged one dresser drawer was missing and the other wouldn’t stay closed . the refrigerator didn’t work. Halls was dirty elevator was disgusting. The same trash was on the elevator my whole stay(Monday-Thursday) my aunt stayed at another hotel when she tried to come see my children they told her we had to meet her outside . The manager was the rudest. He had an attitude problem seem like he didn’t want to do his job and couldn’t help with anything. I wouldn’t recommend this place to nobody.

  • Jade diaz says:

    I stayed at the super 8 in Atlantic City. The room was dirty !! Bed was broke dresser was broke !! Blanked had multiple cigarette burns in it . After 1 pm u can’t get no new sheets or anything. The staff is absolutely rude and can’t answer any questions but they make sure to call you 10 minutes before 11 to remind you about your check out . This place needs to be shut down. They are overcharging for this hole in the wall if you ask me . I wouldn’t let my dog stay here if I had the opportunity.

  • Amanda Arey says:

    Can you tell me why some super 8 will accept my birth certificate as ID. Actually most do, as I do usually try to pick super 8. However, Sherwood park super 8 refused my birth certificate, I had a photo of my ID to show them, as well had an RCMP supervisor vouching for my identity. As I was in a very vunerable position, of not having access to my ID. So knowing super 8 has in past accepted my birth certificate as an id. But super 8 Sherwood park refused my birth cert and a picture of my id. Even after RCMP whom have full access to identify me were willing to vouch for my identity.

  • Helene Lenahan says:

    Recently stayed in a Super 8 in Topeka Kansas. It was a Terrible experience. Hole in the ceiling where there should have been a sprinkler,the towel rack was on the floor and there were two holes in the wall where the rack used to be.There were holes on the spread, broken lamp shade and hair in the tub.The rug was beyond filthy.I paid $25.00 for my dog. There is no way any dog could do damage to that room that would have even be noticed.
    I am aware that Super 8 is an economy type motel but there should be minimal standards.The only word to describe this room is disgusting.

  • Ryon glick says:

    No one here to help! Been waiting for an hour Casper Wy super 8 sucks

  • Ryon glock says:

    Been waiting for over an hour to check in at Casper Wy, this sucks waiting and no one around at all.

  • Alex says:

    Your niagra ontario location on 5577 Ellen Avenue is REVOLTING
    You have a Pharoah ant Infestation! We were out of our room until 10pm due to canada day activities. We came back and out our FOUR month old to bed. I felt itchy and there were ants in the bed , ants on the side tables , ants on the dresser , on the bathroom counter , on our babies toys we left out on the coffee table , and in her $50 can of formula. We had to check out at 12 am and drive 4 hours home with our baby as there were no hotels due to the long weekend . We are disgusted. We were told ” there was no cleaning staff ” on site at the time. There needs to be some sort of standard. We are contacting Wyndham, Expedia, the health unit, and anywhere else they advertise this hotel

  • KKulz says:

    Stayed at a ‘Super 8’ West Des Moines (Urbandale) which was ridiculous and disgusting. Turns out upon trying to check out that it was NOT a Super 8, it just still had the lit-up Super 8 sign! Felt totally mislead… and my husband came home with bed bugs!

  • Radoslaw says:

    Super 8 in Hazen Arkansas charging you extra if you want room on ground floor. They lie about prices, when I was calling about price he say price is 89$ with the taxes. When I arrive at hotel he say price is just when same one ask by the phone about the price, but If you at desk he say he have to charge me for making reservation in hotel and price was 139$ +tax . I was asking for room on ground floor because was much easier for me and for my staff and on web site is the same price for room in 1 floor or ground floor, but he say I have to pay 45 $ more for ground floor because I’m young. I was staying in Super 8 seven times so far in June because I was crossing USA by bicycle and that was the most ridicules front desk I ever have, lieing about the price, trying scam me and rude. If people will be represent your brand like this you will be losing coustomers . I was talk with 5 more people who make complain and looks like Super 8 Headqourters do nothing about. You will be loosing people becaouse you guys don’t care

  • Lisa Canter says:

    Super 8 in Summerville, WV 4 days after our stay charged me $105 and said we took towels. Are we’re place in the hall way we’re we were told to put them. In camera with all the towels and they won’t check the cameras. Rooms weren’t bad for what we paid but I refuse to be accused of stealing something. I let the whole family know what they did and we will never be staying at a Super 8 ever again or any other corporation they are associated with.

  • Dawn Workman says:

    Re: Super 8 Holbrook, Arizona

    I was bribed by Zee (the supposed manager which now says he is the owner) into writing a positive 5-star review and taking down my original 1-star review or he would not refund all the erroneous charges. This is the worst place to stay…. sleep in your car if you must BUT DO NOT stay there.

    Drugs in adjoining room, slamming door and worst of all BEDBUGS. They were nice when I presented the pictures to them of the bugs in the room and refunded the original room charge but then charged quadruple the amount without my knowledge.

    Zee’s response to my original 1-star review was that there is no record of my stay but verbally over the phone he admitted to my stay there and threatened to charge me even more money than he already did if I did not take the review down and write something nice that he approves of. He said that once I do that that he will “make me happy.”

    Well, I am not happy, although I got back all but 50.00, I think Zee needs to find a new living as bullying and bribing people is never okay. He needs to get a life and stop stealing from people.

  • Veronica church says:

    My friends and I stayed in the super 8 June 15-18. The location 19289 Whyte Hardee blvd Hardeeville SC . The lady at the front desk very rude. We inquired about the pool they said it was closed ! Got to the room the floor was filthy. The bathroom fan had 2 inches of dust on it. The TV did not work due to a storm they said phone did not work! The door looked as if it had mold on it. We asked for them to come and clean the room they did finally clean the floor but left 2 towels for 3 people. It was disgusting. You would think if a hotel wanted to keep people coming back when they figured out the pool was not at the right chemicals they should have offered the room at a lower price now you get nasty reviews that I will forward to face book and. Spread the word. It could have been such a nicer visit, but that starts with the staff.

  • Angela Williams says:

    Incorrectly billed twice. Please contact me.

  • Angela Williams says:

    Worst service and incorrectly billed TWICE.

  • Terrie says:

    You can’t contact anyone from your so called corporate office what a joke this company is! Hopefully I’ll own part of them after this court case!!!

  • Michelle T says:


    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to lodge a complaint against, the Super 8 by Wyndham Corning. My name is Michelle T. I made a reservation through: Vio.com for a nonsmoking, king size bed for 3 guest, I have the confirmation email. But when I went to check in, the counter person was disrespectful and harrassing. He said that because I had 3 people that I was not allowed to have a 1 king size bed room. He made comments that they have cameras everywhere and that if a 3rd people was to enter that I would get charged extra. He was upset with the discounted price through Vio.com site. Even though I showed him my confirmation email, stating that the room was reserved for 3 people.

    My problem is, if this is not allowed why did Vio.com confirm the reservation? This is very unprofessional. I did not break any rules, like the clerk implied. This is very bad customer service. So it’s either Vio.com or Super 8 by Wyndham Corning at fault. Please train your people correctly. Because this is harassment.


    Michelle Touy

  • Terrie Howsden says:

    I can’t believe that a place is still being discriminating towards people in this day and age I can’t get a hold of a manager to save my life to handle the situation but I bet you my lawyer will contact somebody and get in contact with the right kind of people considering this is a lawsuit for a hate crime on top of it the people are rude and disgusting rooms they were gross gross gross

  • Jennifer says:

    Santee South Carolina .
    Absolutely DISGUSTING. I can not over state how DISGUSTING that place is. Should be shut down.

  • Sue Luna says:

    I had the worst experience at the Super 8 in Red Wing MN. I paid $149.69 for a room worth less than 1/2 that price. When I booked the room there was only 2 left. I got a smoking room with what was supposed to be queen sized beds. The beds were full sized. The room was a little dusty. A lamp by the bed was not working and the only light switch was by the door. There were many burn holes from cigarettes on both bedspreads. It was disgusting. I have stayed at Super 8’s in the past and never had this problem. If there are independently owned, are they still supposed to be up to certain standards? If so this is the farthest thing from it! The breakfast was included! Oh wow! For what I paid I should have got more! We didn’t eat breakfast in the morning. The breakfast area wasn’t the cleanest. The hall window by our room was open in the morning and it was freezing out. It had snowed the night before. To say I had a bad experience does not even begin to describe my stay! Very disappointed and in the future I will not be booking at a Super and will discourage my friends from staying as well.

  • Justin says:

    Very rude blonde hair woman with glasses at front desk in Bedford va. No one was at desk so called the front desk phone and when she came she was very rude as I asked for towels and wash cloths. She made me bring my dirty ones up before giving me new ones then threw the clean towel at me. Front desk has camera. I hope it gets reviewed

  • Janet Hockett says:

    I had a bad experience at the Super 8 in Branson They have said they sent me a refund Yet I have not seen it yet Aggrivation !

  • Vince says:

    Called this number, seems official. Then it says something about timeshares press 1, reservations press 2, other guest matters press 3… I press 3, it says it cannot complete call at this time. I have had a appalling stay at super 8 west Farragut Tennessee. Celeste is an employee there and does drugs in the office while she is working. Apparently they allow this behavior?

  • Jan jones says:

    I have a huge complaint about your hotel in Cleburne Tx I checked in on December 10 around 10 pm. Went to room only 2 pillows on king size bed. Went to office asked for 2 more he said you have 3. No I don’t I only have 2 I need 2 more he brought me 1 said that is all 😳. Ok so morning of the 11 there is a LOUD knock at door open it. This guy wants my towels. I ask him what time is check out. He tells me 11. Worst stay ever. So for 90$ I get one pillow and was awaken at 8:30. Oh and no water pressure

  • Renee says:

    5888 Broadway, Denver co has Roaches, smushed flies and another kind of bug on the walls, bathroom was mildew, stains on the sheets/pillow cases, and room smelled like cigarettes. I’m not picky I needed a room for one day while here for business so I brushed the little strains off and wrapped myself in my own cover. Didn’t notice the smells until I turned the ac off but I was trying to get some work done so I can enjoy my morning. As I’m getting ready to shut down and turn off the lights, I noticed bugs crawling on the headboard so it made me inspect the room further. ( I only checked for bed bugs when I first arrived didn’t know I had to stand still and wait for roaches)Quickly got out of there. Manager told me I was I wasn’t allowed a refund because I waited over 30 mins. Excuse me but bugs don’t pop out when your moving around. If that’s the case then guess need to be shown the room or notified of the establishment issues. I have pics and videos of the whole thing. Also have video that I left the room the same way I got it

  • Warren Travis says:

    Super 8 Union Ave Newburgh NY. I spent one night and rented 2 rooms for me and my son and grandkids and the other for my daughter and her husband and his son. The rooms were gross. Sink falling off the wall black mold in the bathroom and tub was dirty as can be. Stains on the carpet. I have pictures of it all. My daughters room the tv was messed up too. It was Thanksgiving and didn’t want to drive back to New Hampshire that night.

  • Steve Nunley says:

    Roaches in your Super 8 in Gatlinburg.
    417 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN US
    I can send photos if you want them. This was such a disappointment considering I spent $230+ for one night of my hard earned money. Yes, I work for a living. The room looked clean any way. We washed everything before it came back in the house. I certainly won’t be staying here again. Room 117 Dec 2-3 2022.

  • Tina Vasquez says:

    I need to talk to a person on the phone not there messaging and I tried out my debit and credit card in for a $5 fee to talk with a lawyer they are locked up

  • Steven Silkett says:

    My wife and I stayed last night at 72 nd st Omaha ne it the carpet was stained the towels stained and worn out black mold around the tub lamp broken and the heater had to be plugged in and programmed no breakfast as per ad that there’s breakfast. If it was free to stay there it would have been over priced. The worst experience we’ve ever had

  • tony says:

    stayed in caryville TN this place is nasty was dead tired when we got there did not even take my clothes just laid down for a few hours when we got up and started looking at the room better we did not even shower nasties place i have seen

  • Eric hart says:

    I’m never going back to the one in ocala on forty shitty place

  • Eric hart says:

    I paid early check in and I told them I would b checking out at 11 the same night I had to pay 75 deposit which I was told I would get back after a couple hours I couldn’t stand the bugs left and was told I couldn’t get me deposit in

  • Rj says:

    Me and my fiancé were in Grand Rapids Michigan. Our first room they put us in the lights didn’t work and the tv didn’t work, asked for another room and it was absolutely disgusting.. holes in the chair the paint on the wall was chipped and holes the sink was broke like broke broke. And behinds the toilet was somthing I can’t describe. To put it nice it looked like a drug house. For real a DRUG HOUSE. The pillow cases and sheets had stains on them. I had the impression that you guys had decent motel co. There was mice poop on the bed sheets!!!! Room 111 and 213

  • Jane says:

    Someone needs to change out the winchester ,va hotel. They have a nasty man on front desk. The manager always set in front of the TV. One maid is drinking until she can’t stand up. Second floor is nothing but drugs. Some rooms have bedbugs . Some walls are cut up by knifes. Someone needs to clean that place up or close it down, before the cops close it down

  • Shannon Shelton says:

    Do not waste your money staying here this place was absolutely disgusting and appalling they don’t clean the dust they don’t clean the drawers I took pictures of everything I walk in the room there’s dust everywhere dirt on the floor top blanket was spotty and dirty I’ll open the drawers there’s cannabis pieces and condoms a false eyelash on the floor cockroaches in the bathroom absolutely terrible then when you make a reservation they don’t even respect the fact that you have a do not disturb sign on the door they’ll still knock on the door and ask you if you need something waking me up I work nights and I did not appreciate this. Loud, dogs barking at all hours, people screaming slamming doors at all hours.

  • Sheila says:

    The place was filthy. Smoke detector was on desk, towels looked like cleaning rags,cigarette butts in heater vent, the bathroom…I didn’t take a shower. Never will stay at this chain again

  • Jonathan Browning says:

    Room 205 @ Super 8 Stockbridge,Ga on 11/14/2022 was was well below standard. The tub/shower was stained and the faucet dripped. The chest vernier was shattered and the room was smoky. It was NOT the standard I have come to expect from your motel chain!
    Jonathan Browning

  • Keisha says:

    My mom house caught on fire last night and we payed $95 for a room at 5am and she was put out of the room at 8 am because they say they had a reservation for that room no money was given back they were nasty and said oh well she has to leave and called the police. So 12 on my side here we come I’m also going to get legal representation for this matter. Who knows how many other people they have done this to. It is 11/16/2022

  • Jason Lessmann says:

    Super 8 on 2165 Solano St, Corning, CA 96021
    This establishment was the most unprofessional, un-American, absolutely disgraceful despicable hotel we have ever stayed at. Truly. The self-proclaimed “owner”, her first name apparently being “Roshney” should 110% be fired and never allowed to work in ANY hotel/motel ever again for what she put me and my family through.
    We stayed for one week, paying an extra $30 a night for our two pets, and when the week was up we went to pay for two more nights, but Roshney for some reason made us go to the ATM next door to pay in cash. So we went next door and withdrew $200 USD for whatever reason. She accepted the cash payment and we spent 1 night in the same room again. We went to go across the street to a local Taco Bell for lunch around noon. When I walked back to the room with food in both hands, this foreigner female came racing after me while people were packing their own stuff up getting ready to leave. I got to my door, pulled my room key out and as I opened the door, here she came yelling at me in her foreign language, telling me I hadn’t payed yet and that we “can’t be doing this here” repeatedly over and over. She was at least 75 feet away from me yelling all these humiliating things that were straight up not true. I said “let me talk to my family” and finally she stopped yelling at me and went back to the office (I thought). While in the room and the door shut, we began hearing her yell outside at us only moments later. Couldn’t make out what she was screaming but my god it was embarrassing and incredibly unprofessional. I have NEVER seen such a disgraceful act . We tried to go talk to her but she just would not listen to anything we wanted to say. Nothing so she took our $200 , refused to acknowledge we ever gave the money to her, and then she actually called. the police who were also insanely rude and unprofessional!!!! I have never in all my life seen a business handle themselves like that, never!!!!!! I honestly hope that the women sees some kind of consequence for her behavior and straight up stealing from customers like she did. She actually put us on the street, living in our RV due to this event. And she was fully aware of this too. I will also be contacting HQ by phone after this too because this NEEDS to be handled. I will NEVER EVER even consider staying at another Wyndham hotel ever again. Horrible . I will only give her 1 star out of 5 because I cannot give 0.

    2165 Solano St, Corning, CA 96021

  • Venus says:

    This is absolutely the worst of the worst. The room stunk if old stale cigarette smoke. The bed linens had cigarette burns in them. Best of it all was the bedbugs. When asked about refunding my money they said corporate probably wouldn’t because we had already been there for most of the day. Check in was at 11am and we reported to the front desk at 6:30pm. Front desk said they could offered us a different room….what a joke. For $76 a night I’ve stayed in better cheaper.

  • Brad johns says:

    Litchfield Illinois town news and discussion group
    Amanda Jarman · 1h ·
    Last night me and my boyfriend stayed at super 8 here in Litchfield, at about 9pm our neighbor brought the hotel manager up to our room to ask us to be quiet. Ok fine we will, our bad. The guy continued to follow us around pestering my boyfriend to fight but we didn’t. A second knock on our door came, the neighbor again with the manager asking if we want to F***around. He stepped into our room and Luke asked him not to come into our room, as we have our 3 year old daughter with us and he previous acknowledge this, he continued to push into our room. There was a physical altercation between the 3 of us where shortly after we were able to shove him out and locked our door. I couldn’t fathom what happened next…..bam first shot goes through the door. Shocked Luke grabs our 3 year old and lays on top of her. Bam second shot. Now throwing every piece of furniture in-between us and the shooter. We Immediately called 911. We get a new room as ours is a crime scene now. To wake up and be told by the hotel manager we could no longer stay at their establishment and would not receive remebursment for the week paid up. Us the victims of this violent crime. Then we find out today that not only did they fail to protect their visitors, and kick us out after the police deemed us in the right but they also charged us for all damages of that night. WOW SUPER 8; should have been a lawsuit or a hate crime but as we are white we got stuck with the bill.

  • Greg Vietor says:

    Very disappointed and disgusted! The Super 8 in Manhattan Kansas is run by criminals and the rooms were disgusting, they also upped the price upon arrival even though we had reservations and confirmation numbers! No plates for breakfast no spoons or forks! Charged me twice for the pet deposit! I had to have my credit card company get involved! Super 8 ruined my weekend stay in Kansas!

  • dennrick wafer says:


  • April says:

    I was charged for a room multiple times at different rates for a one night stay $118 $118 $218 and a $100 deposit and am being given the runaround from the Bowling Green, MO office.

  • Michael and Kristina Hardesty says:

    The room we stayed in was terrible. The smoke alarm was covered by a plastic bag. There were holes in the walls. There were piles of trash outside the entryway door. There wasn’t a toilet paper holder in the bathroom. Every door to the hotel was either blocked upon, or didn’t lock. I felt ver unsafe.

  • Tim Gaynor says:

    Mt Vernon Illinois , dirtiest smelliest hotel I’ve slept in 40 years. 1/2 star

  • Erica jordanerica21@gmail.com says:


  • Antonio says:

    Very displeased and wondering how this hotel is even open for business. Black mold in the shower trash under the bed the smell of cigarettes. Dirt in my coffee cups broken ac yellow stains in the tub and on the toilet. This hotel is dangerous and needs help. The room next too me looks like someone tried too break in. My room someone did break in. This is unacceptable and I feel like I deserve an explanation for this

  • Brad says:

    I would like to have a email to someone that I can give information on a stay at super 8 in Burlington iowa

  • Michael Comer says:

    Good afternoon . Had to reach out never have I been in such a dirty hotel . Ask to be Reimbursed in money back to go somewhere else and they would not let me be reimbursed. This was supposed to be such a great weekend for me and my children watching their brother graduate from Boot Camp. The hotel was absolutely disgusting hairs in the bathtub hairs in our clean towels . Microwave was completely rusted the coffee pot covered in mold . Very pissed and very unhappy with way I was treated . I have pictures that I will be posting .


    Resent stay @Super 8 Manchester/Airport was disgusting! Wads of hair in tub, dirty used towels folded and hung back up. Hotel is a mess and should be shut down. Smoker everywhere including maraijuna. Other peoples used belongings in the room. Hallways had food or vomit up the walls. Smoke smell everywhere. Front desk was unable to split room unto two cards on arrival and night person could not give a receipt when we left. The hotel did not seem safe to our family! Had we not had to get on a plane at 5:00a.m. I would have demanded my money back then. But also we were afraid to ask at the desk as the women was in a mood from being upset by another guest. I would like a full refund $174. for this horrible hotel stay. It should be shut down and remodeled. Did not shower has the tub was so gross. We have reached out to the hotel with NO success and also informed booking.com to take it off there site.

  • Carriere says:

    We went for a 16 days trip in USA and we had 3 Super 8 and I will try to choose an other brand for a next trip.
    Fort Collins, Denver the room was smelling so much cigarets, that was really disgusting.
    Then In Sparta in Wisconsin, the room was smelling so much pi, that we had problems sleeping in that condition.
    Please advise your team that they should take care more of your name.
    Thank you to read my advise
    Benoît Carrière, Quebec

  • Phil & Sara Wold says:

    Mr. Balotti:

    All the attached negative reviews paint a very dark picture of Super 8 Motels. Now it’s my turn to jump on the band wagon & express my views. I am in complete agreement with every one of the reviews. Please allow me to explain.
    On Thursday evening, July 21, 2022, my wife & I stayed at the Super 8 Motel located at: 2454 College Way, Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537-9804, Tel: 218-321-4591. This place is a total dump! Rooms are below ground level, & you walk down dimly lit hallways. Contrary to claims on its website, there was no breakfast, not even coffee or juice. We had to have breakfast at a nearby Perkins Restaurant.
    It was only after returning home almost a week later, after checking out Friday morning, August 22, that we learned that my credit card had an extra charge on it of $37.00. So, I called & spoke with Chelsea, the Manager. She said the charge was for the missing towels that we stole. She is completely out of her mind! That is an outright lie, & I told her that. I also told her I resented that, & was insulted. I requested that she refund my money. Needless to say, that has been an uphill battle. Chelsea gave me all kinds of excuses. It makes me wonder for how long has this been going on? It is a total scam! Imagine how many other paying guests have been cheated by these ignorant thieves/scammers! I am convinced that we are not the first guests to have been ripped off. We are a couple in our 80’s who have no need for, nor desire, to take their dirty towels. I honorably & proudly served my country for 33 years! It took several phone calls to Chelsea before finally getting the $37.00 refunded back on my card on August 22, 2022.
    So now, Mr. Balotti, I request for you to take action & not just dump this message in the trash can. It is my request that you immediately begin an in-depth investigation into this motel, even if that means bringing in the FBI. They should not only lose their license, but should be closed down permanently. Your utmost cooperation will be appreciated. Also, feel free to contact me.
    We will never stay at another Super 8 Motel. We also wish to rescind our Wyndham Awards membership.

    Next, for all travelers to the Fergus Falls, Mn area, BEWARE! Avoid this motel at all costs. Please do not get entangled into this kind of a mess.

    Thank you!


    22 SYLVANWAY PH: 973-496-2305
    PARSIPPANY, NJ 07054













    THE ROOM RATE PER NIGHT STATED ON THE RECEIPT IS $59.76 + 14.56 = $74.31 2 NIGHTS = $148.64



    GERALD & MARSHA PROVORSE PH: 315-827-4810

    CC: EL DORADO MAYOR BILL YOUNG FAX #: 316-321-6282
    BUTLER COUNTY TIMES GAZETTE news@butlercountytimesgazette.com
    EL DORADO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE reception@eldoradochamber.com

  • Wendy says:

    Worst experience we have ever had at a hotel. The Super 8 in Dyersville, IA is horrible. On July 30th, 2022, after driving for hours, we needed to change our clothes for a wedding we were to attend. It was 1:30pm and when we arrived the front desk attendant wouldn’t let us check in a half hour early. He said he can’t do that to the cleaning people. He wouldn’t check to see if our room was already cleaned, he wouldn’t check with the cleaning people to see if they were okay with it and when we asked if there was a meeting room to change in he lied and said no when there really was a breakfast area we could have closed the doors and changed. Of course no public bathroom(s). We understood but the fact he was so rude about it just infuriated us. We won’t stay at another Super 8 if its the last place on earth. We would rather stay in our car.

  • Ahmadi says:

    Worst place to stay especially at 1719 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, rooms are dirty and no hot water to shower, not recommended this to anyone.

  • Penny says:

    The super eight hotel in Marysville Ohio they’re not supposed to take cash I know that they do I have paid with cash I know that there’s a illegal stuff going on like porno my phone number is 380-239-4230 my name is Penny please give me a call I’m sure you wanna hear this

  • Christopher Rinehart says:

    i really want to know if Corporate acts on any of these comments? This is all a very bad reflection on corporate for not engaging with customer complaints. and seriously, as i am reading these comments below. this is really disgusting.

    • Phil says:

      Christopher, I submitted my comments a week ago (Aug 22, 2022). Just now I have noticed it’s not even on this page any longer. I am in complete agreement with you. My complaint was the motel where we stayed charged my card after checking out. I called them after arriving home to ask what was the charge for. The manager, Chelsea, told me I had stolen towels. Disgusting!! After bugging her for a month, she finally refunded my money. In my message to Mr. Balotti. I specifically asked him to act on my message, and to not just discard it in his trash. Guess what? He has trashed it. I will never stay in any Super 8 motel again.
      Just wanted to share (& vent).
      Phil Wold

  • Christopher Rinehart says:

    i want my money back as well, i have stayed at a lot of super 8’s over my time traveling, the one in Danville KY is absolutely the worst experience i have ever had. Corporate, get your head out of your @ss and do something. there are cockroaches in the rooms, the carpets stink, no mirror above the sink, cracked and broken floor tiles in the room, running toilets, they advertise free breakfast and renovated rooms. this is a total lie, they have not had any free breakfast since covid started 2 years ago, they do not have renovated rooms, and the security doors on the outside are all broken so anyone can wander in. this is the most disgusting super 8 i have ever stayed at and would advise everyone to stay far far away…. Super 8 you owe me an apology and refund my money.

  • Maria Duncan says:

    Booked a room through Expedia for a Balcony suite at Super 8 Prince George (BC, Canada). I paid $170 with taxes to arrive in a dirty room, which was filled with liquor bottles, a walker and I’m sure there was someone staying there when we walked in. I said no, this is dirty! This was 1:30am after a long drive. He grabbed another set of keys, pointed up and said room is up there (no elevator, no help). he did not say it was hidden. I got an asthma attack because of the mold I was inhaling, the room had NO windows to the outside, it was very humid and disgusting. I slept from 2-5am then had to wake up and leave because I could not breathe. I was put into a seriously downgraded room. No apologies, no smiles whatsoever, never felt welcome. When I checked out, the man who checked me in could not figure out the refund for deposit.

    Manager was zero help, kept talking over me when I was explaining what happened, no apologies either. Just blamed my situation on me being overwhelmed as my mom was medevaced to Vancouver hospital and that “he was at a funeral too”. Something needs to be done as everyone has a terrible attitude (waiter, manager, *most* front desk staff – one person was helpful.

    So many complaints like mine, it should be shut down or de franchised: https://www.google.com/travel/hotels/super%208%20prince%20george/entity/CgsIvsDmo4jYmrnrARAB/reviews?q=super%208%20prince%20george&g2lb=2502548%2C2503771%2C2503781%2C4258168%2C4270442%2C4284970%2C4291517%2C4306835%2C4597339%2C4649665%2C4722900%2C4723331%2C4741664%2C4757164%2C4758493%2C4762561%2C4779784%2C4781082%2C4786153%2C4786958%2C4787110%2C4791628&hl=en-CA&gl=ca&ssta=1&rp=EL7A5qOI2Jq56wEQvsDmo4jYmrnrATgCQABIAcABAg&ictx=1&sa=X&ved=0CAAQ5JsGahcKEwiwp82pi574AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQDA&utm_campaign=sharing&utm_medium=link&utm_source=htls&ts=CAESABpJCisSJzIlMHg1Mzg4OTkwOGIzNDU2NGMzOjB4ZWI3MjZhYzA4NDc5YTAzZRoAEhoSFAoHCOYPEAkYDBIHCOYPEAkYDRgBMgIQACoJCgU6A0NBRBoA

  • Thomas H Winbush says:

    I stayed at your hotel in North Carolina I have to say it’s the worst Hotel that I have ever stayed in the ladies on the front desk wasn’t rude and not helpful

  • Flo says:

    I have a complaint about one of Super 8 and need it to be addressed!

  • Flo says:

    A live person

  • DARL says:

    I want my money back. I booked three nights but only stayed two at the Super 8 by Wyndham Phoenix West at Phoenix, AZ. Starting with the room, it smelled horrible, like they have not cleaned it in years. Also, the bed’s sheets had holes and stains, which I am sure they were body fluid. The covers were ripped and smelled bad. The bathroom was disgusting, there was mold all over, and the floors had dirty spots everywhere with pubs. Also, the curtains had dirty white spots all over; I did not even want to know what they were. The hotel is in a sketchy area so sketchy that they even have the lobby closed at all times and only allow check in at a walk-up bulletproof window. On top of the room being the worst I have stayed in my life, the front desk workers were horrible. I had an emergency, and I had to step out of the room. So, I called them in the morning and I asked them to extend check out for an hour because I was far and had an emergency, but they refused to extend my check out and hung up on me. I had left my things behind that’s why I asked for an extension, but they did not care. No humanity. The girl on the phone who I later found out her name was Glori (an African girl with an African accent, who worked the morning shift on May 18, 2022, about 5-9”, like in her late 20s, early 30s, and who wore gloves while she worked). I am giving her description because I am sure she lied about her name, just like she lied about being the manager when I talked to her, which is fraud btw. She was the worst, unprofessional, disrespectful, and careless, with no people skills; she even laughed when I complained about the situation. She surely did not care about the guest nor to keep her job. She’s a horrible human being. Idk how this company even allows her to work and represent their company. It’s a shame.

  • Don Neely says:

    I’ve never been so disappointed in my life the treatment of your motel was discussed you’re owner had his daughter working 24-7 and she has no idea how to treat costumers!!!
    I Dare someone to call me my name is DON Neely and my no.is734-755-2806

  • DON says:

    Middletown Ohio disappointed called earlier for reservations and when I got here I had reservations for a room that was booked All week and then they tried to put me in a room over a roof that I said I didn’t want to be over!!!

  • virginia hale says:

    Was very disappointed in our stay this weekend. We stayed in Athens tx and was very pissed at the breakfast was only old hunny buns, a rude desk clerk and no juice. Then house keeping took some of our dirty towels but left the other dirty ones on our counter that had been on the floor and never replaced any then whence called for towels the night time clerk was rude and snapped at me and said she was the only one up front and I would have to come get them. I can barely walk as it us. Will not be back.

  • Kenneth says:

    I want my money back from staying in the super 8 motel in Bonne Terre,Mo. The room was disgusting, when proper management was approached there were no other rooms, the microwave dirt. The bathroom room tub had black mold on the ceiling in the tub area and it leake. As a paying customer I demand a full refund

  • Mark gonzales says:

    Who do I make a complaint to about one of your hotels in Oklahoma City

  • Christopher Belcher says:

    Jay asst manager at super 8 richfield is an incompitent asst manager, under his watch summit county reprimanded him for UNSANITARY DANGEROUS conditions, amongst his rudeness to employees he needs demoted or terminated. Plz contact me anytime chris 2166990033, United States Marine

  • Earlene Laudin says:

    After reading all these comments, mine seems minor! In any case, will not be staying in Super 8 again. I have stayed in several over the years and always had a good experience. Our recent stay at Super 8 in Cameron Missouri was great, 5 stars, but our stay at Little Rock Arkansas was pretty horrible. There should be some consistency. In Little Rock the office was very hard to find, in a separate building with no sign, motel old with small rooms but clean at least. The worst part was that there was no coffee machine in the room We went to the office e reception area hoping there would be some coffee there (breakfast was not included) but no coffee. We had a long day of traveling ahead of us and hoped to sit down in a well lit place (room was not), but while they had a nice reception area, it was blocked off citing Covid restrictions. This was first week of March and we had not found such restrictions anywhere else. Clerk was not helpful or in any way hospitable. To make matters worse, at 1030 pm the night of our stay we were awoken by a firefighter responding to a phone call from the landline in our room reporting a heart attack. How that happened is hard to understand. The clerk in am knew nothing about it and seemed to not care in the least. Hope they survived!

  • Kenneth Springer says:

    Made a reservation at the Super 8 at 715 West Starr Pass Blvd on Priceline for the night of March 6 to the 7th. The number was R3194561653 (Pincode: 36eb32cd-9b2e-4660-a18e-6ae332e9fe2d). When I arrived at the hotel I was told check in time wasn’t until 3:00pm. I replies okay no problem can you save me a first floor room. At that point he said there was a $50 deposit. I tried to ask him if this was a corporate or what. I just stayed at a Super 8 for over a week and checked out on the same day in Willcox, AZ. The guy just keep talking and I asked him to just listen to my question. He told me to “get the hell out of the hotel and never come back because I am not staying here”. I said I had paid for the hotel and it is non refundable, to which he said get the hell out. I was very polite until he told me to get the hell out then I told him what I thought of him. This person shouldn’t be working in a service industry. I am a airline pilot and I spend about 225 night a year in hotels and have never been treated like that. I called in and reported the guy and was given a Ref number of 4734197. This person needs to be terminated. I am still working with Priceline to get a refund. Priceline told me they tried to call the hotel for 30 minutes while I was on hold and the front desk guy won’t answer the phone. This is totally unacceptable and I will not ever stay at a Super 8 or Wyndham properly until this person is properly dealt with

  • Ernesto Valdez Jr says:

    On 10/27/21 I attempted to make a motel reservation for 11/01/21 for 1 night only at the Super 8 by Wyndham located at 4397 Sayless Blvd, Abilene, Texas 79605. At the time I made the reservation there was a possibly I would have to cancel the reservation. As soon as the reservation was made I inquired about perhaps needing to cancel the reservation. This occurred within seconds of making the reservation. The booking clerk quickly told that reservations were not cancellable. I informed the clerk that that policy had not been made know to me. She said there was nothing she could and referred me to customer service. I immediately contacted customer service. They told me there was nothing they could do right away but would look in to my request for cancellation and let me know. I then received an email from them telling me my reservation was cancelled and all applicable refunds had been submitted to my credit card and would appear within 3-5 days. The refund never appeared on my credit card. I later received another email telling they had reached out to management and they were not willing to give me a refund or waive any penalties. My main complain is that they never informed of their cancellation policy until after the fact. And in addition why are they charging for a service I never used. I cannot believe management is not willing to refund the payment for a reservation I never used. What other recourse do I have? I am an 81 year old senior citizen and a retired military veteran and I would never try swindle anyone or any company out of anything. I appreciate if someone would come to me aid and insure I receive my just refund. Thank you.

    Ernesto Valdez, Jr.

  • Elaine says:

    They suck with management. We rented a room just to get kicked out because they needed the room. They even threatened to call the police on us. This is in Springdale Arkansas.

  • Tommy Rush says:

    Email address if possible I’d love to have an email address possible thank you

  • Connie says:

    We stayed at Chadron, Nebraska Sept 4. We booked while traveling, device was hit & miss so ended up reserving 2 rooms.As soon as I seen the confirmations I called & she said she would cancel one of the reservations. With several calls & emails we still have yet to get our money refund it is Oct . 12 . The place was disgusting. Wasn’t worth one rooms rent let alone them ripping us off for 2.

  • Jacqui Miller says:

    I stayed at the Super 8 in Jasper, Indiana. I reserved the room for 3 adults, No where in the reservation did it state who the other adults were. When someone came to the hotel and asked about My Room, even getting my name wrong, as this person only knew my nick name, the front desk person helped her with my name offering my full legal name as it appeared in the reservation. Then she proceeded to allow this unknown person to sign in and get the keys to my room, accepting this random person’s ID with a name that did not appear on the reservation. This was the worst breach of security I have ever seen, this front desk clerk had no way of knowing if this person was a friend or foe, she didn’t even know my name (the name on the reservation) for god sake. There was also the back door that can not close and lock no matter how hard I pushed on it to close it. Manager swears he closed that door and locked it after I brought it to his attention, but when I was taking my things out to the car very early in the morning the door was still ajar. When I told the manager about what the front desk person had done by giving my keys to some random person he apologized and said ” She should have asked for an ID,” but she did and the person gave her an ID, but it was not my ID, my name being the only name on the reservation. I will let you know that I did know this person and yes she was staying with me but the front desk person had no way of knowing this. She had my phone number attached to the reservation and could have called me to ask if this person could sign in and get my keys, but that didn’t occur either. This place is clean and well care for, for the most part, but cleaning staff failed to notice the dried vomit on the back go the bathroom door as they obviously don’t close the bathroom door when they clean it. This place isn’t the worst place in Jasper Indiana, but it certainly leaves a lot to to be desired when it comes to security.

  • Mike Cornett says:

    I’m a senior, 74, and will be taking a road trip all over the states. I’m going to take about
    2 months. That’s a lot of Motels/Hotels. Is there any way I can get a set price for all
    my stays at ‘Super 8’. Maybe $50.00. Maybe if I had a special card..or credit card, so I would only be charged $50.

  • Ruth DeMAio says:

    This company is TERRIBLE they got me for 1,000.00 charging my credit card from 2 different locations, when I stayed in a different one. How in the HELL can i stay at 3 different places. I want my money returned and will not stop fighting for it BACK!!! THE Middletown NY and the Cobleskill NY They need to check the cameras IDIOTS

  • Clint Morris says:

    We stayed at super 8 in Joplin Mo. the room was filled with the smell of mold as soon as we opened the door. They had a water damage in the bathroom ceiling and never mitigated it at all. There was a hole in the ceiling where the water came they. I have pictures of the mold up the legs of the deck and many other places. This room is dangerous for the elderly or anyone with breathing issues. I am a certified fire, water and mold technician and this was not passable in any situation. The air in the room stayed above normal moisture readings for a very long time. I brought this to the attention to the front desk at check out and there was no concern at all about this problem. They tried covering up a very dangerous problem instead of doing the proper job. And the ramp going down to the lower floor is not wheelchair accessible and would never pass a code inspection. The ramp runs right into the door at a very steep angle with no level landing of 4’x4’ which is the national standard dropping 1’ for every 12’ run. I am the project manager for a large construction and restoration company There are so many violations in this hotel

  • Tracie Launderville says:

    I stayed at Super 8 East in Wichita, Ks on 7/28/21. I arrived and checked in around 3:30pm. I walked into my room, put my stuff on the counter and left to get something to eat. When I came back about 30 minutes later I noticed the peephole had toilet paper shoved in it. When I pulled the toilet paper out, all there was, was a hole in the door making visibility into my room from the hallway very easy and accessible. As well as making it easy for the toilet paper to be pushed out from the hallway too. I then checked the window as my room was on the ground floor right in front of the parking lot. This window was able to be slid open all the way and did have a lock on it. However since the lock was broke, the window in my room was able to be opened all the way from the outside now, as well as from the inside. Upon seeing this I gathered my stuff and left as I felt my safety was in danger and there could be a violation of my privacy. I looked for the girl at the front desk to request a refund and let her know that the peephole allowed anyone from the hallway to see inside of the room I was in and that the lock on a ground floor window was broke, making it so the window could be slid openly all the way very easily from the outside and inside, but no one was at the front desk. I left around 5pm meaning I was only in that room for no more than 2hrs max.
    I called customer care the next day on the 29th and kept getting interrupted with “ I’m sorry to hear that” “ I know and I understand” with no professionalism and genuine tone of voice. It was as if these folks were literally reading left to right from a computer screen. I was told I would be contacted within 72hrs and here we are almost a week later and I’ve not heard one word or seen one word in my email.
    These are obviously very important issues that need immediate attention before some one IS hurt and or HAS their privacy violated. It is obvious that the rooms at this location are not being carefully walked through to ensure all safety features are functioning properly, which leads me to believe that they most likely are NOT being cleaned and sanitized properly either. Although it is clear that someone was aware of the peephole missing, which is why toilet paper was shoved in it and the broken window lock was observed and most likely disregarded just to get that room ready for customer check in. Either way if these IMPORTANT SAFETY and PRIVACY issues were overlooked or were missed by poor walk through observations, this motel is NOT safe to stay in for safety and sanitation issues. This room should have NEVER been open. It should’ve been closed until fixed properly, instead of just a “band-aid” fix!

  • Jennifer GUAJARDO says:

    Your super 8 in vallejo, c evicted me from my room in ABOUT 15 minutes, because my friend was coming up to help me with my suitcases. I did not have time to take him to the desk to show his ID. I WAS THEN ASKED TO LEAVE. THE HOTEL KEPT MY $90.00 DEPOSIT, AND SAID THAT I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET MY RENT BACK FROM THE COMPANY I BOOKED THROUGH. THIS IS JUST ROBBERY I NEVER GOT TO EVEN GO IN MY ROOM

  • opeyemi says:

    good sir/ma,
    pls, I got offer letter from super 8 motel Canada, and they told to pay for CSQ. so its most i pay for it or not before they will release visa for me

  • Jason C Porter says:

    While staying in Dothan Alabama at the Super 8 motel the manager made us leave the property. We had payed for a week which was around $500.00 we stayed one night. That next morning we were forced to leave. No refund. And they kept the security deposit.

  • Sherrie Spires says:

    I was hired at a super 8 before starting I had a death in the family and explained the situation to the person I was to report to and she said “I don’t care we are busy this weekend” and the guy that hired me would call me back never heard a word. Not that I would ever work for her after that. A remark she made still infuriates me she said he only starts people on a Sunday or a Tuesday and he told you to start on April 17. I tried to explain to her before she cut me off, that April 17 was our agreed date and it was a Wednesday, during the interview that is the date we had agreed on and she was no where around during the interview process. My Father-in- law was being buried April 20th. Not that anything will happen but I am trying to contact Corporate about this and having no luck getting phone numbers or e-mail.

  • Rich Fontaine says:

    poor and poor hotel…

  • Rich Fontaine says:

    I had a bad experience too, I need someone to contact me as well

  • Dennis Bravick says:

    I have sent several messages and will continue to send messages and voice my concerns to every person I meet about the terrible conditions that I was subjected to on 07/31/2018 at your SUPER 8 PEVELY SUPERPEVELY MO paying $73.67. I have attempted to call your phone numbers and sent emails yet you fail to send any response.

    • Rich Fontaine says:

      I had a real bad experience my self, at super 8 hotel in Danbury CT you better be sitting down when I tell you what happen, and they stole my money too

  • >