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  • Address: 303 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-786-8787
  • Fax Number: 404-827-6173
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 25,000
  • Founder: 123
  • Key People: William H. Rogers, Jr., (Chairman and CEO)

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SunTrust Bank Headquarters Executive Team



William Henry Rogers Jr.

Chairman, President & CEO

Elizabeth Tallmadge

Managing Director

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About SunTrust Bank, History and Headquarters Information


Suntrust Bank was founded in the year 1891. The organisation has been operational for almost 128 years now. The former name of the bank was Commercial Travelers Savings Bank, formed by the Trust Company of Georgia. In the year 1985, due to a merger between Trust Company of Georgia and SunBanks Inc, Suntrust Bank was established. In the year 1998, the organisation took over the Crestar Financial Corporation, located in Virginia.

Then in the year 2004, the organisation bought the National Commerce Financial Corporation for about $7 billion. Coming to the year 2014, the organisation reported that it would be launching a speciality group that will help in working with independent medical practices. As of the year 2019, the organisation is said to be taken over by BB&T. The bank is said to have a market capitalisation of $66 billion and a total asset count of $442 billion. The headquarters of the organisation is based in 303 Peachtree Street, North East. The name of the place is Atlanta, while the name of the state is Georgia, USA. The pin code of the area is 30308.


Suntrust Bank is a banking corporation based in America that focuses on providing various services and products related to banking, in order to make lives easier for its customers and clients. The current CEO and chairman of the bank are William H Rogers Junior. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the organisation is more than $9 billion. Also, as of the year 2018, the total number of employees working at the bank is more than 22,800. It has more than 1,200 branches and even more than 2,000 ATMs as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various types of banking and financial services to its customers. The organisation enables its customers and clients to get credit services, trust and investment services, etcetera. The bank provides corporate banking, capital market services, wealth management and mortgage banking as well.

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  • David Schulstead says:

    Hello, your fraud department allowed over $ 15,000 dollars in fraudulent charges to be put on my credit cards while I was laying in a hospital bed in July of last year 2021. I have called the local office but they are holding me responsible and it has destroyed my credit scores! Please someone get back to me on this. David Schulstead

  • Sue Morgan says:

    I have been frauded for thousands of dollars with the obvious negligence of Truist! My accounts were unprotected and the bank failed to catch many wire transfers by tellers and no warning to me as to unusual activity on my accounts. It was allowed and done. I had no idea of fraud until I saw my account within a few days deplete it’s funds! Truist admitted part of the problem in management and training but after months of reporting the incident with police. FBI and so on! The fraud department for Truist declined and responsibility! I am trying to get a hold of board members and president but of course impossible to do so. I am now going to the press. Customer relationship is none, protection is criminal and I will not stop having others protected and a bank that is responsible to do so. The worst banking institute. Do not put your hard earned money there.

  • Upset Bankew says:

    after verifying ownership TWICE of an external account i own ive been locked out of my account a 3rd time and told to talk to this person the to this person then back to this person then to go into the ranch which is 10 hours awAY THEN TO CALL .,..GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY

  • Betty Y Reagan says:

    I live 3000 miles from a branch and was told I have to physically come into a branch to add beneficiaries or close my account. I have to fly there. Something is wrong here.

  • James Martin says:

    What is the problem with customer service with Truist ?? I had great customer service with SunTrust!! Can’t talk to a real human being unless you can set on the phone for over and hour. I have been a SunTrust customer sense 1976. Are you people going to get your act together or should I just find a bank to do business with.

  • Terry Webb says:

    My name is Terry Webb my phone number here is 443-534-8500 I live in Palm Coast Florida I’ve been trying to get my credit card unblock now since 22 February the fraud department tells me that they do not have the tool to unblock it and don’t know when they’re gonna get the tool I need someone to call me and explain to me what this is all about all of this was over $1.97 charge which I did not make please return my call

  • B.A Marders says:

    Unable to get necessary information to file taxes. Tried online with no success and person manning site said theywould have representative call however never returned call. Also theonline rep had to have me repeat question and answer 3-4 times before answering question. Your people need training and the standad answer to hold the line for help is over 25 minutes. Definitely your peop;e need help.B

  • William Green says:

    I have been trying to speak to a live person at the bank for over a week. Put on hold for over 45 miutes . I have been doing business with Sun Trust for over 60 years and am really shock to be treated like this . with the Merger i had several questions . would someone call me at 404-452-7533 . A Manager.

  • Dorsey says:

    Will someone pick up the FUCKIN PHONE!!!!!

  • Patricia Kerner says:

    I have a complaint against suntrust. I wrote a check to have my GPS update and repaired as I was not getting any information. This started in september/October. It was determined that the company could not help me. They told me this in December after countless phone calls and emails. They said that the had not cashed my check and would returned it to me. On December 3 they created a draft and processed against my account. I have been trying to get them to refunded my money since December 3. Now they’will not return my emails or calls. Suntrust customer service states they can not help. I have been your customer for over 25 years as well as a dedicated employee for 20 before I was rif. Can some help me get my 349.99 back?

  • Lawrence okeson says:

    You made a big mistake in closing the Sugarloaf and stone Mt.banks and forcing people to go to the Snellville bank, they don’t have Vavuum tunes and everyone has to go into the lobby, what a mess.

  • Gary Harrington says:

    Need to hire some tellers. Sanford NC btanch

  • Ralph says:

    Yes, delete my comment. I do not like negative over the Internet. But, I do need to get in touch with the bank. What is the problem.

  • Ralph says:

    I have been a member since the ‘80’s with Crestar.
    I have tried getting in touch with Suntrust for 2 weeks, to no avail. Waiting on the phone for hours at a time.
    My Zelle is frozen, now I am locked out of my account.
    This is happening since the merger.
    I need to pay my bills. What is happening? Do I need to change banks?

  • Mario fallon says:

    Before BB@T bank was excelent service, now TRUIST is very poor service, their phone conections are ver bad, customer service don’t help you, waiting time online is to long. NO solutions for customers. Right now I do have a problem to solve. Nobody help?

  • Lidia says:

    Have had an account with Suntrust since 1997. This week will be the end of that. My husbands card has been turned off on 3 separate occasions and a new card sent out. After being in hold for 42:00 minutes I spoke to an associate that sounded more like a robot and had no idea what to do. After explaining the situation he stated that the card number I gave him does not exist and that I would need to speak to the fraud team but he would have to send me to the automated system first for verification. The same automated system I called initially. So after 76:00 minutes of hold music and no customer service we are headed to the local credit union to open an account and shut down our account with Suntrust/Truist that offers no service, no perks, no transfers but lots of headaches.


    Dear Concern,
    Do you have any information about Porsche Award 2021? I have been given a mail from Suntrust Bank about Porsche award prize money from (suntrustbanktransfer@usa.com) this mail address. Is it true or false. I would be grateful to you if you ensure me about it.

  • Razid Hassim says:

    Worst bank evered banked with the supervisor lied to me about my check n held my money for 9 business days without informing me i had to call up and find out and all the reps i talked to made up excuses about y my check takin so long to clear


    This is one of the worst Banks ever I deposited it two checks on the mobile app they flagged my account saying that the checks was fraud so I went into the branch and provided the paperwork showing them that the checks were valid they told me that the account had been frozen and basically that SunTrust would send me a letter about 3 days after sun trucks in the letter stating that the checks would be cleared in a few days so the same check that they claim was fraud cashed then after that they still kept my account Frozen and refused to unfreeze it saying they was going to terminate the relationship because something unethical happened I am a mew s military veteran I have never did anything wrong my account is still frozen and I’m still trying to reach out to the corporate office when I ask for a reason why my account is frozen they give none they provide none all they say is fraud department is doing an investigation how is fraud department doing an investigation about two checks that were cashed they have a unethical practice and they try to tell you or Miss manage your money saying that basically hate we decide when you get those funds so then they tell me that they’re going to terminate the relationship yet the account hasn’t been closed and it’s been over a month and did they say if any funds are in the account is going to take us 15 days to issue you a check why should I be waiting on my money when I’ve done nothing wrong do not beg with them

  • Anthony B Cimino says:

    Just close down the suntrust in white marsh it’s closed more times in working hours I have ever seen.

  • Robert Wellek says:

    I am a SunTrust customer in the Rockville, Maryland area. One of my current accounts is an IRA that I rolled over in February of 2019 (tax year). The Suntrust Bank did not submit an IRS Form 5498 to me or the IRS. This is critical to prove to the IRS that the funds were rolled over within 60 days. I have been trying unsuccessfully to obtain such a form in March and again in October of this year—-with the aid of my local SunTrust bank staff. I am facing stiff IRS penalties unless the IRS gets that form. So it is an emergency for me.
    To whom in your corporate Headquaters can I contact to help unsnarl this urgent request. Please tell me their name and contact information

    I have not given the account number here for security reasons.

    Please help.

    Robert M Wellek
    11 Old Creek Ct
    Rockville, MD 20854

  • Ann Mahlman says:

    We have been banking with Sun Trust for the past 20 years. We have been treated kindly in the past. I have not been able to sign online to pay bills for about the last 10 days. No luck calling central number so i called my local branch in Land O Lakes, Fl. I said my husband and I would like to make an appointment to correct some errors on our Trust account that had actually been made years ago by Sun Trust entering the incorrect information. And also, we need to have access to our online account to pay bills. I was told by the “personal banker” that everything could be done over the phone. She was to call me back. I never heard from her, so I called, no answer at her extention or at the entire bank, several times after waiting, the phone went to a busy signal. All day I tried to call, finally someone answered and said the bank manager and personal banker were not available. She wanted to make an appointment for us for the next day. I spent the whole day trying to talk to someone. This is not right. The Land o Lakes branch has caused Sun Trust to loose a 20 year customer with tons of money.

  • James Martin says:

    I have been doing business with Sun Trust sense it was Trust Company Bank at Fort Benning, Georgia. Always good service and great people. After retiring from the Army and moving to Lawrenceville and still banking at the Lawrenceville II branch on Sugarloaf Pkwy. Very nice people at this branch and the branch manger has help me with great financial advice, some one I can talk to at any time. Needless to say I am sorry to see that this branch will be closing after the first of the year. I hope that these fine people will there at the new Lawrenceville I branch in Lawrenceville. The Sugarloaf branch gets a A+!!

  • Kim says:

    On three different occasions, I made a principal payment to my equity account, and all three payments were entered incorrectly. Each time, I had to be on the phone over an hour trying to resolve it, just to be told that it will take 5 business day. No one knows how to enter the information properly. This is an attempt to keep the interest accruing on the account. Please make sure you check your accounts and make sure your money is going to where you want it to go as this has been a nightmare. So many untrained and unprofessional employees/supervisors. Once this loan is paid or refinanced, I will never do business with Suntrust again. I still waiting to hear from the corporate office. Navy Federal Credit Union is the best option. Professional and knowledgeable from the beginning.

  • Donald L Champagne says:

    My wife and I have done business with Suntrust and it’s predecessors (Crestar, Perpetual Savings Bank, etc.) in Maryland and Virginia for thirty years without problems.

  • P. Jain says:

    Just moved from Louisiana to Richmond, VA and opened (subsequently closed) my bank account at SunTrust. The bankers are very unprofessional and it was a shock to see that a bank like this could be in business!!

  • James Sims says:

    I tried to make a down payment to the contractor putting a new roof on my mobile home and my debit card was declined! After contacting customer support, which I was on the phone for 2 hrs, I found out that I have a daily spending limit of $3000. This is uncalled for. This is the USA not communist China! I don’t need anyone telling me I have a limit on my money. Remember this suntrust, I don’t need you! There are other banks. On the other you need me. Customers keep you in business. That is my money not yours and I will be moving my money, my direct deposit, and my business elsewhere!!😡😡

  • AM says:

    CEO & Brd Of Directors:

    I’ve been banking with ST 10+ years. Not until recently I walked into a few branches to take care of my banking needs. To my dis-appointment during this highly scared season, CHRISTMAS which is being celebrated all over the world. There was not one decoration show casing the fact. Highly disappointing that a bank such as this would succumb to be “politically correct” SHAME on you who sit in your high rise buildings and offices who make these decisions.
    Are you so weak and greedy you can’t stand for what is RIGHT??? No doubt your celebrating in your beautiful homes gathering with friends & family; but yet turn your face away to what IS correct!! You won’t succeed bowing to Falsehood. Seriously considering taking my banking elsewhere. SHAME on you ST

  • Terry St.Clair says:

    Today I faced an emergency in transferring funds to my sister’s account in a dire emergency. I have an account with BB&T and needed to get funds transferred to her account at SunTrust. The BB&T receptionist at my BB&T location was of little to no help, so I drove to the nearest SunTrust branch in Mechanicsville, VA At that location, Personal Banker, Ricardo Trinidad was extremely helpful in getting funds transferred to my sister’s account. In contrast to my experience at BB&T, he was very kind and understanding. I commend him for his demeanor and help.

  • HANK SAUER says:

    Clean as a Whistle is a second generation family owned janitorial business located in Pennsylvania.We perform all types of building maintenance.It would be our pleasure if you would add us to your vendors list.

  • Ted Waldbart says:

    I wrote a check over the weekend and this week got a call they didn’t like my signature. I told them I wrote the check and that is was valid. They called on my cell phone. They wanted me to verify information about me and or my account. I do not give out my information on the phone when called. The end result was the check was denied and my painter got a $35 bounce check fee and I went and got him cash to get him whole.

    The problem is I do not give out my info when called. How can I be sure that the caller is actually a valid rep from suntrust. They expect me to give out my info and yet they called my. It doesn’t matter if it were suntrust calling or another bank or financial organization, my answer would be the same.

    There is too much identity theft and fraud going on to just answer questions without confirming who is on the other end of the call. How do we resolve this? I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way.
    Ted Waldbart

    • Donald L Champagne says:

      Ted, you could have asked the alleged Suntrust employee for his/her telephone number and address. Then search that address online to confirm whether or not it is legitimate.

  • Barbara morris says:

    I recently settled a mortgage loan with Suntrust on July 2,2010. At the settlement table I paid 3200.00! To the Adams county pa school tax. On aug 28, 2010 Suntrust paid the same tax again leaving my escrow account with sufficiently low amount of money. My escrow accnt was re-evaluated after the tax with paid for a second time. This has increased my monthly mortgage payment by $250 a month because of the shortage created by the 2nd tax paid in error by the bank. I have talked and talked to the bank who assured me that ‘this was there mistake, and how they know how I feel! Yet they have not corrected there mistake and my escrow is still messed up causing me to pay more on my monthly bill. Today I received a Nov 2019 that says I owe over 3000.00 on my Nov bill. The worst part is that they take my payment out of my accent and they say there’s no way to stop this large payment from being deducted. I am angry and frustrated about this whole ordeal, and my next step is to call the corporate office. I am done with this company and will refinance as soon as this problem is rectified!!!!!

  • Mike Darling says:

    I have been a member of SunTrust for over 20 years and always please with the service provided by the branch offices. I recently applied for a loan from their online division and considering closing my accounts with them. Their Mortgage Loan Processor do not respond to any requests you leave with them to move up the closing date or if they need any addition paperwork. It has been over 30 days and still no word.

  • Larry Barron says:

    I’m located in Nashville, TN and had a terrible and frustrating online experience with Suntrust customer service. I finally gave in and visited the local Suntrust Priest Lake branch location and was pleasantly surprised at the level of customer satisfaction that Mr. Adam Baldwin, a personal banker there, provided me with. I went to that branch thinking I was going to close my account (due to multiple online hassles) and then open up an account elsewhere, but I have decided to keep my ST account active thanks to the unbelievable customer support provided by Mr. Baldwin. Thanks Adam. Sincerely, Larry Barron 6/28/19

  • JOAN A PERRY says:


  • James Edmondson says:

    New bank name should be: TruBanc

  • Michelle says:

    I opened my account never received cards. I called and the guy said I never ordered them and he ordered me new debit cards. After that phone call I have been unable to access my account online. I received the debit cards two days later (from original open date) and when I called they had closed my account and refuse to tell me why or to tell me when I can expect to receive the money I had deposited into the account originally…
    I suppose I should be thankful I have not had to deal with all of the issues people on here have and other lawsuits I have seen.. but I want my money and a legit reason.


    MY name is peter i have been in touch with your bank yet again and no one had got back to me in as much as a email about this case that i have against this bank i am sure there are a lot of unsatisfied customers as well as me i would like some one from the top of the company to look in to all the cases here on this site and also contact me

  • James D. Maddox says:

    I have never had a company try so hard to ruin some ones credit than you have been with me. I hope that I get a call Monday morning from no less than the president or CEO as I have had it with everyone below you. You internet department has tried to secure my payment for a monthly with drawl twice nd still to no avail. I have received yet a third notice for another late payment after I have had your people set my account up for a with drawl out of my bank three times. I’m sorry but it appears that you have idiots working for you. if this puts a hit on my credit you will be sorry. Dennymaddox@sbcglobal.net (713)410-0330 Cell Central time.


    my name is peter mitchell i live in England my girlfriend is MRS GRAINNE HYLTON who banks with you i have her details at my office as i am a coach operater here in England grainne has been stuck out in dubai since oct 2017 i have been intouch with your bank a lot of times she told me that her card was taken by a ATM machine in dubai and you would not send a new card as she was out in dubai this has caused a lot of problems i have been supporting her for the last 15 months to the tune of £200.000.00 sterling i have paid taxes court fines solicitors fees hotel bill i have every bill that i have paid now it she is being held for surgery that was done costing £18.000.00 which they are asking for a payment for £5000.00 the rest is to be paid by Mrs grainne Hylton when she arrives back in England but due to lack of funds know the £5000.00 needs to be paid i have two letters that mrs grainne sent me asking me to make another loan i was remorgaging my flat for her i sent the to letters to my bank they are asking for a copy of her passport and the reciept fot the overstay that i paid £1500.00 but she is reluckant to co operate with them she tells me that she is a millionaire and her mother was her sponser but died feb 6th 2018 and yet no one has been in contact with her from the company that her mother runs and banks with you i trust you will contact me by email asp please

  • Brenda Wyatt says:

    Still have no cards !!!!!!!!!!!!! After the last “supervisor” put a rush on them!!!! MISTAKE AFTER MISTAKE AFTER MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each person at call center tells you something different and NO ONE FOLLOWS THRU with what they say they will do !!!!! No Longer a fan of suntrust BANKS!!!!

  • Brenda Wyatt says:

    Not sure is this will fall on deaf ears or not but here goes..( edited version) Credit card was compromised,called to report, they cancelled wrong card ( husbands) called back, they had to cancel both of our cards. promised to expedite delivery for the mistake. Received letter in mail showing address change, called again ( we didnt move, nor request one)oh sorry, we will correct address. 2 weeks later, no cards. Called again, oh sorry..cards were sent to wrong address.( after being told the address was corrected)Called again, They said they contacted Fed X ( via phone) and requested to re try delivery after correcting address on phone. Promised we woul;d have cards following day by 4:30. Next day…no cards!!! Called FED X, address was never corrected via phone as that is not Fed X policy, must be requested in letter. STILL NO CARDS! Incompetent EMPLOYEES that lie & pass the buck along! Moving our banking elsewhere! Good bye Suntrust after many many years!

  • >