Where is Suddenlink Corporate office Headquarters

Suddenlink Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 520 Maryville Centre Dr #300
    St. Louis, MO 63141
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 314-315-9400
  • Fax Number: 314-315-9496
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 885
  • Established: 1992
  • Founder: Jerald L. Kent
  • Key People: Dexter Goei

Suddenlink Headquarters Location & Directions

Suddenlink Headquarters Executive Team



Dexter Goei

Chief Executive Officer

Charles F. Stewart

Co-President & Chief Financial Officer

Hakim Boubazine

Co-President & Chief Operating Officer

Yossi Benchetrit

Chief Procurement and Programming Officer

Lisa Rosenblum

Vice Chairman

Terry Cordova

Vice Chairman, Business Development – Network and Technology Services

David Connolly

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Pragash Pillai

Executive Vice President, Customer Experience and Market Engagement

Paul Haddad

Chief Data Officer

Colleen Schmidt

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

About Suddenlink, History and Headquarters Information

A subsidiary of Altice, United States of America that is dedicated in providing seamless solutions of networking across the state. Sudden link provides high speed internet that has no comparison and the quality of its television is remarkable.

Dexter Goei is the main person responsible for all the operations of the company and the headquarters being situated in St. Louis M.O United States of America. Apart from providing high speed internet and quality television, other services provided by sudden link includes home security, telephone and advertising.

When we talk about the history, it has deep roots which meets classic communication somewhere in 1992. Classic communication was founded in 1992 but later it went into bankruptcy which resulted in its operations to fail. In 2003, a new investment revitalized the company and the cebridge communications that was founded in 2003 became the predecessor of sudden link communications.

Suddenlink Headquarters Photos

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  • F.Washington says:

    I’ve had 15 “ Contractors/Technicians attempting to install Cable & Internet… Each time .. My work order says “ You have 7 pieces of equipment.. so we can’t install.”
    I went to the Suddenlink office in Lufkin, Tx. 3-times.. The two employees there .. searched their computer & stated “ We don’t show you have ANY equipment.
    He then e-mailed the Screenshot.
    Then.. 11/06/19.. same results.
    I’m happy to see all the comments.. will not choose SuddenLink.. Never had service..
    They have sent a statement $268.00.. Ridiculous.. You have to stay on HOLD for over an HOUR… then they tell you we have submitted a new work order.. no communication with the “TECH.Company” AWEFUL!!!!!

  • Linda Pearson says:

    Please report this company to FCC.gov. Their business practices are fraudulent.

    We have been without internet since October 11th. I have waited on hold for over one hour every time I call the customer service number. I have been promised a refund but never received it.

  • Steve lewis says:

    This company should change name to suck- link. Been trying to contact them for two weeks, wait time is “longer then 20 min”. Should be longer then you want to wait….

  • Marie says:

    This is the worst company you can ever have service with. I have been waiting for a manager called Adam to call me back. If you can find another provider do it. You will be sorry you ever got service with Suddenlink which is now an entity under Altice. They will not resolve your issue or do they care all their rep’s tell you the same story. All they care about is the bottom dollar and how they can take advantage of people.

  • Sabrina says:

    We are a business and we moved locations. It has been two weeks and they cannot transfer our lines to our new address. I would recommend using a different provider!!!

  • Cynthia says:

    This is the worst company on the face of the earth. Their customer service is worse that trying to talk to a snake to get anything done. The higher ups are only focused on numbers and not quality. This company needs to be taken down and off the market.

  • matthew rozier says:

    Who can Cancel this junk I signed up for>>> The bill is way different than the amount on what I signed up for. I have been trying to cancel services for 2 days now and cannot get anyone to talk to me or cancel this…

  • Jennifer G says:

    I am a current customer in Lufkin, TX and I have been trying thru Chat, thru phone for way over a month to speak to a supervisor and I keep getting told they will call me and no one ever does, I get told one thing on Chat and then another thing the next time on chat.. no one is consistent, I am a new customer and within two weeks of the install I called to complain about the picture quality, the rep said she will send a tech and said it would be a 60$ fee, I told her no, that if she sends a tech I am NOT paying that.. I was a new customer and the initial tech should of installed it right the first time.. and I am NOT paying that fee,, and yet I still can’t get anyone that can do anything for me, other than say a supervisor will call you, I am sitting here now again on hold its been 46 minutes now with no answer.. this is ridiculous.. and someone needs to assist me or I am not paying anything and will go to another company..

  • Doug Killian says:

    I have had four install visits and each time they have been unable to complete the work and we have to drive to the office in Georgetown Texas to get them rescheduled… an installer was out again today and the pre work was not done again. It’s like they don’t want our business… all I want is high speed internet and it is an inconvenience to install.

  • larry j reynolds says:

    sirs you charged us a late fee –plus i own my on modem 10$ a month rent –plus i am on the seniors plan just enternet –also viet vet–was told my rate would not change–and i have prof my bank show we paid ahead of your due date fix this or we will report you for theft

  • Leslie Anderson says:

    I am a complete loss for words for the horrible customer service Suddenlink has. Since Saturday morning we have not had phone or cable service and nothing is being done to resolve the issue. I have been placed on hold for hours at a time without anyone answering the call. When given the opportunity for a call back it take 2-3 hours to receive an automated call stating that there is not a rep available to give you a call. This has been going on for days. This is unacceptable to treat a customer this way.

  • Bill says:

    what is going on? I have been on hold for 2 days and still no one will answer the phone. We owe them money and have authorized direct deduct but it still isn’t showing up on our band or suddenlink.

  • Paul Charles Zacher says:

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. My internet was either completely out or so slow .3MBPS that it was incapable of filling up a single screen on my computer. After 4 days of finally reaching a service representative my service was up and running, at least it is now. The service rep refused to give me an adjustment on my service because his computer indicated there was no service interruption. Both me and my neighbor had no service during this period and, had gone through all of their little unplug this unplug that routine. I was left on hold yesterday for 2 hours trying to get through to their network department. After three days of calling I was finally called back this morning and I missed the call so I called them again. The rep also refused to give me any corporate telephone numbers. I am a retired district manager for ATT. I know a lot about networks and network problems. I take it as an insult for your employees, obviously at corporate direction, to refuse adjustments of a long time customer. The service wasn’t working no matter what appeared on your computer readout. I was the first person in my subdivision to get SuddenLink service and most of my neighbors have it on my recommendation. They too were out of service during this period and I hope they join me in looking for internet alternatives so they won’t to deal with such an inaccessible and non-responsive company.

  • Thomas Green says:

    I have tried to have installation for my residence in Cushing OK and have had three different men at my residence in the past month and am very disappointed. I still do not have one of the two services and was told that I would have to have an additional person come out to my residence to get that setup properly.

    I originally asked for service on August 25th and have been charged two months now for a service that still is not complete.

    After being on hold on at least 13 times for almost an hour each time, I was told by local customer service and “foreign” customer service that they could not help me at all. No one seemed to know what they were doing on the other side of the phone – even had them make comments that I should have chosen a different internet provider.

    I really disappointed and there does not seem to be anyone that I can escalate this issue to get resolved.

  • Fenesia Adkins / Bonnie Usher says:

    We are very disappointed and upset with sudden link service. After being on hold on at least 4-5 times for almost an hour I was hung up on or lied to. No one seemed to know what they were doing. I gave them all the information all these times and they could not find it. The supervisors were to call me back, but did not. This the Tyler, Tx sudden link. This has been going on for 2 weeks.

  • Charlotte Perkins says:

    No Customer Service available. Please provide Corporate office number. Or Colleen Schmidts number so I can file a complaint. Someone from headquarters needs to check on the Texas Branch. For 5 days I sat on the phone for more than 30 minutes with no live service.

  • Johnny Keel says:

    Never in my life have I experienced such BAD Customer Service as SuddenLink. SHAME…SHAME!!! I have been a customer a year and a half.This morning i upgraded some channels and they still are not working!!!! I call and get nothing but run around and put on hold. I have never had a company give me the run around like this. SHAME ON SUDDENLINK!!!

  • Nancy K says:

    Att: Mr Pragash Pillal
    So far this morn I have been on

    Hold for over 45 minutes. Hung up on 3 times. All because suddenlink is showing a offer I my area for unlimited service which by the way I have been a customer for over two years at the same address. In good standing, Your disclaimer for new customer only is misleading in very fine print. Why should I pay $50 more for service each month for the same services someone else will get for life because of your misleading ads. Plus I was supposed to be transferred to a chat rep but hung up on each time. Do you actually listen to your customers or is the company just for your $$$$$$ we are paying for?

    Best Regards ;
    Nancy K – Stillwater, Ok

  • SHIRLEY says:

    ACC 001-3602-261424507

  • Richard Uherik says:

    I am in San Angelo Tx.
    The post office got my address changed by mistake and I have been trying for 2 months to get a replacement from Suddenlink who got it worse by employing illegal aliens with no English.
    I want another paper statement to pay this bill that is over $600 now.
    The alien at customer service says it’s against policy.If so and you stop service,you will not see the $$ and will lose at least 20%of area business.
    All I want is a paper bill.
    It’s due August 17

  • Larry Yarbrough San Angelo, Tx. says:

    Since Altice took over, Suddenlink has become the most poorly run company I have ever dealt with. The phone tree is abominable and most of the phone reps speak English as a second language which creates additional barriers to service. When Suddenlink actually owned the company, it wasn’t perfect but it was a good company to deal with and customer relations were also good. Some channels worked.Suddenlink tech messed it up, which I think makes it more imperative that Suddenlink expedite the resolution of this problem. We have gone through 5 modems in 3 weeks. We lost some channels and called YOUR TECH SUPPORT. 3 times they disconnect our entire TV. Your techs are most inept. There is a problem here that needs to be addressed, starting with YOUR tech support.

  • Ellen says:

    Having spent several decades in working with organizational design/redesign, I compliment your executive team in how well they’ve designed a system that protects them from the people who pay for the use of your product. I will be contacting the FCC to question some your practices I’ve recently experienced with your service. How unfortunate that such insulation can encourage your customers to seek others to provide the services that you are paid to provide but fail to provide customer service so that important questions could be more easily resolved.

  • Ronald Pearson says:

    I have been a costumer of yours for many years and have many questions about your service.

    I have been charged a $60 fee on 04/26/19 that simply is not correct.

    For one my service date is 04/24/19 not 04/26/19.

    The technician came on 04/24/19 and came in and checked my line everything was working fine at the time of the visit but not at the time of my call.

    He reported that I cancelled my appointment at the door on 04/26/19, that simply mis not true.

    I have had the worst service since I have subscribed for your service.

    Please look at my record of calls for service just this year alone.

    I would like this credited to my account along with all of my missed service time.

    06/01 – 06/30



    page1image75462000 page1image2218796560
    Access Code – 1511 Account Number: 001-8644-614413801

    Service Address:

  • cheryl Ann thrasher says:


  • James marshall says:

    I am not a fan of your company – not sure if your infrastructure is old and crumbling, or if you guys are inept or just playing a bandwidth shell game with your customers. As a consumer that unfortunately subscribed to your so called “high speed” internet service, I have been charged $60 for two service calls in an attempt to fix my non-performing 400Mb internet service — note that I have only been a subscriber for two months. Your business practices are reprehensible and there should be a class action suit lodged against you for selling a service that you cannot provide.

  • Nicholas says:

    I have been fighting bad connection speeds since March of last year. I have had 3 technicians come to my house. I started out paying for 100mbps down and 8mbps up. I had to call sudden link for 3 months before I got a credit of $35 on my bill. I pay for 150down and 8 up. During the day it is fine but in the evening it drops to 5-10mbps down and 2mbps up. I called sudden link in March and they told me the issue was a bad node in my area and they would send someone out to get it fixed. I continued to have connection issues for the next month. I called again and they sent a contract technician out (scheduled between 8-12) I woke up at 7:30 because I heard noises outside. When I went out to look, it was the technician getting back into his vehicle getting ready to leave. He never said a word to me. My internet problems were solved for about a day. The next day I had to call again. They said they would send a team out to fix the bad node that was in the area. I asked if it was the same node as the last time I called and they said they did not know. About another month went by with me calling at least twice a week with issues. They sent out another Contract technician. He came in the house and looked at my equipment. He said he did not see any issues and I told him that during the day it is fine but at night is when I have the issues. He said he didn’t know a fix for that other than getting new equipment. I then went to the sudden link office here in Cabot and I switched out my sudden link issued router for a new one of the same model, the issue didn’t change. Again for a month I called at least 2 times a week for a month with connection issues. It was around this time sudden link gave me the $35 credit. They wanted to send another technician out but I told them that the last 2 that came out were not helpful and it didn’t matter because the technician could only come out during the day and my issues don’t start until around 7:30pm. They insisted that a technician come out and look so I told them that I wanted a supervision technician that was from sudden link and not a contractor service The sudden link technician gave me a different model router to use from sudden link and fixed a cable in my wall. The issue was “fixed” for about a week then back to the same problems as before. It was then they said they could give me 150 mbps down and 8mbps up internet for the same price that I was already paying for 100. They also told me that I could try purchasing my own modem and router and try that. I bought a NETGEAR – 32 x 8 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem ($120) and a NETGEAR – Nighthawk AC2300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 5 Router ($220). As I am a heavy video gamer and I stream my content online as a second income. After purchasing my new equipment, my internet was ok for about 2 weeks. And then back to the same issues again. Up to this point it has been 9 months with these issues and calling almost every day. I got tired of having to wait 45 minutes every time I call to speak to a person and not a robot that doesn’t help so I just dealt with it as much as I can. About a week ago I had to call because the internet was just completely unusable. I waited 51 minutes before someone answered I talked to her for about 5 minutes and then she hung up on me. I called back and had to wait for another 35 minutes. Someone else answered and she was really nice and apologetic. (Rebecca I think was her name) and I asked if she could transfer me to a supervisor. After waiting another 10 minutes I was on the phone with a supervisor and talked to him for a bit. He told me that there was a bad node in the area and the technicians were aware of the problem and would have the issue fixed as soon as possible. (This was the same bad node as before in March) The supervisor started getting really rude and then he also hung up on me. I live in the second largest city in Lonoke County and about 75% of us use Sudden link because the only other companies in our area is Hughes net and CenturyLink. Both are worse than sudden link. We all are having problems with the connection in our area. I find it pointless to call the support line anymore and am about ready to get a lawyer involved because I am not the only one that is having this issue in my area, but I want to try to get this fixed reasonably before having to get anyone else involved.

  • Deb says:

    •• HORRIBLE ••. FIX MY EMAIL!!!!! It’s been a month and after many escalated service requests, it still isn’t working. We keep getting told they will call us back, but never do. You are hurting my business. I can’t access my tax documents and other critical information. This is becoming a monetary problem for my business. This HAS TO BE FIXED!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Brown says:

    Suddenlink has become a horrible company to deal with. Quality and service have severely declined in the last 3 years. My husband and I have been struggling for the past 6 days to get help. We originally had a problem with our phone line and the first tech failed to show up after my husband took off from work and waited in our family room for 6 hours. We called Suddenlink at 8:45 pm and the phone rep said it was noted that the tech “attempted to knock on the door at 6:55 pm.” He and I were both home and sitting by the door at that time and there was no knock, nor was there a truck on our dead end street, nor did our dog alert us to a stranger at the door. He never called us ahead of time as requested, and never called to report being lost or unsure of his location. When I questioned if dispatch had GPS on their vehicles to verify his location at that time, I was told that they do, but no one could contact dispatch and that the tech’s note was proof positive that he was at our door. No apology was given nor was any attempt made to find out more.

    After spending 3 hours on the phone that evening with numerous reps and some type of “escalated call specialist” named George, we finally rescheduled for the following Monday. The tech named Billy arrived within his scheduled time, but in attempting to diagnose and fix our phone problem, he broke connection to our internet. Four hours later, he determined that the outside tap was bad and he unfortunately broke the already weak signal and could do nothing more. He subsequently said he put in a work order for a new tap before leaving at 2:15 pm on Christmas Eve.

    We went through Christmas with no internet and called back today 12-26-18 to follow up. Our first rep (named Emir or Emil?) said he saw a note that the tap was changed out on 12-24-18 at 3:45 pm. Although skeptical, we went through troubleshooting with him and for a few minutes had a spotty hardwired internet connection that was quickly lost once again.

    After 3 more hours of working with the modem, router, and computer setttings, we still had no internet and even took screen shots illustrating the lack of connection. We called yet another rep (named Sharise or Sharia???) who said she saw no notes that a tap was ever replaced, despite that being documented as the source of the problem in Billy’s notes. Instead, she saw documentation that an aerial drop had been done on Christmas Eve. This was obviously not the solution to the problem, nor was an aerial drop ever mentioned anywhere in Billy’s notes. I’m actually skeptical that an aerial drop was even done on Christmas Eve or how that would pertain to us. She could not offer any explanation as to why the aerial drop was done, nor why the previous rep told us the tap had already been replaced. Needless to say, at this point our patience was running thin.

    After requesting another appointment to fix the tap outside on the telephone pole (we were very clear that this was the issue needing fixed) she told me the first available was JANUARY 29! Today is December 26! I explained that I am a physician who does a lot of work remotely from home and that patient care depends upon me being able to access my electronic health records. I have actually explained that to every rep I have spoken to (which is up to about 8 now, including supervisors) and that it is imperative I get my internet back ASAP. If a patient should suffer an adverse event as a result of me being unable to access their electronic chart, there could be serious repercussions for Suddenlink, especially since I have made it clear that lives could depend upon my internet access.

    Our internet was working until the Suddenlink tech messed it up, which I think makes it more imperative that Suddenlink expedite the resolution of this problem. She then tried to schedule us yet again another inside tech appointment. I told her this would not help because the problem does not appear to be in our home. Again, we reinforced the fact that the tap is outside on top of a telephone pole. It is hard to trust a company that doesn’t seem to understand the problem, never mind how to fix it! Once again, communication seems to be extremely poor and our level of confidence in Suddenlink dropped even further.

    At that point I asked to speak with another supervisor and waited a full hour to speak to one. Marsha was polite but very limited in what she could do for us. She is attempting to escalate the issue but cannot fully resolve it. She promised us a call in 24-72 hours from the “escalation team” but I am skeptical that I will actually get that call. Based on our previous experience, Suddenlink is full of empty promises with little delivery. I then asked that our bill be prorated starting 12-24-18 to reflect our lack of internet, and she said the company cannot do that and we have to continue paying for no service until it is fixed and THEN they will credit our account IF we call back once again.

    We are beyond frustrated. The lack of customer service is appalling. Who is running this company? We feel we have been repeatedly lied to, ignored, and trapped in an endless web of abysmal customer service. We are not the only ones with this experience. I have read numerous online reviews and spoken to countless friends who have had their service calls ignored, services bungled by incompetent technicians, and been given false information. One of the customer service reps named Esteban was downright rude to me, stating that I would need to prove in a court of law that the tech failed to knock on our door when both my husband and myself were sitting right by it for hours. We can see right through the front window and neither of us left the main room for fear of missing the tech.

    Since Altice took over, Suddenlink has become the most poorly run company I have ever dealt with. The phone tree is abominable and most of the phone reps speak English as a second language which creates additional barriers to service. We used to have a local call center in WV, which was wonderful to deal with. We used to get actual Suddenlink-employed technicians come to our home rather than outsourced third party techs who could care less about punctual and accurate problem resolution. Techs used to call before they came or if they were going to be late. I don’t know how Suddenlink even stays in business, except that you have enough of a monopoly that customers have no other choice. When Suddenlink actually owned the company about 3 years ago, it wasn’t perfect but it was a good company to deal with and customer relations were also good.

    It is hard to trust a company that treats its customers like second class citizens. Two years ago we needed a new aerial line and for 6 months we waited as appointments came and went without technicians showing up, the work order was put in incorrectly multiple times, and we became more and more unhappy with Suddenlink. I deal with vendors in my business that utilize a ticketing system for problems and I receive a copy via email every time and then receive a follow up email that the ticket has been resolved, along with a phone call. If Suddenlink would implement such a system, it would help resolve problems more quickly and accurately and make customers feel more valued and like the company cared.

    Depending on how quickly our issue is resolved, we are likely going to file a complaint with the FCC and cancel our services with Suddenlink. It does us no good to continue paying for service that we are not receiving. I would appreciate a response from someone at headquarters either through email or phone. Again, how Suddenlink handles this issue will determine whether you keep us as customers or we take our business elsewhere.

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