Where Is Subway Corporate Office Headquarters

Subway Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 325 Sub Way, Milford, CT 06461, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 203-877-4281
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 67423
  • Established: August 28, 1965
  • Founder: Fred DeLuca & Peter Buck
  • Key People: John Chidsey

Subway Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Subway Corporate Office

Subway is one of the most popular and loved American fast food joints, not just in the U.S. but worldwide. Since the company has operations worldwide and serves millions of customers, so naturally, complaints and grievances are quite normal to occur. If you are a Subway customer and want to contact the company headquarters, you can easily do so. The steps shall be mentioned in the article as you read.

The many reasons to contact the headquarters could be because of delay in order, misplaced orders online, inadequate customer service, problems with placing an order via website, poor quality of food, and so much more. Below are some of the easy ways in which one can contact the Subway Corporate office. The customers can use any one of the listed mediums to contain the headquarters no matter what the issue is, regardless of what the issue is.

Ways to Contact Subway Headquarters

Address - if you want to contact the Subway headquarters to file a complaint or apply for a request, you can write and address to-

325 Sub Way, Milford, CT 06461, U.S.A.

Phone no - the easiest way to contact the executives working at Subway can call the number +1%20203-877-4281. One might receive an automated response when you make the call. However, the call will be connected and transferred over to a customer care executive. The customers are requested to be a little patient and stay on call.

Email - one can write an email to press@subway.com

Website - www.subway.com

Social Media - the customers can also find Subway on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow the pages with the blue verification mark.

Subway Headquarters Info & Photos

The Subway's international headquarters are situated in Milford, Connecticut, in the United States. The company also has five regional centers that support the international operations of the company.

The company's Connecticut headquarters are open and airy. They are not as big as one may expect, even though hundreds and thousands of employees work at the company. Crowded flags are lining the lobby of the building. Each flag represents the country that has Subway diner. They are a reminder of how big the organization is.

Subway Headquarters Photos 1
Subway Headquarters Photos

Subway Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

325 Sub Way, Milford, CT 06461, USA

Subway Headquarters Executive Team

peter buck


The famous American restaurateur, physicist, and philanthropist Peter Buck is the founder of the fast-food restaurant chain, Subway. He was born on December 19, 1930. He earned his master's degree and doctoral degree in physics from Columbia University.
He worked as a nuclear scientist from 1957 to 1978 with various companies and then founded Subway in 1965 under Pete's Super Submarines. Later on, with a joint venture, he named it Subway. He is also involved in many charitable activities and currently has 261 ranks on the Forbes 400 wealthiest people list. He has a net worth of about $1.6 billion.

John Chidsey

President, CEO and Chairman of the Board

The chief executive officer of Subway at present is John Walker Chidsey. He is an American attorney and a businessman. He joined the Subway chain as the C.E.O. in November 2019. He formerly worked as the chief executive officer and executive chairman at Burger King Corporation. He is also a director and a member of the HealthSouth Corporation in the audit committee.

Frederick Adrian DeLuca

Co-Founder & CFO

Frederick Adrian DeLuca is the co-founder of the American fast-food chain subway. He was an American businessman of Italian origin. He passed away in 2015. He started Subway with the C.E.O. and founder of Subway, Peter Buck. Buck was a close family friend of DeLuca. Fredrick helped Peter to open the first restaurant in Connecticut.



Joseph V Tripodi "Joe"

Chief Marketing Officer

Carissa Ganelli

Chief Digital Officer

About Subway


Subway was founded by Peter Buck and his close friend Fred DeLuca. Peter Buck gave $1,000 to his friend DeLuca to open Pete's Super Submarines in Connecticut. Following that, they both established Doctor's Associates Inc so that they could oversee the operations of restaurants when the restaurant franchise started expanding.
Their goal was to earn money from their joint business and pay for their tuition fees for medical school and the doctorate degree in Physics. After the restaurant business started doing well monetarily, they changed the name it Subway as it was short and easily recognizable. As the company grew, they opened several franchises in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

About Company

Subway is a fast-food company that majorly serves various submarine sandwiches, delicious salads, and beverages to the people. They have several topping choices that allow the customer to select whatever topping they like on their sandwiches, giving them the freedom to create the sandwich with their twist. The previous Subway slogan was "Eat Fresh". This indicates that all the ingredients used to create the sandwiches fresh and hundred percent organic.
By 2019, the company was declared to be one of the biggest franchises in the globe. It has and, as of October 2019, had 41,512 locations in more than 100 countries. Subway sandwiches and salad are incredibly affordable, and people worldwide love its healthy and delicious sandwiches offered in a great variety.
As the fast-growing franchisor, the company draws on the strong and powerful entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and motivation that exist in the organization. These factors help in shaping and growing the business. The franchise strives to create better opportunities for the staff, customers, and communities worldwide.


The company has started using gluten-free bread for customers.
Subway has around 67423 employees working all over the world. One can also apply for employment if they think they have the set of skills and qualifications to work with them.
Subway invested around $25 million in 2018 for a re-branding campaign that was targeted mainly at young consumers so that they could boost sales.
In 1979, the first Subway restaurant on the west coast, U.S., was opened in Fresno, CA.
Subway's best selling sandwich is called B.M.T. (biggest, meatiest, tastiest)
Subway I.P. Inc. owns the intellectual property for the entire restaurant system.
Subway's regional offices for Europe are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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  • Sharad Shah says:

    I went to Subway store #5387 34 W Square Lake Rd. Troy MI 48098, ordered Foot long vegetarian sandwich. I presented Subway coupon (foot long sandwich for $5.99)received in mail at check out. They will not honor coupon. Employee refuse to provide any information about owner of the store. How do customer know, if Subway store is participating member that will honor coupon?

  • Markus Still says:

    So, does your advertisement agency only employ negros? I believe in equal opportunities for all, but DUDE! It is oh-so-obvious that your company is shoving your racial justice warrior crap down my throat, and I will no longer be doing business with Subway as a result, permanently.

  • Jasmine says:

    Hello Greg,
    Please excuse my confusion and anger.
    I buried my mum on Monday, my daughter came to the funeral in England too…. Along with her siblings , cousins uncles aunts ect.
    Unfortunately her line manager llinos Morris feels that grieving and funerals are a luxury.
    I and my family are beyond fuming.
    Could I please be made aware of your company’s policy regarding death??
    The store in mention is cross hands, Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom.
    IT IS BEYOND EXCUSABLE the way the plastic managers in this store have behaved.
    I have been a manager of many companies and never have I felt the need to bully or double punish my staff for the loss of family!!
    Your manager needs training or demoting.
    Please forward me your company policies so I can take this much future then in store where everyone is friends externally

  • charlotte A drumm says:

    I enjoyed reading all the information but I need to let you know why I am pursuing this action I need to know how to open up my closed account there is no way to get ahold of anybody to do it they say call customer service and they keep on giving you the same links in links in links no phone number can you please open up my account these are the numbers you need 6 to 99 +44-182-522-4663 my PIN number 6207 to 400 my name is Charlotte drum my email is chardrumm@gmail.com. I would like some kind of answer thank you for your time


  • Christina mason says:

    Why don’t Subway take coupon that subway send out to people in the mail??? Alot people don’t do online coupon say scan in-shop or in app/online but the store don’t not good at all.

  • Jana says:

    Subways new sweet onion/ teriyaki mix is nothing but CRAP it doesn’t taste good and it ruins all the sandwich. Please bring back the old regular sweet onion sauce it taste great with: South West sauce on the steak, on meatball, and just regular chicken and bacon but when you add the teriyaki it taste like crap and has to much salt and the sweet is lost. I think you should do vote to see what most prefer or just have the original sweet onion sauce and the sweet onion/w teriyaki sauce.

  • Syn'Treia Traylor says:

    Hi, my name is Treia and I just want to comment about my work experience at Subway.
    I got hired at Subway February 23, 2022 I was wrongfully terminated April 1 2022, I worked
    at the subway in Columbus Ohio 3912 East Broad st
    I first want to start off saying I never got proper training I was only told verbally how many meats goes on a sub from time to time and that’s it, which to me is not much training if you ask me, also the management is horrific, this was my first ever job and what a horrible experience it was, working for this company under this manager, constantly the employees would be threatened to be fired for doing absolutely nothing, also money was taken out of my check for a uniform I never received, also when I first got to work I got threatened to be sent home for no reason at all, also the manager was always talking down on me making slick and rude comments, the manager for this Subway is very unprofessional and rude,mean and is very demeaning she treated me awful from the time I got there it’s disgusting and very sad not to mention I was told to get out the store just because I ask could you please not talk to me in a rude and condescending way like I’m not a child, I shouldn’t be treated that way when I got to work everyday and do my job and get nasty looks and rude remarks towards me from the manager, the manager whole energy is very negative and hostile and unprofessional and the manager has no patience to teach anyone anything that starts there not to mention the manager does the bare minimal to hold a management position, she wants everyone to do everything so she can basically do nothing, but sit in the back at the desk and chat on the phone, this was a nightmare experience and I wouldn’t advise anyone to work here under this management and conditions, because they don’t care about the employees at all and you will get treated like a enemy and not an employee, I feel like no one should be treated like this at work and I’m writing this so people will know what goes on and there treatment of workers, and no one does anything about it its just sad.

    • Ann L. says:

      You should have sued the lazy manager! Yes subway in Canton Mississippi on the square is managed by a incompetent blk female as well. She could use some training in professionalism & communication!

      • Ms. says:


        You said “ by a I competent bulk female as well”. I didn’t see where the race of the manager was disclosed. Did I miss it? I was wondering why that was said.

  • Helen says:

    As long as Subway continues its ties with Russian Subway franchises, our family will no longer patronize Subway. Other companies have dropped all their ties with Russia, yet you continue to do business with murderers. Therefore, we will no longer do business with you.

  • Jesse Haddix says:

    Drove all the drove all the way to a Subway restaurant they say all we don’t accept coupons I have spent a half an hour trying to get ahold of Subway corporate all I can say is Subway you suck big time you’re a disgrace to the restaurant industry

  • Linda DeFranco says:

    Greenfield Iowa Subway is managed by a nasty methhead that treats her employees like trash. I only went there at night because I absolutely loved the lady that closed most nights. Walked in 2 nights ago and found the lady no longer worked there after being there for the last few years. The employee working that night was talking trash about her and her daughter who also wasn’t working there anymore. They were the only good employees Greenfield Subway had and I know they were pretty much pushed out of there by the nasty manager and also the owner who let’s her run his business into the ground. I have spoken to many other customers about this and we all agreed we will not step foot in that store until somthing is done about this horrible manager. This whole town wants her gone.

  • Samantha says:

    The manager at Kentland Indiana just fired my 2 nieces over a text message because she said my 15 year old niece could train her 17 year old sister off the clock to close the store or she could train her over the phone because she did not want to come in to do the training and she don’t want to use the labor cost to train anyone the managers name is Christine McBride. She is also cussing at minors in the chat group.

  • My Recipe says:

    I’m done with Subway they got rid of their sweet onion sauce. The sauce that they replaced it with is terrible why do you have to change things. I wish I would bring back Swiss cheese…

  • Robert Abercrombie says:

    I will never eat at Subway again, you are a Trader not supporting Ukraine… You support Russia. Every other company has pulled out of Russia but subway! I will make sure I communicate with everyone I know and all my customers not to do business with subway!!

  • Bette Riley says:

    Your Subway personnel is a JOKE at 713 Emory Rd Powell Tn… I have tried for 5 days to reach a manager for a bad experience with employees at SUBWAY 713 Emory Rd Powell Tn… I’m DONE!!!! That store is nasty and dirty, also employees are just like managers “They” don’t give a crap about Subway!

  • Don says:

    Subway should condemn Russia and pull out of all operations there.

    No more Subway for me.

  • Jim Cooper says:

    Greed is all Subway is about. They don’t want to shut down in Russia. Why, because when this war is over, Subway wants to be able to say to the Russian Government, don’t forget about us, we didn’t shut down, we didn’t leave. This in hopes that the Russian Government will look at Subway in a favorable manner. All for money…GREED

  • Fred Schaich says:

    I used to buy Subway at least once a week. NO more! Any company who can not take a hit for the sake of democracy and world peace is not a company I can do business with any longer. I don’t care how seductive and familiar you make your ads with sports figures. It’s OVER!!! Don’t feel alone I’m looking over the short list of other companies who have lost their integrity as well.

  • Susan Brandos says:

    No longer will do business with a company that supports Russia. As a company owned by Doctors Associates, you would think they would care more about human life!!!! I guess you care a lot more about money than people!

  • Beverly Thibeault says:

    I have been a weekly loyal customer for many, many years. I cannot believe you are still conducting business in Russia. So sad. I’ll be going to Jersey Mike’s from now on.

  • Danny Braudrick, Lt. Colonel, US Army, Retired says:

    My family has been a frequent customer of Subway for many years. I now see Subway continues to operate within Russia during its horrific invasion of Ukraine, a democracy.
    We will no longer purchase your product and will inform all those we know reference Subway’s behavior.

  • John Miller says:

    I have not taken a stand on anything like this in the past but I see this as a necessary step to insure democratically elected governments survive. I am advising to disassociate stores in Russia from corporate support until the conflict in Ukraine is resolved. Any other response I view as an excuse that supports monetary aspirations over regional humanitarian necessities. All corporations have a choice with major implications to citizens of sovereign states. Until subway stops support of Russian franchises I will not support subway purchases now or in the future in the United states. Its an easy decision on Subways part and not difficult for everyone I know to make purchases elsewhere.

  • Joan kershner says:

    Get out of Russia. They are murdering Ukrainians.
    Stop supporting them! Now.

  • Jeff says:

    Will no longer eat from subway until it suspends activity in Russia.

  • Peter Mosling says:

    Just what kind of people are you supporting Russian genocide and corruption?

    Good bye subway!

  • Norma ponce says:

    I need to talk to the head operator from subway there was a small piece of a cloth pin in my flat bread steak cheese and I took it back

  • Esmeralda Zavala says:

    Mr DeLuca, you have thief’s working at the 21700 Dequindre Ave. Warren MI location. I live in Austin, Tx. I received an email saying my order was processed then it was canceled. Then it was processed again. After calling my bank, I was told there was a deposit first , then charged then cancelled and ordered again. This was done by an employee. But not too smart, they added the address for delivery. This is the address: 4130 Frazho Rd #104. Warren MI.
    I hardly go to Subway in Austin. I’ve actually never been in Michigan. I have called the restaurant and no one answers. I hope you do some investigation on this matter. I have contacted the police in your area.
    I also need a refund!

  • Malea johnson says:

    I went to Subway on Hillsborough Avenue the 4500 and I had a coupon that came in the mail they told me I could not use the coupons they don’t take coupons I said you are a Subway this is a Subway coupon they would not take my coupon I am making a major complaint

  • Juanita says:

    The subway on los Angeles and Winton the lady denied us service because she said she quit and we walked in at 710 p.m.and the store closes at 8p.m.

  • clarence says:

    I just wanted to call and talk to someone but nope got ta email lost that personal friendly voice touch sad
    812 899 0762

  • Casey L. says:

    bring back the cheeseburger sub!!!

  • Jim says:

    Your service at 1212 Fairport rd Fairport Ny is lacking severely. I just walked out of this store after waiting 10 minutes in line wile your employee found it more important to tell everyone her view on covid mask mandates and spread cheese on bread rather than take my order. I have a very limited time frame for lunch and have no use to hear you employees opinion on current affairs i just need a sandwich and reasonably prompt service.

  • Susan Schofield says:

    Had trouble 3 times at the store at 4735 Jonesboro Rd Union City Ga 30291 owes me for 2 foot longs

  • Gerry Anthony Langfitt says:

    We used to get Subway all the time. It was our #1 sandwich place when the wifey doesn’t feel like cooking. But now, we feel it isn’t as economical anymore. Your prices are getting a bit high and you offer no promotions for walk-in customers. I would never order food online as I know exactly how a disgruntled worker prepares food if a person is not watching. Plus, a 30-minute wait in line is no fun as I watch the workers prepare the online orders while the line of walk-ins gets longer. OFFER PROMOTIONS FOR WALK-INS.

  • Steven sadawi says:

    Anger customer:
    As usual lunch time faver it steak sandwich with all yamee God gifts fresh veggies backed toped with pinckish home made sauce.
    One upset customer day which does not give up on the beast sandwich on Earth anyhow freindly ladies as always looking at the steak one in container nicely question for fresher meat as always I was ignored and steak sandwich is tow seperat contained and one pack was put on the bread looking around gentely ask the man look at the lady shorting steak service halfway spreading out the meat the other half of meat missing anger loud screaming leave the place I response I am the customer he said upon his Owen punchment I will call the police covering up her ruling to break one foot one package instead tow in bread empty silver container unwashed shift was not side work fellowed.
    Camley I said I will contact the health department and walk away lady guilt sir sir come back and she correct it and brought fresh container I paid the bill and sat enjoy the fresh sandwich.
    Now I hesitate going back but that teast never left my mouth.

  • Sheldon S says:

    Four times I have sent through the subway website a request to find where I can view the history of the rewards on my Subway card. Four times I have gotten an email indicating receipt of my request but NEVER an answer to it. Even today, I see no activity on the website and this had been going on for months!!!

    I tried to call the corporate number but can never get a live person on the phone as their system indicates all business is done online.

    It is one thing to say the history is not available, it is quite another to just ignore the request and not respond in any way, shape, or form. I find the above situations extremely poor customer service.

  • Im from jena,la says:


  • Im from jena,la says:


  • Jeff Zander says:

    Refuse to give refund for food that I didn’t get.

  • Krystal says:

    Im from Arkansas in a small town I previously worked at a location in the town over. Where half the employees quit because the general manager and husband are pedophiles. Literally offered a management position to someone if they would have sex with her and her husband. The husband/ maintenance man is literally a registered sex offender prying on every girl from the age 16 and up. Sad thing is I loved customer service and working in fast food industries but because I’ve witnessed all of this and so did past employees I will never step foot into a subway again. It’s sad to see such a great place being used to pry on younger adults. Who just want to make a living. Many of us have made multiple complaints. Do better cause seeing this and knowing people who work there still dealing with it is awful.

  • Jen says:

    I am concerned about what’s going on at the subway in casselton north dakota I have a video that shows a employee has clean gloves on reaches in the garbage pulls out a bread reaches in the bin to pull out tomatoes and put them on the bread this video was all over tic tok and on Facebook I don’t know who else to talk to about this

  • James Finn says:

    Dear Subway, a simple question, “Does Megan Rapinoe still represent Subway?” If so, a reminder that as a combat and disabled Veteran I and all the former military members I am in contact with will continue NOT purchasing Subway products or attending your franchises as long as any person who disrespects the Country (that paid her way to the Olympics and international competitions) and represents Subway with her commercials or public displays….Sincerely, CH James Finn (LTC, DoD)

  • Peggy A.Thierry says:

    PS I am talking about your store at 1343 43Rd Street Houston, TX

  • Peggy A. Thierry says:

    I walked in a store completely with Hispanics and asked if they had any special today and the first thing came out of the lady’s mouth we don’t have it. Not even knowing what in west hell I was asking and she walked away and a guy came and said we don’t have any special so I walked out and said if this is what has become of Subway image I will go to Salta for all of my needs then to deal with this ignorance from people that represent Subway.

  • Diana says:

    January 2, 2022 Crystal River Florida.
    Got out of church and was starving. Went to our local Subway to grab a couple foot longs. Donned my mask and stepped inside. Only one other customer was wearing a mask, but that didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me as I was standing in line was that none of the staff were wearing makes either. Not even hats or hairnets. I stood there for about 30 seconds and discussed it with my husband. We turned and left to store. This is the height of the Omicron (Covid) Virus. Where did sanitation go in the Subway restaurant business???

  • Robert Joe Tolson says:

    Don’t care for Milan, Il store, won’t take Subway company coupons or Subway coupons that are on the internet or phone app.

  • Grace says:

    Attention CEO Mr DeLuca,

    You have rude, liars people that work in your Massapequa Store!
    Wouldn’t take my coupon, so why are you advertising something that is false advertisement! Twice went to that store and they refused my coupon, manager’s name supposedly Rama and counter person named Marissa. Not only they refused my coupon but when I said fine give me a foot long Turkey sandwich there was hardly no Turkey in it I refused the sandwich as I walked out another customer was there also with 6inch sandwich with an abundance of meat in her sandwich! Was it because I wasn’t Spanish and she was! Are you personnel prejudice against customers other than Spanish!
    Please check your video I walked out and went back to get my keys I left on counter, this all happened tonight around 6pm I. Shop Rite shopping. Enter on Sunrise Hwy in Massapequa!

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

    Grace Signoretti

  • Rosana Rivas says:

    I ordered a sandwich at subway and there was a cockroach in the middle it’s ridiculous how they have no sanitation what do ever in Guymon, OK. I’m going to report this to OSHA

  • Rosana Rivas says:

    I bought a sandwich at Subway in Guymon, OK and there was a cockroach in the sandwich it’s ridiculous how that subway has no sanitation I will report this to OSHA

  • Sonia Poindexter says:

    My name is Sonia PoindexterI placed an order at the Hardeeville South Carolina subway was told it be ready at 5:07 PM got there at 5:15 PM the store was closed due to staff shortages. So my food sitting on the shelf waiting to be picked up and nobody could stay around extra 10 to 15 minutes so I can get my food. Also I pre-paid for my food

  • Cynthia Myers says:

    Order a 6″sandwich had a coupon that said buy a meal and the 6″is free and didn’t go through and pay 11:05 2 6″Sandwiches and didn’t get my drink or my potatoes chip and was very dissatisfied .and brought sandwich at1608 w 59th Street.Chicago. ILL

  • chuck barsdale says:

    i rcently bought a sandwich at your store located in roseville california baseline &foothills blvd . i allways recieved a veterans discount but was denied one even though i showed my va card. have you stopped honoring them ?

  • Mauro says:

    Order some sandwiches from subway they were not honor your coupon ended up costing me 20 extra dollars

  • Trent says:

    Placed a order online. It kept saying that it wasn’t going through then, finally took it. When we are Rob pick up our order we had a notice from our account that we were charged twice then the girls at the pickup window said they didn’t have an order place for us. so we were charged two times for order we didn’t get one time. the girls at the window were very rude and said if we wanted to do anything about it to call corporate. I tried looking up corporate but now they say you can’t call.

  • Monica Brown says:

    I have been trying to talk to someone about the rules and regulations of minors closing the stores that are known for being robbed and of course no one and I mean no one has answered the phones

  • Latisha says:

    The subway in Compton ca store number #10434-0 phone number 310-639-2585 located at 1720 w Rosecrans Blvd. Compton ca 90220 not only is the staff limited but they are disgustingly unsanitary and provide the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.I am Very disappointed in the customer service provided as well as the sandwich they prepared sloppily with missing ingredients.I would love a refund. I asked for one and was denied even though I just walked out of the store. Then upon walking back in and requesting a refund for the paper filled mess the worker nonchalantly took her break instead of providing customer service.

  • Emily says:

    Tried many times to speak with corporate for job verification. Don’t waste your time, they don’t actually answer their phones. Wish I could let the phone ring at my job.

  • Randy Gomez says:

    I think corpus got to do a better job training their employees what I just left they’re just trying to charge everybody for a footlong when they’re only getting 6 in subs they don’t know the difference think somebody out of training better and their sandwiches they make they don’t know what they’re doing train your people

  • very very sick says:

    The Russel Spring KY store is making people very very sick. Diarrhea for over 48 hours from two separate visits. The lettuce was brown, the meat slippery. Very poor food handling. Required antibotics to cure. My complaint was handled with a flippant answer that had nothing to do with my direct complaint. The owner does not apologize, does not offer to reimburse, and does not admit that this could be possilbe and does not take action to make the food safe for customers. Many many people will get sick – some may die. This store definitely needs to be closed until it is safe for humans. You have lost yet another customer with you inability to do what is right.

  • John Hernandez says:

    My name is John Hernandez I’m 65 I went to Subway in Hollywood Boulevard 24th Street you look a gentleman there a young kid brown hair He was cursing nasty and he wanted to hit me how can people like that work in a place like that when Subway have a good reputation that young man needs to be fired I tried this country and I’m I appreciate it give me some respect that kind of kid have a bad reputation for Solway this is not the first time this happened I would like to investigate this matter you can look on the camera and the video the management or the owner to fire this man I intend to make a police report about this incident can you be so kind to call me back my phone number is 770 899 2787 thank you so much God bless you John and Nunda

  • B.B. says:

    Do not eat at the Elm Grove, WV location. The manager hires drug addicts for employees, Bree, Holly & others who scream at each other bringing their over halves to that store. Manager said she just wanted to die. Drug pushing
    Pshycopathic employees serving slop. Will never eat there again!

  • Hope G says:

    The ASSISTANT MANAGER and DISTRICT MANAGER of MORGANFIELD, KY subway are very unprofessional, I called to complain about a text the had been sent to a former employees phone after she quit because she had found a better job that said “I hope KARMA kicks your fucking ass on this move. You deserve the life you live girl. Hell, you do people any kind of way. You deserve what you get.”

    When I called the morganfield location, I had asked for Pats phone number or if there was any way I could reach him, and they said that they weren’t allowed to give out that phone number, so they asked me if I would like to speak with the district manager, and as I said yes she got on the phone. When she answered I told her I had a problem and I explained what had happened. Then, she began to tell me that it was none of my business and that the assistant manager had been on break at the time. At this location they have worked employees that are not minors 12 HOURS WITHOUT A BREAK. After telling me that it was none of my business then the DISTRICT MANAGER HUNG UP ON ME. So I have nowhere else to turn. They refuse to give a corporate phone number, they refuse to accept any type of accountability for their actions, and believe they have done no wrong.

  • katja says:

    I, and so many Americans, appreciate your commitment to include heroes like Megan Rapinoe in your ads. It is such a refreshing change to see REAL people representing your company and product. I hope you continue to show the wonderful diversity of the people of this country.

  • Barry Reeves says:

    I still have not been contacted by the regional manager in charge of the Subway at Edwards AFB 93524 concerning Juan Vigil response…hanging up on me and ignoring my complaint.

  • Letika Nocal Moore says:

    I am filing a complaint on this Subway located at 13300 NW 27th Ave Opa-Locka , Florida 33054. This Clown lady has zero Customer Service and Refused to let me pay for extra cucumbers ; she claim she can’t do it. Which is a Bold face LIE because I have paid extra many times in past at this SAME location. She would not let me pay for the salad because I told her she is a liar and being petty minded, for I pay extra all the time, she admitted she will throw the salad away instead of letting me pay for it. Such a shame and pity how simple and low minded she is (wasting food) She is the worst representation for subway and I will be contacting Head quarters and the CEO of Subway. Plus, her immigration status is up for question as well. People like her is a sad and Poor example of why businesses go down , because they hire half speaking English immigrants , who never held a customer service or management position before, they lie on their application and/or their friends push the application for them. I am filing charges against this subway for discrimination . She lied to the police saying she asked me to leave , which is another LIE , I left on my own. A police report was filed-21-1003-005

  • Sheila bennett says:

    I went into subway in Hartwell Georgia after receiving coupons in the mail and the coupon said that they were not valid in Arkansas and Hawaii I live in Hartwell Georgia when I got in they said they were no longer excepting coupons that the manager refuses to take coupons! I think it’s pretty low down for coupons to come in the mail and then not be able to use them in the store and my town something needs to be done about this

  • Melody Bradley says:

    The Subway in Walhalla SC is serving slop! I literally threw my whole meal in the garbage. I wish I could show you a picture of the food I got. It was not edible.

    • Pissed off. says:

      That’s gross! They tried to kill me. They had the root beer & blueberry pomegranate juice swapped in the fountain machine. I’m HIGHLY allergic to blueberry. I’m currently covered in hives and swollen, about to go to the dr.

  • Paul Boersig says:

    First you hire a sexual deviant athlete who hates the United States of America as your spokesperson.
    Then you fire an employee who defends your company against a criminal thug.


  • Dave Gpdsja;l says:

    Your stores in Hartsville, SC, really are terrible. They are closed because they can’t get delivery of product. Somebody needs to get fired from their job.

  • Carol Corey says:



  • Owen T HUGHES says:

    I will nevereat there again. Get rid of rapinoe

  • Robert says:

    Subway in It New Hope Your employees don’t wear a mask that’s unacceptable we’re dealing with food so why do they wear gloves why don’t they just takeoff the gloves doesn’t make sense

  • Julie B says:

    I will no longer buy from your Subway stores until you get rid of the disrespect of our country from Rapinoe. She is not a role model I want my grandchildren to see. My family has fought wars fir this country fir her to spit on this country is repulsive and for you adding her to represent your company is repulsive

  • EvenE says:

    John Chidsey and Frederick Adrian DeLuca:

    I am writing to inform you that I nor anyone in my family will ever purchase another sandwich from any Subway due to the fact that you have hired America HATER Megan Rapinoe as your lame “spokesperson!!”

    Your website has a special section for “veterans.” How dare your company hire someone like Megan Rapinoe, when you claim to support veterans working for your company? MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN HAVE DIED FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE AN AMERICA HATING PERSON. THEY HAVE DIED FIGHTING FOR THIS COUNTRY AND YOU CHOOSE SOME FLAKE WHO HATES AMERICA?!!! You hire a “woke” radical person like that?!

    My FREEDOM lets me choose to never step foot in another Subway.

    Your company made its choice, now the America loving PATRIOTS have made our choice….to never eat another one of your sandwiches.

    As they say, GO WOKE, YOU GO BROKE.

  • Gerry Thornton says:

    I like the Subway product but will never patronize them as long as Megan Rapinoe who hates America is a paid endorser.

  • Donald Durdan says:

    I used to eat at one of your establishments a few times a month. When you chose to use Rapinoe in your ads you lost me as a customer. I hope, if millions more like me make this decision, you will realize the impact on your bottom line did not justify using such a disgusting American hating person.

  • Cate says:

    Our family has been customers of Subway for over 20 years. After choosing an anti-American to be your spokesperson we will never again eat from any Subway. You despise the nation that made you billions. Go feed the Taliban.

  • Porter Thompson says:

    Please be advised that I will no longer be purchasing your product. I love your sandwiches but I love the USA more.

    The person that you have chosen to advertise and represent your product has publicly disrespected my country and flag. This is totally unacceptable.

  • Thomas Hambrick says:

    Megan Rapino was not the best rep to wear the USA soccer jersey. And, I cannot support an organization that disrespects our country. I can and will make better choices.

  • Richard Hinson says:

    Worst customer service in the history of big business, no support from corporate or store owners.

    My suggestion is to find somewhere to get your food. 👎

  • Max says:

    My family has been long time patrons of Subway. We will no longer be revisiting your stores. Reason, the person you use in ads that displayed disrespect to the American flag at the Olympics. Unbelievable!

  • Dr. Allan Zuckerman says:

    Please get rid of Rapinoe, she is a disgrace and as long as you associate with her, I will find other sandwich shops to purchase my food. I have found I can live quite happily without Professional Football and Basketball who both fail to keep radical politics from their sport. It is a shame that so many businesses are caving in to the WOKE/Social Justice radicals who are tearing down well established traditional values that have made this country great; we are now on the brink due to the above groups representing a false vision of America. The false narratives of systemic racism/oppression are only degrading this great nation and when businesses such as yours support those like Rapinoe who promote such myths, you hurt this country further.

  • Tim Mann says:

    Flag hating people in your commercials. I will buy subway no longer!

  • LJ says:

    Get rid of the purple hair hater.Never buy a sub from Subway again.They weren’t that good anyway.Un American Co. KARMA….

  • Al J Bojorquez says:

    My friends and I were regular customers of subway.

    Subway supports megan rapinoe and features her in an awkward commercial. Apparently you are on the side of the ridiculous and anti-American millennials, who by the way are bane of the planet.. She is part of the marxist demoncratic left wing party that is is desperately attempting to turn America into a communist country.

    I will NEVER step into a subway ever again and this goes from my friend as well. Besides Jersey Mike’s is much better. The decision to avoid subway is a growing PATRIOTIC movement. We will avoid your left wing establishment as clearly you support the current administration and democratic party and their marxist activities to destroy America.

    We are encouraging all that we meet to avoid subway. If we hear the name subway in a conversation we will remind the individuals of subways left wing marxist attitude.

    Keep your sandwiches. Donate them to rapinoe and whatever marxist friends she has!!

    Goodbye to subway!

  • James Heading says:

    I will not be supporting Subway until at which time any and all anti-American spokesperson ‘s are terminated. I am not interested in the political views of your spokespersons. It has no place in corporate America!

  • Wade Bell says:

    Your choice of Megan Rappione as a spokeswoman for Subway is unfortunate. This person has publically disparged the United States, the National Ensign, and our President of the United States. She is a disgrace to our country. As Subway has chosen to have representation of this type person, I see no choice bit to stop patronizing Subway Sub Shops. Instead I’ll support your competitors and other restaurants that honor values of being American Citizens.

  • Mark Neal says:

    It probably does not matter to the CFO or CEO of Subway but this is my response to Subway paying Megan Rapinoe to represent your company. She is an anti American,
    has -been soccer player who represents a small segment of our country. Until Subway issues an apology for using her in your ads I will not walk thru the doors of any Subways. Your response is welcomed even though I don’t expect to receive one.

  • Brenda says:

    Dear Fred and Peter
    I’m so disappointed that you would chose Megan Rapinoe to be a spoke person for your brand. She is a non patriotic representative for Subway and America. Kneeling when our national anthem is played is despicable!!! You should be ashamed. I’m done with Subway!!

  • Andrea Topper says:

    Your new spokesperson who mad a decision to kneel is disgusting, who does she think she is? She is supposed to be Representing our country not disgracing it! I love subway but there are many other sub companies that I can switch to!

  • Nicoli says:

    Kneeling Megan none american peace of crap. I won’t by no more subs. You knew what she would do you also piece of crap.nicoli

  • >