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  • Dave says:

    My wife and I have rescuing special needs dogs for 15 years we are had 10 We believe that all dogs are special and give there love for free . We have had Subaru and the dogs always traveled with us we wish we could own another one so we can continue the love thanks

  • Olivia says:

    I wanted to say that I find your commercial regarding your support of cancer patients in very poor taste. While I applaud your good deed, there is nothing worse than someone doing good and then boasting about it. Makes one wonder if the real reason for the good deed is to get good press. If you want to acknowledge your contribution, then maybe a blurb at the end of one of your car commercials saying something like “Subaru is proud to be a contributor to…..” would be in better taste. Using the suffering of cancer patients in your commercial is just not cool.

  • Carol Kiesling says:

    My family has had aSubaru since 2002. It is still being used. I think the whole story would be a great marketing tool for your company.

  • Lee Braun says:

    We have been so blessed to get our first SUBARU it’s a 2017 Subaru Impreza four-door I’ve had it for about a year it only has 37,000 miles on it it’s a dream come true. Even if I wished upon a star I never thought I could’ve ever gotten a Subaru I’ve dreamed of having one I’m 65, years old. Disabled I take care of my twin grandsons who have disabilities as well I’m wishing and praying upon a star that one day we can get a larger SUBARU I keep seeing the share of the love events Subaru commercials I can afford the payments barely it takes a lot my payments are $615 a month and my Social Security benefits are $1000 a month so it’s a little rough that I need to Subarus dependability safety to get my grand children who have multiple disabilities back-and-forth to doctors appointments and to the Driscoll childrens hospital that we live right down the street from here in corpus Christi Texas. I was just wondering if there was anyway any star I could wish upon that SUBARU would be willing to work with me to get a larger Subaru to accommodate my disabled grandchildren their twins and my granddaughter and myself who use walkers and canes we just don’t have quite enough room in the 2017 Subaru Impreza any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciate it I’m very welcomed thank you for just giving me an outlet to dream

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