Where is Subaru Of America Corporate office Headquarters

Subaru Of America Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2235 Route 70 West
    Subaru Plaza
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 856-488-8500
  • Fax Number: 856-488-0485
  • Email: Tnakamura@subaru.com
  • Number of Employees: 1500
  • Established: 1968
  • Founder: Malcolm Bricklin
  • Key People: Jinya Shoji

Subaru Of America Headquarters Location & Directions

Subaru Of America Headquarters Executive Team



Jinya Shoji

Executive Vice President

Michael McHale

Director of Corporate Communications

Hiroshi Kamagami

Vice President of Market Development

Tony Graziano

Regional Vice President of Central Region

Mike Hafertepe

Regional Vice President of Mid- America Region

About Subaru Of America, History and Headquarters Information


Subaru was founded in the year 1953. The company has been active for almost 65 years now. The founders of the company were Kenji Kita and Chikuhei Nakajima. The company is the automobile division of Fuji Heavy Industries, which was a Japanese transportation company. Subaru is the 22nd largest automaker in world production as of the end of the year 2012. In the year 1967, Malcolm Bricklin had approached Subaru makers in Japan to see if they would consider allowing the tiny Subaru 360 to be imported to the USA, believing it would be good competition against the famous VW Beetle too as well.

The 360 Subaru was a rear-engined, two-door vehicle manufactured and also marketed from the year 1958 to the year 1971 by Subaru. As the company's first automobile, production of the car had reached almost 392,000 units over its 12-year model run as well. Noted for its small overall size, 1,000 lb curb weight, along with monocoque construction, also fibreglass roof panel and rear-hinged doors - the inexpensive car was very much designed in response to the Japanese government's 'light cars' regulations and also its proposal for a larger 'national car' as well. The car was nicknamed as the 'ladybug' in Japan, and had ultimately superseded by the Subaru R-2  the 360 was one of Japan's most popular cars as well and was available in a single generation in a two-door, station wagon, 'convertible' (coupe with roll-back fabric roof as well) and also in sports model. More than 10,000 cars were sold in the USA. Bricklin had advertised the car precisely for what it was, being cheap and even ugly. The name Subaru mainly comes from the Japanese word for the Pleiades star cluster as well. Sometimes called the 7 Sisters too -  traditional stories say that one sister in this cluster is always hiding or is invisible. This is why the Subaru emblem has only six stars in it. Fuji Heavy Industries was founded in the year 1915. Subaru cars were first produced in the year 1954. Subaru of America was founded in the year 1968 and had its headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA. American sales of Subaru cars and light trucks has steadily increased over the past five years with more than 424,000 units sold in the USA, in the year 2013. As of the year 2018, the company had released its largest vehicle to date - which was an SUV called the Ascent - which appears to be accessible on both coasts of the USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 2235 Route 70 West Subaru Plaza. The name of the place is Cherry Hill, while the name of the state is New Jersey, USA. The pin code of the area is 08002.


Subaru is a Japanese company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of cars and other vehicles, including small cars as well as SUVs as well. The current CEO of the organisation is Tomomi Nakamura. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than 3,325 billion Yen. Also, the number of production units manufactured in the year 2017 is more than 1 million units.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of cars and automobiles, that are manufactured, designed and sold by the company itself. The company sell small cars as well as cars with all-wheel drive as well. Some of the products of the company include the Impreza, Legacy GT and also the Forester XT.

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  • Desiree says:

    ubaru has done nothing but let me down since I purchased a a 2019 Ascent. I had to change the battery 3 weeks into owning the car. I experienced engine failure, which multiple people have told me is not uncommon and YOUR company refuses to repair under warranty!!! The dealership I had to tow my car to (Courtesy Subaru in Rapid City, South Dakota) is trying to charge me 24 THOUSAND DOLLARS for the repair. Customer advocacy has done NOTHING. They won’t return my calls. My car is being held hostage. They tell me they need one thing, I get it then they change their story entirely. SUBARU LOVE is a LIE. Subaru doesn’t backntheir product. The warranty is a SCAM. I am a single mother, an ICU nurse in a pandemic and I lost my job from this disaster. I already suffer PTSD and this nightmare has set me back tens of thousand of dollars and I haven’t had my car in months. I would never EVER recommend a Subaru to ANYONE. There’s a reason people say Subarus are reliable after to take good care of it and change the engine once.

  • Patricia S. says:

    I don’t have any complaints about the Subaru vehicle” It’s a great vehicle. My complaint is with the owner,manager Bill,salesman Dave Ethridge,finance James Broyhill. I was lied to & treated wrongfully” also they didn’t honor their arbitration agreement. My facts equal the Truth!

  • Patricia S. says:

    I have no complaints about the Subaru vehicle.My complaint is with & about the owner of Riverside Subaru,New Bern,NC. Mgr.Bill, salesman Dave Ethridge and finance assoc.James Broyhill, My comment” is based on the facts and the facts equal the TRUTH..!

  • elisa says:

    Any key fob issues, a glorious 2011 Subaru Outback. It’s wild that even Subaru cant seem to fix the issue. Key fob will not lock or unlock car, changing battery does nothing, car security beeped when door is open whether it is locked or unlocked. Diagnostic shows nothing wrong?!

  • Patricia S. says:

    Buyers beware”The owner of Riverside Subaru New Bern,NC. didn’t have the courtesy to contact a female customer,Patricia,who was treated wrongfully”lied to by his manager Bill,David Ethridge,finance James Broyhill didn’t honor their arbitration agreement.

  • Patricia S. says:

    Buyers beware”The owner of Riverside Subaru New Bern, NC. didn’t have the courtesy to contact a female customer, Patricia, who was treated wrongfully” lied to by his manager Bill, salesman David Ethridge, finance associate James Broyhill, didn’t honor their arbitration agreement……!

  • bob freedman says:

    Denise do you work for Subaru?

  • Patricia says:

    Riverside Subaru in New Bern, NC. treated myself and a disabled elderly man very unprofessionally, the Manager, sales associates, and the finance associate lied to me several times on the phone” they didn’t honor their arbitration agreement that was signed by all” this is a breach of contract based on Riverside Subaru neglect” standing by customers satisfaction guarantee;” Buyers beware….A disabled elderly man and I purchased a pre-owned 2014 Honda Pilot on Oct.19,2021 the vehicle was purchased in the early evening and on the drive back home to Hubert, I didn’t notice the two cracks in the windshield, not until the following morning 10/20/21 when I was on my way to the DMV in Morehead city, I called Riverside Subaru, to speak with the sales person Dave Ethridge, I asked him how did the vehicle pass inspection with a cracked windshield….he denied that there were cracks in the windshield, on 10/21/21 Dave Ethridge sent me a text message” I’m quoting him” the text message reads” I believe the chips has already been filled and you should have no problem driving it” his words” not mine” Dave was supposed to call me the following day but” never did. I called back to speak to Dave, on 10/22/21, Bill the manager answered my call and he asked me what was going on” I had explained the situation to him, quoting Bill the manager” his words” not mine….you drove that vehicle all the way to Hubert” I said yes” that it was dark out and I didn’t see the cracks” I was watching the road” Bill stated” that vehicle should of never been sold and it should of never left the lot with a cracked windshield” he said I’ll call you back. I explained to Bill the manager, that with all do respect” Riverside Subaru and I, signed an arbitration agreement” agreeing to” in the coming days if there’s a problem with the vehicle that I would call Riverside Subaru first so they can fix the problem before seeking legal advice” this was explained to me by the sales associate James Broyhill II. I let Bill know” that I like my choice of vehicle” but” what I don’t like is the cracked windshield and I told Bill, when it is time for me to get the vehicle inspected I won’t be able to” due to the cracks in the windshield” I also suggested to Bill, that I would like for the Riverside Subaru to replace the windshield….on this call he shouted out” NO” Bill stated you have full coverage” get your insurance company to cover it……..then he said I’ll call you back, Bill called back and stated that he would put the check in the mail to replace the windshield I had to call back to Riverside Subaru several times in the past weeks” due to the fact” I never received the check and each time I spoke to Bill the manager he said that he posted and mailed the check himself and repeatedly” your check is in the mail” he also stated that you probably” have the check in your hands and telling me you didn’t receive it….in other words Bill the manager, was calling me a liar;” It is now 11/12/21 and I still haven’t received the check from Riverside Subaru which means I still didn’t get the windshield replaced….! All consumers have a 72 hour contract law” consumers right to cancel a contract” it is referred to as a cooling off” period” Bill the manager of Riverside Subaru, constantly lying to me” by stating your check is in the mail” he ran out my 72 hour consumer right contract……my posting is based on the facts and the facts equal the truth…..! PS….I have read all the other reviews people have posted and notice that the owner of Riverside Subaru has reached out to those people out of courtesy……and then on the other hand the owner of Riverside Subaru has never reached out to us” out of courtesy and here it is 3/24/22…….?

  • Patricia says:

    Buyers beware” Riverside Subaru of New Bern, NC……https://goo.gl/maps/xZHfepSR6WedgjDF6

  • Aaron Hendry says:

    Advance Locksmith in Spokane Wa is committing fraud.

  • Aaron Hendry says:

    Is Subarus permission needed by locksmiths to cut Subaru keys? What if a locksmith was defrauding Subaru customers. Is there any corporate recourse?

  • Jody Shellene says:

    Where do we purchase the charging unit for our Solterra?
    Sales rep couldn’t even tell us..

  • Michele says:

    My Subaru has now been held hostage for 9 hours. No word from the service department or the manager as promised. I called the dealership again. I was sent to the service manager’s voicemail. Looks like another day without a vehicle.

  • Michele says:

    I took my ‘18 Forester (41K miles) for a parking light that didn’t work and air conditioning that was not working properly. 6 hours later I got an email requesting that I authorize $4400+ worth of work. I am the only owner of this vehicle and only had it serviced by Subaru. I called the service department for explanations. Of course, my service contact was not available. I emailed him as did the service secretary. 2 hours later I had to call back to find out what was going on. My service contact finally talked to me to explain I wasn’t called about these outrageous charges. He told me that he gets yelled at if he doesn’t use the email system for notifying customers that they need to approve work. I told him I didn’t care if he got yelled at. I told him Subaru needs to start showing some love for regular customers. He told me he would talk to the general manager to see what “help” I could get. I told him I wanted to talk with the manager. He said I would receive a call. I have not had use of my car for today and supposedly they have the parts to work on it tomorrow. If they had called me this morning when I brought the car in, we could have taken care of this today. I certainly am not feeling the Subaru love.

  • Lori Fritz says:

    Why do the motors blow with under 80,000 or less?

  • Barbara says:

    My 2020 Subaru Forrester is a piece of shit, it consistently does not start even if the weather is not cold.
    The service center replaced the battery when the car was a year old and had 403 miles on it.
    Stilled wouldn’t start on occasion.
    2021 and now beginning of 2022 car wouldn’t start.

  • Sad, frustrated customer says:

    My air conditioner hose is under warranty. They sent the wrong hose to my dealership. I am moving to AZ. Why can’t the ID dealership ship the hose to a Subaru dealer in Glendale AZ. What has happened to customer service?

  • john doe says:

    2006 subura forseter 2,5l motor junk will not own any more

  • Ann Bermingham says:

    I have been driving Subarus for almost 40 years. I love the Outback. It is almost time for a new one.YET, you do NOT have a hybrid. MY NEXT CAR WILL BE A HYBRID. It looks like it will NOT be a Subaru. You managers are behind in designing for our world as it is: climate change, global warming, too many fuel emissions.
    And , no, I do not want the crosstreck

    • Mark says:

      I suggest you read what Hybrid means. It is gimmick word to make you think you
      are saving the world.One magazine I
      “Use ” to get advertised a “Hybrid” table saw.I said really – I wrote them and said, I have to know what that is.They never wrote back..there’ your answer . There is no integrity anymore, it in on the very long list of what America had and lost.

  • Anna Donaldson says:

    First I do not own a Subaru car, if I could I would buy one just for the dog commercial only. They are very good. Your team that does PR does a great job on all the dog commercial ‘s. You are at the top of the line when it comes to commercials. Keep those dogs coming.

  • Bruno Santini says:

    I will never buy another subaru as long as I live either will any member of my family. After years of loyality and owning many subarus for the last 30 years its over. the reason countless marketing calls to purchase an extended warranty and never being able to stop the calls because of the endless number of vendors who work for subaru.

    Stop the calls immediately


  • Denise Morelli says:

    I just want to say thank you for the best car I have ever driven. I am in my second Subaru. My families 10th between us all. I will NEVER drive anything else. I have a 2019 Outback that I am thrilled with as is my dog!!! Someone t-boned me in my Legacy and with extensive damage I was safe and not even sure I had been hit. My daughter was in the side that was hit and she said. “Mom, we may of been hit.” Amazing!!! Subarus are safe, comfortable reliable and affordable. My nephew is 28 and just got rid of the Subaru his mother brought him home from the hospital in. I applaud the company.You do so much for charity. Thanks. You have me and my family’s business for life!

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