Where is Stubhub Corporate office Headquarters

Stubhub Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 199 Fremont St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 415-222-8400

  • Fax Number: 415-222-8552

  • Email: help@stubhub.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 2000

  • Founder: Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr

  • Key People: Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Stubhub Headquarters Location & Directions

Stubhub Headquarters Executive Team



Sukhinder Singh Cassidy


Jeff Fluhr

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Director

Ajay Gopal

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategy

Noah Goldberg

Chief Operating Officer

Chuck La Vallee

Head of Business Development – Music and Entertainment

Olivier Ropars

Chief Marketing Officer & VP

About Stubhub, History and Headquarters Information


StubHub was founded in the year 2000. The company has been active for almost 19 years now. The founders of the company were Jeff Fluhr and Eric Baker. Both of the founders were students of the Stanford Business School and were also investment bankers as well. The company’s first major sports deal of the company was settled with Seattle Mariners, in the year 2001. In the year 2003, the company started to show some profits after selling almost $60 million worth of baseball tickets as well as other products as well. Then in the year 2005, the company had raised nearly $10 million to $25 million from Pequot Ventures. During that year, the company had raked in almost $100 million in sales. In the year 2006, the company was ranked as the eighth fastest growing private company in the USA. The same year, the company was sued by the New England Patriots for selling voided tickets to its fans or users.

In the year 2007, the company was taken over by eBay for almost $310 million. The number of employees in the company had been increased to nearly 350. The company had also made an agreement with MLB or Major League Baseball for selling of season tickets. The same year, the company was sued by Ticket Master for alleged interference in selling tickets. By the year 2008, the company had become a $5 billion business. The company had over 2.1 million visitors along with $100 million in annual sales as well. During the year 2009, the sales revenue of the company had increased to almost 65 per cent from the previous year. In the year 2011, the company had launched an application for ticket booking on the Microsoft Windows Phone platform. It was followed by releasing applications on the iOS, BlackBerry and the Android platform as well. The following year, the company had also integrated its services with Apple Passbook too. As of the year 2015, the company’s platform had almost 16 million unique visitors every month. The company also made a commitment to give musical instruments worth nearly $1 million to US schools, in collaboration with Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation. The company had also launched in Germany, in the same year as well. The headquarters of the company is based at 199 Fremont Street. The name of the place is San Francisco, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 94105.


StubHub is an American company that focuses on providing an online platform to purchase as well as sell various kinds of tickets related to sporting events as well as entertainment events as well. The current president of the company is Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, while the CTO and CPO of the company are Arnie Katz. The company is currently a subsidiary of eBay. The number of employees currently working at the company is around 1,000. The company partners with almost more than 60 teams playing in the MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL, NBA, etcetera.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have an online platform in order to sell or buy many event tickets, which includes genres such as sports, music, entertainment, etcetera. StubHub acts like a middleman and takes a commission after the sale has been finalised.

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  • Tim Reed says:

    I’ll never use Stubhub again. One and done with Stubhub. I bought tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in L.A., CA along with the parking pass. Stubhub emailed me a standing room only ticket. WHAT?! I called and was refunded the ticket but not the parking for $136. My own credit card company will not stand by me. I bought the parking pass through Stubhub. Now I am told Stubhub’s policy is no refund for parking. It was Stubhub who made the ticket error. NOT ME! Not through with Stubhub.

  • pat says:

    DO NOT USE STUBHUB. resold 13 tickets for the stadium tour in detroit, 13 people were turned away, invalid tickets. DO NOT USE STUBHUB.

  • gerald baxley says:

    I have been trying to get a map for the Garth brooks show there in New York 7-23 customer service sucks.sec RQPMN WAS SOLD FOR THIS SHOW BEEN 14 DAYS DEALING WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Gavin says:

    DON’T use stub hub….bought tickets did not receive…wanted to give a coupon…asked for refund…refunded the $…we bought 2 more tickets and could not receive them…wanted to give us coupon again…had to filibuster with Carlos for almost an hour…just to get a refund which he said was going to happen…which he didn’t do at first…Phone conversation ticket #1559247…As per Carlos there is no one to speak to in order to solve any complaints. Don’t use them at all…worse company to ever deal with….

  • Silvia tinoco says:

    I order tickets they got stolen and I cant even get refund or re print my tickets horrible customer service . Supervisor Kim. R didn’t want to help me !! She was very rude about the situation!! Never buying tickets for stub-hub ever again just lost $450

  • Bruce Porter says:

    I purchased tickets and can’t access them because I was “offered a substitution” that I never actually received and it takes over an hour to get a hold of anyone at all

  • Todd says:

    Was originally told I would get a refund it the Yankees at Boston game was cancelled. Now they are telling me it will be a coupon. Nothing like a company having integrity!

  • Dee says:

    DON’T DO YOUR BUSINESS HERE! I bought 2 tickets through STUBHUB to the 2020 Daytona 500. Got rained out Sunday, and only used ONE ticket for the rescheduled race Monday. STUBHUB will not refund or give credit toward another ticket venue for UNUSED tickets…had I bought the tickets directly from the Daytona Speedway, THEY WOULD LET YOU HAVE CREDIT TO A FUTURE RACE!

  • Mark Shaffer says:

    I too will not do business with stub hub again. I offered to sell five front row tickets for Lion King on my access page, because I could not attend. I received an Stub Hub email stating that my offer would expire shortly and recommended I lower my price. I accessed my page, lowered the price, and changed delivery to upload the PDF tickets (to speed up deliver). Two tickets sold. Then on one day Stub Hub sold the remaining three tickets twice, once by delivering the PDF copies and once by requesting that I ship them by UPS. After 90 minutes on the phone I learned this: (1) Alisa, the first service rep could not accurately read the record and could only repeat several pre-scripted lines rudely – each time blaming me for Stub Hub’s mistake. I asked that Alisa put me in touch with technical support. She said that this would take at least 2 business days, and Stub Hub was buying tickets for the second buyer and charging me. I instructed her to not do this unit I spoke with technical support. (2) I then spoke with Adriel, the “supervisor.” He said that changing the delivery method was a good idea given the shortened time before the event, but by doing so I created a second offer to sell the same tickets. He inaccurately stated that the “expiration” email told me to delete the original offer. It did stated that I should delete the offer if I had sold the tickets or was using them. He then stated that the system told me that when I changed the price, changing the deliver method created a second offer to sell the same tickets. He said that my access page explained this. It did not. He then admitted that he had never seen this problem before and he could not show me evidence of a warning. He said that it was my duty to discover the second offer even though I had no notice of the problem. He then said that he had performed the technical service analysis (What happened to technical support?). Maybe most importantly, he slipped and said that he had followed the Stub Hub “guidelines” for customer complaints, had no authority to be of further assistance, and Stub Hub had no procedure for offering further help. Lastly, he said that, against my specific instructions to Alisa to wait until I could speak with technical support, Stub Hub already had billed my credit card for its cost to find tickets for the buyer.

  • Tania says:

    I will never do business with stubhub again. I bought tickets to NY comic con and i have waited over 2 weeks to get the issue resolved no one supervisor has resolved the issue or have done anything to get the issue resolved. This stubhub community is the most disgusting customer service that I have ever experienced. If I could talk to the founder and CEO to inform him how he can change the customer service I would. I have tried numerous times to get this issue resolved over 2 weeks I am waiting still no refund and all people keep telling me is that you are protected that is absolute BULLSH*T!!!!!!!! I hate stubhub and low and behold they are considered a scouting website and comic con will flag the buyer is marking that person who bought the tickets as blacklisted and I am not allowed to enter the premises, this is the worst experience ever GET OFF OF STUBHUB NOW AND NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER!

  • Lanisha Eves says:

    I called your customer service service in Jamaica and it added on to my bad experience with your company (stub hub). I purchased some tickets for my son and his friend to attend a concert in the park here in Chicago. As soon I as I open the tickets I notice an foreign name that was listed for them. I called the groupon to see if I could add his name on the tickets but I could not because I did not purchased the tickets through them. I then call customer to see if I could put my son name on the tickets. Spoke with a supervisor he stated to me if the ticket are not good tickets or would cause harm I could get refunded back. Your staff then said they could call me to see if it would be a problem. No one call me the time they said they would so I called them. I spoke to a different person and Dean (Mgr) that stated that the tickets are valid for entry. That was not my concern. Through out my whole phone conversation I express I would like for son name or no name is on his tickets due to the times we live. I have a black teenage boy, and sad to say that just because of his skin people judgement goes off his appearance.

    I stated I would like to have his name on the tickets Incase security stops him. Dean the mgr stated that it’s gamable I have to take.

    I would I want to gamble with the chance someone could get ignorant with my child cause the name does match the ticket?! How could your a person let alone a company to tell a person they have to gamable with their child safety.
    This is sad and sickening.

  • Robrrt Gerrard says:

    I am trying to contact Ajay Gopal, can you please contact me Mr. Gopal 757 237-0153.
    Thank you

  • Robert says:

    Hello- Tamara P. took 48 minutes of my day (8/14/18), while stubhub kept there $64.22, but I have the future knowledge that ‘live nation’ is more concerned w/ customer relations than just dollars & cents. Order# 528667012 will be my last w/ your company. However, your bigger loss will be the individuals with whom I speak. That is in the union work place, at the condominium living development, & during weekend travels (church, gym, library, supermarket, etc). You don’t care about people nor their situations. Wether it be comfort, death, health- Stubhub takes & that’s that. Do not ask for courtesy or discretion. You get nothing back. Don’t waste your time asking- SPEND IN SHOPPING ELSEWHERE. You people could have had a satisfied customer for a $50 Gift Card or a $50 Supervisory Credit. Instead, you will be the topic of all my summer barbecues. Forget Stubhub & Shop Live Nation. Robert

  • >