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Where is Storage Rentals of America Corporate office Headquarters

Storage Rentals of America Headquarters Address and Contact

Storage Rentals of America
  • Address: 324 Datura St STE 338, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800 457 5678
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 320
  • Established: 2013
  • Founder: Ben Macfarland
  • Key People: Thomas Monti

Storage Rentals of America Headquarters Location & Directions

Storage Rentals of America Headquarters Executive Team

Name Title
Jonathan Moughan Regional VP
Thomas Monti Director
David Parizek Manager, Information Technology
Vivian Honeycutt Manager, Fund Accounting
Danny Rodriguez Director, Maintenance
Douglas Pore Vice President, Human Resources
Emily Witherell Manager, Property
Mike Burke Manager, Digital Marketing

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Storage Rentals of America

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  • PeaNus Goezinya Hard says:

    DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
    This place is a joke no matter where you rent from. They raise your rent whenever they feel like it. States in the lease twice. TWICE, that tenant is to be notified in writing 30 days prior to any price increase( which they can do for ANY made up b.s. reason). They have hiked it twice now, no notices, no reasons!!!
    DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michelle anderson says:

    it is so wrong that you raise the rent Every Single month! or so in Iowa!
    before you took overi had a storage unit forever. it is no longer affordable so i am emptying it slowly as i am able to do. you are creating high turnover by raising rents on people and creating more expenses and costs for yourselves

    i woukd like an foia to see if everyone atmy locations rents arealso all being raised or if it is retaliation from me complaining about it and the door needing repaired

    if it is justmy rent going up no stop then it is retaliation and is illegal in iowa.
    you can also not raise the rent on me while it could be retaliation. or a comaint is being made.

  • Lee Reynolds says:

    Corporate is very unprofessional, I called to ask the question of why was my rent was increased in a matter of two billing cycles and the person i talked to was rude, nasty, and plain disrespectful. I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere. Im completely appalled !

  • Charlene Hayward says:

    I have been trying to pay my storage and let them know that I will not be keeping my unit and there was never anyone there and when I call I could never get anyone. I called on today and someone answered and put me on hold for about 20 minutes and now are telling me that there is an extra 100.00 added to my account, I don’t understand how when I have been trying to contact someone. I don’t feel that I should have to pay the additional 100.00.

    • Lee Ufeks says:

      Same exact thing happened to me! 31 days and it’s another 100 bucks. I am 63 years old and disabled trying to get my things out of that dirty, unsafe place and they want me to pay another 100 dollars on top of raising my rent and I’ve only used it for a few months. Property manager rude and disrespectful and a liar.

    • michelle anderson says:

      sroa requires renters insurance. if you do not have hoemowners or renter pllicy they add their own and it is expensive. they added it to my account and i had even tirned in my proof of my own policy.

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