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Storage King USA
  • Address: 1501 Capital Cir NW, Tallahassee, FL 32303, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 850 575 2712
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 550
  • Established: 2003
  • Key People: Dave Cooper

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Name Title
Laura Silva Assistant Manager
Thomas Cofino General Manager
Richard Conzatti Property Assistant & Manager
Trisha Kurish Manager, Property
Jennette Tryon Manager, Property
Heather Schuman Area Manager
Rosa Gonzalez Assistant Manager
Nick Fitzgerald Site Manager

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Storage King USA
Storage King USA
  • William bianco says:

    I rented a storage unit in Miami 12th Street location I was told when I rented I had the second month free. I didn’t think about it because I was moving from Florida to New York so after the second month before what I thought was my due date to pay my bill I was done informed that they didn’t give me my second month free and now I was a month behind in payment we had driven all the way from New York to Florida to pick up our things and they would not let us pick up our belongings and the next day we had out of nowhere an additional $300 charge And I work for two different companies and had to return to New York so by time I got back to New York, the additional 300 brought my bill up to almost $600 they charge me a late fee and an additional late fee and a delinquency fee was added up to three months of what my storage unit would cost Now I’ve been trying to pay this astronomical amount for having a storage unit for three months. I could’ve bought a car for the money that I’m giving them and they won’t take my payment over the phone and now they’re trying to auction off my storage unit when I’ve been trying to pay them every single day for the last month and a half now I can’t get a hold of nobody. Nobody returns my calls I’ve spent countless number of hours on the phone and they try to refer me to the manager at the Miami location and nobody ever calls me back. Nobody answers the phone. Nobody wants to hear anything and then up they’re telling me they won’t take my payment over the phone. I have to do it in person so they expect me to fly down there or drive down there to give them Three times the amount of money I should be giving them in person and I’m pretty sure the manager broke into my unit and took some things out of there because he has a lock on it and he’s the only one that can get in there so anybody who is reading this or does research before they run a storage unit do not I repeat do not rent from Storage Kings . They bamboozle you they lie to you they take your things and they charge you multiple late fees for the same month. Do not run to them they’re liars. They’ll tell you anything that you want to hear in order to get you to rent there and then they screw you over and steal from you

  • Sherri Campas says:

    I use the facility located at 7090 N 19th Ave in Phoenix AZ. I had a 5X10 and recently rented a 10X10 in need of more space. I moved out of the 5X5 unit and into the 10X10 unit on the same day. I informed the property manager of this as to not get charged for both. Well low and behold, I got charged for both units. I have been trying to reach someone since this happened and absolutely no one will get back to me. I can’t believe, the astronomical lack of communication and poor business skills such a large company has. Can anyone help me with this or should I be asking is there anyone who’s willing to help me?

  • Shemika Kelly says:

    I have been trying to reach someone in management for days and it’s been unsuccessful. I’m highly annoyed at this point and regret placing my things in storage. My unit was broken into and I’m missing over half of my unit. I need to speak with someone asap! I can be reached at 772-801-7315

  • Miss Pink says:

    I contacted Trump 45office because im concerned Storage King is taking over Redcliffe Self Storage in Qld Aus.

    Trump cares about family business and my family.

    Also, I have alerted public on Rumble where John F Kennedy’s site is – Situation Update, and requested prayer from X22 and Derek Johnson, military fellas working for Trump.

    It’s not good.
    It needs to be stopped.

    Small family businesses and families matter….

    Where would countries be without them.

    You make tonnes of money and don’t even need it!

    Australian citizen and Trump supporter.



  • Gary says:

    I would like the sales dept to read this email. Your Storage King branch on Ft. Lowell, Tucson, AZ does not provide hand carts to customers easily. They only provide them when the office is open because that’s where they’re stored. A few customers told me that they where going to look somewhere else. I believe I will be soon looking for another storage as well.. G. Sirles

  • Courtney Ray says:


    • Trudy B Thomas says:

      Hello. My name is Trudy Thomas. I have a urgent matter that i need to discuss. It is critical. Please call me back at 719 639 0241
      Thank you,
      Trudy Thomas

    • Jenny says:

      I have two storage unit at Radio Rd. I mention to the manager that I can’t make payment for both. Why is that? She never fix it and this month she repetitive told me I didn’t pay in time when the system couldn’t take my payment! Poor service.

  • Courtney Ray says:

    I have been needing to reach Corporate for the last 3+ months and even has gone online and written complaints and concerns and have YET to have any employee nor area manager disclose the number. How can I reach someone of worth and high archy to handle some serious matters? Thanks in advance Courtney Ray (Texas) 346-405-1419

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