Where is Stop And Shop Corporate office Headquarters

Stop And Shop Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1385 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-767-7772
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: 82000
  • Established: 1914
  • Founder: The Rabinovitz/Rabb family
  • Key People: Mark McGowan, Paula A. Price

Stop And Shop Headquarters Location & Directions

Stop And Shop Headquarters Executive Team



Paula A. Price

Chief Financial Officer

Mark McGowan

President of New England Division and Executive Vice President of Operations

Stacy Wiggins

Senior Vice President of Operations for Stop & Shop New England

About Stop And Shop, History and Headquarters Information

Based in Quincy, Massachusetts, Stop and Shop was founded by the Rabinowitz family in 1914 as the Economy Grocery Stores Company. After some years, they came up with the new self-service supermarket model. In order to grow their business, they started selling meats, produce, milk, dairy, and some frozen foods in addition to the grocery items they were already distributing. They started growing by leaps and bounds and by 1946, they were owners of 86 stores. People can purchase with their smartphones using SCAN IT! Mobile, which was introduced back in 2010; earlier it was done using a specific handheld device.

Stop And Shop is a supermarket chain that serves customers in the United States. It is a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize.  It offers meats, seafood, bakery items, prepared foods, and cheeses, as well as meal solutions, such as prepared foods, recipes, cooking tips, and meal planning services. It all started with a corner grocery store that has now expanded to 415 stores in total.

Stop and Shop is a household name and a leader in the retail grocery industry. This supermarket chain is divided into two regional groups: Stop & Shop Metro New York and Stop & Shop New England.

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  • Jackie says:

    I have been a customer for many years but not anymore. The store near me in Staten Island,NY. (New Dorp) is the worst. If you shop before 11am there is no meat out. Just Uboats on the floor waiting to be packed out. No cleaning products at all. Store looks like it did the day this whole pandemic started. I now go to ShopRite. They have everything I need. The

  • Melissa Johnson says:

    i had a horrible experience today at Stop and Shop in Stamford, CT. I shop at mine in Seymour, CT all the time. I was down in Stamford to visit the cemetery, something that is extremely difficult for me but my mother’s anniversary is days away and I have been having a hard time so I thought going would help. When I take the trip down there I always go to Stop and Shop to get her flowers. Today was no different. What WAS different today was that I asked for help to have the flowers cut, I brought a vase and just needed them to fit in. I was cut off but the young man working there when asking by him saying “we can’t wrap them” which is not what I was asking. I understand that portion of the store hasn’t reopened yet but what was I to do? I tried to explain I drove an hour to get there, and was on my way to the cemetery and just needed a moment of someone’s time. I was so upset and felt myself about to break down in tears as this was already a difficult time for me, and just told them i’ll go find scissors myself and figure it out which is what I did. I sat at the grave site cutting flowers down to size with kiddie scissors since that’s all they had when I should have been able to sit there and reflect and spend some quiet time with my thoughts. It ruined the entire experience for me when all I needed was to sit alone and process my thoughts. So, thank you Stop and shop for making an already ridiculously hard day even worse. I will be shopping at my local Market 32 from now on. Three seconds of empathy would have made all the difference in the world.

  • Guest says:

    I have to agree with many of the previous comments. I have been a Stop and Shop customer for decades. The quality and inventory has gone down hill, and not just recently due to Covid.

    The manager of the Berkeley Heights, NJ Stop and Shop has the worst personality and could care less about his customers. He never interacts with customers and when asked questions, he is so cold that it seems to be a bother for him to answer. If someone is that miserable with their job, they should leave or be released. He has no customer service skills at all.

  • Mary Sullivan says:

    Stop and Shop gave their essential employees a typed Thank You card and four pieces of candy for working during the Covid 19 Pandemic..along with a one dollar an hour raise…hope they let them keep the raise..they deserve it

  • Elaine says:

    I shop at the Hamden, CT store. Due to Covid-19 I am using the pickup service.
    The employees that provide this service are exceptional and far exceed their competition. This is a reflection of the management team at this store. Your order is picked with care and you are advised prior to pickup of any out of stock items.
    During this call you are told of substitutions that are excellent choices. The inventory is above average compared to supermarket’s in the area. Thankfully I have this option which is stress free during this quarantine.

  • Muriel Pilla says:

    I have been a Stop & Shop customer for as long as I can remember. NOT anymore. I shop at the Stop & Shop on Washington St. in Hudson MA, on 5/23 went to Stop & Shop and again berries had mold on them and 1/2 rotten, lettuce was brown and slimly, every package of Organic Basil was all black. There is never any meat available, and prices on most grocery items have at least doubled. I spoke to a store manager to let him know this has been on going for several months. His response to me was you do know there is a pandemic going on. I stated that I had been going to Hannaford supermarket in Marlboro (which Hannaford is owned by Stop & Shop) and there is no problem there with the produce its always fresh and NEVER moldy always some meat available.

    I have complained to several store managers at the Hudson Stop & Shop because this has been an ongoing issue with the produce being moldy or rotten for almost a year. The managers just don’t care. Stop & Shop has lost another customer for life, I will NOT shop there again, I do have other choices in the area to choose to go and give my business to, even if means I need to go to several other stores to get what I need.

    If Stop & Shop keeps going in this direction of inflated prices and poor quality food and store managers that don’t care Stop & Shop will be another chain of supermarkets to go under.

    Paula A. Price, Chief Financial Officer Mark McGowan, President of New England Division and Executive Vice President of Operations and Stacy Wiggins Senior Vice President of Operations need to take a good look at what your customers are saying about this Corporation and start making changes. You all need to remember if the corporation goes under so do all of you.

  • Lori M Hyde Park NY says:

    Your store ay 3999 Albany Post Road is very poorly run. The shelves are mostly empty. I waste my time every time I go there. Other stores are stocked properly, What is the PROBLEM with your this store. I have no transportation, but when I do have transportation, I go to other supermarkets, and come home with twice as much food for a cheaper amount. Your store is a waste of my time and energy. Unfortunately I have to waste my time there THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE NOVEMBER 2019.

  • Guest says:

    The Wilton, CT Stop & Shop website states it is open to 10p yet it closes at 9p. Tonight I checked the website before going shopping and it stated 10p. I arrived 8:55p to see the door sign state 9p close. I called from the parking lot and said, “I am making a courtesy call to let you know the Stop & Shop website states the store closes at 10pm. You may want to pass on that information so the website can be modified to be accurate”. The Customer Service woman rudely stated, “We’ve never been open till 10”. I repeated, “I am making a courtesy call to let you know the Stop & Shop website states the store closes at 10pm. You may want to pass on that information so the website can be modified to be accurate”. She rudely repeated, “We’ve never been open till 10” and hung up. VERY RUDE

  • Carl says:

    Someone needs to monitor the stop &shop on Newman Ave in Seekonk Massachusetts because the night shift people are drinking on the job and selling drugs. They work from 10:00pm until 6:00am. They also have been seen removing merchandise from the store. One Person’s name is Richard Bourdeau. He brings Alcohol in the store every night!!!

  • Judy says:

    I live one block from Stop & Shop in Bellingham, MA and have always been a S&S supporter but the tide is changing. During this entire pandemic the Stop & Shop in Bellingham has failed this community miserably. The Dairy Dept. on most occasions has been barren; the meat dept. on several occasions had no meat; the Frozen Food aisle is a joke – the only items in the cases were the frozen cakes and pies and the Cleaning Aisle has been empty more often than not.

    When we asked the Store Manager what’s going on why are you out of everything we’re told that Corporate isn’t sending them the merchandise. If that’s true then shame on you. For me, Stop & Shop always meant quality service and products. This is not true at this store. During a time when we’re all struggling to stay afloat, we should be able to depend on our local supermarket.

    What a shame – what a disgrace. So we drive eight miles to Market Basket to find everything stocked and ready for us.

  • RuthElyn Rivanis says:

    I will be calling tomorrow. I am more than upset. My husband shopped at Chelmsford Stop and Shop on Sunday 5/3. Came home and discovered he didn’t have bag with meats…Hamburg, frankfurters, and cube steak. I called immediately. They said the bag was at customer service and I said my husband would be immediately back there. When he arrived the girl told him that the manager instructed her to put it back and it was resold!! We were only able to but hotdogs. No more Hamburg or cube steak left. We were refunded our money. What good did that do for our family barbecue!!?? We had already paid for our meats..what business did that manager have to resell it!!! Especially since I called!! I am shaking I am so furious with your store practices. I will be calling tomorrow and I want to speak to someone high up before I report you. RuthElyn Rivanis

  • Jay says:

    I shopped at your winstead location weekly but now I refuse to go back. When I went in today to grab a package of hotdogs I noticed a black fuzzy substance all over the wall behind the hotdogs.

  • Maribel Rueda says:

    I hope someone in headquaters reads this: My son is autistic and ives in West Roxbury Mass has started a fundraiser the AGW food drive. He collects Stop & Shop food cards and mails them to the disable communities affected by Covid19. Many cannot stand at a bank food line due to theri conditions and they have diet restrictions which food banks cannot meet. The Boston Globe will write an article on his story and Channel WBZ 4 has interview him, we have been receiving donations on our facebook fundraiser page.

    So far we have fed over 6 families in Mass, there must be something Stop & Shop headquaters can do to help Esteban, my son feed more disable families. Please see us on the news below. PLEASE HELP US


    You can contact us at 978 908 8900

  • Dylan Barnes says:

    I was at the Stratford CT store at closing time on 4-28-20 and the grey haired manager or something was torturing a women who was maybe stealing. He kept repeating”I wanna hear you say it” It was loud. He’s got no class . I can’t even talk to this twat. I used to live in Stratford and I’ve overhead this dude talking down to anyone in a yellow shirt or bellow. When you first opened the gas station in Stratford CT the back windshield got scratched because there was no rubber on the back of the squeegee. When I showed this dude with no class he said it was nothing because it didn’t block the visibility. I made him take my info. I never heard anything again. It made my life worse when I didn’t need it to get worse. I can’t even look at the person. I avoid that store and I avoid stop and shop in general. I give you a detailed list I went through to stop having to go there. I did the shopping for a family of 3 when I lived in Stratford CT. That dude looks likes to beat down the people at the bottom. I’m speaking up now because I have my own address and he can send someone to kill me or anything.

  • Mary Sullivan says:

    To Whom ..may be interested ..your employees are considered essential and very dedicated workers. I am shocked that a multi million dollar company gave the employees a measly dollar more an hour ..AND after the Pandemic is over you have informed your
    employees the dollar an hour goes away..Shame on you..your employees should get way more compensation than you are giving for putting their lives on the line..Lots of corporations will be giving hazard pay.. you should follow suit

  • Unknown says:

    Why do you allow too many customers in the stores at one time. In one store, you allow over 300 customers!!!!! I can see UP too 100 customers, but over 300? Get real, social distancing with over 100 people in one building is outrageous, especially with aisles of food and fresh produce.

  • Martha Sanborn says:

    I’m done with Stop and Shop. Milford recently required people to wear masks in public buildings, yet your store will not enforce. This puts people in my age group at risk.

  • Joanne says:

    We live in Watertown, CT & your store there has not been stocked for several weeks. There are all empty shelves & coolers. We have noticed prices have gone up on many products too. This is how you help your country during a Pandemic?! A message is circulating to band against shopping at Stop n Shop anymore until the store is completely restocked once again & prices are back to normal. You are going to lose thousands of customers. I don’t think that will be good for your bottom line.

    • Lori M Hyde Park NY says:

      Same here. Shop an Rob, as we call it here in NY, is a disgrace. No frozen food and hardly any meats or cleaners. Very poor in helping people thru this time.

  • Maria says:

    This morning 6:00 am I picked up my 75 year old mom to do our groceries i was embarrassed by one of the employees maybe she was a supervisor or manager who knows because when I Asked for the managers the employee started to yell at me That she did have to get any manager or give me her name By her rudeness im assuming she was the manager I try to make a complain and I was belittled I could not believe the rudeness of this employee especially in this Time of the coronavirus the stop n shop is in the Bronx on Bruckner mall I have the employee’s full name which I will disclose to the representative from the. Company that will hopefully contact me i don’t want to embarrass the way she belittled me and my mother

  • Taylor says:

    All u gave your employees is a thank you letter..your company discussed me you are a billionaire company and you should be ashamed the hard work they do for you n a piece of paper which most of them threw it out or used it as shit paper

    • Lou says:

      I agree I’m sooo disgusted, from the beginning when they said we couldn’t wear mask ! I actually caught the virus and I am ready to come back I asked if I could work overnight so I could limit exposure and also be able to watch my son and other during the day . Guess what I was told ?!! No !!!

  • Judie says:

    I’m a loyal Stop& Shop customer, even after my local store closed, I travel 20 minutes to the closest store in Poughkeepsie NY, Yesterday I was in this store & there still people not wearing masks & gloves. Everyone has had 5d to prepare but doesn’t the store have any responsibility? All the employees & most of the customers were wearing masks & gloves. Put up a sign, don’t let those not wearing a mask in, they’re risking others health, we’re in an emergency state right now, do something!

  • dorine says:

    I would like to know why Stop and Shop is not enforcing the mask and glove laws with customers ! I will not shop in your Medford store but from what I understand this is going on in your other stores.

  • Nanette says:

    You close your stores, understandably, to restock. No matter what time if day I go, shelves are empty. I went this morning. You instituted one way aisles. I go down one aisle, I cannot go left or right because the line is headed to cashiers! Small bottle of Clorox is over $5. Price gauging? Everyone is standing close on line. I mentioned this on fb with pictures and many of my friends said they hate going to your stores now for same reason. Western Beef is fully stocked, people practice distancing. I plan on going there from now on.

  • Susan says:

    I have been shopping at Stop and Shop for over 20 years. I am so disgusted with the non service that your company is providing to senior Suffolk County residents. I have called the Northport and East Northport stores and neither have pick up or delivery. The customer service representative in East Northport said they only deliver to Nassu County??????? Why is that?????We don’t count in Suffolk county. I tried your senior hours and they were a complete disaster. I am done with your store after being a very loyal customer for so many years. I am a resident of Northport. I’ve switched to another local store that is doing everything they can for their senior customers.

  • Roger Olander says:

    It would be great if there was a way to add a gratuity at checkout that would be shared by store employees. I’d happily add 20% to my bill to support these people who bravely come to work every day so we can buy food and supplies.

    • Lou says:

      Don’t even bother they don’t care , they don’t even allow some of us to work overnight so we can be able to care for our kids and loved ones in the morning during this time . There’s no courtesy at all

  • William says:

    I would like to report stealing in your stores on long island

  • Su says:

    Pleasant St Watertown MA, April 10: Store instituted one way aisles. A total mess. Shoppers do whatever they feel like, walk up and down aisles in total disregard of signs. In area near the bakery, arrows for exit are in inconvenient extremely narrow aisle, so those exiting don’t bother following them. If one tries to keep to the proper lane and gets stuck behind a shopper going at turtle’s pace, it defeats the purpose of protecting health and safety. You are basically stuck behind that person until…. or have to pass in close proximity in an extremely narrow area. Plus, lots of shoppers aren’t wearing masks. You should make that mandatory.
    What’s the point of one way aisles if shoppers don’t bother with them?

  • Naomi says:

    Unfortunately, Stop n Shop in New Hyde Park only welcome those who aren’t people of color. I have shopped at this locations for about 10 years. I have seen employees change over time. Recently the past 5 years management is horrible. A person can’t shop in peace without being harassed and followed throughout the store. It’s a disgrace to shop in this way. Why I continue to shop at this location is the sales and customer reward points. My family and I are tired of the harassing behavior when we shop. It’s time to start looking at your managerial team and give them a course in community interaction. Don’t assume people of color are looking to steal products.

  • Lynne Miner says:

    A family of 5 shopped at the Uncasville, CT store. I called the manager who was not really interested and dismissed my concerns. Won’t shop there again.

  • Thomas Baroz says:

    Just went your your store this morning April 4th. The store is 1441 Richmond Avenue. My son and I were waiting to go in when one of you employees was walking by. The elderly man in front of me politely ask her how many people were being let in at a time. She responded very curtly 25, and if you do not like it you can go somewhere else to shop. When I said to her that is no way to speak to a elderly man she told me “Fuck Off” and proceeded to walk away. When she passed his back again after getting coffee from Dunkin Doints I said to her the was not a very nice thing to say. She responded again “ Shut your FUCKING mouth”. When we did get inside I ask for a store manager who basically blew me off saying I will talk to her and the Union. I ask to fill out a complaint and was told no. I said I cannot write a formal complaint and was told no again. I did take a picture of the Associate Showed it to the cashier and was told her name was Megan. If this is how elderly and customers are treated by Stop and Shop maybe I should find somewhere else to go. However I will let my family and friends know through social media so they can be aware of the terrible s service and language found at Stop and Shop.

  • Catherine says:

    CDC just said mask everyone !

    • Lou says:

      Thanks to them telling us don’t wear mask I got the virus thank god im ok . But this company horrible no hearts at all

  • Catherine says:

    Please respond to my comment.
    Thank you

  • Catherine says:

    The employees should be wearing masks and gloves! I spoke to a manager in NJ – there are employees without gloveS but most importantly no masks !
    They need to protect their face from the droplets that are on surfaces as well as the air . Hand washing is essential but A mask will further protect them . They have plastic shields in front of the cashiers but more needs to be done . I called Massachusetts headquarters waited to talk to someone for 20 mins they Sounded concerned then dumped my call .

  • Richard C. says:

    I have tried for weeks to get a delivery from PeaPod. There are never any available spots day after day, week after week. What good is a service that you cannot support?

  • Katie says:

    The 3 day specials are great(Fri,Sat,Sun)while supply lasts. I was at my Stop&Shop this A.M. when it opened.They had no oranges(8lb.bag $3.99)&had no Shrimp $4.99. Both said limit of 2.How about a limit of 1 so everybody gets some.Does anybody really need 16lbs of oranges at once?

  • Peggy says:


  • Karen Tierney says:

    Where is Patty, where is Bob, stop and shop #55, my presciptions were due on
    the the 19th, the pharmacist said they weren’t due til the 22nd, this guy sucks, doesn’t understand, why I’m upset, perhaps he’s never had a widowmaker.

  • Linda T says:

    SR. Hours-Saw on the news tonight all the seniors in line, 6” from each other, not 6ft, all excited about getting get first shot at items that are in short supply! Saw three different customers with their baskets full of toilet paper. I wouldn’t have thought there would be a limit!! Not helping, hurting.

  • VC says:

    While I thought it would be a nice idea to open the store early for senior citizens to go shopping stress free and without crowds. When I went to the Merrick Stop and Shop it was a disgrace with only 2 cashiers and one manager to take care of courtesy as well as self check. There were lines all over the store with seniors standing back to back with each other. This was suppose to help our seniors not hurt them aside from that the store was not prepared for us, it looked like the way they left the store the night before was the way it was opened no meat no paper products no eggs why open to the seniors and put us all at risk for nothing. I feel if you want to offer to help then do that make sure you are fully stocked and manned so we as seniors can get in and out without potentially getting sick from one another.

  • Emily Abrams says:

    With all this corona virus hysteria , it is so hard to shop at your stores, there’s no food on shelves and nothing is being stocked it’s pretty eerie and some what scary going to our local stop n shop. I have been a customer for many years, since your stores opened in Fairfield county in CT. Now I live in Waterbury, CT and shop at the Chase Ave location and before this hysteria this store was always poorly stocked. And forced me to go to other stop n shop locations! I’m just trying to do my weekly grocery shopping, not stock piling. ??‍♀️

  • M. Raphael says:

    So sorry to see the deterioration of our Stop And Shop store. It looks like a 3rd world market or perhaps a store going out if business. Shelves empty or half empty. Produce wilting or unavailable. A new store just opened up nearby called Angie’s and a neighborhood favorite The Natural is also nearby. I won’t waste my time and money at your filthy store. I went teice this week and it only went from bad to worse. Spend your money on keeping the store stocked and clean and leave the robot to some other supermarket chain.

  • Janis says:

    Stop & Shop has become the lowest on the shopping grid. Yesterday I paid $4.99 for strawberries. They were rotted. 1.99 in other stores I found. I also bought Stop &Shop natural chicken breast the whole pound was slimy and smelly. You have been selling your customers old outdated spoiled food. You should go out of business. If I shop at the store there is always something to be returned because it is spoiled! I am sick of it! Now I plan on helping to spread the word how disgusting the stores are. Market Baskey, even some Shaws stores are much fresher cheaper inprice products

  • Sheila Lee says:

    Several of my favorite brands seem to no longer be carried. I commented about Pillsbury all purpose flour some months ago, it was back in stock, and now I’m told it has been replaced with S&S brand. I do a considerable amount of baking, and am not willing to replace a brand I know I can rely on. There have been too many brands eliminated. I can find my brands at Hanovers a bit further away, or at Target. Also not wishing to shop for my groceries at more than 1 store, I’ll have to reluctantly switch grocery stores if another of my brands is eliminated. The frequency of these eliminations is also alarming.

  • Nick R . newhaven connecticut says:

    They should just sell the buissness to Orther coporate company’s . There stores in newgland just can’t get any worse then What they have are now people are shopping more at shop rite and Orther places then stop and shop

  • Ruth Metz says:

    I’ve been shopping at the Stop & Shop store in Brick, NJ for a number of years. It has always been my favorite
    grocery store in this area.

    There’s a few comments I would like to make regarding the store.

    1. For some time now, there is a machine called “marty”, I believe, that goes around the store looking for
    “spills or cleanups needed” and then announces the need for a clerk. Marty is always in the way – the
    store is congested enough without another obstacle to impede the shoppers way. Please consider doing
    away with this totally unnecessary nuisance.

    2. Very recently I noticed the absence of Kraft salad dressings from the S&S’s shelf . Another item that seems to be absent from the shelf is B&G pickles. A request was made for these items to be stocked with the Customer Service desk. I wish to continue shopping at S&S, but want “one-stop shopping”.

    Hope these comments will be considered and acted upon.

  • Karen says:

    First off I want to say I enjoy shopping at your stores. I find them clean and the employees always friendly. That being said, what I DO NOT enjoy is being followed around by a creepy robot. I actually turned around and al.ost tripped over the damned thing after reaching for a magazine at the check out. I suffer from severe anxiety and shopping is hard enough with crouds and noise…without having to deal with yet another stressful thing. I’m not a shoplifters. I’m 55 years old. I’m disabled with both knees replaced (hardly a flight risk) and wasn’t even wearing clothing with pockets. Everything was placed in my cart…besides…do you really want to create THIS kind of shopping experience for your customers? I think this is a bit ridiculous. I know I won’t be going back to Dan Fox Drive again….probably not Merill Road either. Not unless I read in the news that Stop & Shop smartened up and got rid of the robots.

  • Nancy Lombardo says:

    My local Stop and Shop Supermarket is on strike and I will not cross the picket line to shop for groceries. I will have to do so to do my banking but that is all I will be doing in your store until an agreement has been reached. Finally if these people have to continue their strike I will have my community pull together and support them as much as is humanly possible.
    You should note that I had been doing the majority of my grocery shopping in your store however this will end until the strike is over and you have given your employees what you originally promised and not a hack job!
    You can put product on the shelves but the people sell your stores. They keep them clean, stocked,and are supper friendly and courteous. Machines DO NOT REPLACE PEOPLE. I do not like the auto checkout but when only buying a few items I do use it in order that others with larger orders do not have to wait for me.

    Nancy Lombardo
    Willimantic, CT

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