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Stitch Fix
  • Address: 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1500, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: stitchfix@stitchfix.com

  • Number of Employees:  5000

  • Established: 2011

  • Founder: Erin Morrison Flynn , Katrina Lake

  • Key People: Katrina Lake, CEO

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Mr. Mike Smith

COO & President

Mr. Paul Yee

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Scott Darling Esq.

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

About Stitch Fix, History and Headquarters Information

Stitch Fix was founded in the year 2011. The company has been active for almost eight years now. The founders of the company were Katrina Lake and Erin Morrison Flynn. The company began by catering only to women, but it has subsequently expanded to men’s clothing, plus sizes, maternity wear and kid. In the year 2014, the company started to make profits. In the year 2017, the company had raised almost $42 million from outside investors. The same year, the company was transformed into a limited public company and had launched its first IPO. As of the year 2018, several class-action lawsuits were brought against Stitch Fix alleging that the company violated federal securities laws by making misleading statements about its growth prospects. Also, the company was valued at $2 billion in the year 2018. The headquarters of the company is based in 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1500. The name of the place is San Francisco, while the name of the state is California, United States. The pin code is 94104.

Stitch Fix is an American company that focuses on providing an online platform for personal styling services in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Katrina Lake. As of the year 2016, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $730 million. As of the year 2018, the company had more than 5,800 working in it, along with 3,000 stylists and 75 data scientists as well.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have an online platform in order to personalise their own styling, that is maintained and developed by the company itself. The company charges a one-time styling fee for its professional services.

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  • Cheyenne says:

    Account canceled and charges for theft are being thought about. My first delivery never showed, same with the second one but I was charged $240 for products I never received the second time. Stuart emailed me from the company and wouldn’t even tell me what the address on my account was so I had to call and figure it out because my account was canceled without me knowing, come to find out, it’s not even my address on the account it’s an address I don’t even know. Refused to refund the money stolen and told me once everything is sent back they would refund me, impossible considering I didn’t get my items, someone else did so I had to file a dispute with my bank. Over it.

  • Christine M. Deeley-Wood says:

    I want to cancel my Stitch Fix account.

  • Yolanda Hannan-Sharpe says:

    I’m cancelling my subscription to Stich Fix. I restarted my account a few weeks ago, and in that time, I’ve seen enough to know that I don’t want the service anymore. I restarted my services around the first week of May 2020. I received a confirmation email that my fix was on the way. Turns out, it was never sent. I wasn’t given an explanation as to what happened with my order after my shipment date had come and gone. I simply received an email that a credit would be applied to my account. The second fix was sent, and I was given the wrong tracking number, but the final straw came when I received my last fix on June 26, 2020. I was very clear regarding my style preferences, with an emphasis on the fact that I DID NOT want any gold accessories. When my package arrived, the contents included a knit sweater that was two sizes too big-(SN: I live in FL, and I was sent a knit sweater IN LATE JUNE!) It also contained an oversized formless dress, a second oversized shirt, a pair of cuffed jeans, and a pair of GOLD earrings. I took photos of the clothes and emailed them to the stylist email address. I specifically stated that I was sending everything back, as I the only thing I could wear were the jeans. I was very descriptive when I outlined my reasons as to why I was unhappy with the package. (It’s bad enough that I can’t speak to a live representative, but my personal style choices were completely ignored.) I received a condescending reprimand response via the email below from Sara, your representative.
    Hi Yolanda,

    Thanks for reaching out and letting us know. I appreciate the notes and guidance you’ve given along the way, and we’re sorry this Fix was a miss and for sending gold jewelry you wanted to avoid. I understand your frustration, and we care about getting it right.

    I’ve added a supporting note front and center for your Stylist about only sending silver jewelry in the future as well as steering clear of capris/cuffed pants. I also highlighted to avoid sending flowy or looser-fitting shapeless styles going forward. If you have any additional guidance or insight

    While I understand the items sent your way weren’t in line with what you had hoped to receive, please understand that we kindly ask you to respect our Stylist when leaving the review of your Fix at checkout. While feedback is always welcomed (and encouraged) during the checkout survey, some of the comments left, while possibly done in the heat of disappointment, were unkind and did not add value to the ultimate goal of helping us find items that you love.

    I’d love to hear more about what you are looking for in your Fixes in your own words. For example, would you prefer to focus on work, casual, or night out items? What do your go-to outfits look like for work and play, and are there any silhouettes you feel your best in? How about colors/patterns you’re drawn to, or trends you’ve got your eye on this season?

    I’m confident that with some fresh insight, we can build Fixes full of pieces you’ll truly be excited about. I look forward to hearing from you!
    The issue is that I’m spending my hard-earned money for a service that I’m not getting, and the response I got back was that my tone is unkind? I made sure to reply to Sara that your business model is essentially a luxury service (during an economic downturn & uncertainty), so the LAST THING your rep should be addressing is my tone, when it’s the COMPANY that has failed to provide the basic services that I’m paying for! Every dime I spend counts, and if I made sure to include my detailed style preferences, then it isn’t unusual to expect to get what I pay for. Amazon has a similar clothing service available now, AND if I’m ever dissatisfied, I can always reach out to LIVE representative, which is not a feature you have. I thought restarting services with your company would be a good idea, as I work in real estate, and I thought the service would save me time when it comes to choosing outfits. I was wrong.

    • Lshultz says:

      I find it interesting that you didn’t post your email to the stylist. Was it more than tone?

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