Where is Stericycle Corporate office Headquarters

Stericycle Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 28161 N Keith Dr, Lake Forest, IL 60045, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 847-367-5910
  • Fax Number: 800.497.6605
  • Email: customercare@stericycle.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder: Troy
  • Key People: Charlie Alutto, Dan Ginnetti

Stericycle Headquarters Location & Directions

Stericycle Headquarters Executive Team



Charles A. Alutto

President and Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Ginnetti

Chief Financial Officer

Brent Arnold

Chief Operating Officer

Kurt M. Rogers

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Brenda Frank

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

Ruth-Ellen Abdulmassih

Executive Vice President, Communication and Related Services

Robert Guice

Executive Vice President, International

About Stericycle, History and Headquarters Information


Stericycle was founded in the year 1989. The company has been operational for almost 30 years now. The company started its operations as a medical waste disposal company. The company became a limited public entity in the year 1996. During the year 1999, the company began offering compliance and also safety training services as well. In the year 2003, the company had acquired BioSystems.

Then in the year 2009, the company started offering Integrated Waste Stream Solutions. A year later, the company then took over Notify MD. In the year 2014, the company had taken over PSC Environmental Services for about $275 million. As of the year 2015, the company has also acquired Shred-It International for about more than $2.3 billion. The company had expanded its services to various countries outside of the USA, like in Argentina. Chile, Ireland, Spain, Romania, the United Kingdom, Portugal, etcetera. The company also managed hazardous wastes in some markets and helps in medical and patient transport services too. The headquarters of the company is based in 28161 North Keith Drive. The name of the place is Lake Forest, while the name of the state is Illinois, USA. The area pin code is 60045.


Stericycle is a company based in America that focuses on designing and developing products that promote health care to its customers and also helps in safeguarding the environment as well. The current CEO and president of the company are Charlie Alutto. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $3.5 billion. Also, as of the year 2017, the total number of employees working at the company is more than 23,200. The company has over 540,000 clients all over the world.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to improve the quality of healthcare and also the environment they’re living in, by using the services and products designed and developed by the company itself. The company also provides waste disposal, recall, sustainability and communication services as well to numerous hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, blood banks, municipalities, medical and dental offices, etcetera.

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