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  • Address: W231 N1013 County Hwy F, Waukesha, WI 53186-1502, US
  • Phone Number: +12624364500
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 501-1000
  • Established: 1934
  • Founder: 
  • Key People: Marlowe Franklin

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Andrea Kokott

Director of Human Resources

Ann Schumann

System Administrator

Chad Dern

Director of Marketing

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Steinhafels, Company offers household furniture. The Company offers chairs, sofas, mattresses, futons, tables, dining sets, kid beds cabinets, dining chairs and tables, bedroom sets, bookcases, office chairs and desks, and other related products. The Company is in Waukesha, WI, the United States, as part of the furniture Stores Industry. The Company has 369 employees in all its locations, and it generates annual revenue of $155.14 million in sales. The company headquarters address is W231N1013 County Road F Waukesha, WI, 53186-1502 United States. The phone number is (262) 436-4600, and the website is

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  • Amy says:

    I purchased a Mikaela sofa and loveseat on May 23 2022 by June 26 2022 the sofas’ frame broke the tech came out July 3 put a bracket on the frame on both ends of the frame 4 hours later the frame broke again then a few days after that the love seat frame broke called customer service Chris was very rude and hung up on me the next day I went to the store to talk to the manager he informed me he was going to have his supervisor call here it is week later still no call I would love to talk to someone and resolve this instead of taking this to court. I am willing to get a different brand sofa and loveseat for equal value

  • Mandy says:

    Placed order with Keith for couch and he was very pleasing to work with…when we contacted CSR about the multiple availability date changes we were informed they didn’t know when it would be available, we could find something else or get a refund. We asked about free delivery as a possible resolution and the chat was ended without reason. When we contacted them again, it was a take or leave it attitude and Steinhafels would never give free delivery. Both CSRs were rude for no reason via chat. Contacted store directly to inquire of when we could actually receive product and was informed there was no labor and material available to create couch. Um we ordered in February, so basically funds were withdrawn for a product that wasn’t even in production. I asked about free delivery once available and the lady agreed that would be acceptable. She verified our order number, name on the order, address and telephone number. She then informed us our order was updated to reflect free delivery as a courtesy and inconvenience. Fast forward to today and learned they won’t stand behind it per CSR Beth as we were told no. I informed Beth we talked to the Kenosha store and advised that yes it was approved. No response. Been loyal for years to Steinhafels, they have changed dramatically in regards to customer service, sharing pertinent order details, and are seriously only about the Benjamin’s. Only good thing about them is the sales representative Keith. I hope he is valued and if not Keith look elsewhere. You can do better

  • Alyssa Espitia says:

    Agreed, worst customer service ever. I used the chat and chatted with Edie. I did not receive the answers to my questions so I called. Guess who I spoke with? Edie. I asked her for a managers name at the Kenosha location so I could speak with them. Should said she could not provide any of the managers names. I asked her how I would dial by name when I do not know any of the managers names. She said that she would email a manager and if it was important enough they would call me but if not, they probably wouldn’t call me back. I made a snarky comment “I guess customers don’t come first at Steinhafels”. She had no comment and kept silent. I still do not understand why I wasn’t provided a name or names of one of the managers at the store. Not sure how it’s so confidential. Edie told me that I’d have to go into the store to speak with a manager. I don’t think I’ll be shopping here again in the future.

  • Jean Chellberg says:

    Recently purchased a power sofa and recliner rocker for $5100. We were moving out of an apartment and into a home and didn’t need delivery for three weeks. We were told in would take about 2-3 weeks for delivery, so no big deal. Now, three weeks to the day of delivery, our Flex Steel sofa is showing signs of wear in the construction. Sunken seat area and the back of the sofa does not close up flush with the other two sections. Called my sales person who would talk to the manager for an exchange. We were wanting to buy similar style in leather ( more expensive). Was told she would even ask if they would extend the return window for us. 15 day HAPPINESS POLICY…we were at the 20th day. She called back at the end of the day apologizing that they were sticking to the 15 day policy, even though the furniture is wearing like crap and I don’t like it. She suggested I try customer service. After a very tense telephone call with corporate’s customer service…..we are out of luck. I asked to speak to a manager to escalate and was told I would hear the same story, they would stick to the 15 day Happiness Policy. Interesting choice of words….I guess Steinhafels doesn’t expect “happy” customers for longer that two weeks! It doesn’t take a trend analyst to figure where all these comments will lead. Please think twice before choosing Steinhafels and save yourself the frustration. They haven’t heard the last from me.

  • Kay says:


  • Kathy says:

    My 6 month old power recliner handset is broken for the second time!! I want to return this obviously defective chair!
    Order# 0106206IL31
    How CONVENIENT that there is no supervisor available to speak with!!
    Filing a complaint with BBB

  • Aaron says:

    I spent over $4,100 on a purple mattress, purple pillow, warranties, and mattress protector. They delivery guy told me he always recommends for people to wash the pillow so it doesn’t smell like a warehouse. Without giving it much thought I took his advice. The pillow is ruined now. I went to the store to tell them what happened. They said they would look into it. I get a call several hours later and they told me there was nothing they could do because there are washing instructions inside the pillow case. Well I never would’ve even washed the pillow had that guy never said anything about it. So pissed off over this. Apparently it’s all on me because I didn’t look at the instructions. Very disappointed in this. Should be an easy customer satisfaction thing. Guess they really don’t give a shit.

  • Sherry says:

    With everything that’s going on in the world you would think that customer service would be top priority on everyone’s list! The Menomonee Falls store is the rudest store I have ever been in! Usually they don’t speak but, this time I had Katie Daniel she started off nice until I had an issue and then she reminded me how rude the workers are in this store! Ask to speak to someone else after talking with Katie and she’s telling me the so call store manager was going to tell me the same thing I had to keep asking to speak to him and he was next to her he finally get on the phone and was just as bad as she was. Bottom line save your money and do not pay for the premium delivery because they will not completely set everything up as advertised. This is no secret I told them I will never purchase from Steinhafels again! So sad that people have no people skills.

  • Heather Van Hefty says:

    If I could rate my experience with purchasing a furniture piece from this company I would give it a zero. I had a great sales experience with the sales rep in the Appleton store. However I live three hours away from the location so the sales rep told me it would be fine if I contacted her to place the order after I left that day. I wanted a day to think about it. When trying to contact her at the Appleton store when you call all numbers are filtered through their corporate phone number. You can enter in the sales reps name but somebody else answered and told me that she would help me instead. When I gave her the item number I wanted to order it was an item that was on sale and she told me the only way to order it was online. Which I did then immediately while I was on the phone with her. I was notified two weeks later that the item came in. What I did not know is that their receiving hours were limited and living three hours away I could not get there to get the item right away. Within the next four weeks I called two times to let them know that I was working my schedule out and would be there soon. I then on the fourth week contacted the receiving to verify their hours as I took a weekday off of work to come and they told me the item had been returned the day before to their corporate wearhouse. I was never called and notified of the return or emailed. However I saw the credit card charge for the credit did go through. Not happy as I purchased the chair and intended to have it in my home. Their customer service (corporate because there is no way to talk to anyone at the store) told me that they could get it back for me but I would have to re-purchase it at the full price. I thought that seemed insane and he told me he would check into it in the store but there was no way I personally could talk to the store manager he would have to do that for me as they cannot give out the direct store phone number. That is their policy. I never heard back from him. Two days later I’m back dealing with their customer service who told me that in order to re-purchase it I would have to physically go in the store and that their manager would not work through it with me on the phone to give me the same price I originally purchased the chair for. Which would leave me to drive three hours each way again to the store location to re-purchase the chair that I already bought. Again this customer service rep told me that she would not give me a direct number to a manager or the Appleton store location this was their store policy. Save yourself time hassle and work with a store that has decent customer service and a way to at least contact the store directly by telephone if you have a question or concern. I would never recommend working with them.

    • Alyssa Espitia says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Their customer service lady named Edie was useless. I have no clue why they cannot give out the managers name so you can use the dial by name… Makes no sense to me at all. This will be the last time I shop here.

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