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  • Address: 6095 Emerald Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43016, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 614-734-9882
  • Fax Number: 614-734-0668
  • Email: help@StaybridgeSuites.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1998
  • Founder: InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Key People: N/A

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Staybridge Suites is a residentiary hotel brand located in Alpharetta, Georgia, US and was founded in 1998. The hotel is working within the intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) .Staybridge Suites is perfect for top-end business and leisure tourists who pursue to find long term stays and want to feel at home.

Staybridge Suites reached 75 hotels after adding Eatontown, New Jersey in 2004. In 2008 the company opened 132-suite Staybridge Suites Liverpool hotel and it became the first property outside North America. In 2009, Staybridge Suites was rated as the highest extended-stay hotel. Later in 2009, the brand was named best in Customer Satisfaction by Market Matrix. Business Travel News rated Staybridge Suites as the top upscale extended stay brand in their 2011 U.S. hotel chain survey.

More than 200 hotels of the brand are located across the world and contribute a big part to IHG brand, the worlds largest hotel company. You will enjoy a warm, welcloming experience with the home like comforts and all necessary things you need. Suites with more space, hot breakfast buffet and chance to socialize make it easy, relax and feel productive.

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  • AUBREY says:

    After seeing a charge on my account for a future reservation I contacted the hotels reservation dept. That department said that the hotel is the one that charged me and had to fix it. I have never experienced such horrible customer service in my life. I had the most unfortunate pleasure of speaking with someone who calls themselves the GM and also the front desk clerk named Brittany..First the unprofessionalism of speaking to me on speaker phone and me hearing other people in the background… After I asked several times to be take off speaker phone. I tried to explain to her what the reservation dept said. Then to be yelled and screamed at and talked over to the point I could not get more than two words out I then had the pleasure of having Brittany to hang the phone up in my face. When I called back the GM answered. Which was the other person who was in the background screaming and talking rudely while they had me on speaker the first time.. I then began to express to the manager that I would like the Reginal Manager’s number because I was just hung up on and yelled at by the last associate. She then begins raising her voice at me on the phone and begins to talk over me as well. I then try to talk again and express that I don’t like how I am being talked to and treated…. I request for the RM number again … I am then hung up on AGAIN… this time by the GM. I then call the speak to the reservation department to try and get my issue resolved and speak with a manager…. I then find out that the hotel front desk clerk and manager canceled my reservation….. At this point I am very upset… the reservation department calls the front desk several times for approximately 10 minutes if not longer.. to come back and tell me that they are not answering the phone. I try calling back and after 3 attempts one of them answers the phone and threatens me and tells me that they are going to call the police and that I am not welcome there don’t call here again…. I tried reaching out to another hotel to get in touch with the reginal but I just kept getting the run around. I am even more upset because I just spoke with the RM or DM last week and was assured that he had new staff and rude customer service…. And I wouldn’t have that problem anymore. The level of customer service and unprofessionalism is horrific and to have the audacity to cancel my reservation that I booked. I am still trying to get in touch with upper management as soon as possible because this is ridiculous.

  • Jamie cameron says:

    Staybridge suites…what a disappointing traumatizing dramatic unessesarily inconsiderate extremely insulting abnoxiouslt rude and down rite trifling messy illegal management that can only be explained by possible embezzlement and some sort of personal gain at my family’s expense with both regard to our personal situation in why we were even staying here for the 2and a half weeks cut short after being lied to and threatened and treated so cruel and embarrassed me so many times I couldn’t believe the nerve and was absolutely the very worst imaginable experience I have eve r had staying anywhere in my life and I’ve stayed in a few gnarly places…..incarcerated at san saba and at plane state was actually so much more pleasant and that eith real baby eaters and murderers of the worst kinds is what I’d compare this particular stay bridge suites managers kitchen staff and everyone pretty much except their night shift employees all followed the evil mean ring leader in her criminal actions and absolutely shocking choices she made in facilitating and handling our entire stay making it absolutely dreadful and most awful experience I can go on about all the messed up things they did to us and it was definilty traumatizing for me

  • Debbie says:

    They should find out who they’re hiring before they hire people?

  • Marie Eskew says:

    This is a none smoking hotel!!! I have complain of someone smoking. They litterly called the person in front of me asking them not too smoke. The manager said this had to stop. People were complaining. It smells terrible. It never stopped. I would never have rented here if I new this was not a smoke free hotel, but it is, and I did. I have COPD. I’d looked somewhere else. I’m staying for 30 days. My check in date was the ninth of December, my check out is the 9th of Jan. I have mentioned this to your staff about the smoke ever other day. This is a health issue for a lot of people. I appreciate you taking action, please solve this problem.

  • Director of Sales Staybridge Suites Columbus Dublin says:

    This listing is NOT correct. Staybridge Suites is a BRAND of IHG hotels, and this is NOT the corporate office. To reach the corporate office you would want to contact IHG customer care, NOT the Staybridge Suites Columbus Dublin.

  • Jose Hernandez says:

    I’m wanting for you to be informed of the horrible service and how poorly my family was treated. I booked two nights for Valentine’s day weekend. The room was nice and clean. Past midnight a funny smell was coming from the drains in the bathroom. It was compatible to sewage or methane gas. I called the front desk and Smiley was empathetic and kind. He brought an air freshener to try to resolve the situation a bit. Sadly all that did was mask the smell. I kept complaining and spoke to Enrique the manager who said there were no available rooms to move us to. He gave us two options. One was to check out or get a room across the street. I asked who was going to take care of the bill and he was my responsibility. He didn’t offer a refund. It was freezing that night and I didn’t want to make my wife or child to leave in the middle of the night. We literally slept with the windows open. He was unempathic to my situation and I have yet to receive my refund for the unused night. I didn’t appreciate his response and frankly feel like a failure to my wife and son. It was supposed to be a nice weekend but ended up a disaster. We have been in a state of disaster here in Texas. We have no light for over 4 days now. He literally suggested the best solution was for us to leave in the middle of the freezing storms. I felt this was very unprofessional and cold response. As a manager he should be more empathetic. Stay Bridge as a unit is not of fault but the manager needs to be addressed and properly trained in how to handle these situations. This was at the McAllen Texas location.

  • R.C.R says:


  • Employee Of Staybridge says:

    As someone who works at this address, please know this is a HOTEL only and IS NOT corporate. If you would like to contact someone at corporate, you will need to contact IHG, whose headquarters are in Atlanta, GA.

  • Joan Cooke says:

    I booked a room for 3 nights at 11:17 pm on 9/29/2019 at the Columbus OSU South hotel when I learned my brother was in critical condition in Riverside Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The next day I called and asked to cancel that reservation, and rebook for 3 nights beginning on 10/2/2019. I called the very next morning to make this change. It was not even 24 hours. I was told I would have to pay for the first night (9/29/2019) because I called the next day to cancel. I argued that it was just a few hours and not even a full day. I asked to speak to the Manager and was told he was not there. I left two messages for him and he never called me back. To make matters worse, in addition to charging me, they said they could not accommodate me for the latter 3 nights that I wanted. I booked at another nearby hotel (ended up staying 5 nights). I want to be reimbursed for the first night I was charged because it was not a full day but just a few hours when I called and tried to make a new reservation.

  • Geneva Freeman says:

    help please i made a reservations at the wrong hotel sunday .when I found out from my daughter it was the wrong one I cancelled the one in hebron Geneva Freeman reservation 42718005 cance; number 37281994.
    sis not no when I canceled they charge my credit card.Mine you the reservation is for May 17-19 ,I am a grandmother going to a grandsons graduation from George Mason.I made the new reservation at Chantilly va
    43070518. I guess I did not read the fine print had trouble with web site tried to call reservation no one answered. Is there nayway I can get 232.20 taken off for hebron you can just pur it on the chantilly room. I cant afford this tried talking to manager at hebron but he said nothing he can do. The reservation was only one day old and 5 months away/ Please
    Geneva Freeman 1101 Karr rd Arcanum Ohio 45304 937-520-9982

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