Where is Stater Bros Corporate office Headquarters

Stater Bros Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 301 S Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 888-992-9977
  • Fax Number: 909-733-4739
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 18000
  • Established: 1936
  • Founder: Cleo and Leo Stater
  • Key People: Phillip J. Smith

Stater Bros Headquarters Location & Directions

Stater Bros Headquarters Executive Team



Peter J. Van Helden

Chief Executive Officer and President

Jack H. Brown

Executive Chairman

David J. Harris

Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance

Susan Atkinson

VP of Corporate Affairs, CEO of Stater Bros. Charities and President of Stater Bros. Charities

John Ciraulo

Senior Vice President of Fresh Foods

Darold Fero

Senior Vice President of Distribution

Dan Meyer

Executive Vice President of Retail Operations

About Stater Bros, History and Headquarters Information

Stater Bros was founded by twin brothers Cleo and Leo Stater in 1936 and is headquartered in San Bernardino, California. They inaugurated their business in 1936 after buying the original Stater Bros. Market from W.A. Davis by offering a down payment of $600. They widened their focus and added additional stores throughout Southern California to expand their work. The company was also featured on the Fortune 500 in 2005 as the “best place to shop for groceries” among Full-Service Supermarket Chains in Southern California. It was launched as a public corporation in 1964. This company grew by leaps and bounds and became the largest privately owned Supermarket Chain in Southern California.

Stater Bros has become a household name as it provides its customers with exceptional quality, everyday low prices, and friendly service. It serves people in Los Angeles, Orange counties, San Diego County, Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Ventura County, Kern County, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. Currently, it is operating more than 168 supermarket locations and has approximately 18,000 employees working for it.

Stater Bros Headquarters Photos

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  • Tyler Waters says:

    I have been a loyal customer for at least 20 years. As a household that entertains frequently, I was very disappointed to see that you have discontinued the 30% off when you buy four bottles of wine and 40% twice a year. I was told by your staff that a customer complained and that was the reason. The sad part is that I buy almost no wine from you anymore. I buy it from a competitor store. My average purchase was about 2-3 cases per month. Please bring your discount back.

  • Diane Brown says:

    I would like Stater Bros to know that the market in Norco, Ca is outstanding. The personnel are always friendly and helpful. In these stressing times they have gone above and beyond to do whatever they can to put customers first. Thank you Stater Bros for having a place to shop and for your great personnel at the Norco store.

  • Donna Brahm says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I have been a loyal Staters shopper for 30 years. I live in Hemet. Recently I’ve been concerned with the closure of one of the two entrances to the stores at State and Ramona Expwy and State and Stetson. This is not just a temporary closure. Friday around 4:00 I was at the State and Stetson store. The store was packed with most of the checkstands open and 3-4 people in line, plus all the shoppers in aisles. I was very uncomfortable that if there was an emergency, ie fire, earthquake, a shooting or attack that would send everyone running to the one and only door, there could be a major problem. I feel you could have come up with a better solution. Couldn’t you keep one door closed until a certain number of people were in the store, then open it up? Or just keep it closed at night. I get that you have concerns for theft but a second security guard should be cheaper than a lawsuit for millions. The State and Stetson store has a huge senior population who are susceptible to broken hips if they fall, which is a huge issue if you have a mass exit out of one door. I’m sorry to say I will take my business elsewhere that is out of town. I’m sure if you are doing it to these two stores, you will soon do it at others. Is the fire department or code enforcement ok with this? I will not put my family or myself at risk. I’m usually not a paranoid person, but this is a major concern for me.

    Donna Brahm

  • Pat Dodds says:

    Today I went to my neighborhood store at PaloVerde and Central in Montclair. Iam totally alarmed that you do not let your cashiers wear a mask or gloves during this virus issue.They at least should be allowed the option. They need their jobs but also need their health as much as you and I. I was impressed at how efficient all the staff was. Thankful for them and you should be too. Shame on Corp.

  • Sue Barna says:

    To Whom every want’s to listen: We live in Pinon Hills, CA. and our Stater’s is in Phelan, CA. Well we had a large winter snow storm this Thanksgiving week, And….Well we went to the store yesterday and the parking lot was something we do not ever see at our Stater’s !!! The parking lot was a complete MESS !! Ice everywhere; piles of snow everywhere; and the worst thing…Ice on the area where we have to cross to get into the store. What the bloody hell is going on ?? We have lived here for a few decades and it has ALWAYS been safe to enter our store !!! the manager said he put cat liter on it…but holy crap !!! it did not help at all !! I slipped but my husband caught me so I did fall and hurt myself!! The parking lot SHOULD BE SCRAPED !!! there is no sun to melt the snow on the front of the store !!! We do have a few hundred senior citizens in our neck of the wood (myself & husband included) and we do not like to slip and fall on ice !!!! so if at all possible….PLEASE KEEP OUR PARKING LOT CLEANED UP when we have snow storms or freezing ice storms or what ever comes through !!!! PLEASE !!! I already have a new hip that I really do not want to fall onto or fall at all for that matter !!! So please have your new manager hire some place to keep our parking lot clean of ICE &/or SNOW !!!! Thank you for any and all help you provide for our store & new management !!! but really disappointed in what our store parking lot is looking like !!!

  • tom schiff says:

    Mr. Pete Van Helden
    Stater Brothers Corporate Office.
    Via Email:
    July 2, 2019

    Re: Pasta Lori, Puglia Italy

    Dear Mr. Van Helden:

    I have previously forwarded some information on Pasta Lori but am sendingt this agan – as we would like to send your samples and the President – Vincenzo Abbinante – is planning to come to California in the next two weeks.

    Best – and again – see below:

    Tom Schiff

    Gentlemen – to follow up on an earlier communication I sent to Stater Brothers – my name is Tom Schiff, of Schiff Associates in San Diego, CA. Along with Jack Van in New Orleans – we represent Pasta Lori of Puglia (near Bari – on the Southern Adriatic Coast) — who is the third largest Pasta maker in Italy.

    Pasta Lori is currently marketing/selling to over 70 other countries and now they want to come to America. They can make all types of Pasta – including their Premium pasta, Organic, Gluten Free and Kosher – and have the capacity to produce 300 tons daily.

    The President – Mr. Vincenzo Abbinante – and some of his staff – Mimmo et al – are planning to come to California in a couple of weeks – and would be delighted to meet with you.

    President Abbinante says that he can be very competitive with anyone in the market.

    In the interim – I will have some Pasta samples forwarded for your review.

    Thank you for your Cooperation.

    Tom Schiff
    Schiff & Associates
    6418 Caminito Listo
    San Diego, CA 92111 c. 858-342-3839 o. 858-565-7722

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