Where Is Starbucks Corporate Office Headquarters

Starbucks Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2401 Utah Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134 United States

  • Phone Number: +1 206-467-4190

  • Email: customercare@starbucks.com

  • Number of Employees: 291,000

  • Established: March 31, 1971

  • Founder: Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl & Gordon Bowker

  • Key People: Kevin Johnson, Rosalind Roz Brewer

Starbucks Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Starbucks Corporate Office

It is an American worldwide chain of roasteries and cafés held in Seattle located in Washington. As the world’s biggest café chain, Starbucks supposedly is the fundamental portrayal of the United States’ second rush of espresso culture. As of mid 2020, the organization works in more than 30,000 areas worldwide in excess of 70 nations. It serves hot and cold beverages which includes microground moment espresso known as VIA, entire bean espresso, Evolution Fresh squeezed, Frappuccino refreshments, La Boulange baked goods, and tidbits including things like chips and wafers.

Starbucks Headquarters Address: On the off chance that you wish to straightforwardly stroll into the workplace and need instant help or need to present a letter straightforwardly on the organization, at that point, check beneath:

 2401 Utah Avenue South Seattle, 

 WA 98134 United States

Starbucks Headquarters Phone Number: On the off chance that you like to get a speedy reaction, give a ring on the number underneath, as it is the quickest and most effortless way to deal with getting moment assistance

      +1 206-467-4190 

Email:  If you require any information or if you want to complain, then you need to write an email to them at customercare@starbucks.com

Starbucks Headquarters Info & Photos

In the past, the Starbucks Center (the SODO Center) was the world base camp of the café chain Starbucks. It is situated in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, Washington; it is important for the city’s huge modern locale. Starbucks Center is the biggest multi-occupant working floor space in Seattle, with over 1.8 million square feet. It is both the biggest and most established structure in the nation to procure a public green confirmation. 

In 1915, the structure was built by Sears, Roebuck, and Co. to satisfy the Sears Catalog in the Western United States. It was added on the north side of a unique 1912 structure. Burns opened their retail location in this area in 1925. As indicated by the proprietor, this was the world’s most seasoned ceaselessly worked Sears store (however, the Sears store on Lawrence Ave in Chicago opened around the same time and worked until 2016). 

The structure was over and overextended during the twentieth century. After the Sears inventory business was shut, the structure was sold in 1990 and ultimately redeveloped as the SoDo Center. Starbucks started moving its managerial workplaces to the old Sears working in 1993. On June 20, 1997, the café moved its base camp to the SoDo Center, turned into the structure’s essential occupant, and got the naming rights. Likewise, the structure’s name was appropriately transformed from the SoDo Center to the Starbucks Center. 

The structure went through critical remodel following extreme harm brought about by the 2001 Nisqually seismic tremor. The Sears retail chain shut down in June 2014 alongside its close Sears Auto Center. In the principal quarter of 2017, AmazonFresh’s most up-to-date administration AmazonFresh Pickup started working out of the area.

Starbucks Headquarters Photo
Starbucks Corporate Office Photo

Starbucks Headquarters List

S. No.




United Kingdom

StarbucksUnit 3 Building 5, 5 Chiswick Park, Chiswick, London W4 5YA, United Kingdom


United States

111 N Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606



The Masterpiece, Marol Metro Station Marol, Andheri East Mumbai



38 Rue des Jeuneurs Paris



Tivoli Arcade, 235-251 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia



Vladimirskiy Prospekt, 19, St Petersburg, Russia, 191002



Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana, 1058 – loja b – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22060-002, Brazil

Starbucks Headquarters Executive Team

Laxman Narasimhan

Laxman Narasimhan

Chief Executive Officer

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Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz


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Andy Adams

SVP, Store Development

Andy Adams is senior VP, Store Development for Starbucks. He is liable for driving the Store Development and Design groups zeroed in on Starbucks development while advancing and lifting the in-store client experience. He recently filled in as the senior VP of Store Development and Design for China and Asia Pacific, driving and building the capacity to open in excess of 1,100 stores from 2011-2015. During a similar period, he drove the group to set up Starbucks China Design and Concept Studio, driving development in an assortment of store designs including three leader areas and 50 Starbucks Reserve stores.

Name Title
Rachel Ruggeri Executive Vice President And Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Bengston Senior Vice President Chief Procurement Officer Global Sourcing
Chanda Beppu Senior Vice President And President Of Global Channel Development
Brady Brewer Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
Frank Britt Executive Vice President Chief Reinvention Officer
Dennis Brockman Senior Vice President U.s. Operations
Mark Brown Senior Vice President Talent And Inclusion
Michelle Burns Executive Vice President Of Global Coffee Social Impact & Sustainability
Michael Conway Group President International And Channel Development
Ron Crawford Senior Vice President Global Total Rewards And Partner Resources Service Delivery
Lori Digulla Senior Vice President And General Manager For Starbucks Canada
Tom Ferguson Senior Vice President And President Latin America And Caribbean
Zabrina Jenkins Acting Executive Vice President And General Counsel
Aj Jones Ii Executive Vice President And Chief Communications Officer Public Affairs
Emmy Kan Senior Vice President And President Asia Pacific
Scott Keller Senior Vice President Store Development & Design
Sara Kelly Executive Vice President And Chief Partner Officer
Aswin Krishnan Senior Vice President Corporate And Financial Services
Janet Landers Senior Vice President Business Technology
Deb Hall Lefevre Executive Vice President Chief Technology Officer
Brad Lerman Executive Vice President And General Counsel
Jon Liechty Senior Vice President U.s. Retail Operations
Takafumi Minaguchi Chief Executive Officer Starbucks Japan
Duncan Moir President Starbucks Emea
Brooke O’berry Senior Vice President Of U.s. Retail Operations
Dana Pellicano Senior Vice President Product Experience
Anju Rao Senior Vice President Global Food Safety Quality & Regulatory
Mark Ring Senior Vice President U.s. Licensed Stores Starbucks Canada And Siren Retail
Kyndra Russell Senior Vice President Marketing
Sandra Stark Senior Vice President Data Analytics & Insights And Business Operations
Sara Trilling Executive Vice President And President Of Starbucks North America
Natarajan “venkat” Venkatakrishnan Senior Vice President Partner And Customer Solutions
Belinda Wong Chairwoman And Chief Executive Officer Starbucks China
Katie Young Senior Vice President Of Store Operations

About Starbucks


Starbucks was set up in 1971 by three nearby financial specialists to sell excellent entire bean espresso. In 1981 when Howard Schultz visited the store he intended to construct a solid organization and grow a top notch espresso business with the name of Starbucks. Starbucks air is to give superior grades of espresso to its purchaser and to accomplish item advancement, retail extension and offer support quality for long haul. Starbucks opened its first espresso store in Seattle, Washington. In 1990 Starbucks extended its central command in Seattle and furthermore constructed another broiling plant. Toward the finish of the 2000s Starbucks absolute branches were 3500. As per public espresso affiliation, United States 49% of American age 18 and more beverage espresso refreshment consistently. The Espresso industry was at the pinnacle of its prosperity toward the finish of the 1990s.


In 1994, Starbucks purchased The Coffee Connection, acquiring the rights to utilize, make, market, and sell the “Frappuccino” beverage. The refreshment was presented under the Starbucks name in 1995 and starting at 2012, Starbucks had yearly Frappuccinos deals of more than $2 billion.The organization started a “thin” line of beverages in 2008, offering lower-calorie and sans sugar adaptations of the organization’s offered drinks that utilization skim milk, and can be improved by a decision of normal sugars , fake sugars or one of the organization’s without sugar syrup flavors. Starbucks quit utilizing milk beginning from rBGH-treated cows in 2007. In June 2009, the organization redesigned its menu and started to sell servings of mixed greens and heated products without high fructose corn syrup or fake ingredients. Starbucks presented another line of moment espresso parcels, called VIA “Prepared Brew,” in March 2009.


  • About 20% of clients come to the store around 16 times every month. The normal client commonly visits 6 times each month. Consider where you fall on this range to perceive how really fixated you are. 

  • You can discover a Starbucks date web based utilizing match.com. That’s right, truth be told, Starbucks and match.com have united to help transform espresso addicts wherever into lovebirds, as Match individuals can utilize the “Meet at Starbucks” choice to start that first date. What better approach to experience passionate feelings for than several caramel macchiatos? 

  • The creator of the Pumpkin Spice Latte was a Stanford ball player. Peter Dukes came to work at Starbucks in 2001 and was given the assignment of making another fall coffee drink. Much to his dismay that his concept of a pumpkin pie-propelled drink would advance into perhaps the most adored Starbucks beverages ever. 

  • Most of their enhanced beverages contain more sugar than one ought to devour in a whole day. For example, a classic tall Chai Latte has 32 grams of sugar, while the suggested every day most extreme sugar admission is only 24 grams. Perhaps in the future you’ll reexamine that additional siphon of sugar. 

  • Starbucks currently offers coconut milk as an option in contrast to dairy and soy. 

  • As per the organization, this was the “second-most mentioned client thought ever,” and in light of current circumstances, as it is an incredible choice for the individuals who are vegetarian, lactose-bigoted, paleo, or susceptible to other dairy options.

  • paris robinson says:

    I am Starbucks junkie. I order couple times a day. I’m currently disabled I order through Post-mates or DoorDash. My complaint I am a gold member for some time now not sure if you guys have a contract with these third parties but when we order there’s no way to receive stars how can this be fixed? I missing so many stars. I feel that if these third parties are going to be involved with you guys and on the website, it should be a way to input our membership number/phone number in order to get our stars. Thank you very much. Please look into this matter, and have a blessed day.

  • Susan Marcos-Chavela says:

    Hell-o nice sponsor of Seattle’s Mariners.. in conjunction with ` ( Native United ) … 1) Queen Sugar. ~Banquet of Sweets…..2) .Soul Sister Sweet Sodas..Soul Sister Sweet Creme Sodas.._ custom pours on property stores..(Freefolk Brewery). 3) Antebellum Plantation .. libations.. sweet and savories.. ( this is in New Orleans on the river.. ) 4 )Reina Cafe ( Portland Or. I hope you are covering my intellectual property-business enterprises per our agreement..Just left messages with Mayor Ted Wheeler. also don’t forget Europa Cafe in Queen Anne.. with my singular large art piece as signature look.. to be expanded with quality foods.. also with my Italian sodas.. the food in our cafes are schlock.. I need you to use the former bakery of Cafe on the Ave. in U District… expand to et all and deliver fresh..pull out of grocery stores and most important Target I have my own stuff Zu-Zu’s.. Rocket Dog..et all…

  • Kim Buchanan says:

    In Fresno California, there needs to be a staff meeting with ALL stores, I have seen this happen many times, at the drive through window, employee hands the order to the customer BEFORE getting the payment, the customer quickly drives off with order and never paid for said order, the meeting should make the utmost importance to GET PAYMENT FIRST, before handing order to customer. again…GET PAYMENT FIRST !!!

  • Lolita Cuffee says:

    I love Starbucks and purchase several items everyday but I have 2 complaints. First, when I order any lunch sandwich, it is too hot to hold when heated up. Second, I have lost 2 sandwiches after my sandwich is heated & I go to pick it up the bag from the top, my sandwich falls out the bottom of the bag. I complained to the manager who gave me a replacement but I would like to see this situation fixed either with a different style bag or glue that keeps the bag closed at the bottom. This is very frustrating because I was at work & had yto wait until the next day to get my replacement sandwich.

  • Alvin Higa(Chip Munk) says:

    I earned 20.500 stars and someone took it away. I need to have this situation rectified. I would like to speak with Howard Schultz. I feel that this is a good time to have a conversation with him. I have read his book and he seems to be a great guy. I’m sure that he will love to hear my story. I do not want to post any negative materials on social media as Marketing costs a lot of money. so please forward this to Mr. Schultz, I would really appreciate it. My contact number is 858-505-0508

  • Maninder S Saini says:

    Hi, Saini Singh here from Ram Express Inc. I have a proposition whereby Starbucks’s sales would jump minimum 35%, higher of present sales. I would seek 25% of the portion of the sales hike, for the life of the Acct If acceptable forward us a short promissory acceptance contract, we would prepare legal docs to mutually protect both parties and distribute the product to approximately 25 locations of your choice in and around Los Angeles, CA . You may pick at random your own locations and we can provide the product, only after assuring certified document from Starbucks Corp. You may discontinue / drop the deal if it does not appeal to you or if there is no Positive response within 90 days. We do have ongoing low-profile conversation with Starbucks’s competitor but no commitment or legal tie yet , we have higher expectations from Starbucks.
    Your Kind consideration be for mutual monetary gain and higher customer satisfaction.

    Maninder S. Saini


  • Ki says:

    How long will Starbucks hold
    their employees hostage to face masks? They are mostly young anyway and have no risk or very low risk of COVID. Please free these employees of such ridiculous rules made by man and the political parties. Let them breathe!!

    • Pro-Starbucks says:

      Starbucks is exercising responsibility to protect its workers and the public. If you fail to understand this you are on the wrong side of the political fence. Smarter people understand the science and use it under the law to protect lives of people who are willfully ignorant and selfish.


    Wow!! As for the Lady that left last comment..I’m ALL the way in San Antonio Texas and my issue was pretty much the same exact problem with them had to drive back to get it corrected and still not right!! Very Upset!

  • Sharry Cross says:

    This is sharry cross I went to Starbucks in Beckley WV and order four large frapp with carmal all four frapp was to water could not taste the carmal it in at all and it was weak with no taste

  • >