Where Is Staples Corporate Office Headquarters

Staples Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 500 Staples Dr, Framingham, MA 01702, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 508-253-5000
  • Email: investor@staples.com
  • Number of Employees: 61503
  • Established: May 1, 1986
  • Founder: Leo Kahn, Thomas G. Stemberg & Myra Hart
  • Key People: Shira Goodman, Jeff Hall

Staples Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Staples Corporate Office

Staples Inc. is a retail company that sells office supplies. They have outlets all over the USA. You can order office supplies from Staples online. You might need to get in touch with Staples main office if you had a problem with your order, or you need to inquire about a certain product.

You can contact Staples headquarters through the following channels.

Physical address – It is not a common thing for people to send letters nowadays. You might want to send a package to Staples though. Below is their physical address.

500 Staples Dr, Framingham,

MA 01702, United States

A phone call or message might get you a quicker response.

Phone No - +1 508-253-5000, 800-333-3330

Email is another ideal option. It might get you a quicker response. Below are some E-mail addresses you can use.

General PR Enquiries -  publicrelations@staples.com

For investment-related issues - investor@staples.com

Staples have an official website, which is mainly their online store. There is a lot more contact information on the website.

Official Websitewww.staples.com

Staples is also on social media. They are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Twitter - @StaplesStores

Facebook – Staples

Instagram – Staples

Staples Headquarters Info & Photos

Staples headquarters are located in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. The main building has an ancient European rustic look. Staples has about 70,000 employees in total. They serve customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Staples says that they believe in creating a work environment that inspires how employees work. They say that their work environment is a reflection of their company’s personality and the work style of the team.

You do not have to visit the headquarters or get in touch with them directly in order to get help from Staples. You can walk into any Staples outlet regardless of what issue you have, and you will be assisted.

Staples Headquarters Photo

Staples Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

500 Staples Dr, Framingham, MA 01702, United States



280 Albert St #201 Ottawa



860 Rue des Rocailles Québec



45 Red Maple Rd Richmond Hill

Staples Headquarters Executive Team

J Alexander Douglas

Chief Executive Officer

J Alexander Douglas is the Chief Executive Officer of staples. He took over from Shira Goodman in April 2018. Mr Douglas also holds board positions in eight other companies. He has worked at Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and GS1 US before. He was the Principal at Procter & Gamble. He was the Senior Vice President at Coca-Cola North America and the Senior Director at GS1 US. Douglas spent 30 years of his career at Coca-Cola.

Douglas holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia. He has extensive experience in operations, sales, marketing, and merchandising.

Jeff Hall

Vice Chairman, Chief Administrative Officer

Jeff Hall is the Vice Chairman of Staples. He also doubles up as the chief administrative officer. He had held those positions since January 2017. In the role, Hall oversees investor relations, corporate development, strategic planning, finance, customer service, real estate, and high-growth markets on behalf of the company.

Hall had been the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance at SunEdison Semiconductor before being appointed to his current position. He successfully oversaw the IPO of the company in that role. Hall had worked at Express Scripts as well. He was the Executive Vice president and Chief Financial officer there as well. He is credited for driving the revenue of the company from $20 billion to $100 billion.

Joseph G. Doody

Vice Chairman

Joseph G Doody is a member of the board and the vice chairman at Staples Inc. He has been a member of the Board since 2004. He has served as the Vice-Chairman since January 2014. Mr Doody has previously been the President of North American Commercial of Staples, Inc. He held that position from 1998 to 2014.

Before joining staples, Mr Doody worked for Eastman Kodak Company. He had been the General Manager and Vice president there as well. Mr Doody has also served as a board member of Paychex Inc. in the past.



Christine T. Komola

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Neil Ringel

President, North American Delivery

Steve Matyas

President, North American Retail

Michael Williams

Chief Legal Officer, Secretary

Mark Conte

Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller

About Staples


Staples Inc. was founded by Thomas G. Stemberg, Leo Kahn, and Myra Hart in 1986. The first Staples store was opened in Brighton, Boston. The company had become a Fortune 500 company by 1996. Its revenues had surpassed $3 billion at the time. It would later acquire Quill Corporation, another office supplies company. Staples close some of its locations in 2014 because of fierce completion from e-commerce companies. It has since ventured into the e-commerce world as well.

Staples has recently been promoting itself as B2B solutions provide and an e-commerce company. It no longer puts a lot of emphasis on its brick and motor locations.


The primary business of Staples is selling office supplies. It sells and delivers office supplies in the US, Canada, and Europe. They have multiple brick and motor stores in the name countries, but they have recently been promoting their e-commerce business. Staples has been offering B2B technology solutions as well.

Staples say that that they can help you get the most out of your team, by offering facilities management, space planning, and technology solutions. They also offer services such as print and marketing, equipment installation, and design and branding. They also offer business networking and connectivity solutions as well.


Below are a couple of interesting facts about Staples.

Staples bought the naming rights of the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles. They acquired the rights right before construction begun in 1998. The center is named after the company as part of promotion efforts. Staples center is currently one of the most popular multi-purpose arenas in LA. It is located in downtown LA, along Figueroa Street.

Staples made an unsuccessful attempt to entire the telecommunications business between 1999 and 2001. They bought a Canadian telecommunications company called Claricom. They bought the company from an investment group. They would launch Staples Communications, but it did not flourish. The company was later sold to Platinum Equities and rebranded to NextiraOne.

Staples once used “That Was Easy” as a marketing slogan in their commercials. In the commercials, they placed a red button with magical properties. It was a fictitious button, but people all-over started contacting staples asking how they could buy the “Easy Button”. Staples would later turn it into a real product and sold it around the United States, Canada, and Germany.

  • David Szabo says:

    Hello, I live in E. Stroudsburg Pa. Rt 209 near Bushkill area. I have to drive about 35 miles to buy one cartridge of printer ink. The area is starving for your supplies. Maybe you folks would consider building a site. Here? A dollar general just opened and a new tractor supply is coming. This is the Poconos near the Delaware water gap and demand is high but not available. Thank you and have a great commute. David Szabo, resident.

  • anonymous says:

    There is a store in NW Albuquerque, NM (on Coors) where a single person has been forced to work the floor and close the store, without any other employees present. The single employee is often berated and told to do better when they ask for help and are unable to meet their sales goals because they are working the entire store on their own. This is not safe and should not be allowed.

  • R J Hodgson says:

    I have patronized your Staples store in Lake Park FL for many years and realized the other day that your store manager Mark O’Malley is probably the most adapt employee in any retail outlet that I have ever experienced. He is cordial and truly knowledgeable in every product in your store. He is a very impressive individual and a great asset to your organization.
    Generally speaking you probably don’t receive many accolades about your employees from your customers; we have a tendency to accept everything as normal customer service and leave the premises with the merchandise, and go on our way.
    Mark ,goes out of his way , to answer any questions you might have and you leave with the positive feeling that you have made the right choice and you will return to this store when in need of any other office requirement.
    In short,I am a retired President of 14 years with 41 years of service with a large reputable company. I have always believed in recognizing outstanding employees.You have one in Mark O’Malley.

  • Elaine says:

    7/2/22 Couldn’t find where to order 96 ct dunkin k kups that are an online only order for 7/2/22 only. Had to order 88 ct. please fix

  • Nhia yang 5 years in staples DC says:

    Staples DC distribution have lot off racist white people I want too let everyone and the whole world to know that this is the worst CEO bad manager bad supervisor bad HR I work for this company for 5 years and treated me like a fucken slave they never like me just cause I have to work there as an associates I never get pay on time a they always treat me like I’m a bad person and they never feed us like never not even once

  • Nhia Yang says:

    Resign & quit fucken worst company every bad management worst mangers worst supervisor worst HR ever they said I smell like weed y guys hire me when I was positive for weed fu

  • Kronos staples victim says:

    You need to pay your employees impacted by the Kronos software attack immediately. No reason anybody should be without a paycheck because of this. Overnight paper checks to those effected immediately. People have bills, rent, mortgages etc that need to be paid. Landlords and bill collectors don’t accept Kronos cyber attack as an excuse to miss payments. This is ridiculous.

    • Nhia yang 5 years in staples DC says:

      Yes sir fucken ridiculous they wouldn’t even pay me they said Kronos cyber got hacked but I said fu worst fucken ceo manger & supervisor & HR I gotta wait for a month for my check worst management ever period

  • Employee at warehouse says:

    Third week working here. Still haven’t my seen my first check. Maybe they should send out the checks from where people actually work instead of sending it from five states away from me.

  • Erick says:

    My ex wife worked for you guys ..she sucked a general manager off and they had sex and then she sued the company ..put me and my child through a deposition ringer and which we had no involvement..to her getting paid almost a million to where I think she paid the manager off ..cause I was told the money disappeared..I wasted my money for AL those lying years …

  • David D. says:

    Purchased $300 in office chairs from staples. They sold me a warranty plan through Asurion which is just a fraud agency. Brochure bullet points claim they cover the things that went wrong with both Chinese products. Liars and thieves like most corporations. They didn’t honor a thing. I will never shop at Staples again.

  • Nancy says:

    I went to staples in Brick New Jersey made purchase on debit card now getting charges on my card they tell me I have to contact my bank. Never shopping here again poor customer service.

    • Yolanda says:

      This happened to me as well with my companies credit card and now my integrity is on the line and I might lose my job because of this and they are still not taking responsibility

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