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Stanton Optical
  • Address: 3801 S Congress Ave, Palm Springs, FL 33461, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 561 408 9074
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 747
  • Established: 2006
  • Founder: Daniel Stanton
  • Key People: Tara Pellegrino

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Daniel Stanton

Chief Executive Officer

Tara Pellegrino

General Counsel

Brad Brocwell

Vice President of Clinical Operations

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Stanton Optical
Stanton Optical
  • mann patidar says:

    Why no one returning my call to solve my latest eye glass frame problem ?

  • Jimmy Roberson says:

    Went to make eye exam appointment. She said why do you need an appointment. You were just here in March. Are you having trouble. Can you not see good. Something wrong with your glasses.

    Should have said Yes sir do you want morning or afternoon

    I’m the only one in the office so apparently not busy
    Me I guess I don’t need one
    Her Dropped her head back to her cellphone

  • Raquel Hammer says:

    I called filed a complaint,I have emailed and no response ! We have been dealing with my sons glasses getting messed up in about 4 different orders since JUNE!! I’ve dealt with 2 different locations and both had service done by people who have no clue what they are doing ! Please someone fix this !

  • Cheryl Oldham says:

    From Roseville, CA- it has been 51 days since my eye exam and still no contact lenses and no PROMISED phone call to update me as to why I don’t have my lenses! This is absolutely the WORST customer service! A “Karen” at Walmart would do a better job than this office!

  • Delois Andrews says:

    On September 9 2022 I went to Stanton Optical to purchase two pair of glasses,I picked out two pair of glasses that I liked for $79:00 , the gentleman said if you buy a pair glasses it will come with a free eye Exam i asked the sales lady if I went to my doctor and have my eyes checked could I bring back my doctor prescription because I have a appointment in two weeks and could she please make a copy of the glasses that I had picked out so when I come back I can place my order so I paid her $59.00
    I asked her if the money that I pay her today will go toward the $79.00 she said yes.
    I went back to the store on September 21 2022 the day after my doctor checked my eyes the sales lady did not record the lens that I had I spent 3 hours picking out-so i had to look around for more glasses when I was ready to pay the balance she said that the total will be $79.00 plus tax she did not say that the (purchase had to be on the same )day in order to pay on $79.00is I would had made the purchase the same day.
    I think that the store should have a sign posted so the customers would know and to make sure that the sales associates tell the customer ,she did not tell me that is not good customer service we talked for a while and asked again will that go toward my glasses.
    I have worked in retail for 30 years and I know great customer service
    Thank you in advance for listening.
    Delois Andrews

  • Elena Ruiz says:

    To whom it may concern
    This letter is to let you know about my experience at one of your branches in 946 Patton Ave.Asheville NC.
    In the month of June I think it was the 23rd, I bought two pairs of glasses with progressive lenses.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get used to progressive lenses, so after two weeks, time that they suggested that I wear the glasses, I decided to go back to the store and asked them to make two glasses, one to see from a distance and the other to read.
    When I went to get the new glasses, they made a mistake, which caused them to have to be remade them.
    Every time I went to the store, I was treated very badly by the staff, especially the one who later identified himself as the manager. When I went to ask them to please return the money, which corresponded to the progressive part, they told me a resounding NO.
    He (Damian, later learn was the manager) told me “you caused us too much money, we lost money with your business. I asked to speak with the manager and the answer I got in a sarcastic way was you are talking to the manager honey. If you want to talk to me you will have to wait an hour and I already tell you NO REFUND, not full, not partial.
    That is not the way to treat a customer, don’t you agree?

    Now, months later, I have spent more than 700, the glasses do not fit me well, I cannot use the reading glasses, I am using the reading glasses that I bought at a pharmacy. The only thing I ask is that Staton return my money the amount the “progressive” portion of it. I was humiliated enough every time I went to the store. I ask you to please intervene, and to ask the manager, who I only know his first name Damian, to treat customers better, sarcasm should not be part of customer service.
    I hope you can correct this situation.
    Looking forward to your satisfactory response
    Thank you very much for reading this letter.

    Have a bless day.
    Elena Ruiz

  • Crystal Contreras says:

    i dont don’t recommend them don’t use them.They are disorganized loose information went several times to do my eye vision. I got a prescription they said it was wrong then they told me i walk out never finished like really I have a prescription. Then 2 months later still no trial contacts i get no response from no one or different stories
    They are the worst ever i used my insurance now going to have my insurance make something happen to use it else where.

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