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  • Address: 5800 Innovation Dr, Dublin, OH 43016, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-783-3637
  • Fax Number: 614-717-9223
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 5,000
  • Established: 1947
  • Founder: Jack A. Bates
  • Key People: David Floyd (President)

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Stanley Steemer Headquarters Executive Team



David Floyd


Wesley C. Bates

Chief Executive Officer

About Stanley Steemer, History and Headquarters Information

Cleaning at home is very important to ensure the health of a family and there is no better company to help you in this task than Stanley Steemer. This is an American company specializing in cleaning carpets, cleaning furniture, among many other things, efficiently and very quickly.

The company was founded in Dublin, Ohio in 1947. The goal of Stanley Steemer is to make your home look impeccable in every way, which is why it has a trained workforce to perform the cleaning efficiently , trying to cause the least amount of problems to customers. This is one of its most important characteristics.

To perform the effective cleaning of a home is necessary to have the right tools for this task, which Stanley Steemer fulfills perfectly. You will not be able to find a better company to clean the furniture of your home. Currently this company has branches in most states of the United States.

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  • JM says:

    When you design a tv ad for your company I think you forget that people view the ad in their home. It might be funny to see & hear a baby vomiting as you watch the ad in your boardroom, but it is disgusting to have this in my home while I am relaxing, eating dinner, cooking, etc. I will not be doing business with you as long as you broadcast these ads that show a total lack of concern for your customers!

  • Shelley Rosas says:

    Well, I see that I am not alone in my dissatisfaction. Horrible customer service! Technicians didn’t move anything!!! (We had already moved the heavy stuff out of the rooms.) Also, misrepresented cleaning program. Would not recommend them to anyone!!!

  • Teresa A Derosier says:

    Your commercial showing that poor dog draging himself across the room is awful!!! I am an animal lover I I find this ad is discusting!!!! What you had that poor dog do is very sad!!! Please remove ad and in the future please do not use animals in that fashion..it is in poor taste!!!!!!!!

    • DAniel says:

      We are sorry that we offended you regarding our past commercial. Our intent was to showcase our client’s concern; once we explained why we use organic products in outbreaks cleaning solutions. They expressed that we should do a “commercial” to assist in spreading the word. We felt like word of mouth based on our results, would be more effective…than a standard lecture to make parents feel bad.

  • Jen says:

    Hi there, my husband had our area rugs cleaned By Stanley steemer in Glendora ca. The lady there called to let us know our rugs were ready. Ok fine. We could not pick them up until the following monday due to work. She told my husband she is going to start charging us money if we do not pick them up. he said i can not make it there until monday…she said we are going to still charge you! We already paid for the service! We have never been treated so bad! Isn’t life hard enough??
    Very rude!! Will never use this company again!

  • Eloise McConnell says:

    I would never call you to clean anything in my home after the commercial you aired showing a poor dog scooting on his bottom. That is caused by a problem with I believe anal glands. That poor dog. SHAME ON STANLY STEEMER!!!

    • DAniel says:

      Thank you for your reply!! Shame Is exactly what we want to eradicate. Life isn’t always rainbows and cleaning supplies. We hope that you Never have a condition that results in one being made to feel shameful, because they shit all over themselves.

  • L. JOHNSON says:

    No corporate office number to call directly to bypass the unprofessional managers. They call you and NEVER identify themselves, that is the rudest and most discourteous way of doing business with anyone.

    • DAniel says:

      We agreed!! We decided to pay for all of our employees phones and technologies, so clients know who they are communicating with. Our intent is to be transparent about our customers who are willing to work with clients who are truly aware of their own businesses who are currently requesting a new project.

  • Juan Casanova says:

    I agree with many of the comments published below. At home eating breakfast I usually have my television screen on to watch my favorite shows. Suddenly, your company’s ad will appear showing a large dog dragging it’s behind across the floor. Very disgusting at the very least! Please show a little respect to your potential customer’s. It does not encourage people such as myself to partake of your company’s services. Thank You for your consideration.

    • DAniel says:

      We anticipate having many more partnerships, in the future.
      Bob Barker
      Betty White

      Have pledged their support with petsmart and the Human society forbids their clients to help fund local small businesses that are willing to work order their own personal processors.

  • Lori JB Harris says:

    Dear Mr. Floyd and Company,
    This is regarding your recent ad where the dog rubs his behind on the carpet:
    Yes, that does happen. But to show it the way it was done in your ads will only make it more difficult for shelter dogs to find new homes, especially senior dogs.
    Please remove this and come up with something to promote animals, not to tear them down.
    Thank you.

  • Jean London says:

    Stanley Steemer commercials recently airing on TV are in poor taste. Although the company cleans all kinds of messes, no one wants to watch vomit, a child’s pee stains or a dogs butt rubbing the floor. Please rethink a more positive way to impress your clients without being “gross”.

    • DAniel says:

      Grossly misleading that customers are not aware of their own businesses. We can utilize our services to help facilitate any guidance regarding this application process such as cleanliness and assistance of our client’s homes.

  • D says:

    Your TV commercials are the worst. Not only have you offended a lot of people but you have crossed the line using children and animals, especially this poor dog to advertise your carpet, floor cleaning services in such a tasteless manner. Shame on you. Your advertising agency should be fired, and these commercials need to be pulled.

  • Kathleen says:

    your commercial with the
    lad hitting himself in his privates is awful. you can do better than that!!.

  • Rodney h. says:

    The young boy who “apparently” hurts his privates is inappropriate. It will turn me away more than wanting to consider your services. Very poor taste.

  • sharon miller says:

    Well, it’s good to know we’re not alone. Stanley Steemer ruined our sectional sofa, which will now have to be totally recovered at a cost nearing $5,000. Starting on 6/4/19, I’ve had 4 visits and several phone calls, and nothing is resolved. The local manager, who would only give me his first name, Daniel, was rude and unpleasant to me on the phone, and I expect I will need to consult an attorney tomorrow.

  • Ms. LaJoyce Williams says:

    I feel cheated , the amount that I paid , and my carpet looks no cleaner than before your Stanley Steemer cleaning ..

  • Ms. LaJoyce Williams says:

    I am totally dissatisfided with the carpet cleaning that I had one week ago , I requested the machine , not the hose coming up the stairs and to the rear condo , but they sent one young man with the hose he did the best that he could , but I am not at all happy with the cleaning . I expect to hear from management asap .

  • judy says:

    I see I am not the only one disturbed by your disgusting advertisements, GROSS is putting it mildly. Not only should your company be embarrassed, but any parent that lets you exploit their child in this matter should be upheld to a greater being, I guess money talks here, not INTEGRITY they put their children under the bus with your appalling comercials

  • Jackie says:

    Horrible commercial with the boy doing stupid dance and hitting himself in private part- such bad taste and poor judgment!!! Should be removed!

  • robert bride says:

    It would appear that I am not alone in my revulsion of your tasteless commecials…one vomiting, the other pissing. You made your point and it does not serve you well.

  • robert bride says:

    Does anyone believe you when you insult their intelligence, as in your “That’s Gross!” tv ad: A girl paying no attention to a spastic child who causes a near hernia after gyrating like an idiot, and a milk shake enthusiast who doesn’t swallow but saves it up to vomit on the floor? No doubt, an airhead female advertising exec idea….men do not use that expression . . . “that’s gross!” Forget the carpets….clean up your adolescent pitch

  • K says:

    Perhaps it is time to review your advertising staff. Your add with 3 children, one boy about 11 yrs old dancing and hitting himself in the genitals is in poor taste. Also, the add with the little boy urinating in the toilet. These ads demonstrate your staffs’ lack of professionalism and adolescent and tasteless humor. You can do much better.
    I would never use your company because of this ad.

  • Lynell Sumners says:

    I sent an email to your marketing dept. about 2 weeks ago about a commercial you have with the kid Ryan and his Mom. The young boy is standing up urinating in the toilet. HIs mom calls him and he turns his head wetting the floor because he moves his urine stream. He then leaves and steps in the urine. He then goes back to close the toilet seat, but never washes his hands. Poor advertising and lacking personal hygiene. I have not heard from anyone, and very disappointed in the lack of comments you have for your commercials on TV. It’s in very poor taste. Would think your marketing dept. would be the one who would get rid of this distasteful advertising. Lynell Sumners

  • Robert Reardon says:

    We paid $50 to have a chair cleaned. I see no difference. They should have seen it was still stained and not charged us.The total bill was $325 for 3 small rooms, hallway, chair and ottoman. I am very disappointed and won’t let them take advantage of us seniors again.

  • BR says:

    Disgusting/low class commercials! Not funny and doesnt inspire me to employ the services of Stanley Steemer.

  • BR says:

    Your commercials are disgusting…tasteless and difficult to watch…using children(or anyone) vomiting and urinating on the carpet is repulsive. A very very poor, desperate decision made by Stanley Steemer when you think that this appeals to the masses. I have to assume your services are equally as poor and as a result would never entertain employing Stanley Steemer for my carpet cleaning.

  • B. says:

    I have to comment on the Stanley Steemer commercial where the little boy is at the toilet when his mother calls him to leave. It is gross and it is classless. I have to turn my head when it comes on the tv… time and time again. I suppose it is a sign of the times. Foul and tasteless expression seems to be what the majority of society wants or identify with….mainstream america but not me. Very sad. I cannot relate and as a result would never be able to employ the services of Stanley Steemer. I see that others share my feeling as i do theirs.

  • Maryann says:

    Give to president of Stanley Steemer

  • Maryann says:

    You cannot contact Stanley Steemer locally all calls go to call center and they messed up date. Scheduled for 5/9 never showed never called I called them call center again and scheduled for 5/16 no no home torn up waiting on them and have sick husband.
    Needless to say called Duraclean great company came same day called.
    Do not call Stanley Steemer poor customer service ?
    Hire a receptionist to handle your calls !!!

    • DAniel says:

      Yes, president emeritus is our next week we are currently looking forward to seeing the new company restructuring our clients accounts who are willing to assist us for purchasing insurance agents that they are currently requesting via our client service fees per management company for payment information

  • Candy says:

    First, finding this page was a chore. Second, the recent commercial about ‘Gross’ is tasteless. It’s about as bad as some of the Carl’s Jr.’s commercials. No Stanley Steemer for this family. Looks like some folks don’t like your services anyway.

  • Donna DeLong says:

    There are many ways to get your point across about your cleaning services. I find your recent TV advertisement disturbing and exploitive of a young child standing at a toilet (which is usually a private matter in the home) obviously with his privates in his hand peeing and stepping into piss on the floor. His parents should be arrested for exploitation of a minor. and so should your company. Very offensive, anything goes today just to make a buck and sell your product, right?

  • Denise Thomas says:

    I am extremely dissappointed in the services. I had an after hours cleaning scheduled for 03/13/2019 out of the San Leandro office. No one showed up or called. This was an important cleaning as we have important guests coming through our facility tomorrow. I, personally, used Stanley Steemer and have never had a problem. After this experience in our office, I will never use them again.

  • Elizabeth Morris says:

    This company is a joke. I hope more people read these reviews.

  • Denise shepherd says:

    I recently moved into as b a new t. The carpet was dirty, so I first had a company do a bed bug inspection and it cleared. So then I scheduled to have your company come to clean my carpets. The man showed me pictures of a residents that he just had d he ne before coming to my apt and stated it was filled with roaches and bugs. He shampooed my carpet and when it dried the carpet was filthy again, but now I as m being bitten by bugs. I think that bed bugs crawled on his equipment and c as me into my apt and now I am being bitten. Also I gave him a 50.00 tip because he kept saying he had 6 kids. Why was he allowed to bri g his bug infested equipment into my apt. Don’t u have rules? I have documentation to prove that my apt was bed bug inspected a full week before having my carpets cleaned. I want a full refund. Now I have to contact the exterminator to have the bugs killed. The quotes I got so far are 350.00. Its ridiculous I just wanted my carpet cleaned. I didnt want your employee to bring bed bugs. Also when the employee arrived there was another stanley steemer truck that drove behind him. If that truck had not just cleaned a bug infested residence, then why didnt he clean my apt?

  • Sharmaine says:


  • Samal says:

    Disgusted with Jennifer from Clifton NJ office. Came to my home very high on drugs and smelled like it. Drug testing needs to be done. Saddened by this with the wonderful company this is. Having people like her makes you look horrible

  • John Anderson says:

    On Sept 9, 2018, the worst crpet cleaning job I have ever received. I have used S S previously, however this was awful. Incomplete in certain areas, incl. stairs and made a mess of area rug. Missed the call from franchise mgr. Have since received nothing but recorde message st their office. Very frustrated and totally disappointed. NEVER AGAIN no matter what they offer.

  • Darlene Winfield says:

    We had our carpets cleaned on July 26. Two days later it was still damp with air conditioner and a fan going. A nasty gym sock odor came from the carpet. SS from Richmond IN came back 5 times and recleaned the carpet. The smell is still there. Their insurance denied our claim. You don’t stand behind your service. I have been a long time customer. Not anymore!

  • Pete OConnor says:

    So very very disappointed and upset at the lack of customer satisfaction, lack of follow up after my concerns were expressed. I had to call a 2nd time after 48 working hours to get a manager to call me back. Stanley Steemer misrepresented the cost, but just as important did not deliver on their over priced service and I have photos for social media to see if my concerns are not addressed to my satisfaction and soon.

  • Valerie Smitheman Brown says:

    I have had a terrible experience today with your company. I waited 9hours for service which never came. Awful and I still have carpets to be cleaned. Not even a phone call

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