Where is Square Corporate office Headquarters

Square Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1455 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 415-375-3176
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: press@squareup.com
  • Number of Employees: 3134
  • Established: February 2009
  • Founder: Jack Dorsey & Jim McKelvey
  • Key People: Sarah Friar

Square Headquarters Location & Directions

Square Headquarters Executive Team



Jack Dorsey

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Burke

Marketing and Sales Lead

Jesse Dorogusker

Hardware Lead

Sarah Friar


Brian Grassadonia

Cash App Lead

Alyssa Henry

Seller Lead

Sam Quigley

Risk and Security Lead

Gokul Rajaram

Caviar Lead

Jacqueline Reses

Square Capital Lead & People Lead

Sivan Whiteley

General Counsel

About Square, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Corey Duncan says:

    Locked up my funds with no explanation and no one can seem to help me… I’m told to wait 3 to 5 days yet this is how I operate my business now I’m at a holt for absolutely no logical reason. Well no reason at all logical or not. Just because they felt like it.

  • Corey Duncan says:

    Froze my money with no explanation and no one seems to know what is going on and it’s costing me thousands

  • billy johnson says:

    This has been the most horrible experience. I called customer service to update my phone number due to me changing it after fully verifying my account with an agent only to wake up the next day to my account being locked and can’t transfer my funds to my bank account due to my account now being under review due to “suspicious activity”. Called customer service for over a week to try and resolve the issue and was told the department responsible for reviewing my account doesn’t have an email or phone number to be reached but that same department would give me a call when the review was finished. Meanwhile square was still debiting my account taking money out but I can’t get my funds off of their platform. This has been going on for an entire week and is unacceptable. I was also hung up on twice by agents because I was requesting to speak with a supervisor as the information they were giving was only what I had already explained to them so they couldn’t assist me. This is BAD BUSINESS practices!!!

  • anthony albanese says:

    this is the biggest rip off have ever seen they are refusing to give me my money unless i provide personal information about my customers, now since i wont do it they are saying they will refund the money after the merchandise has left my store. This is unbelievable, how these scum bags arent in jail is beyond me. every time i call i get a bigger dumbass than before. anyone thinking about using this service better think again, this place needs shut down. nothing but thieves. Any questions my number is 276 403 7215 i dont mind helping anyone or talking to anyone that is having the same issues these scum bags have to be stopped

  • Zion Levy says:

    Hello Square
    Really guys this a joke cant get any help from you guys. but on the other end you keep taking money and keep this act open.
    yes i did not agree with the last person I spoke with over the phone, but i am entitled to express my opinion on the poor knowledge and communication of the support, and you cancelled my phone support access. On the other hand, you are also keeping the account open and charging me fees. You need to decide whether you want to keep me as a customer, as I am entitled to speak to someone for support as a paying customer of over 5 years. I really need to know what the next step is and where we are going from here. Once again, if you don’t want me as a customer, just close the account.
    Zion Yoni Levy

  • Alison says:

    absolutely the worst company to deal with , I opened a new account, invoiced my clients , my clients paid , flagged for review, my account was deactivated , holding over 12K for 90 days with no reason why.
    and there is no way to talk to anyone about the issue. It was to bad- to sad for you … ( response from support )

  • Houria Elsayed says:

    I have square service in my store as a furniture store I have a contract for my customer to sign when they order and when they receive them order and the invoice have all terms and conditions for orders and returns policy I had dispute for $5,000 I send all the documentation all signed and I lost the dispute because they didn’t provide documentation correctly I tray to get help from square good Luke only one phone number no supervisor no managers square they don’t care about your business I had also money was not credit to my account I lost my trust and confidence in square And I am looking at my legal options and where can I send my complaint

  • Jim de Reynier says:

    SQUARE recently became a SBA loan administrator. What is the email or portal address

  • Michael Frieman says:

    I need help. I had to cancel my account yesterday Matthew Richards Seminars. I gave my personal bank and social security number. Was it destroyed because I had to cancl. Please, Please have some one call me at 410-370-6716 to verify. My email if that is the only way to communicate: mrtmichael@msn.com

  • Keith Dickerson says:

    A customer came into my store purchased a brand new scooter gave us excellent reviews excellent customer service because I open on a Sunday so she could take delivery of this scooter however a month later she demanded Square to reimburse her the money and you did meaning Square but she never came to us with any complaint at all ever and she still has the scooter we were unaware totally of a complaint please help us

  • Tammy Davee says:

    I am a Square customer, I called Square today 6/10/2019 about money that is just sitting there and is not on my square card. I talked to a really rude persons, when I asked to talk to a supervisor this person told me to hold on so I did when he came back on he told me that he talks to his supervisor and said that they would get back to me when I ask to speak to he or she this person said that he had to end the call and hung up on me. I tried to call back but the system only would let me an email. Now my money is still just sitting there instead of on my square card where it should be. to me, this is poor customer service. I am trying to get away from PayPal but if the square is going to keep this up I might just go back to Paypal

  • Todd says:

    I am a new square customer, who is experiencing possible “fraud” and tampering by your company regarding one of my clients. It is “impossible” to contact via telephone or receive a return call from a live rep. I am in process of referring this matter to the California Attorney General’s office as well as Better Business Bureau(which I suspect has an open investigation on Square)as well as Federal authorities for investigation and prosecution. This is my last attempt to reconcile this matter as industry checks of this matter reveal your company has a history of this malevolent and unethical behavior. I can be “only” by my office number of (888)508-2267.

    ACOP CEO Todd Chalk

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