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  • Address: 5455 E High St Suite 111, Phoenix, AZ 85054, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 480-814-8016
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 30,000
  • Established: 2002
  • Founder: Kevin Easler & Shon Boney
  • Key People: Amin Maredia (CEO) & Brad Lukow (CFO)

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Amin N. Maredia

CEO & Director

James L. Nielsen

President & COO

Bradley S. Lukow

CFO & Treasurer

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  • Stephanie Meadows says:

    I am a regular Sprouts shopper in Loveland, CO and disappointed that Sprouts does not carry Just Water. I am surprised especially because Sprouts is health and re-cycle conscious and yet most of the water to purchase is in plastic bottles. I have to go to another local store to buy Just Water because the only water that is not in plastic at Spouts tastes awful.

    Please let me know when you will be purchasing Just Water for all the Sprouts facilities especially in Colorado and specifically in Loveland?
    Thank you

  • Linda says:

    I have been a loyal customer for years with Sprouts. I am now getting more upset for the fact, that you have an app to get digital coupons, which is great! BUT, every time I go to the check out register, I use my smartphone, scan the Sprouts app, but I do NOT get the coupon credit I’m suppose to get. This is frustrating, I have to point out every coupon “I” should be getting towards my groceries and they look at me as, oh sorry… and push me along as though I’m holding up the line. Are you kidding me? If you have an app, it should give you the coupon credit but it DOESN’T! It NEEDS to be working! The store is in Henderson, Nevada off of Green Valley Parkway & Horizon Ridge.

    PAY ATTENTION FOLKS, make sure you getting your coupon credit!

  • Loyal Customer says:

    I love Sprouts!

  • Pat says:

    Please remove my post.
    I thought I was sending a comment to the head office.

  • Pat Trim says:

    You really need to do some serious staff training at your store on Aloma in
    Winter Park FL.
    I went in today to buy some groceries, to include two boxes of Daiya cheese sauce for a meeting tonight. On the shelf, unbeknownst to me, there were two choices. A cheese sauce, and an alfredo sauce. I picked 2 of the cheddar sauce. I got home and saw one was alfredo, and one was cheese. Someone had switched one to the other.
    So, I travelled the 12 miles, round trip to exchange the alfredo.
    I got to the store, and asked to speak with the manager. I told him what happened.
    He exchanged the alfredo for the cheddar sauce, only providing a very weak apology.
    What would have been nice would have been if he had said, “let me give you an (i.e.)
    $1 box of blueberries for your gas, and trouble.” But, nothing. He never even walked me to the front of the store but instead started chatting with someone.
    Since this Sprouts opened I have visited weekly, and have spent a lot of money in this store, but, not anymore.
    I am done with Sprouts, and the rudeness of this staff member.

  • Robert says:

    Last week when we visited your store in Grand Junction, Colorado they were completely out of frozen mixed vegetables. Why?

  • Robert says:

    Why has your store in Grand Junction, CO stopped selling Dragon Fruit? I need to make my smoothies. Really miss the Dragon Fruit.

  • Yolanda Aguon says:

    I applied for an open position at my local Sprouts store and was scheduled for an interview on 5/21/19 at 1pm. I arrived early and knocked on the Managers door and let them know I had an interview and had arrived early. I was told to take a seat in the waiting area and they would have someone come get me. I waited for a half hour before one of the floor clerks noticed me sitting there and asked who I was waiting for? I told him that I had an interview at 1pm and that the person in the office told me to wait. The person said “let me go see if anyone is coming out to get you” and that he’d be right back. He came back moments later and said someone would be coming to meet with me in just a few minutes and he apologized for my waiting. Someone sent the head cashier “Shawn” to meet with me and we had a short conversation about my application and the job, however he did not known anything about the department I had applied for a “Vitamin clerk” so he couldn’t answer my questions. After we were done with our conversation he said he would pass my information along to the manager of that department. I never heard back so I called 2 days later and spoke with a different person and they said nothing had come across their desk and they would look for my information and would then get in contact with me via the manager of that department. It is now 6/5/19 and I have never received even a call back! I am very disappointed in how the management works and will pass this negative feedback to my family and friends.

  • Billie Blanchard says:

    I purchased fresh Atlantic Salmon fillet on April 3, 2019, and there were fish scales covering the skin side. Are the salmon fillet usually sold this way? I did not enjoy scraping off the many, many scales.

  • Rhonda says:

    Food for thought, when you decided to open another Sprouts in El Paso, TX please consider Northeast El Paso. We have the Military community as well as other great residents in that area that would love to have a sprouts in their neighborhood and not drive 12-15 miles to get to the closest one. I’m sure we have enough space and land available in that area to build one. Thank You

  • sarah goldstein says:

    You ruined my Sun dinner by selling rotten chicken thighs to me. I am 81 yrs old. I went to your store on Friday to make sure I could eat Sun, Mon and Tuesday – until I received my social security on Wed. I had toast for Sunday dinner because the chicken was rotten when I was ready to prepare it. It was to be good until 2-17 You stole my time, money gasoline and a pleasant Sunday from me. HOW DARE YOU!!! Purchase made at S. Rainbow store in Las Vegas – a very poorly managed store. NEVER will I ever shop at one of your stores. Your store needs to be inspected by the health dept. Dirty!

  • Lisa McCaffrey says:

    Unhappy with Philadelphia Pa location. 3 items out of stock on Saturday, 1/19/19( currently still out of stock as of 1/21/19): vital farms salted butter, turkey package gravy by simply organic, cole slaw. The lines were ridiculously long while 1 cashier at the 20 items meanwhile 3 cash register not being utilized with workers and the register across from this closed. We waited in line 25 minutes- mom’s organics, Whole Foods, acme are not far away. Always have to wait in lengthy lines! As you are waiting in these lines people are entering through the doors on Broad street and it’s mass chaos. Not a pleasant shopping experience.

  • Daniel says:

    I am very unhappy with the Mansfield & Arlington, tx store. Both stores are a :20 one way drive. It is not convenient! I go once a week & for 4 was. running both stores have been out of the coffee I want to buy. I’ve talked with store managers (not dept managers). I get apologies & i’ll Fix the problem but nothing gets done. I guess I will find somewhere else to find this coffee. I can always get it from amazon. No wonder stores like this are folding to amazon!

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