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Where is Sprouts Farmers Market Corporate office Headquarters

Sprouts Farmers Market Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5455 E. High Street, #111,
    Phoenix, Arizona
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 602-682-3200
  • Fax Number: 480-814-8017
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 27000
  • Established: July 2002
  • Founder: Kevin Easler & Shon Boney
  • Key People: Amin N. Maredia

Sprouts Farmers Market Headquarters Location & Directions

Sprouts Farmers Market Headquarters Executive Team



Amin N. Maredia

CEO & Director

James L. Nielsen

President & COO

Bradley S. Lukow

CFO & Treasurer

David McGlinchey

Chief Merchandising Officer

Dan J. Sanders

Chief Operations Officer

About Sprouts Farmers Market, History and Headquarters Information


Sprouts was founded in the year 2002. The company has been operational for more than 16 years now. Henry Boney and his family founded the company. The family was responsible for establishing the Henry's Famers Market, which has slowly grown and expanded into 23 stores. Later on, it was taken over by Wild Oats Market, which was again taken over by Whole Foods Market.

The family of Henry Boney then moved onto a second venture and founded the Sprouts Farmers Market. The company also grew rapidly and had its presence in about 150 locations around the USA. It was then later acquired by Apollo Global Management, and then merged the company with Sun Harvest. The company currently operates under the name Sprouts Farmers Market brand. In the year 2015, the company founded the Healthy Communities Foundation, which donated almost $2.2 million to not-for-profit organisations, in the year 2017. The company also donated 19 million pounds of unsold groceries via a Food Rescue Program held in 2016. The headquarters of the company is based in 5455 East High Street, Suite111. The name of the place is Phoenix, while the state name is Arizona, USA. The area pin code is 85054.


Sprouts is an American retail company that focuses on providing all-natural groceries and other food products to its customers. The current president and co-CEO of the company are Jim Nelsen, who is working with Brad Lukow, who is the other co-CEO as well. As of the year 2015, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $3.5 billion. Also, the current number of employees working at the company, as of 2017, is more than 27,000. The company also has more than 300 stores, located in 19 states around the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to buy various types of groceries, food items, seafood and meat items, different vitamin supplements, dietary supplements and also organic food items as well. The company is also the No. 2 organic retailer in the USA market as well.

Sprouts Farmers Market Headquarters Photos

Sprouts Farmers Market Resources

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  • mike says:

    As a Customer who has to pay profit/s to product/s; in the same THEORY as homeowners pay property taxes on their properties:
    My reviewing of this “Corporate Headquarters”, and of how it to be used. Is a waste of money. Considering all that wasted open space, that remain of empty space. A loss of space for productivity.
    RATHER, all that empty space remain for PARTYING: that’s what POLITICOS specialize in doing.
    It’s issues like this that keep me from remaining as a “Sprouts” customer: too high of pricing. Emails and customer service phone call attempts never get answered to. As the phone does not get picked up.
    Better graded levels of the same veg, etc are found elsewhere, as Sprouts will charge TOP PRICE on the veg that be in the condition of when in least value.
    As so long that Sprouts customers keep buying of such —- that continues to make more profit for SPROUTS, as how that new “Corporate Headquarters” cost was recovered.

  • Gary says:

    Iwent to your store in El Paso, TX Store #153.
    I bought 3 oranges at 1.29 a pound. Your Cash Receipt said 1.74lbs for 3 ORANGES

    I get home weigh the oranges on a postal scale – 1.10 lbs … Over Charged .80 cents
    I bought 1 lbs of bagged Oatmeal – $1.19 you charged $1.20

    I called the store – Clerk COULD CARE LESS ! She said scales weigh DIFFERENT – GIVE ME A BREAK !


  • Teresa says:

    This is Theresa at 232 ease contact me! Before I contact outside media. Becky and my mgmt is aware. I want nothing but my due! And for those less incumbent to proceed me! Without merit

  • Pam Jahn says:

    Here in Riverside County, California we are under a MANDATORY face mask order yet Sprouts at 39606 Winchester Rd, Temecula, Ca. continues to let shoppers into their store without upholding this order. The people who refuse to wear masks place employees and consumers at risk. Shame on you Sprouts for allowing this to happen. These people should be stopped and turned away at the door. Other businesses will not allow access without compliance to the statewide order, yet Sprouts at this location (possibly others as well) seems more concerned about making a buck than looking out for the welfare of the majority of their customers who care enough to cover their faces.

    • cindy krueger says:

      PAM, please don’t panic…the research makes it very clear there is no definitive reasoning for the use of masks outdoors, ie, shopping especially for young healthy people. Fear has taken over people thinking and using a reasonable thought process. Sprouts is doing the right thing. If people want to wear a mask, so be it, but please understand that those who do not cause zero threat to anyone around them. Perhaps you will find it more comfortable shopping elsewhere for now.

  • David says:

    Never applied at sprouts in sparks they will just fire you after 90 probation period. Sam the store director will just fire you for no reason

  • Karen Oliver - Brown says:

    Every thing I read, regarding their roots & history is simply AWESOME!!! I am well aware of both Wild Oats & Whole Foods, store from Berkeley, CA!!! Our United Supreme Artists (USA) BAND, ARE STARVING ARTISTS, MORE THAN EVER… DUE TO CORONAVIRUS!!! We have a plan to partner with Sprouts for delivery service and live music for their markets!!
    “Knowledge Is Power”
    & “Healthy”!!!

  • Amy Fihn says:

    I’m fortunate to have the Sprouts on Clairemont Drive conveniently across the street from our large senior building. Especially a life-saver for our residents with the shelter in place order in California. I’m a frequent customer, typically shop every other day. Sprouts has implemented precautionary measures, such as restricting the number of customers admitted to the store to ensure social distancing which I appreciate as a high risk demographic.

    However, I was dismayed when I got to the register and informed there is a temporary NO refund policy now for any spoiled or defective purchases, which includes unopened products and vitamins. The explanation given was the merchandise might be contaminated.

    Not only do I feel this policy is unfair to customers, but inconsistent across the board. I believe if Sprouts was truly concerned with spreading the virus, they would require all checkers and baggers to wear protective gloves. I requested my bagger to refrain from touching my food with her bare hands.

    As a low income senior, I can’t afford to throw away food. I had purchased a frozen package of 6-8 individually sealed salmon filets costing about $28.00. The first filet had a distinctly bad odor so I threw it out. I was forced to discard all of them because Sprouts refused my return.

    I understand Sprouts may be acting in an overabundance of caution, but there has got to be a more satisfactory solution that serves the customer’s needs, while ensuring best practices. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Denise Gabriel says:

    I have been considering how the Covid19 will impact grocery stores. I have also thought about how the customers can go to a grocery store and NOT get sick, since many people who are sick still need to get food and supplies for their families. Allergies are at a high here in North Carolina, so you can’t tell who is just dealing with allergies vs. other more contagious things. So, I thought that it could be really beneficial to your staff and the customers by creating a central area for people coming in sick. Would it be possible to cordon off an area with the most requested items to fight colds, viruses, etc? Most of these items already are in one area. What would it take to put a partition like the ones used to separate refrigeration areas? Then, those who are sick can go to that area and get their products and a clerk could meet them if necessary to get a list of the other items they might need for their home and bring them back to the register. This way, you limit the exposure of people walking through passing their germs all over and you keep the staff healthy as well. I think this would be a win-win for everyone. You might even set a trend to other grocers to adopt this line of thinking. I hope this makes sense to you.

  • Elie says:

    Hi I’m a very frequent customer at my local Sprouts in Cerritos, CA. I’ve never had a problem shopping there till yesterday 2/29/20. My daughter and I were there shopping with her service dog ( Cooper ). After a few minutes into our shopping we were approached by the manager ( Mike Boyd ). He asked if we had any documents for her service dog. Since we didn’t he asked us to leave. That unfortunately, took me by surprise because the dog was wearing his service dog vest. I had a quick decision to make at the time and had my daughter waiting outside with her service dog while I checked out what I had in the cart as she was on my view. According to ADA it is against the law to discriminate against people with disabilities. If you read the ADA law it is not required for someone to ask for any type of documents as long as the dog is wearing a service dog vest and is there to provide a service that is very well needed. We invested a lot of money and time for her service dog. I’m just asking for upper management to better train their employees.

  • Thanos says:

    You hire a lot a white racist people, that’s not cool but what else can I expect from a race of savages. At least have these animals you hire speak to everybody or I am going to start making a scene in your store for their hatred towards me. Miss me with you being but hurt because I calling you people savages. When your fucked up history is written in the blood of my ancestors, that’s what you are to me. Soulless white savages.

    • Penny says:

      Sorry you feel that way. We cannot make up for history 100/200 years from the past. As my white ancestry is out of Palestine and were slaves once too. The Jews as well, and we never discuss that whole mess. At one time or another all races/creeds & colors were enslaved. It’s time to move past it…

  • James Weathers says:

    I was hoping to find out if you have any plans to open a store in Pahrump, Nv. I’m sure it would do well.I know I would be an avid customer.

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