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Can you imagine living in a world which has no means of communication? Telecommunications is the most important part of our daily life. It is a way that allows us to interact with society and people all around the globe. Mobile phones, internet and television – all are our modes of effective communication.

Sprint is a multi-billion American telecommunication and internet provider company which has the aim of providing excellent customer service to its customers. Their services include providing wireless voice and messaging communication, broadband services and phone services.

Sprint Headquarters Address – You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

66251, 6100 Sprint Pkwy,

Overland Park, KS 66211,


Phone Number – 855-848-3280

Email – support@sprint.com

Website – You can visit their official website for any more information related to Sprint. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://www.sprint.com/

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The Sprint Corporation is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. Their other company offices are based in New York, Virginia, Georgia and California.

The Sprint World Headquarters is spread over an area of 3,900,000 square-feet in Overland Park. The campus has a collection of 17 buildings which were designed by Hillier Architecture (RMJM in 2007). The first building was inaugurated in 1997. Most of the buildings on the campus are 4 or 5 stories tall.

The amenities which are available for the staff are an amphitheatre which can accommodate around 3000 people and parking garages for more than 12,000 cars. The campus is covered with an area of 60% green vegetation having 6000 trees.

The campus was designed with the idea of accommodating 14,500 employees.

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S. No.




United States

66251, 6100 Sprint Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66211, United States

Sprint Corporation Headquarters Executive Team

Marcelo Claure

Executive Chairman

Marcelo Claure serves as the executive chairman of the board of Sprint Corporation. He also handles the positions of chief operating officer of SoftBank Group Corp., and chief executive officer of SoftBank International. Marcelo is also on the board of directors of the SoftBank Group. Under his leadership, Sprint has excelled from losing millions of customers to gain more than 2 millions of customers.

Mike Sievert

Mike Sievert

President & Chief Executive Officer

Néstor Cano

Chief Operating Officer

Néstor Cano is the chief operating officer of Sprint Corporation. He is responsible for broadening the systems and processes at Sprint, making sure that all operations are completed with excellence and driving expense reductions wherever needed. He joined the team of Sprint in 2017. He has vast experience in the field of management.

Name Title
Marcus East Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer
Ulf Ewaldsson President of Technology
Peter A. Ewens Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Development
Callie Field President Business Group
Jon Freier President Consumer Group
Janice V. Kapner Executive Vice President & Chief Communications & Corporate Responsibility Officer
Mike Katz President Marketing Innovation & Experience
Deeanne King Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer
Susan Loosmore Executive Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis
Mark Nelson Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Peter Osvaldik Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Neville R. Ray President & Strategic Network Advisor to the CEO
John Saw Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Omar Tazi Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer

About Sprint Corporation


The journey of Sprint Corporation began with two companies – the Brown Telephone Company and Southern Pacific Railroad.

Brown Telephone Company, founded in 1899 in Kansas and Southern Pacific Railroad traced back its roots to 1860s.

In 1986, GTE Sprint and the US Telecom decided to merge which led to the birth of the company US Sprint and its logo.

In 1990, United Telecom primarily owned Sprint and became Sprint International. The company handled International long distance calls. After a while, the company entered the world of wireless networks. They started to offer cell phones to their customers.

In the year 2004, the two companies, Nextel and Sprint merged to form a company called Sprint Nextel Corporation. A Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank completed its accession of Sprint in the year 2013. Another merger came in the year 2018 when Sprint merged with T-Mobile. A deal of $26 billion was sealed in April 2018.


Sprint corporations is an American telecommunications company which provides wireless and wireline communications products and services.

They provide their services to Government bodies, consumers, businesses and resellers.

Sprint corporation produces, engineers and establishes technologies to set up a global tier 1 internet network service.

The major subsidiaries of Sprint are Virgin mobile, Boost mobile and assurance wireless companies. These companies are responsible for providing communication and broadband services.


  • About 80% of the Sprint Corporation is owned by a Japanese company called SoftBank Group Corp., and the remaining of shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Sprint is the 4th-largest mobile network company in the US and they had approximately 54.5 million customers as of March 2019.
  • Sprint was rated as the “most improved company” in terms of customer satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

  • Jose says:

    First let me begin by saying that I have been a loyal customer since 2006. I currently have 4 phones on my plan. This past August ai went in to your Howe Ave, Sacramento store to take advantage of the Free upgrade promotion. I began with one phone then I upgraded two other phones then a day or two later I upgraded the 4th and final phone. Each time while the tech was writing up the paperwork I asked to confirm that my monthly bill would remain these and I was told yes that it would remain the same each time I asked. I even asked how I can lower my bill and one of the techs informed me of the 55 and older plan. Bottom line is that For the last 3 months I have had to call to dispute my bill because I was being charged over $400 dollars. The first two times (Sep & Oct) it was corrected. The last couple of days I called in to be promised that a manager would call me and I never received the call and then while I was on hold yesterday afternoon I got disconnected and never received a call back.

    Please call me at +15308483385

  • Rob says:

    I have been a Sprint customer since 2012. However, when adding a phone and line to my plan, the billing got screwed up and I was being charged 636 dollars a month when I was supposed to be paying 436 dollars a month (which is still high mind you). Several attempts to get this corrected have so far been to no avail. I really wish I could speak with an American and not a foreigner. If I cannot resolve this issue today, I will be leaving sprint. The customer service is the absolute worst!

  • Scott Sarrels says:

    Hello, I am quite sorry I have to write to the three of you, I have exhausted all other forms before this action.

    I am currently a customer since 2004, I during these times have fallen on financial hardships till I can secure a disability income and or Social Security. I have skin in the game as I have not had income for quite some time. Recently things have escalated to zero saved money left to afford services, I have found the program that your corporation has secured with FCC and its called ACP I have done everything in my power to continue being the good customer since 2004…. The Case reference 12293689 My CSR name was Mark and the direct supervisory persons name is Eric.

    I am unable to drive, all I have is internet and the protocol is go to the affiliate store (GO) I cant… I asked if they could make an exception and send me the chip-set and assist me transferring to Metro PCS without money to buy the chip after, the many years of service they would not assist they offered a credit. That method, disabled, no auto no family will not work.

    I can’t fathom all these companies are somehow affiliated but can’t assist a senior citizen on July 27th

    There of course are others that did in fact do everything including sending the chip, but it goes against every business practices I have preached for 40 years; which is stay true to the ones that where loyal Honest.

    If you would rather I just go to the other carrier I will. This will amaze even the best of the best will shake their heads after reviewing all the diligence that I have endeared trying to be Loyal to Sprint since 2004.

    Scott Sarrels.

  • Derrick says:

    Greetings, I’m in the process of filing a complaint to whom ever will listen. I’ve been a Sprint customer since 2003 (Nextel Communications) I’ve basically never had any interaction with Customer Service until Sprint/T-Mobile merger. Recently I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service, repeating the same issue with over 10 reps and supervisors, with no resolution. I’ve done everything customer service has ask of me to prove that I/My Bank has paid my May 2022 payment of $190.00. I’ve had one customer service rep say, Mr Burke we’ve located your May 2022 payment, only to be sent a notice that my bill is overdue, and disconnected service is approaching. I’ve sent in my banking statement several times to verify my payment, and still no resolution! I’m very frustrated, that I can’t walk into a branch and provide onsite proof of my payment, as opposed to be forced to someone that barely Speaks English, and more yet can’t understand the content, context of the conversation. After this is resolved, one way or another (Legally) I’ll be leaving Sprint T-Mobile Regardless of the cost.

    Derrick Burke

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Cecilia Landrum says:

    We’ve been in Sprint for almost 20 + years. Recently, we update our phone and to return the old phone, for almost 4 months I am still waiting for the return box and now it’s charging us more. We’re tired of the promises thru your customer services. T mobile don’t want to accept our old phone. So frustrating. Pls help us with this frustration dealing with customer service around the world.

  • Alkanah says:

    They fraudulently over charge me and they scam u by lying to you about there promotions. I have call sprint 15 times and they lie and don’t transfer to the corporate office or give u their number and google don’t have valid phone number for corporate.

  • Alkanah says:

    They are not helping customers instead they a
    Re scaming by furadulanly over charing on there bills.

  • Mark Schmidt says:

    I have been a Sprint customer for 7 years. I have spent the last 4 hours on the phone trying to use my insurance, which I have paid for 7 years. Nobody cares if I stay a Sprint customer and I highly doubt I will. My $160 a month won’t break you guys, but I hope that anyone that has the power to help has to spend the 10 hours I have put into this on something they have paid for and deserve. I am being ripped off, treated like a criminal when I have done nothing but pay my bill for the last 7 years.

  • Sharon pickett says:

    I have had an issues with what a sprint sells rep. Told me my bill would be and it’s never been that I’ve been dealing with this since October 2022 and I’ve been lied too,hung up on ,promised things and nothing happens they turn me off and I call waste 3 hours of my time nothing happens and nothing changes and I’ve been a customer for over 22 years.I may need to just change my phone carrier.because this is getting very old.and clearly they don’t care about there customers.

  • Letyna Roberts says:

    To Sprint Corporation,

    I am or was 25+year customer of SPRINT and I am unaware why your decision to merge with T-Mobile has occurred. But, I must advise that was the absolute worst decision your company could have made if you are a organization that stood firmly to your commitment to customer service and providing a quality product across the board.
    I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated with T-Mobile in just this short period. Below are my concerns and problems;
    1. Drop calls
    2. Delayed text messages
    3. Voicemail messages have been up to 3 days late coming through or not at all
    4. Text messages appear on my screen in reverse
    order(oldest to new)
    5. T-Mobile has tried to convince me to upgrade my phone APPLE phone because they claim you SPRINT lied to me and have me in a contract with all of my APPLE purchases verses ownership upon purchase. Is this true?
    And yes, I’ve reported my concerns to T-Mobile with no resolution…..

    I was a faithful customer of Sprint for as I mentioned 25+ years never considered leaving to AT&T, T-Mobile…..Verizon other. I just wish your Corporation had done it’s true due diligence before throwing your customer base to the wolves.
    I’m extremely dissatisfied with T-Mobile and would prefer to remain a loyal Sprint customer.

    Please get back to me at
    Letyna A.Roberts

    Please reply……..with any suggestions

  • Juan Jimenez says:

    La compañía de seguros es una compañía incompetente y no sería tengo casi 20 años con spring y aora tengo que esperar 6 a 7 días para recibir el teléfono donde yo trabajo con el y e perdido clientes y trabajos por su inutilidad me ciento muy decepcionado

  • David Mcleland says:

    your customer service is horrible. i have been with your company for five years now. My phone screen is broken and I pay insurance for and is still under warranty. I’ve spent the past three weeks trying to get a new phone and have spent over 14 hours on the phone with everyone. this shouldn’t be that hard to get a new phone. Every time i talk to someone they don’t know what the last person said. Every time i ask to speak to a manager there isn’t one available. when someone says they will call me back they don’t. I am at the point i will end go to Verizon because of these issues. i use my phone for work and haven’t had one..

  • Guest says:

    I am a disabled vet and have been with sprint for over two decades and have referred many family, friends & associates, unfortunately they have gone down and with this latest t-mobile merger they have hit the gutter. I had my veterans discount on my plan since the beginning, once they merged someone took it upon themselves to remove it, messing up my plan. I was then told I needed to go into the store and show my veterans id to be so-calked reverified. I have a hard time getting around due ti service-connected issues, but I made it into the store with my id to be verified, the t-mobile store even called them to let them know he verified my veteran status, they then had us on hold about an hour, just to ask for the store manager to send a copy of my id, he told them his store did not have that capability, but that he was the store manager and he verified that I was in fact a veteran, they then put us on hold yet again for over an hour for non-sense, so he notated my account stating he verified my veteran status, etc. I was in that store for almost four hours. When I called back in, they told me that I needed to go back into the store and re-verify yet again, I ended up speaking with several managers who refused to give me the number to corporate, finally I was given a number and spoke with someone that supposedly was from corporate, she went over my account and assured me she would take care if the issue, straighten out my account and I did not need to worry about trying to re-verify anymore. However, I had to call in every month so that they could adjust my bill because it was constantly higher than what my plan was supposed to be, they kept saying it will take affect next month, but it never did. Well, finally I called in for my adjustment when the bill was due and sprint customer non-service claimed their system would not allow them to attach my veterans discount, so they then said instead we can offer you the silver 45 or 55 unlimited everything plan, which was basically the same plan I already had with unlimited everything including unlimited hotspot, but at a lower rate, so I told them as long as this would not screw up my account I was fine with it, but if it would continue to cause issues then leave my plan where it is and just make the necessary corrections to my bill, they assured me I would not have any more issues. Well, the following couple of months I dealt with the same issues of incorrect billing and them unable to attach switch my account over to the silver 45 or 55 unlimited everything plan, finally I spoke with a representative who was able to switch it over, then last month I had to call in because my bill was practically doubled. Once again I had to call in for an adjustment, they then tell me I need to be verified for this plan, WTF!!! This is BS, they offered me the plan because they screwed up my existing plan after the t-mobile merger, so why are you now coming back after a few months with this BS about re-verifying? I told them that I no longer and will never refer anyone else to them and that they need to figure out away to fix this problem that they caused and fix my account with the agreed upon plan and rate. I also told them that after being with them for over two decades, I will find another phone company ti switch over to if they cannot fix the issue tgey created and I will tell those customers that I referred which still have sprint to switch over as well, although a great deal of them left sprint a while ago due to incompetent customer non-service screwing up their plans, constant dropped calls, lack of service, etc. as the list goes on-and-on and I regret ever referring anybody at this point. I should not have to call in for a bill adjustment every month because their so-called system is either having issues or they can’t figure out how to attach a plan correctly and now all of this verify, re-verify BS, no, I can’t, I’m having a hard time dealing with my service-connected issues and don’t need any more added issues. Sprint this t-mobile merger was the worst thing you could have done, as you have really sacrificed your customers all because of greed!!!

  • Cory Salmans says:

    I am a company that used to think highly of Sprint but now you are the most horrible company around. I used to refer everyone of my clients to you and I most definitely will no longer. You company has turned into a lying, stealing, and manipulating company on the face of the planet. You have a CEO that worries more about his public image than he does about taking care of the customer which is the reason he makes billions of dollars a year. I guess when you become that rich the reset of the world does not matter to you, so the way to get attention is to hit where it hurts “your wallet”. I am going to make sure that I do everything I can to cost you business to include local news, social media, and a class action lawsuit. You have a bunch of idiots working for you doing nothing but bouncing you around from one person to another  where you constantly make them angry before you tell them oh well our computer generates all our thinking for us. I have tried and asked for someone in corporate customer care to contact me only to be ignored by silence and no response. I am also posting this complaint everywhere I can. Your company clearly does not care about your customers…

  • Mr. Stephen Bowles says:

    Sprint have become a conglomerate vested in exorbitant prices, poor service from its outsourced customer service unit, and phone quality in terms of dropped call, dead spots, and poor audio.
    I have been with this company since before the Nextel merger.
    This is my only creditor that fleeces me at the tune of $7 for setting a payment arrangement.
    What will be done with this correspondence, I’m sure, will be nothing. I am not happy with Sprint on every level. I know I’m not alone.
    Moreover, this not an attempt at garnering set asides or handouts – no. It is, however, a complaint from a long standing loyal customer I know top executive discounts or overlook. Something must be done to move your company to become customer oriented. Sprint you have a problem…

  • Deborah Karczewski says:

    I have been having a very poor experience with the sales department. I don’t think Sprint realizes how they are operating. Some very fishy things going on. I can not get ahold of someone who can help me with this issue.

    • monica says:

      you are so right im dealing with them now about double charging

      • Charles Joyner says:

        Monica I’m dealing with the same thing being over charged and they do nothing about it I’m in the process dropping Sprint contract and all a bunch of nonsense playing with people hard earned money I refuse to another dime

  • >