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  • Address: 10400 Fernwood Road, Bethesda, MD 20817, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000

  • Established: 1997

  • Founder: J. Willard Marriott

  • Key People: Joshua Forsyth Director of Sales & Marketing

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Springhill suites corporation is part of the Marriot International family of hotels. The company gears towards the upper-moderate lodging segment of the hospitality industry. J Willard Marriot started the Company in 1997, and it now has over 400 locations in Canada and the United States. By June 30th, 2020, the Company had 470 hotels with 55,595 rooms adding on the previous 187 hotels with 21307 rooms in the pipeline. The company website is http://springhillsuites.marriot.com/. The Company has over 5000 employees, out of which 1507 are on LinkedIn. The Company provides all-suite hotels that target the upper-moderate lodging tier of the industry.

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  • Damian says:

    Springhill suits in mount laurel/Cherry hill. It was nice walking in but I believe mr.baldhead needs some customer service training was greeted with a comment “ Must be travel light” then offered to help me push the cart and still made very unprofessional comments “ so are you living here”. I believe this is very unprofessional and uncalled for keep comments to yourself I was traveling with a family of 3 and a baby. Later that same day there was a women staging room service went into her room while she was gone, while having the DND sign up then stating she had items missing. I personally experienced this with my clothes and was kicked out because they did not want to show footage of where my clothes could be. Overall very disappointing I felt as the black women with glass older lady was very antagonizing they kicked me out and trespassed me for a situation I wasn’t even on the premises. I booked for 21 days they cut it to 9 days. Back to the lady very rude unprofessional and shouldn’t be any where near customer service. I was getting my stuff out and she proceeded to keep asking I need the carts, I need the carts you have to take your stuff off and pointing and showing no kind of human person just a old bitter lady. The manager white lady with black glass need some training to on customer service I have a whole recording of our interaction I hope to get a email back a have it reviewed. The only thing I could say was great was one of the workers for the hotel light skin with braid was very nice and a understanding human and even offered to help me get to my next place with ALL MY STUFF OUTSIDE ON THE COLD HARD GROUND. As if I was not a paying and very quiet customer. Once again to the guy very much appreciated only person who honestly handled the situation with experience and professionalism. I even had a conversation the night before asking mr.baldhead what happened with my clothes and the situation never said anything about early checkout or I’m getting treasspassed very weird business here. And still haven’t had a update on my clothes that were missing way before getting kicked out, not letting me post the video so please reach out/back. Once again this place for my personal experience was terrible

  • Stwve says:

    Springhill Suites Wolfchase/Memphis – Checked in Friday September 22, 2023 room 224 and when we got to room – little used bottle of Paul Mitchell shampoo and an oddball conditioner left by previous guest on the sink outside of bathroom. I thought maybe they were placed there by housekeeping but then I saw the shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a dispenser in the shower. It was obvious the sink had never been cleaned as filth stuck to the sink bowl. Made me wonder about the sheets on the bed. Headed out Saturday morning to visit a sick relative and arrived back at hotel to find our room wasn’t cleaned and dirty towels and coffee packs not replaced. No caffeinated coffee pack left in our room. Go to front desk and told if we wanted clean towels I needed to bring the dirty towels to the front desk so I did and got coffee for our room. When I got to the room and looked all she gave me was decaffeinated coffee. Go back to front desk and told hotel is all out of caffeinated coffee packs but coffee will be available at 5:30a.m. in the morning in the lobby. Go to lobby at 6a.m. and told coffee isn’t put out till 7a.m. I am not happy. Normally at breakfast a canister of caffeinated and decaffeinated each at every hotel we stay. Springhill Suites had 2 canisters not marked so when I ask which was caffeinated I was told they both were caffeinated – so now I don’t even trust what I was told. As far as I know they served decaf to unsuspecting guests. Negative-5 star review.

  • KK says:

    My family and I recently stayed at your hotel Springhill Suites by Marriott located at 3201 W. Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City OK 73134. We were originally given room number 218. Upon entering the room, I could tell that the room was not clean, crumbs on the floor, just not a clean feeling at all. We had to hurry up and get to our son’s basketball tournament. My 4 year used the bathroom in the room, and that’s when we noticed that the toilet did not work.

    We went downstairs and I expressed my concerns to your very unprofessional front desk clerks. We were given another room, we went back upstairs to 218 to retrieve our belongings and to drop them off in the other room 306. Upon getting off the elevator that barely worked, we were hit with a very strong marijuana odor. I inspected the room and found that the overall condition of this room was no better than room 218, possibly worse. The carpet coming away from the wall, hair in the bathroom, stains on the bathroom floor, dirty carpet. The room was so dirty, we had to go purchase cleaning products to attempt to disinfect the room. I wouldn’t even allow my boys to walk on the carpet without their socks on…

    The following day- the toilet overflowed and water went everywhere it was disgusting. I went to call the front desk with the room phone to my dismay- it wasn’t even plugged up or working….. I reached the front desk by using my cell phone and was simply asked what time were we checking out? I explained that we needed to use the restroom and we needed it fixed asap. The maid showed up with a plunger and some towels. She apparently repaired the toilet but wiped up the pee/etc. with the towels and didn’t bother to bring any type of cleaner- again disgusting.

    When we went to check out, your front desk was unattended due to your front desk clerk being cuddle up with some man on the couch in your lobby area (check your camera’s if you have them). I told her my complaints and her only response was that the hotel would soon be going under a renovation. I explained to her that had absolutely nothing to do with the service and the cleanliness of a hotel room. I told her that I would be reaching out to your corporate office to request a refund. She told me that a refund was not going to happen. I then left with my family, but shortly returned to get the GM’s name. Again, your front desk was unattended, she had already went back to the lobby to cuddle up with the man that she had been sitting on the couch with when we initially went downstairs to turn in the room keys. I asked her for the GM’s name and she replied that the hotel did not have a GM only an AGM, I asked her the name, in which she wrote down the name Jennifer on my receipt.

    I have NEVER stayed in such a dirty unkept hotel. You guys can and need to do better!

  • Jason Mock says:

    I stayed at a Marriott Spring Hill suites in Durango,CO on Dec. 31st 2022. Called before leaving our home in Phoenix,AZ and was told about it being dog friendly.
    Told them I would check late because of the weather, it was going to be late. Check in after 9:15pm and went to the room and the noise was so bad that we ended up not getting any sleep, the dogs would Bark, and growl at the doors being slammed shut and all the noise from neighboring rooms. Signed a pet sheet at check-in, and was told about the dogs only being allowed in the room and to the door to be let outside not in the common areas , my Wife went to get breakfast at 7 AM the next morning and found another guest with a dog in the dining area and the hotel employees playing with it. So ya I emailed the Manager their with NO response. Please refund my money!!!!

  • Heather Brethorst says:

    My family and I stayed at the SpringHill Suites in Fishers Indiana. When we arrived the clerk was very nice. When we got to our room, one of the beds was broken and the air/furnace did not work. Maintenance was called and yes both were fixed the next day. However my 11 year old got sick over night and vomited on the floor. The vomit was completely cleaned up by me and there was no spots left on the carpet. However when we checked out and we’re on our way home I checked my bank account and a charge of 400 dollars was taken from my account. When I called to ask why they informed me that it was a damage change as there was vomit in the room. This is absolutely not ok. I paid the money to stay and was greeted with a broken bed and thermostat. No complaints were made except for them to ask to fix it and then I get charged 400. This will be reported as I think this is uncalled for.

  • Calvin Clements says:

    Hi my name is Calvin Clements and I’m staying at the Spring Hill located in Greensboro NC at the 6006 Landmark Center Blvd location. Your employee Angie (front desk clerk) is nothing less than phenomenal. She gladly helped me and family out at every turn. Made sure my room was immaculate, gave me excellent advice on the area, and recommended me to great restaurants. I’m a retired military member and know excellence when i experience. My stay here was very good thanks to her expertise and warming personality. I will always stay at this location as long as she is here. Thanks, Calvin Clements USAF retired

  • Tatiana Gutierrez says:


    Worst hotel experience ever. We stayed at their Austin, TX location and it was a complete nightmare! We stayed there from Friday- Monday. First of all, the room we were in was dirty. The lights in the room didn’t work, the water kept flushing on its own in the restroom and we had reported it when we first arrived but nothing was done. The walls are so thin you could hear everything. The toilet flooded at 2:00 AM so we had to get a new room. Unfortunately, I left my bag by the sink in which my cash was in. The receptionist called the next morning to inform us that it was left behind, but of course all my cash was gone…and a pack of gum. Gum! How pathetic do you have to be to steal cash and gum . Anyhoo, the receptionist was extremely unprofessional. We told her that cash was missing and she had the audacity to tell us “ you CANT accuse anyone of stealing”…umm yes, yes I can bc my cash is missing. It might have been her with the way she became so defensive. Manager was a joke. He didn’t show his face until we checked out on Monday morning. He stated we would receive $60 credit in which has yet to be issued!! Horrible. Do not stay here unless you want to be treated disrespectfully and have your belongings stolen.

  • Tatiana Gutierrez says:

    Worst hotel experience ever. We stayed at the Austin, TX location and it was a complete nightmare.
    We stayed there from Friday- Monday. First of all, the room we were in was dirty. The lights in the room did not work. There was a weird smell. The walls are so thin you could hear everything and every stump from above. The toilet flooded at 2:00 AM so we had to get a new room. Unfortunately, I left my bag by the sink in which my cash was in. The receptionist called the next morning to inform us that it was left behind, but of course all my cash was gone…and a pack of gum. Gum! How pathetic do you have to be to steal cash and gum . Anyhoo, the receptionist was extremely unprofessional. We told her that cash was missing and she had the audacity to tell us “ you CANT accuse anyone of stealing”…umm yes, yes I can bc my cash is missing. It might have been her with the way she became so defensive. Manager was a joke. He didn’t show his face until we checked out on Monday morning. Nothing was ever done…not even a credit! Horrible. Do not stay here unless you want to be treated disrespectfully and have your belongings stolen.

  • Kimberly Kuhn says:

    Made a reservation at Miami hotel and can never each the front desk or the reservation number . Reservation is 8399893586. Just trying to get a receipt emailed that shows the last 4 digits of the card

  • Russell Victor Acord says:

    I stayed at the Springhill Suites in Salt lake City last night (11/16/2022) – SPRINGHILL SUITES BY MARRIOTT®2206 South 1300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 P 385.297.8300.
    I have never been so mad leaving a hotel as I was today. I requested a late checkout because we were late arriving and up until late in the night and I was told that I could take advantage of the 4:00 p.m. check out. I thanked the front desk and said, ‘that would be great’. I was woken up at 8:15 a.m. and door opened, I said ‘I have late checkout’… not a word was spoken, just door closed. Then at 9:16 am. door was knocked as they opened it, I was a little more aggressive and said, ” I have a late freaking checkout!” I don’t swear but they were getting me close! And then again at 10:22 a.m. the door opens again, and the cleaning lady said, ‘oh, sorry I will come back’… I then picked up the phone and told front desk that I had been woken up three times and I was supposed to have a late check out, she said she would ‘look into it’.
    By this time, I was too aggravated to sleep, and I just got my stuff and took most of my things down to my truck because I was just going to leave. I came upstairs and it was 11:06 a.m. and my key wouldn’t let me in the room! If you look on the back of the door and it says 12 noon checkout, but you get locked out at eleven! If my wife hadn’t heard my loud knocking from the shower, I would have had to go back downstairs and request another key from the front desk. That’s not a great way to start any day when you need some rest! We got our stuff together and got downstairs at 11:45 a.m. and I requested to see the manager, BUT the manager hid in the back room and had the lady behind the desk talk to me.
    I told her what had happened and that I wanted to speak to the manager, so she went back behind the wall and came back after a few minutes and said the manager was busy but would be out in a little while… (Seriously? A little while?) WOW, this is not management material folks, this is not who I would want as a representative of someone managing my multimillion-dollar business in Salt Lake City. This was not leadership material, not even by a fraction. I wasn’t expecting anything free or feeling entitled to anything, but to be dismissed by the manager like that without saying anything to me at all was just plain unprofessional and blatantly disrespectful! Is customer service still a thing in this SLC location? I always stay at the Marriott and have always been more than impressed with the professional staff at every single location… ALWAYS!
    I’m not a bigshot by any means or anyone who spends a ton of money at Marriott, but when I spend my hard-earned money, I stay enough to keep my titanium elite status going and am always trying to get to my ambassador level, and I know what manners and professionals act like… this was simply out of character for any Marriott that I have ever stayed. You missed the mark on this one folks! Simply disgusted with the staff here!

  • Tamera Alvaro says:

    Waited for shuttle handicap just had back surgery had a very long walk shuttle came picked up two other passengers as we took another reroute through the airport long wait. Following our arrival the two gentlemen that came into the shuttle after us were led into their room we were told that we had to wait because of the time that we arrived biracial couple my husband is 59 yrs. old I am 42 and recovering from trip was impossible watched other people off the street walk in without a reservation and get their rioms at least 3 couples we waited over 3 hours I bleed through my clothes humiliated and pissed off. Told no manager and no asst. Manager on property. Traveled 3 hour drive to nyc to 3 hr flight to 3 hr.+ wait for room. Told us no kings cleaned we got to room around 1pm well worn carpet dirt on table from last guest. Made us wait for a room no one was in…just off whim. In a hotel this size we should have been offered alternative room instead of watching my ankles swell up from sitting for hours. Uncomfortable experience treat your guests like you care. Because we do! Not the best start to a vacation but we will deal. Corporation Motherly Blessings Care LLC

  • SF says:

    On Oct 14, 2022, Visited the location in Jacksonville FL; customer service was AWFUL, staff was curt and Unfriendly!!! This was my first and LAST visit. Clerk initials JMC needs to be addressed…and the AM 4pm Clerk unknown needs to be address as well. Room was nice; however, tub was CLOGGED; beds squeak very loudly, and toilet holder broken hanging off the wall.

  • Michele Nash says:

    Please take a moment to congratulate your staff and management of the SpringHill Inn & Suites on Shaw Road near Dulles Airport. We stayed there one night based on the online reviews we read but I can assure that location is now on an our radar and in our favorites. Travel these days is just not fun…usually, so when you happen upon a place that exceeds your expectations and fully delivers on their brand promise, you take notice. You also make time to write letters like these. We arrived later than expected…after a grueling international flight from Germany via Iceland. Everything that could go wrong had gone wrong up until we reached the front desk and we’re greeted by Shontrell. She was cheerful, efficient, helpful and most noticably to us, kind. She probably felt she did nothing out of the ordinary but to us she was an Angel of Mercy! Beyond that everything from our room to
    the breakfast bar was impeccably clean. The staff in the dining room were friendly and attentive. Shontrell checked on us the next day, the manager checked in. The service was amazing. My family lives in Maryland so I make frequent trips to the area… And now have a great place to stay. I look forward to returning! In any industry the people make the difference and they were an amazing team!
    Michele Nash
    Maryville, TN

  • Manley Butler says:

    The location I’m thinking about is a Wards Road in Lynchburg Va.

  • Manley Butler says:

    My name is Manley Butler l currently own and operate a Shoe shine stand in the Madison Heights Virginia area. I’ve been talking to the directors at the Lynchburg Regional Airport about setting up a stand within the airport terminal but have also considered other locations within the Lynchburg area. Would your hotel be interested in bringing back the old traditional vintage shoeshine stand within the hotel lobby. I have a stand already built and ready to go to move in if I can find another location.

    My contact number is 434-420-5100, my Madison Hieghts location number is 434-929-1190.

    Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Elena Briscoe says:

    I recently made a reservation on July 15 for July 16. My husband comes home not feeling good so we test him for covid. I canceled the room like 2 hours later.

    I was charged the full amount of 254 dollars. I was not told when I called there is no cancelation to this room.

    Do you guys not have a heart? If an emergency happens full charge of this room which is over half of my whole week paycheck.
    The people at the hotel was rude that is why I’m reaching out.

    I had family at that hotel in for funeral Joe Dominguez. Some of his family could of used it and if I’m right the room was rented out anyways!

    I find it sad that a corporation has to cheat people out of money. Sad if you asked me

  • Ed Rodriguez says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Recently I had the pleasure of staying at your Pueblo Colorado location and I want to thank your staff, especially, Ashley, Alena, and Alicia for the special attention they provided me while staying at your Hotel. I had been traveling cross country on a bicycle when I was involved in an accident with Pick up truck. Your staff facilitated extending my stay and were in contact with me to make sure I was comfortable, and constantly checking if I needed anything. Please extend my thanks to them and know that you have some stellar employees at Pueblo.
    Thank you,
    Ed Rodriguez

  • Sherard Savage says:

    So I was double charged for a stay and six months later I am still trying to get my money back. I definitely won’t be staying at another Springhill Suites again.

  • Anthony Jones - Lakisha Gaines says:

    To whom this may concern this letter is to serve as a formal complaint my family and I traveled from Virginia to Newark Nj for a family reunion. We only booked this hotel for one day and it was for more the worst Marriott stay I have ever had. My father in law works in corporate but I decided to take a different approach and leave a few reviews and send this to BBB and the manger of this location. My first issue was on your site it states what what would we like as a request I asked for extra towels and it was none extra which is what I was told. My second issue was the hotel charged $17+ tax to park but your gate was broke causing us and other customers to have to google the number to the hotel to call inside to get the gate open or walking inside to request the gate to be open rather then until it’s fixed leaving it opened ..what convenience am I getting because to me this was very much an inconvenience, then to request a room to sleep 5 but it was full size beds and not queen size beds, I asked for a extra blanket was told there are none. The day we were leaving we asked for a cart for the suit cases I have 2 toddlers you also had none. I will never stay at this hotel again, the sad part is I only used this hotel to sleep and went through all this less 24 hours you really need to work on your customer service not one accommodation giving.

  • Adetayo says:

    Please send your policy in releasing guests names, room numbers and patching an outside caller through to a guests room. A current guest has been violated and I need to review your policy.

  • Tamara Thompkins says:

    I recently stayed in the Springhill Suites located in Jacksonville, Fl. My Truist Bank said that $490 was removed THREE times from my account, but my receipt says $440.38. When I got home to check my account, I noticed that it was a chunk of money taken out of it. The receptionist told me, and I asked 3 times to clarify, that the rooms were going to be $795 from Friday 4/29 to Sunday 5/1/2022. I talked to the general manager, Mr. Andy, and even he said that the numbers weren’t adding up. He said that he will do an investigation and see what went wrong. He attempted to say that he can give me back 15% per room, which would have been around $65-$70, which would still not be enough. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS BEFORE THE BANK INFORMED ME ABOUT WHAT WAS TAKEN OUT. When I called the bank again to talk to the representative, she said that she see $490 taken out 3 times and that it shows that $440 was pending back to the account 3 times today (5/2/2022) at 11:28am, 11:30am, and 11:35am. When she looked at my account, she sees it was pending, but it isn’t in my account physically. She needs the following: a letterhead, the name on the account, the card number that was used to purchase (it could be the last 4 numbers on the card), the amount that was transferred, the date of the transfer, the request to release the hold, a statement of account, have a person at the hotel sign with signature, and a zip code. If you do not want to send these, send an email or fax saying “items will not be sent in for statement.” The email is holdreleaserequest@truist.com. The fax is 252-293-9040.

    I am very upset because I feel as if this was a scam. They are taking people’s hard-earned money and they’re lying on top of it. People are trying to go on vacation to a different state to have fun and get back home to find out that they’ve had money stolen. This is wrong and we really enjoyed our stay. I cannot continue staying if this continues and I will use word of mouth about this negative circumstance along with my proof of what happened via social media.

  • Hemilio Granados says:

    Hemilio Granados R#83220474 Worse experience ever I feel violated discriminated.Pop in the pool. I have videos of the bad personal named Megan and Sarah whom wanted to call security on me just for asking them information.

  • Darryl White says:

    I and my 83 year old mother git stuck in your elevator that is not up to dare with maintenance. This happened in Gallup, NM. The buttons in both elevators do not work. Very cheap!

  • Ann lee says:

    Been treated very unfair at one of your hotels please contact me accuse of stalling items and they took money out of my debit card

  • Ann lees says:

    Please reach me back at my phone number 747-206-9577

  • Jennifer and Christian Civils says:

    The Lumberton NC location has went downhill terribly. I stayed here years ago and had a great experience and recently stayed and it was awful. It is a nasty unkept hotel with suspicious activity. The room was nasty. Trash in halls and was very loud at night. I travel as a nurse and stayed for my reservation but I will never stay again.

  • Carol DISTEFANO says:

    We provide professional cleaning services such as window cleaning, metal, stone & wood refinishing. If interested for the New England Area, please contact the office at 1-800-854-7114.
    Thank you,
    Carol DiStefano
    Sales Manager
    Crystal Bright

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