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Where is Sportsman’s Warehouse Corporate office Headquarters

Sportsman’s Warehouse Headquarters Address and Contact

Sportsman's Warehouse
  • Address: 7035 South High Tech Drive, Midvale, UT 84047, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 801-567-0000

  • Email: content@sportsmans.com

  • Number of Employees:  5500

  • Established: 1986

  • Founder: Bill Hayes

  • Key People: John Barker (CEO)

Sportsman’s Warehouse Headquarters Location & Directions

Sportsman’s Warehouse Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Dale Smith


Ms. Karen Seaman

Chief Marketing Officer

About Sportsman’s Warehouse, History and Headquarters Information

Sportsman’s Warehouse was founded in the year 1986. The company has been active for almost 33 years now. The founder o the company was Bill Hayes. The Sportsman’s Warehouse trademark is ‘America’s Premier Outfitter’, which was adopted in 2005. In the year 2009, the company had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, after which the company had emerged from it the same year as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 7035 South High Tech Drive. The name of the place is Midvale, while the name of the state is Utah, United States. The pin code is 84047.

Sportsman’s Warehouse is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of outdoor sporting goods and equipment. The company currently operates across 24 states in the USA and also in Alaska. As of the year 2019, the company has its presence in almost 94 locations across the USA. The current CEO of the company is John Baker. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 5,500.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of outdoor goods, equipment and apparels, that are marketed and sold by the company itself. The products sold by the company include firearms, hunting and shooting equipment, boating, camping equipment, footwear, outdoor apparels, etcetera.

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  • John says:

    Well I thought I would get on here to share how lazy and uncaring the Idaho falls branch is but after reading some of these other comments I don’t think that’s necessary. Sure looks like it’s a company wide issue. It sure is sad.

  • Rebecca L says:

    Worst customer service I’ve experienced in a while since the pandemic started. I spoke with a man named Adrian from sportsman warehouse from the 1-800-286-3076 phone number and he was rude from the get-go and then accused my husband and I of being involved in an illegal transaction/straw purchase!!! He’s uneducated and has no clue what he’s referring to and said he would have to cancel our order. My husband purchased a hand gun for me for our anniversary as a gift and I explained to this incompetent human that I would be picking it up with my husband, to sign it over in my name with our CHL in hand! He still continued to falsely accuse us of a straw purchase and canceled the order. I’m totally okay with the order being cancelled. We will make our purchase from BassPro Shop. I’m highly shocked that a company who sells guns online would not Properly educate their employees. I am also filling a BBB complaint against this company as I immediately tried to call back and speak with a supervisor to file a complaint against Adrian for making false accusations against myself and husband, but got hung up on over 4 times!!

  • Kevin W says:

    From: DONT USE Sportsman’s Warehouse
    Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2023 5:49:53 PM
    To: Devlin, Buck
    Cc: Williamson, Kevin
    Subject: Re: Itemized receipts

    The heading from YOUR customer service encourages us to NOT USE Sportsmans warehouse. Asked for something very simple and after going around and around this is the email heading we received. We will use Cabelas from now on!

  • Steve Y says:

    Manager Daniel Kuder , Roanoke Va store , has the hots for my wife , who was an employee. She quit her job before she quit her marriage. He was sending very detailed sexual text to her , but she was playing along and texting back. He is a piece of shit. All he wants to do is fuck a married woman……Something needs to be done with him. If anyone in corporate want to see the text , just email me.

  • Gorge says:

    The Loveland Colorado store is horrendous! The store manager Rick is incompetent, he does not know how to run the store or anything about the product he sells in the store. He does not stand up for his employees he lets Pam run the store and make all the decisions in the store. They both bad mouth all their employees behind their backs! They both team up and make employees suffer and punish them for requesting time off or missing work due to illness. The punishment is to have hours cut for not getting credit cards, the employee has disabilities and needs accomodations specified in the interview to hire, not making sure customers answer the survey questions on the pinpad, ect. They run one manager to the ground and have her do everything and I mean everything their jobs included while they stand around and eat, talk, hang out. Pam is a bully and tries to push her weight around when she’s the same level as all other managers but the store manager. She and Rick keep hiring people for cashier because pam keeps cutting the ones she has now’s hours. There is no people in any other part of the store but cashier and hunting! All employees quit because of the hostile work environment, a angry environment, and a highschool like environment. The 2 running the store together are the worst and yet nothing has been done to them being incompetent and just plain out disrespectful to everyone who comes in the door. The policies only matter when Rick or Pam want them to including price matching they hire family members and fire employees who seem like threat to them because the employees have brain and think of things on their own for their own department. They have not had a full team in the store in about 9 months due to Rick and now pam being promoted. Ex employees as well as current ones are afraid to come forward in worry of retaliation from Rick or pam. It’s horrible that the new employees have to train themselves and if they mess up they don’t get written up or warnings they just get fired and there is already not enough employees! Customer service is almost non-existent! No one around in any section and when there is only 2 in the whole store checked on me and all the other employees walked past me even looked and me and said noth especially pam and Rick and when asked for a manager that’s who came and we’re extremely rude hostile and even argued and talked crap about other employees in front of me!!

  • Mark Smith says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY unless you want a bad experience. Advertise an item they didn’t have. Put a hold on $1,200. No co-operation with corporate office. Repeated hang ups. Will not buy anything from this company ever. Will gladly pay higher price at another company in exchange to be treated as valuable customer.

  • Brent Moffatt says:

    Very frustrated with the Portland OR. store. Understanding that the laws in Oregon has changed for purchasing firearms and things are moving much slower and I mean much slower. What I don’t understand is why is there not a better system in place for checking background checks and purchasing
    firearms knowing the laws were going to make it more difficult. I purchased a shotgun online and was notified that the shotgun was available for pick up. I waited over 2 hours just to pick it up and decided to leave after realizing it would probanly take another 2 hours or more before possibly getting it. I attempted 2 other times with the same results understanding that even if my number was called I would wait possibly another hour to fill out paperwork for a background check and then I would be put in a queue for approval. Once I recieved an approval I would then have to take another number and wait again to just pick it up, this is unacceptable. While waiting for hours and observing the staff, there was no urgency in the actions of the staff. People had been waiting hours before myself with only 2 maybe 3 staff members behind the counter. Staff would help one customer for almost an hour then disappear for awhile then reappear and start the process all over again. No wonder it’s taking so dang long. There is and could be a better way.
    1- Dedicate more staff for just running background checks. This would help when customers need background checks before they can buy, once they clear move them to sales where the transactions can be quicker since background checks are the most time consuming. People typically know what there buying anyway. Once customers get cleared and have purchased, move on. Lastly, I have decided to cancel my order which has been a debocal as well. Customer service is not allowed to make any transactions such as online ordering or canceling online orders dealing with firearms, why??? I was told I would have to go back pull another ticket and wait hours just to cancel my order, absolutely ridiculous!!!!
    DO BETTER !!!!!!!!

  • Eric says:

    The Murfreesboro, Tennessee store does not care about the business they receive nor customer service. They will not be getting my business any longer and are going to lose lots more customers from here on out. Worse customer support experience I had ever had from a sporting good store!!

  • Brett Miller says:

    The store in Henderson Nevada was the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Employee were clueless on sale ads or just about anything else. Waited on a manger for over 20 minutes and he still was confused on procedure. I will be telling everyone I know about the horrible experience within the store. As I read on your web site, this is a common experience all over. Zero stars.

  • Employee says:

    New Montrose, Co store is so disorganized and under poor management by Ms. Miller. Ms. Miller appears to always be angry, unapproachable and comes across like she is better than anybody else. She allows unappropriated behavior with her Lead Manager in the hunting department during work hours. Seems she just turns the other cheek. Lots of employees feel unappreciated for the amount of work they perform for a lousy $13.00 per hour. Do yourself a favor and don’t work here you will regret it like most of us do. It is apparent that Ms. Miller has never been in a position of store manager and if she has, please send her to a class how to be a better manager.

  • Rick Denney says:

    I am disappointed in the fact that I applied at your Twin Falls store and told that I would receive confirmation one way or the other. I called twice to check in. Only to be told no decision had been made and they would call. I find this disheartening because I shop there frequently. All I wanted was decency to call one way or the other. My thoughts are that if I am not worth calling back. Then I may just take my business elsewhere.

  • Kayla says:

    How is it that salary managers can’t get a legal uninterrupted lunch or get pto when requested months in advance? Ooo I know this is the worst company ever!!!

  • Joe says:

    Placed an on-line order submitted order only message received was order can not be delivered, but purchase was charged to my Sportsman’s Warehouse Explorewards credit card. Spoke with a store associate about my order and was told he could not find my order, then called customer service and asked how a charge can be put on a credit card account from there financial institute and there be no order. there response was it was a per authorization until order is shipped. Then asked if you did not receive order then how can it be shipped but still charged to my account, and customer service answer was all on line orders are per authorized before there shipped. Filled a consumer complaint with our State Attorney General Consumer Affairs Division

  • Jared says:

    What is your policy on honoring prices found online. Thought I found a great deal but order was canceled do to pricing error.

  • Jason Spatz says:

    No one ever told me when I signed up for the credit card that the credit card company was in capable of fulfilling their end of the agreement, every person at Sportsmans has told me sorry there’s nothing they can do I did not get this credit card companies information from craigslist I got it from sportsman‘s warehouse! You are 100% responsible for pushing these credit cards and not telling the customers that the credit card company is unable to live up to their obligations. This is unacceptable and I will continue to voice my opinion on every social media platform moving forward!

    • emplyee says:

      Jason they push this 100% everyday saying if we don’t push customers on credit cards the higher ups will be having video chats with store manager. They want all customers to apply for their credit cards.

      • Gorge says:

        The Loveland co store cuts employees hrs if they don’t ask every customer and if they don’t get 1 a shift they get less hrs then fired

  • Gene Spencer says:

    I would like a written copy of your policy on selling firearms with out of state license.

  • Mark says:

    I visited your Piney Grove Rd location in Columbus, SC to purchase a Vortex scope you had authorized for Father’s Day. You didn’t have it in stock the 2nd day of ad and Case (employee) stated he wouldn’t be getting it in. I tried on line as it stated in stock but after several failed attempts I called corporate and the associate stated they wouldn’t have any in stock. I called and left messages for the interim SM Jessica to call me but she didn’t have the respect to return my calls. This isn’t the first time being out of sale items when they 1st start so I can’t help that perceiving your ads to be a form of Bait and Switch just to get traffic in the store.
    In my opinion you should offer your customers a Rain Check to buy it when back in stock other than stating in your flyers with only I stock at stocks only.
    Bad way of customer service and lack of driving sales.
    Big Disappointment that the stores management didn’t appreciate me enough as a customers to pick up the phone! Also store associates, Case, Sam and Emily stated they would contact the area DM but never heard anything from anyone.

  • Randy says:

    You continually run sale adds on products you do not have in stock or have a very limited quantity. Elk grove, Ca store in the past two weeks has been running a sale on BBQ wood pellets. First it was the Camp Chef brand. 6 bags for the entire duration of the sale and they were gone in the first hour. Now it is the Bear Mountain pellets turn. They haven’t has a SINGLE bag of sale pellets since the sale began. This is no way to gain loyal customers. I’ll go elsewhere form now on..

  • Milton E Jenson says:

    I wonder why sportsmans warehouse lists hipoint pistols as restricted in minnesota when i purchased a hipoint 40 cal. Hand gun new from a store???. Ive asked them 8 months ago to review and update but still hipoint is listed as restricted in minnesota when it is not restricted in minnesota. I have proof with my ffl.plz tell us why this is. Sportsmans warehouse is loosing alot of business because of this. I shop online because its convenient, but i dont think i will shop with this company again.seems shady to me.

  • Chelsie Kling says:

    Had nothing bad 2 bad experiences both times purchasing from here terrible customer service and issue with gun pick up , they really need to take a look at hours of operation and policy and procedures … we wasted gas and time way before closing to be told “ they aren’t dealing with anymore gun sales tonight over a half hour before close … we were just picking up because we had a email it was ready for pick up ! We live 40 mins away wasted of a drive plenty of people standing around. Also previous snaky comments from staff when I went to return items that didn’t fit. Very disgusted in the service we received at the silverdale Washington located. Please do better

  • Kayla says:

    This company only cares about its employees that are salary due to being able to work them like slaves…

  • Joe Martino says:

    Hello Customer Service:
    I just returned home from shopping at your Redding Ca. Store. The store received several varieties of reloading primers and posted on Facebook that they were available with a limit of 2 – 100 primers per customer per day. At the counter there were a couple of people working next to where the primers were located helping customers. This was today Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Both looked to be in there mid 50’s. I asked one of them if the limit was 200 or 200 of each variety? He said it was 200 period and that “I was lucky to get what I get” in a very rude tone. They both chuckled and made comments to other customers in line. Horrible way to treat a customer. Of course from this point on I will not ever step foot in your Redding store again. This is why more people shop on line and don’t waste gas money or time to shop at a store with poor service.
    Joe Martino

  • Wil Bernstrauch says:

    I will not ever shop or recommend this store to anyone ever, I bought a pair of boots that cost me nearly 300 dollars and after less than a month the back of the boot tore. Took them to the store and the 10 high-school kids behind the counter refused to trade the boots or give me store credit. Absolute crooks.

  • Martin Harris says:

    The personal at the Silverdale WA. location gun counter need training in what customer service is.
    The gun counter employees need to stop shooting the shit with people at the counter and wait on customers.
    Stay away from the Silverdale WA. store. There are plenty of other sporting goods stores out there that know what customer service really is.

  • Ronald Drew says:

    We went to the sports man wear house in Henrietta Ny to buy a hand gun and they wouldn’t even wait on us . And when our number cam up they jumped right to another number . Very rude personal that works in that part of the store

  • BK says:


    They have a “F” BBB rating!!! What else do you have to know!!! I would give them a NEGATIVE 100 STARS!!!

    I have been a loyal customer at this establishment for over two years now, and at this point, I will never give them a single cent of my hard-earned money!

    Due to the pandemic and political climate, this company rarely had anything in inventory, making it virtually impossible to decide on a firearm. All you had to go off of was a picture of it on their website. So, it is very challenging to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars without actually being able to hold and examine the item. So, essentially you had to spend your own money to beef up their inventory, since they clearly did not spend their own money to provide a customer with anything to look at in the store.

    This company will hold you accountable for not following through on purchases, even though it is required to do so in order to be able to know whether you want to buy it or not. They are rude and condescending to you on the phone in their call center, as well as in their establishment.

    Over a short period of time, I have spent close to $7,000 on firearms and ammo, and they couldn’t care less! I don’t know about you, but to me, that is a large amount of money, especially in today’s economic climate.

    Jason, the manager in their Guns Online Department/Customer Service department is rude, passive-aggressive and lacks maturity and managerial skills. He has prevented me from purchasing Firearms or any other things online, even though the only thing I am waiting for is for two revolvers to come back for me to inspect, because when they initially arrived, they had blemishes and scratches on them. There was no way I was going to spend $2,000 on something that was being sold as a brand new, when clearly it looked anything but. The expectation of this company is for you to purchase defective items, or they will ban you from purchasing anything again! They have no ethics, morals or any kind of customer service integrity.

    Rude management, horrible follow up and damaged firearms. You are treated more like a common criminal than a valued customer. The customer service department leaves a lot to be desired, and I would have no reason to recommend Sportsman’s to anyone at this point.

    There are so many other wonderful companies that would appreciate you and your business, so there is no reason to settle and give this place your time, money and patronage! RUN FAST!!!


    spokane washington store on north division are concomitant and rude i ordered a pistol and they keep giving me the same crap that atf is slow in approving the application. i went 20 miles north and bought another hand gun for my wife and received approval in two weeks the clerk at sportsman said they will just refund me which tells me they sold the pistol i bought and filled out paperwork for DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  • t andersch says:

    I spent in excess of $2000 at the Roseburg location in the past 30 days and many times that since the companies inception, I purchased a rifle and scope(browning a bolt and vortex scope)I have been there several times to try and find ammo(6.5 creedmoor) I simply asked to have 2 boxes held for me so that I can use the rifle.The indifferent attitude of the gun dept manager(a female) didnt set well she said “we dont do that” I own 2 reail locations and I realize my customers are my life blood and this type of treatment is not tolerated,before leaving I told her that I would not spend another penny at any Sportsmans location and my empoyees, friends and relatives wont either, I also have an expansive web presence as well as social media and will make my experience known to many

  • Sean Dressel says:

    Was at the Washington pa store they are some of the rudest people there especially the gun counter I will not go back I will shop else where something needs done or people are going else where because of there attitudes

    • Ronald Drew says:

      Same here wouldn’t even wait on us . We had to take a number and when our number came up they skipped right over us and went to next number . They lost our business

  • gary godman says:

    Great service very knowledgeable sales people manager on hand to help and guide what would be the best purchase deathly come back shopper I will be thank you for being in our community !

    • Ronald Drew says:

      You are lucky to have them wait on you . We went to the one in Henrietta NY . Very rude people that work there . They lost my business

  • Anne Huber says:

    On December 17th, I placed an online order for 2 each SCCY CPX-2 9mm Lugers 3.1, one in pink, one in black. I printed the confirmation and it said it would be a pick-up in MIDVALE, UT on December 22. I overlooked marking it to be shipped to the Kietzke Lane store in Reno, NV. Tried to correct the order online, but no way to do it. Called Customer Service and was told by Ciero she would request the change of pick-up to be at the Reno store and, if that was not possible, the order would be cancelled so I could put in a new order for pick-up at the Reno store and that someone would call me to clarify the outcome so I would know what to do. No one has called me and now I see a charge on my Visa card for Sportsman’s of $203.76, which MIGHT BE one gun, but don’t know. I need clarification ASAP so I can proceed. Will someone please contact me on this issue at my home phone in Reno: 775-440-1530. (12-20-21, 12:43 PM)

  • Dixie says:

    To: Karen Seaman
    Chief Marketing officer

    While I am walking around in your Silverdale, WA store [again] .. my husband is searching for something…I was thinking how terrific it would be to have a small Starbucks in a reasonable location inside the store where one can sit and enjoy a coffee and not be breathing down their spouses neck, so to speak. My Hubby doesn’t care yet I do. I’m older and just enjoy being out and about…I see all ages in there and in this land of “have to have our special coffee” I think it would be a good fit. Now
    I ‘m pretty certain you will think..is she nuts.. well when I suggested to Huggies back in the early 1970’s to consider disposable children’s training pants..they responded that isn’t wasn’t something they were up for. I still have my original letter to them and their response. Now look at all the disposable pants.
    Just give it some thought..these are despicable times..a bit of refreshing pause…worth it.

    Have a blessed day.
    Dixie Brown

  • Employee says:

    This company is a joke why have managers if you are going to micromanage them. And to give employees split days off for the foreseeable future when stated the company won’t do that, how rude. As well not to mention horrible pay and I mean horrible McDonald’s pays more…

  • Christopher D. Cauch, Capt, USAF, MSC (Ret) says:

    I am a sales associate with Sportsman’s Warehouse in the Hunting Department selling firearms. I am a retired Air Force Captain and served 20 years including during Desert Storm, The Bosnian Conflict, and Afghanistan. I have asked the question what is SW doing for Veterans day. The answer is nothing. Over half of the customers are veterans or veterans families. I am VERY disappointed in this situation. We have special sales items coming up for Black Friday. Obviously making the money is the main function. I will not do business with this company again. ccauch01@gmail.com

  • RANDY Brown says:

    Wil not ever buy a gun or shop there ever again

  • Jay Del-Valle says:

    I purchased sig p365 0n sept.22 2021 i took it home, i broke it down as to clean it. as i did it a small piece fell off from inside the gun. I took it back to on Sept.24 2021, since i also purchases a service plan for it. they told it it would take about 2 weeks for it to be fixed. I have been calling every other day since the 2 weeks has passed. every time i call they give an excuse that sig is on back order, that sig sent the part to a different store. now it is Nov 2 2021 still no gun, Now they are telling me that there is a shortage of drivers and a shortage of parts so that have to wait. What kind of business is this. My next step is to call BBB on them.

  • Kayla Testa says:

    Sportsman’s was one of the best jobs I’ve had despite the horrible low wages. But now that corporate has decided to make everyone’s schedule the company has gone down hill. The moral is horrible full time employees getting split days off when promised they wouldn’t do that. The company has said to fall in or fall out with the new schedule. This is showing how little they care about their employees, and the lives they have.

  • Byron Wolfe says:

    your web site advertised that you carried a product. So i drove several miles because i live out of town, to get it Your store does not even carry it!!!!!! My rewards card i can not get to work. I was told by an employee that if corporate would listen to the sales people in the store they would have happier customers. No primers for months, no powder, all show no go. I will not go back. But, Im only one. Good luck, I am sorry for your sales people for they are the ones YOU let down!

    Byron Wolfe

  • Ted Hickman says:

    We are in our late 70’s and one of your managers, Nathan McCallister, of your Fairfield, California store needs to be replaced, retrained and/or reprimanded immediately before I file state charges for senior abuse and several other state and federal charges against him and your company… This IS CALIFORNIA remember,.
    I’m sure his story will differ from ours but the bottom line is he sent a 77 year old meek grandmother running out of “his” store last Friday (July 23-2021) crying, and shaking and she did not want to re-enter; ever. His verbal abuse and absolute idiocy is inexcusable.
    I served four elected terms on the city council in our nearby city, have been a newspaper reporter, editor and Outdoor editor and photographer for decades. At one time I also trained customer service reps for companies; both large and small..
    I would need to talk to one of your executives and get this settled before I take to social media and the State of California with my complaints and see how many others out there have shared this treatment and agree. We have spent a lot at that store in the pat. This is a way to run a successful business?

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,
    Ted Hickman
    650 Sierra Drive
    Dixon, Ca. 95620
    707-678-2203 Home office
    707-372-7007 (Mobile)

  • Bradley O'Neill says:

    Right now I’m very upset with the ordering process online. On November 27th I ordered a pair of Vortex Diamondback 10 X 42 Binoculars (2015) Model on sale . Regular price was $229 and sale price wow was $129. I then placed the order. Within about an hour of that order I decided I wanted another pair and ordered those as well. About a week or so my first pair arrived but then probably another week had passed and still no 2nd pair. So I kept checking emails nothing sent an email to customer service they said my order was cancelled #9051404186 due to the fact that their automated ordering system thought it was a duplicate order being the 2 orders were placed so close together. At least that was what I was told over the phone. It took me 3 days from mt first contact no actually 4 days counting today and at least 3 or 4 emails to get to where I am now. And the last email said they only had a certain amount of theses binoculars and the order couldn’t be filled because they were out. Well if the order would have went through on the day I placed it I would have received that second pair. They apologized and let it go at that. I still view the binoculars online at a $229 price tag. Do you think that is a fair to the customer because your company made the error. I’m without a present and will not pay the extra $100. I’ve bought a couple of compound bows from you in the last few years and am a loyalty member. I will continue to have my bows tuned there because of my warranty but that’s it. I would rather drive the extra miles to Cabelas for what I need in the future.

  • Chris Curylo says:

    I purchased a savage msr 10 6.5 creedmoor from the Murfreesboro TN store early June. It was used but sales associate assured me it had only been shot 2 or 3 times. They didn’t have a new one in stock and didn’t know when and if they’d get anymore in. I paid $1179.00 for the rifle and carried it home where it sat for a week before I could sight it in. Which I also bought a scope from sportsman as well. At any rate I finally get the time to sight it and “click” nothing happens. I tried several ways of loading the rounds and even hand feed a single round, but still nothing. I’m not happy and take the rifle back to the store that Monday. The manager helped out by looking at it and tried a few dummy rounds which showed the firing pin not firing correctly. He then say they will send it off to savage for repair at no cost to me. This was 6/29/2020 I didn’t hear from anyone for weeks til I started calling and asking about my rifle. I always got the same answer it’s at savage and they haven’t received it back yet. Soooo I let a few more weeks go which now is ridiculous and still nothing. One day at the beginning of August I get a phone call from Utah which is a fun smith for Sportsman’s warehouse. He states they just received my rifle from the Murfreesboro store. He asks me several questions about what’s wrong with it. He said savage found no issues and sent it right back to the Murfreesboro store. Soooo here it is approaching September and I’m still without a rifle that I paid $1200 for and still have no information what’s wrong with it or when I possibly could get it back. I’ve called the manager and asked if it’s possible to just swap it out for something of the same price. He says that maybe when they receive it back we could possibly work something out. I guess I’m asking for any help with this situation….

  • Calvin says:

    I did an online order on Friday 21st August 2020 at the Colorado Springs Co. for a same day pickup of two boxes of ammo at 1pm and by 4pm it was stilled not filled. I was told I would receive an email when it would be reedy for me to pick them up. Well today is Tuesday 25th of August 2020 at 6pm and I still have NOT received an email at this time. This is not even close to a same day pickup. If I am not going to receive my purchase then I would like to have my money (C.C.) refunded.

  • John Aldred says:

    I am a local contractor in St. George Utah I used to shop at sportsman warehouse but not anymore! Why? well when you guys bring in a asphalt contractor from 1500 miles away to re-do your parking lot at a higher price then a local contractor can do tells me you don’t care about the people you sale to. Well you lost me and my family from any future purchases. Thanks for nothing, not even the chance to bid it.

  • Clint Heath says:

    An order was placed for 4 knives to be drop shipped to me. I received 3 knives and 1 empty box apparently sealed by the knife manufacturer. I was informed that because the purchase was made by someone else and paid for using gift cards, Sportsman’s Warehouse is not responsible to correct/complete the order even though I have a packing list clearly indicating the items were to be shipped to me.

  • Danielle Dekneef says:

    On 7/6/2020 I bought an item online that was available for pick up. (Sig sauer m18) for $704.00. Passing up on one in the area as I live 250 miles from the Mesa AZ store. I called the store to purchase 2 more items that evening 1 magazine and holster. The girl who answered the phone said that she would not transfer me to the gun desk I would need to come in if I wished to speak with someone. I explained that I lived 4 hours away. She rudly told me that I can speak with them tomorrow when I pick up my gun then hung up on me. I called back and she snapped at me saying she already told me that she would not transfer me and hung up again. The next day I waited for my email to go get my purchased item. I had to be on the road by 9AM for the 8 hour turn around trip. I still had heard nothing about the pick up time even though the site said available the day I purchased. At noon and half way there I called my local Flagstaff store and the store manager got on the case for me since no one at the Greenfield store would answer any of my questions. She promptly called me back to inform me that there was no gun waiting for me, it had been sold to someone else and mine was being delivered from the warehouse but she did not know when it would arrive. I turned the car around and started back home. Finally at 3 PM I was able to get a hold of Hannah at the mesa store. Who then informed me that there was no gun at all. Not at any other store or in the warehouse. She could care less that the day before one of her employees was extremely rude to a customer that had just spent $700.00 with your company and was planning on dropping another $200.00 in person. She assured me that my card was not charged and canceled the order. The following morning I looked at my bank account and the money was still pending. I called the Mesa store to see why it was still on my account. Steve the Store manager was not available a gentleman informed me he was the manager on duty. I explained the entire situation to him. I had until 5 PM that day to put money down on the same gun with a local dealer in the Flagstaff area. He was very short with me and while telling him my dilemma he just said do you want the 800 number or not? I took the number and called customer service. There I was told that nothing could be done the money would be pending for 10 days. No where on your site does it state that information. I have now lost out on this gun 3 times because of your store. Treated extremely rudely and no answer back from anyone. The girl at customer service said that Andre would call me back in 30 mins. That was 2 days ago and nothing. The money still pending. I will now have nothing for my 15 year anniversary to gift my Veteran husband his wish. He spent most of his career with the 1-506 101st Airborne at Ft Campbell. 1 year after he retired the Army switch to this gun as their new service Pistol and 101st was the first post to receive them. He has spoken often about it and how he wished we had the extra money to buy one. I have been socking small amounts away for the last year to surprise him with the only thing he has really wanted for himself. I fight back the tears in my eyes as I write this to you because my heart breaks from the disappointment of a wife who has let her hero down. I worked hard for every dollar I handed over to your company and was treated so very poorly by those employed to represent it. We have purchased every single gun we own from you and have been loyal customers since 2006 for all our outdoor gear. You still have my money tied up and not one person has apologized, tried to make it right or attempted to offer any solution for your company’s mistake. I will be left empty handed on our upcoming landmark anniversary. 8 deployments as a combat medic with one of the most decorated units in Army history. In his 20 year career he has lost 72 of his brothers. Rarely does my husband smile these days and I just wanted to make him smile. I will give you 24 hours to respond with a solution or my money back in my account before I do what Military wives do best. We gossip. As a 15 year member of the FRG and a member of 62 seperate social media groups I will put my story out there. We band together when done wrong and word of mouth is the best and worst advertising for a company. I even reached out to corporate and left 2 messages to no avail. 62 sites will be 162 by the weekend and double that by mid week. This will go nation wide as we were Stationed at Benning and Bragg as well. It will cross branches too. Every branch LOVES “Doc” THEY ALL protect him. It is sad it has come to this but I have been left with no recourse since no one at your company seems to think we are important enough to deal with

    Danielle DeKneef

  • Greg Pacetti says:

    No-one wears a mask,,,appalling !!!!!

  • William Lucas says:

    I place a order and their is problem called customer service waited on hold who ever answered picked up the phone waited a few seconds and hung it up never said a word I call corporate and nice lady answered sent a email to customer service asking them to return a call plus a regional manager and nobody has reached out in any way now I’m here with a useless product and doesn’t seen Sportsmen warehouse cars way to go probably the first and last time I order from you due to poor customer service

  • Joe G says:

    I was informed today that one of your employees at Sportsmens and river Point Colorado that you guys have a policy of allowing your employees to profile and reject the sale of a firearm is that true?

  • Steve Crockett says:

    Regarding order 9048105309, I visited websit this morning to check atatus of ny order. It said it was preparing shipment. I checj=ked again this afternoon, and it said order was “CANCELLED”. Who cancelled my order? Why was my order cancelled? When should I expect to get my merchadise? Where should I go to pick up my merchandise?

    Steve Crockett

  • Sam says:

    Please be aware…it’s not the long line, I understand everyone’s urgency. My personal fear is the close proximity of people in doing so. Also, filling out electronic for permit was very concerning…not once did I see screen being wiped down as I looked and could see smeared screen from finger prints.

    After approval on permit going back to pick up guns will have to stand in same shoulder to shoulder line to purchase guns. Why couldn’t there be a seperate line for pickup?

    Hand sanitizer on counter, note to not stand so close to one another.

    Sportsman Warehouse should be more concerned on customer’s wellbeing.

  • Steve Crockett says:

    I ordered 2 rifles online this morning, and went to the store to pick them up at 8:00 am, ORDER #9048105309. The website said the store opened at 8:00, when in fact they did not open until 9:00. At 8:15 am, I witnessed 2 men knocking on the side door of the store, and they were allowed to purchase 3 of the same rifles, before the store opened.

    A friend and myself waited for the store to open, and were first in line at the gun counter. We were told that they were out of stock, and they only had 3 rifles that were already sold. We asked, “How could that be, as we were the first in line. and we saw you sell the guns out the side door at 8:15. “.
    We were told that those men were in line since 7:30, and were allowed to purchase the only 3 rifles in stock, from the side door, before the store opened. UNBELIEVABLE!!

    My online order was placed at 7:25, so they essentially sold my guns to these men at the side door. The store manager, Bill Culvers, said he was sorry, but they did not see my order on their screen. How could they see it? The store was not even open yet.

    It seems that store is operating on the buddy system, who can knock on the side door, and purchase merchandise without waiting for the store to open, like the rest of us. That is a very unprofessional way to operate a retail store.

    My friend, who was with me to purchase 2 additional rifles, was turned away. We would like for the Sportsman Warehouse to honor the sale price of $94.99, for the Savage Model 64 .22lr. for those of us who were playing by the rules, and waited for the store to open. What can you do to correct this unprofessional activity of your Murfreesboro, TN store?

  • Patric Zurek says:

    On Monday I went to your Vancouver store to see if your guys could help me with my AR15. I was told that Camen works on AR15’s but he was off and would’nt be back untill Tuesday. At the very least I bought the last magazine release button they had and told them I would be back.

    I returned on Tuesday with my rifle and the new button I bought. My AR15 is California compliant and and it has a magazine release button on it that is locked and you need to push the release button in the middle to release the magazine. I talked with Camen and he took the upper receiver off the lower and was attempting to remove the magazine releash button. He tryed everything he could to get it off but couldn’t. He worked on it for an hour and in the end couldn’t get it off. Apparnetly you need a special tool to get it off which he didn’t have. He called anothe gun repair store and gave me their address and I decided to go there and see if they could help.

    After they looked at they told me that because it was a California law they don’t generally run into that problem and couldn’t help me. So when I got home I looked online and foumd a gunsmith in Vancouver and called them. I made an appointment to bring it in today. I went in today and talked them about the install. The gunsmith looked at it and saidthe top of the screw was to bent up that his tool couldn’t grab it enough to get it out. He would have to drill it out and maybe retap it to put back on a new one. I gave him the new release button and told him to go ahead and fix it which I now will have to pay for. Had Camen not done anything all it would have cost me was $25.00 to unscrew the old part and screw in the new one. I also will have to leave it there for a few days and drive back to get it later.

    I understand that your guys want to help but if they can’t they should just say so like the other shop did. So please let me know how we can handle this.


    Pat Zurek


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