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Where is Sportsman's Warehouse Corporate office Headquarters

Sportsman's Warehouse Headquarters Address and Contact

Sportsman's Warehouse
  • Address: 7035 South High Tech Drive, Midvale, UT 84047, United States
  • Phone Number: 801-566-6681
  • Fax Number: 801-567-0000
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  5500
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: Bill Hayes
  • Key People: John Barker (CEO)

Sportsman's Warehouse Headquarters Location & Directions

Sportsman's Warehouse Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Dale Smith


Ms. Karen Seaman

Chief Marketing Officer

About Sportsman's Warehouse, History and Headquarters Information

Sportsman's Warehouse was founded in the year 1986. The company has been active for almost 33 years now. The founder o the company was Bill Hayes. The Sportsman's Warehouse trademark is ‘America's Premier Outfitter’, which was adopted in 2005. In the year 2009, the company had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, after which the company had emerged from it the same year as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 7035 South High Tech Drive. The name of the place is Midvale, while the name of the state is Utah, USA. The pin code is 84047.

Sportsman's Warehouse is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of outdoor sporting goods and equipment. The company currently operates across 24 states in the USA and also in Alaska. As of the year 2019, the company has its presence in almost 94 locations across the USA. The current CEO of the company is John Baker. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 5,500.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of outdoor goods, equipment and apparels, that are marketed and sold by the company itself. The products sold by the company include firearms, hunting and shooting equipment, boating, camping equipment, footwear, outdoor apparels, etcetera.

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  • Joe G says:

    I was informed today that one of your employees at Sportsmens and river Point Colorado that you guys have a policy of allowing your employees to profile and reject the sale of a firearm is that true?

  • Steve Crockett says:

    Regarding order 9048105309, I visited websit this morning to check atatus of ny order. It said it was preparing shipment. I checj=ked again this afternoon, and it said order was “CANCELLED”. Who cancelled my order? Why was my order cancelled? When should I expect to get my merchadise? Where should I go to pick up my merchandise?

    Steve Crockett

  • Sam says:

    Please be aware…it’s not the long line, I understand everyone’s urgency. My personal fear is the close proximity of people in doing so. Also, filling out electronic for permit was very concerning…not once did I see screen being wiped down as I looked and could see smeared screen from finger prints.

    After approval on permit going back to pick up guns will have to stand in same shoulder to shoulder line to purchase guns. Why couldn’t there be a seperate line for pickup?

    Hand sanitizer on counter, note to not stand so close to one another.

    Sportsman Warehouse should be more concerned on customer’s wellbeing.

  • Steve Crockett says:

    I ordered 2 rifles online this morning, and went to the store to pick them up at 8:00 am, ORDER #9048105309. The website said the store opened at 8:00, when in fact they did not open until 9:00. At 8:15 am, I witnessed 2 men knocking on the side door of the store, and they were allowed to purchase 3 of the same rifles, before the store opened.

    A friend and myself waited for the store to open, and were first in line at the gun counter. We were told that they were out of stock, and they only had 3 rifles that were already sold. We asked, “How could that be, as we were the first in line. and we saw you sell the guns out the side door at 8:15. “.
    We were told that those men were in line since 7:30, and were allowed to purchase the only 3 rifles in stock, from the side door, before the store opened. UNBELIEVABLE!!

    My online order was placed at 7:25, so they essentially sold my guns to these men at the side door. The store manager, Bill Culvers, said he was sorry, but they did not see my order on their screen. How could they see it? The store was not even open yet.

    It seems that store is operating on the buddy system, who can knock on the side door, and purchase merchandise without waiting for the store to open, like the rest of us. That is a very unprofessional way to operate a retail store.

    My friend, who was with me to purchase 2 additional rifles, was turned away. We would like for the Sportsman Warehouse to honor the sale price of $94.99, for the Savage Model 64 .22lr. for those of us who were playing by the rules, and waited for the store to open. What can you do to correct this unprofessional activity of your Murfreesboro, TN store?

  • Patric Zurek says:

    On Monday I went to your Vancouver store to see if your guys could help me with my AR15. I was told that Camen works on AR15’s but he was off and would’nt be back untill Tuesday. At the very least I bought the last magazine release button they had and told them I would be back.

    I returned on Tuesday with my rifle and the new button I bought. My AR15 is California compliant and and it has a magazine release button on it that is locked and you need to push the release button in the middle to release the magazine. I talked with Camen and he took the upper receiver off the lower and was attempting to remove the magazine releash button. He tryed everything he could to get it off but couldn’t. He worked on it for an hour and in the end couldn’t get it off. Apparnetly you need a special tool to get it off which he didn’t have. He called anothe gun repair store and gave me their address and I decided to go there and see if they could help.

    After they looked at they told me that because it was a California law they don’t generally run into that problem and couldn’t help me. So when I got home I looked online and foumd a gunsmith in Vancouver and called them. I made an appointment to bring it in today. I went in today and talked them about the install. The gunsmith looked at it and saidthe top of the screw was to bent up that his tool couldn’t grab it enough to get it out. He would have to drill it out and maybe retap it to put back on a new one. I gave him the new release button and told him to go ahead and fix it which I now will have to pay for. Had Camen not done anything all it would have cost me was $25.00 to unscrew the old part and screw in the new one. I also will have to leave it there for a few days and drive back to get it later.

    I understand that your guys want to help but if they can’t they should just say so like the other shop did. So please let me know how we can handle this.


    Pat Zurek


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