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  • Address: 6725 E Black Horse Pike Unit 26, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 866-586-0155
  • Fax Number: 609-645-5622
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1983
  • Founder: Joseph Marver
  • Key People: Steven B. Silverstein (President)

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Steven B. Silverstein


Lisa Barr

Senior Director of Marketing & Creative

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About Spirit Halloween, History and Headquarters Information


Spirit Halloween was founded in the year 1983. The company has been operational for almost 36 years now. The founder of the company was Joseph Marver. The founder of the company mainly created the company model, which is only a store catering to those customers planning to buy Halloween items. The first store was opened at the Castro Valley, in the year 1984. Slowly and steadily, the company grew more substantial, and by the year 1999, the company had almost 60 stores under its name. The same year, the company was acquired by Spencer Gifts. The founder of the company used various techniques like short term leases, locations and also used to stock widely used merchandises as well - which was a novelty factor back in the days, for the Halloween retail sector.

As of the current date, the overall network of all the Spirit Halloween stores is much bigger and more useful than any other speciality retailer in the same category. The company currently has expanded to more than 1,100 locations all around the part of North America. In the year 2006, the company had launched a program known as Spirit of Children - in order to raise money for various children's hospitals. This program allowed the company to celebrate Halloween at different hospital locations, which supplied costumes and also many decorations for the events as well. Since the year 2007, the company has raised over $29 million in overall donations. The headquarters of the company is based in 6826 Black Horse Pike. The name of the place is Egg Harbor Township, while the name of the state is New Jersey, USA. The pin code of the area is 08234.


Spirit Halloween is an American company that focuses on providing various types of seasonal clothing and accessories or the Halloween events that happen during the year, for its customers. The company is currently a subsidiary of Spencer Gifts. As of the current date, the company has its presence in over 1,200 locations all over the USA. The company sells various products manufactured by Seasonal Visions, Tekky Toys, Crazy Create, Yu Jia, NewRaySun, etcetera. The company uses social media along with YouTube to market their products before Halloween, and then finally announcing the products later on. The company efficient uses vacant space in stores, as it only operates 60 to 90 days a year. The company’s popularity has increased after the retail apocalypse during the 2010s in the USA. The current yearly sales revenue generated by the Halloween consumer market is more than $8.4 billion.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of Halloween items, including apparels, clothing, accessories, etcetera, that are currently on offer by the company.

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  • Neesee Hurst says:

    Hi, I really like your Halloween store, but have you ever thought about having a Spirit of Christmas store, with ugly sweaters, hats, elf outfits, Santa suits, Christmas sweater dresses,etc. It would go over BIG!

  • Shy says:

    There was an employee at the location in mission valley mall in San diego that was very disrespectful, especially in front if me and my daughter, we had a big argument she looked ugly and miserable

  • Earl G Eagleson says:

    All the display red bubble tubes were sold in our local stores. I am interested in getting one for my display. Just curious as to where Spirit sourced their good quality ones from. Thank you for any info.

  • Sarah says:

    My manager Tony Lemmo in the voorhees, NJ spirit store clocks in employees when they aren’t there so he can get his headcount. and purposely calls a non binary employee by the dead name and uses wrong pronouns. He’s been so mean I don’t even know what to do or say I’m just hoping this job is over and he doesn’t sabotage my bonus for staying the whole season .

  • Syed says:

    My kids have been a loyal customer for a decade and have never been mistreated or disrespected like today by the store manager Elis at your Bensalem #61181.
    My little daughter picked up a costume and one of your staff Lea helped her find the costume and opened it to show us the size. The staff, Lea found that 2 main items were missing in the costume and asked us to still buy the costume with missing items if her manager (Elis) allows good discount. She came back and told us that the manager allowed 50% discount and told my girl that Halloween will be a day event so she still wants to take it and we said yes.
    We went to check out and the staff told the manager the same she told us. The manager started asking me questions like what’s wrong with the costume despite Lea already told in front of us. I answered her and she said that she could only do 15% max. I repeated that the staff told me 50% off, to which she rudely told me that she will do 25% discount and take it or leave it. She was ignorant and rude during the whole conversion. I paid and took my receipt quietly to which she loudly said, “by the way you are welcome”!!!
    I am sorry but I will never return to your stores and will post about my experience on my social media along contact the business bureau.

    Details if my transaction:
    Date. 10/30/22
    Store. 6118
    Trans: 8577
    Cashier: 3354282

  • Deborah says:

    Went to the kamloops, bc northshore store, and the young girl at till was very rude, I mentioned to her that she had the music to loud, as she never had a speaker near the till, but the rest of the store, was way to loud, and I’m deaf in one ear to. Anyways I asked to speak to a manager, and she retorted that she was one of them, I told her no you aren’t, as a manager wouldn’t be so rude. I ended up leaving the store, my son was at the till, and she said to a co-worker, that, this old lady complained about music being to loud. She had no idea he was my son. We shop there every year, as have six kids to buy for, won’t be back now.

  • Brian Metcalf says:

    You company has to get the program better,I ordered a costume on Oct 6 2022 and there was 4 in stocks on line paid for it,waited till Oct 18 ,I called customer service they said it was out of stock and could order from another store and send it to a store near me to pick up.k had no meas send saying t hat the oder was out of stock ,the emailed me and told they don’t send product to o e store to the next ,Myorder was canceled I had text messages applied for contact and messenger, never was contacted, I will never buy your products on line again, thanks

  • Darci Brubaker says:

    Does the Spirit of Halloween manufacture their own Halloween or costume items?

  • Karen Tessnear says:

    Went to the store located in Spartanburg, Sc and was treated horribly. Fell over a something in the parking lot and told them in the store. No one moved it so my husband took it in the store so no one else got hurt and one of the employees brought it back out and threw it back in the parking lot. Was told it would be handled but highly doubt it.

  • Curtis Bridges says:

    Hello, Im a spirit employee at one of the Indiana location, these other employees that I work with has been disrespectful to me and has called me names and use hate speech against me and has sent me text messages cussing me out and threaten me and would like to file a complaint and they are not giving me my check and I would like to get paid.

  • Karen s says:

    I’d like to speak to someone about a manager in port huron michigan. The level of disrespect and bullying toward the other employees is beyond anything I’ve ever seen! I would appreciate a follow up on this asap, thank you.

  • Tammy says:

    Need to speak with someone about a return issue. I need help my return window says its closed and I cannot fit into the costume ordered. I was dealing with a family emergency and missed the 15 day window. The costume is unused and customer service said I cannot return the $130 costume that does not fit. Its not even Halloween yet

  • Terry Buerke says:

    I live in the town of St. Helens OR. In October it is known as Halloween town it is a large event and is visited every weekend by tens of thousands of people. Also they have a Mardi gra type halloween parade. It would be a great place to have a spirit of halloween store.

  • Scott Baldwin says:

    Good morning, I spoke with Felicia in regards to a complaint I reported in regards to my son being disrespected by a District Manager in a Massachusetts store and was advised someone from corporate would be following up. Appreciate your assistance relative to this matter.

  • Fraud alert says:

    To anyone who has ever worked at Hazleton area or surrounding district area be on the look out for possible fraud, District sales manager past 9 years It’s happily using God knows how many employees for fraud, Along with deceased relatives and family members., Apparently cops We’ll not do anything So be on the lookout for yourself pay attention to everything

  • Melanie Hickman says:

    Got checked out and examined my receipt . SOC ROUND UP of .14 cents charged. I was not asked if I wanted to donate or round up. They are stealing from every customer. Wow
    I want my 14 cents back. I questioned the store manager and he said “are you that cheap”? I WANT TO SPEAK TO OWNER. I NEED THIS ADDRESSED. How dare he speak to me like that. And in front of the entire store.

  • Amanda says:

    Horrible experience. I have used Spirit Halloween numerous times for many years but my online order experience has been ridiculous. Placed an order and my items never even left the warehouse. I can’t get any answers and customer service has been giving me so many excuses and not keeping record of any of my calls. They have refused to give a refund and pretty much dismissed my concerns. Will never order again and will continue to call daily, multiple times a day if needed, until I receive my money back.

  • Felisha Katsanevakis says:

    I returned my daughters costume on September 23 it’s now October 19 and still have yet to receive my $60 back so I can find her another costume. I have spoken with customer service 3 times and was advised to send a copy of my receipt which I have done at least 5 times with no response. Then I reached out through Facebook messenger I was advised to send copies of my receipt which I did . 5 days ago. I reached out again today through messenger with a response it was being looked into. I called customer service again today and the Newport Richie store manager told me to send a new email today saying my money had been refunded and the issue is resolved. Then told me to come to her store and she would refund my money. I did not send that email because it was NOT resolved however I did drive to the store. When I got there she told me she would not refund my money and now I need to go to my bank it’s my banks fault!!! What in the heck is going on here??? Why am I begging for my refund??? This is insane. This is my last time ever shopping at spirit store which is sad because it’s been a tradition with my daughter.

  • Wendi says:

    Just left the location on Bechtle in Springfield Ohio. My husband and I we’re browsing. A man came stood so close to us it was uncomfortable. He showed us a badge and said he was watching for pockets.When we was leaving the lady behind the counter said thanks for leaving. Terrible experience!

  • Katrina says:

    Won’t allow a 3 year old child to use their restroom. I understand the policy of not having a public bathroom, but a 3 year old needing to go and you flat out refuse. And when I asked the employee it was with a snicker no she can’t use the bathroom.
    You won’t be getting my money ever again!! Shawnee Mission, Ks

    • You Wish says:

      get your head out of your ass. policy is policy. nobody gives a shit about your 3 year old. take care of your child and dont depend on others to do it for you and then complain when its an inconvenience to you. im sure that this company is more than happy to get rid of a disgusting Karen like you. i feel so bad for your 3 year old because she has to grow up with a “mom” like you.

  • Andra Turner says:

    Not looking for a job but you have a program going save our children the one guy didn’t even ask if I wanted to donate put a $0.76 charge on my card the other girl I went the other day she asked twice do you want to donate I said no put an $0.88 charge on my card highway robbery not f****** right

    • You Wish says:

      if you’re so broke that you cant even afford 88 cents, maybe you shouldnt be shopping at a spirit halloween. they shouldnt have done it without your consent which i can agree with but dude. seriously. no need to get heated over LESS THAN A SINGULAR DOLLAR

  • Mary says:

    I strongly advise consumers to avoid this store. Their return policy is ridiculous and their employees are beyond rude. I will never purchase anything from their store in Dickson City, PA. again!

  • robnert mohrman says:

    Just tried returning a defective item that I purchased on October 20th and was told that the last day for returns was the 18th. Tried calling corporate office over a 40 minute wait, tried chat room offline. Store personnel worthless!

  • Tyler Davis says:

    Today I was treated very rudely at one of your places in the Chandler mall, In arizona. Have spent over 2000 dollars this year at spirit. The DM sussane has not gotten back to me as well. Who can I talk to that is in charge?

    • Mary says:

      I strongly advise consumers to avoid this store no matter where it’s doing business. Their return policy is ridiculous and their employees are beyond rude. I will never purchase anything from their store in Dickson City, PA. again!

  • Forest G. Ferguson says:

    My name is Forest G. Ferguson, and I have over sixty years of sales/marketing experience. My greatest strength is in finding creative solutions for corporate challenges. A few brief examples:

    A. I became the top educational sales person out of a division of 5,000 for IBM by creating an unusual way to sell to school systems. Seven promotions later, I became the Sales Manager of Australia for IBM.

    B. The team I developed and led took a small plastics company with $100,000 per month in sales to $10,000,000 per month in a little over seven years through unique sales strategies.

    C. The company that I owned in the word/data processing industry became the most successful distributor out of 200 in just four years by developing untried marketing solutions.

    I have some ideas to share with Mr. Silverstein and MS. Barr that will attract a lot more store traffic. Please contact me by email, (forestferg1@gmail.com), if you are interested, and I will respond quickly.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Forest G. Ferguson

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