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  • Address: 6542, 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, FL 33025, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 954-447-7828

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1983

  • Founder: Ned Homfeld

  • Key People: Robert L. Fornaro, CEO

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Robert L. Fornaro

CEO & Director

Edward M. Christie III

President, CFO & Director

John Bendoraitis

Executive VP & COO

About Spirit Airlines, History and Headquarters Information


Spirit Airlines was founded in the year 1964. The company has been active for almost 55 years now. The former name of the company was known as Clippert Trucking Company. In the year 1974, the name of the company was changed to Ground Air Transfer. The airline company was founded in the year 1983, as Charter One. The company started to provide various types of travel packages to locations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and also the Bahamas. In the year 1990, the company began supporting places like Boston and Providence and even Rhode Island as well. In the year 1992, the company had bought jet aircraft to its fleet and therefore named the company as Spirit Airlines.

During the summer of the year 1994, the company’s airlines were all booked, and almost 1,400 tickets were also cancelled as well. In the year 1999, the company had relocated its headquarters from Florida to Miami. The following year, the company had received a fine of an amount of $67,000 from the US Federal Aviation Administration, for mainly violating seat and cabin markings along with placards as well. In the year 2001, the company started its service in Peurto Rico. During the year 2003, the company launched its flight services to Washington DC – which was halted due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centres. In the year 2006, the company had ordered almost 30 Airbus A320-200 of which the deliveries were made in 2010. Starting in the year 2007, the company began to move towards making its services ultra-low cost. In the year 2010, the company was the first to charge customers for carry-on bags. Then in the year 2012, the company had established a maintenance base along with a crew at the McCarran International Airport, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the year 2013, the company had made a five-year agreement with the Transport Workers Union of America. In the year 2014, the company was named by Morgan Stanley as the best airline to pick for investors. The company had collaborated with the Disney Institute to create new standards as well as policies for the internal environment of the company. In the year 2017, the company’s performance is behind only Delta Air Lines. The company was also one of the top ten safest airlines in the world, as of the year 2018. The company also added high-speed WIFI in their flights and even the first low-cost carrier to do so. The headquarters of the company is based in 2800 Executive Way. The name of the place is Miramar, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code of the area is 33025.


Spirit Airlines is an American company that focuses on providing its customers with the service of an ultra low-cost, low fare airline. The current fleet size of the company is 135. The company also serves around 75 different locations around the world as well. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $3.2 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 7,700. The current CEO of the company is Ted Christie. The company is the 7th largest commercial airline in the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to obtain various kinds of airline or flight services offered by the company itself. The company provides scheduled airline services around the Carribean, Mexico, South America and also Latin America too.

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  • Paul says:

    Getting tired of all the dead end Spirit Airlines create to resole issues.
    Called spirit to verify if pets in cabin are allowed. Agent confirmed YES and said to make a reservation prior to reserving space for pet. Purchased ticket with Expedia which there was no mention concerning pets.
    Called Spirit back after purchasing ticket(within 20 mins after purchasing tickets) and now the agent said I could not take my pet as I was travelling international.
    I requested my refund as they could not complete my service.
    Spirit agent and supervisor said no. They were informed of what the agents informed me prior to purchasing the ticket but they really did not care. I called Expedia and they said they could not return funds as Spirit creates the charge immediately.
    They said they would return 43.00 out of 450 dollars which the bags were 118. They didn’t even complete the service and they won’t even return luggage fees.
    From Canada and this would not be allowed – this is basically a crook.
    I called the corporate office and again no response other than call the same customer service number.
    This type of airline should not be accepted by the public.
    expecting Spirit to respond here as all other has failed. My flight is today but it’s not cancelled yet I called requesting my money back. Hopefully the response is not ” we cannot refund you because you didn’t cancelled – I did and requested a refund for both airfare and luggage fare.

  • Pamela Pelzer says:

    Greetings, I possibly would like to contacted ,do to being on a flight around the year 2019-2020 and all my bagages was kept and never given back to me , there may have been a additional emeregncy matter where there was a emeregency landing within los Angeles , California , like possible air Crafting Problems, I am unsure if the aircraft left after a brief possible 1 hour emeregncy landing possibly at the Los Angles airport Flight to Las Vegas , Nevada ,
    M. Pamela Pelzer or
    Business Assoicated
    M. Pamela Hampleton
    email earthmoontroop12@yahoo.com

  • Vincent says:


  • Vincent says:

    Booked a flight from LAS VEAGS to Nashville TN for my brothers wedding leave Las Vegas 10/20/2023 1247 am arriving in Nashville 615am. I packed up my family and drop 5.5 hours to Las Vegas did some last minute shopping, even got an alert to check in as soon as possible so I stopped everything I was doing and checked in, approximately 730pm I get an alert that my flight has been cancelled! Canceled so I call customer service quick and get told due to weather from one person another one tells me operational maintenance that was not complete, I’m sure it was there wasn’t even people for them to make money. Yes most people would say just get another flight 7-10 business days to get a refund. There wasn’t another flight going out. Thanks spirit missed my brothers wedding.

  • Julio Areu says:

    Travel on flight #1232 09:10pm from Fort Lauderdale to Atalanta Boarding Pass #PPS15B.
    Thanks to the airline’s delay, I lost the car reserved in Atlanta, I had to wait at 04:00am for them to give me a car in another car rental, the hotel would not let me check in until 7:00am so I lost one hotel night that I had also paid for.
    And I wonder who will reimburse me for all this money paid and spent and lost because of the Airline.
    Upon returning from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale on flight #228 at 10:10PM, I bought WI-FI from the airline under receipt #3946502 for $7.99 and the internet never worked, this airline is a theft and the services are useless and They charge for everything, but they charge to rob you because you do not receive the service that they apparently sell you. I claimed the WI-Fi that they charged me for and I never received, I received a Claim #CAS-7481399-T7NOV9 in which it took between 3-10 days to make the refund. To steal your money they collect it immediately but to return the fraud they sold you it takes up to 10 days. This airline is a theft and it is not that it is called low cost, because the prices of the services that it supposedly offers or tries to sell you and does not give you, are not cheap at all.



  • Deborah L says:

    It’s been over a month this incident occurred.
    I was on a flight from La Guardia Airport to Ft Lauderdale 8/24/23.
    The passengers were out of control and the flight attendants seemed frazzled. Even as we were landing the passengers wouldn’t listen and sit in their seats. The flight attendants had to speak several languages and still no response….. As we touched ground a BRAWL broke out in the aisle, people screaming, children crying and the sight of grown men including a male flight attendant throwing punches… The chaos stopped for 30 secs until round TWO, it started all over again… Of course you know what follows, we were detained on the tarmac until the police arrived and took out ONE man…
    Then arrived 15-20 officers waiting to enter the plane.. to escort the rest

    I was in shock from the entire incident and had to drive 2 hours to my home.
    I fly Spirit over 20 times a year and I’ve seen the quality of employees go down.
    I can talk…. I’m 65 years old with 40 years of management and customer service experience.

  • Gaby says:

    My father passed away, I had flights booked already to travel to Florida. I called customer service to see if they could help, bereavement is only given when the death certificate can be produced. So I booked a different one way with Delta. Go to check in for my return flight home that was the original booking, it got cancelled. According to their attendant, if you miss/don’t show for the first leg of your trip they cancel the entire reservation. But don’t worry you will still continue to receive emails for you to check-in to your flight, with no cancellation email. Make that make sense. I hope that if anything terrible ever happens to one of their family members that they are treated better than I was. An absolute poor excuse for human decency.

  • Kevin Casey says:

    DO NOT FLIGHT SPIRIT – We were flight from Nashville to Las Vegas and there were some issues with the Airplane. The flight was delayed over an hour then we boarded the airplane and set at the gate for 45 minutes and then move away from the gate for about an hour. We then went back to the gate and Spirit kept us in the airport for another hour with out any information, then canceled the flight. By that time it was to late to get another flight. We lost one night at the hotel since we did not cancel the reservations with in 24 hours and concert tickets for that night.
    I submitted a claim to reimbursement for the was denied. Spirit did not contact me about being denied or offer any appeals process.

    • Vincent says:

      Does it have something to do with that Las Vegas to Nashville flight cause I had one last night and they cancelled for no reason.

  • Jenry alvarez says:

    Hi there! My name is jenry Alvarez On Monday August 31 I took a flight1328 from honduras Palmerola to Fort Lauderdale and it was the worst experience of my life. They make pay for my caring bag the same one with which I went to Honduras $227.77 . and having a suitcase already tagged. All because they said that the suitcase was very high. Do you know what? it fit perfectly in the compartment of the plane? Second problem, my mother-in-law, an elderly person in wheelchairs, the airlines did not want to help them because they were very busy with their cell phones. so in a nutshell they robbed me and treated us like dirt. My mother-in-law asked them for a glass of water and they wanted to charge us $3 dollars. Never again used spirits airlines services.

  • Guest says:

    Are you aware that the Supervisor represent sprit airline in Memphis Tn dana Walker was charged with embezzlement?? How is that a good look for the company? She’s still employed

  • Kayla Carroll says:

    Missed my flight yesterday out of Dallas because of spirit staff. Reached out first thing this morning (less than 24 hours of the flight) after a very busy day yesterday and I’m being told nothing can be done, I was marked late and as a no show, I didn’t rebook (I had the money for rebooking 2 tickets sent to me and was able to only rebook 1 despite them having more seats available), and being told I have to pay to cancel a returning flight despite the passenger not being rebooked. I will NEVER fly spirit again. They require you to check in at a kiosk and wouldn’t print my boarding pass since I had an infant traveling with me. I completed my kiosk check in and when I finally got to an agent, she tried to turn me away before finally agreeing to help me. They would NOT rebook both of my tickets but sold extra tickets at boarding. They were RUDE and every agent I have spoken to today has been RUDE as well. I missed my flight because of their lack of agents and the required kiosk check in requiring me to speak to an agent. #spiritairlines should do better.

  • Mark Patterson says:

    I find it interesting my comment is awaiting moderation. Who’s moderating? FYI, 63 years old serial business entrepreneur, a step or two ahead.

  • Mark Patterson says:

    I was at the gate and my wife called and her father died before takeoff. The gate agents were professional however what I went through to get a “Customer First” approach never took place. You call their number and they don’t have a solution other than using their online third-party service. After more than 3 hours of typing between myself and several agents not aware of the case and explaining it again and again though I was assured it would be taken care of, today I paid almost 4 hundred dollars more to rebook the same time frame, upgrades and options pushing out 2 weeks as this week was the most important business week of my life in 2023 yet family first. On top of it all, as Im dealing with this I find out do to my wife’s emotional distress our adopted Catahoula wandered off and was missing. So beyond my wife’s father’s death, we were emotionally wrecked and we have hundreds of acres with my wife blaming herself for our dog’s disappearance we searched throughout the night with no luck on top of her father passing away the same day. The gate attendant’s understanding was professional. That is where it ends as I’ve got nothing but interrogation since from Spirit online agent service to the point of feeling I was at the police station, innocent and had proof but abused by questions throughout. I followed instructions to the letter of the law they provided from explaining myself time after time and even submitting proof of the obituary. If the contact with a Spirit Airlines so-called agent goes on the first time and they state they have documented it, don’t count on it. So as life happens in the vast average that we own and surrounds us, the following morning out of an abandoned barn a distance away that we by chance stopped in front of with the morning light just arising out of the darkness of that barn appears our 13-year-old dog. We are thankful but the pain continues as Spirit seems to not know the Customer First Approach and they delivered only salt poured into the wound of reality without feeling, emotion, empathy, or understanding 3 hours and 400 dollars later I rescheduled my flight with them only as it was direct. Louisville Ky to LAX. However, I have kept the transactions of this discussion, and if you at corporate read this, not a threat but a story that will be in major papers and top read in Social Media. This is no different than Bud Light and so this is Spirit Heavy and like Breaking Bad, regardless of circumstances, I am hell-bent on getting the word to the public. What they do not know is the person I am engaged with has more influence publically than Spirit could even ever obtain. Customer abuse is not spirit but evil and your name should not be allowed to be carried forward. It is more one of darkness, cold, and the abyss. If you want to see what service provides a customer-first approach, forget politics, Chick Filet. Maybe it might be wise for Spirit to observe this practice, step in their customer’s shoes, and though their claim is a low rate, more customers arrive with a lower price with better than expected return. You are first-rate at customer abuse and it is duly noted.

  • Charlene Salzmann says:

    Very disappointed in your staff and service. Have been trying to resolve an issue but am met with indifference and canned responses via the chat app. Would love to speak with live person who actually understands customer service

  • Julian Fantauzzi 2124989415 says:

    I will be filling a report with BBB AND I WILL BE CALLING EYE WITNESS NEWS AND MY ATTORNEY 5 days with out my pay luggage and a rule lady from Newark spirit bag call me and state come get your fxcking bag federal law state they need to compensate $3700 now I am really going after it John Bendoratis need to make spirit better filling everything tomorrow

  • Julian Fantauzzi says:

    My name is Julian Fantauzzi my confirmation # TNFTNK Spirit list my bag today is Sunday the 9 and they call from Newark very unprofessional you have to come pick up your bag I will be contacting the channel 7 news this is a atrocious act from spirit personal 5 days my wife with out her belongings they try to deliver on Thursday to wrong address he went to 100 plaza dr I am very clearly 100 PARK PLAZA Dr I need to be compensated now I have two wasted 90 dollars Uber to retrieve your lock of responsibility fantauzzi.julian@gmail.com will be calling the news

    • Linda Melia says:

      This just happened to us on August 19 we left Phila to Aruba. We had a stop in Fort Lauderdale then onto Aruba. When we arrived in Aruba we did not have my grandsons luggage. We reported and made out a claim form. We spent 2weeks in Aruba where he had no clothes just the ones he wore on the plane. We bought a couple of shirts a bathing suit flip flops and 2pairs of shorts costing approx 250.00. We called everyday for our lost luggage to no avail. They are now 3mos and they say it is lost. We paid 79.50 for the overweight and in the bag were brand new blouses costing more than 200.00 besides my shoes. The clothing in the bag cost a great deal as he is a big man and these articles are extremely expensive we have talked to managers to no avail. They have no lost and found for someone to look for their bag. So they sent us $352.00 and said that is the best they can do. Well the bag cost more than that. I will be getting in touch with channel 7 and also post on social media this travesty. I am glad you got your belongings back but the should not have let that happen. Thank you for an avenue to complain on

  • Miyoshi says:

    This has been the worst flight experience. Tuesday, I drove 7 hrs to Philadelphia international only to have TSA move so slow, causing myself and a few others to miss our flights. They modified our flights- I drove to Baltimore to get a flight to San Juan later that night & it was cancelled. Flight ‘allegedly’ modified for the next day. I asked to be put in a hotel room so I wouldn’t have to drive 4 hrs back home- they refused. My flight was modified for Thursday, not the next day. Luckily I had a relative 40 minutes away- I stayed there. Meanwhile, I’m still paying my room I booked but I’m not there! And I’m paying for my airport parking reservation!! Thursday, I caught my flight to San Juan only to get there and have them tell me they left my bag in Baltimore!! The bag attendant said he’d have it delivered to me Friday morning. I’ve called & called & messaged. I rcvd an email around 11pm last night that my bag was at the airport & was told it would be delivered to me this am- now Saturday- and a delivery driver arrived & tried to give me someone else’s luggage!! I said it wasn’t mine & called to report it & he then tried to give me someone’s else’s luggage- saying here’s it’s this one. It was not! They have my bag number. What’s going on?! They’re making my vacation a nightmare & I’m now having to buy clothes etc instead of using those funds for leisure. I’ve spent more than 12 hrs on the phone trying to resolve these matters!! This has got to be the most incompetent staff ever and the customer service is horrible. They get your money and treat you like you’re worthless. DO NOT FLY WITH SPIRIT!!!

  • LairToya McNealy says:

    I fly with your airline. Recently, my family and I flew from San Juan Puerto Rico to Newark airport on January 20, 2023. Before leaving Puerto Rico I informed your crew members that my phone was missing. That was in Puerto Rico. Your flight attendant was very rude and caused the scene , and even went as far as saying, I was yelling at her, and I even use profanity towards her. Now I am not that type of individual, especially in front of my children. What she was trying to do was have me put off the plane. All I asked was if she could give me a few minutes to locate my phone on this crowded plane. She rather harass me then give me a minute. This flight was at 5:50 PM leaving Puerto Rico and going to Newark airport. I sat down. Enjoy the ride. When we arrived at Newark airport, I did the Find My off of one of our phones. It showed that my missing phone was now in Newark airport. Which means it was on the plane. I waited until every passenger left the plane for me to search for my missing phone. Mind you I had to wait anyway because I was transported by wheelchair. When I asked the attendant to give me just two minutes, she refuse again, and cause a scene. I was told that someone probably took my phone and I needed to leave the plane at once. Although I advise that my phone showed it was on the plane. I never was allotted the two minutes to just look for my phone in between the seats. As I was being transported, my phone showed it was still on the plane. The plane did not leave Newark airport until a few hours later, possibly two. I went to the spirit customer desk and they said the cruise that my phone was not on the plane. At 11:30 PM I took Amtrak to Philadelphia to get my car. When I arrived in Philadelphia, while sitting in my car, I checked my Find My and my Apple phone and it stated my phone was in Orlando Florida. That is where your plane went after leaving Newark airport. Saturday, January 21, 2023, after working I came to Newark airport to speak to the employee by the name of Kevin once again, and let him know, as well as showed him my Find My to my phone that was showing it was now in Orlando. He believed me then. He called around and advised me that he will personally call me back. About 30 minutes later after leaving Newark airport, I received a call from Kevin stating that my phone was indeed found, and it is currently in Orlando. He advised that I would have to pay to have it sent to me. He also gave me a number to call in Orlando and which I’ve been calling since Saturday night. It is now Tuesday morning. No one has reached out as of yet from Orlando. Last night, I received an email stating that my phone is not found. That was from Newark airport. I am unsure of what is going on. I just want my phone back! Is there a way for someone to assist me in this matter? I can be reached at 570-269-1467. My phone is extremely important and I have important information for my daughter who has epilepsy as well as sickle cell disease. She sees quite a few doctors with all of their information in there. I am at your company’s mercy.

  • Gloria says:

    GLH – Sometimes you see a Company best when its at its worst. I see how Spirit handles its customers when they are at its worst and its NOT GOOD. Spirit needs to work on their customer service!! Dont be taken by the prices because in the end you can lose much more. we had to go to a different Airline to get home!

  • Frankieanna Cartwright says:

    My confirmation code FIZ79T This Company HAS NO interest in keeping CUSTOMERS THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMERS SERVICE the FLIGHT ATTENDANCES was very GHETTO the airplane was VERY DIRTY The manager in Detroit was very rude and DIDN’T care AT ALL about her customer OMG the sales officers never picked up their phones even the whatsapp number is foolish and when they do you are on HOLD FOR A VERY LONG TIME WAITING AND WAITING and also my flight was cancel by email and they sent me a Credit by email like I ask them to I went to see about this and that’s when I encountered the most RUDE and SELFISH MANAGER told me that my reservations was canceled on my end I told her it was not cuz I did not cancel it and also if I can get my reservations back she then told me she was not able to give me my reservations back so I asked if I can get my money’s back and she said no I cannot get my money back so I asked how am I supposed to catch a flight out of Detroit to Fort Lauderdale in time for work that was not her problem then I proceed to go back to customer service to find a different route I was put on hold again now I’m back home in Nassau I’m trying to reach out to you guys again and then got to a supervisor after asking for a manager his name is Mr Moses he was not helpful he didn’t know the situation the agent transferred me to him so first thing he was supposed to do is know my name know my situation and apologize I got none of that I got the bad end of the stick and I got the phone hung up on me I will never ever ever never fly on Spirit Airline again in my life I would need my deposit back else I’m taking this to the next step. Oh how I got out of Detroit I had to drive in a snowstorm to Fort Lauderdale very poor of this company

  • Rosiella Chitalu says:

    I am getting the runaround about my refund of a flight that was canceled on November 4, 2022. With spirit if the flight (original flight) cancel they will put you on the next flight out regardless if you like it or not. I went to the front counter at dfw to cancel the flight to and from Las Vegas. They did not cancel it but put me and the people I paid for as a no show. They their way of keeping your money. Yet they refund my 2 sisters they luggage fee and me $1.40 and $237.00. Not sure what that is for. When I paid $748.00 for our flights. I was told not to worry we would get a full refund on my credit card. Till this day December 14, 2022 i have not yet seen the full refund. Can anyone tell me what’s $1.40 at Spirit?

  • Disappointed Customer says:

    I flew from Miami, Fl to Chicago on Dec. 6, 2022 with no issues with my luggage which were backpacks with a handle to pull on the wheels, however on my return trip when it was time to board the plane I was told my same bags were not personal items and that I needed to pay $99 each per the 4 bags. I spoke to a manager and asked why the inconsistency and basically told
    Me I could pay or throw away my luggage to board the plane. I asked for his name since he had his name tag flipped over to the back and he gave me the name Cesar. I asked for something else to identify him by so when I make my complaint as there could be more than 1 Cesar in the company and he said he could not give me that info. The spirit worker working at the counter was also rude as prior to
    The luggage issue I went to her for assigned seats because I had a total of 6 of us flying but had to purchase our tickets in 2 transactions in order to use a spirit credit I had and I was told by the Spirit employees at check in that the people at the gate could assigned me the seat without me paying, however this lady would not and kept trying to charge me. I too had to ask for her name and in which she told me but I could not make out what she was saying and so I asked
    To see her badge and she flipped over very quickly and then back over. Her name is Thalia M. What’s the purpose to have your employees wear a badge when they refuse to display it. Thalia also had me waiting at counter 10 minutes before she even greeted me. I have flown spirit and only spirit for years but this will be the last unless
    They offer me a credit or voucher for the $200 they charged me
    For the same backpacks I travelled with on incoming flight.

  • Metia Gordon says:

    I have just filed a formal complaint with the BBB next step is an attorney

  • Metia Gordon says:

    This is theft and l will be contacting BBB and an attorney

  • Metia Gordon says:

    I am highly upset. I called customer service in regards to changing a flight and they canceled everything and wouldn’t refund none of my money. I need to call back ASAP on regards on when my money will be refined all of it.

  • Melissa Earnest says:

    Can I please get a call back regarding poor customer service?

  • Robin Simpson says:

    Spirit is horrible. I will never fly on their airline again. They cancelled my flight after waiting at the airport for 5 hours. The desk agent said the flight was cancelled because there was no pilot. The only recourse they offered was another flight out the same time the next day. I was forced to purchase a ticket on another airline just to get home. This is after I slept in the airport. When I complained to Corporate, they told me some BS about inclement weather was the reason for canceling the flight even though Southwest managed to make 2 flights out that same night around the same time. Spirit is the worst airline and I will never fly them again. I will be spreading the word about the horrible experience I had and the worst customer service ever.

  • Patricia Sammartino says:

    I flew home from Chicago flight 425 to Ft Lauderdale on October 17.I purchased isles seats for myself and companion because we both had surgeries .when we boarded we were given a middle seat and window seat , when I addressed the problem to the steward he shrugged his shoulders and said he couldn’t imagine
    how that happened.. when our flight landed I went o a ticket agent and showed him my purchase and he assumed me I would get a credit on my credit card.When I called back two days later I was told no and when I asked why he said and I will quote him, you flew home so no credit,I replied was I suppose to stay in the terminal to get what I paid for ? I’m done with Spirit!!

  • James McPartland says:

    Flew Spirit this morning out of Ft Lauderdale to Nashville Flight 222 6:40am. We had 1 luggage and 2 small bags and we were charged full price. $158.00 Our bags were stored under our seats. This is outrageous. Our waiting line was moved 3 times. We were charged $16.00 for the shortcut line which it was not. TSA was a Mess, so disorganized , 4 separate lines and no one in charge. The plane had the most uncomfortable seats ever and we fly a lot. Young boys allowed to consume alcohol and no ID checked. This airline was a huge rip off, I will never use it again. Spirit looks great on
    Paper, then they sock it to you with baggage fees. Very deceiving company !

  • Paul Hahn says:

    Why are you waiting until 12/15/2022 to starts flights up again from ACY-PBI? I have been taking that flight as early as Nov1 in the past and I’m sure the demand is there even if you only offer a few flights per week. Also…due to the very unfortunate disasters in S.W. Fla…..perhaps you can offer PBI flights instead of Fort Meyers?? Can I please get a response…Paul Hahn. I am a very frequent flyer on your planes. Thank you!

  • Marlo and Henry Williams says:

    Was on a flight NK1879. Your flight attendants both female were very rude. Their was a passenger speaking loud and loud enough to wake me from a deep sleep. I turned on the flight attendant light. The attendant said to me “ I just spoke with her and now since you complained after I already spoken to her “. I explain that I just woke up and wasn’t aware however she is so loud. My Husband were in the emergency row because he is tall. The attendant also said the we could move to the back of the plane which I said I would not be sitting in the back of anywhere. So then she offered o front seat. However, we were not the disruptive person and it felt more like we were punished. She also said that she was making a report. When my husband and I started to depart for the plane I asked for the report number, she indicated that she didn’t make one. I then asked both of them their names and she said she wasn’t going to give her name. We flight at least 6 times a year and not to mention the couple we travel with. By far the WORST experience.

  • Nancy Roiter says:

    I am completely disgusted with this airline. my baggage was destroyed, no call back, no reimbursement . on hold for hours ,, no response. The worst customer service in the industry!!!

  • Margo says:

    My first and last time …pd $880.00 for round trip to Orlando for two….came down with Covid…..canceled flight…was told no problem rebooking…just tried to rebook and they said to late and hung up

  • Alicia Jagot says:

    Worst airline ever!!! Customer service is trash. Received no help after their hotel Voucher issued was not valid and was charged for cost they were supposed to cover. No one calls back after being told they would.

  • First time Flyer says:

    This was my first flight ever, I had the worst experience flying from Las Vegas to Philadelphia. The captain that was flying was standing at the gate which was concerning. The gate agent was rude and not customer friendly. This airline should be band from taking passengers. They are very risky and not professional. My first time flying with the company. I had to take a flight home with American Airlines which is a much better experience. These guys need people skills training. I heard a lot of bad things and experience confirmed it. They also jit me out of my money. You can treat people they was you too and stay in business. I be booking with American from now on which is sooooooo much better, you get what you pay for crappy airline. Also keep telling me I’m a no show after checking my bag and scanning my boarding pass. They lost me as well as 9 of my family members as customers who had reservations. They will get no more of my money.

  • Georgette Clarke says:

    I will never deal with this company ever again! I posted a warning about their unsavory business practices anywhere I can. Even my low-income, inner city students warned me about this airline/company; they hold wisdom. This unscrupulous company was going to charge me $150 for their mistake, and that’s just a start! Go commercial/cooperate. I pray the a more stablished airline buys them out completely and they get back ten-fold what they do to hard working essential workers, veterans, and Americans! They are horrible!

  • Ray_Buffer says:

    Crap company and crap people. Just a bunch of robbers.

  • Gigi Gigi says:

    2 years ago I checked in for my flight return to Las Vegas from Tampa Airport as I was in a wheelchair I waited 2 hours for someone to take me to the gate no one showed up the agent called five times for transport they all left the spirit agent put me down the hallway in a corner no one was around I asked a stranger who was passing by to please take me to the when I arrived at the gate I had 5 minutes to check in I think this is deplorable we have not flown spirit since then all the agents are aware of the situation but nobody cared we have been flying with Frontier ever since their customer service is excellent you need to train your people better thank you

  • Parmawattie says:

    Worst airlines,they lost my luggage and nobody responded to my call and messages

  • Randi Moore says:

    Good Afternoon, so me and my husband took our 8 year old and our 8 month old on a trip to see his parents before he went into basic training and we filed a claim about stuff being stolen out of our bags and my luggage being broke in your care after we were delayed by your staff when we were trying to make it to Jamaica on a Saturday and we didn’t make it until Sunday afternoon and we missed my 8 month olds christening because of your staff, Now I know it has almost been a month since my claim was reported and nothing has been done, so I know that I am entitled to a refund of some kind for our delays and I am entitled to some kind of payment for the phone that was stolen out of my luggage (which I have the recipe for the phone)while it was in your care, I can also give my lawyer a call and we can handle this in court. I feel like I have been pushed around by this airline since putting in our claim and I’m not going to stand for it anymore.

  • Lisa Acosta says:

    This airline is terrible, a rip off and a scam. They continue to bill me yearly for the Spirit Savers program that I cancelled right after our first trip due to the crappy service. They owe me a refund for the past payments deducted from my account without authorization after I was told by their Representative that our account had been cancelled. I also need my account officially closed since I don’t have the password to sign in and the reset password link comes to a previous email.

  • Scott berry says:

    This company literally does not care about there customers. They dont care about your complaints.
    My wife had to change her flight.so she called to get this taken care of.
    First off.everyone you talk to sounds like they have food ìn there mouth.”typical”.
    To get to the point to even speak to someone takes forever.after she got everything taken care of.we had to pay a fee for flight change.so she sends my wife to a automated system to pay that the lady specifically said in english.well.it was in spanish.
    No way to get back to the gal that was helping her.so no choice but to hang up and go through process again.
    So she did it again.this time it was a guy that was obviously eating and talking at the same time.get everything set and my wife specifically asked him to make sure he sent us to the English automated system.he said ok.guess what.spanish.
    We literally have 2 hours into this at this point.
    She calls back again and a different gal that was eating and talking at the same time helped us.but this time we played with card already in system.so finally 2.5 hours later its complete.
    Told my wife to stay on phone to do the survey to put in complaint.she left a voice message.after she was done it said that there was a error to try back later.
    So I look up corporate office to complain.could not find a way to email them.like they are hiding from any complaints because they simply dont care.

  • Brenda Dill says:

    7/18/22 DFW I missed a flight that left at ,7:15 am to Las Vegas NV .I was told by the ticket agent told I could not get on the plane because he said my carry on had to be check in I knew it only weight 26 pounds which according to your policy 40 pounds and under is no charge but staff at the baggage claim said it not the
    Weight it is the size . We rode on Frontier and it okay as carry on . I was charge 79.00 and my family would of missed the flight because agent at the gate said your flight is not coming to 3:00
    But baggage claim said reservation was charge to
    Leaving at 10:30 am and we flew to LAX and had to get on another place did not get
    Las Vegas Nevada till 3:21
    Terrible customer service at gate DFW agent male. I want 79.00 refund back card and credit for inconvenience .To my family
    Very disappointed in service
    That is top standard.

  • Meschell Wright says:

    I booked a last minute flight directly at the airport in Memphis TN with Spirit bc my flight with American airline was canceled. The gate agent advised me to purchase check bags at the price $150 but I was unable to retrieve my bags back from American airline to even get them to Spirit. So the gate agent told me to get a refund once I landed home. Now I’m home and spirits horrible customer service reps are bouncing me to every department they have after the so called LIVE CHAT was supposed to be of some assistance which wasn’t. This is the worse customer resolution experience ever which is sad bc my flight and experience with all the agents at the Memphis airport was so good that this Review actually could’ve went in a wayyyyy better way.

  • Jaimie Hirsch says:

    Worst airline!!!! My daughter flew home from Miami airport using spirit into to New Jersey airport.
    Luggage never made it. It’s been almost 2 months. We have filled out all the paperwork on line . Well within the 30 day period. They came back saying it was incorrect to redo the info. We did again. Now they are saying they can’t do anything because we filed after 30 days!!! The first time was well within the time limit. All her clothes , musical instruments were in her luggage!
    I hate this airline. No one answers any of the phone numbers you are given

  • Aeisha says:

    Spirit rips you off I worked with you for a year. I was hired full-time I was getting 5 hours everyday I was hired to work 10 pm to 6:30 am the manager over the cleaners plays with people hours 25 hours a week is not any money for bills working from 10pm to 3am is not going to cut it and my status says I’m full-time

  • Amanda says:


  • Warren G says:

    This company should be shut down for good and never allowed to operate within ANY country. The Corporate ensures you can NEVER speak with them nor express your concerns. Additionally, the offshore customer service the worst you could possibly encounter in your life. Lacking professionalism in every aspect including the ability to understand ENGLISH! And they will be assured to hang up on you once answer isn’t scripted or known! Believe me if you get a hold of one of them always there’s a party of conversation and laughter going on in the background. Whereas you can’t hear nor understand ANY of them. Please don’t ask to speak with a supervisor either fore it just maybe one of their friends as NO ONE give out their correct names or ID numbers! And without a doubt they’re block you from leaving the negative feedback as well! I’d rather pay the higher cost other airlines then the bull crap SPIRIT AIRLINES offers! If there’s EVER a case action filled against them COST ME IN PLEASE!!!!!

  • Very angry customer says:



    I flew spirit 5/14/2022- a 5:15 am flight am out of Boston Logan to Orlando, with a connecting flight to Cancun.

    From the very start of this trip to the very end, the customer service, professionalism, work ethic, timeliness, and communication with spirit staff was the absolute worst I have ever experienced.

    When we arrived at Logan on May 14th, well over 2 hours before our flight, the entire airport was dead. Expect for the spirit baggage line. There were about 75-100 people in a slow- almost unmoving- baggage drop line.

    The baggage claim attendants were rude, slow, and fooling around and laughing the entire time. They did not care at all that there line was the only line in the airport and that it was extremely long. Multiple people in line reminded the attendants that this line was so slow, that people were going to miss their flight. One baggage attendant (a woman) actually laughed and went back to her conversation with a coworker. There was no urgency to get through this insane line, or respect towards customers either. They were more interested in their own conversations, then moving the line along. Considering we were in the United States, the English was very poor. All three attendants seemed very confused, distracted by each other, and it was very clear did not know how to do their job. 2 of the 3 attendants had headphones In their ears as well, which is extremely rude because I don’t even feel as if they are paying attention. Also, shouldn’t that be a complete /TSA/airport security violation for someone in charge CHECKING BAGGAGE onto an airplane, to have air pods in their ears?! They are supposed to be one of the many safety checks in an airport.

    There was no communication informing people as to why the line was so long, or no communication when they moved our flight to a different line so we would get through faster. No announcements, no one guiding traffic, no organization. When we finally got to the front of the baggage line, I asked the attendant to double check my carry on bag to make sure that it was the proper size for the ridiculous spirit carry on guidelines. They ensured me that it would be fine.

    When we finally got through the baggage line after waiting over an hour, we barely got to our gate on time, despite short cut security and arriving to the airport so early. Upon boarding, the attendant checking us onto to the plane told me my carry on bag was too big, even though I had been told by the attendant at the baggage claim that it was fine. Side note -there were multiple other people on the plane with the same size bag (if not bigger) who had no issues carrying their bag onto the plane. They placed a tag on it, told me it was going under the plane, and ensured me that I would get it on immediately after stepping off the plane and I would be able to grab it, and continue onto my next flight. I reminded the attendant that I was on a connecting flight from Orlando to Cancun, and she acknowledged me.

    When we arrived to Orlando, I asked a flight attendant where to find my carry on that was taken, who told me she didn’t know. Another attendant came over and seemed unsure, but said it should be right next to the plane, in the same location I had to leave it before getting on the plane. Of course my carry on was not waiting for me as I was told it would be. I asked multiple attendants where my bag was,all appeared equally confused- and all gave me different answers on the location of my carry on bag they took from me prior to boarding the flight, or even where my carry on bag would end up.

    I found another attendant at the gate. This is now the fourth attendant I spoke to regarding the whereabouts my carry on bag, with a fourth answer on where my bag was. Now, I was told by this female attendant, who had to make multiple calls before receiving any information, that I had to go get my un-tagged carry on bag from baggage claim, pay additional money to re-check the bag, and go back through security. I explained to her I would never have made the flight to cancun if I had to go through all that. That I was told it would be there when I got off the plane, as it was meant to be a carry on. Plus, I didn’t feel safe with my untagged carry on bag on a luggage belt. She seemed very annoyed, even though spirit made this mistake and the connecting flight was less than an hour from departure After going back and forth with the same attendant at the gate, my bag finally got placed back on the plane that would be heading towards my final destination- Cancun. Best part – IT WAS THE SAME PLANE. So why this was such an issue I cannot begin to understand. How this mistake was made I do not understand. How every spirit employee I talked to could not correctly identify where my bag was, how to get it, or who could help me find out.

    Luckily, our trip to Cancun was wonderful, despite the rocky start arriving, due to spirit. On departure, we hoped the issues with airports and flights ended with our flights to Cancun. Unfortunately, we were mistaken, as this was just the beginning of our nightmare experience with spirit airlines.

    So now the trip home. After dealing with the baggage fiasco on the way to Mexico, I tried to change my carry on bag- that I had already paid for- to a checked bag online, prior to departure. Of course that’s not an option, so I had to spend an additional $60 dollars to pay to check check the bag that I had already paid to be a carry on. I paid the extra money, hoping that that would prevent any issues on our trip home.

    We left Cancun 5/21/2022. Our original flight time was 8:49 am out of Cancun, but was delayed until around 11:00 to Fort Lauderdale. Our connecting flight out FLL- BOS was at 2:13 PM and on time.

    Our 8:49 flight was delayed not once, but twice upon leaving Cancun. We were not given a reason why the flight was delayed either. I realized immediately that we would miss our connecting flight in Fort Lauderdale to Boston. After speaking with multiple spirit attendants in Cancun, all equally rude and unhelpful, they basically all told me too bad, figure it out in Fort Lauderdale. I told them there were no other spirit flights out of Fort Lauderdale to Boston or anywhere near; and I asked what my options were for switching flights or even to other airlines out of Cancun. They told me I had to take this flight to Fort Lauderdale, even though we knew we would be stuck there. They said that a hotel, meal, transportation would be offered. They did not help look at other flights, airlines, or options at all. There was also no communication about gate changes at Cancun airport, or explanations for the delay.

    Now our experience at Fort Lauderdale… after getting through customs, we missed our connecting flight to Boston. As we assumed would happen. We then proceeded to get into a “help” line for flight redirecting, where we found other spirit customers who also missed a connecting flight, all due to delays by spirit flights. People missed connecting flights going to New Jersey, charlotte, and there many others going to Boston, which was our final destination as well. There were about 30 people in front of us in this line. This “help” line consisted of 2 female attendants, who spent at least 45 minutes “assisting” just one customer. My boyfriend and I spent a total of three hours in this line, and never actually made it to the front to speak with an attendant.

    Many guests walked away very angry with the outcome of working with these attendants after finally getting to the front of this very long line. Some people were not told they would not be able to fly out tonight. People were told they would not be assisted with hotels, even though they were stuck in Fort Lauderdale overnight, due to spirit delays. One group was told they would not be able to fly out to Boston until the following night at 10 PM. People were yelling and swearing, they were so angry.

    An older couple got to the front of the line, the woman explained to the attendant that they traveling all almost 24 hours, al longer day than planned due to spirit flight delays. She explained she was a diabetic, and she was about to run of her insulin. She didn’t bring enough for such a long travel. She was snapped at by a spirit “help” employee to go outside and call 911, an ambulance would pick her up and bring her to a local hospital.

    We continued to wait in this crazy, BARELY moving line, hungry, tired, and frustrated. The whole baggage area at this point was full of angry customers who had now been waiting for hours, all had cancellations or delays or missed flights due to delays. People were on the phone yelling. We saw even angrier customers walking away after speaking with the attendants, as they clearly not getting any help from the incompetent spirit workers after having to have wait in such a long line to talk to them.

    I decided to take matters into my own hands and called spirit help on my phone, while I waited in this painfully slow line.

    What a waste of my time that was. In the 2 hours I spent on the phone, I was passed between multiple different people. I informed every single person that I spoke on the phone from spirit airlines the following:
    1 – I am an ICU nurse at a hospital facing staffing and covid surges, and needed to return home on a same day flight as I had a shift at the hospital the following day.
    2-I take multiple medications, which I need to take everyday, and I did bring enough to stay the night in Fort Lauderdale, and it would be a health concern if I was to not get home the same night.

    These two factors were disregarded by every single person I spoke with.

    Through out my phone experience with spirit, I was placed on hold for at least 40 minutes total.
    I spoke with 3 “supervisors.”
    I spoke with at least 4 “representatives.”
    I was hung up on at least 3 times.
    I struggled to understand people most of these people due to strong accents, and they could barely understand me due to a lack of English, even though this is an “American” airline.

    What really did it for me was this one male on the phone, I believe he was a representative, but I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t understand him well at all. He spoke poor English and had a very strong accent, and was extremely difficult to understand. He booked me for, in his words, “a flight to Boston from Fort Lauderdale” which I thanked him for. He said nothing about a connecting flight.

    He did not mention until AFTER HE BOOKED THE FLIGHT, that it stopped in LAS VEGAS. before boston ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Like have you ever taken geography? This would be about a 12 hour flight total, at least, where FLL -BOS should be about 3 hours. As soon as he said Vegas, I was like wait what .. I am not to Vegas. I explained that I never agreed to this flight, yet he made the change anyway. That he did not disclose where the flight was going. That I would not have I agreed to a crazy long flight. That is so out of the way and so unbelievable that that would be done withoutme giving him my consent for booking a flight without disclosing it would actually be 12 hours. He tells me he can’t change it, he already booked it. And then, without an apology or an reasonable explanation he would book that flight and inform someone, transferred me to a supervisor.

    The “supervisor” I spoke to on the phone that there was nothing that they could do because the flight had already been switched, even though I never agreed to the switch, and they were unable to switch it again. I explained I didnt agree to that flight and wanted to cancel it. I told her I was very upset that such information information regarding a flight was not disclosed fully. she explained that they were trying to “accommodate” me. I explained that this was not at all accommodating, and gave her a list of 4 other jet blue flights I would be willing to take instead to get home. I gave her other spirit flights, with different times and even different airpirt locations I would be willing to switch to, in order to get home the same night. This woman said there was nothing she could do, and hung up on me.

    I called back immediately, argued with the robot yet again, took me about 20 minutes to get a hold of a real person again, I was connected to two representatives, who *surprise* there was nothing they could do. I was finally transferred me to another “supervisor” who I waited on hold for for at least 25 minutes. I was told now by this supervisors she would put in a request for one of the other jet blue flights to Boston, without such a ridiculously out of the way stop in Las Vegas. She assured me I would receive an email “within 30 minutes” regarding the jet blue flight to Boston.

    We hung up, I waited. Refreshed my email a million times. Checked the spirit app. Checked my spam. I never got an email. After an hour, of waiting, I still didn’t get an email.

    I call back yet again, and waited yet again to speak to someone. 30 minutes later, another *superviser* Now this lady says the same, that there is nothing she can do, but put in put in a request for the jet blue Boston flight as well. I ask if there is anything else she can do. Nope. Anyone else I can talk to. Nope. I told her I really, desperately needed to get home. She said the “jet blue request was all she could do.” I explain to her the situatuon in FLL, how an entire baggage claim area was fully of customers stuck in FLL, waiting to get help. She said she could not help. She ensured me I would get an email and a phone call, informing me either way If they were able to change the flight again. I also asked if she could request any other flights – I gave her multiple other options that day, both jet blue and spirit. She said they were all too expensive. I reminded her I was told this earlier about not hearing about the flight request from jet blue to boston, non stop, and she again ensured me I would hear back via email and phone. I never got any emails or phone calls from anyone. I didn’t even get emails about the flight changes.

    Here we are. Still in the help line, for almost three hours now. Ive given up on calling, its useless.

    Next to the help line was a “baggage help” office, which had at least three spirit of employees working with no lines of people to help. The girls who worked in the “baggage help” office, were literally laughing at the scenes of angry customesr in the baggage claim area. These women did not offer any assistance or information to this mass group of pissed off customers, all waiting to be helped at the “help line.” I walked over and asked the baggage help workers, who were clearly not busy with anything but enjoying the scenes around them, if there was anything that they could do to help. Any information they could give. Even any direction. What was going to happen to all these people who were stuck. One girl said “that’s not our job.” I explained to her that most of us had been in this line for almost 3 hours, had been traveling all day, and really needed help on what was next. No response. I asked her if this happens a lot and, she laughed and said yes. I then asked where I could find a manager or a supervisor. She immediately perked up,and gave directions to find a manager upstairs with a smile on her face.

    I took her directions ,and walked upstairs to find help, when I met the two amazing people that saved my life, the only two helpful spirit employees of my entire trip – Donovan and Julia. I walked up to the spirit baggage claim upstairs, where I found Donovan. At this point, I was begging for help. I explained my story, and he went to get a manager. The manager never came, but he was working with me while I waited. He was professional and friendly, and offered to see what he could do with getting me on a flight tonight. Next to him was his coworker Julia, who was working with another couple who happened to be on Cancun flight, missed the connecting flight to Boston, and were put on the vegas flight without confirming, and were equally as desperate to get another flight home tonight. Donovan and Julia smiled at each other, did some magic, and they got that couple, me, and my boyfriend, all 4 of us, on a same night, direct flight, to Hartford, CT, which is about 2 hours from our destination, Boston- within literally under 15 minutes of working with us. I was literally in tears of joy, thanks to these toy.

    Please shout them out because they stand out like absolute stars in your group of shitty ass, incompetent, rude, and untrained employees. I could not be more happy with those two and was so beyond thankful for their help and kindness, and I truly hope that they get recognition.

    Unfortunately, even though my new friends quickly checked our bags, gave us our passes, and sent us on our way to our gate, our problems were still not over. Now, the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Hartford was also delayed, twice. The person making the announcements regarding the flight was very difficult to understan. Finally, we were informed our flight was delayed due to a flight attendant not showing up to work.

    Finally, we got on the plane. We to wait another 45 minutes before we even took off. The flight was horribly bumpy. It was so bad another passanger had a severe panic attack. I informed them I was a nurse, and helped her calm down, along with the lovely in flight- attendants on the plane.

    We did not get to Hartford, CT until 12:30 AM, where my boyfriend and I had to purchase an uber for $150 dollars, to take us almost two hours home. We did not get home until 2:15 AM. We left our resort in Cancun at 5:40 AM. Our original flight was supposed to get into Boston at 5 PM, which is 30 minutes away from our home.

    Our travel home was almost 24 hours, and should’ve been less than 12. A long, miserarble, and exhausting day.
    This was the single most atrocious experience I have ever had in airport / airline services, and customer service in general. Truly appaling. It is amazing you do any business. I truly have never witnessed such horrible employees. It was a joke. Between the baggage claim workers, the “help workers” and the people who take phone calls, I have never dealt with such imcomptent, careless, and useless employees. It is as they never receieved training, or maybe they just do not care if they are fired tomorrow. They all mock spirit airlines. Its as if they deal with these problems everyday and do not care.

    I’m requesting a refund for the following-

    ***An actual refund, not a voucher, as I will never use your airline ever again****

    **all of the costs from Cancun to Hartford***. On Say May 21st

    -the flight that was delayed by over 2 hours (cun to Fll) — INCLUDING – the bags and seats-
    -the flight that we missed to Fort Lauderdale INLCUDING – the bags and seats-
    -the Uber that I had to spend $150 dollars on to get home since we arrived at the wrong airport

    *I will not be paying for the flight from FLL to Hartford as that was delayed by >2 hours as well*

  • Holly Games says:

    Spirit you cancelled my flight can’t get me back home for two additional days but expect me to cover my hotel and meals for my family and myself. You are definitely getting a complaint filed with the BBB and anyone else I can file with. After waiting on hold to speak to someone I still don’t have a resolution to my problem. I’ll for sure let everyone I know not to use your airline unless they want to be treated like garbage and left stranded in one of the most expensive cities in America. Shame on you Spirit airlines! I’m disgusted and will never fly with you again.

  • Candice says:

    My bag is lost in spirit land. I had a flight monday night from orlando into philadelphia. 2 of my bags arrived and the other is missing. I’ve filed a claim, I’ve waited on hold for crazy amount of hours and at times my wait number 34,432. How is this acceptable? How do 2 bags make it and not the other? How do you have a bag tag with tracking yet no information? Why am I always the one reaching out to find answers and no one is returning my phone calls? This is HORRIBLE service. This is unacceptable! I am so disappointed with the lack of communication, urgency and communication!

  • Kenny bonilla says:

    All I got to say yeah fuck this airline piece of shit manager didn’t even know how to handle a situation I ask her multiple question and bitch charge me $73 for a backpack and charge as a carryon meanwhile It fits between my legs in my seat apparently she’s a supervisor out of LGA NY and her name is Hillary Espinoza yeah I hope she gets the boot she was rude to very unprofessional. Also still wondering how my carry on cost more then my flight (backpack)

  • Dina Schnitzel says:

    3rd times a charm – NEVER again. Myself and 2 others were left stranded in Atlanta on April 2, 2022 for our sons Military ceremony with a flight cancelation with no help or instructions ever sent for rebooking. I requested credit for original flight cost. It has been over 30 days, No responses nor no credit received. I ended up paying an additional $1700 with another airline to get us home 9 hours after we were supposed to get home. I have reached out by email and live chat over 6 times with No success telling me credit was initiated and that they cant control how long my cc company takes – What a bunch of Bullshit. I will not give up to get my refund Spirit.

  • Emmanuel Nkemakolam says:

    This airline took my hard earned money as well and then said I had to file a complaint online . I tried to call corporate and get nothing. If y’all are doing a class action law suit count me in this company is the worst and I will never fly with them again. Here is my contact info enkemakolam@gmail.com let me know if I need to do anything for it

  • Muhamad kalel says:

    Muhamad kalel
    I have made my reservation for June 19th 2022 and I received a email stating we changed your reservation from going none stop to connecting flights I called and supervisor told me there’s nothing they can do and wouldn’t explain why the changes but if I wanted to get a refund or cancel I could at this point tickets are more expensive and they will not compensate in anyway and she hung up the phone an wouldn’t get me to management she said she was the top person there.

  • Gloriann Rutkowski says:

    A spirit agent at the airport booked my flight to the wrong destination and they will not refund me my money.

    Corporate will not return my email and 2 supervisors said they can’t do anything about it. Supervisor David Green #946323 had his tv too loud In the background so he was unable to hear me, after I politely asked him to lower it he was unable to me over the phone and hung up.

  • Kari Johnson says:

    This airline sucks I don’t know how the hell they are still in business!!! We paid for seat upgrades and my husband couldn’t even sit upright he had to practically sit on his feet in the seat totally no leg from for a seat upgrade. They wouldn’t accommodate anything for this inconvience on their part! They re scheduled our flight 3 different times and we missed the 3rd one and that it already left 15 min prior but then while standing in line to bitch about it we got another e mail saying now it is still at midnight they don’t know their ass from a hole in the wall do not ever fly with this company they fucking suck I will never go through this airline again in my entire life not even if it was the last flight on Earth!!! I guess it’s true you really get what you pay for what a fucking JOKE…JOKE…JOKE…JOKE..

  • Dreama Haynes says:

    SPIRIT AIRLINES***Worst customer service ever!! My daughter and 5 of her friends had a flight in Louisville KY at 1:40p today. It was delayed until 430 “due to weather” at 430 as they were about to board it was delayed again due to “staffing issues” now its 830 and they were told the flight has been cancelled. TEN HOURS at an airport is unexceptable!!! They could have been told at 430 that they did not have staff for the flight! I will be contacting my att!!

  • Jazmine Cruz says:

    Spirit Airline needs to be shut tf down. They’re always canceling & when it’s time for you to cancel they NEVER want to refund your money. Then the corporate office doesn’t help none due their limited menu options. I’ll Never book with them again. Absolutely the Worst airline. I made an honest mistake booking my flight and they didn’t care, didn’t refund me my money, now I’m stranded. Not to mention I’m 6 months pregnant 🤰🏼 and don’t have the means to get home!! Pure Monsters is all I can say!!!!

  • Amanda says:

    Never again

  • Amanda says:

    FUCK YOU! Left me stranded in New Orleans!!!!!
    Fuck you and fuck Ted Christie!!! WORST AIRLINE EVER!!!!

  • Sanders hoffman says:

    Spirit should be ashamed to even operate this so called airline. The employees are just plain rude, they have no intention of even trying to help the customers. The customer service aspect is non existent. I caught them in lies and forget trying to get a refund. Once they have your money it will take an act of congress to get a refund.
    There is not way to reach the corporate office and the complaint line is an absolute joke. Insufferable wait times and then the convenient disconnect .
    I could go on and on but they just don’t give a shit. Do yourself a favor and walk to your destination but don’t even think about using this airline. They are an absolute travesty and should be shut down as they continue to rob customers


  • April says:

    My college son goes on a spring break vacation goes to return home from Florida gets to airport they let him pay to check his luggage then refuse to take his luggage due to flight being cancelled tell him the first flight they can get him on to return home is Wednesday 3 days later then from when he’s suppose to return and he has to get to Miami instead of fort lauderde then they refuse to set him up anywhere so now I have my college student stuck in Florida trying to figure out how to get to Miami by Wednesday and no place to stay and been on phone with spirit since 5 in the morning still waiting it’s now 6 in the evening and still no help no compensation nothing just sitting on hold hours at a time and the just get disconnected once someone finally picks up. Absolutely horrible I hope this happens to one of their children and they can worry like the rest of us. Never again will spirit get any recommendations or business from us.

  • R says:

    Sadly my son and daughter-in-law who is about to be deployed decided to take this quick trip and cancellation after rebooking and cancellation and rebooking due to Spirit’s unprofessional and lack of any knowledge of weather conditions but yet every other flight going out and coming to and from the location is a bunch of BS! The customer service and supervisor manager were callous and unwilling to do anything to assist! If this is how you treat your veterans and active duty service men and women you deserve the FU!!

  • Ms N.Gibbons says:


    03/28/2022 Me and my husband travel on Spirit Airlines for our honeymoon, to Saint Thomas…This was my first time traveling on Spirit Airlines, and my husband second time…Where do I begin, 1st. representative told us in Dallas that Covid test is not required and there is no reason to bring documents.
    2nd Once we get to Florida .20min. before the plan takes off to Saint Thomas, after waiting four hours at the airport me and my husband was told we need proof of Covid, which we did not have with us, which caused us to missed our plane.
    Me and my husband reach out to our doctor office had them to send us proof of Covid documents, through a PDF file. Which we both have
    had taken on 3/29/2022 so we could upload to the Saint Thomas website..once we receive the documents from our doctor office, our plan had already departure, which caused us to spend a night at the Florida airport, sleeping in the hard uncomfortable chair
    and was told, since we missed our flight they can put us on stand by for Friday. There is not another flight leave going to St Thomas, until Friday..
    Speaking with
    someone in customer service. was a disaster, why waiting in line to speak with a representative, which was an hour wait. the representative. by the name Netty. she decided to help people who will walk up to the stand Instead of helping the people who have been waiting in line for hours, which was not professional are in appropriate, which caused many arguments with other people’s who had been standing in the long lines…It was so bad where the sherif had to come and stand by the
    Customer service stand..One of the representative by the name Netty, will help people’s who will walks us and ask her questions instead of asking them to go and get in line which was in appropriate, she also walked away from the Customer service stand and left the other representative alone
    trying to help the other 30 people’s who had been standing in line..
    There was another representative came to help out ,but he was only there about. 20 min, sorry I didn’t get his name..

    Finally got a chance to speak with the other representative, sorry I don’t know her name because her badge was clover up, she was a young African American woman who was able to get seats for me and my husband on Friday going to Saint Thomas…Praise the Lord..

    Thank you in advance for hearing me out. Have a Blessed Safe Day

    Ms and Mr Gibbons

  • Lori says:

    I’m a very upset costumer . I thought that Spirt was for there costumers. Don’t let them fool you . They give me a voucher for $50.00 but failed to tell me it just covers 8.00 my ticket should or voucher should of been free & payed for the new flight I was going to book with them because of all the trouble I had went through flying with Spirit airlines they also don’t follow rules and policies my personal item they charged me for because they made me stick my purse into my free bag & it didn’t fit so I was charged 78$ . The flight was changed the time 3 times . I all most missed my shuttle it was the last one home it would of cost me and extra 100.00 so you really didn’t do me any favors this is the worst flight & worst time I’ve every had with Spirit. Yes we know you have cheap flights but to me it’s not worth the inconvenience & the treatment you get I would much rather pay the extra money to fly with another airlines . Then you can’t even speak to a supervisor or go online to make a complaint no one answers them .

  • Cedric L LOWE SR says:

    Spiit Airlines is a joke. they rob customers. They stole $2000 from my account and refuse to return it.

  • Debbie says:

    So I was trying to check in online, there was a glitch and they cancelled my flight! Worst online check in ever! Made me pay additional money for a later flight, won’t fly this airline again.

  • Brenda Wallace-Thomas says:

    Absolutely mortified to find out Spirit will not issue my refund! I had another airline cancel a flight which led to me canceling my Spirit flight. I had to cancel my entire trip! They basically said they are keeping my money. Well, I work hard for my money and if they think one person can’t make a difference just wait! While explaining my situation the rep was laughing, I could hear it in her voice. I will be filing a complaint with the attorney general of Broward County, and this is only step one. I am really exhausted by big companies stepping all over consumers.

  • Paul K Ferrante says:

    The most un-American woke airlines in America, you probably only serve Coca-Cola another dumb woke corporation,on your flights. To be honest who the hell are you to tell people their clothing ,as long as it’s not exposing body parts, It’s not allowed. Honestly, who the hell died and left you God. I would let that slide if you also removed people with BLM shirts, or black power fists On their shirts. But you don’t because you’re afraid. Real Americans are not afraid to do what’s right. Grow a pair of fucking balls and do what’s right and honorable. When the tide turns, and believe me it will! The writing is on the wall and you’re blind if you can’t see it. So I’ll help you. The people of this country are tired of the woke bullshit And the lies,and are not gonna stand for it anymore. And when that day comes to fruition, I hope they bury your cooperation and put you out of business for being traitors to this country and it’s people. By the way, I only drink Pepsi now and it taste better than Coke.

    • Liberal Lefty says:

      Someone is angry about something and I’m still not sure what it has to do with an airline.

  • Steve says:

    VOUCHER is fake and not once but twice the supervisors hung up the phone on me.

  • Hannah Petrunak V9847B says:

    I’m having the worst customer service. I have a complaint and a problem but no one cares. I keep hearing there isn’t anything we can do about it. There is always something a company an do about it. I own a business and would never, ever treat a customer like this. Whatever happened to “the customer is always right.” I decided to go to corporate. I would like help getting this resolved. What happened was the company’s fault that she missed her flight. She was there 2.5 early on 1/1/22 and got her baggae ticket from the kiosk so she was there. 2.5 hours in the baggage line and she never got her bag checked. I want someone to call me personally. (814) 691-7389.

    • Destinee Gonzalez says:

      Complete agree with this. Horrible customer service and after multiple people they still don’t solve the issue properly and then hang up. I’ve requested corporate multiple times. First my voucher was hacked, then they wanted to CHARGE ME TO GET THE VOUCHER BACK, don’t tell me they “fixed” it until I called again, oh and then wait… I CAN’T EVEN USE THE VOUCHER NOW BECAUSE IT IS IN MY BOYFRIEND’S NAME ONLY.

  • Scott says:

    Spirit Airline the worst company anyone could deal with. There costumer service is a joke. Never ever try to fly this cracker jack airline. Waited inline to drop my bag today for a hour and half just to be told it is to late to take your luggage and you need to rebook a different flight. Then they want to charge you for cancelling you reservation and rebooking fee for there complete incompetence. Plus the rebooking line at Detroit was over 2 hours long. Hope they go out of business!!!

  • Mike G says:

    I traveled from US Marine Corps Base Camp Butler in Okinawa on 11 October with my daughter to visit colleges and practice with their rugby teams. Spirit Airlines lost her bag on the subsequent flight from Raleigh to Orlando which means she had absolutely nothing to include her sports gear. Spirit Airlines has done nothing to give any urgency to the situation. It has been a month since the flight and they are still giving us the run around. We had to buy all new stuff for a three week trip and their were national team uniforms and equipment that was irreplaceable. This is the poorest example of customer service I have ever experienced. They profess to support the military and veterans but yet do nothing when you are stranded because they lost your only bag. Very disappointing

  • Mrs. Roberts says:

    This website name is corporate office headquarters.org and apparently is not connected to spirit in any way because no one’s comments have been anything but nice!!! If you want to be included in my complaint to the FAA NAACP BBB and any others I can complain to. As well as I will be finding A consumer law attorney to file discrimination charges and compensation issues and sue the shit out of Spirit Airlines. Their name sure sues the way they operate in business they take your money ghost you and disappear!!!!! GTFOH!!! This time you have EFFED with the wrong family!!!! SPIRITAIRLINES.Com/HELP
    Email is a complete joke! I will be asking for public records of all of their complaints for the entire year! Then put them on my local FOX 13 news along with the Discriminatory racial issues that we went through dealing with them that went on Facebook live I also have the clip from the airport metropolitan police in Las Vegas!!!! Spirit YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AND EXPOSED !!!!

    • Nickjames says:

      Can You help me I had the same experience they wrong for me wrongfully said I was intoxicated and made me get off the airplane I was talking to the mask so that’s why I was slurring I try to explain – I’m also a Vegas local and student

    • Tanya says:

      I am with you all the way. I have been trying to get some answers for the last four days. I have been put on hold, in the middle of explaining the situation I have been cut off three to four times. Mind you being on hold for more than 30 to 40 min just to get rerouted without warning. That told me the reason for my cancellation was forecast, however, received paperwork for that it was crew. I’m on hold now for the third time today. Literally been on the phone since 12pm.

      . I’m with you all the way. This is ridiculous

  • Jose says:

    Bought a ticket for a loved one in Vegas, Spirit claims I cancelled the flight which I never did. They wont refund or care about my father now out there stranded with no place to stay, no food, nothing, just his luggage and the clothe on his back.

  • Doris Walker says:

    I am livid with this airline.

  • Rachael says:

    The worst airlines EVER!!!!!

  • BOSCO LOPEZ says:


  • Angela Williams says:

    If anyone here would like to join me as the original defendants of a class action suit against spirit, please email me at akw976@gmail. It seems we all have similar Issues regarding unethical practices that we have not been able to resolve. I would like to immediately hire an attorney and bring a class action suit against them for unfair business practices, And failure to hold up to their agreement.

  • Jairo Morales says:

    Spirit Airlines is the worst airline in the world. Their customer service is the worst. They do not believe in their customers. First time experience with the airline.

    On 9/24/2021 flight from Central America to Houston with an interchange to Tampa was a bad experience. The fly arrived late to Houston and the fly to Tampa was gone.

    My fiance ended up being stranded in Houston TX airport. Spirit Airline did not care about where she was going to stay or sleep. The airline advised her that she would need to wait. They were not able to provide service for a hotel or buck her in another fly so she can get to her destination. The next fly they had available was until the next day 9/25/2021 at 7:45 pm. I cannot believe what I heard. Their preference is that she sleeps in the airport until the next night. Spirit Airlines does not care about its customers knowing that no customer the airline would not exist. Another problem, when you call customer service they do not help you at all in solving the problems. Hope someone from management does something about it. It would be nice to receive a positive answer. Feel Free to contact my email if you need any information in regard to the fly issue.

    Thank you

    • Mrs. Roberts says:

      We had the same exact problem but at the airport in Las Vegas. My daughter and son-in-law who are a biracial couple went to go fly got to their gate 40 to 50 minutes before boarding and no one was there to greet them or get them into the flight. Once my daughter complained to a frontier desk agent she apparently called spirit from the gate and told them they had five passengers waiting to board and the plane had not left. Once the gate attendant returned she said it was too late to board the plane and called every Caucasian person up to the desk to rebook their flight but denied my daughter who is African-American a rebooked flight. My son-in-law stated that he would not fly without his wife and demanded she get her ticket we booked as well. Desiree decided that because voices were being raised and discrimination was occurring she called the Las Vegas metropolitan police. Then she put in the computer that because of the behavior neither of them would receive a rebook or refund. Stranding them at Las Vegas airport.This incident costs this family and additional $675.33!!!!!! I want a refund now!!! And compensation for the rebooked tickets on frontier Alaska airlines.

  • Kerry says:

    It has been three months and I still have not received any kind of compensation, a phone call, letter or anything from Spirit Airlines in regards to my destroyed luggage. I had to duct tape it to get home. I have spent this entire time trying to get satisfaction with NO RESULTS. I have sent pictures 8 times along with claim forms numerous times and NO RESULTS. They send emails asking for a code that I have NEVER RECEIVED. I am throughly pissed.

    • Tammy schneider says:

      We are having same issue with our lost luggage! Total run around!!

    • RuthRosenbarker says:

      Did you ever get any help email I have similar situation, but I actually got a file#,a lost baggage,but never any answers .They have copies of all receipts and I also was told to sleep in airport 1 day before going to Las Vegas Nevada and 1 day to leave Las Vegas to go home toFt Lauderdale Fl I’m owed refund.

  • Luz says:

    The lack of respect and unprofessionalism is ridiculous. My 19 year old daughter was directed to the wrong gate and when she arrived at the right gate the attendant started laughing at her and closed the door in her face. Then to add insult to injury this grown a** lady starts disrespecting my daughter and tells her what is she going to do about it as if she was inciting a physical reaction. The manager was not any better. She made my daughter wait for new boarding pass and changed her destination from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale, 3.5 hours away from me. I filed a complaint with the Dept of transportation.

  • Sheronica grey says:

    I am very upset your staff charged me $65 for a fanny pack that I took off my waist and put my arm to get my information out to get on board I will be going to the news for that that is unfair

  • Taylor Devaney says:

    This company is a joke! I’m trying to cancel my flight because it keeps getting changed. They said I cannot cancel. They also said they provided me a credit, but they do not. I have records of all of this. I just want a refund!!!

  • wendy pena says:

    We need to speak to Advertising dir. We are laun ching a Latin language website and also own a travel co.since 1985.I can be reached 917 359 0293 Wendy Pena Owner FWP TRAVEL INC NYC. THX.

  • Reena Deal says:

    This is the worst airline I booked I will never fly with your company ever again how your company not going to refund a costumers money due to a disaster in New Orleans wowww yes I will post how unfair and to not book with this company on all of my social networks

  • Dennis Ulrich says:

    I want paid the rest of the money that u owe me from the trip .I booked a round trip ticket flew out u cancelled my return flight didn’t even notifica me.So i had to keep a rental car another day 197 dollars,plus i had to find another place to stay. Ur services suck.i have talked to several empleyees about the problems I was having and all they can say is fill out a complaint on line. Im a veteran and alot of my friend’s and family used to fly with u but won’t again. Just refund memy money step up and pay for the extra charges that i had to pay for ur ignorance. U couldn’t even call text or email me u left me pay for assigned skating and checked bag for the return flight. I want compensated for this

    • Reena Deal says:

      They are the worst I booked to New Orleans for October 14th 2 months away and they will not cancel and refund my money this is bull shit

  • Mrs R. Burke says:

    My daughter had to get off the plane in Columbus due to the flight being delayed & her not able to make her connecting flight. She had been looking for her luggage since July 16 & had been given the run around every day…. this airline should be closed down because no one from the agents to the CEO knows what the hell they are doing. This is horrible & such bad business

  • DJ says:

    The CEO Edward M. Christie lll should be fired immediatly for allowing this fraudulent activity to perpetuate with Spirit airlines. He is a disgrace along with the airlines executive board. How unconscionable does this idiot allow the airline to keep advertising flights knownly about a month ago there would be staffing issues. What happened to the covid money the government handed to you and the rest of the airlines. It’s obviously simple you absonded with the money. Hey Christie with your track record as a CEO with low cost air carries is miserable. It’s no wonder why you fit right in with Spirit. Frontier Airlines your last position as CEO was horrendous as well. Time to find work as perhaps a flight attendant. Then you can take the abuse from pissed off customers instead of sitting behind your desk using your yellow painted toiled.

    • LJFY4H says:

      The people of this airline are THIEVES. REFUND MY MONEY!!!

      • Reena Deal says:

        Yes they are i booked a flight 5am this Sunday morning and tried to cancel it Monday 8/30 /2021 and they will not refund me my money there’s a disaster in New Orleans nobody going 2 months away and I can’t get my money back this is really bull shit

  • Nichole says:

    Do not use spirit. Customer service is terrible and you can not get anyone to talk to you that is in America. They steal your money and leave you stranded at airports.

  • Alfredo Rodriguez says:

    El día de hoy teníamos vuelo Orlando para Charlotte saliendo a las 6:30 pm y dicen que hoy emprendía para volar hasta las 9:45 pm tres horas de retraso por no haber empleados ,es una desconsideración de sus parte ni un número teléfonico donde hacer nada, madres con niños de meses ,ancianos y demás creo será la ultima ves que utilizamos sus servicios.

  • Cynthia R. says:

    I am highly upset and frustrated with the unprofessional services provided by Spirit Airlines during my recent travels week of July10tj! My vacation has been RUINED!!! My luggage has been lost for 4 days due to the irresponsible neglect of a ticket agent at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport that DID NOT tag my bag to Orlando Airport prior to placing it on the conveyor belt. In addition, I was overcharged for the only piece of luggage that I checked in. I have to go shopping daily to replace some of the items I need to maintain good hygiene. I’m not confident that I will compensated as the website claims.

    I have literally spent 8-10 hours daily calling the airport to follow up on the location of my luggage. When I finally called headquarters, I was greeted by a representative from Nairobi, Africa who simply read the step by step information from the website. I still don’t have my luggage 4 days later!!!! The deliver company that delivers lost luggage supposedly has had my luggage for 2 days. This is ridiculous!!!! I’m afraid of what contaminates may be in my bag.

    Lastly, the Spirit website is an inconvenience. From day one trying to check-in early to trying to file a claim, the website locked me out repeatedly.

    I would like to end on a positive note and Thank Ms. Cynthia (not related) at Orlando Airport!! She has been amazing at helping to track down my luggage, which was just sitting at Detroit’s airport. She has been very compassionate and adamant with following through on my behalf. She stays in contact with me with updates.

    Mr. Farnaro you must invest more time and accountability into your employees as it relates to proper training. I trust I will be compensated in a timely matter!! Needless to say, I will not be flying with Spirit anymore.

  • Dara Pegher says:

    I give Spirit Airlines an F. They completely failed my son, his girlfriend and their 2 friends. I give Spirit’s customer service and F. I have been waiting since 9:30 am this morning, on their wonderful text chat system to be connected to an agent to address my son’s situation. My son’s flight out of Fort Lauderdale to Pittsburgh was cancelled yesterday after several delays and they were left high and dry. Offered absolutely no compensation whatsoever from Spirit Airlines. No meal compensation, no hotel voucher, absolutely nothing. I will continue to share this terrible experience with all my friends via social media. No paying customers should be treated so terribly. As far as I am concerned Spirit Airlines doesn’t give a damn about their customers and they are the worst!

  • Kerry Lilly says:

    My husband and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale from St. Louis and upon arrival, which was about midnight we noticed our luggage was destroyed. No oe to report damage to that night and I tried for our whole trip to make contact with someone and finally after 5 days I got a live person and was told to fill out a claim online and to also go to the airport and file a claim, which I was told when I got to the airport that they no longer handled things like that and to contact the airlines. I have sent pictures 3 different times and now it has been almost three weeks with no response. I also paid for my baggage ahead of time and when we left Fort Lauderdale I was charged an additional amount of money. Seems that the luggage weight is different in each place you visit. The weight limit when we left St. Louis was 50 lbs, which we were under that weight amount, but when we left Fort Lauderdale the limit was 40 lbs. Nothing was added to our luggage when we left Fort Lauderdale, same weight as when we arrived to Fort Lauderdale. Not happy right now.

  • Tyanne Sly says:

    Try having NO LUGGAGE YOUR ENTIRE TRIP!!!! Got to Florida Thursday night….today is Sunday!!! I have not had my bags since I left New Orleans, LA!!! They tell me to call Florida—Florida telling me to call New Orleans, LA and then do it all over again….IT DON’T MAKE SENSE!!!! If y’all can track y’all planes then it shouldn’t be that hard to find 2 bags….done spent over $400 buying all new clothes and personal items this whole week!!! Not to mention my daughter couldn’t participate in the BETA convention BECAUSE HER DISPLAY SHE WORKED HARD ON WAS IN ONE OF MY BAGS!!! If anybody mentions ANYTHING about flying with y’all I will most definitely tell them don’t do it!!!

  • Dean says:

    Trash 5!hour delay a ride as shit!!!!!!

  • Heidi Oelgart says:

    Sorry that I have to add to the NEGATVIVE experience….Credit was given for a cancelled flight due to covid…now we booked a new flight – non-stop Tampa Newark – a few weeks later we get “change notice” flight is directed to New Orleans – layover and then to Newark…what is taking normally 2hrs 50 min now becomes a trip for 6 to 7 hours. not only was the flight changed ONCE – no again and again…always diff airports – my complaint with a phone call – 45 minutes wait on hold…then talk to a rep in Africa – difficult to understand, wanted an American Rep – oh well – Spirit you have ‘outsourced’ customer service far far away. Are there no Americans in this country qualified to do the job? Now your pricing is increased almost 100% -we are long term customers – but what you have done to us – with the every other day changing the trip – planned in May ….it us extremely frustrating….My husband will NEVER use your services again. I like the flight to AC – non-stop – and will still use my mileage, but something needs to improve – you can not make changes to a booking that was done as non stop – and change it – to make this a trip from hell.
    What is your response?

  • Tika says:

    They some bull shit.. they horrible asf. No good customer service, they hate job and ppl too🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Victoria Armstrong says:

    Spirit Airlines directs you to phone numbers that are not answered or to their website which useless. There is no customer satisfaction.
    My trip was cancelled in April 2020 due to the COVID situation. I was given a year credit but had to book my trip in 60days. The COVID situation is still present. So I completed a form for a refund. I was then told it was take 30-60 days to get approval. It is past 30 days and now I am told to complete another refund form because the guest relation team has no records of my request. This is unacceptable.

  • Lanequit Martin says:

    I took a flight (903) yesterday 2/11/2020 home from Chicago O’Hare airport to DFW (which was delayed for 2.5 hours with no explanation) just to get home to find my BRAND NEW COAT WITH TAGS MISSING. Someone on your staff stole my coat. I just filed a claim and was told I have a 4 hour window to file a claim. That’s BS!! I didn’t pay $50 to check my luggage for someone to go in it and take what they like. I guess this is why we are told not to lock the luggage just in case you have to search it? To make it easy for your staff to take items that are not theirs? I will NEVER take this ghetto ass poor excuse of a airline again.

  • noname says:

    1-15-2020 paid for 2 round trip tickets pit-las checked in, had boarding passes and seat assingments! the flight was delayed! had to find another way! never cancelled nothing! went to come home,they cancelled my trip home! paid them for two round tickets! got stranded in las,cost me a fortune to get us home! will seek legal action, and trying to get local news to carry this story on local tv! I traveled for over 20 years on every airline, as I am a proffessional pilot! This was a disgrace!

  • Jacquelyn Paris says:

    Got a voucher to use within 60 days tried to use it but was told it expired 2 days prior. When I called customer service about my delays I was given a 50.00 voucher and told it expired in 60 days. Well not 60 days from the day I called but 60 days from my original flight. Called customer service and got no where. This airline is a joke. Never Never will I books flight again with Spirit and I will continue to let everyone via Twitter,Facebook a d any other way I can that Spirit Airlines is a rotten airline!

  • Matt says:

    If my company had the same customer service, myself and 10 others would be out of a job. You guys need help.

  • Ebony Sanders says:

    I am truly disappointed in this airline’s practice of business. This is the 2nd time that I have booked with this airline and both times my experience was beyond horrible. This current bait and switch with low prices is downright shameful and an exploitation of many low income families, who still seek to travel and attempt to enjoy life. I have never paid more money to check luggage than my actual cost of the flight. Due to their restrictive weight policies (40lbs per Bag)and insanely high fees($42 if booked online), I will no longer be able to enjoy my vacation as I planned due to these outrageous cost. I have to leave many articles home because I refuse to pay over $180 in checked bag fees for 2 bags. I will never use Spirit again if this is the practice that they are going to keep.

  • Clifford Hymowitz says:

    I was on a flight last Wednesday from Tampa to Houston my confirmation # was PFCIHD. I am a person that self identified as a person with a Traumatic Brain Injury. Navigation the reservation process was very difficult. Particularly the baggage component.I ended up selecting to carry my bag on the plane, even though I never do that and it was more expensive.

    When I got to the airport I realized that I had a long period of time to carry two bags along with me. I decided to check the bag which which originally was a cheaper alternative. I went to the service desk with both of my bags, the bag I was going to check as well as my carry on bag. The service agent saw both bags and advised me that I was going to be charged extra for changing the originally less expensive option. That totally confused me, I proceeded to the gate with my carry on bag.

    I went to the gate agent with my carry on bag and self identified and mentioned that I required pre-boarding. I was told it was not a problem and sit in a seat closest to where boarding would be. There I was sitting with my carry on bag. The flight was delayed an hour. Finally gets time to pre-board so I got on line. Now it is time to board and a woman approached me with a very hostile attitude and asked me to put my bag in a spot that would fit a briefcase. It obviously it didn’t fit although I was fully aware it would fit under the seat in front of me.

    She in a theatening attitude told me I would not be bale to board unless I paid 65 dollars for my carry on bag. Her name was Patricia, her sole job was to pick out people to get them to pay extra for their carry on bag. Only because she threatened me I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor cam and said that Patricia had the obituary responsibility to select bags that would chosen to pay for. Trying to accommodate me he said ok we will charge you $55 rather then the $65.

    The whole situation made me very uncomfortable and felt as though I was singled out. So did the other passengers waiting pre-board. I understand you are providing a service at an economical rate. However to obituary pick out passengers that had to pay is not the the most effective way to get repeat customers.

    I proceeded to find the baggage claim area. Where I waited for over an hour and half for the baggage to arrive. Now I knew why it was my idea to bring the bag on the plane with me. My daughter was left waiting in traffic coming to pick me up.

    I feel as though I deserve an explanation why all the employees I interacted with made no notice about my bag until Patricia approached me during pre-boarding

  • Nikkola Hawkins says:

    I tried to buy a ticket 7 times, the website kept saying my payment didn’t go through and gave me an error message. So I choose a new date got my confirmation code and thought I was good to go until days later when 2 separate charges showed up at my bank. I have spent 2 days on the phone and now my day off for over 2 hours trying to get one of the charges removed. They are refusing to refund the charges cause apparently it was on 2 different days. Duh because the first day when not go through no matter what I tried. They also tell me that they can not give me any information to reach the corporate office seeing how they keep telling me they are not allowed to assist on their end. So their website is faulty and I get charged for 2 tickets. So what do I do???

  • Naomi says:

    My husband and I have been with spirit for over 5 years booking flights. We recently booked 11 people and paid for them now one of our passengers can’t go. Now we needed our refund but the rep told us that the passenger will get the credit. Wth? The passenger didn’t pay for his flight my husband did. This is some bullshit and we are pissed. Changing airlines !

  • Samuel R. Dailey says:

    I have been trying to reset my password for two days. I activated my new spirit credit card and have not been able to get any help with this sign in password. do I need to cancel my new spirit card or what will it take to get some costumer service

    • Naomi says:

      These fuckin morons lose me off. Customer service sucks! I’m tired Of spirit they have the wrong spirit. Hope you got your issue straightened out.

    • Nikkola Hawkins says:

      I would cancel it this company knows nothing about integrity or customer service!!! I always you frontier but thought I would try spirit this time, NEVER again. FYI Frontier gives you 45,000 miles with their card enough for 2 round trip tickets.

  • >