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  • Address: 6826 E Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 609-645-3300
  • Fax Number: 609-645-8062
  • Email: guestservices@spencersonline.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1947
  • Founder: Max Spencer Adler
  • Key People: Steven Silverstein, (CEO)

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Steven B. Silverstein

Chief Executive Officer and President

Scott Houghton

Senior Director of Operations

Tony Graziosi

Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager

About Spencers Gifts, History and Headquarters Information

Spencer's Gifts LLC operating businesses as Spencer's is a mall retailer operating over 600 stores across  US, Puerto Rico and Canada.

It was founded 72 years ago on 19th of June, 1947 by Max Spencer Adler. It has been previously owned by MCA Inc from 1967 to 1996, then by Seagram from 1996 to 2001, Vivendi Universal from 2001 to 2003 and by ACON investment from 2007 to present. In 1999, Spencer’s acquired Spirit Halloween, a seasonal retailer that was founded by Joseph Marver in 1983. The chain also expanded  into the UK in 2000 and opened 14 stores  and  closed  them soon in the mid 2000s.

The store operates at about 650 locations. It started as a mail-order catalog that sold only an assortment of novelty merchandise  and  now their stores specialize in novelty and gag gifts, and also sell clothing, band  merchandise, sex toys, room decor, collectible figures, fashion and body jewelry, fantasy and horror items.

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  • Cathie says:

    Ah yes, Spencer’s….. I worked for them for 15years. All I can say is you are only as valuable to them as them numbers you produce, don’t get older or sick…..I had what they thought was not serious enough to keep me out of work….skin cancer, that came with a $1,268,000. medical bill at Sloan Kettering. I was constantly harassed(threatened)to return to work and ended up returning without any physical therapy, this cancer was in my leg and being on a sales floor and climbing ladders wasn’t something I should have been doing….but I had a mortgage to pay and was so concerned that they were going to terminate me so…..I returned, not smart but I did it. Corporate management tried to friend my husband on Facebook looking for pictures of me partying and having fun….Scott …I stayed. I ended up retiring on Halloween, all of a sudden they needed me to stay through Christmas…..NO WAY!!! To this day I have PTSD with night terrors all work related, it’s been 3years and I still waiting for my peace. No company should treat people this way, no one should allow a company to manipulate them in such ways …doing their dirty work. ….KARMA IS A BITCH!!!

  • "Mike" says:

    Still an employee, and the amount of times I’ve been ignored or talked down to by my DSM is staggering. Also, was lied to about getting a bonus recently, that has yet to be sent to my account and there was been less than zero communication about not only this, but about so many different things that have gone on since i started working here. And i know for a fact that my current DSM belittles employees like myself who transitioned into Spencer’s from Spirit Halloween.

  • Karley says:

    I was recently an employee at 02225 and the amount of bullying both verbal and physical was absolutely unacceptable. The DSMs are racist, they belittle and talk down on ALL employees of color. The sales supervisor would frequently hit me in the chest and the DSM would not let the store manager terminate her even though she verbally abused all associates. She frequently asks associates if they wanted to fist fight. She has yelled at customers and has even made racist remarks in front of customers. They make you work management hours and do management tasks but refuse to give management pay. After our store manager walked out due to unfair treatment the sales supervisor, verbally abuse and abuse of power got even worse. Do not work for Spencer’s, they will take advantage of you until you break.

  • Christopher says:

    Hi Spencers,
    I have a website called prankbumpers.com . People say this is something Spencers might want to offer in their stores. Let me know, thanks.

  • PO'dexASM says:

    I have a whole lot to say about this company. There’s plenty of good that came out of working there for the few years that I did. I also have experienced an ridiculous amount of bullying, Manipulation and harassment.. not from my fellow associates but all of the manager team. At one point I was on the managers team and the abuse got worse. To the point I lost my job over things that my manager set me up for. I got fired over rumors AND they couldn’t tell me what exactly I was being fired for. The DM has thrown me under the bus and also risked my job being further manipulated. I worked for Spirit Halloween and enjoyed every bit of it until I got a power hungry DM to be my boss when I was a store manager of my own store. She pushed me so bad that over the phone I punched a door leading to my office and broke my wrist. She THEN kept giving me demands during my teardown making me carry a countertop to the packrat WITH ONE HAND, (which by the way weighs at the very least 50lbs) yelled about how slow I packed up the last POS and gave other people directions and got pissed at me and yelled at me infront of all my associates for not doing what she said when she never told me.. She never felt bad once for the way she spoke to me and what I went through. I have emails saved and I can clearly see that this happens in multiple locations. I think i would love to speak to someone who will ACTUALLY do something about it. I have a list of full names of workers who have stolen from your company as well. So please. Email me . Due to all of these petty actions from YOUR managers, districts mangers AND LP managers I ended up being over a $1,000 in debt and made sure it was impossible to find a new job.

    • ydoucare says:

      where did you work at? like region? because I had Cindy Asbury (VERY RACIST) and Laurie Perez as my DSM. this literally sounds just like what i went through. I had issues with Jimmy Gonzalez as well.

  • kim thorne says:

    I have been shopping at your mayflowermall store for years and I love your costume jewellery it’s so cool.but they no longer have the 20% off sales on costume jewellery instore. so I went to shop on the website and at the time the stores were closed due to the pandemic. in the store it shows on the package the US prices and also the Canadian prices .when I heard that you accept PayPal as a payment option but it only has the US prices on the website . since the jewellery sold at the store has both the US and Canadian prices on the paging for the costume jewllery at the store then they should also have both the US and Canadian prices on the spencers website too. because I love the look of the jewllery on your side plus other stuff too. and both myself and my sister would love to buy a bunch of stuff on your website. please fix this.

  • Delaney says:

    Think you should do drug test on some of your managers here in Sault Ste Marie Ontario.

  • Sonia says:

    Hi I think y’all fired someone due to their opinions or whatever they do on their free time is ridiculous as far I know this sis usa and we have freedom of speech , religion etc , all this did is bad publicity to your stores as this person has millions of followers , very cruel when they did nothing wrong y’all fired based on a video she/ he did on his break . He/she has worked for years for y’all absolutely disappointed. Do better Spencers , feel free to email me and I can tell who this person is .that y’all did so wrong .

  • Tiffany s. says:

    Wouldn’t want to work there again- was sexually harrassed many times by the dm and no one would ever help.

  • Catherine says:

    I whould like to know how a assistant manager get fired for doing there job he didn’t get a warning or or written up after six years but however the manager herself has multiple complaints from the district manager yet she still gets to keep her job how can the corporate do this saying he didn’t follow protocol he done exactly what he was supposed to do how come he didn’t get a warning like the manager I would like to no this something needs to be done about the manager and the district manager or the corporate I think the need to reopen this I have written multiple complaints no body has done nothing about it so maybe it need a little more looking into this is not going away I think spencer it self and the head quarters and the district manager they need to be looked into and I am talking about the Spencer’s in Charlottsville va

  • Catherine says:

    This store and corporate is very unprofessional 1 person has been 3 times written up and a few ther thing then anthor gets fired for doing there job the didn’t get a warning or no thing how does this work so got there pick I wouldn’t b suprized if the don t have a law suit and am talking about. The on in Charlottsville va something needs to be done maybe it need to go to court i will make sure of it the Spencer’s in Charlottsville

  • Jeanine Benjamin says:

    I have a great drinking game that would be perfect for this Store. I have showed it to a manager at the LA store in the Galleria South Bay. He loved it. How do I get in touch with a buyer for Spencer’s.

  • Sienna says:

    I love Spencer’s, and their graphic tees are really cool. I hope I can continue to buy their merchandise

  • Tom Fortin says:

    haven’t been to a “Spencers” in many years, thought they might be a place to buy some unique Christmas gifts so we visited the Northwoods Mall (S.C.) Spencers. You folks have slid off the trail in so many ways. Spencers used to be a place to buy amusing and unique gifts….now you are nothing more than purveyors of sophomoric and childish sex and shock trash. So sorry for our country and culture that your franchise can do no better than “F**k You novelties.

  • Pete Martin says:

    My daughter works at the store at Park mall in Tucson, AZ. She has been there for at least a year and a half and loves working there. The only thing she does not like is the manager, Dave. On numerous occasions, she has called me in tears telling me about how he treats her and her fellow associates. He is condescending, rude, yells at them in the middle of the store, and threatens them all with their jobs. Recently, she was very sick and was forced to take time off. Dave kept calling her threatening to demote her if she didnt come in. She didnt not knowing if it was Covid or not. When she was finally well enough to return, she still had a slight cough, and then he called the district manager on her, saying she was getting everyone sick even though she was not. I have met him once before and he is a terribly rude man with no patience and even less manners. After meeting him, I scrolled through Google reviews to find out that I am not the only person that had this same impression of him. According to Spencers HR, whom my daughter called to protect her job, they are aware of Dave and have had numerous complaints about his demeaning character. How does this man still have a job there? Is this tolerable with Spencers just to meet their bottom line? If so, it is very shameful.

  • Annon says:

    Is there a dress code for store employees there? There were two women there one wearing a cut off shirt that you can see right through her shirt. Obviously wearing a black bra. The other wearing a cut off shirt with no bra bare front with nothing but a strap covering the middle almost like a bikini top shirt.

    Might be a store that sells sexual oriented items but these women look like they were selling themselves.

  • Erin says:

    I walked into Spencer’s at the Cumberland mall in Cobb county GA at 1455 with my son. They lady with long hair and a green shirt on said “ you need a mask , I do not have any- check in the back .”

    As I was talking to the bank she verbally accosted me and started screaming at me in front of my kid. She said you need to leave the store! your ( nine-year-old child) can stay because they have a mask . She yelled at me in front of a child ! Cursed told me I did not f@cking listen to her the first time .

    First question why does the DouglasVille Georgia Spencer’s never require a mask for vaccinated adults?
    Second question why didn’t have enough masks to give out ?
    The third question why is your employee unbelievably rude? We spend literally hundreds at your store. You’re going to yell and scream at somebody and spend $200 into a store and not supply a mask that might Atmos cost you three cents retail? i’ll never step foot into one of your stores again.

  • Joe says:

    My daughter is an employee with Spencer’s in Oregon. On Wednesday she called in sick and it was her first time. Though out her employment she has been called and agreed to come in numerous times (over 10) to fill in for someone who called out ill. She went into work over the weekend and was not allowed in until she received clearance but no directives were provided other than to call her DM which she has twice, leaving messages. No response as of yet…. Is there some guidelines to share or perhaps a personnel department contact number/email?

  • unknown says:

    i do want to make a complaint, I having nothing against what you sale in your stores, but I think there should be an age restricted sign up for only 18 and older to enter, I was at a Spencer store in the freehold raceway mall and isee kids there ages 10-12ooking around in the store , that’s terrible, eso the things that are sold there, if I was there parents , I’d ground them, l
    please take action t this put up a restricted age sign up, don’t let underage minors in

  • Kimberly Hermosillo says:

    I just now called ur 800 to file a complaint about a manager (Camille) that was rude and very unhelpful to me and my handicap fiancé. I hope I get some sort of feedback from you or I’m gonna take my business elsewhere. We spend lots of money at your business and for us be denied help especially for a handicap person is terrible.

  • Elise Nossov says:

    I need to get a copy of my Spirit w-2 for 2020 ASAP . How would I go about that .

  • Business4lee305@yahoo.com says:

    I need to get a copy of my w-2 . How would I go about that .

  • Denise says:

    How do you report a store manager who is verbally abusive to their employees and patrons?

    • Karley says:

      My associates and I also faced verbal abuse as well as customers. Seems like t everyone everywhere is having this problem 🙁

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