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  • Address: 500 Speedway Dr, Enon, OH 45323, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 937-864-3000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 40,000
  • Established: 1997
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Tony Kenney, (President)

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Dave Heppner

Vice President of Operations

Mark Watson

Chief of Fire Department

Stan Rose

National Account Management Representative

About Speedway, History and Headquarters Information


Speedway was founded in the year 2011. The company has been operational for eight years now. The former name of the company was Speedway 79. In the year 1959, the company was purchased by Ohio Oil Company (currently known as Marathon) and converted all the company outlets to its brand name as well. The name of the stores was then changed to Speedway from just Speedway 79.

In the year 1997, Marathon collaborated with Ashland Petroleum and formed the Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC, where Marathon owned 62 per cent of the company and the rest owned by Ashland. The convenience stores of both Ashland and Speedway merged, forming Speedway SuperAmerica LLC, in the year 1998. In the year 2012, the company had acquired Gas America store chain, taking over 88 stores in the various locations in the process. As of the year 2018, the company had acquired Super America as well as 78 Express Mart stores as well - all being re-branded to Speedway. The headquarters of the company is based in 500 Speedway Drive. The name of the place is Enon, while the name of the state is Ohio, USA. The pin code of the area is 45323.


Speedway is an American retail store chain company that focuses on providing offline stores for purchase of gasoline and other convenience products as well. The current president of the company is Tony Kenney. As of the year 2015, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $19,690 million. The company currently has its presence in over 2,800 locations, all over the USA. As of 2014, the number of employees working at the company was more than 35,400.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the retail presence to purchase various kinds of products offered by the company's convenience stores. The company also offers its customers to buy gasoline as well, via their retail outlets as well. It is the second largest retail chain of convenience stores and gas stations, in the USA.

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  • Jim says:

    Poor customer service at speedway in Edenton North Carolina. Cashier catered to a lady filling out lottery tickets at the register while customers were lined up waiting 10 minutes in line. Only one register open several customers put items back and left

  • Jacob Hoover says:

    I visited a new Speedway in Midway, FL. I hadn’t been there before and wanted to give it a shot. The sign stated $3.34, the pump said $3.34 without my rewards and my credit card receipt says $3.64. The attendant said they could not help me because it all went through corporate. This is false advertisement, and it needs to be made right. I have all pictures of sign, pump, and receipt if you would like to see them. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    Jacob Hoover

  • Elizabeth Lycan says:

    I have purchased two digital gift cards for my son and he has not received them. I have contracted your customer service by email and have not received any replies. My credit card was charged. The phone lines hang up on me when I call the customer service number. What is going on? Can anyone help me?

  • Upset customer says:

    Speedway in Carroll Ohio is terrible. It’s dirty. Their credit card machines are broke down all the time. The fuel pumps break every week. The bagged ice machine has been broke down since May 2023. It is a crap hole. How about taking sometime for fix things

  • Martha Looney says:

    I’ve thought Speedy gas stations have been great until we moved and have had terrible experiences at the location of Paradise/Universe in Albuquerque, NM. Today was the worst of all. I tried 3 different pumps. None worked, tried the help button only to learn those don’t work. No intercom. The manager was helpful when I had to go inside and she set me up on pump #6. I was surprised when she didn’t ask which pumps I’ve tried. She did credit the $2.50 of gas that splashed all over me, but the worse part is the gas ruined my new running shoes and shorts. $30 of gas cost me $175. Ruined my day. The pumps should be labeled if not working and update to remove help buttons. Thank you

  • Tom Jones says:

    You have a problem with an employee in the Durango, Hermosa location, the lady named Diana is dealing fentanyl out of the store . This issue was brought up with DM Randy and he didn’t do anything about it.

  • Elena Cline says:

    Bought a Big Gulp and found a tick inside of a ice cube after I had already drank half of my sprite,god only know how many I might have drank,! This is total BS

  • MP says:

    What’s going on at the speedway in Kenosha wi. Panhandlers and homeless hanging around the doors all of the time. Think I need to find a different location

    • SR says:

      It’s totally sad if you have to find a totally different location to get your gas and whatever else you stopped there for. Maybe you should actually offer your help to one of them considering they are begging for food or money. Instead of giving them money get them food and give that. Now u recognize this situation u can go through old clothes or shoes and offer that as well. Economy is struggling everywhere so instead of being in humane try to be human and have empathy, who knows that could be u in a year from now. Life happens and sometimes it happens harder to others.. I really hope u reflect on what I said. Life is just to love one another. People r who make it complicated

  • Tashla says:

    Came to this location in Trotwood on Shiloh 201 Shiloh Dayton Ohio a black female told my husband that she was gonna beat his ass if they were closed Baaba blah because he couldn’t get in and they closed it because they don’t have air very disrespectful and would like a callback from the head person that runs the Speedway

  • Audrey Daniels says:


  • Joyce Allison says:

    I’m a former employee from 1993-2000. By chance would you have my employment info available, such as hrs worked, start and end dates of employment and hourly wages?
    Thank You

  • Jeremy Bozarth says:

    The store in the 5000 block of Preston highway Louisville ky, as I pull in at 2:30 a.m. on January 14th 2013 your rude employee watches me pull up as I am about to exit my car he’s standing outside of the door in which he then motions the cutthroat sign and says that he’s closed because he’s smoking a cigarette at least in the gesture so because this employee of yours needed to smoke his cigarettes so badly that he could not pause it for a few moments to walk inside and ring me up you will never get my business ever again this is absolutely ridiculous I don’t see how your employee sees that his cancer is more important than my need at the convenience store which should be 24 hours and blatantly wave me off because he needs his cigarette this is absolutely ridiculous and I promise you I will not shop at speedway ever again even though I’ve been a loyal customer because of that jackass and him refusing my service for nothing more than his own addictive need!

  • John says:

    Why is there a problem getting a receipt at the pump every time. No receipt. It is a regulator thing in getting no receipt. Have a tech fix it

  • Glenn. Tucker says:

    I was treated very rudely by supposedly a store manager today at store number 000-6437, I would like a contact back from my home office as I should not have been ridiculed and treated this way for no reason at all my phone number 732-406-9631 I hope this does not fall on deaf ears

  • Susan Perez says:

    Why is the Speedway Station at 3524 Hwy 47 in Los Lunas New Mexico closing at 6:00 pm our time. It use to stay open 24/7 but whoever is running it is closing to early and the same thing with the 7-11 on Hwy 47 in Los Lunas New Mexico.

  • glenn horvath says:

    For the past 3-4 months a group of us (5-9) stop at the speedway in Waterville Ohio. We sit at the table and chairs and counter provided. We all get sandwiches, donuts and coffee. That is a lot of sales considering it is 7 days a week. Now we have been asked not to come back. Hear are the reasons: We take up to many parking spots for to long, manager says we block trash pickup, witch is a lie, we’ve never seen the trash man there that early, has picture of trash truck being blocked but will not show it, says we keep other customers out because of parking. We can clearly see the lot and have never seen anyone drive in and out because there was no parking. Manager says it will be 15 minutes parking and is putting up signs to that effect, removing the chairs in the eating area and asked us not to come back. I would also add that there is a black pickup parked in front that has not moved in at least 3 days and that the EMPLOYEES are parked in front every day. Manager says all of this is Corporates idea. Hard to believe upper management is that dumb.

  • Marty Miranda says:

    I’m at ur Baldwin Park Speedway Xpress gas station. There’s a sign on the window will be back in 10 minutes on break I’ve been standing here 20 minutes now. I need my receipt. I’m a corporate truck. Your people here are rude.

  • Tom says:

    I recently had an OUTSTANDING experience at Speedway Lakeland Florida and a manager named Gayla. I misplaced my wallet which contained credit cards, cash and numerous identification cards, not to mention a substantial amount of cash. Gayla went over and above by calling a medical provider who in turn called me, telling where I could find my wallet. All cards etc to include a substantial amount of cash was still present. This type of honesty is rare and nice to know still people like this in the world.

  • Jul says:

    The Speedway truck stop on 421 in Michigan City, IN address 2884 US-421, has one of the rudest Managers I have ever encountered. I witnessed her yell at a fellow trucker for buying her whole pizza she just made! Don’t they eat too! Isn’t customer service her main priority, especially as the manager! I believe the customer thought she was joking. She began screaming at him, with a store Full of other paying customers. The customer victim, took the situation very well, however, I will Not be returning to this location in the future. The Managers behavior was completely unprofessional, unnecessary and entirely uncalled for.

  • Angela Hughson says:

    I went to store #7994 in Albemarle NC. I told the guy that I wanted 5 quick picks with power play separate tickets not hard he looked at me like I had to heads. He said he didn’t know how to do that then I said you need to learn your job lottery is a big part of it. He didn’t like that called me ignorant and said I was rude and then refused service to me. That store doesn’t run like it does during the day. He is rude a I will not go there at night anymore I spend about 200.00 or more I’m your store a week I don’t need the rude comments when I point out a fact. I use to work at 7-11 I know how it should run. He doesn’t have pizza on. My husband went there last Tuesday for a power all ticket my husband had to tell him how to do the ticket. He told me he was the night manager you need a new night manager at that store. I will be going to BP across the street at night.

  • Terry Scotts says:

    I’m getting alot slack from employees at a couple sites here in Michigan both in ypsilanti mi. One ellsworth rd & Michigan ave and one harris &Michigan ave some workers will slow me to use the new heavy duty cardboard cups to refill. I will not drink coffee out of plastic reusable cups the cardboard cups are much more safe and eco friendly and will last way longer than any cup you have had in the past .the open pools in plastic cups are more toxic and break down with extensive use plus they are made of oil I might add or did you not know that . I have been a valued customer for as long as I can remember so please address this issue with post hadst. its not a health issue when you look at the floors in both of these locations the grout is black with so much filthy ,nasty dirt and germs its disgusting to even walk it the stores
    Thank you very much

  • Nathaniel says:

    The Speedway on 40th St in Nitro Wv is managed by a sexist inconsiderate fool… He only hires women… and my fiance worked there, until she got pregnant, once she got pregnant she was fired

  • Joan egner says:

    I have complained about this before. The speedway in mokena Illinois on route 30 will now except state I’d as proper id. I don’t drive I’m handicapped so I don’t have a license. The I’d is accepted everywhere except here

  • dan meier says:

    Colerain speedway at Colerain and roundtop is a mess ,garbage cans outside never are emepty trash all over parking lot

  • Robert says:

    I showed up to the location last night (Carrillo St in Santa Barbara) and the door was locked and the employee walked out telling me he was on his break and refused to let me inside to buy and we all had to wait. Next time I’m going to fuck his ass up and I will make sure he will be on a break for the rest of his life

  • Mac says:

    After reading a number of the complaints, it’s obvious Speedway does nothing to improve their image, but I’ll add one more complaint, just because. I went to the Speedway the other day to inquire if they put any ethanol in their Premium. I was looking for a gas station w/non ethanol premium for my Harley Davidson motorcycle. The lady inside said she didn’t know, to ask the Manager. The female manager had just stepped outside and she was leaning against the bldg in front of the store smoking a cigarette, rather close to the pumps, I thought. This Speedway is located at 1205 W Church Str
    Laurinburg, NC 28352. When I asked her if they put any ethanol in their premium, she just shrugged and said I don’t know. I asked her, you’re the manager here, right? She said yes, but I don’t know what they put in the gas we sell here. I stood there for a second, waiting to hear something like, let me see if I can find out for you. I got nothing. She acted as if I was bothering her on her smoke break. Not something I expected from a manager. From the comments I’ve read here on your site, and the actions of this manager, I’ll be purchasing fuel elsewhere from now on. Hey Speedway, does any of your management actually read any of the comments submitted here and act on them? Or do you just not give a damn how your employees treat your customers?

  • Jessica L says:

    37345 Cherry Hill Road
    Westland, MI 48186
    Store #8875

    I got fired because I let my manager know that I was going to the hospital due to possible brake of ankle due to moving. Well over 24 hours before an upcoming shift. I didn’t abandon my shift nor did I request a call off. Just simply wanted to let them know what was going on. 10 minutes after that message I got a call from my Gm saying i was to be immediately terminated.
    This woman has no interpersonal skills and is unfit to be in any form of management. The store has mold there’s maggots in coffee area dates are and issue.

  • Arther Meadors says:

    Me and my friend got jumped by the manager and the employee for no reason and I’m going to sue speedway fueling station at 2600 Gallatin Rd Nashville TN 37216

  • Ron L. Summers says:

    There is a very bad nasty unclean gas station inside and out!!!! Located on the corner Indiana US 30 and 421 !!!
    Station number with? 000-6684
    Date of stop or visit Aug 13, 2022 at 4:34PM
    A black mark on your Corp!!!

  • Carl Magee says:

    The price of fuel in San Juan County, New Mexico is grossly inflated; especially in Aztec. Fuel here is more expensive than it is in Southern Colorado. For example, Durango CO is at $4.19 and it’s $4.69 forty miles away in Aztec NM; 50 cents higher! Durango is a tourist destination. Gas has always been less in Aztec than Durango. This has never happened before and is obvious price fixing. I’ve reported it to the New Mexico Attorney General and the BBB.

  • Lucero Rodriguez says:

    I was put on non rehire because I got really sick and couldn’t go in. I couldn’t talk because i had a bad attack and the store manager was rude treated my daughter very awful. I have a disability and I was told i can’t be rehire for not being able to make it to work.

  • Jesse says:

    An employee at the Louisville,ky location 8510 National Turnpike is very disrespectful cussing at other employee causing a scene in front of customer’s, this is not the first time i have been on there and seen this happen. She also sits out in her or someone else’s vehicle and smokes weed as i have smelt it multiple time entering the store. Also has started confutation with other customers. She girl needs to be removed.

  • Candi Briggs says:

    my comment/complaint was pending a modulator that status has been removed – I have since been in touch with a lawyer. The lawyer quickly stated that this is a violation of the Americans with disabilities Act. The gentleman that was 2 back from me stopped me outside and asked if I watch utube – he then told me to watch because he recorded the clerks actions and would be be posting on utube and Facebook. My lawyer is now trying to get this name as he had removed his badge and the Manager ringing me up avoided giving me his name.

  • Quartez Reed says:

    I have worked for speedway for five years now and I was fired for going out of town with my family I had told the manager 3 weeks before and she was not listening so I still went out of town I left to go out of town 6/28/22 she fired me on 6/29/22 I put in vacation time and all I gone from 6/28/22 until 7/10/22 now they don’t want to pay me I’ve been waiting almost a month now and they are not doing anything about it this is in Minneapolis Minnesota I’m tired of waiting just give me my pay and what was I fired for I need answers

  • Briannaegel says:

    I’m done with speedway the girl behind the counter told me she won’t ring up my cigarettes because I have her ring them 2 at a time I buy 8 packs at a time 4 transactions.. it took her no time then she told me she would never do it again.

  • Elmer says:

    Called the South Euclid store ((216) 291-7031, was told that there were 3 propane tanks available but when I arrived at the store the manager claimed there were none and that I never talked to anyone at that store. The South Euclid phone number is in my recently called memory. He’s lying. So I will no longer take company vehicles there for gasoline.

  • Lilly says:

    Talmage rd Ukiah speedway has an employee by the name of Tammy that has worked there for over 5 yrs I believe has been the most amazing human and always goes way above and beyond the job title for sure with all services! This employees needs to be recognized beyond words in some way or form because her pay is for sure below what deserved and so humbled and never gets recognized for the level of service she brings to the entire business and community

  • Jude says:

    The speedway I shop at is ALWAYS a filthy mess, never kept organized!
    Fix your stores speedway !

  • David t says:

    I bought a coffee and a breakfast sandwich the bill was 421 I gave a 20 dollar bill and they had no change and gave me back 15.00 I had to let them keep my .74 cents. The manager said they had no change in the store. Not a way to do business.

  • Andrew W says:

    Your store in greenfield Wisconsin on Howard and loomis is very unaccommodating. They never have change for $100 dollar bill. If they see you with a large bill they automatically tell you they don’t have change. The employees never smile and ask how they can help you. Its like a stare down at the counter until you start talking. They all really need training in customer service . I now give all my business to kwik trip where you are greeted as soon as you walk into there stores.

    • Candi Briggs says:

      I just got into a confrontation in the with a clerk that last night told the people behind me she needs to move faster and he kept rolling his eyes at me! Funny how I asked for his name and still didn’t get it! I forgot to add I’m handicapped and have limited use of my hands and legs. The address of the store is 1505 Briggs rd. At the corner of Briggs Rd and Harrisburg Pike. I go to this store daily and have for many many years. After this experience I will not set foot in Speedway ever again!!!!!!!!

    • dani says:

      why would you go into a convenience store with a $100.00 bill…don’t you think they keep the cash low so as to not get robbed. I’m so sure

  • Lisa says:

    I would like to add an additional comment to the sewer smell at the 7310 W. Saginaw St., Lansing MI location. This store is well kept, always clean and has a very nice staff even at their busiest times. There is a issue though, that might need assistance from corporate. Thanks!

  • Lisa says:

    Your location at 7310 W. Saginaw Street in Lansing MI 48917 has the worst sewer smell coming from the pipes ever, no employees should have to work in that! Top Management at Headquarters needs to inquire with store management at that location. I’m not an employee nor do I know any personally, I’m only a concerned customer. Something is seriously off there, might require contact with the county or something, maybe a sewer line broke. Its in the store, you don’t notice it outside but it about knocks you over the minute you walk in. Thank you!

  • Mary J Pinto says:

    Trying to get back to working for speedway as I have 2yrs experience I have put in numerous applications but it seems like I’m being railroaded because one of your asst managers was black and she wanted an all black store and did not get that so she had it out for me and say some negative and wrong things that was.not true so what can I do to get back into speedway as my customers always gave me.compliments and I love to work forest shift or overnights where I currently live.

  • Destiney says:

    I just wanna know something so I was let go by an manager of speedway in new Brighton n her name is carol so she let me go bc she thought that I stole a black n mild that I had paid for when I showed her the receipt so I just wanted to know bc she put me in the system as a non rehirable

  • Ruth Buxton says:

    I really don’t like to complain, but my experience purchasing a speedy freeze this morning at a local “Speedy Freeze” chain has me wanting to point out that the sign outside the convenient store, that states “Speedy Freeze” for $1.00, should be taken down if you are not going to honor your Slurpee’s at a $1.00. I was told today it was for coffee and a soda drink only.

  • Jason Plump Sr says:

    I shop at speedway wherever there is one. Almost every single day and especially the one right around the block from me on Salem and Denlinger in Trotwood. I even know all of the staff at that one and the one on Olive Rd and Main Street and they know me as well. The way corporate treated me as if I were lying about the damage done to my car due to a man hole cover on their lot and also decided to deny my claim. I provided the time and date and I even have transactions at the time of incident. I also have photos of lot where it was messed up. It stayed that way for over a week maybe two. When I called corporate and complained again they fixed it next day. Today I get letter from them stating they can’t take responsibility for it. I will be contacting the attorney general and the bbb also my lawyer. When the incident happened I heard it got out and looked couldn’t really see because it was dark and also car was covered with snow and salt. Wasn’t visible until day light. I’m sure the camera seen me get out after I ran over that cover that got caught in my wheel well. Then the guy on the phone told me that he stopped the assistant store manager from checking the videos for me. I knew right there that they would deny me. Smh cold cold world. Makes me not want to spend money there ever again. It’s crazy tho I probably done spent waaaaay over the amount that my estimate came out to be for repair. I come in and play my numbers, get my gas for me and my wife. Also make all different kinds of purchases from the stores I visit. I’ve worked for your company for years yea back when Alice Shen ran gas station on olive. It’s all good tho!

  • Terese M Rachor Beste says:

    R u buying Russian oil?
    Do u own Russian gas stations or anything to do with oil in Russia?

  • cam says:

    I have been a loyal customer for several year at your facility and purchase items from your clean convenient store thank you for that. I was appalled when asked your gas attendant to turn down the volume at the pump she told me that they do have the ability to do so only Corporate can adjust the volume. At this time I will no longer purchase fuel or food at your facility and will be posting on social media to stop purchasing fuel at Speedway until you remove or be able to turn off the volume at your pumps. Everyone that I have met at your fueling striations find your commercial loud and obnoxious. The volume level is so loud you cannot here yourself think!!! If a parent has a child in their car they will not be able to hear their child’s crying! Your company will be held liable if a child chokes to death because of your obnoxious and extremely load advertisement hampers the ability to hear their crying also is a major distraction while fueling. I can’t impress upon you enough to get rid of the advertisements no one listens to them. If you can imagine 9 pump blaring advertisements at once you would not find this enjoyable. Please remove you commercials or have an option to mute them. People have too much information thrown at them and have a right not to be forced into watching your blaring commercials! Give Your Customers peace while at the pump. Regards Cam

  • Stacy Webb says:

    I live in Louisville Kentucky and last night I ran into the worst cashier I’ve ever ran into in my life as a former shift leader for Thorntons this was ridiculous this girl said headquarters told her she could not accept $100 bill even though I was spending almost $98 she said they could not take $100 bill okay so this just lost a fleet of vans from our commercial insurance company with carpet installation so you used to be our primary gas station and we will never return to your store again because of this girl it’s a shame and she was so freaking rude I’ve never my life got into it with the cashier or cussed out of cashier like that ever discussing someone really needs to have a chat with this employee at 5400 anal drive she was working March 4th on Friday at 11:00 p.m.

  • gary says:

    TO continue y previous comment. after the incident Speedway’s customer service took absolutely no responsibility whatsoever.They simply claimed that their investigation revealed the pump was fine.They were reticent to divulge any information and were rude and condescending insisting that they have no interest in taking any responsibility.They did say perhaps we can send you a gift card.I never received any gift card.I was charged for the gasoline that came out of the malfunctioning pump even though the amount never registered on the pump.I suffered hundreds of dollars in damage.I have never seen such blatant disregard and arrogance by a company before.I am shocked at their actions.

  • gary says:

    Unbelievable! On xmas eve I went to buy gas at speedway.The pump malfunctioned ,First it didnt take my credit card.After paying in the store I tried to pump the gas and the gas was not registering on the pump.I jimmied the nozzle and all of a sudden the gas exploded out of my car onto me. I dropped the nozzle at that point and the gas kept pouring out of the nozzle squirting all over my clothes, into my mouth etc etc. The people in the store closed the pump but offered my no assistance; not even a towel.

  • Lisa says:

    I worked at speedway for only 2 months I was fired for being in 2 accidents and in a lot of pain. Mananger is very selfish, Rude,Nasty & only thinks about herself she do not care about her employees she would not work with me while in pain only cared about when I can I come in. I was the best worker she had in my opinion! The store was 3514 Noth Main st Columbia Sc.

  • Dasha says:

    Your Speedway in Covington is unsanitary, you would think it would be clean at 8:30 am, the workers in there are so lazy, and the store itself looks like you’ll catch COVID just by going in. That area is up and coming, you guys need to catch up. Get some people who cares about there workplace.
    Thank you

  • Sheronda Willams says:

    Peggy Sue is a manger for speedway in Minnesota on 53rd university in Fridley the worst ever to work for doesn’t know who on the schedule missing hrs on check.. talk about other employees to other employees do nothing for the store

  • Kristopher Garcia says:

    If I could be contacted regarding an aggressive employee from store0009126-Sunland Park. If video could be revised on how employee policy and costumer service should be given. 2-5-2022 9:21:05 store 0009126-Sunland Pard, NM 88008. 915-255-9921

  • Mr. Tillberry says:

    I would like to file a complaint about a Speedway Gas Station in Indianapolis Indiana located at Prospect and Keystone Ave. An unidentifiable man said was upper management and wanted me removed and banned from your property. I spend a lot of money at that store. I had jus made a purchase. And bc I wouldn’t tell him who I was and I got smart with him. My self my husband and sister inlaw were banned from there wat rights does he have. He said to the cop that we were interfering with him running his business.
    Is there a way to find out if it’s true?

  • Patricia Propes says:

    The Speedway at 2112 Duncan Street in Louisville Kentucky has the nastiest parking lot and outside ground that I have ever seen . I live across from it and I’m disabled and have to pick up glass and trash that comes from the lot. I rarely ever see employees clean the lot as it was cleaned several years ago by employees . I do understand that customers are the ones throwing trash down but I have to keep my property clean so I feel they should have to keep the lot and grounds clean .

  • Sherry says:

    The worst speedway I’ve been to in North Carolina.@ 24 S Raleigh Street. In Anger. I had to pee. She told me I can not use the restroom because she just cleaned it. She stated that she was about to close . So No I can not use the restroom. It’s a half hour before closing. She didn’t have a name tag on .so I couldn’t get her name . She is a rude young black woman. It’s Friday January 21,2022

  • daryltraster@yalp.com says:

    Please bring the speedway market gas station into Omaha Nebraska and I like to see that coming through very soon so you can put a speedway market gas station applications hope you get jobs in Omaha Nebraska and so I like to see that come soon and like maybe this week or next week somewhere or planet like in the day and you know I could give you dates you want
    Feb 23 the may 35 or
    July 22 2022
    And all next 2024
    Those are days I gave you but I know I sound like I’m really pushy but I like to see speedway market gas station going to Omaha because of the applications for Omaha and so I’ll give you my name and stuff so you know who I am
    Daryl Traster
    14916 Redman ave
    Omaha Nebraska 68116

  • daryltraster@yalp.com says:

    I like to see speedway market gas station going to Omaha Nebraska and soon I could and the brand is speedway market so bring it to Omaha Nebraska please do that so we really put an application in so a lot of people put application in so they started getting the job from you speedway market gas station thank you and have a nice day

  • Kerri Leeson says:

    I have been harassed and threatened by the employees at 2631 West Alex Bell Road. It’s ridiculous. The CSR was so rude towards me. She followed me outside and began calling me awful names. She then went back inside of the store and apparently told the mgr that I used a racial slur. I did not. I live across the street from this store. I usually spend a lot of money there. Please, help me. I didn’t do anything wrong

  • Bert says:

    In the state of New Mexico we have an indoor mask mandate issued by the Governor … all other stores and restaurants that I have been to in the northern part of the state have their employees use masks to uphold this mandate. I have been to 3 speedway gas stations, 2 in Santa Fe NM and the only one speedway gas station in Los Alamos NM. None of your employees in these stores are adhering to the Mandate, although these stores have the Governors mandate plastered on their front doors. I am not being a Karen in any way fashon or form, I just believe that all New Mexicans must do their part in fighting this virus. I will not visit any more of your places of business just for the fact that your employees cannot follow the mandate of our Governor to help keep people safe.

  • Daryl Teaster says:

    How to see speedway gas station quick shop where we call it you know this like to see coming to Omaha Nebraska speedway so I think that’s be good for your business and that way you could put a lot of application in over Nebraska and start spending out your business you know all application could be used for trying purpose and I like to see that come to Omaha Nebraska thank you
    Daryl Traster
    Call me
    Omaha Nebraska
    14916 redman ave
    So all the speedways come to Omaha Nebraska mega West Westland Center Westland maple North of Omaha South Omaha all locations you could get and out of town like the little braska’s and little part of Nebraska’s you know like the rest of the city you know I like to see it spread out density when you guys get a chance thank you

    • daryltraster@yalp.com says:

      I hope to see a speedway come to Omaha andr it’s speedway market love you very soon and I like to see speedway market gas station and I really care about things like that because I really like to see the applications first then out and I really do please do me a favor thank you

  • Ann says:

    Are employees and manager at the speedway in Hampton New Hampshire Lafayette Road also I’ve never met the most rudest ignorant god-forsaken nastiest people in my life never go there again I will make sure to tell others

  • John says:

    I currently work for speedway in TN and I have the only way to make a living working for this company is working 7 days a week every 9 dollars an hour is well below the average rate for this area not to mention you can’t keep the doors open if everyone else in the state is paying 2 to 3 dollars more per hour obviously speedway doesn’t give a dam about it’d employees

    • daryltraster@yalp.com says:

      I like to really see speedway market gas station from Omaha for this for the applications and so it’s been out the location so you guys can make some money on it and on and try to help all the really give people jobs and trying to make it better for the Omaha people I really do and please do that please come out and see us thank you
      Daryl Traster
      402-409-4038 I know there’s a bars out there and all that but I hope in the future do come put speedway market gas station in Omaha and how very soon thank you by in Nebraska

  • Ray Miles says:

    Short version. I was stoped on my way out of the store. Accused of not paying for the items I had gotten. The manger said he had checked with both of his Associates both stated i had not paid. I said to him what if I have paid for my items. He had nothing to said. I told him to put down the item he had in his hand and let’s go to his associates. I said I’m being Accused of a being a thief. I walked up to the associate that I had paid for my items. I said did or did I not pay for Krispy Kreme donuts, a cup of Mocha and 2 packs of Pall Mall 100s. She then said I didn’t Recognize you. Yes you paid for your items.

  • Marvin mayo says:

    I was at the speedway on 36th Ave and Winnetka Ave, I went in the store and the Jamaican, or Nigerian man refused to get away from his computer and help the customers , he saw a line of customers and when I got his attention. He was very rude ,and many customers walked out of the store ,just leaving the product there ,this man needs to be fired for total neglect of customers

  • Nathan says:

    I have a complaint about one of your stores every time I come up here in the evening you never can play the lottery The store number is 19301 halsted She says they tell her to cut it off she’s only there by herself she’s not doing anything wow

  • Mark McGranahan says:

    I am so mad I used wrong spelling on everything. I never know wen it’s rite. They do it all the time.

  • Mark McGranahan says:

    They put wrong coffee in the Columbian hopper and it just makes my day bad.Louisville Rd location in Frankfort ky. Guess they are afraid of loosing coffee sails. Now it might cost a customer. Just order more to stock it’s main part of your advertisement is coffee why skimp on that.

  • Mark McGranahan says:

    Stop putting house blend coffee where the Columbian coffee goes wen you run out. I pay for Columbian coffee,that’s what I want. That’s just wrong man.

  • Zachary Keith Harp says:

    I constructed a block building in Decatur Alabama last year and still have not received my money for the work.
    GC was Winsett- Hill and they say that they have not received their money either, so they will not pay me. Is there any one at Speedway who would contact me?

  • Nectaria Sarantos says:

    I went in the Speedway in Murfreesboro TN to get something to rat. They had a pepperoni pizza priced got 5 dollars. But she charged me 6.99 for it and wouldn’t except the price on the box. The manager would even fix it.

  • Charlene Hardin says:

    Why is BOTH machines for lattes always broke?! Eight out of ten times it’s down! Starbucks might be more expensive but at least I know that when I go to get it, IT WILL BE THERE! This is the store at Bardstown & Grindstead in Louisville, Kentucky

  • Mary Wms nurse says:

    If you’re looking to get verbally abused go to speedway the manager Brook verbally assaulted me by calling me a bitch and And racist. I’m a healthcare Provider come in from to get gas. work At Speedway South Road ,Poughkeepsie NY . I pay-paid for my gas on the inside of with one of the attendants and went back outside to pump my pre-paid gas . After being outside for a few minutes I realized that my gas was not pumping so I went back into the store and ask attend to reset the gas pump, the manager Brook states oh if it’s not on the hook you’re going to get a fine that’s fine is very expensive so I replied I’m not talking to you I’m talking to the attendant and the pump is back on the hook if you don’t believe me you can go outside and look. We she was very rude and didn’t like my reply so she told the attendant to give me back my money and bitch you can leave my store I said all I will leave but what is your name she refused to give me her name I walk to the side of the counter to look at her name Book said “old bitch im glad you can read and I told her she needed to pull her self together she had other customers looking at you like your Crazy ,you’re some kind of a manager you really suck at it and please call the police. She didn’t call because she knew deep down she was wrong , very poor customer service unprofessionaI . I don’t recommend and elderly people go get gas here during rush hour , BROOK the manager is very angry and Miserable.

  • Julie. Brown says:

    I tired to purchase gas at the register at Speedway on W North Street in Springfield Ohio and my card was declined. So I tired another card it also was declined. However both cards have pending debits of $30.00 each. I tried to call the Speedway to talk to a manager the phone rang and rang the last time I tried to call I was hung up on. I have talked to a man in the cooperate office in Enon Ohio and he only was one pending transaction for $30.00. I do have snapshots of my debit transactions for both cards I tried to use. Since This man only saw one transaction. I want to know about the other transaction. I will be waiting for a response so that I am able to upload the screenshots to you for your records and to get a credit back to my card. I do not feel that this is a good way to do business.

  • Darsey says:

    Speedway Brunswick Ohio store. Faulty pump handles. Tonight my husband came home covered in gas after purchasing gas at this speedway. The silver latch on the handle became stuck in the grooves of the handle as he was releasing the pump. He was unable to dislodge the latch and gas started spraying out on him and the ground. He reported it to the attendant inside who proceeded to care less. This is completely dangerous and could cause great harm!! This has happened to me twice at this store but I was able to dislodge the latch out of sheer panic! I hold the latch up with my finger when I’m pumping to ensure that the latch won’t engage with the grooves. This used to be my regular gas station, but not anymore. Too dangerous. Furthermore, my house and our Jeep wreaks of gasoline!

  • Sherry says:

    When I go in the store no hood customer services the lottery always down

  • Shelly says:

    Location- last gas station on rt 46 in Fort Lee,NJ headed to NY. Their prices are typically a cent or 2 cheaper than the others, convenient, and they have a mini mart, but I’d rather pay more than EVER patronize this business again. The gas attendant has ALWAYS been nasty towards me, I always have to wait several minutes before he comes to my car, & Complains that there is an issue with my cap because he has to hold it down while pumping. I waited about 4 mins for someone to pump and watched him go to cars pulling up before me. I blew my horn to get his attention and he started yelling, cursing and told me horns are not allowed. There is NO sign stating horns can’t be used. When he came back to give me the receipt, he threw it in my car and commenced to screaming at me, “You and your car are always a problem! Get outta here.’ Welp…. They won’t be getting my money again. I have pictures that were posted on Yelp and google of the faculty and employee if interested.

  • Water WASTE says:

    Your company is causing un due water waste to our country. You guys are so screwed up that you are unwilling to put a sign on a soda fountain to keep up apperances!!!!! When you run out of a fountain drink syrup you just need to but the flavor with a sign out of order. YOU ARE WASTING OUR PRECIOUS WATER
    I am from Horizon City Texas and this is the desert and we do not get enough water as it is and your just wasting it. I wondering how much water waste that you cause in a year to us in this nation. Plus the lost of the money for your small investors along with the cost for the carbonation which I am uncertain off if used when there is no syrup. THREE DAYS OF NO DR PEPPER WITH NO SIGN It was the third day today and your lead at the store stated she can not do this due to corporate instructions. Sunday 7-18-2021 at 9AM at the corner of Horizon Blvd and Darrington Horizon City Texas 79928

  • Gary says:

    I walk into Seedway in Macedonia,ohio 755 E.Aurora one of the employee’s had a Black Lives Matter hat on this is not only not the uniform but very offensive and racist to myself and many customer’s. Please make sure this disgusting hat is NOT to displayed in your stores.

  • Janrt says:

    I just left the Speedway located on Antelope Blvd. In Red Bluff. Ca. There was a sign on the door closed emptying trash. So we waited till she started walking to the store. She yells out Not Open. There was a man at the gas pump walking towards the store turned around got in his car and left. We left too..we were there to buy a scratchers and snacks. Needless to say we will Not trade there again. Since when is garbage more important than customers?

  • Bruce says:

    I enter your store with my wife and we both had to use the restrooms. The mens restroom was not cleaned. Disgusting. The ladies restroom was locked. My wife was waiting to get in to the ladies. She finally went up to the clerks. They told her it was out of order. No sign was on door. Were regular customers to this store. We found out there is mostly all females that work at this store. They keep the door locked all the time and is only used by the females that work there. This is totally wrong. This store needs to get looked into by a another female corporate office worker. They need to be reported. You have public restrooms. No other stores do this of Speedway. The store is on 6332 North dale Maybry in Tampa, Florida. Please secret shop this store. This is wrong for what this store is doing. If I dont see a difference in a week. I will report this to the local news station. Thank you.

  • Jerry Johnson says:

    The parking lot area at your store at 900 Brook Forest Dr. in Shorewood Illinois, is absolutely atrocious.
    I wrote you over a year ago about this situation and was told that the manager must submit work requests. The manager assures me that numerous work requests have been submitted.
    These work requests resulted in about one-fifth of the lot being patched.
    The people who work at this location take pride in their place of employment. It’s pretty hard to take pride in such a mess.
    I myself have a disability that makes it difficult to walk on uneven surfaces. Your parking lot is an accident waiting to happen for me. And, if it rains, you need hip waders to keep your feet dry.
    I don’t want to go anywhere else as the employees there are always courteous and helpful.
    It might be a good idea to fix this situation before it becomes a lawsuit.

  • Anthony C Greene says:

    To: Tony Kenney, (President),
    On May 10,2021 at around 2:15 AM I stopped at the Speedway (Store 6674) on Cleveland Dr. South Bend. IN and filled up. Mind you there are tow gas stations at that exit, Speedway and Pilot. After filling up I went inside and fixed a coffee refill in my 32 oz blue Speedway cup. I went to the counter to complete the trans action, gave the lady my card on my phone in my speedway app. and it did not give me the option to pay for it with points. I have over 286,000 Speedway points so I inquired why that option did not come up and she did not know (she was clearly a new employee). She asked the other woman working and she tried could not get the points option to come up. She told me that I would have to pay cash for the refill. I told her that I had not even brought anything else into the store because I had planned to use my points for the coffess and showed her on my app where I had over 286,000 points. The woman told me that if I did not have cash to pay for the refill to pour it out. That’s correct, she told me a loyal Speedway customer to pout the coffee out (it was clearly in my speedway cup). Considering the lengths that Speedway go to promote customer loyalty I was shocked at this woman’s attitude. You can believe the next time that I get off at that exit for fuel, I will go to the Pilot station

  • Lisa says:

    The Speedway stores in Cortez Co. have the worst management EVER! They are “cliqueish” in their hiring & firing. If you take pride in the job and work diligent you get written up for lame things. Top CEO need to come in and regulate these ego tripping day managers that squeeze the balls of general managers with lies, misleading untrue write ups getting people fired. Huge turnover in employees. This is a blatant disregard of service to our community and I will encourage everyone I know to head to Maverick with their business. A visit from the Corporate need to happen. I suggest anyone from out the Four Corners Region. Your business is a result of the patrons.

  • Karen A. Foster says:

    Was very upset when I went into your Speedway Store #9318 in Bloomfield, NM today. It was around 8 a.m. when I went in for a newspaper. I entered store wearing a mask, saw the posting on the door saying face masks were ordered by the govenor of NM. I saw two men walk in behind me, no masks. A man walked in behind them a few seconds later, no mask. As I was leaving, two more men came in, used the hand sanitizer by the side of the door, but did not make an effort to go get a mask. About 12 steps from the door is a display with gloves and facemasks, but they didn’t even give it a second look. I wear a mask as it’s mandated by our state. I want to see COVID coming under control and stop being spread.

    I’d like to request that in the state of New Mexico, since face masks are required in public, that you put a larger sign on the door, or a large stand up sign right outside your locations. Sign could read “No Mask, No Service” or “No Entry Without Mask”. Something larger that can be seen from a distance may help. Also, move the mask display right to the door entry, so they can be grabbed easily.

    I appreciate your help with this matter. I have been visiting this store regularly, long before it became a Speedway and would like to continue. COVID is a major health concern in New Mexico and know you will help in slowing the spread.

  • >