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  • Address: 1256 Business Hwy 190, Covington, LA 70433, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 985-845-1936

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1980

  • Founder: Gary Copp; Kevin Bennett. Copp

  • Key People: Gary Copp (president)

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Kevin Bennett


Gary Copp


Jan Windhorst

Director of Marketing

About Speedee Oil, History and Headquarters Information

First SpeeDee Oil Change opened in December 1980 in Metairie, Louisiana. Back then, automotive service stations were on the decline, but drivers’ needs for oil change service was on the rise. That’s where Speede came in.

SpeeDee swiftly grew into a quick lube and automotive tune-up service business and became SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up to reflect these new service additions. Store numbers also multiplied as franchise opportunities opened.

By the mid-90s, SpeeDee had added complete brake service and grown to a full-service auto maintenance and repair facility.

In April 2008, the SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up franchise became a subsidiary of Midas International Corporation. In 2008, Midas International Corporation and SpeeDee began a cobranding strategy that provided consumers with the three most frequent vehicle maintenance services – oil changes, brakes and tires.

In 2013, SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up became SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service® to better reflect the wide array of services available to customers.

Spedee oil change provides different kinds of services like.

17-point oil change

Tune up services 

AC services

Brake services 

Radiators Services 

Fluids Services 

Tire services 


Fluid exchange 

Manufacturer’s Maintenance 

State inspection

Smog Check

Brake tags

Maintenance  and repairs



Check engine light 

Wiper Blades

In short all Services that requires for safety as well as good health of a car.

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  • Sherrie says:

    Horrible experience. Horrible management. Horrible service. Still haven’t received a call back from the owner, Matthew Kirby. The operations manager is the owner’s daughter and she, Rashell Linnville, is rude and misdiagnosed my daughter’s car. We now have to take it to another repair shop and pay again because this management at Speedee doesn’t care nor do they stand by their work. I would definitely warn anyone– do NOT to go there!

  • Danna D. says:

    Horrible establishment horrible company they thrive off of getting oil change customers and screwing them over please contact me to join a lawsuit I
    Am going to start a class action lawsuit because it’s too many people with the same complaint and not enough reimbursing

    • John T Spiller says:

      Bad encounter, still trying to straighten the situation out. Cost me over 2900.00 out of pocket so far. Please contact me.

  • Nancy says:

    Is is unusual to have a toddler walking around in a garage full of cars at Speedee Oil Change? Well, I think so!!

  • Janice Marie Porter says:

    Went to get an oil change @ 2601 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans La. 70119 Saturday June 25, 2022 @ approximately 10:47 a.m. explaining to the attendant that I had a cold & prefer to sit in my car instead of sitting almost other customer & that my seat on the driver side didn’t go all the way back because of the flood water that got inside the vehicle damaging motor track underneath seat his respond to me was rude if I couldn’t let him pull it in go somewhere else of course this business is a competition thing I explain to him when the epidemic was in affect we had to stay inside our vehicle what is different I also request to speak to his manager & another attendant to assist me which he made him refuse my service because me & him exchange words telling him being in a business dealing with the public that was the wrong respond to give a customer I have been a loyal customer for years with three of my vehicle I refuse for him to attend to my car being afraid he might cause damage & I wouldn’t know what he did it will be if much concern if someone contact me ASAP since the manager of this establishment won’t be in until Tuesday 06/28/2022 I did go to another oil change but they did not wanted to touch my car after explaining to me my oil pan screws was strip & they wasn’t taking that responsibly didn’t want to remove it & put in back on because the oil will leak out

  • Stephanie Carter says:

    Today March 8 2022 My Daughter took her car to Speedy Oil for an oil change and it was a total disaster. they put the motor oil in the transmission and the transmission in the motor. now they are blaming her for their wrong doing.I been trying to find the number to headquarter can someone help me?

  • Jessie w Jenkins says:

    No comments but complaint about unsatification of services, my wife took in our 2006 Acura for oil change, and whoever drained the oil stripped the plug and sent the car out as if things were good. Fron what learned one day my neighbor and i was in our yard conversation and he spoke of something was leaking underneath the car, took a look but could no see where it was coming from. One problem I could not get down enough to see becaus massive heart surgery she later went some place and on the way home the monitor began knocking g she called and told me what was happening, I waited for her to park raised the hood to check the oil there was not a drop if oil in the engin. This time she parked the car so I could slid under to look and notice what was wrong to find I could move the plug and unscrew it with my hand. As of result the motor is ruined.sound like a rod and lifters chartering. They were the only place this car was carried for oil change and some other services. ? Is what action can be taken as a result.

  • Regina Mathena says:

    Speedee on electric rd in Roanoke va charged me for a ac charge and check said my ac pump was bad turns out it was just unplugged and didn’t charge it. I had to pay them $120 and than another $90 to recharge it.

  • Tee says:

    Speedee oil change in summerville sucks…. They tried to get me to pay 1530.00 for parts that don’t need to be replaced… They think because I’m a woman I don’t know shit…. But I’m alot smarter than they think… I’m taken legal action n not to mention the lady that was working there gave all my personal info out to another person and all they gave me was a free oil change…. So I’m gonna take further action

  • Ralph ward says:

    I went in for a oil change a month later I see oil leaking go in to check it out oil plug was so loose I took it off with my hand!

  • Carlene Allen says:

    Carlene Allen

    I had an oil change on 11/24/20 at 825 N. Main Street, Summerville, SC 29483. Phone number: 843-821-1162. I paid $137.62 only to have my oil light come on and kept coming on during the duration of time until now. Before they began working on my car I told them my dipstick was broken. I have taken my car back 3 separate times. I did email the local office at Speedee about the issue and received a call from the district manager named Don. He wanted me to bring my car to Charleston in the condition it was in an with the noise it was making. I told him I could not and I took it back to the location of service. ON November 24th I told the gentleman I needed an oil change. I also stated that my air conditioner had not worked in 2 years, so I did not need that service. However, I returned yet again to be told by a representative I had no oil in my car. He then states he put 2 quarts in my car, I said this receipt states 5 quarts are to be in the car. I asked if they put the plug back into my car correctly or not at all. I had 3 employees being disrespectful to me at one time, so I decided to leave the facility. The Lower Tech named Cody stated he was going to call Don I did go ahead because I would be doing the same because I was cheated out of my money, no one wore a mask at any point of all of my visits, they were disrespectful towards me (3 men) and I did not feel safe. Don called me while I was in the bank and I already explained to her what happened so she said put it on speaker, he said I needed to have certified mechanic state they did something wrong and he would reimbursement and them the money. I am disabled when would I come up with more money. I took it to a reputable shop and they stated that speedee should have not performed any service to my car without notifying me that because of the dipstick being broken the accuracy would not be correct. Also that the plug in the car was new. I left crying because I had back surgery, I I was upset that 3 grown men were arguing with me, a customer and the district manager could only say go find another company to check the car to say if they did something wrong they and only then would I get a refund. My oil light was not on since I purchased the car in 2009 until I took it to Speedee on 11/24/20. I am very unhappy with the service, the treatment, unprofessionalism of the employees and the district manager. I told him verbally and via text that I am seeking a recovery of my $137.62 due to the mess made under the hood the oil not being in the car, having to travel from another town to Summerville in order to repeatedly bring my car back because of the light being on, and elevation of my anxiety.

  • Holly C says:

    Neither manager nor receptionist at Summerville South Carolina location wearing masks, despite town ord, despite town ordinance. Those were borderline rude when I inquired about it, with manager stating that, per HIPAA, they didn’t have to tell me why they weren’t wearing them (I never asked either one of them if they even had a medical condition).
    I used to be a fan of speed see oil; I won’t be returning.

  • Helena Young says:

    Well I had to leave my Lexus RX 350 at speedee til Monday 06-22-2020 it wasn’t ready Saturday, but now I’m worried about the mechanic putting it back together right because he have such an bad attitude I don’t know if he’s always like that are is it because he had to replace my radiator that he busted. He has a real bad attitude when he talks to you. But I will be calling corporate tomorrow.

  • Helena Young says:

    Left my lexus 07 ex 350 to get a tune up mechanic bust radiator this was Friday on 06-19-2020 brought car in at 9: am call they said an emergency came up with the mechanic and he had to leave,and car won’t be ready til next day but never said till next that he busted my radiator now today with attitude they are telling me they don’t know if it will be ready today. If they don’t know how to do tune ups don’t take cars not knowing what to do. Store#2008 3333 S. Carrollton Ave. N. O. La.70118
    My name Helena Young 504-702-9022 still as of 06-20- waiting on car it’s 12:24 pm they close at 4: pm. Never again will I go there hopefully they put it back right but I have a second option if not.

    • Nikki says:

      Wondering about the other details like how many miles on the vehicle and had you ever in that time run any by mileage manufacturer recommended preventative maint such as a radiator flush in all that time? What were the underlying issues with the vehicle that caused you to bring it in for that work? ..just wondering

    • Nikki says:

      usually a tuneup is just replacing spark plugs and has nothing to do with a radiator. Did it have sludge or build up in radiator, over heating or water pump problems..
      What was cars condition prior to visit?
      Just asking as a guest visitor here with automotive experience & Interested in reviews since usually there are more than not one, but two sides (3) to every story!

      • Danna D. says:

        You’re obviously employed by speedee get a life stop being dumb. The place is getting a class action lawsuit soon

  • Jim Funicella says:

    I went in for a sticker yesterday 3/1/19 @ the Gardner, MA store and after they put the sticker on they told me it was only good for 11 months due to they couldn’t print a March sticker and gave me a February sticker. I asked so if I come in tomorrow can it be replaced with a March sticker. The woman at the register said ” They may charge you again” I said charge me again…..I asked why wasn’t I told this prior to my inspection. She had no answer….. So I paid for 12 months and got one for 11 months. Not to happy with SpeeDee Oil.

    • Nikki says:

      How would an oil change place have anything to do with your inspection tag besides testing your car ..anything beyond that is a city/state policy.

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