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Specs Wines Spirits Finer Foods Corporate office Headquarters

Specs Wines Spirits Finer Foods Headquarters Address and Contact

Apecs Wines Spirits Finer Foods
  • Address: 2410 Smith Street, Houston, TX, United States, 77006.
  • Phone Number: +713-526-8787
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 43
  • Established: 1965
  • Founder: 
  • Key People:

Specs Wines Spirits Finer Foods Headquarters Location & Directions

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Specs Wines Spirits Finer Foods, History and Headquarters Information

The Company is a family-owned liquor chain store that retails wine, liquor, and beer with headquarters in midtown Houston. The Company is part of the beer, wine, and liquor stores industry. The Company generates annual revenue of $96722 in sales. The company address is 3200 W Pioneer Pkwy Arlington, TX, 7613-4646 united states. The company phone number is (817) 542-0200. The Company started in 2015 and has around 43 employees. The key person in the Company is mike Grogan serving as the company manager. The company website is www.specsonline.com.

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  • Peggy Perry says:

    I went to your Queensbury store at 7:30 tonight and it was closed! The posted info on the door said the hours were until 9:00. What’s going on?

  • Debi Dyer says:

    There’s a great employee at your Bedford store, named Mary! She is a delight and a breath of fresh air. She is ALWAYS happy and smiling! At my age, it’s great to see these young people so kind and cute!
    Kudos to Mary!!

  • Debi Dyer says:

    You have a great employee named Jeff at the Bedford store. It was starting to rain as I went inside the store. I’m a senior with some breathing issues. Jeff must’ve seen me kinda struggling finding what I was looking for. He came over and offered his Assistan’s, which I gladly too. He carried my items to the front for me. And as I was leaving it really started to pour down rain. He offered to carry my stuff to the car for me, in the rain! I thanked him but told him no need for both of us to get wet. So give a big shout out to my personal “employee” of the year!! Kudos to Jeff!!
    Thank you
    Debi Dyer

  • Kylie Smith says:

    How do they allow such management at the Spec’s ok Westheimer and Old Farm Rd. Named Stephen. He is over abusing his use of power over the other employees and customers. I’ve had other people say the say thing but I just witnessed a customer get ridiculed and abused in front of other employees and the customer didn’t do anything wrong. The cashier was being rude to him and then the other managers agreed with him that he is a customer and shouldn’t he treated the way the cashier was treating him so the main manager Stephen came out of the back office saying to the customer who was extremely nice that we wasn’t a customer and made him leave. He needs more manager training and experience in ways to handle situations like that which wasn’t anything wrong in the first place! Social media will definitely agree, as will the employees..

  • Stephanie Kasey says:

    Hi, I’ve has the same type of abuse you are referring too from that manager Stephen on Westhiemer rd & Old Farm Rd. He is nasty at me all the time and it shouldn’t be tolerated, this should be a calm, culture, friendliness environment and when he’s around he treats his employees with disrespect,, making them walk on egg shells! This is so against everything Specs stands for in their mission statement.. Feel so bad for the emp5 he oversees, especially what I just witnessed during the holiday. Where is the respect? Thank goodness he isn’t my boss or an employer I would have to work around!

  • Michelle Bee says:

    The manager at the west Houston store (old farm rd) Stephen is very disrespectful, racist, rude, and tries to show off in front of his female counterparts all the time. He needs to be removed from that store immediately. I will continue this fight with petitions from other customers that have had the other type of abuse from this store manager ever since he arrived months ago!

  • Amanda S says:

    I need a way to email corporate please, I click on the email icon and it sends me nowhere or gives me an email. Thank you

  • Dee says:

    I agree with Jim the employees are rude. I too went to Greenville Texas location and the cashier ( think her name was Rachel) told a customer that he was a liar after they told her she was doing a good job.

  • Jim says:

    Went to your Greenville store and seen a manager Tiffany commit assault on a guy in the store. She grabbed at his arm and made physical contact. While the employee behind her made taunting faces and gestures.

  • Melanie Acker says:

    I need an application for a bar to purchase liquor

  • ICE Agent says:

    Don’t work here especially off clay rd Hector and Ceasar are racist scum of the earth

  • Ricky conwell says:

    I’ve been a specs member for 20+ years and today at your Willis Tx location on 1097 -West had the worst coustomer service of any store I’ve been to across the country… I will never spend another penny at any Specs ever again … From the floor attendants to the cashier , they were all extremely RUDE ! ” with the exception of the elderly man in back who should be greeting people at Walmart… Anyway , bye 👎👋🇺🇸

  • Michelle Spicer says:

    Need to bring back Sky or Smirnov cranberry vodka please in the San Antonio area

  • BFitzgerald says:

    Pride month specials? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for live and let live, but when are you gonna have a horny fat man special/month? LoL

  • Terry J. bBrown says:

    Had a employee at Sherman Texas stor turn me on to High Ridge Canadian whiskey. It’s very good and changed me fro Crown Royal. Can’t seem to get to Sherman store. Frustrating

  • Shelly says:

    Stop all sales of Russian products/Vodka.

  • Chel says:

    Not impressed with your store/management. Incompetent, Inadequate.

  • Chasity says:

    New location in Hurst has been a huge disappointment, with opening 2 months late and poorly stocked.

  • Regina Hightower says:

    I was charged twice for a purchase. I have been given the runaround. I provided all the info and have been waiting since Jan. 28th to hear something. Crickets!
    Poor management.
    I have been treated like it’s my problem! I’ve spoken to 3 people regarding this to no avail!
    The Arlington Specs store sucks!@

  • Steven C Eichenlaub says:

    I have had an application in your establishment for 2 months I’ve had two interviews one with the assistant manager and one with the manager I’ve called I have called her at least once a week asking if she is got a hold of the district manager for a interview with him so I can start work she keeps putting me off I was just wondering what’s taking so long

  • Melissa Bostock says:

    Our county just voted to have liquor a couple Months ago. How can we get a specs here in erath county. I would like to manage it

  • Jim Benjamin says:

    I retired to the Hill Country from Houston. Having spent 2 yrs shopping at San Marcos and your Creekside, I must say you guys need some serious help in managing these two stores. Your staff has an “I don’t care attitude” and there are no staff available to discuss wines. Houston you have a problem. Heck, I’m so frustrated with Spec’s, if you’re serious, I might consider coming out of retirement just help you get them squared away. You need more hands on, training and management support and guidance. The experience I had in Houston for over 40yrs was a delight. Come in undercover see for yourself. Your family is much better than this.

  • Debra Benton says:

    Please call or email me regarding a loss prevention issue both in product and labor one of your specs store has. 8176571425

  • george hood says:

    Dealing with anybody at the retail level (including store managers),appears to be a total waste of my time!
    Your direct competitor even thou about 12 miles away appears to be the better option even though u havr a store 1 mile away!

  • george hoog says:

    Contacting Specs Corporate is a real pita*…..(*pain in the a$$) !!

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