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You might want to visit SpaceX headquarters, a private space research organization, for various reasons. Some might include a field trip of their class to the rocket-making headquarters or go for an internship. Its headquarters is located in Hawthorne, California. It has its manufacturing and rocket-launching facility adjoining its headquarters.

SpaceX Headquarters address:

If you want to reach out to the SpaceX headquarters through physical mail, you can mail to the following address:

1 Rocket Road

Hawthorne, CA 90250

United States

SpaceX Board of Directors address:

If you want to send a package or a message to the board of directors, send it to the following address:

Senior Vice-President & General Counselor

1 Rocket Road

Hawthorne, CA 90250

United States

Phone Number:

You can reach out to their office during the week and working days at the number +1 310-363-6000.


You can email SpaceX digitally using their email ID to send your job applications or queries at mailto:sales@spacex.com. You can email them 24/7.


Their website contains information about their operations and business opportunities. You can also learn the company’s requirements by visiting their career website. You can visit their website through this link.

SpaceX Headquarters Info & Photos

SpaceX started in 2002. The vision of Elon Musk to create an oasis on Mars led to the formation of SpaceX. Elon Musk was looking for cheaper rockets to make his dreams come true. But the rockets were overpriced, and Elon decided to manufacture them in-house. SpaceX started its journey on 6th May, 2002. He hired engineers to build his rockets. SpaceX was first headquartered at a warehouse in California.

SpaceX grew by building upon its failures, eventually becoming one of the leading space explorers of the planet. By the end of 2005, SpaceX had 160 employees working on designing a new generation rocket. Today, SpaceX has its headquarters at the rocket road with 9500 engineers and scientists working together to propel life to Mars. SpaceX has evolved from renting an office in a warehouse to being one of the pioneer space ship manufacturers.

SpaceX Headquarters Photo
SpaceX Redmond office

SpaceX Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Rocket Road Hawthorne, California


United States

1030 15th Street N.W. Suite 220E, District of Columbia DC 20005-1503


United States

96 Corporate Park Irvine, CA


United States

54298 Boca Chica Blvd Brownsville, TX

SpaceX Headquarters Executive Team

Elon Musk


Elon Musk can be best described as a pioneer, inventor, investor, engineer, and visionary. He owns a group of companies and is the CEO of most of them. He became the world’s richest man by briefly surpassing Jeff Benzos of Amazon for a while. SpaceX was one of his first ideas and ventures.

Bret Johnsen


Bret Johnsen started his career with a degree in science. He backed it up with a master’s in finance and economics. He joined SpaceX in May 2011 as the Chief Financial officer. He worked as the CFO of Mindspeed Technologies before joining SpaceX.

Gwynne E Shotwell


Gwynne E Shotwell joined SpaceX soon after its establishment as the vice president and was given a seat in the SpaceX board of directors. She dedicated her career to the space exploration industry. She went up the company ranks to become president and chief operations officer of the company today.



Jonathan Hofeller

Vice President of Starlink Commercial Sales

Brian Bjelde

Vice President of Human Resources

Mathew Dunn

Senior Director, Government Affairs

Phil Alden

VP, Starship Production

About SpaceX


Gwynne E Shotwell joined SpaceX soon after its establishment as the vice president and was given a seat in the SpaceX board of directors. She dedicated her career to the space exploration industry. She went up the company ranks to become president and chief operations officer of the company today.


SpaceX offers commercial space exploration as its services. With reaching Mars as its prime goal, SpaceX offers many rocket and satellite programs. Its major services include satellite delivery and defense. SpaceX launches satellites of various nations into orbit for profit. It has two rockets currently in service, namely medium-lift Falcon 9 and heavy-lift Falcon heavy. Apart from launching satellites, SpaceX also has an agreement to send supplies to the ISS and astronauts at a later stage.

SpaceX offered and conducted a hyperloop testing competition three times since 2017. The competitions were successful. Starlink is one of the most prominent services offered by SpaceX. It aims at providing global connectivity and internet services.


    • SpaceX became the first private company to develop a liquid-fueled rocket to launch a commercial satellite into orbit on 14th July, 2009.
    • SpaceX became the first private company to launch and recover a spacecraft on 9th December, 2010
    • On 25th May, it became the first corporate company to send a spaceship to the ISS
    • It is the first company to re-flight a commercial spacecraft after successfully re-flighting the spacecraft’s various stages.
    • It became the first corporate company to autonomously dock to the ISS
    • It became the first corporate company to send humans into orbit.
    • It became the first corporate company to send humans to the International Space Station
    • It is the largest commercial satellite operator in the world.
    • It bagged the record of launching the most satellites into orbit by launching 143 satellites into the orbit at once.
    • It became the first to land a rocket’s first stage both on land and an ocean platform.

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    • Michael Tyborski says:

      Thank you for caring about quality. Let’s hope that their teams follow your advice and check materials and products.

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  • Cory Elliott says:

    I am a student at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Broomfield, Colorado. I am writing on behalf of the entire school. We would like to learn more about Space X and the opportunities available for students graduating.

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    T.B.C.C. Rocket Jet Plane

    Good Evening Mr. Musk,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am an 18 – year old grade 12 student having a passion for space and rocket science from Kolkata, India. I just wanted to say what a big admirer I am of your work.

    It is from my kindergarten days when I grew an interest towards space, from that day onwards it has become my passion to know about space and space technologies. Since then my interest of knowing more about space is ever growing. I also share a dream to travel to Mars. Apart from this, I also have a strong passion for designing supersonic and hypersonic vehicles. I also have a keen interest in programming as I am learning java.

    I have also participated in many online events and webinars on Astrophysics conducted by various renowned Universities and Organisations.

    I am a participant of “Send Your Name To Mars” opportunity conducted by NASA and received a certificate from NASA for participating in the Webinars conducted by NASA. I have also witness the “SpaceX 24th cargo resupply mission”, “NASA Perseverance Rover 2020 mission” and “J.W.S.T. Telescope launch mission” through NASA online live broadcast and received virtual stamps for participating in the launch. I have also participated in the webinar “Physics of Micro – Electronic Device Models For VLSI Circuit Design” conducted by IEEE EDS. I have also participated in the 6 – day “Virtual Visit on Modern Physics – 2020” session conducted by IEEE B.V.M. SB and received a certificate from IEEE B.V.M. SB. I have also participated in the 2 – day Webinar session on Astrophysics conducted by K.T.H.M. and received a certificate from K.T.H.M.. I have also participated in the webinar “Origin of Universe both Scientific and Vedic Perspectives” conducted by Delhi University and received a certificate from Delhi University. I have also participated in the webinar “Doorstep Astronomy” conducted by Nehru Planetarium and received a certificate from Nehru Planetarium. I have also participated in the Golden Week of Webinars on Astrophysics conducted by University of Astrophysics, Chile. I have also participated in the “Mission To Mars Student Challenge” conducted by NASA and received a certificate from NASA. I have also participated in the “Robotics Workshop” conducted by Narula Institute of Technology and received a certificate from Narula Institute of Technology. I have also participated in the Webinar “Adventures of Particle Physicist” conducted by C.E.R.N.. I have also participated in the webinar “Introduction to Astrophysics” conducted by S.J.P.U.C.. I have also participated in the Aptitude test called “Techkriti” conducted by I.I.T. Kanpur and received a certificate from I.I.T. Kanpur.

    Today I would like to share with you my idea of a T.B.C.C. Rocket jet plane.

    The main idea of this plane is to reach space using combined T.B.C.C. and Rocket engine system.

    In this plane a Turbine Based Combined Cycle which has a turbo combined with ramjet – scramjet system is fitted as the primary engine system. The turbo will drive the plane until and unless it reaches to a range of Mach(0-3). Thereafter the system will switch over to ramjet and the ramjet will drive the plane until and unless it reaches to a range of Mach(3-5). When the plane reaches the hypersonic regime that is from Mach 5 the ramjet will again switch over to Scramjet. Since scramjet is based on an air breathing system it needs air and also analysing the fact that the faster an object flies higher will be the altitude of flight, so at higher altitude air becomes less dense making it difficult for the scramjet to function. At that point of time we will finally switch over to rocket engine which will finally take us to space.

    Materials – As It will reach the hypersonic regime so there will be a lot of heating and thermal expansion so to reduce these effect I am planning a nickel based alloy called Inconel – x on the upper part of the plane and Ceramics on the lower part of the plane.

    This method will drastically reduce the amount of oxygen fuel required to go to space and this method will prove helpful in landing phase as during landing it do not have to look for a perfect alignment of the place to land. It can descent anywhere, at a point in the atmosphere during its descent, it can change its engine modes from rocket engine to scramjet to ramjet and finally to turbo and in that turbo mode it can fly from that place to the landing destination, thereby reducing the landing impact.

    I think this is can be an effective way of space flight mission. I would like to know about your opinion on this.

    If you like my idea, please do contact me on 8100449795. Together as a team we can develop and make this technology into a reality.

    Your reply is awaited.

    Thanking You

    Yours Sincerely,
    Harikrishnan Nair.

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  • Mark Panattoni says:

    I have invested over $500 in Starlink equipment that
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    Please Provide a _Resolution_,

    I have a Starlink system up and running. I need to activate my account. I think I need my network security key but nothing I try seems to enable me to activate my account!

    My account seems to be locked or something?

    How do I contact someone (ANYONE!) who can facilitate the activation of my account?

    Mark Panattoni
    949 254 4623
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  • Javier Morante Danessi says:

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    I like work with your Company.
    Design houses underwater.

  • Thomas Christian says:

    Can you have a double sided catch-all for boosters/starships that rail together/come together on the ground. This might be a good safety device (-thinking out of box)

  • John Coffin says:

    Elon Musk:

    Why did it take so long for you to to sit down and figure out other SN ships.

    I literally sat down and in one night found all “(49)” SN

    You have got to grow up changing your registry from 32 to try to block other People from finding other SN.

    You are a smart guy trying to slander my name and tell NASA you will ruin there rep if they work with me is childish you obviously know we live in a dog eat dog world and some times you just got to bit the bone.

    If you think you are going to stop me from achieving my childhood dream you are crazy I will make my way and you will never get the SN I have from me so never even brother to make an offer on that series.

    We could change the world
    But you to much of an money man it’s not about money it’s about the change we can bring Mr Spotlight

  • Jordan Cannon says:

    Thank you for who you are

  • Leonid Seliwanov says:

    Dear SpaceX employees , It is a possible way to avoid bankruptcy

    I offer you for consideration and further refinement a new concept of a combined air-jet engine capable of generating thrust from subsonic to hypersonic modes. I know, of course, about attempts to create such engines. For example, it is being developed by SABRE, but in my opinion it is too complicated than what I have proposed.

    It is undesirable to transmit such a development either by email or by regular mail. A direct meeting is needed, I can come if you organize such a business trip.

    I do not claim sole ownership of the future intellectual property, I propose an equal division between all those involved in this development. To refine from modeling to prototype, of course, you will need the work of the entire design department. And it will take about a year, maybe less, depending on several factors. But when we complete the work, you will become the undisputed leader in the development of aerospace engines.

    What is very important is that all the technologies and materials for the implementation of such a project already exist. It was possible 30 years ago, and even a little earlier.

    I’m not suggesting you just believe me. Check, simulate that’s all that is required. Moreover, the idea is very simple!

    And more. Gentlemen, I ask you very much – a minimum of correspondence and paperwork. Just arrange a meeting for me, preferably in some European country, and I will prove the correctness of the proposed solution in just an hour.

    I would compare the technology in question, about the same as the difference between a piston-screw aircraft and a modern turbojet airliner. In a good way, this technology will revolutionize the aerospace industry.

    Structurally, it will be a little simpler than a turbojet engine, and in terms of reliability and efficiency it will exceed much.

    An aircraft with such engines, of course, will deliver passengers and cargo many times faster. According to my calculations, it is possible to fly from Europe to Australia (this is about half a revolution around the Earth) in a maximum of 3 hours.

    The engines in question can (and should) be used to launch satellites, including astronauts, to altitudes of about 90 – 100km, while informing the satellite about 7 – 8 km/s. Next, the satellite is placed into the required orbit using existing traditional rocket engines. And the 1st stage – the plane returns to the point of departure. The cost of launching cargo into space should decrease several times. I fully admit the possibility of this engine operating in rocket mode.

    Much less titanium will be required for manufacturing. I can’t say that I know the whole structure already to the last bolt and screw. This, I repeat, is still a general concept. But it is elementary simple and, therefore, feasible.

    I have modeled the main points in simple but sufficient programs for initial evaluation, such as FEMM 4.2, sinmec (cfdstudio), MicroCFD and some online calculators.

    The question arises – why has no one found such a simple but effective solution before me? It is difficult for me to answer such a question, but one of the main reasons, I suppose, is “inertia of thinking.” Although I also did not immediately come to such a design, concept. I’ve been thinking, working on this idea for maybe 10 years with breaks, of course.

    With respect and hope for mutually beneficial cooperation Leonid Fedorovich!

  • William Hunter says:

    Attn.Elon Musk,re:expert’s solution reducing GHGs globally,contact:W Hunter,06489
    -read my sent emails to you the past 2 weeks,Thank you
    Happy Thanksgiving

  • James Lombard says:

    How about testing that in the desert I live in Waco your rattling my windows and stuff off my shelves And you’re giving me headaches it seems like it’s getting louder and louder and more vibrations all the time

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  • Rehinald Slappey says:

    How do you explore the outer galaxies that cannot be reached by the speed of light? A simple answer will do.

  • Ted Tessitore says:

    Hello – trust this finds all well at Spacex – simple comment – there are many thinkers out there not on the payroll as I – I have numerous conceptual ideas as to the heat shield solution that meet need and manufacturing – being a retired metal industry engineer has given me experience with metals and heat / would love to see a team of novice, free thinking inventors working to help achieve the Spacex dream – be safe

  • Shahzad khokhar says:

    Morning Greetings form Islamabad Pakistan, Mr Elon Musk , No project succeeds with wealth but with the best strategy. I have studied your Mars Colony project which is a very good project but it has many flaws so the importance of this project is zero percent. May run for a while but are not very sustainable because it is against the law of nature. It is a failed project for SpaceX. Work can both be sustained. Shahzad khokhar Islamabad Pakistan. Email:-shahzadkhokhar2015@gmail.com

  • Darin says:

    Did you know if you add oxygen to a flame the flame gets bigger.So sea level raptors on oxygen sounds like fun after all everyone want’s more in this case it is thrust . Plus what a flame it would be see ya it would be gone

  • David Frasier says:

    Why can’t the fuel tanks for the rockets be made like a medical needle. This way, when the fuel leaves the craft. It’s pushed out keeping all the fuel even down to empty. This should get rude of the fuel wash when the tanks empty out “Evenly”. Just asking!!!

  • Simiyu says:

    Doing a great job. could I Get some AI gadgets for investigation purposes and information retrieval?

  • Isaac says:

    Just curious, if priority for weight savings is to transfer to ground systems, vertical launch inertial is a significant force. Not sure about integrity of launch mounts or adaptations to thrust pucks, but a sub-terranian pnuematic system sheltered by initial blast with only piston rods exposed could give a catapult effect upwards to offset propellent needs to break inertial.

    Pneumatics can store a lot of potential energy and be throttled, albeit piston surface area could be excessive for that tonnage, thus underground. Raw material would be atmospheric air though and plentiful range of compressors to choose from and scale, not to mention pressure vessels can be more economically stored reasonably far from site, above ground.

    Don’t mean to waste anyone’s time, just a curious question.

  • Sameer behera says:

    I am calling from India and I have designed space exploration system and Mars

  • Nameoncard says:

    What’s the billing department’s email

  • cody says:

    i am sry if this is hard to read i have a learning disabiltey for spelling and word comperheason but i have a relly good ideal and i feel like if i dont at least try to let someone who could use it for the greater good then i am not worth the air i breath so we all know that if u push two megents of the same charge together the thy push apart why not use that fource to moive a ship wen its out of earths gravity say u have twoa posetive charge magnet on a tobe at both ends and use a high perrser piston to push them together u would get forword thrust from it that is never ending cuz it would be like going dowen a hill that never ends and with little to no gravity and frication u would just constely gain speed i think bulletta trains do the same and if it creats enaufe of a megneticfild it would help stop soler radition just like it dose for the earth i do have an ideal on how to mack a ant gravity thing with the same ideal and it would make its owen engry from runing but thats a nother topic it would bring dowen the weight of the ship cuz no fuel needed and if done right in spaces gravity you should be able to reach the same speed as u would off of jet fuel or what ever u guys r useing now i hope some one reads this and uses it to help us cuz fr we r all going to destroy our selfs at some point just like we did in the past o one last thing a lot of the problem that the science comuttey cant figer out on any thing is cuz trying to hard and overthinking it i know we all like new stuff but if u use some smiple things insted of hard stuff it works better just like with magments as thrust in space its so smiple that every one overlooks it bye thx u for your time

  • Joseph says:

    Humbly, please help me contact Billionaire Elon Musk.

  • William Whittenberg says:

    I was just scammed for $5,000 BTC. With a YouTube site claiming to be SpaceX and using your logo. They even had a chat SpaceX Support. You might want to go after these people. spacepromo.net/btcgive.html

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    This message is for Elon musk or anyone who can get me in contact with him. I have multiple ideas for the betterment of mankind. I would like to speak with you about them because you seem like minded. I’m not a genius like you but I have an inventive mind. For example you said nuke mars for I say send a few rockets to intercept a asteroid and put it on a path bound for mars.

  • Ritesh pal says:

    My english is very bad

  • Ritesh pal says:

    If Elon Musk scientist made a warp drive nobody think how he rich

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    This research group represented by: Ramon Ferreiro Garcia, Prof. Emeritus at the Industial Enginering Department of the University of A Coruna, Spain. ETSNyM, C / Paseo de Ronda 51, 15011 A Coruna. +34 981 167000 ext.: 4205. http://www.udc.es; ramon.ferreiro@udc.es, is in possession of three patents valid for the next 17 years, concerning the conversion of thermal energy to electrical energy via mechanical energy. This innovative heat-work conversion technique uses a much more efficient conversion procedure than those used with conventional techniques. It is characterized and based on simultaneous expansion-contraction processes carried out by means of isochoric heat transfer. (See information at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu8gr3H8L74😉
    With the patented conversion technique that we propose, it is possible to produce electricity and / or hydrogen by electrolysis at much lower costs than today. In addition, with this cutting edge technology, it is possible to implement air propulsion systems, rail, road and maritime transport with hydrogen as heat power source obtained at low cost with such mentioned technologies.
    Based on what has been said, I need to know who I should contact to send the necessary technical information capable of providing the decision criteria regarding the interest on this matter. If this offer is received positively, I need to know that the information to be sent is directed to the person or persons with responsibility and decision-making power, to guarantee as far as possible the confidentiality of the material that is sent if it is the case.
    Kind regrads

  • DR says:

    I have a very unique design that will change energy creation and conservation everywhere. I’ve been trying to find a way to prove that perpetual motion is possible. Well not only did I figure out but went far beyond. It’s more accurately an infinite self induced generator. In theory a perpetual motion machine only takes a motion or energy and continues it forever. This takes ZERO energy or inertia to start and infinitely accelerators even in the absence of the perfect environment (zero gravity). It actually works with or without gravity. Sounds a little off the wall…. but if UFOs are real…. It’s the only conceivable way they could fly with the way they spear to be designed in pictures. Came up with 2 models how the technology could be applied to make a “flying saucer” fly. However the 1 diagram I am almost positive it’s exactly how they function and even explains their erratics movements logically. Yeah so you guys need to Email me and have Elon sit down and talk because this is it. This is not the next big thing. This is the biggest thing. And it’s exactly what’s gonna take us to the stars

    • cody says:

      u r right thow i hade a dream one time as a kid and i was in a ufo and thy was useing relly high power magments to mack the ship move think like a cup with a strew in it but its all megments and all the same charge in throy u would only have to push the closer to each other to get movement in any deraction and it would be lik

    • Peter says:

      It been already invented long time ago but companies will not let it use.

  • Jacob melton says:

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  • joe says:

    It may be efficient in time to recycle the expensive space junk. A cost breakdown of hours spent to pin-point its elusive whereabouts at extended costs at less than 100% accuracy. If we are to build should we not keep the work place “spik&span(some cleaning solution from my childhood)”? If they so desire they shall be crowned; Sir, if we can figure out how we can set an accelerated example.

    Joseph William Babineau

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