Where Is SpaceX Corporate Office Headquarters

SpaceX Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 Rocket Road
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    United States
  • Phone Number: 310-363-6000
  • Email: sales@spacex.com
  • Number of Employees: 6500
  • Established: May 6, 2002
  • Founder: Elon Musk
  • Key People: Bret Johnsen

SpaceX Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact SpaceX Corporate Office

You might want to visit SpaceX headquarters, a private space research organization, for various reasons. Some might include a field trip of their class to the rocket-making headquarters or go for an internship. Its headquarters is located in Hawthorne, California. It has its manufacturing and rocket-launching facility adjoining its headquarters.

SpaceX Headquarters address:

If you want to reach out to the SpaceX headquarters through physical mail, you can mail to the following address:

1 Rocket Road

Hawthorne, CA 90250

United States

SpaceX Board of Directors address:

If you want to send a package or a message to the board of directors, send it to the following address:

Senior Vice-President & General Counselor

1 Rocket Road

Hawthorne, CA 90250

United States

Phone Number:

You can reach out to their office during the week and working days at the number +1 310-363-6000.


You can email SpaceX digitally using their email ID to send your job applications or queries at mailto:sales@spacex.com. You can email them 24/7.


Their website contains information about their operations and business opportunities. You can also learn the company’s requirements by visiting their career website. You can visit their website through this link.

SpaceX Headquarters Info & Photos

SpaceX started in 2002. The vision of Elon Musk to create an oasis on Mars led to the formation of SpaceX. Elon Musk was looking for cheaper rockets to make his dreams come true. But the rockets were overpriced, and Elon decided to manufacture them in-house. SpaceX started its journey on 6th May, 2002. He hired engineers to build his rockets. SpaceX was first headquartered at a warehouse in California.

SpaceX grew by building upon its failures, eventually becoming one of the leading space explorers of the planet. By the end of 2005, SpaceX had 160 employees working on designing a new generation rocket. Today, SpaceX has its headquarters at the rocket road with 9500 engineers and scientists working together to propel life to Mars. SpaceX has evolved from renting an office in a warehouse to being one of the pioneer space ship manufacturers.

SpaceX Headquarters Photo
SpaceX Redmond office

SpaceX Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Rocket Road Hawthorne, California


United States

1030 15th Street N.W. Suite 220E
District of Columbia DC 20005-1503


United States

96 Corporate Park Irvine, CA


United States

54298 Boca Chica Blvd Brownsville, TX

SpaceX Headquarters Executive Team

Elon Musk


Elon Musk can be best described as a pioneer, inventor, investor, engineer, and visionary. He owns a group of companies and is the CEO of most of them. He became the world’s richest man by briefly surpassing Jeff Benzos of Amazon for a while. SpaceX was one of his first ideas and ventures.

Bret Johnsen


Bret Johnsen started his career with a degree in science. He backed it up with a master's in finance and economics. He joined SpaceX in May 2011 as the Chief Financial officer. He worked as the CFO of Mindspeed Technologies before joining SpaceX.

Gwynne E Shotwell


Gwynne E Shotwell joined SpaceX soon after its establishment as the vice president and was given a seat in the SpaceX board of directors. She dedicated her career to the space exploration industry. She went up the company ranks to become president and chief operations officer of the company today.



Luke Nosek

Board Member

About SpaceX


Gwynne E Shotwell joined SpaceX soon after its establishment as the vice president and was given a seat in the SpaceX board of directors. She dedicated her career to the space exploration industry. She went up the company ranks to become president and chief operations officer of the company today.


SpaceX offers commercial space exploration as its services. With reaching Mars as its prime goal, SpaceX offers many rocket and satellite programs. Its major services include satellite delivery and defense. SpaceX launches satellites of various nations into orbit for profit. It has two rockets currently in service, namely medium-lift Falcon 9 and heavy-lift Falcon heavy. Apart from launching satellites, SpaceX also has an agreement to send supplies to the ISS and astronauts at a later stage.

SpaceX offered and conducted a hyperloop testing competition three times since 2017. The competitions were successful. Starlink is one of the most prominent services offered by SpaceX. It aims at providing global connectivity and internet services.


    • SpaceX became the first private company to develop a liquid-fueled rocket to launch a commercial satellite into orbit on 14th July, 2009.
    • SpaceX became the first private company to launch and recover a spacecraft on 9th December, 2010
    • On 25th May, it became the first corporate company to send a spaceship to the ISS
    • It is the first company to re-flight a commercial spacecraft after successfully re-flighting the spacecraft's various stages.
    • It became the first corporate company to autonomously dock to the ISS
    • It became the first corporate company to send humans into orbit.
    • It became the first corporate company to send humans to the International Space Station
    • It is the largest commercial satellite operator in the world.
    • It bagged the record of launching the most satellites into orbit by launching 143 satellites into the orbit at once.
    • It became the first to land a rocket’s first stage both on land and an ocean platform.
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