Where is Southwest Gas Corporate office Headquarters

Southwest Gas Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 89150, 5241 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 877-860-6020

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2285

  • Established: March 1931

  • Founder: Southwest Gas Corporation

  • Key People: Michael J. Melarkey, John P. Hester

Southwest Gas Headquarters Location & Directions

Southwest Gas Headquarters Executive Team



John P. Hester

President & CEO

Gregory J. Peterson

Senior VP & CFO

Eric DeBonis

Senior Vice President of Operations

Karen S. Haller

Senior VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

About Southwest Gas, History and Headquarters Information

Though risky, a home can never live without the use of a kind of gas. And because this flammable and can turn your home into just a heap of ashes in a blink of an eye, it is best to just use natural gas. Yes, and this is what Southwest Gas believes as well. It is versatile, affordable and clean.

Southwest Gas is a company that offers natural gas service in Arizona. They started their business in the year 1931. Their headquarters are at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Right now, they have about 2 million customers to serve. You can also give them a call if you think that natural gas is just what you need.

So, why natural gas? Natural gas is the most efficient and most cost-effective alternative. This is also eco-friendly and the most perfect type of gas to use in your home. If you agree with this, you can give Southwest Gas a call!

Southwest Gas Headquarters Photos

  • Erica verheijen says:

    Horrible experience! I have been disregarded multiple times and far as my refund. I have been told 3 different dates now .! I would like solid answer and to file a complaint.

  • Michael Ricci says:

    On hold forever after waiting 3 days for a start up as a new customer. email received said that my gas start up was completed after calling and saying I had no gas in the home to any of my appliances so I called and again and waited more than 30 minutes to be told that someone read my meter this morning and everything was fine. I asked them to hold on the phone and went out to the meter where I found the valve to be in a closed position. the meter reader uses RF technology to read the meter and never bothers to see if the valve was shut off. I literally had to take my own crescent wrench and turn on the gas valve myself. the worst customer support I have ever experienced with a utility.

  • Karen Nickels says:

    I have been trying to log on to my account for over 4 months now!!!! Your customer service is evidently trained to only reply “clear your cache.” Well, I have about 100 times and still get access denied when I even click the site!!! Your customer service says they can’t help…..LOL….LOL. What a way to run a business!!! No help with this at all, not to mention the service line is 2 hours+ long wait, and your billing has gone up in the month of January 2022 at least 25%. I’m not the only one complaining as noticed in these comments. We had this same problem a couple of years ago too. Finally had a hearing in Las Vegas and the price went down. It is looking like this company runs more like Enron and we know what they did. Whoever is running this sham of a company should be fired!!!!! We need more competition in Las Vegas!

  • Jon Linder says:

    On hold for 80 minutes !!! Why? Southwest Gas is not a public utility, it’s a private corporation publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and management’s job therefore is to maximize shareholder value AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PUBLIC !!! I HAVE TO WAIT 1.5 hours on hold BECAUSE MANAGEMENT DOESN’T WANT TO FULLY STAFF THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Government (i.e. “The People”) should get rid of predatory and dilatory corporations that abuse The People people they pretend to serve !!!

    • Jon Linder says:

      Hello Corporate Office Headquarters. Take down my comment immediately! (Jon Linder, dated July 27, 2021 regarding Southwest Gas). This is not my photo attached to my comment! Your stupid software plugin (Thrive Comments) pulled a photo from somewhere and published it without my permission. Delete this and my prior comment, thank you.

    • Aaron Jacob says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!

  • Andi Prush says:

    I cannot get these idiots to get my account right. INFURIATING!

  • Sandra Hoboy says:

    I’ve been a SW customer for about 11 years and have an online account (421-5653792-005). I want to go to a Sure Pay system but can’t log into my account. I only get the irritating spinning circle. I left 2 messages – one on 5/7 and the other on 5/11. Neither have been answered. Why not?

  • Bob Lee says:

    Customer service is awful. Terrible. Good luck if you need help on anything major, outside of leaks.

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