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  • Address: 2702 Love Field Dr, Dallas, TX 75235, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 214-792-4000
  • Fax Number: 214-792-5015
  • Email: southwestmediasales@wnco.com
  • Number of Employees: 60,590
  • Established: March 15, 1967
  • Founder: Herbert Kelleher & Rollin King
  • Key People: Gary C. Kelly, Tom Nealon, Mike Van de Ven

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S. No.




United States

2702 Love Field Dr Dallas (HQ), TX

Southwest Airlines Headquarters Executive Team

Gary C. Kelly

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

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Tom Nealon


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Mike Van de Ven

Chief Operating Officer

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Robert E. Jordan

Executive Vice President Corporate Services

Tammy Romo

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mark R. Shaw

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, and Corporate Secretary

Andrew Watterson

Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

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  • Southwest Reports Record Third Quarter Net Income And Earnings Per Share
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  • David Hite says:

    I had a flight from IND to MSY connecting in DEN. I arrived at the airport at 5am to scan my boarding pass to find my flight was cancelled. I then was herded to a long line to have my flight rebooked. I asked for the next flight to arrive in MSY and was told I was put on the earliest flight. About an hour later that flight is also cancelled. I am then rebooked for the next day. I went to a gate agent where she said she would get me on the next flight to MSY which was for the evening flight. I then get home to find there are open seats for a flight that would have arrived much earlier in the day. I called customer service and was on hold for 2 hours waiting for someone to answer to switch me to an earlier flight to be told I have to go back to the airport since I had checked luggage. Upon arriving at the airport they switch me to the earlier flight I found online. I then get to TPA where my connection is delayed two times. I was told it was weather related however I have a friend that is a flight attendant for SW and was told it was due to staffing issues for my cancelled flights. SW didn’t communicate the issues with their customers and frankly didn’t appear to care of the disruptions it was causing their customers. I didn’t get to MSY until close to midnight when I was supposed to arrive at 2pm. I asked the gate agent at TPA if they were going to pay for my hotel at MSY if they were going to end up cancelling me in TPA and was told basically that is my problem not SW. She then stated she is done with me and walked away from me. Once I got to MSY my luggage was lost for 2 days. I did get a voucher of $300 and a small reimbursement for what I had to buy to get by for a couple of days. I then sent an email to SW about the experience 2 weeks ago and no one from the corporate office has bothered to acknowledge or apologize for the experience. I had 2 flights scheduled over Labor Day from IND to HNL that I have now cancelled and rebooked with another airline. I have no intention on ever flying with SW except to the extent that I now have vouchers I will have to use in order to not throw away money spent on tickets. I have been a loyal SW customer for many years but United will now have my business. It would be nice if someone from SW corporate office can acknowledge and apologize.

  • A Hunter says:

    Southwest is the worse airline I’ve ever flown with. Got bumped around 4 different times trying to get home. Had to fly into a total different City just to get home. And all they want to do is offer a $150 voucher for their airline that I would never use again.
    Was treated as if I missed my flight when it was them who kept canceling my flights. Had me running through airport to get another Gate to be told I may not get on.
    Luggage is still lost! Never again will I use this airline!!

  • Norma Watjus says:

    I booked two flight to Nashville TN leaving on5/6-returning 5/10. Nashville due to the covid-19. I got my money back for the hotel as they we’re closed. Southwest refuses to give me my money back. I am 76 my traveling companion is 80. I do not want a voucher-I want my money back-Southwest got a huge bail-out from our taxes!!!!! Send my money back!!!!!

  • Sharon Velazquez says:

    I have to email corporate. We have to cancel again due to covid-19. My son’s getting married in Buffalo were all suppose to leave on August 17,2020 and we ca.n’t Florida is way to bad to go to right now. Our kids and grandkids are going to. Now we have to see about getting refunded and not the voucher. I am hoping that they help us out .We Will fly as soon as it’s safe and we don’t have to quarantine. Our safety is priority right now. We are so upset.

  • Gail Cochrane says:

    Marshall Regional Arts Council, of Marshall, Texas is establishing a fully functioning Art Center and Children’s Art Program. Does Southwest have a foundation that might be interested in helping us build our program? Where should I look to find information?


    Dear Mr.Gary C.Kelley:CEO

    God’s Blessings and Grace to you your loved ones and fabulous company. May I explain why I ‘am writing to you. I’am a Senior and also my Husband of 53 years married we fly your Airlines several times a year. I wrote to your very efficient company as on our last flight on May 22,2019, our Confirmation #
    UXZLUU Flight # 1734 10:15 am from GEG to San Jose,California arriving at Nonstop 12:30pm. ( God bless you for offering a nonstop flight it is very helpful to us “Mature” Seniors. ) Unfortunately I had a very bad experience a young girl came with a medium sized service dog and sat next to me. The whole flight to San Jose was so terrible she kept trying to keep her smelly dog of my feet and legs to no avail. I have both knees total knee replacement which made it more uncomfortable. I wrote to your company and they were very gracious to tell me that they were very sorry and that the owner of the dog should have paid for two seats,they were giving me a gift of Love Voucher for future use of $125.00. I was most thankful and grateful. Thank you Mr. Kelly.
    So I need a great favor from you unfortunately I have looked all over my home and can’t find the letter nor do I even remember the Love Voucher. I ‘ am very saddened to ask you but will you please resend it,I would be so very grateful. I have a file number but I’am not sure if it is in reference to this letter I had written. File Number: 2304032134571.
    Your Airlines is so very amazing,your flights are on time even sometimes ahead of time,your employees are all so very friendly and helpful,your Captains always give us a smooth flight,your help to Seniors with low fares is so helpful on our fixed low incomes. In close Mr. Kelly may our Lord Jesus. Christ continue to bless you and everyone. Awaiting a positive swift reply.

    Malvina B. Neyman
    Rev.Fr.Nicholas R.J. Neyman


    Mr.Gary C. Kelly: CEO

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