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Where is Southern California Edison Corporate office Headquarters

Southern California Edison Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2244 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-655-4555

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 13599

  • Established: 1908

  • Founder: Henry E. Huntington and John S. Eastwood

  • Key People: Kevin M. Payne

Southern California Edison Headquarters Location & Directions

Southern California Edison Headquarters Executive Team



Kevin M. Payne

CEO & Director

onald Owen Nichols


William M. Petmecky III

Senior VP & CFO

Douglas R. Bauder

Chief Procurement Officer and VP of Operational Svcs, Safety, Security & Business Resiliency

Caroline Choi

Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Stuart R. Hemphill

Senior Vice President of Customer & Operational Services

Philip R. Herrington

Senior Vice President of Transmission & Distribution

About Southern California Edison, History and Headquarters Information

Southern California Edison is the primary electricity supply company mostly in Southern California. It serves 14 million people as it provides them with electricity across a service territory of approximately 50,000 square miles. SCE owns and handles a regulated gas and water utility. SCE is the sole commercial provider of natural gas and fresh water service to Santa Catalina Island, including cities like Avalon, California. SCE manages the utilities under Catalina Island Gas Company and Catalina Island Water Company. This organization has placed 1,000 charging stations all over their Southern and Central California service area.

In November, 2014, this company joined hands with Ice Energy to make available more efficient energy storage by a technique which is to freeze water at night when electricity is cheaper.

Southern California Edison Headquarters Photos

Southern California Edison Resources

  • Sam Goodrich says:

    I was supposed to be on the care program 6/24/21 got a certified letter from Edison stating that. Been calling for a Year now and they still haven’t fixed it. Don’t get anywhere on the phone

  • Dean Carter says:

    Your contractor, Hot Line Construction, left a large pile of debris in front of my home at 181 Sheffield Dr. Santa Barbara. Please call them to clean up the mess your contractor made.

  • Jorge Andrade says:

    You guys have by far the worst customer service ever your power line went out caught on fire blew up on Monday 6/20/22 I’m still out of power your Edison worker just came cut the line and left with no explanation I been on the phone with your customer representatives and I talked to 4 of your supervisors witch where very rude on is Antonio Arias batch# 3404 the other is Daniel batch#100438 first we where told to get an electrician because our weather head was no good I paid an electrician he said everything was fine you still refuse to come then you come and say there’s a tree in the way with you guys where supposed to cut because the your power line goes right through the tree so we pay and cut it and still you guys refuse to come and fix the power line so that we can have power it’s been four days I suffer from sleep apnea I can use my resmed machine to breath we been loyal customers for over 20 years and you treat people this way well atleast out here in Sanbernandino county you guys will hear from a lawyer.

  • Erika Smith says:

    I need to speak with a supervisor immediately because a company that is contracted from your company has not paid me as I was an employee, but now they are sending all of your customers to call my number in retaliation of me taking legal action against the company you contracted for your services for low income families. The companies name is Energy Save and they are located in Whittier California, and you can speak to Diana who is the supervisor who is causing all of these issues. I would really appreciate it if someone can please give me a call as this is an urgent matter and I am being bombarded with a plethora amount of prank calls for your program. Thank you.

  • San Arnold says:

    The phone nos for SCE are useless. You can’t get connected to a warm body no matter what selection you choose. Good luck on getting a question answered about your bill or medical baseline, which has a separate phone no that only goes to the regular phone system and not to medical baseline. To add insult to injury, I got a letter about being close to being over my limit of 400 kws and the website that they put in the letter for high usage information doesn’t exist. The phone number listed also takes you to back to the regular phone system which is totally useless. Even selecting billing gets you nowhere. In desperation, I chose the outage selection and finally got a warm body who stated she had been getting lots of calls like mine and the problem as been reported but nothing has been done about the situation whatsoever. She was nice enough to make a note on my account as to what I was trying to call about but didn’t know if it would get anything done or my questions answered.
    The number listed for the corporate office really isn’t for the corporate office but the regular customer service number that gets you no where except a great deal of aggravation, irritation, frustration and a great feeling that the CORPORATE OFFICE OF SCE DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!
    If their employees are getting paid for working at home they must be on vacation because not a single selection, except using outages, will result in getting to a very understanding warm body to speak to.

  • Abel says:

    So I called a total of 6 times already and still doesn’t get the help I was requesting. There’s only 4 of us on the house which we just move in last week of Feb. house is new and on a new gated community. For the last 3 months our average usage per month is 1400 kw. We asked for review and investigation of this smart meter, we feel it got too smart that our consumption is picking up 6 times more than our peak time usage. We need to know why it is consistently happening from 1:00 am to 6:00 am, when nobody is awake and all lights are off. By the way we don’t have a pool, no electric car and was not using AC for 2months now. I will truly appreciate if some one can at least reach back to us and offer help on this issue. This is truly frustrating and is giving us unhealthy environment and sleepless nights.

  • Marty says:

    I live 30 minutes away from shaver lake and pay for a boat slip at shaver Marina. $1200.00 is what it cost me from April 15, to October 16.
    Now I understand that with covid 19 going around it was practical to shut down the lake for a little while for safety reasons, I know now it is time for you guys to open this lake up.. Most lakes in the area have already opened and the state has given permission for you to do so. What better place to social distance then being out on the lake away from other people..please open shaver lake?? Why wont you?? Please open the lake!!

  • Virhinia says:

    I did not get a bill for five months that qualified me for the rule seventeen act. Now Edison wants to act as if that rule is nonexistent. Wow, I have made several attempts with customer service and they hang up on me each time I call. This is unfair and not right. Elder abuse at its finest.

  • Dr. Steve J. Ruzicka says:

    I appreciate the efforts done by SCE to upgrade their electrical poles. After a few months of repeated requests to finish their work (hole in the ground never filled in plus food dirt around the pole), I decided to do it myself and bring the safety cones back to their office. On a further note, I was alerted by an CSE representative that our neighbor did not declare their solar panels. After checking with the owners and the contractor, I was shown all the official paperwork, contradicting totally the representative.
    This shows a pretty disorganized communication within SCE. Why? Just look at the top for responsibility and accountability. Mr Payne, time to get involved.

  • Dana Baker says:

    We moved to southern California in March of 2016, SCE has held 755.00 of our money for over 3 years in two separate accounts. We are on a fixed income, we requested the billing date be changed to the end or first of the month. We have to get extensions some months until our social security hits the bank. I was told by a representative in June of 2019 that these extensions were not considered lates unless we did not pay on the extended date. We were also told that there would be a review in July 2019 and that most likely our deposits would be returned at that time. NOPE! because we had gotten an extension in June and so the pay on time count starts all over!! This is ridiculous, how many millions of dollars does SCE hold earning interest that they are using to run their business? Disgraceful. We were just told that the extensions even though they are offered by SCE and accepted they are considered lates and a late fee is assessed and we will never get our deposits returned.

  • art says:

    who is the 2nd entity that is billing us. letterhead reads TOU -D-A Am receiving bills from them and from you for the same billing period. Need clarification

  • Irene Miscione says:

    I have not had a bill from the company since March. I have been told that there is a billing issue. I have been making monthly payments to avoid a huge bill. However, I want and need an up to date hill.

  • Eileen Landon says:

    The customer service you provide is the worst I have ever experienced. When you cannot call and talk to anyone is unacceptable. As a senior citizen I know you can do better than what I have experienced in the last several months.

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