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  • Address: 9377 E Bell Rd Suite 155, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 480-269-8295
  • Fax Number: N/A
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  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: N/A
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Sono Bello is a privately held company in the United States specialized in micro-laser body contouring and facial cosmetics surgical procedures. Sono Bello offers total body transformation, providing micro-laser liposuction and customized in-office facial rejuvenation procedures while delivering natural looking and incredible results. With over 100,000 procedures done and more than 40 centers worldwide, it is one of the major stakeholders in the body rejuvenation business.
Its Headquarters is based in Kirkland, Washington, United States. It has more than 500 employees trained to provide the best customer support services and a team of board certified plastic surgeons that are 125 strong.
Dr. Tom Garrison founded Sono Bello and still serves as the CEO. In 2008, after he worked as an emergency medicine physician, he gathered a group of plastic surgeons and built a company with the reputation of the best cosmetic treatments in the country particularly body contouring services with laser, radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology.

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  • Crayonnia says:

    On October 3, 2019, I arrived at my pre-op appointment and was told by another nurse, Lauren, that Dr. Burgdorf was not going to be available for my pre-op appointment but that I would be seeing Dr. Berger in his absence and he would give me all the information I needed. I thought it was strange but went along with the meeting. Dr. Berger was very nice as was everyone up to this point. After examining me, Dr. Berger stated he is going to suggest that the procedure be broken up into two sessions. He stated that by law in TN, they are only allowed to remove four liters of fat in one visit unlike GA where they can take up to seven liters. He was concerned that if they tried to do it all at one time, I wouldn’t get the best results. I wasn’t happy to hear that but understood and wanted to get what I paid for, so I agreed.
    The day of the procedure, I arrived at my appointment at 5:30 am, as they requested, along with my best friend and daughter as my supporters. I was feeling really excited about the final results and had been up half the night with anticipation. The nurse, Sherri, took me to a room and asked me to get undressed and put on the makeshift bra and panties along with the hospital gown open to the front. Sherri took my blood pressure and it was elevated. I thought they were going to have to reschedule the appointment. Sherri stated she would have to give the doctor a call to see what he says bit she thinks he will just have her to give me a Capoten and see if it brings it down. Again, I was thinking this was strange, but they have medical degrees, I don’t, so they should know what they’re doing, right? While Sherri was prepping my IV, she received a text response from the doctor and told me he did in fact want her to give me the Capoten. She stated the IV was for the purpose of emergency in case my blood pressure rose or there were any other complications. She gave me the medication and left the room for a while. Dr. Burgdorf came in and I met him for the first time. He examined me, went over the procedure and my expectations and stated he was going to try to get everything done in one visit. I was confused by this but thought he has done this a few times and knows his work so he just may be that good. He stated he will start with the abs and go from there and see how it goes. He stated that my expectation to have my back-bra area completely smooth was not realistic because there will be some areas that will still show a little wrinkle or overlap. He explained that there would be a lot of swelling and that it is important to follow the instructions provided for a great recovery. Then he left and Sherri gave me the cocktail of medications and stated she hoped I was a lightweight and not a heavyweight. I just looked at her in confusion and she just brushed it off by laughing. She then stated the meds will make me very loopy and proceeded to walk me into the procedure room, which was on the other side of the door of the room I was currently in. I told her before I even got on the table that the meds had not kicked in and I didn’t feel any different. She told me to just give it a few minutes and it would. She asked me to get up on the table and lie down. Dr. Burgdorf walked into the room and Sherri placed a pair of what seemed like sunglasses on my face. We joked about how I had worn a similar pair at my dentist office and Sherri jokingly stated how she liked them. Then the torture began.
    I was told that I would have local anesthesia but there would be little to no discomfort. That was not the case at all. Dr. Burgdorf started out having a conversation with Sherri about something, I couldn’t hear. All I heard him say is, “That’s ok, I don’t need it” and Sherri responded something to the effect of Dang, I‘m going to get it right next time. I began to worry but it was too late now. Then Dr. Burgdorf turned to me and said, “I’m about to make a small incision” and I said, “Ok”. I felt a slight nick but nothing alarming. Then suddenly, he inserted a long instrument inside my stomach before I was numb. It felt as if it went from the side of my lower abdomen to the middle of my stomach. All I could do was scream out and I reached out to grab him as an instant reflex, only for him to yell at me “Don’t touch me, you cannot touch me. Now we will have to start all over.” I thought because there was a nurse in the room that she would have come to my rescue or they together would have tried to express their apology, comfort me and make sure I was comfortable, but that didn’t happen. Instead I was just told by Sherri that I couldn’t touch the doctor and that I needed to remain calm or it would affect my results. I was fully awake and felt the whole two-hour procedure. There were multiple times where I cried out that I could feel what was happening and that it was burning but the doctor just kept telling me he was almost done and just kept going. I was even beckoning aloud the name of Jesus to help me endure until the end. Just when I thought it was over and he would stop with my abs, he asked me to turn toward him and he started on my back. I was constantly expressing that it was burning and that I could feel it but there was no compassion from either of the medical professionals in the room. I noticed during the procedure that someone entered the room a couple of times in response to me yelling but I couldn’t see their face. I assume it was one of the nurses because my best friend was waiting in the family waiting room and she stated afterward that she could hear me and went and asked them if I was ok and what was going on. Once the procedure was finished, Dr. Burgdorf just left the room and Sherri helped me get dressed then went to get my friend and daughter and brought them in the room. The first thing Tashia (my friend) said to me was, “Are you ok?”, and my response as they were walking me out was, “I have had two natural childbirths, but this was the worst pain I have ever had in my life”. Sherri, Lauren and Dr. Burgdorf were close enough to hear me and none of them said a word. Sherri just put me in a wheelchair and rolled me to the corner to meet my ride.
    I have never felt so dehumanized, helpless and disrespected in all my 48 years of life. I had the procedure done on Oct 5, 2019 and every day since then I have been having nightmares. I re-live the procedure every time my mind is idle. I can’t say that I’m happy or disappointed in my results because it has only been 6 days. I do have a lot of swelling and I’m not sure if any damage was done due to the ramming of the instrument inside my stomach, at this point. I went a couple of days before I told anybody about my experience, one because the narcotics had kicked in or my relief from the trauma had ended by the time I got in the car and I was sedated for the first couple of days and because I was ashamed. I was ashamed of being judged by the decision I made to go there in the first place. The experience I went through was traumatizing. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, if I can help it.

    Follow-up Appointment:

    October 15, 2019, the day for my one-week follow-up appointment. I arrived at 1:00pm to Sono Bello in Brentwood TN. Today my nurse was Chelsey . I have not seen her before. She was very nice and informative about my recovery process and upcoming expectations. At the end of our session, she asked if I had any more questions. I responded that I didn’t have any more questions, but I did have a concern. She was open to hearing what I had to say. I expressed the experience I had on the day of the procedure in full detail. I even became emotional. She was apologetic and stated she would inform her manager of my concerns while I got dressed and have them come and speak with me or give me a follow up call. I responded that would be fine.
    I received a knock at the door then Ashley and Lauren entered the room. Ashley stated Chelsey had expressed to them my experience and she wanted to come and speak with e about it. She stated it is important to them that every customer has the best experience possible. I proceeded to tell them about my experience. I even acknowledged to Lauren that I remember seeing her on my way out, so I was aware she was in the office during the time I was yelling but no one came to my aid. I retraced the pre-op meeting where Lauren was present with Dr. Berger when he suggested my procedure should be split into two sessions and how Dr. Burgdorf, on the day of, stated he was going to try to get it all done in one process. I followed that with how that’s why I felt it was inhumane for Dr. Burgdorf to continue and move on to my back knowing I was in so much agony and pain while working on my abs. I made it personal and stated how I never could have continued to feel like I was torturing someone ESPECIALLY when I had the option to stop and reschedule the remaining areas. To that, they both agreed. Then Ashley stated that she knew Dr. Burgdorf and didn’t think he would have intentionally done anything to hurt me. I was so confused by that statement since that is EXACTLY what he did. She went on to explain that the cocktail is not meant to numb but to relax the patient. She stated that the doctor can only administer a certain amount of lidocaine to numb patients. My response was that would be all the more reason for him to divide the procedure. I expressed that if my weight or the amount of areas I was having worked on was a contributing factor to my experience, I should have had that explained to me before the procedure so I could make my own decision and I felt like my right to do so was taken from me and that is a violation of my free will. I suggested they have these hard conversations with people during the consultation so patients know what to expect and can make an intelligent decision. Ashley went on to say that she would make sure to share my experience with the proper contacts so that they can address the situation and provide more training to their staff and doctors. I expressed to them that I was reluctant to call the Patient Advocacy Team directly after the procedure because I realized they were all in the same office so nothing would probably be done to rectify the situation and knowing I had to come to this appointment, I didn’t want to walk into a hostile environment. Ashley again offered an apology and informed that if at the end of my six-month follow-up exam I feel that there is a need to have any of my treated areas enhanced, I could request to have the work done by a different doctor on staff. Just as I thought, no one was documenting the conversation. I was going to just leave it alone after that but my spirit just wouldn’t let me. That is why I’m sharing this complaint. I don’t believe this incident was shared with the corporate office or anyone else in a position to change the behavior. However, I want to make sure my complaint is on file in case I incur injuries going forward with my recovery.

    I will also be sharing my experience with the BBB. It haunts me still and bothers me that I paid $10k for mental anguish and torture. Hopefully, I will continue to recover well and my results will be satisfactory.

  • Miriam says:

    Signed up for the laser liposuction a year ago. Since then I have had changes in my medical history that has resulted in 2 surgeries. It was upon my physician’s advisement that I do not have this procedure. I then contacted my center in Woburn, MA and told them that I needed to cancel and not re-appoint and wanted a refund. They said I needed to speak with my representative that signed me up. It took a little over a month to reach her. She never returned my calls and every time I called I was told she was seeing a client or on the phone. Finally after reaching her she said she was going to tell her manager to make arrangements for a refund. Still waited to hear. Finally got to speak with the manager and was informed that the refund has been approved and that I will receive my money within the week.(It’s been almost 3 weeks). Said that the check comes from corporate. I called my center yesterday and was told that the manager will not be in until Thursday and that the check comes to the center and that I would have to go to the center to pick up the check for security reasons. I called today and sure enough, the manager was in and was on the phone. I was told that the check comes directly to my home from corporate and that I should receive it next week and whoever told me about going to the center to pick up the check was misinformed. I am getting the run around and told them that if I do not receive the check by Tuesday of next week that I will call the media. To top it all off. The company has had my money for a year and has collected interest and yet they kept the deposit and the fee for the one pre-op visit that I had had prior. That is $775.00 lost. A bit steep. As of 10/29/2019 if I do not receive this check I will resort to the media and post on all other sources my story. Negative publicity goes a long way .

  • Dorlonda Legge says:

    I have visited Cincinnati with Victoria who will lie about a lot of prices until it comes to signing papers then the price goes up!!..an dont put any money down on a payment plan ..its been 4 month after putting 2300 down that I still haven’t recived my money back an Victoria said in April that I would be refunded in 10 day an it now 4 months..still no return!!!..dont recommend a dishonest company!!

  • Nancy Soule says:

    I have a contract issue with a branch office which I have tried unsuccessfully to resolve for two years. I would like to forward my letter to someone at corporate before I pursue the issue with the Better Business Bureau. Please tell me to whom I would address this issue.
    Thank you

    • shannn says:

      Please send your letter – I was completely scammed by this company and I’m being told I will only get part of my money back – but after reading all this, I highly doubt I’ll get anything back.

  • Antonia Oquendo says:

    I had a fat transfer facelift this past sept 2018, in Harrison, NY. During my initial consultation, the doctor told me that if the fat transfer face lift didn’t come out right the first time Sonobello will let him do it again, but only once, that they will only allow him to redo it once. on 5/14/19 I went in for a follow up appointment, I told him I am not happy with the results, and he tells me there are no longer doing fat transfer face lifts at that location, and he now changed his story; he now says, he didn’t tell me he would be able to redo it again, unless I pay another $2500. He gave me his business card and told me he can redo the procedure for $2500. I told him that was unacceptable. I will contact Corporate Headquarters and if they do nothing about this; I will take them to Small Claims Court and sue them. Everyone who is not statisfied with their results should do the same and also file a complaint with Consumer Affairs & the Better Business Bureau.

    • john says:

      also had a huge problem with harrison. wondering if you found out any contact information for corporate that i may contact. thanks

  • Linda Ballard says:

    I went in to have blepharoplasty done… upper & lower lid.
    They botched the first time the doctor tried to do it again the second time…still botched
    My eyes are still droopy!
    Dr. kept telling me to tape my eyes…. I have taped for 6 months and they are still drooping down. My eyes are pulling, burning they hurt all the time.
    The Dr. hurt me the second time… I was screaming waving my arms…the Dr. had to stop in the middle of surgery and give me to Valium and then started hacking on my face again!
    The Dr. did not wait till I was numb.
    I was being tortured!!
    I cannot live this way!!
    Somebody needs to fix my eyes or give me my money back!!! I am beyond angry!!!

  • Linda Ballard says:

    They screwed up my blepharoplasty and then they try to revise it and they still messed it up. They tortured me, it hurt so bad!! The Dr. didn’t wait for the medicine to numb my eyes! I was flailing and screaming.
    I’m still left with droopy eyes, they burn, they pull, they hurt and they won’t fix them!
    They won’t try to find a doctor to fix my eyes!! I can’t spend the rest of my life looking like this it’s a horrible

  • Barb says:

    The “treatments” at Sonobello are not ANYTHING like what they describe. I too was mesmerized by the salesperson and pressured into the purchase.
    This entire procedure was a nightmare!!! Painful beyond belief. Then the Portland, OR office did NO FOLLOW UP. They didn’t have any interest in scheduling a 3 month follow up, nor a telephone call, which their DR. ORDERED. Front desk staff more interested in discussing their weekend plans than helping customers. Guarantee is NON-EXISTENT. My next call will be to the BBB and my attorney.

  • Stephanie Garcia says:

    This is exactly how I feel. The sales person kept saying give it time to heal and then after the 6 months of “ healing “ had me waste time and gas money on Ben treatments which did NOTHING. It was all a big runaround. I look no different than I did before my surgery but $3500 for no results at all!

  • Stephanie Garcia says:

    I have been getting a runaround from the Sacramento office for a year and am fed up.

    • Linda Ballard says:

      I hear you… Sono Bello in Cincinnati kept me waiting for two years saying that my eyes would get better.
      They revised it and then waited another year and I still look like a bloodhound!!!
      Droopy eyes for the rest of my life???… no way!!!

  • Michelle says:

    I would like to speak with someone from corporate headquarters. I recently was seen in one of your PA locations. I do not wish to publicly shame you. I wish to talk with someone about my experience.

  • paula snyder says:

    I am very disappointed in the
    Venus treatment for all the money I spent. It didn’t do anything. I spent a lot of money hoping to see a change No change at all. My husband keeps saying he does not see anything. I worked hard and long for $3,000. I sure wish I had never heard about Sono Bello. I asked for half the money back when I seen it wasn’t working with half the treatments, but they told me to go ahead and finish and I would see a change. Did not. I hope they will take this into consideration and refund my money, or at least half of it. Paula Snyder

    • Linda Ballard says:

      Let me know if you get your money back because they won’t give my money back either and they can’t find a doctor to fix my eyes I look like a bloodhound!!!

  • Maria says:

    I went to Sona Bello in Woodbridge Oct 18, 2018. The sales person had me mesmerized, she was telling me I’m going to look great and fit in a size 12 after the procedure. I wanted my top front and stomach worked on, along with my upper arms made smaller.

    When I went to the doctor appt she set up, the doctor informed me he did not believe I would reach the goal the sales person discussed with me. He also stated there was no way he could do the arms , chest and stomach all in one day. He also said he would need to make a super large cut for what the sale person suggested and that my belly button wouldn’t look right after the surgery. He also so said, due to the condition of my skin on my arms, cuts would have to be made to remove skin. The sales person assured me he could “do the surgery in one day , and you’ll look great!”

    When I told her what he said, she wouldn’t take no for an answer, I told her that there was nothing left to do since the doctor did not recommend the procedure. And when I told her about the cuts on the arms, she said Sona bello does not do that. So then Sona Bello can’t do my arms. You can’t expect me to do this procedure and have lots of hanging ugly skin.

    She insisted to give her a day to have a second opinion from a different doctor, but she expects him to give this opinion without seeing me. This is no appropriate, and I got no call today. The doctor needs to see and feel my skin to know how it will respond to the surgery.

    Truthfully I don’t feel comfortable with her forcing a second opinion on me. I offered to do different things that will cost as much, but not make me ugly,and she didn’t want to hear it. I had nightmares last night about how ugly the outcome will be.