Where is Sonic Drive-In Corporate office Headquarters

Sonic Drive-In Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 208 B Johnny Bench Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 405-272-1670

  • Fax Number: 123

  • Email: info@sonicdrivein.com

  • Number of Employees: 9200

  • Established: June 18, 1953

  • Founder: Troy Smith

  • Key People: J. Clifford Hudson, John Budd

Sonic Drive-In Headquarters Location & Directions

Sonic Drive-In Headquarters Executive Team



J. Clifford Hudson

Chairman & CEO

Claudia S. San Pedro


Corey R. Horsch

VP, CFO & Treasurer

Christina Bell Vaughan

President of Sonic Restaurants, Inc

Paige S. Bass

Senior VP, General Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary

Michelle E. Britten

VP & Chief Accounting Officer

John H. Budd III

Executive VP and Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

Jose A. Dueñas

Executive VP & Chief Brand Officer

Lori I. Abou Habib

VP & Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Ritger Jr.

Senior Vice President of Development

About Sonic Drive-In, History and Headquarters Information

Sonic is the operator of an American drive-in fast-food restaurant chain based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that is owned by Inspire Brands, the parent company of Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. Prior to its acquisition by Inspire Brands, its stock traded on NASDAQ with the symbol SONC

Sonic founder Troy N. Smith Sr. opened a fast food restaurant, Troy’s Pan Full of Chicken, on the edge of town. He then went in with a business partner to purchase a five-acre parcel of land that had a log house and a walk-up root beer stand, already named the Top Hat. The two men continued with the operation of the root beer stand and converted the log house into a steak restaurant. After realizing that the stand was averaging $700 a week in the sale of root beer, hamburgers, and hot dogs, Smith decided to focus on the more-profitable root beer stand. He also bought out his business partner. Originally, Top Hat customers would park their automobiles anywhere on the gravel parking lot and walk up to place their orders. However, Smith saw a drive-in that used speakers for ordering. On September 25, 2018, Atlanta-based Inspire Brands, owner of Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, announced that it was buying Sonic Drive-In for $2.3 billion. The acquisition was completed on December 7, 2018.

Sonic’s menu consists of hamburgers and French fries, as well as onion rings, corn dogs, chili dogs and breakfast toaster sandwiches. Drink options include soft drinks, slushes, and milkshakes. Customers can combine various drinks and flavors to create thousands of possible drink combinations. Ice cream desserts include sundaes and floats. At a standard Sonic Drive-In, a customer drives into a covered drive-in stall, orders through an intercom speaker system, and has the food delivered by a carhop. Most drive-ins also have patio seating, and many have drive-thru lanes.

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  • Edna Cozart says:

    I was over charged two weeks in a row and i told my waiter and he went to his manger. I was told there was nothing he could do about. Would not return my over charge. I have been sonic all my life. The sonic i was at is Summertown TN. ID# 573712050399.

  • Heidi R Huie says:

    The Hamilton TX store is horrible. I was at the drive-in and waited for 10 minutes to be acknowledged after pushing the button. Someone pulled in beside me and was helped immediately. Finally I was asked what my order was. I asked them why it took over 10 minutes to be helped yet the person beside me was immediately helped. The employee was very rude and hung up the speaker. Never again will I patronize any Sonic.

  • Tim says:

    I was charged full price for a Sonic burger deal but was told they couldn’t give me my soft drink. They should have reduced my wallet cost the amount of a medium size drink.

  • Wyatt Barmann says:

    Does Sonic have any Scholarship opportunities?

    Thank You

    Wyatt Barmann

  • Tammie G says:

    I went to the sonic drive in today and ordered a large fry, large onion ring, strawberry lemonade and chesseburgers to go everything was made to order except the french fries were only half full of fries. I didn’t know until I got home they jiped me on the fries.

  • Wanda Morgan says:

    Dont know who your supervisors are in the Beaumont/ PortArthur TX areas, but evidently there is NO supervision over stores. Use to be owner/operator, and some of the things I see, are unbelievable. I was supervised under Gary Mcarthy and Doug Cole. If they pulled into my drive in, and there were menu lights out, speakers were not working, and car hops KEEPING THE CHANGE OFF THE DOLLAR AMOUNT WITHOUT ASKING!!!! If I didn’t lose my job at that moment, I would be on the way out if it EVER happened again! Management is not up to it! and the supervision behind it is not there either!

  • A.L. says:

    Went to the Sonic on FM78 in Schertz, TX. Waited about 5 mins after pushing the call button then a worker came out to take my order saying they were having tech difficulties with the order screen. I ordered a footlong chili dog with no cheese and a cherry limeade. Getting home I opened the chilli dog to find the bun had a little bit of chili smeared on one side and the dog had NO chili on top of it. I thought, are they cutting back on chili meat? Very disappointed to say the least. I felt I was robbed of my money.

  • Cheryle says:

    The sonic on s sooner rd in Okc has become awful!!!! Waiting forever to place an order and waiting forever to get your food!!!! Then it’s not hot!! Fries are never fresh anymore either!! I went there this morning. Three cars were there and the car next to me went to their door to get her drink cause she had been waiting forever and had to leave!!! It’s ridiculous!! So I just left because again, they hadn’t taken my order yet.

  • Richard Budig says:

    Twice in one week we went to the Skiatook Sonic in Skiatook, OK, and were disappointed. We bought shakes that were stiff as a corpse with rigor. Next, we bought a chicken sandwich and onion rings, both of which tasted like very stale oil. Sonic has slipped about 80% since the real Sonic sold out. I’m an old marketing man, and I can tell you plainly, you’re going to lose it all if you don’t tighten the reins, fix you problems, and present edible food.

  • George Bailey says:

    location 3444 noland 64052 never fails 45 or longer to be served 2 blasts was there the other night took 45 min to get my oreder anmd then missing lg onion rings went back the tonight 9/29 and was informed after pulling up to order that they are only serving the drive thru and then it would be 20-30 min. to get to my order IWILL NEVER GO TO A SONIC AGAIN AND WILL BE AND SURE AND BAD MOUTH YOUR RESTRUANTS BECAUSE SERVICE AND ORDER LENGTH IS TOTALLY WAY TOO LONG THERE ARE OTHER RESTRUANTS THAT WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO TAKE MY MONEY SONIC SUCKS PERIOD

  • Sue says:

    Bring back the Java Chillers!!!!!

  • Rajena McDowell says:

    Please cancel your ads on the TV show “Demons”. My. Family loves Sonic but we can’t support a business that is involved in this. Thank you.

  • Allen Street says:

    All the employees you have in the Elizabethton, Tennessee location are “meth-heads”and/or “drug dealers” !

  • Diane says:

    Clanton alabama sonic is awful. No one answered the drive through. Took forever to get hamburgers. Waited online for 15 min. . Our butterfinger blast had might have had less than teaspoon of cNy. All ice cream. This has happened before.

  • Mike says:

    The Hawkins Texas Sonic is the worst business in the USA. Poor management, facilities and service. Can someone do something to help! Our Sonic Sucks!

  • DJP says:

    SONIC is making all their food too salty, and their root beer is too sweet and doesn’t taste like root beer.

  • Gary says:

    I was at your sonic location on 90th street in Omaha Nebraska earlier tonight. I waited almost 10 minutes waiting for someone to answer the speaker, then I finally went to drive thru and it took forever. I was there almost 30 minutes for 2 drinks. This is nuts. They need to get their act together

  • Tammy Heflin says:

    The Sonic in Mesquite, Tx is not friendly. I used to be a mystery shopper for Sonic, but the company I was with would not let me tell the truth, so. I quit. The girl brought out the food but spoons, I bought 1 and 2 blast. I know it was hot, but I had to smile when I bought the food. No mints and few napkins. I paid $26.11 for the food. I was in stall 15, store 3552. The outside was clean

  • Keith Hovencamp says:

    Can You Please Put The Steak Sandwich back on the Menu in Espanola, NM!?!

  • Shawn says:

    Sonics located in Brunswick Georgia ice cream machine is always down considering the machine is suppose to be new . You’ll be served old ice cream along with seeing employees fired because of sonics miscommunication and stressed out management.

  • Debbie Z says:


    I have always enjoyed Sonic….often stopping in at the one in Bakersfield as well as the one in Payson, AZ.

    I was thrilled when we got one in my hometown of Gilroy, CA. Unfortunately this Sonic is not of the same quality as the other ones I have been to. The staff is rude. The location is not well maintained. They are frequently out of items in ads.

    On our last visit we were in the drive thru line. There was one car ahead of us. It was already at the window. We sat at the order box for over 10 minutes with no one taking our order. We finally gave up and drove to the window to order as by then there were more cars in line getting restless. Even then it took several minutes for someone to notice us. When the guy opened the window we asked if there was a problem with the order box as we had been waiting a long time. He snapped back “We’re all busy taking orders”! Total attitude!! There wasn’t anyone else ordering..the drive in spaces were empty!! The service at this Sonic has never been great but now is so much worse! If this is a corporate store I recommend either closing it or cleaning house and getting an entire new staff!!

  • Concerned says:

    Somebody needs to check in on the Hereford tx sonic. A couple of months ago they had maggots in their slushes and yesterday someone was served a razor blade in their hamburger and they have picture proof. They are disgusting rude etc. We could go on and on about what is wrong at this sonic.

    • Who is in Charge? says:

      The service at Sonic in Hereford, TX is horrible! Is there even an operator or manager on site? The evening staff is so rude and inconsiderate. They take beyond forever to bring out a drink. Make you wonder what they are doing in there. One night I was told they weren’t serving water! What?!? They claim the ice cream machine doesn’t work after a certain time. On another occasion, there was an employee sitting on the drive thru counter avoiding me at the drive thru speaker. I am a firm believer in having great customer service and common courtesy; Sonic in Hereford, TX does not.

  • Randy Miller says:

    Y’all are not McDonalds quit putting ketchup on your burgers. Leave it up to the customer if they want it or not. I and others have stopped going to the Sonic for a burger

  • Scott says:

    Can you bring back the chili burrito from the 80’s??? It was a crispy burrito filled with Chile and melted cheese. The first thing I ever got from Sonic and Loved it and ordered it every time I visited. not many sonic back in those days but the one in Greenville NC was the one I would go to. Then they stopped serving it and I would love to see it brought back.

  • Trevor says:

    The Berryville Arkansas location has a young lady named Kailie that needs to b awarded something because she has worked through heat and rude people and kept a smile.Her humbleness and kindness is her wonderful traits
    Please do something for this sweet young lady
    Operater at Buds Blasters Fireworks tent

  • Janice says:

    how do you contact headquarters? I tried email, but my message was blocked

  • Mitchell says:

    Store 4128 in Olathe Kansas. I noticed after placing my order that the employees were using vaping devices while preparing food orders. It was obvious they were blowing the vape/smoke all over the food ect and kitchen. I have medical issue, this is absolutely unacceptable and will result in a law suit. Pictures and Video should be enough to prove my case. Sharing this on social media.

    • Kareneater says:

      Oh you Facebook warrior Karen. I have some special words for you!!
      If only you knew half of what goes on in kitchens where you eat everyday & who makes your food with your undefined so called “medical condition”. I think you mean “mental condition”… Karen, half our cooks have been to prison & don’t give a damn about your chicken sandwich that you want to modify into something that we don’t even offer on the menu. “Oh they did it for me last time “ type shit. Who gives a fuck? It’s a fast food chain. You act like you are at some nice 5 star dining. Wake up! You’re at sonic! Or McDonald’s or Taco Bell! You can’t and should not ever hold these places to your crazy expectations. These employees are overworked & overwhelmed by people like you who are entitled & demanding of service and food you don’t deserve. “Get a different job then” ok we will see how you feel about that when you come to order your food and there’s no one to take your order because they all found a “better job”. You will really have something to bitch about then. People like you need to stay home & never be allowed in public especially if you have such a bad “medical condition” why are you out risking your life for fast food. You Karen’s make no damn sense and you sound ridiculous. If your so called medical condition was that serious you would not step foot into places like this to risk your life so just save the lies because everyone knows it’s a bullshit story you tell to get attention and special treatment. No one feels bad for you, stay home and make your own food if you’re going to find a problem with something every time you go out & eat. No one wants to deal with your ass and it’s really gonna be funny when people start refusing you service. Did you know as an employee we can refuse service?? We don’t even need a reason! Wow! Look at that. Can’t wait till you learn your lesson one day and people just refuse to serve you. How embarrassing. Be humble. Get a life.

  • Carl Johnson says:

    I went to y’all Sonic Drive-In Sumiton Alabama last night I got there at 8:45 they said my order was ready within 15 minutes and they didn’t never bring it all set there almost 9:30 other people got their order before me I got there before they did a picture almost an hour I asked the manager why was the other customers getting their order before me he told me don’t worry about it my order will be out shortly I got tired of waiting and ask to refund my money they did not like it but I think it’s very rude for employees and managers tell a customer he has to wait over an an hour customers like me we are we are the one that keep y’all in business after tonight y’all might have lost a customer the next Sonic is closer to me I just have to Drive 20 miles I won’t be doing in these gas prices so y’all need to take a serious look at those people in Sumiton Alabama thank you for letting me get my frustrations out

  • Dissatisfied in Lubbock says:

    Sonic use to a good drive in but it worth a damn these days.

  • Elizabeth Murray says:

    I don’t have any complaints, when I do I go to management and they handle it quickly and accurately… I go to Sonic every single day, of course not on holidays due to them being closed.. However with this being my ultimate favorite place to go… my daughter and I would actually love to do some of your commercials… I hate to say this but the ones who did the new sour patch slush float didn’t do it justice… I want to know how can any one actually drink it with a straight face.. It’s good but the sour pucker face, none of them had… we would love to show the real deal, as well as try other things.. We have got a few followers on Tiktok.. and would love to help y’all out.. Let me know what you think.. biggest fan/customer…


  • Linda Wallace says:

    I went to Sonic in Brookhaven ms about 4pm I ordered a large Reese sonic blast. It came no straw. I opened it up when I got home. It was no Reese in it. It tasted like peanut butter had been put in vanilla ice cream no Reese chocolate at all. I ate a little of it and began to get indigestion. It was 6.30 I just wasted. What is going on with Sonic. I don’t think I will go back.

  • Chris Hansen says:

    I bought a Premium Meat and Cheese burrito in the drive thru. Window attendent gave me my food. As I drove down the highway. Opened the meal. Was onion rings. I went back today and told them. They said they can’t fix yesterday’s orders. They said I should have came back last night. I am not turning around in construction and drive 10 miles.

  • Melissa Holdren says:

    Everytime we go to the two Sonic restaurants near us they are out of icecream or the machines are down, why?
    We love the icecream slushes but very rarely can get one.
    The one we went to today was 2514 George Washington Memorial Highway, Yorktown VA 23693.

  • Jack akmakjian says:

    I go to u for chicago style hot dogs only . U don’t have any more .put it back or I go ealswwhere

  • Christopher Cluck says:

    Went to sonic in Stillwater Oklahoma carhop brought my food out to my car dropped it proceeded to hand it to me and left drove away,wife called me and told me she dropped it,saw her do it on dashcam. Brought food back to store ask to have it remade they took the food into the restaurant and rebadged it and told me it was fresh. Will not go back ever again!!!

  • J D Fowler says:

    Your phone number is not a working number? How can I talk to someone? It is about the Tuesday night (after 5 PM) burgers, because I don’t have an APP or cell phone ,I can’t get the deal any longer,I was told you can’t even Drive Up and order it anymore, What about all of us that don’t use or have cell phones? Please let me know if this is true because my Sonic tells me it is… Borger Texas….

  • Denise Whitten says:

    Just went to one of local Sonics and got 2 chicken sliders. Chicken so tough cannot bite thru it. Also asked for 2 classic sliders and the one taking our order had no idea what we were asking for. Opted for just a cheeseburger instead. Worst experience we have ever had at a Sonic.

  • Jessica herrin says:

    The sonic drive in location in hephzibah ga 30815 off tobacco rd, nothing works there, always messing up orders i love sonic but it’s getting to be over whelming when a simple burger cant be done right something needs to be done about this i spend way to much money with this company it’s going down hill.

  • Nutal says:


  • Steve Bebko says:

    Hello. The location is in Ephrata Penna. on Oregon Pike. this location was closed for awhile due to management and cleanest issues Why was it reopened with the same idiot in charge he claims he can’t take business credit cards never heard of this I am the construction field redoing McDonalds and Burger Kings so I am familiar with renovations. My main bitch at this time is the drive thru menu board it is in the wrong position in order to read it you need to put your vehicle in park and turn your head completely around you need to check it out spoke to many people all complained about this. I said something to the Spanish speaking manager he laughed at me that is a sign of a good manager. all I see is this location going back down and maybe this time it will not be reopened

  • Eric says:

    Westminster MD store is worse place to go… they never use drive in pods …you pull in they said only drive thru today….. so slow… I watch 4 cars drive away like I did

  • Jacquelynn Strange says:

    Gave the wrong email address, correction below

  • Jacquelynn Strange says:

    I went to the Iowa Park, Texas Sonic about 30 minutes ago and ordered an All American Dog. The meat was cold when I received it. I told the server that the meat was cold and she said she would take care of it. I pulled forward so they could serve other customers. After 5 minutes a man came out with my hot dog and wanted me to tell him how it could possibly be cold since it had just come off the grill. I told him I couldn’t answer his question, but when I opened the hot dog package and checked the meat with my finger, it was cold. At that point, he continued to argue with me and I asked him if he thought I was lying. He told me that I was being rude when what he should have done was give me my order and say sorry about the hot dog and let me go home. I have been a customer of this Sonic for 30 years and no one has ever talked to me like that!!

  • John Anderson says:

    In Louisville KY (Standiford Plaza). Worst service ever, will not recommend.

  • David says:

    Your Capitol Heights, MD store is the worst. Drive in only. The person taking the order took five minutes to get it right. Then waiting in line for thirty five minutes. The person at the window told me that the order could not be fulfilled. That they did not have what they needed. No tater tots and know soda. Then he started haggling with me of what he had. This was by far the worst fast food experience that I have ever experienced. No one was wearing a uniform. Trash was everywhere. Such a waste of time. You may want to call the police because things are going to get violent.

  • Frank ciampi says:

    I tried to call about a dissatisfying experience and your phone number is disconnected.
    I would like somebody from management to contact me.

  • Dianna Duran says:

    I normally don’t complain about stuff like this but I think this is something that needs to be addressed. I wasn’t sure who to go to but I love Sonic’s food but given the last couple of year’s getting to go out to eat has become a real treat for my family as I lost my job. This is the third time I’ve gone and had issues. The first one they were pretty busy so missing items is totally understandable. The second time we were one of 4 cars they took our order very quickly but the several more vehicles came in we could hear them making their order and as we sat there we watched three cars that came in after us get there food and still nothing for us 49 minutes to get two Cheese burgers with tots and two strawberry shakes and one large order of onion rings and jalapeño poppers. My husband had to buzz them for us to even get our food they even said y’all haven’t got your food well it was cold and old. Tonight I went and I order the chicken dinner and 5 pieces I only got 4 and no onion rings again and it’s old and cold . I’m sorry to complain but wow and it costs almost 10.00$ I think the Hereford Texas Sonic needs to be looked into Thank you

  • Stanley Ramsey says:

    Sorry service rude employees, I will never go to another sonic again, sonic has lost my business and will never get it back.

  • Mark Peterson says:

    In Georgetown TX on Williams Drive I ordered an Orange Slush for my special needs daughter. This Sonic is more often than not a mind game by the girl/s that take orders. It’s mental stress trying to do something simple and it’s very clear they are having fun harassing customers. When asked what my order would be I said, “I would like to have a small orange slush and that will be all that I need thank you”. The girl says, “a medium orange slush and is there anything else I can get you?” I said, “that is a small orange slush and that is all I would like”. She then put up the small orange slush and had gave it a sarcastic, “small orange slush and you have a nice day”. Everyone knows when someone wants the last word and says “you have a nice day” is between the lines, to say something that starts with an F and then off.
    So my orange slush comes out and the girl that is handing it to me lets go of it so it falls into my lap before I could get a hand on it. I tell her as the orange slush is all over my lap and my new car’s seats, “will you get me some towels so I can get the mess cleaned up”. So 4 minutes later as I’m sitting in a puddle of orange slush and it’s all over my lap and on my new car’s seats another girls comes out. She wants to hand me a new orange slush and I ask her if she has any clean towels. She hands me a sopping wet towel where I have to ring it out to use it. She is standing next to the car door with an amusing smirk on her face as if it’s a big joke. I did the best I could to get the mess cleaned up and handed her the towel and said, “no thank you on the slush, I’ve frankly hand enough today””.
    Going back to the rude order taking at that Sonic has me believing that it’s a pretty lousy management because the same nonsense seems to be endless at that Sonic. I have heard other people complain about that Sonic and everyone has their own reasons but the mind games while ordering is the big one in the complaint department.
    No more for me and that goes for any and all Sonics.

  • Jennie Gonzalez says:

    Hello to him it may concern I not sure if this is the right place to put this but I really wish y’all would consider putting a Sonic Drive-In and Sinton Texas. Y’all used to have one and y’all close it down years ago in Sinton Texas. You really need to come back and open a drive-in. There is hardly anywhere to eat there other than Dairy Queen. I would love to hear from you and get a response I do believe it would do well the town has grown very much since the Sonic was there before there has been a huge Steel Mill factory opened with thousands of employees. I do believe you would have a large amount of customers.

  • Mike says:

    Why do you give rewards if you can’t redeem them?! The app for your Du. An location has been unavailable for at least 2 days. The Marlow, OK location says that blast of any kind are not available. I will NEVER visit the Chickasha store again after the horrible treatment I got there.

  • Kim says:

    On 3/6 at the Mexico, MO sonic I was in a stall waiting for someone to take my order… I sat there 20 minutes… the speaker became available to take order, there was laughing and then the speaker shit off… I then hit the button again and sat there another 5 minutes still no response… very poor service

  • James Probst says:

    I live in Denver Co, but I was on a trip in Texas a week ago and stopped at a Sonic in Levelland Tx. We ordered our meal 2 chili dogs, 2 drinks, a kid’s meal cheese burger for our dog. The lady that brought it out was extremely nice, and the most important was the service. This came out warm and fast. I hardly had enough time to get my money out. We ate in the car because it was cold and windy. We watched other customers come and go with the speed and smiles. In Denver if I order a drink it takes 20-30 minutes to get it. This is the most efficient drive-in I have had an opportunity to go to. Thank for your time.

  • Marie says:

    I went to the Sonic on FM 700 in Big Spring, Tx. I waited for 25 minutes to order then people coming in and out got their orders. I waited a total of 35 minutes never received my order. I even ask the car hop about my order she said she would check never heard from her. I could see the employee’s playing around in there thru the doors even smoking an e cigarette. Never got my order. So I left. I couldn’t be positive but it looked like the black man working in there looked like he was drinking a large can of Budweiser beer. Poor service.

  • Kristine Bassett says:

    I was just at sonic restaurant at 2537 Bemiss Rd. in Valdosta Georgia. I was ordering and put on hold while an employee opened up the door, walked out and spit a big loogie right outside the establishment’s door. The employee goes back in laughing and carrying on with another employee. I understand it’s more than difficult to get good employees but this is unacceptable. I then stopped my order and backed out of your sonic establishment. That was the most disgusting thing I have seen at a restaurant yet.

  • Joseph McMullen says:

    Please tape off the portion of closed bays when it is “cold” or “rainy” so customers will know which part of your property is useless on rainy days. I thought at Sonic, they bring the food to your car. Didn’t they know what they’d be doing when they read the job application? That is why I brought my dollars here instead of McDonald’s and you should look for a way to serve me, instead of looking for a way to get me to go somewhere else.

  • Ramon Hodge says:

    Today I ordered 3 Frito chili cheese wraps. Each wrap was overloaded with extremely stale Fritos and had about 1 teaspoons worth of chili per wrap. I was very disappointed in the wraps because they sound really delicious in the commercials but came up short in reality

  • Holly Hensley says:

    I love Sonic! But I would like to make a suggestion…Would love to see more options for diabetics.

  • Rodney says:

    Okolona ms . The dam ice cream is been down for 3 freakin months fix the machine or close the dam doors #2 you can’t even drive around this dam sonic with out tearing you car up from pot holes fix it or close the dam doors this place is a joke poor management here for sure ⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Kathryne johnson says:

    I just went to the sonic in eastridge tn and got the wrong order the manager said no what you order is I said I no what I ordered a number 10 and a patty melt doubled it and she cussed me like a dog they’re only two people working the whole shift I might just go talk to someone about this matter here talking and cussing me

  • Marsha Wechsler says:

    I’m very disappointed in your new commercials! The two funny guys are a hard act to follow, I know, but these new ones are just dumb and boring! Please bring back the funny guys!!!!

  • Ken Leach says:

    The Sonic where I live is a total embarrassment to the Sonic franchise. Very poor management and ownership. The town we live in our Sonic gets talked about on a daily basis on social media. The contact sonic on the sonic website is totally useless because all it does is contacts the manager which is a joke. They do nothing with the complaints and there is absolutely no accountability. I have along with most of the town we live in sent in complaints. I can not believe the Sonic franchise name doesn’t mind being made a mockery of. If the current ceo or president of the sonic franchise would like to reach out to me for details I would be glad to have a conversation with them to explain all that is going on. I know there is about a 1% chance this will even be read must less sent to the people in command of the company but I have run out of options on trying to get something done

  • L. Thurston says:

    I haven’t bothered to post about the Sonic in Basehor, KS over the last 9 years even though I’ve been disappointed over and over and over again, but today really just won the award for ridiculously disappointing and I’m finally fully fed up. My wife and I chose to go through the drive through today. I know better than to leave this location without checking our order, but we needed to get home and hoped that today the screw ups would be limited to giving the incorrect amount of napkins, salt, ketchup, and mints, per usual, so we quickly checked to make sure all the food was there and left.
    I ordered the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Tots and a Coke. My wife ordered the Chili Cheese Coney with Tots and a Coke. 5 minutes later we sit down to eat. The Tots were warm at best and not crispy at all, which is not a surprise at all anymore, the breading on the chicken sandwich was falling off, which was a new experience for us, but the worst was my wife’s Chili Cheese Coney. The manager had no explanation for why the Coney literally looked like it saw the back side of the chili spoon barely scrape along the edge of one side of the bun except for an inch long spot at the end containing a tiny bite of chili and a bare pinch of cheese in a thin dotted straight line down the center. We were both so angry that we forgot to take a picture of it before I wasted gas going back up to get it replaced.
    This Sonic is so poorly managed it seems no one knows or cares about what they are doing. Today they were singing and dancing around inside instead of doing their jobs correctly. Yes the crew is mostly teens, and yes it’s fast food, but we pay for the food and it should be the priority of the workers to deliver it as it should be. My wife worked at sonic from 92-94 when she was a teen in a tiny little town in MO and they managed to be award winning under the same circumstances. There are no excuses for the vast array of errors this location is responsible for. We keep going back because we WANT to like our local Sonic. My wife has some Sonic pride as it was her first paid job and she enjoyed carhopping, so every once in a while we give it another shot and are inevitably let down. I’m sure we will continue to keep trying now and then, but now instead of just complaining and getting our food remade every single time, we will take pictures and leave reviews where we can so people know what to expect from this location.
    Sonic itself is an awesome restaurant with tons of food, drink, and treat choices, but I would advise everyone to avoid this one. If you don’t avoid it, make sure you check your food before you leave. Note – The most common problem is napkin and condiment distribution. There should be 1 napkin per meal item, 1 salt per fry/tot, 2 ketchups per fry/tot/onion ring, and 1 mint per main meal item (sandwich/coney etc). Our order today included 2 napkins, 2 salts, 1 ketchup, and 1 mint. That does not even make sense if there were no rules to follow.
    With all the negative reviews from various sites, why is this spot still open?

    • Mike says:

      Corporate does not care! They just ignore complaint and carry on. Do not respond to customers at all so loosing my business!!

  • B. F. Beckham says:

    Yesterday 9-18-2020 My wife got an email that my Sonic Gift Card (6022 9226 1419 0677) was used in at the Sonic Drive inn 3225 Lawrencevile-Suwanee, Georgia 30024. Upon talking to your office yesterday The card was reported as Unauthorized Use and I have the physical card in my posession now. I have never been to Suwanee, Georgia. My wife notified me that the card had been used again today. Cancel this card. I will never will use or buy another Sonic Card.

  • Pam Kahn says:

    Aug 4- Sonic in BUrlington NC processed a refund for 6.81. The receipt said, ” Cash due customer”. I questioned manager and she said it was credited to the credit card. I told her receipt says cash to customer. SHe said that is the way their system works and it would go to credit card. She would not give me original receipt. I contacted Jasmine at customer service, relayed the situation. The manager of the store called me back and said I told you it would take 3-5 days and hung up on me. Called customer service again and told ANge I was hung up on. Heard nothing. Called customer service again on Aug 13 and Jasmine told us she would take care of it immediately. I called today Aug. 17- ANge looked at the notes and said the last time you called we told you it would take 7 to 10 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Ange said she couldnt give me a name and all the managers were in meetings. Told me someone would call me within 24 to 48 hrs because they are very busy.

    Credit cards are processes automatically. It has now been 13 days. The store manager hung up on me. Customer service says they will have it taken care of immediately. Managers are unavailable. I am not really concerned about the 6.81. I am thinking someone pocketed the money. I am hoping someone at corporate will read this and respond.

  • Pat O`Quinn says:

    Went to your Sonic Drive-In
    location at
    40257 S Groesbeck Hwy, Clinton Township, MI 48036 on Saturday night (10:05) 7.18.2020. Waited in line for 20 minutes and when we get up to order, @ 10:25 were told the car in front of us was the last one of the night? With no explanation! Mind you this is my families first time going their as well as myself. They clearly close at 11:pm so do not understand why? Planned on spending a lot of money last night, guess I will spend my money where they want it and want to earn it! Coming out in the middle of a pandemic I would think you would treat customers with a little more respect, Make that any respect at all! Very disappointed!

  • Kristin D says:

    Hello. I had a really terrible experience with our local Sonic in Union Missouri. Would you like to hear about it. I have been visiting there 3 times a week for drinks but unless someone reaches out to me from the corporate office I am not sure I will be back.

  • Cathy McDuff says:

    STORE 5055 – We go to this Sonic for an ice cream blast every Sunday!! Just now we got our Snickers Blast and was VERY disappointed!! It was only 2/3 full of ice cream and had VERY little Snicker topping!! When we talked to a manager and she just laughed and said sorry, we’re very busy and have new people! Didn’t try to fix it or show any consideration to us as regular customers. Very disappointing!! We paid $10.00 for little to nothing! And to top that off….my husband just FOUND A HAIR IN HIS!!! Are you kidding me!!??? We are regulars at this location but NO MORE! During this virus scare, people have few places they can get out and not be afraid!! Your current management just ruined that little but of normality for us!! Hope you are as concerned about this as we are!!! Cathy McDuff 404 406-0744

  • Suzanne Broadhead says:

    The Sonic Drive In located on 12620 Jones Road Houston, TX 77070
    Date: Friday August 9th, 2019 at 3PM CST
    I wish I could say, that I received reasonable meal for what I paid for.
    1. I waited close to 20 mins. Before taking my order.
    2. I went over the order to make sure they had the correct order. I order a combo with a strawberry Slush.
    3. The burger was far from what I ordered. I called back telling them it was not what I ordered, and waited for them to pick up The incorrect made hamburger. Finally after waiting, 14 minutes, I got out of my car and took it Back myself. I waited another 15 minutes, and had to get back out my
    Car and retrieve the remade burger. After leaving, I tasted the strawberry Slush, and found it had A Chemical after taste. Ingesting this is not healthy.
    Bottom line: I paid for a meal, that was not prepared to appropriate standards, that you would not enjoy.
    When I got home, I ended up throwing of everything out. Returning to this location is not worth my time or gas in my tank to hopefully getting my order corrected for the third time.
    My question to you is, ‘’What are you going to do about this?”
    Ms Broadhead

    Sent from my iPad

  • Larry Harmon says:

    Went to my local sonic to enjoy my usual banana split and was told they no longer make them. Imagine my reaction after all these years. I just drove sadly away. Is this a national policy or just at Glenwood Arkansas ?

  • trenton eastridge says:

    sonic of sothside arkansas managers cover for 16yr olds when there not at work do not have schedudules suitable for minor workers please check it outconnie allen

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