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  • Address: 6401 Security Blvd, Gwynn Oak, MD 21207, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 410-965-8882
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 80,000
  • Established: 1935
  • Founder: Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Key People: N/A

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  • Mary C Jones says:

    I want the SS office to cross link my husbands Medicare with mine so the chaos will stop. I applied for Medicare and advantage plan at 65. At 66 I applied for SS benefits under my husband as I was eligible to do so. SS and Medicare did not do a proper cross linking and caused so many problems. I ended up paying Medicare 2 different payments in 2018 when I applied for SS. Everyone in SS said they would fix it. Medicare said the two cards were linked with my SS number but it was not done. My Freedom advantage plan made me fill out a new application under my husband in 2019 to avoid more problems. Now freedom was audited by Medicare who retroes my husbands Medicare number that I was to use back to 2017 which wiped me out of existence causing Freedom Health to wright my doctors and demand, with a time line, all their money back since 2017. Instead of fixing the cross link in April of 2018 they let it go because I had to re-apply for Freedom under the new number in 2019. They dropped the ball. There should of been no retro back to 2017 in the first place. SS continues to use the excuse that Medicare and SS is two different entities. Then why the retro ? I did not collect on my husbands SS until 2018. I did not collect SS under anyone’s name in 2017. I read Medicare and You and new I was eligible to build on my SS if I apply for my husbands when I was 66 years of age. Every time they ,all the entities above said that was correct and they understood but it was not handled properly. I went through hell trying to figure this out in 2018 because Freedom sent letters stating I never had Medicare so they wiped me off their records. I did not know about the retroceding to 2017 with the card from Medicare because of my application for SS under his name. It was hell and I am surprised I did not end up in the hospital. Now it has started again because SS and Medicare dropped the ball on linking them. SS and Medicare blame each other, claiming they can only go by the info they are given. This is a very time limited problem at this point as the doctors are under pressure now to. At no time were my claims denied. I did what they ,SS and Medicare told me to do with the cards they sent. There is numerous notes on the case but no resolution. I spent all day Friday with SS and on the phone with Medicare and Freedom. Medicare said it wasn’t in the Master Beneficiary record for either card. SS said they have it there or I could not of gotten my card. I told Freedom it was unfair of them to demand this on a time line for my doctors and not inform me what was happening. Please Please please. Get the cross link done so Freedom will be satisfied and Medicare does the right thing. Please fix it from April of 2018, I had called Medicare about my cards then and he stated both cards should be linked so it would not matter which one to use but it wasn’t linked. Mary C Jones 3/2/52 203.979.9512

  • Marilyn R Myers says:

    I did not understand how ppl say I would get 710.00 in July 10 then 186.00 on July 17 can you email me back when I am getting it or call me 44049472659

  • Valeria Bey says:

    How does a Moorish American National opt out of Social Security? United States is hear on our land to do Commerce. I want all my money now in lawful tender.

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