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  • Address: 9797 Rombauer Rd #150, Coppell, TX 75019, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 800-577-4200

  • Number of Employees: 2,058

  • Established: 1973

  • Founder: Steve and Cindy Kuhnau

  • Key People: Wan Kim, Dan Harmon

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S. No.




United States

9797 Rombauer Rd, Coppell, TX 75019, United States


South Korea

Gonghang-ro, Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea


Trinidad & Tobago

Kiosk F1 K11 Trincity Mall South Food Court Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago

Smoothie King Headquarters Executive Team

Wan Kim

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

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Chris Bremer

Chris Bremer

Chief Development Officer

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Thomas Kim

Chief Financial Officer

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Marianne Radley

Chief Marketing Officer

 Josh Nicosia

Chief Legal Officer

 Juan Salas

Chief Information Officer

 Laura Scavone

Chief People Officer

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  • Gutierrez Robert says:

    Fruit bowels are hurting your traffic & efficiency. Twenty minute waits are not acceptable. Ever considered having inside pickup for fruit bowls?

  • Monica Blakely says:

    My Grandaughter was just fired From smoothie king from and Text that was Copy and paste. She was never late work hard open and closed. She was Fired with out Cause, no explanation. Her Mother tried to call her Manger the Manager was Rude and Hollering at my Daughter I’m Work for an Company and I’m in Corporate and this not How business is Done. The location of the Smoothie king were my Daughter worked is in Indiana on Is Indianapolis i want Someone to respond and Action taken about this Situation. ASAP Thank You

  • Michael Eason says:

    I went to a Smoothie King in Baton Rouge LA on 12/13/22. The clerk failed to apply my loyalty number to my order. She entered the request to apply missing points with the receipt through my app. It was denied noting an error. I entered the information two more times with the receipt and received the same error message. You clearly have a software issue over a $13.86 request through customer service. Hopefully, this is not your customer relations policy. I have the receipt should anyone be interested in the facts.

  • Stephanie says:

    I ordered a smoothie from the store in Mt.Laurel NJ through the app. When I got to the store, it was closed and I the store has not refunded my money. Please help.

  • Joe says:

    Can someone put a privacy fence up. The headlights shine into my house.

  • Ginger Harper says:

    My grandkids and I enjoy the smoothies at Smoothie King; however, my granddaughters have asked me to request that the kids menu be expanded to include more options for them. This is a healthy drink for them as an alternate to all of the drinks with sugar. Lil Angel is the only option for them. Please consider this request.
    Thank you

  • Lashun Smith says:

    Concerned about your employees at one of your stores in Ga, @ 1572 Piedmont Ave. NE, Atlanta Ga 30324. Im a repeat customer daily, and several days this week ive been in the store, thete seems to be no air or fans for not only your employees, but the customers as well. Please consider having your cooling system checked, or repaired but in the meantime you should strongly consider getting some fans so your employees won’t have to stand outside between waiting on customers (even though its now hot outside too! Almost summer). Thank you. Concerned & Valued customer.

  • Val Woods says:

    What is happening to the Smoothie King in Florissant, Mo?
    I have tried going there three weeks in a row and it’s never open. Hours on the door state they are open on Sunday until 9 but I was there at 5 and no one was there. Drive thru had a recorded message that says they will be right with you when in fact the store is closed. This location is busy but something isn’t working. Have had several wrong orders and had one smoothie that was ordered on line taken by someone else. I hope this situation gets straightened out soon. I love the product but have been dissatisfied with this location for at least a year.

  • Becky Conrath says:

    I visited a Smoothie King in Ellisville, MO yesterday and was very disappointed with the service. I purchase a large smoothie. When she handed it to me out the window it spilled all over me and my driver’s seat. The only comment she said was those lids don’t stay on, didn’t offer me another one. I was so upset about my car that I didn’t even argue with her. Now it is costing me $60 for someone to take my driver seat out to clean underneath it because I have peanut power plus chocolate all in the tracks of my seat.

  • Ashley says:

    I am currently on the phone with Corporate waiting for a response but I wanted to make a complaint. It is Tuesday 3/15/22 at 7 21 pm cst. I was in the drive through. It took 10 minutes for someone to come to the peaked. When the boy finally got to the speaker, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. When I gave him my order he laughed. He never gave me my total. I drove around and proceeded to call your corporate offices. I am still on hold with them. You all need to train your workers better. I have NEVER EVER experienced this before. This is completely unacceptable. It was a young Black boy who took my order. There is no manager at this location. They do not have name tags on. Thr store address is 6471 N. Lindbergh Blvd Florissant MO 63031

    • Cindy Bordelon says:

      I’m just checking the reviews and came across yours, not sure why you had to make sure you specified that it was a BLACK BOY!!! It’s rude and so disrespectful. Would you get your smoothie faster if he was a different race?? GROSS!!

  • Robert says:

    Thanks for the email you sent me earlier today showing your support for corrupt Ukraine. As a long time customer I can no longer support your company. I know losing 1 customer is hardly to put any impact on your business, but I did however share that email on all my social media accounts and that impact will go far. I personally believe that big corporate world should abstain from politics. I believe this because people who support any corporation has many people with opposing views. But again thanks for sharing. I don’t support either but understand this issue obviously more than you. I do my own research and think independently of the group.

  • Dexie says:

    where do I begin the manager Mislaides is just extremely unprofessional and lacks leadership and management skills. Chastises employees just so she doesn’t burn her self and ”manager” status. Claims part time /full time positions but only has you on schedule for a couple hours 1-3 max. continuing off that you have a 16 year old girl who feels like she runs the place because her sister is an assistant manger, gets more hours than anyone else even tho she’s a part time. It goes without saying that the values and standards that represent smoothie king are all being undermined at this location due to the lack of leadership, integrity and respect. Thank you !!

  • Cheryl Jones says:

    Please forward my comment to the corporate office.

  • Cheryl Jones says:

    I want this information to be forwarded to the corporate office.

  • Cheryl Jones says:

    My name is C. M. Jones. I visited store #276 at 3301 Veterans Blvd. Metarie, LA 70002 on November 18, 2021 at 7:11:56 PM

    I was greeted by Miss Hope. She was a breath of fresh air. Her ability to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism (courteous, helpful, delightful, knowledgeable, patience) was appreciated. Because of her gracious personality, I felt compelled to compliment her and to ask for her name. When she took my order, she was the only employee available. After my order, she had at least 3 additional orders to assist. Her navigating skills were impressive. I was in awe with her ability to finesse an otherwise challenging situation with such ease. Please share my thoughts with Miss Hope. She is an asset, and from what I witnessed, she will soar in her journey towards her professional career.

  • Belinda Shoquist says:

    I’ve been a daily customer 4yrs. Recently my phone crashed . I lost my apps which means I lost over 2000 points. I contacted your office and got no assistance. My name is Belinda Shoquist. 8178085356. I think this is awful. I’ve always been pleased with my store on Pipeline in Hurst Texas. This is very disappointing .

  • Anya Turbe says:

    The service at this smoothie king and dive thru time is horrible

  • Anya Turbe says:

    2001 Scenic Hwy ste 101
    Phone 770-979-2030

    I have been in drive they line for 25mins went inside and employee told me she don’t know how to make the smoothies. I called the manager Ariel she informed me I will get my next smoothie on her called her the next day I’m block can’t get her went back to the store several time to purchase my regular smoothie and she refuse to say she is Ariel I know it’s her cause she’s here everyday this location needs training and manager Ariel Grant needs to be fired! She is not honest every week is new faces I’ve been going here since opens 6- 7/2021. Everyday I ask is Ariel there and she replies no yet my RECIPTS has her name on them. I spend a lot of money at smoothie king it’s my daily breakfast but the service is terrible

  • Georgia Clark says:

    Hi, my name is Ms. Clark and I’m writing today about one of your employees this young lady work at the Dallas location corner of Lovers Lane and Inwood. I was ordering the immune builder and I ask if the immune builder has wheat in it I explain that my brother has a wheat allergy, she was so kind and polite she read the ingredients and said it doesn’t say but to be safe she’d would not add it in just to be safe I told her thanks so much for checking and she clean a new blender to make sure that there wasn’t any contamination her name is Christy thanks so much for hiring a very caring young lady she made me feel so special and that she really wanted my brother to enjoy his smoothie. By the way he did. (smile)

    Thanks again ( Smoothie Fan For Life)

  • Ally says:

    I visited the location at 2001 bisycane in Miami. Refusing to let very visibly pregnant woman with Crohn’s disease use restroom. Left without smoothie and purchased drink from business next door. Will NEVER go back to that location. Very shameful.

  • Bryan Hunt says:

    I have been to the Smoothie King in Bay Saint Louis MS on HWY 90 for years Today June 23 12:20pm
    the smoothie is like water, they apparently do not know what they are doing or do they care,
    I have also been to the one in Mandeville LA and I WILL NEVER GO BACK those employees DO NOT CARE at all, they are kids and play to much, That is all that is working and these kids do not wont to work or do they respect the customer and nothing is being done about it, it is getting old.

  • Deniese Green says:

    I went to the Smoothie King in Mobile, AL on University Blvd@ approximately 12 pm Saturday. I asked the lady working the drive thru window for styrofoam cups. She did not acknowledge my request and told me to drive around. I got to the window and was given plastic cups. I blew the horn for her to come back to the window and was ignored. I sat at the window until she came back. I asked if they had styrofoam cups, she confirmed they did have them. I told her again what I requested she said you asked for styrofoam cups? She looked at her receipt and wanted to know if I wanted her to swap them out. At that point I didn’t trust her enough to hand the smoothie’s back to her. I don’t think she wanted to work today and she surely shouldn’t be at the drive thru window.

  • chula says:

    I placed 2 orders online for pick up this morning, I also paid online to make my process smoother, I went inside to pick up at checkout line, Since I did not see a line, I asked the manager if my online order # 179105081 was ready for pick up, She told me I needed to wait since I was not 1st in line, Customer in front of me was outside she needed to pick up her order since they had just finished it, I was just shocked that the store manager refused to give me my order, Made me wait, I know in the future to go inside and order, Since customers inside the establishmnet recieve the up most customer service then online customers.

  • Lauren Lewis says:

    Ordering online costs way more than ordering at the physical location. The website tried charging me almost 50% in taxes and fees. They register person said she has no idea why and dismissed it completely. Weird. I don’t order online anymore.

  • Rosemary Hernandez says:

    I have been showing up to smoothie king in Rosenberg off of comercial dr. Brazos Town Center twice and had been closed 15 minutes earlier than what the time is shown on the doors. I see employees in there and so not answer and door been locked. The time I go is the only time I can to get a smoothie for me and my family. Can I get a call from someone who can help me?

  • b-dubs says:

    I get the same smoothie everyday because of dietary restrictions and maybe one in every four or five for past month is actually decently made to the recipe. I don’t do much customization, 32oz. Chocolate gladiator with peanut butter, banana, and add spinach. Made right it’s absolutely delicious, made wrong and it’s unpalatable slop. Not only are the ratios always messed up; most times it’s not even blended thoroughly enough to go through the straw. This is across the board in the St. Louis and St. Charles area. There is a complete and utter lack of quality and consistency control. I am completely outraged that I keep stupidly going back in the hopes that maybe I’ll get a good one, sadly I’m stupid enough to keep wasting my money at this establishment, but no longer after today.

  • Sheky says:

    Its ridiculous how long I have to wait in the morning for a smoothie! I was in line for 32 minutes and only 1 car was in front of me. This just started when a new crew began working there. The crew that was there before them had me in and out 10 minutes tops every morning! I’m trying I find another location close to my job or I will not have my daily smoothie anymore. 1960 and veterans memorial location has lost a daily customer

  • Anita Quade says:

    I pull up to smoothie king and am told there system is down then i sat and watched them take 3 different orders bad bad service 4747 stone mountain hwy ga

  • Carrie says:

    Customer Service is horrible. Wait time once you arrive to place your order in drive thru is 8 mins or longer. Once some one takes your order it’s “what you want today”. No welcome to Smoothie King etc… No friendly customer service.

  • Debbie Jones says:

    I love smoothies! I do not love smoothie employees who do not wear their masks while working during the covid 19 pandemic. Any suggestions?

  • Lajuan Samuels says:

    This is in regard to the smoothie king at 8710 Krefeld Dr., Charlotte, NC 28227. They are consistently closing early , which I have on video with them admitting it’s ok to close at 850pm versus 9pm. I watched 4 cars behind me pull off without being serviced and when requesting a member of management she advised me she was the manager and Refused to provide her name. This all occurred last night June 30, 2020. This service shows me smoothie king is not employing their store with individuals who respect the company or customer who drove from wherever to be served at smoothie king. I have all of this on recording. This location lost out on an easy 70 with the cars they turned away in that last 10 minutes of business , where they chose not to operate

  • Concerned says:

    Look online at Jonesboro Arkansas management mugshot for smoothie king. Tells you about their background checks

  • Kyle Thibodeaux says:

    Wrong number for headquarters its just a franchisee the correct number is 214-935-8900


    Hello, this is NOT the Headquarters for Smoothie King but an individual franchise location. The correct Smoothie King Headquarters is:

    9797 Rombauer Rd Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75019
    Phone: (800) 577-4200

  • Ann says:

    Today, I witness an horrible situation at one of your locations in Houston. The zip code is 77069. There was an individual knocking on the window, using profane language, and threatening employees because of his significant other being there. I was wondering if there is a protocol to ensure the employees are safe. I called the police anonymously. I was scared that one of them would be harmed. And I just wanted something to occur so this wouldn’t happen again. The management didn’t step in and call the police or ask the individual to leave. Please take this serious! It’s a serious matter….

  • >