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Where is Smith's Food and Drug Corporate office Headquarters

Smith's Food and Drug Headquarters Address and Contact

Smith's Food and Drug
  • Address: 1550 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, United States
  • Phone Number: 801-974-1400
  • Fax Number: 801-974-1450
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  12000
  • Established: 1911
  • Founder: Lorenzo G. Smith
  • Key People: Mr. Kenny Kimball (​President)

Smith's Food and Drug Headquarters Location & Directions

Smith's Food and Drug Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Matthew G. Tezak

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Mr. William Rodney McMullen

Chairman of The Kroger Co and Chief Executive Officer of The Kroger Co

Mr. Michael C. Frei

Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Mr. Fred F. Urbanek

Senior Vice President of Facility Engineering

About Smith's Food and Drug, History and Headquarters Information

Smith's Food And Drug was founded in the year 1911. The company has been active for almost 108 years now. The founder of the company was Lorenzo G Smith. The store was replaced with a larger store in the year 1922. The company was also renamed as Smith & Son’s Market in the year 1932. The company's growth ramped up significantly from the year 1946 onward. It changed its name to Smith's Super Markets in 1952. In the year 1989, the company was transformed into a limited public entity and had filed its first IPO as well. In the year 1996, the company had planned to enter the Boise, Idaho, USA, market and had remained unsuccessful due to the numerous delays and the 1999 Kroger Fred Meyer merger as well. During the 1990s, the company had attempted a major expansion into the Southern California, USA, market which was completely unsuccessful and resulted in Smith's accumulating nearly $500 million in debt. The headquarters of the company is based in 1550 South Redwood Road. The name of the place is Salt Lake City, while the name of the state is Utah, USA. The pin code is 84104.

Smith's Food And Drug is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of products including groceries as well, to its customers in the USA. As of the year 213, the current number of locations the company has its presence is more than 130. The current president of the company is Kenny Kimball. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 12,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of food products and products for daily needs, along with groceries as well, offered by the company’s supermarkets.

Smith's Food and Drug Headquarters Photos

Smith's Food and Drug Resources

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  • Linda Hertz says:

    Your new Commercial sounds like you are saying “Asian Man” instead of “Agent man.”
    It took me a few add’s to get what you were trying to say.
    Especially with all the Asian hats going around , I suggest you pull this ad ASAP! Even my 3 ye old granddaughter asked me about it.
    Whatever market company you use. That ad is a MAJOR fail.
    I suggest you remove that ad immediately.

  • Richard Fleck says:

    I took my receipt and entered your customer survey with the sweepstakes at the end turns out it’s all about covid-19 and being inoculated in their store and I don’t know what to make of it government lackeys government Toadies whatever Smith’s is is not for me and I will no longer shop there again

  • Wendy says:

    I am a employee at Smith’s in Las Vegas Nevada. I work under very unprofessional management. I received a bad secret shop and got sent to registers. I have worked self-checkout since I started working for Smith’s back 2018. Fellow employees have received bad shops but no one got sent somewhere else or was told that when u do get a good secret shop u can maybe go back. How is this uplifting to anyone? Plus the company now provides these bulletins right by the time clocks showing if u got a thumbs down sticker or thumbs up sticker. The front end management can apparently treat u with disrespect in front of customers and nothing happens with that. My front end manager Ida comes up to us if she has an issue and talks to u in front of customers when she should be pulled aside. I confronted her about it and she told me I’m a mother and r u expecting special treatment? I got up and said forget it, u don’t understand. U go up to the chain of command but no one seems to help. I love my job but it’s hard when u don’t feel appreciated and ur disrespected. I have plenty years of management experience and I know how it all works. Something needs to be done. I work at store 396. Spoke with Bod Day DM district 10. Still waiting on feedback.

  • Allie says:

    Why are we still dealing with plastic bags!???😡 only 9% of all plastic gets recycled!! I would like to see a corporate company makes steps to help our earth. 🌎 Either bring in your own reusable bag, or charge for each bag used to encourage people to stop using plastic bags! Our earth is dying and it’s because of humans!!

  • Anonymous employee says:

    Working Clicklist/E-commerce, with the 9-tote trolleys (3 totes high), are we still supposed to pull or can we push? It is much easier to push but my store manager won’t let us. He told me last time he saw me pushing that this will be the last time he tells me. I just want to know is all.

  • Concerned citizen says:

    Businesses need to understand that at the very least they are in violation by not following this part of the laws. I have seen no reasonable Accommodations or accessibility for people with respiratory or anxiety induced disabilities

  • Chris says:

    I just can believe Smith’s, my favorite store, is complying with this tyrannical mandate (MAN date) requiring their HEALTHY customers to wear a mask. When the vaccine comes are Smith’s employees will require customers to show their Vaccine Certificate to be able to buy GROCERIES? Smith’s is committing a criminal act by prohibiting Americans to buy FOOD. If a person is healthy there is no reason for that person to wear a mask!!! My Health is NONE of Smith’s business. Smith’s is a company who sell groceries, and they should not discriminate.

    • Richard Fleck says:

      Here here couldn’t agree more! Between Smith’s And Walmart I don’t know who is the bigger government Lackey. At risk of coming off as a nut, asteroid anyone?

  • James says:

    I ask one of your stores here in Santa Fe if they would stock an item that I have to drive to ABQ to purchase. After much runaround a store employee told my that not all the stores can order everything. I then gave her the empty container and was promised that she would contact me in the next two days. It’s now been a week and nothing. Poor customer service!!

  • Kathy Flick says:

    I live in Cedar City, Utah and just saw and heard the video of the confrontation between the store manager, employees and a customer regarding his choice of mask. This isn’t the first time that this had happened. My friend had something similar happen to her at the same Smith’s store. I guarantee you that I and many of my friends will never shop at a Smith’s store again. Their behavior was unforgivable! They should have been fired!

  • Marie says:

    Your store in White Rock, New Mexico is very lax about using face masks. We have a state mandate that masks are to be worn. The manager at this store was told, and he just laughed and brushed it off. A couple of days ago again customers and staff were not wearing masks. Our son in his 40s mentioned it to a grocery sacker that was sacking our groceries that he did not have a mask, and that he should have one on. This person named Salamon proceeded to tell my son that he should stay home if he was worried about getting Covid. The cashier working with him at the time made no effort to stop that person from spewing awful words to my son. The manager obviously doesn’t care about rules and safety, and I guess he has not warned staff about the law being the law. I want to hear back from you about these rules, and lack of compliance.

  • Don Weston says:

    Although Smith’s says it reserves the hours of 6am-8am for senior shopping to make it safer for those who are more likely to be severely affected by the Corvis-19 virus, there is no security person at the front door to stop younger people from entering or to maintain requirements of people to wear a mask. I have noticed more and more people (half a dozen or more), mostly women, in their 20s and 30s shopping during senior hours on Wednesday.

    Today I saw a young early 30s woman wearing a mask below her chin. I asked her to please wear the mask and pointed out the time was supposed to be reserved for seniors. She said okay and walked away without adjusting her mask. I told a store employee and assume he went to talk with her. A store announcement was made and later I saw the woman with her mask covering her mouth but not her chin.

    I talked with another store employee and asked her if the senior hour was still in effect and explained seeing several younger people each week during senior hour. She said she knew and they ask them to respect the seniors.

    I asked if the seniors hours were still a thing with Smiths and she checked and reported, yes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-8 am. but they no longer have a security guard to monitor it.

    So here’s my complaint. Why do you not enforce masks worn and enforce senior hours?

    Not sure anyone will see this, but if you do please call me at 503-810-7472.

    My next step will be to report it to OSHA.

  • Blane C says:

    Your latest commercial (for Smith’s: The man working out in all circumstances, even while driving to Smiths) is WORSE than annoying.

  • Carol Jacobson says:

    I have been a customer for several years and appreciate your stores but my husband and I are disgusted with your recent television ad (I’m too sexy for my shirt…).

  • Ed says:

    I was at the store in Farmington N.M there were district managers there doing a walk through with the store manager and the regional manager the only one that was wearing a mask was the regional manager , what kind of example are you showing your employees when it is mandated and you could be fined for not wearing one .Please take people’s life’s seriously,I have shopped there for 25 years but now I am thinking you don’t care about your customers and I shoul shop elsewhere ,Shame on your company for not taking this seriously

  • jill says:

    I bought a food chopper/dicer on saturday and it dosent work,,,,, i took it back today with a reciept and was told they cannot take anything back due to covid-19,,, I dont care, smiths has my money and i want it back,,, The whole covid-19 is a farce,,, take the damn thing back, give me my money and lets move on. I dont care what their policy is, I want my money for a product that dosent work. Simple,,, simple as that, you have my money, the product dosent work, and i want my money now, not when covid is over.

  • Mrs W. says:

    April 27,2020 10:00Am
    Location Smiths – Stockton Hill Rd Kingman Az. Regarding a courtesy clerk or bagger. Young male black with blonde hair. Bagged my order haphazardly- smashing my bread and produce. Two separate orders- I asked him to keep the orders apart. As he threw the groceries into the cart- I began to rearrange them so not to damage the bread and produce. He continued to do as he wanted. Then said to me”well you can bag your own stuff” I told him I could-and that I would As I worked for Safeway for 30 yrs- he looked at me and said” we’ll get on with your fucking bad self”

    what did you say?.

    I reported him to a front desk clerk and asked for the manager. No response. I then walked over to the clerk at self check out and told her. My anger was escalating. She did offer to locate someone to speak with. I said no but please relay my concern. I left the store.

    When I got in my car- I called the store to speak with Abdul- He could not be located. The bakery clerk took my contact info and said it would get to Abdul.

    It has now been 2 hrs with no contact. I have tried to call the store and your Corp. office. No success.
    I am now returning to the store to speak with the manager Abdul or asst mgr Daniel.

    If there was some other chain to shop at in Kingman- I would. I would have returned the grocery’s for a refund- but shopping for elderly friends due to Covid19.

    I do not normally complain about service clerks- but this boy needs to learn to be courteous. The quality of employees hired for grocery retail has changed. I realize that. But a paycheck is for work performed. Do the job properly.

    As a store director I would have immediately pulled that child off the front end-explained to him what courtesy is- observed his response- and made a decision to terminate or written warning.

    I certainly hope this is not acceptable for you.

    Cheri Williams

  • Kris says:

    Why are your employees not wearing mask? Also why are your carts not disinfected?

  • Danny Williams says:

    I’m hearing impaired and I work in Las Vegas store,is there a email contact to HR at corporate?If there is,have them contact me at dairymn2@aol.com or private text at 702-580-3122

  • Liza Islas says:

    Good Evening
    I writing to you because in light of the C-19 virus your stores are closing at 8pm. I was at the Smiths in Henderson NV. Off of Sunset Ave and Sunset St.
    It was 7:47p customer who was in a medical uniform was refused entry. Everyone is working long hours out here. Your employee should’ve let her in. The employee was standing at the entrance with a few young kids that were not in a Smith uniform.
    I felt really bad for her. She’s maybe a Mom that needed milk or food or diapers maybe even meds for her child or elderly parent. Regardless she should’ve been able to walk in and been told the store will be closing in 13 minutes. Your store hours are posted 7a-8p not 7:47p

  • A Watson says:

    I was told by my Smiths store today that the pick up fee will be free for now. I just did an order online and it charged me the fee. Also I was told seniors could shop MWF from 7-8 but now someone said everyday. Can you tell me what’s correct. I am a disabled senior and have to arrange for a ride.

  • Anthony Hicks says:

    During this pandemic could the stores offer a time slot for the elderly & senior citizens to shop for necessary essentials before the rude general public hoarders clean off the shelves !!!

  • Amy Bullard says:

    Hello my name is Amy Bullard, and I would like to make a complete on of your night manager located in Mesquite NV.
    When my family and I went to the the store to receive a
    Western Union pick-up around eight pm on Sunday
    In November my niece before hand called the store to confirm the hour’s at the customer service desk they
    Have given her the wrong closing information.when
    Finding this out the night
    MGMT had told us they close we tried to explain that
    The woman working customer service gave us the wrong closing time he
    Immediately told us to leave the store with out listing to us my nice had told him
    A comment about teaching there employees better.my self and two others return to Do some shopping when got
    Escorted out by the police and told never to return when we didn’t say anything to the gentleman walking at night I would like something to be done about this this is the only store in the town we could shop for groceries at if someone could please contact me so I can find out what I could do about it I really appreciate it thank you

  • Ralph D. Wedertz says:

    My wife and I have been shopping at Smith’s, 200 Tramway SE in Albuquerque, NM for 15 years. As of late I have had to go to more and more stores that are NOT Smith’s to purchase items that you suddenly (with no coherent explanations) stop selling. Examples: Ore-Ida Frozen Shoestring potatoes (must go to Albertsons), Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea (must go to Wal-Mart). C&W Petite Frozen White Corn (Must go to Wal-Mart). Dreyers Slow Churned half-calorie ice cream (vanilla, chocolate chip). It’s there once in a blue moon, then it’s gone. Empty holes. Libby’s corned beef (again, go to Wal-Mart). Skippy low-fat chunky peanut butter (anywhere except Smith’s). Tony Roma Honey Carolina BBQ sauce, Albertsons or Wal-Mart, Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread (gone forever – need to go to Albertson’s). Large Jumbo Eggs are gone – need to go to Wal-Mart, Albertson’s. An egg? This is getting ridiculous. Your “Large” eggs are NOT large, they are Mediums, and on the small side at that. I used to run a cage plant and a hatchery. The frozen breaded shrimp you stock are now absurdly small, so I have to go to Albertson’s for REAL shrimp. Who’s responsible for this stupid decision? Why pay a premium price for microscopic frozen breaded shrimp?

    They keep moving products around and around like a circus, making shopping harder and longer to accomplish, sloppy stocking of things like cheese (with REALLY) old cheese still in the back (not rotating stock) and the new stuff up front. Not facing displays (especially on top shelves) making things hard to reach like Bon Maman Jam and other products. Constant running out of basics, not ordering enough or some things not ordered at all. Empty shelves due to careless ordering (there are computers for this sort of thing). In short, you just stop selling what used to be there for years.

    Yes, the gas thing is nice, but having to run all over Albuquerque for my food is absurd, but that’s what we’re doing and we’re just not going to do that anymore. It’s easier to just go to Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club (next door) and then home. Their prices are lower and they also sell gas. And they take Visa, another ridiculous situation at Smith’s.

  • vicki l. loomis says:

    I’ve been shopping at the Smith’s on Aliante Parkway in N. Las Vegas, NV. ever since I moved here nearly four years ago. It’s been a very pleasant experience as all your employees are very nice and helpful. A few days ago I purchased two boxes of frozen shrimp. When I got home, I took the package of shrimp out of the boxes and put them in my second refrigerator. Two days later I took them out of the refrigerator to cook them for dinner and found that they were moldy. The refrigerator is working just fine so that wasn’t what caused them to go bad. I was very disappointed about this and would like to have my money back. Obviously the shrimp was old at the store. I will make sure that I check the “best if used by” date next time. Thank you for your time. I paid $8.99 for each of them.
    Vicki L. Loomis

  • Anoymous says:


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