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  • Address: 7305 E 35th Ave, Denver, CO 80207, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 303-586-8300
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: reviews@smashburger.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 2007
  • Founder: Rick Schaden & Tom Ryan
  • Key People: Tom Ryan (CEO)

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  • Kathy says:

    I was excited to have my first Smashburger today. Well I ordered at the counter, the gal was very pleasant. We had planned on eating there so off we headed to our table. Not real busy so plenty of spots to choose from. Well we sat down and both my husband and I decided we would take our lunch to go. This is a fairly new building and it was filthy. The wall on the right side where you order was filthy. The computer screen by where the food comes out was filled with finger prints. Where the condiments were was filthy . There was a ketchup bottle there with a sticky napkin stick to it. The floors had fries and napkins just laying there. It did not appear to just have happened. I went up and asked the gal who took our order to change it to go and than I politely asked if I could talk to the manager. The manager came out of the back. She listened to what my concerns were and apologized. I did tell her it was my first time but unfortunately my last time. Not sure how they allowed a place where people eat to be so filthy. Sad for sure. Thanks for listening.

  • Gina says:

    Today was the first time I ordered from Smash Burger. I just ordered a burger with gluten free bun. It was delivered with a regular bun. I didn’t notice until I took a bite then looked at the ticket they attached. I called the location. A gentleman answered “oh man they’ve been messing up alot lately!!!” Then he said “you didn’t take a bite yet did you?” I was like yes I did then I thought I better check to make sure.
    Not happy with first experience. Also, if this employee knows there’s an issue about kitchen NOT reading orders correctly, then there’s a management issue!

  • Ric Stiles says:

    Here at splash burger in west Bloomfield Michigan – we are very uncomfortable with the service as the employees are not really engaging with us and the young lady taking our order is engaged in a loud conversation with a little boy while in the middle of taking our order ….. This behavior made us feel like our order wasn’t a priority and at the end of the ordering – she just paused and looked at us ….. and after all the awkwardness in the pause – I had to ask …. “Ummm How much is it ? Then she tells me …. I’m just confused as to how this is appropriate 6919 orchard lake road.

  • Bill O says:

    Josh Rivera, director of operations in IL promised to reimburse us for a very poor experience at Smashburger but has yet to respond when I sent him the receipt for our food order. I want to know if they really care.

  • Terri says:

    I went into your restaurant in Greenbrier. My daughter and I ordered the black bean burgers. I ordered mind with everything except cheese. She ordered hers with tomatos and Barbecue sauce. I also ordered sweet potatoe fries. While waiting I went to use there rest room. Thinking because of everything that is going on in this world the bathroom would be clean and all things working. However, while trying to wash my hands the water would not come on. So I had to use hand sanitizer. I asked the lady about the water in the sink. She replies and I quote” it just doest work sometimes”. (Now we are still in a covid situation)Why would you run a business where you are serving food and have no running water in a bathroom. Not only was that nasty, I started looking around the lobby and that wasnt clean. The tables were dirty the floors weren’t swept. It was terrible. So I finally get my ordered. I get to the car and it was completely wrong. They gave me a plain burger. My daughter’s was hard. I took the food back and ask to get it remade. It was ridiculous to see five people in that building could not remake two burgers. It got so mad that I just asked for my money back. That was one on the worst experience in this restaurant. This was my first and last time in the place. Your peole need to understand customer service and what cleanest is in a work place. Also, you as a company should not be open to the puble without a working bathroom. I will make sure that everyone I know hears about the service and how the company never reached out to see what they could do to satisfy me. But when I think about it I am not sure they could.

  • Johnson says:

    My husband ate at Smashburger on Friday, April 22nd, 2022 at Newark Airport, NJ. He became extremely ill after eating one of their burgers. He is still sick and it is almost a week later. Yesterday, the news came out and said there was a beef recall for E-Coli. Either this is the cause or unsatisfactory food handling/storage. Can’t find a phone number to report this to their Corporate office. Hoping people read this and stay clear of this location!!

  • Randi says:

    Was just at Manhattan Beach California Smashburger they were out of french fries milkshakes a little ridiculous for Saturday afternoon

  • Jim says:

    This was our 1st time at the smash burger in Dresher,Pa. Thoroughly disgusted with food and service except for the young lady taking our order. After spending $30.70 for two of your bacon smash, ff and onion straws, while waiting 45 minutes to eat in I decided to check the cubbby. No one called out my name the fries and onion straws were cold and greasy the burger charred and barely warm. After arriving home my wife and I had to brush our teeth to remove the greasy film we were left with. Never again.

  • Robert Smith says:

    I tried to order at smashburger today and it was a terrible experience. They gave my food to someone else and I walked out knowing I will never return. The place was empty and Sharon the manager told me that no one working there knew what the were doing. I will never go back. It is located on W Lake Meade 89128.

  • Steven Lucas says:

    Discrimination issues against innocent, educated, clean hearted Muslims Employees. The General Managers who are Catholic and Latino are making sexual stroking hand gestures in front of their groun and saying Punto Muslims, and all that unethical unprofessional bullshit at the work place.
    Smashburger was already sued once by EEOC for over 300k for discrimination issues last year.

    Guess the company hasn’t flushed out the hatred and bigots yet.

  • Theodore Ryan Willette says:

    Is are other restaurants able to say they sell smash burgers??

  • Rhoda Warthen says:

    On 12/27/2021,I went to smashburger #1712 and purchased $22.28.In which the fries was crispy & cold.

  • Mark says:

    Good food too bad the location at Menlo Park NJ can’t handle a line in the store & now the last 4 times I have gone there they stopped taking orders when my order would be next! I will NEVER go to ANY Smashburger again! & WILL TELL EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN including my 1100 Facebook friends! Because I AM post THIS BULLSHIT for the WORLD to SEE!

  • John Burke says:

    Sunday, October 11, 2021, my wife and I stopped at the Smashburger Bar near Gate B44 at the Denver International Airport. I would classify our visit as the WORST dining experience we have had in our many years of marriage. The business is full of televisions and upon entering I asked the waiter to please place us near a football game on tv, knowing the Denver Broncos were on tv. He placed us at a table that was right in front of the only television without a football game playing. We ordered drinks and an order of tater tots and a bowl of green chili. I asked our waitress to please put the football game on our television and she told me they were not permitted to change the channel. Within a few minutes I observed a female bartender changing other televisions to the Broncos game. I got up and asked her to please put the tv near us onto the football game. Her response was, in a very bitchy tone of voice, “Changing channels is not as easy as you think it is!” This is right after we observed her changing channels on the other tv’s. She never did change the television channel for us. We sat in our seats for nearly one hour and never received our food order. We eventually told the waitress to cancel the food order and bring our check. We never did receive our check so we placed cash down on the table and walked out, leaving enough for the cost of the drinks plus a 20% tip. How long does it take to drop some tater tots into hot oil or to spoon up a bowl of green chili? Horrible service, very rude bartender, terrible experience. Next time we are at the Denver International Airport and we need to get some food and beverage it won’t be at this particular restaurant. The employees need to take a course in how to serve the public. Thank you

  • Perfidia Cano says:

    Hollister, Ca
    Check# 910028
    This place is pathetic!!! You have lazy employees and it starts from management!!!! How hard could it be to follow up on your staff, make sure food it prepared as ordered by customer, make sure it’s fresh. You all should be ashamed to say your part of this so called food establishment!!! You need to send regional management to check on this place. This is my third visit here since they open and what a disappointment.

  • GS says:

    FYI: Smash burger At Harrahs Rincon starts turning people away at 9:30p although closing time is 10p. Refuses to sell certain items – I imagine that take longer to make such as the chicken sandwich & shakes. An absolute embarrassment to have your name attached to this s*hit show! You might want to have that place audited. Manager in charge tonight; Austin.

    You are welcome!

  • Karen Hamilton says:

    You should consider opening a restaurant in Rancho Santa Margarita CA. You would definitely do well.

  • Jamie Stlouis says:

    I worked for smashburger twice now everytime I go in for my shift I am the only one doing everything and then I get called lazy by a cook because I ask him to get BBQ sauce off the top shelf and the gm hears him and doesn’t say anything but cuts my hours every time they hire new people and gives him 40 hours a week

  • Robert Van Deegan says:

    I just saw some of the worst customer service I have ever witnessed. A customer had come up 2 times with problems with an order and the man was so rude to him. He kept going on and an and on and on at him. Several customers remarked how poorly the location at the airport in Philadelphia was being run. Sad. If this is how you allow your customers to be treated I don’t think I will go back. Best of luck to you

  • Christina Hodge says:

    This was to be my first time eating from Smash Burger. I do not know if the burger was supposed to be literally smashed, but it was. The meat tastes like a BOX of saIt was added. The single piece of WILTED lettuce was 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches and looked nothing like the picture. And to top it off, my fries were ICE COLD. Needless to say, I will not be a future customer of Smash Burger. I spent $12.64 + $4.00 delivery charge for what does not even equate to a $2.50 burger deal at McDonald’s. To say that I am enraged….would DEFNITELY be an UNDERSTATEMENT! I wish I could post the pictures I took.🤬🤬🤬
    (Location 225 Cypresswood Drive, Houston, TX)

  • Connie Juarez says:

    5/28/20 8:15pm I attempted to patronize your location 579 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, Ca. I understand the whole Pandemic we are all in. I stood at the counter approximately 12 minutes, not one employee acknowledged me, I asked when one would take my order, and the response was, “unfortunately we are not taking walk in orders, just filling online orders. Is this how we want to rebuild our lost business?? I am very upset to had been refused service. The employee was female and very unprofessional. I would appreciate a response from your corporate office or from The Distric Manager. Very disappointing and not at all a way to rebuild lost business.

  • Abdel Mossaid says:

    District manager Job application status in Virginia

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