Where is Smart & Final Corporate office Headquarters

Smart & Final Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 600 Citadel Dr, Commerce, CA 90040, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 323-869-7500

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 15,000

  • Established: 1871

  • Founder: Herman W. Hellman, Bernard Cohn, Jacob Haas

  • Key People: David G. Hirz (CEO)

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About Smart & Final, History and Headquarters Information

A company which took foundation in 1871 by Herman W Hellman, started to grow in its business of grocery and store which soon expanded to over 300 stores across the Western United States. The company at start mainly supplied feeds and grains to the local farmers to help them in their local production but later on the company was acquired by Apollo Global management which soon took the business in a new turn of business venture which lead them to gain exponential profits in the business.

The main services of the company revolved at supplying grocery and food to the local people along with the farmers. Not only that, the company’s cash and carry took on a great face among the common masses.

Smart & Final Headquarters Photos

  • Jari says:

    Went into the store on Diablo Rd. in Danville, CA, 94526 to return a jar of First Street Peanut Butter, which was purchased about 2 weeks ago. Before I opened it, I noticed that it was dated Dec. 2023 and had expired, so left it unopened and decided to return it for a replacement. The store refused to take it back without a receipt. Clearly, I do not keep receipts for groceries, since I buy them to eat and do not plan on returning the food. The cashier referred me to someone I believe was the manager, though I neglected to get her name. When she flatly refused to allow me to return the item and replace it with another jar of Peanut Butter, I was totally speechless. Her rudeness was INEXCUSABLE!! I am a frequent customer of that S & F store, but now feel reluctant to shop there, for fear of a problem. It is certainly not the small amount of money spent, but totally the principle of VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Your employees need some extra training in how to treat people properly.

  • Dee Ago says:

    We have shopped S & F for years. The store moved farther than we would like but we still try to shop there whenever we are in the area. We are discussed with this digital app that never works & it is extremely unfair for us to never be able to purchase the digital discounted items at your store or others for that matter. Everyone complains even your staff. Why not just use a phone # if you have to know everything about us. It is getting ridiculous to even go shopping anymore. It is not fair that we cannot receive the discounts because your crappy app does not work. You want our patronage but you penalize your customers. Stop making life such a hassle!

  • Amy Sanabia says:

    I’m trying to get into contact with Human Resources, I am an employee at a Smart & Final && I want to report a manager, I want to file a complaint against him && I need to talk to someone not a voicemail that just doesn’t send me to the right place, I’m not calling for a credit card you need to fix your voicemail&& let me talk to an actual person. I have health problems && my manager is completely overworking me &’& not listening to anything I have to say I feel outcasted && discriminated against. Where can I get help? Do I need to contact a lawyer for this? If anyone is reading this please help me out I can’t lose this job of j will be homeless I am literally depending on this job but I can not do it correctly if my manager is being unprofessional && ignorant, he always says he forget but he never changes any of my schedules && forces me to work the schedules he provided when I had clearly told him I have restrictions from the get go before hiring, I said all this to him in my interview && I have to keep repeating my self daily because he’s not competent to understand what’s going on. I have proof of everything, I even ended up in the hospital because of him. I want help && some answers!.

  • Kathy Garrett says:

    I went to the store and was threatened by the cashier while paying for my items she used both her hands & pointed at me in like she was shooting me and yell a question, she forgot my recept with her rude threaten gesturematic and reporting her rudely conduct to Managment didn’t help and that’s sad that a customer is threatened by employee what is the world changing into

  • Rusty says:

    I tried to get a rain check Monday PM because you were out of tomatoes on the vine and I was told because they would get some on Tuesday, they would not give me one. I have never had that happen at any store and not at Smart & Final in another town. At $4.50 a gallon, coming back would cost more than the tomatoes. I don’t believe anyone with one ounce of customer satisfaction knowledge would implement such a policy. I have to drive a bit to get there and I won’t be going back after a manager (she said one of the managers) validated the policy. SELL YOUR STOCK if it’s for sale.

  • Cindy says:

    So glad I found the Corporate office. So my company has been a long time customer we have a credit card with Smart & Final. with that been said I wish that the employees of S&F knew how to process the card. Every time I mean every time (once or twice a week) I go in the cashiers are clueless I went as far as to ask a manager how to process the card so I can tell them how to do their job. Really!!! I complained once to corporate before because the cashier did not know how to process the card she called the manager to help her but, the cashier was pushing the manager and yelling at her. WOW!! in front of me and the customers. The credit department said it was because you all had a new system-oh! it might be because your card is old and was not reading? SO I got new cards same problem- It will not scan unless I type in all the numbers and put in a date of 12/25 oh wait I tell them SFI key then I put the number in and the date then they hit another key- the cashiers do not want me to tell how to do it. So the next step is they have to call the account department meanwhile the line is long and people are getting upset. I know I have been very patient. How can this be rectify?

  • Valerie A says:

    On two occasions may 4th and 22, 2020 I was harassed followed by guard an the cashier “Olga” took my groceries from me for not wearin my scarf on my nose properly !! They cornered me an asked me to leave not considering us senior have disabilities.Theses store employees at the Lincoln heights cal.store are ignorant people with no business sense I called in headquarters three different times an the employee in commerce cal. Has yet to forward my complaint to forward a more competent person.

    • Cecilia Scott says:

      You should be wearing a mask… People like yourself show disrespect to every person around you or near you every wherebyou went well out shopping . Senior or not we what gives you the right to possibly infect those of public. And why and what makes you think the world revolves around you. You would think a Senior Citizen would know better.

  • Toni Montoya says:

    We have been going to your store in Fremnt CA for 7 years. We were happy to hear that you had senior hours during Covid-19 on saturdays from 7:30 – 8:00 am before the store opened at 8:00 am. Now we have found out that you no longer do this and your hours are back to pre Covid-19 hours from 6 am – 10 pm with no protection for seniors. I called our Fremont store and was told that we could shop at 6 am with very little people are in the store with is not what we want to do. Since you have shown little regard for seniors during this time we will shop somewhere else that still feel that protection for vulnerable seniors is a high priority. I feel that the chances of you reading my comment is very slim since you have shown that meeting the needs of your loyal customers is slim to none.

  • Hassan Musharbash says:

    Hello: my name is Sam on may 6th I went to your store in Chino Ca on Central Av to buy 1800 Tequila on sale they get nothing left she asked me to go back on the 7th because shipment come today,I went they still out of it,I asked Gloria Castaneda for rain check for the Tequila and chicken breast at $1.57 a pound she went to the office and sat down for easy twenty minutes and she come back to me to tell me she found no rain checks in the office,I asked her for corporate number,and I told her that customer treatment at this store is zero and the reason why 15 people in line with two cash register open only.

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