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Where is Slumberland Furniture Corporate office Headquarters

Slumberland Furniture Headquarters Address and Contact

Slumberland Furniture
  • Address: 3060 Centerville Road, Little Canada, MN 55117, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 651-482-0905

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  1500

  • Established: 1967

  • Founder: Mr. Kenneth R. Larson

  • Key People: Mr. Kenneth R. Larson (Owner, Chief Executive Officer and President)

Slumberland Furniture Headquarters Location & Directions

Slumberland Furniture Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Kenneth R. Larson

Owner, Chief Executive Officer and President

About Slumberland Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

Slumberland Furniture was founded in the year 1967. The company has been active for almost 52 years now. The founder of the company was Kenneth R Larson. The company has an additional office in Canada and had opened a new office in Minnesota, United States, in the year 2016 as well. The company mainly specialized in mattresses and La-Z-Boy recliners. The headquarters of the company is based in 3060 Centerville Road. The name of the place is Little Canada, while the name of the state is Minnesota, United States. The pin code is 55117.

Slumberland Furniture is an American company that focuses on the marketing and selling of various kinds of retail furniture to its customers in the USA. The company is one of America’s top sellers of La-Z-Boy upholstery and one of the top sellers of Sealy, and Simmons in the Midwest. As of the year 2012, the company had more than 120 stores under its name. The current CEO and president of the company are Kenneth R Larson. As of the current date, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $262 million. Also, the number of employees working in the company, as of the current period, is more than 1,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of home furniture, mattresses and upholstery, that are marketed and sold by the company itself.

Slumberland Furniture Headquarters Photos

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  • Janet Sowell says:

    I also just spoke with Bri from Slumberland corporate offices- explained my issue with furniture I had purchased. I was told that Slumberland corp has no control over franchise stores. When I asked to speak with someone higher up I was told I could email the offices but more than likely nothing would be done. I then asked for the owner of Slumberlands and was denied that info even though it is on their website and was told she didn’t have to continue to speak with me and hung up. I wondered why the Slumberland in my state wouldn’t do anything now I know it is how the company is run straight from the top so why am I surprised by my local stores lack of concern. Shame on you Kenneth R Larson, you are a crooked individual and have people who don’t care working for you!

  • Janet Sowell says:

    I recently purchased a sofa and chair from the store in Casper WY from the owner himself. Within a week it was so unstable that the entire sofa tipped over while my 18 mo grandbaby was leaning on the back. It propelled him into the air nearly hitting my granite counter top! If he’d hit the counter it would’ve been very serious! I spoke with the owner about my concerns as well as the sound it was making when putting out the recliner. He sent someone to look at it and said it was just part of the design that causes it to tip easily. When I went in to the store to find the perfect sofa and chair, I explained that I was going to be having surgery and needed the recliner and that it sits in the middle of my room as there are no walls to sit it on. I was also told how durable it was with dogs- well my dog scratched it the very first week- again another lie! I called yet again to tell the guy who came out to look at it when I though something mut be broken to then have him say its just the way it is and that he had no other advise. I then called Tony the owner to tell him that I couldn’t get the guy to come look at it again. He said I made no reference to the recliner making noise- but would send the guy out again. When the guy came out again he said it was the way I sat on the seat of the recliner- I sit fairly close to the arm so that I can lean on the arm rest- thus the reason it is an arm rest. He said he would order a part to replace it but again the unsteadiness was just part of the design! As of today almost 5 weeks later I still don’t have the replacement part. I called Tony and he said it can take quite a while to get- seriously haven’t been able to use the recliner for months now as I don’t want to have this break any further. The thought has crossed my mind that they are just trying to take it to the limit of the warranty so they don’t have to deal with any further issues! I am in the process of contacting corporates offices to see what they can do. Honestly no holding much faith as my experience to date has been put off and disregarded as my problem. I will never shop at Slumberland again especially if this is how they handle issues- take the money and run! Shame on you Slumberland!!!! Someone is going to get seriously hurt, likely a child!!!

  • Sandy says:

    All of this sounds the same. It seems if you don’t like the product and you let them within the proper time they get mad. Or come up with stuff that doesn’t even make sense. Like your mattress warranty isn’t any good if you don’t buy a mattress protector from them. Who every heard of this ??? There’s a lot more that doesn’t make sense when you buy products from them.

  • Sue says:

    Bought kitchen table and chair. Within three months fabric in chair tore. We contacted slumberland, they said it would go to insurance, insurance said if defective material store would have to cover it. Was promised by 5 different employees at slumberland, as they pad the buck to someone else, we’d get the insurance check back as it was not doing any good. Still haven’t seen the check. What a bunch of liars and cheaters. Selling defective material.

  • Ursula Krawczyk says:

    I recently purchased a recliner at the Roseville store that did not work out . I arranged a pick up in the alloted time frame.I WAS ONLY INFORMED THEN THAT I WOULD BE CHARGED ANOTHER DELIVERY FEE . I AM ON A FIXED INCOME. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN EXPLAINED AT TIME OF PURCHASE REQUEST A REFUND

  • HOWARD RUX says:

    I purchased a queen mattress from slumberland in Casper wy on 01/01/2022 product QK1041175 After using the mattress for 1 (one) night it was sagging terribly. I did not purchase the box spring. I was not told of any warranty problems at the mattress purchase time. I later called the store and spoke to a man that said it is common knowledge that the box spring must be purchased to obtain a warranty I e mailed slumberland and the response was a box spring is not required for warranty purposes I also contacted consumer affairs in wyoming who agreed the a box spring is not required for warranty.
    Today, I went to the store to discuss this matter and the original salesman happened to wait on me. Initials JNFD He stated the correct way to obtain warranty was to measure the sagging depth and e mail it to him. I then told him that I had spoken to someone over the phone who stated that it is comon knowledge to purchase a box spring to obtain warranty. At that time, another person, who was assisting other customers, entered the conversation about the mattress. It turned out he is the store manager. He said warranties can only be filed 5 days after a purchase of a mattress. I indicated that I didn.t know that. He said it is on the backside of my receipt. I showed him the backside of my receipt which is blank. He then got mad and approached me in anger. If I had not moved I feel he would have touched me in an angry way not knowing what he would have done during his fit of anger. He made me leave the store at that time and threatened to call the police if I did not leave. This was all in front of store customers. I showed him the back of my receipt, with no warranty info again. He then escorted me out of the store and told me never to return, which I agreed to. I was in fear and had to try to watch him as he escorted me out of the store.

  • Daniel Lewis says:

    think Slumberland is a bad store to shop at. I feel like I was conned into buying a couch. They told me they were going out of business when actually they are looking for a new location. The couch hasn’t been built yet. When I researched further, the couch is not the type of material they told me it was. I have requested to cancel the order and they refuse. I have asked to speak to the regional manager and they refused to give me the phone number and hung up on me. I believe I should be allowed to cancel my order and be refunded fully as it is not even made yet. If anyone knows how to reach the regional manager, please let me know. Thank you.

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