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  • Address: 256 S 4th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55425, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 952-858-9531

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click here

  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 1987

  • Founder: Robert “Bob” Walker, JoAnn Walker

  • Key People: Bill McLaughlin, Pete Bils, Shelly Ibach (CEO)

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Shelly R. Ibach

Chief Executive Officer, President & Executive Director

David R. C. Callen

Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President

Suresh Krishna

Senior VP and Chief Operations, Supply Chain & Lean Officer

About Sleep Number, History and Headquarters Information

Sleep Number was incorporated in 1987 under the name Select Comfort by Robert Walker and his wife JoAnn Walker. It has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They also hired Lindsay Wagner Glenn Beck, Paul Harvey, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh to endorse the products to promote their brand.

Sleep Number is an American company that makes adjustable-firmness beds and bedding accessories. They offer firmness control systems, fabrics and cover filling, additional cushion and padding, comforters, blankets, and wireless remote controls. It also serves its customers with home delivery, assembly, and mattress removal services. The business flourished and is spread over 580 different locations. They distribute their products via direct marketing operations, company-owned stores, and online at sleepnumber.com. They endorse their products on television, radio, and in print.

Currently, there are around 4,220 people working for them across the United States. Their products provide quality sleep through effortless, adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking which is possible because of the SleepIQ technology sensors that work with the bed’s DualAir technology. In addition to all facilities with the improved technology and innovation, they have made it easier for the customers to raise the head or foot of the bed as well as to get a massage using a handheld remote.

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  • Amanda hill says:

    Worst scam!!! We have had our bed 30 days. They are coming back to pick up my matress and sheets that I bought but not the base. I asked the lady why couldn’t I return the base. How can they pick up my matress and resale it and not my base. She said they don’t resale used mattresses. REALLY!!! The company is gonna loose 3,700 on a matress???? I ask why couldn’t I pay a restocking or pickup fee for the base. I would rather get a base that was in someone else’s home rather than a used matress. The bed has not worked properly since we had it. Call 1 week after having the bed and told them we were unsatisfied with the bed. I have a huge gap at the head of my bed and on the side where the base does not fit within my bed frame. Not sure what kind of matress to get. Worst money we ever spent!! I AM GOING TO TELL EVERYONE I SEE HOW BIG OF A SCAM SLEEP NUMBER IS. I hope no one else falls for their lies

  • JR says:

    I have held a contract with “XOGISTIX” a third party company SLEEPNUMBER that uses to do their deliveries.

    When my team and I started there was not one XOGISTIX representative(🚩)to teach me or my crew the proper way of installing these beds nor the later models of SLEEPNUMBER products. All they provided was videos and an independent contractor to show me how they did things. Thats not even training you on how to change a air chamber/install new foam/ install new covers etc. I learned it all on my own by making sense of it, however none of that was on any video training they gave us nor did we learn with the independent contractor on how to because he was only with us for 3 days.

    Xogistix is located out of NEW JERSEY. This dispatch company could care less about their contractors. They come up with manipulative ways on how to rob you for the little bit of money they do pay if and when they pay you. These guys have changed payday on us without notice it went from every Monday to every Wednesday. It’s also been times we only get half our payment and they tell you to wait until the next day and they will pay you the rest then the next day come and yup you gotta wait until they feel like paying you.

    The contract states that if and when either party chooses to end the contract, Xogistix holds your last check for 90 days which is, 100% understandable but here they are holding my last two checks? And claiming I owe them money is a escape for them to keep my hard earned money. This has been done to tons of people as I researched. In my opinion, the only way customers will see better outcome of their deliveries and set up is when XOGISTIX is out of the picture and Sleep Number chooses a professional company to work with. Shouldn’t be to hard to find especially the way these guys are conducting business both for the customer and the contractor.

    I AM NOW in the works of getting a lawyer and starting a class action law suite on Xogistix if they don’t pay me ASAP so that they can pay me and the 25+ other contractors they owe for the work we have done and have not been compensated for.

  • Carrie S says:

    I was just going to let this go, but I’m tired of waking up every morning with a headache, backache, and sore hips. We bought an I8 mattress and it was delivered in May, 2022 and we did not like it. We gave you guys the benefit of the doubt and exchanged it with a M4, which was delivered in August. I specifically asked if this continued on our 100-night guarantee and was told by the salesperson in the Woodbury, MN store that we started all over with another 100-night guarantee. Well, we are not big fans of that model either. When we called to return it, we were told we could not return it because we already did an exchange for it. If we had been told in the store we could not return the second one, we would have just returned the first one, and not exchanged it. Now we are stuck with an $8,000 bed we don’t like. We broke down and tried one of the Sleep Number mattress toppers and it sleeps so hot we don’t like that. Apparently now we need to get a cooling mattress pad. So, long story short, not happy with a single Sleep Number product we have purchased or the customer service we have received. At best both of our average sleep scores are in the low-70’s. We’ve tried everything customer service has suggested, and nothing helps to get a better night’s sleep. Honestly, since we got a sleep number mattress our cat has even stopped sleeping with us. I would not recommend Sleep Number to my worst enemy!! I realize that even if we had another 100-night trial period it has expired, but we do not want this bed! We are stuck with it because your salesperson gave us the wrong information, so I feel you need to correct the situation by refunding our money and taking the bed back.

  • Shirley & Ronald Potter says:

    I just posted a complaint but after reading all these complaints I think is going to fall on deaf ears. Looks like all sleep # cares about is the sale not backing their product when someone has a problem.

  • Shirley & Ronald Potter says:

    Bed is less than 1 week old. Sales was great, delivery was great however the bed keeps losing air. First my husband’s side so we called they told us to try capping the hoses but we only tested his side and it lost air again so we called again was told to turn off the responsive air that didn’t work. Called again was told again to cap the hoses and a part would be overnighted to us. First of all not our responsibility to fix a $9000 bed it’s yours. this was Saturday as of today no part so I called again told them I want this fixed today. He explained the part was held up at the warehouse not that we know what to do with it anyway and the best he can do is send someone tomorrow afternoon. So I do not believe this first week should count as our 90 or 100 days to decide if we like it. I think you need to be a little more responsive to your customers problems. I was a customer service rep for 15 years it not easy any I yelled at this poor guy this morning and he remained calm and polite so I give him credit for that but when a customer calls with an issue like ours a service call should have been scheduled immediately not guessing as to what to try. This is our only bed as you removed our old one so we have nowhere else to sleep so one of us has to sleep on the side loosing air let me tell you I’m not a happy customer at this point. Believe me I will do a review on social media and it will not be complimentary to your service center. I’m not sure I will recommend sleep # to anyone.

  • donna clem says:

    one bad experience after another

  • Joy Walton says:

    I would never get a sleep number bed again, had a issue were the Advanced DualAir Firmness Control System went down on us back in June and we are still waiting for this part to come in over 5 months!!! All I heard is that when the device is coming I will receive a track number, no customer service. This is not what I want to hear, not to cap it either. Just want the unit, or I’ll look for something else. And should get a huge discount for the excessive amount of time!!! But they didn’t even offer even that!!

  • Amy says:

    We bought just 1 mattress and the cooling/heating pads and paid 7200. Somone fat fingered the sale and charged us 3 times (over $21000). We received 1 credit back but fighting to get our $7200 back. As much as we love our bed, I am not paying $14,000 for it. Hours on the phone being transferred to every department and getting disconnected several times. Our frustration levels are very high. Any advice on who to call would be greatly appreciated.

  • LSMN says:

    I need an email address for Sleep Number Corporate Headquarters.

  • Michael Miraftab says:

    I placed an order on 5/19/2022 as of today 9/29/2022 it has not been delivered! I have called numerous times to check the status of my order and I am told it is on back order and have no idea when it will be delivered! Extremely disappointing. We bought this bed because of my wife’s back issues and it just has been a very bad and time-wasting experience.

  • Anthony Tutt says:

    Our pump and remote control went out on our split king-size bed in April. We have yet to receive the parts, and is given the same narrative: “the parts are on back order”. What’s particularly annoying is the agent answers their phone proudly stating: “ welcome to Sleep Number, my sleep number setting is whatever, how can I help you”? If we could get the parts, which we paid in advance for, I would be able to reset my setting, as well.


    This is the story of how we have and are suffering from, mismanagement, thief, and lies just to name a few problems. This is the way it went: The original bed offered was a P6 360, which we were directed to by the salesperson named: Cary H, however, the bed was never delivered as we went back to the store to ask questions about when were we supposed to receive the items purchased and to be sent to our home, which never arrived.

    Upon arrival, we were met by another salesperson named: Brittney who informed us of Cary’s notes on the file that we carried out the items upon leaving the store.

    We disputed the claim and were reimbursed for the sale, which was a fraud on Cary’s part. It was brought to our knowledge that she was in fact terminated for multiple discrepancies on accounts from within the store.

    Our entire order was canceled and regenerated, we went with a model which was more popular the iLE 360 Smart bed; this was scheduled to be delivered to us on 09/10/2022 and was on time.

    This purchase was for my wife’s birthday and because of a car accident that has left her in constant pain, and inflamed her back. Already suffering from MS (Multiprocessors). The delivery was a complete circus act. and with the bed-frame being dropped causing the frame to become separated or break.

    The fact that this happened as it (The frame) was being brought into the house and was carried by only one person which appeared to be a two (2) man’s job; we are unsure if this was a manufacturer’s defect or damage caused by the delivery persons and there were two people doing this instillation.

    After the bed was supposedly fixed by the person’s setting it up. We discovered that the heating pad on one side did not work at all, although trying to repeatedly restart and reboot the app, using our smartphones and iPads with no results.

    We had to get an increase for financing which originally was for $8,100.00 from Synchrony Bank, and now with attempting to get a better bed we’ve added an additional $4,000.00 dollars to my wife’s account to afford getting this new product line called the i10

    We have turned to the company’s authorized representatives or executive offices for a redress of our grievances about this matter.

    We are in disagreement with how sales are conducted with regards to (the base foundation or the Frame of the bed being sold) as a final sale wherein the consumer would not be able to cancel the entire contract and return the product.

    As to our situation with damaged products and or a manufacturer’s defect as the possible issue the return escaped us.

    We believe that most of the consumers are misled and do not actually understand that “YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN THE BASE OR FAME OF THE BED ONCE YOU SIGN FOR THE 100 DAYS OF TRIAL”.

    This should be the first thing any consumer should be made aware of upon signing any contract.

    SLEEP NUMBER CORP; has agreed to send another product to us which we are supposed to receive on 10/21/2022 we believe we should be able to return the complete product without a penalty and or being married to a contractual agreement where we must accept the base of the bed in question as this is their deception in our opinion.

    We will be looking to actually return the entire product, and get a full refund of our accounts at Synchrony Bank and find a better product elsewhere.

    Thank you for your time on this matter:

    Mr and Mrs Muhjahid Islam
    All rights reserved
    U.C.C. 1-308§3-402(b)

  • judith buonauro says:

    on july 19, 2022 i purchased a replacement pump and remote for one of our 3 sleep number beds to the tune of $88.68 from their store in Scottsdale Arizona. between then and now i made several phone calls to determine delivery. the first one lied to me saying it was packaged and awaiting pick up by UPS. the 2nd one told me the items were out of stock. then today my husband noticed that the charge was paid by the credit card company. i called to determine delivery and was informed that the charge was “to put you in line to have these ordered.” this was Janeice with whom i spoke. i told her this was unacceptable and that i wanted the order cancelled. she assured me she cancelled the order and that the confirmation of cancellation number was the same as my order number and she would email me with the refund information.
    my next call is to the credit card company because i have yet to receive the email, either in spam or anywhere.
    Customer service from this company is the absolute worst i have experienced. They care nothing for repeat and loyal customers. Do not buy one of their products.

  • jim galambos says:

    I authored the comment listed below on August 10th 2022 with the high hopes that someone in upper management would either contact me to discuss my “woes” or at the very least respond to my concerns. Well, it certainly hasn’t happened as of today August 16! My next question is “why do you even have a comment section on your website if you do not intend to follow thru? My guess is that you expect all comments to be glowing kudos about your magnificent customer service. HAHAHAHA

  • jim galambos says:

    We placed our order for a new Split King with Flex Remote on June 20, 2022. Purchase price of $9,976.43. Delivery date was scheduled for August 9. During the 7 weeks waiting for delivery I received multi emails on a variety of topics for Rewards, Sales of bedding etc, along with confirmation of delivery on 8/9/2022. On Aug 8th I received an email confirming delivery for the 9th of Aug between 3:00pm –6:00pm. Great news! My wife scheduled time off from her job to be there awaiting the delivery. On Aug 9th ( confirmed delivery day) at approx. 8:30am. I received a call informing me that our delivery was delayed until Aug 29th due to part of the shipment not being shipped. After calling the 1-888 number of the website which sent me to Medicare Health survey then disconnected my call. I then called the sales person that sold us the bed and she did provide me with a different number (shipping/delivery) that got me to a real person. However, all they did was confirm the new delivery date and offer to remove the delivery charge of < $300. The store salesperson said she did discuss with her District Manager however she was not allowed to give out their contact number. So here we are waiting an additional 20 days on a $9K paid in full order on a product we cannot use. Today I am attempting to call the CEO Shelly Ibach! However, after reading the other comments on this web page, all being of the same nature/topic I doubt anyone in upper management really cares about the extremely poor customer service being delivered.

  • Edward G Taylor says:

    I ordered a bed in April 2022 and the bed arrived on June 1, 2022 after an eight week wait. The side panels were damaged. I immediately reported this to Sleep Number. I was then told the new panels would arrive in another 8 weeks after being offered a $450 credit on a $9K bed. Unacceptable! I have been getting the run around for weeks now about whose at fault. The warranty company says its the delivery team problem and the delivery team says it’s warranty team problem while we are caught in the middle. Terrible terrible customer service with people lying saying they are managers. It’s terrible. At this point I may invoke the 100 sleep night return policy. It’s not worth all these headaches of back and forth when it’s not our fault. Terrible support service. Oh I almost forgot, they wanted me to buy a remote after spending 8K on a bed! Unbelievable. I am contacting corporate office, via snail mail of course and if this isn’t resolved soon I will use the return option.

  • Kathy says:

    I ordered a bed and it was damaged so I refused delivery, after I was told a new one would be delivered in a few weeks I accepted delivery of the headboard. I was then informed it would be over a month so I canceled my order, they picked up the headboard and now are trying to charge me for delivery. Unacceptable.

  • Nola Elson says:

    Perhaps we should start shorting the stock… SNBR. It has been nearly 60 days and I still have not received my refund of nearly $1000.00, while being told it was all handled, the amount of the refund, and to wait 7-10 days for my bank to receive my refund,….. the four times I have called to find out when I would receive my refund. Perhaps Sleep Number is having Cash Flow problems and they are using the customer’s money to continue to operate. If you look at their financials.., they have not been very profitable over the last couple of years. While I love their beds, their customer service and help have been the worst company I have ever had to deal with and I used to be Product Manager for a manufacturing company.

  • Rosey wolfe says:

    Dear Sleep Number Administrator,
    The pump on our bed does not work. We have a split bed king sleep number bed, 2018. We were told a new pump would take 8 weeks for delivery. We have waited over 4 months. I have had shoulder replacement surgery and am still sleeping in a recliner. We need our bed fixed soon or replaced.
    I am so frustrated and this delay is affecting my health.
    Please advise!

  • Gary says:

    have defective pump. ordered parts 4/29/22. THEY debited card number on that date. it has been 3 months+ and they say because of covid it is still on back order? NOOOO answers from customer service.

  • Tony Webb says:

    The split top sheets only last 2-3 month before splitting at seam. The first set, they replaced without any problems and was pleased with customer service. The replacement sheets lasted less time than originals and sleep number won’t replace. We’ve spoke with several individuals from customer service, they’ve elevated to senior representative and still won’t replace the poor quality sheets. My recommendation to new customers, don’t buy the sheets from sleep number. Due to poor quality, I’m sharing with others in hopes they’ll purchase sheets elsewhere.

  • Claudette says:

    Been having an issue with the base of my sleep number bed for two weeks with no resolution in sight and it’s still under warranty. I have been hung up on, transferred at least 15 to 20 times, given lots of phone numbers to call and still no one wants to accept the responsibility for fixing the issue. One person said a new base was needed another person says a new motor was needed and it may or may not work. The motor is on backorder. Don’t know when it will be in. The matter could be easily resolved if they would just bring me a new base and switch it out. As it is I’ve been without a bed for five weeks already and who knows how much longer. The customer service is awful and very frustrating. Am totally disgusted with sleep number and at this point am not recommending it to anyone

  • elaine garrison says:

    I have had this bed one week. Now the base needs to be replaced. 6 weeks until the base can be sent. I am not happy

  • fed up says:

    I highly doubt that anyone in this company reads any of these reviews but I am going to post anyway. First of all I am embarrassed to say I own a sleep number bed, after reading these reviews any sane person would run the other way. It’s mind boggling that this company is still in business with literally no reliable customer service what so ever. This may seem minor compared to the rest of these complaints but does show how messed up things are on every level. I ordered a sheet set to the tune of $265.00 that did not show up in my order history, so I chatted online with Drake. He informed me that the order had been cancelled and I would have to call and talk to so called customer service. Great sit on hold for how long! So I did and spoke with Alicia who informed that the order was not cancelled and gave me a UPS tracking number, I was glad to hear this news! 2 days go by, no update from UPS or sleep number and I tried the tracking number, big surprise not valid. So I check my credit card account and see that they have refunded me, thankfully! Maybe they could have emailed to let me know? what a concept right? communicate with the customer and a little honesty, is that too much to ask?

  • Jim Kelley says:

    We purchase a bed that cost $10,000 and were told it would be about 3 months before we could take delivery, which we were fine with. We took down our current sleep number bed and gave it to a friend for his extra bedroom, moved all of our furniture out of the way and had all the carpets shampooed just ahead of our delivery date. We were kept informed of our delivery date and just before the date they gave us a 2:30 to 5:30 window for the installers to come out. At 8:30 the morning of the delivery we get a message confirming our date and time. Then at 9:15 we received a call telling us our delivery was pushed back two weeks because they didn’t have all of the components to assemble our bed.
    I called customer service and the sales rep we purchased the bed from and was told nothing could be done, so I cancelled the order.
    I don’t know how many $10000 beds they sell that they can be content to waste my time and money and offer such poor service that a customer would walk away. Why wouldn’t you inventory the components a couple days prior and move the date back if you don’t have everything to do the installation.
    I missed a day of work, my wife missed a day of work, I currently don’t have a bed in my master bedroom and nobody even said, “sorry we screwed this up”.
    I would be extremely cautious of this happening in the future, I see other posts for exactly the same issue so they must not be interested in resolving their logistics issues.

  • Desiree L Whitney says:

    Hello. My daughter, a single mom of two and teacher of autistic children. Came home yesterday to find her dog chewed up her mattress. She works so hard and is barely getting by and now she has nowhere to sleep. Is there any way you would consider donating a mattress to her?
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Desiree Whitney

  • Robin says:

    We had an order with Sleep number. They delivered our headboard with the wrong brackets and have received to correct difficulty. Fix the bed, replace the headboard. I have turned them into better Business . It is so simple to help me but they refuse.

  • Tonya B says:

    We had ordered our sleep number bed and Bed frame in October 2021 and were advised it would be two months, December 24, 2021 until we received it, which was fine. December 24 came around and we were told not to take our bed down until we received email confirming delivery, which i did that morning. My husband and i proceeded to take our bed frame down and put everything in our garage, two hours before our delivery we get a phone call saying our delivery was cancelled due to the fact the drive had “COVID” and they pushed our delivery off until February 1, 2022!!!!! After several phone calls we made to Sleep number and the third party delivery company we only got its logistics and there was nothing Sleep number could do to get us a faster delivery. We then cancelled our bed, obviously, extremely disappointed at the way this was handled. We had to buy another bed frame and mattress from somewhere else and sleep on our couch or kids beds until we received out new items. After we calmed down, we decided to order the sleep number bed again and our delivery was set for March 1, 2022. The delivery men came and when they came in the house they looked out our bed and said nope can’t do it, that is not the right way the bed should be, so my husband said ok what do you need us to do. The man said this whole bed had to be taken down, so my husband and i started to take the bed down and had it already in the hallway, approx. 5 min it took us and we heard the truck pulling away, they just left!! So we called again not happy! We ended up getting a discount and apologies again, but that is NOT what we were looking for, we wanted out bed. So we were then set up for March 11, 2022 and then two days before that delivery we get an email oh no now its March 28, 2022. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience! I am not sure how Sleep Number cannot control their Third Party delivery people. I will go ahead and say we kept getting pushed off by the delivery company because we complained about them several times. We have cancelled our purchase and went with another bed and got it the very next day! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service.

  • Philip Read says:

    I purchased a bed in December 2021 and was given a delivery date of 2/23/2022. That was fine. I’m in the middle of a home renovation and with supply chain issues my carpeting has been delayed until mid March 2022. I called the Sleep Number store to delay the delivery of the bed until the carpet was installed. I was advised that changing the delivery would cause a 1 month delay on delivery. That was fine. The store associate comes back with a new delivery date of 5/13/2022 which was not fine and was not 1 month and is completely ridiculous. I was fortunate enough to reclaim the original delivery date of 2/23/2022. The guys showed up to install the bed and I was talking to them about the situation with the carpet install and he informed me that once the bed is installed only Sleep Number can move the bed or the warranty becomes void and also stated that I should have been advised of this when I purchased the bed and when I was attempting to delay delivery. Now it’s $99 for Sleep Number to come was move the bed for the carpet install and another $99 to come put it back. Now to add insult to injury the installers left a 4-5 inch gap between the bed and the wall which after 1 night using the bed my pillows went into that space and found their way to the floor. Now I didn’t notice the gap when the installation was done and I’ll take responsibility for that but I can’t move the bed to close the gap because #1 it’s too heavy and #2 I’ll void the warranty. Now I’ve spent over $6,000 on this albatross and now every time it needs to be moved I have to pay to have moved. I don’t know about your house but the area under my bed needs to be vacuumed periodically so now it’ll cost again to have the bed moved so I can vacuum once a year. The lack on communication for something that voids the warranty and the extra cost you’ll incur is inexcusable. Now I get to try to make the arrangements to have the bed moved for the carpeting and then reinstall afterwards. I already regret this purchase.

  • Monica Poulin says:

    I ordered a sleep number bed suggested by my physical therapist, due to back my back problems. I bought it at the Mesa, AZ., store. The bed was to high for me, so Mary, the sales associate, suggested I buy it online. I did so at Amazon, and bought the brackets for the headboard from you, Told Mary I was worried about assembling the bed and taking out the old one. Just recently widowed and disabled, I had no one to help me. She said not to worry, it would be ok. Imagine my shock on delivery, that they couldn’t touch anything that wasn’t theirs, policy. So they took the bed back, after I spent over 6 thousand dollars on a bed that I couldn’t have because of policy. Could you please make an exception in this case? I need the bed for medical reasons, and I’d hate to give it back. I also am upset I have to wait 2 ore weeks. Thank you for your consideration. Monica Poulin, e-mail: gpoulinjr@msn.com or telephone (480) 495-6390 call or text

  • Umeer Ashraf says:

    I ordered sleep number I8 mattress back in May 2021. First delivery, i was told that mattress can’t be taken in the elevator even though every residents bed was delivered in the same elevator. Since then my delivery was constantly delayed. Last Monday delivery guy showed up without mattress and was saying I am here to pick up mattress. Then after investigation, he found mattress was at warehouse and showed up without informing me. He refused to wait for me to arrive. Then supervisor assured me next time we will give u call 30-60 mins before and it will be delivered this past Friday. I took 1 hr off from work and 15 mins before I was informed it needs to be rescheduled again. Today it was supposed to be delivered and I was waiting for call so I can be at home to receive it as I was promised. Again, no one called me and when I received he was at door and asking where am I. I said I r supposed to call me 30-60 mins before and he responded that is not our policy and started to scream and told me he doesn’t deal w Indian people and hung up on me. This is beyond my comprehension. This is what I have to deal w after paying around 8k to hear racial slurs. I would like this to be investigated and this delivery person to be held accountable for his actions

  • Robert Owen says:

    My name is Robert Owen in Huntsville Alabama 35811 our base stopped working on 12-11-21 after 40 minutes on the phone I was told it would be fixed within 5 days two weeks later after posting bad reviews on you facebook page Cory finally got someone to call me and was told the control box was out of stock and don’t know when it will be available it has now been almost a month and still nothing… I paid a lot for this bed and I want it fixed! We have slept on a Sleepnumber bed for 20 years and upgraded to an adjustable base for back issues which are now worse. I can’t help noticing you are still selling these beds so take a control box off one you have for sale and take care of your customers that have already paid you either that or replace the base This is ridiculous I will report it to the BBB Monday and every social media I can think of. Robert Owen (256-658-9803)

  • Anna M Shannon says:

    Sleep Number left us high and dry on Christmas week. Had our bed delivered and they got half put together. They said the rest of the parts were in another truck and someone would come back. Apparently they did not have the rest of the bed on truck # 2. They took our old bed away and now cannot deliver the rest until some time in January. Leaving us with no bed and sleeping on the floor. What a disaster……….
    Their customer service is of no help. Disappointed for what they charge for these beds. Keep shopping folks!!

  • Antonia Bragg says:

    How can I reach someone higher in the chain of command?

  • Richard and Janet Waldman says:

    When I reach someone I get disconnected. My bed is offline. I am 80 years old and cannot get under the bed. Which one of the person asked me to do. I have called and email several times. No response.

  • AL Herrin from Twin Falls, Idaho says:

    Cant seem to reach anyone to resolve issues I will be cancelling very large order even though no one seems to care. I don’t know how this company stays in business. The had me scheduled then moved it up to deliver early. I took a day off work and disassembled my bed they didn’t show, then left a message saying they will deliver three weeks later than the original delivery date. Makes no sense, it’s like they just want to screw with you. When I ordered the bed I brought up the fact that I read a lot of bad customer reviews. I was told its rarer than it looked like online. When I called the local store manager, he said he would get back to me on Monday when they open. Monday when I called I was told he had the day off. Unfortunately you cant go up the ladder they hide all corporate emails, Obviously this is why. DO NOT BUY from this company.

    • Vincent walker says:

      This is happening us right now. I am fixing to cancel order I already paid for. I don’t get how this CEO is employed no less get compensated 6 mil a year. Clowns running this company.

    • Jim Kelley says:

      They haven’t learned anything yet. I had them do the same thing to me last week, and your right nobody seems to care.

  • Rhonda Ewing says:

    I’m not sure why my comment says it’s awaiting moderation

  • Rhonda Ewing says:

    I went to the sleep number store in Port Richey Fl with my 76 years old disabled mother.On deciding what type of bed would work for her I asked the Manager if we had any (ANY) problems with the bed what we could do. He told me that we could call and a tech would be sent out. Imagine my surprise when my 76 year old mother called me crying. She call your tech support and they informed her, my disabled mother, that they would try to fix over the phone. This is the best part.. They told her if it was a part they could not fix it over the phone they would ship it to her and she would have to replace it..My DISABLED mother would have to fix the problem. Then if she could not replace the part they would send a tech. AT A COST to her and then informed my mom it stated that on the receipt. My mom only gets very little Social Security. So she lives in the bottom level of my house. I am also disabled so I can’t fix it either and I should not have too!! She pays $110.00 a month for a bed that cost $5000.00 and does not work!!!!! Please have someone who can solve this problem contact me. No one should have to put up with this especially a 76 year old disabled woman.

  • Sharon A Allino says:

    I bought a sleep number P5 bed in march 2019 since that time the bed has not worked well at all. In April or June 2019 it started going flat on the left side they techs have replaced the air chamber 3 different time still goes flat ,replaced all the form air chamber still goes flat. replaced the pump 1 time still goes flat. Now when I called copr. office I get this women who will only tell you to pull the air hose and plug it with a cap. Which I did. Still goes flat Then she gets huffy and will not listen to what you have to tell her.Said I have an attitude
    Of course I have an attitude the Bed kepts going flat ,Now called corp again how no one will answer the call. Some needs to get a hold of us . At 707-763-7490 Sharon Allino

  • M Marano says:

    Wow! I have never….. I have found that this company has some of the rudest people who have no idea what customer service is. Thank you Jade (customer service department) for hanging up on me, not once, but twice. For future references when a paying customer calls and has a problem. It is your job to try and fix it! As someone who also works in manufacturing (also nationwide). My company would have no business! So could someone please tell me how I purchased a bed, funds taken from my account last month and nobody knows anything….. Bed was purchased in April. No bed! Had to call local store. Shows I purchased bed. Gave me a delivery date and phone number to customer service.

  • Phyllis says:

    Wow…my husband has pancreatic cancer and I so wanted one of these beds so his little skinny body would have more comfort in his last few days. Am unable to leave to go see these beds so was willing to purchase one anyway but after reading these comments decided I don’t need one and will find something closer to home. Just hard to believe that people that deal with the public would be so rude.

  • Marilyn Watters says:

    I’m sure some of this is taken out of context

  • Marilyn Watters says:

    I was in the Farmington NM store yesterday when the district manager was there. Talk about the unfriendest, rudest woman I have ever seen. She couldn’t remark on anything positive even after I heard there has been only one person running the whole store open to close for a month. She could have at least thanked him. I also heard her tell him she was going to come down before the other salesman and the manager left and fire all three of them. That is unnecessary. I also over heard her say she never liked the manager and shes sorry she is coming back.
    This is how you train your district managers? Shame on you. An employee needs 2 positive things said for every negative. And that kid that has been carrying the store deserves recognition. She also said you were not renewing the lease. So this tells me you are closing the Farmington store.
    She said a lot of confidential things that should not have been said and not recognizing people as people not dogs. If I was sleep number higher ups she would be the first to go. As I stated before, shame on all you.

  • Heather says:

    I’ve just about had it with Sleep Number Customer Service. Couple months ago I got a new Sleep Number Mattress after being a customer for many years. I was led to believe that my order would include the flex fit and dual temp pad for my king bed. It did not. So then I had to find enough money to order the dual temp pad which is a discounted twin because I am single and I couldn’t afford the one for the king bed. It came the other day and I was going to get it set up today but the Bands are not long enough to go under my king bed to secure the pad. I have been round and round with customer service calling multiple times disconnected once from a supervisor that was trying to help because I was on hold so long. The second time I called for her she was on a break and was going to call me right back. Hours later I had not heard from her so I called again. This time I was told she was on the phone and would call me right back. Well here I am another 3 or so hours later and still have not heard from her. I’m extremely upset and I’m ready to cancel my order for the flex fit base!

  • Kathryn Abrahamson says:

    in the past 2 months I have spent over $2000 (2 dual temp layers and a mattress topper) I purchased all 3 through the Chandler Fashion Center location in Chandler AZ and the customer service there is awful, to say the least… On my last trip in I was looking at the Sleep # bed on sale for $899 and have an existing bed frame and was questioning if I could just purchase the mattress and the first Sales Rep. (middle aged blonde woman) came to help and said she couldn’t answer our questions and called over a heavy set middle aged brunette woman who clearly was not happy to being called to assist.
    She never once even asked us to try the bed or demonstrated anything about it…just told us we couldn’t use the mattress with our existing frame without purchasing the base or finding a board to put down and said thanks for stopping in and handed us a brochure and walked away leaving us just standing there…so we assumed it was our queue to leave the store now..
    After leaving the store my Son and I were looking at the brochure and saw they have integrated bed frames you could purchase that go inside your existing frame, but never once was that mentioned to us…
    Just that we’d have to have a piece of board cut somewhere…Since that time we have spoken to a rep. at the San Tan store in AZ and she said you can purchase a Bunkie board at Am. Furn. Warehouse….We probably would have went that route had we have known…but had purchased the foam mattress topper from Chandler store to see if that would work, since weren’t adv. of any other options towards purchasing an actual mattress.. The young man who helped us purchase the foam topper was better than the 2 woman that had waited on us, but when he asked how our night was going, I replied back, good, how about yours and he said not so good since he was on the other side of the counter…wanted to advise this may not be a great response but figured it was pointless…I had also asked how the dual temp sheets work and he basically just said fine, but never offered to show me a set or anything further…
    We have now rec’d the foam mattress topper only to have it come in a box that was taped together and partially open and the topper has red marks all over it so had to return it.
    Now waiting for another and not much faith in how it will get to us..
    I love Sleep # products and have an older Sleep # bed myself and will probably be needing a new one in a few years, but hesitant on making the purchase after the way we have been treated…
    For being a high end mattress store you would think you would show some signs of great customer service, but this has not been the case with the Chandler Fashion Center store…

  • Roger D. Carman says:

    This specific situation took place at the Sleep Number store in St Augustine, FL:

    My wife and I purchased a king-sized split with adjustable base on July 5th. While in the store we explained to our salesperson that we had purchased a bed about 5 years ago that was non-refundable and did not want to end up in that position ever again.

    We tried numerous beds and settled on the P5. The salesperson talked us into the adjustable split base telling us that we might really wish we had that when we are older. So…we figured it would be worth trying out since it was a 100-day trial. What the salesperson FAILED to tell us is that the bases are non-returnable, non-refundable, sales final items!!!

    After 4 hours in the store we just wanted to get done and get out. We checked out and neither my wife nor I had our glasses on to be able to see the receipt or read the details. The three people in the store, including the manager, knew that. They had my wife initial a form that neither of us could read and not one of them bothered to mention that we were signing in agreement of the non-returnable base. They knew full well we did not want anything to do with a situation that would not allow us to return everything.

    I have to be fair and very clear…my wife did initial the form stating the details of the non-returnable base, but again, the store manager and salesperson both knew neither of us could read it and didn’t bother to explain this very important detail to us. This is something that should be explained to the customer, not a detail that you initial agreeing to upon checking out.

    Yes…we are to blame for not driving home (30 minutes away) to get our glasses, no doubt about that. However; you would think that the company would care about the customer and disclose everything up front.

    Even after going as high as I possibly could with the corporate office, not one single person cared about the situation or how the store personnel handled it. The only thing they would continue to repeat, all the way up to the CEO’s level, is that my wife initialed the form and there’s nothing they can do. AND WE’VE ONLY HAD THE BED FOR A WEEK!!!

    It was actually at the CEO’s level where I was treated the worst. Very rude and the person didn’t care at all about the situation. All he cared about is the fact that he had the initialed form and that’s the end of it…we’re stuck.

    Keep in mind, these bases are not special-order items, not specifically designed to our specifications, etc…they can easily sell them again; they’re only a week old. It’s a ridiculous policy.

    If you are desperate enough to want a Sleep Number bed, please do yourself a favor and know that the store personnel WILL be deceptive. They are like a drug cartel and all they care about is the final sale, not how you get there. Very unprofessional…from the store level all the way up to the CEO level.

    Buyer Beware and Be Very Careful About What You Sign With Them!!!

    Yes, we are at fault for not reading first…I can’t say that enough. It would be nice if Sleep Number could admit their deception and extremely unprofessional sales tactics, along with the lack of concern for the customer from the corporate level.

    It’s like dealing with a used car dealership…the minute you drive off the lot, the product is your problem, not theirs. Very sad.

    Here’s an excerpt from an online chat showing just how concerned they really are:

    Maria: I am not sure what else I can do for you, but I assure you that your concerns are heard. I am sorry that you had this experience, Roger.

    Me: As I have found today, my concerns mean nothing to your company. Everyone I have spoken to has made that clear or they would remedy the situation.

    Maria: If you or your wife did not read the terms and conditions, glasses on or not, there is not much that we can do. I am sorry about that. You have spoken to the highest available person in the chain of command. You are welcome to leave reviews. But if there is nothing else that I can do for you, aside from set up another callback, I will have to end the chat.

    • T Blanks says:

      I agree with you Roger….not sure what happened to their “customer service”
      When I called and complained about the auto light malfunction….I was told to turn it off auto and operate it from the remote manually. They have your $$$, and no one cares

  • Janice Ensminger says:

    I am an 82 years old woman who has painful back issues due to arthritis. I bough your bed and spent $3000. for the bed. It was delivered May 4th of 2019.The night before last last night the bed lost all it’s air leaving me on a panel of wood. I spent hours on the phone explaining the pain I have and no one would come out to fix my bed. No one cares if you tell them you’re in pain they just say this is our policy. The service people will come in about 5 days with no parts in his truck then they have to order the part then another service man will come and repair the bed. I want to emphasize I am in a Senior facility I cannot afford an apartment, consequently, I am in a little studio the Sleep Number bed is my only bed I have no second bedroom to go to. I don’t understand a company that would treat an ill senior citizen in this manner. Would you please get in touch with your San Diego people and tell them to help me as soon as possible, and to bring part in the truck so I don’t have to wait extra days. I am in dire pain sleeping in my chair. My customer number is 1021755741 my order number is 95006767206. Customer relations is most important to your business and word of mouth is also important no matter how many commercials you have. I don’t want aggravation and pain and this is what you’re causing. My phone number is 760 449 1564

  • joe mallumaci says:

    I am a 100% disabled vet in my 70,s with a severe spinal injury,bought you bed to get some relief, the installer didn’t set up the bed properly and does not function well,i paid up front for the bed immediately.the bed is under guarantee but your customer service will not honor it.your customer service rep Romeo hung up on my wife and another said she cant do anything. What kind of operation are you running?I bought the bed in Gainsville GA 30501.If the bed is not fixed soon,my lawyer will be in contact with Ibach,Callen and Krishana,along with every news outlet we can get to in Atlanta, your company is discriminating against dis. vets and seniors.

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