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  • Address: 256 S 4th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55425, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 952-858-9531
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 5,000
  • Established: 1987
  • Founder: Bob Walker
  • Key People: Bill McLaughlin, Pete Bils, Shelly Ibach (CEO)

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Shelly R. Ibach

Chief Executive Officer, President & Executive Director

David R. C. Callen

Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President

Suresh Krishna

Senior VP and Chief Operations, Supply Chain & Lean Officer

About Sleep Number, History and Headquarters Information

Sleep Number was incorporated in 1987 under the name Select Comfort by Robert Walker and his wife JoAnn Walker. It has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They also hired Lindsay Wagner Glenn Beck, Paul Harvey, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh to endorse the products to promote their brand.

Sleep Number is an American company that makes adjustable-firmness beds and bedding accessories. They offer firmness control systems, fabrics and cover filling, additional cushion and padding, comforters, blankets, and wireless remote controls. It also serves its customers with home delivery, assembly, and mattress removal services. The business flourished and is spread over 580 different locations. They distribute their products via direct marketing operations, company-owned stores, and online at sleepnumber.com. They endorse their products on television, radio, and in print.

Currently, there are around 4,220 people working for them across the United States. Their products provide quality sleep through effortless, adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking which is possible because of the SleepIQ technology sensors that work with the bed's DualAir technology. In addition to all facilities with the improved technology and innovation, they have made it easier for the customers to raise the head or foot of the bed as well as to get a massage using a handheld remote.

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  • Rhonda Ewing says:

    I’m not sure why my comment says it’s awaiting moderation

  • Rhonda Ewing says:

    I went to the sleep number store in Port Richey Fl with my 76 years old disabled mother.On deciding what type of bed would work for her I asked the Manager if we had any (ANY) problems with the bed what we could do. He told me that we could call and a tech would be sent out. Imagine my surprise when my 76 year old mother called me crying. She call your tech support and they informed her, my disabled mother, that they would try to fix over the phone. This is the best part.. They told her if it was a part they could not fix it over the phone they would ship it to her and she would have to replace it..My DISABLED mother would have to fix the problem. Then if she could not replace the part they would send a tech. AT A COST to her and then informed my mom it stated that on the receipt. My mom only gets very little Social Security. So she lives in the bottom level of my house. I am also disabled so I can’t fix it either and I should not have too!! She pays $110.00 a month for a bed that cost $5000.00 and does not work!!!!! Please have someone who can solve this problem contact me. No one should have to put up with this especially a 76 year old disabled woman.

  • Sharon A Allino says:

    I bought a sleep number P5 bed in march 2019 since that time the bed has not worked well at all. In April or June 2019 it started going flat on the left side they techs have replaced the air chamber 3 different time still goes flat ,replaced all the form air chamber still goes flat. replaced the pump 1 time still goes flat. Now when I called copr. office I get this women who will only tell you to pull the air hose and plug it with a cap. Which I did. Still goes flat Then she gets huffy and will not listen to what you have to tell her.Said I have an attitude
    Of course I have an attitude the Bed kepts going flat ,Now called corp again how no one will answer the call. Some needs to get a hold of us . At 707-763-7490 Sharon Allino

  • M Marano says:

    Wow! I have never….. I have found that this company has some of the rudest people who have no idea what customer service is. Thank you Jade (customer service department) for hanging up on me, not once, but twice. For future references when a paying customer calls and has a problem. It is your job to try and fix it! As someone who also works in manufacturing (also nationwide). My company would have no business! So could someone please tell me how I purchased a bed, funds taken from my account last month and nobody knows anything….. Bed was purchased in April. No bed! Had to call local store. Shows I purchased bed. Gave me a delivery date and phone number to customer service.

  • Phyllis says:

    Wow…my husband has pancreatic cancer and I so wanted one of these beds so his little skinny body would have more comfort in his last few days. Am unable to leave to go see these beds so was willing to purchase one anyway but after reading these comments decided I don’t need one and will find something closer to home. Just hard to believe that people that deal with the public would be so rude.

  • Marilyn Watters says:

    I’m sure some of this is taken out of context

  • Marilyn Watters says:

    I was in the Farmington NM store yesterday when the district manager was there. Talk about the unfriendest, rudest woman I have ever seen. She couldn’t remark on anything positive even after I heard there has been only one person running the whole store open to close for a month. She could have at least thanked him. I also heard her tell him she was going to come down before the other salesman and the manager left and fire all three of them. That is unnecessary. I also over heard her say she never liked the manager and shes sorry she is coming back.
    This is how you train your district managers? Shame on you. An employee needs 2 positive things said for every negative. And that kid that has been carrying the store deserves recognition. She also said you were not renewing the lease. So this tells me you are closing the Farmington store.
    She said a lot of confidential things that should not have been said and not recognizing people as people not dogs. If I was sleep number higher ups she would be the first to go. As I stated before, shame on all you.

  • Heather says:

    I’ve just about had it with Sleep Number Customer Service. Couple months ago I got a new Sleep Number Mattress after being a customer for many years. I was led to believe that my order would include the flex fit and dual temp pad for my king bed. It did not. So then I had to find enough money to order the dual temp pad which is a discounted twin because I am single and I couldn’t afford the one for the king bed. It came the other day and I was going to get it set up today but the Bands are not long enough to go under my king bed to secure the pad. I have been round and round with customer service calling multiple times disconnected once from a supervisor that was trying to help because I was on hold so long. The second time I called for her she was on a break and was going to call me right back. Hours later I had not heard from her so I called again. This time I was told she was on the phone and would call me right back. Well here I am another 3 or so hours later and still have not heard from her. I’m extremely upset and I’m ready to cancel my order for the flex fit base!

  • Kathryn Abrahamson says:

    in the past 2 months I have spent over $2000 (2 dual temp layers and a mattress topper) I purchased all 3 through the Chandler Fashion Center location in Chandler AZ and the customer service there is awful, to say the least… On my last trip in I was looking at the Sleep # bed on sale for $899 and have an existing bed frame and was questioning if I could just purchase the mattress and the first Sales Rep. (middle aged blonde woman) came to help and said she couldn’t answer our questions and called over a heavy set middle aged brunette woman who clearly was not happy to being called to assist.
    She never once even asked us to try the bed or demonstrated anything about it…just told us we couldn’t use the mattress with our existing frame without purchasing the base or finding a board to put down and said thanks for stopping in and handed us a brochure and walked away leaving us just standing there…so we assumed it was our queue to leave the store now..
    After leaving the store my Son and I were looking at the brochure and saw they have integrated bed frames you could purchase that go inside your existing frame, but never once was that mentioned to us…
    Just that we’d have to have a piece of board cut somewhere…Since that time we have spoken to a rep. at the San Tan store in AZ and she said you can purchase a Bunkie board at Am. Furn. Warehouse….We probably would have went that route had we have known…but had purchased the foam mattress topper from Chandler store to see if that would work, since weren’t adv. of any other options towards purchasing an actual mattress.. The young man who helped us purchase the foam topper was better than the 2 woman that had waited on us, but when he asked how our night was going, I replied back, good, how about yours and he said not so good since he was on the other side of the counter…wanted to advise this may not be a great response but figured it was pointless…I had also asked how the dual temp sheets work and he basically just said fine, but never offered to show me a set or anything further…
    We have now rec’d the foam mattress topper only to have it come in a box that was taped together and partially open and the topper has red marks all over it so had to return it.
    Now waiting for another and not much faith in how it will get to us..
    I love Sleep # products and have an older Sleep # bed myself and will probably be needing a new one in a few years, but hesitant on making the purchase after the way we have been treated…
    For being a high end mattress store you would think you would show some signs of great customer service, but this has not been the case with the Chandler Fashion Center store…

  • Roger D. Carman says:

    This specific situation took place at the Sleep Number store in St Augustine, FL:

    My wife and I purchased a king-sized split with adjustable base on July 5th. While in the store we explained to our salesperson that we had purchased a bed about 5 years ago that was non-refundable and did not want to end up in that position ever again.

    We tried numerous beds and settled on the P5. The salesperson talked us into the adjustable split base telling us that we might really wish we had that when we are older. So…we figured it would be worth trying out since it was a 100-day trial. What the salesperson FAILED to tell us is that the bases are non-returnable, non-refundable, sales final items!!!

    After 4 hours in the store we just wanted to get done and get out. We checked out and neither my wife nor I had our glasses on to be able to see the receipt or read the details. The three people in the store, including the manager, knew that. They had my wife initial a form that neither of us could read and not one of them bothered to mention that we were signing in agreement of the non-returnable base. They knew full well we did not want anything to do with a situation that would not allow us to return everything.

    I have to be fair and very clear…my wife did initial the form stating the details of the non-returnable base, but again, the store manager and salesperson both knew neither of us could read it and didn’t bother to explain this very important detail to us. This is something that should be explained to the customer, not a detail that you initial agreeing to upon checking out.

    Yes…we are to blame for not driving home (30 minutes away) to get our glasses, no doubt about that. However; you would think that the company would care about the customer and disclose everything up front.

    Even after going as high as I possibly could with the corporate office, not one single person cared about the situation or how the store personnel handled it. The only thing they would continue to repeat, all the way up to the CEO’s level, is that my wife initialed the form and there’s nothing they can do. AND WE’VE ONLY HAD THE BED FOR A WEEK!!!

    It was actually at the CEO’s level where I was treated the worst. Very rude and the person didn’t care at all about the situation. All he cared about is the fact that he had the initialed form and that’s the end of it…we’re stuck.

    Keep in mind, these bases are not special-order items, not specifically designed to our specifications, etc…they can easily sell them again; they’re only a week old. It’s a ridiculous policy.

    If you are desperate enough to want a Sleep Number bed, please do yourself a favor and know that the store personnel WILL be deceptive. They are like a drug cartel and all they care about is the final sale, not how you get there. Very unprofessional…from the store level all the way up to the CEO level.

    Buyer Beware and Be Very Careful About What You Sign With Them!!!

    Yes, we are at fault for not reading first…I can’t say that enough. It would be nice if Sleep Number could admit their deception and extremely unprofessional sales tactics, along with the lack of concern for the customer from the corporate level.

    It’s like dealing with a used car dealership…the minute you drive off the lot, the product is your problem, not theirs. Very sad.

    Here’s an excerpt from an online chat showing just how concerned they really are:

    Maria: I am not sure what else I can do for you, but I assure you that your concerns are heard. I am sorry that you had this experience, Roger.

    Me: As I have found today, my concerns mean nothing to your company. Everyone I have spoken to has made that clear or they would remedy the situation.

    Maria: If you or your wife did not read the terms and conditions, glasses on or not, there is not much that we can do. I am sorry about that. You have spoken to the highest available person in the chain of command. You are welcome to leave reviews. But if there is nothing else that I can do for you, aside from set up another callback, I will have to end the chat.

  • Janice Ensminger says:

    I am an 82 years old woman who has painful back issues due to arthritis. I bough your bed and spent $3000. for the bed. It was delivered May 4th of 2019.The night before last last night the bed lost all it’s air leaving me on a panel of wood. I spent hours on the phone explaining the pain I have and no one would come out to fix my bed. No one cares if you tell them you’re in pain they just say this is our policy. The service people will come in about 5 days with no parts in his truck then they have to order the part then another service man will come and repair the bed. I want to emphasize I am in a Senior facility I cannot afford an apartment, consequently, I am in a little studio the Sleep Number bed is my only bed I have no second bedroom to go to. I don’t understand a company that would treat an ill senior citizen in this manner. Would you please get in touch with your San Diego people and tell them to help me as soon as possible, and to bring part in the truck so I don’t have to wait extra days. I am in dire pain sleeping in my chair. My customer number is 1021755741 my order number is 95006767206. Customer relations is most important to your business and word of mouth is also important no matter how many commercials you have. I don’t want aggravation and pain and this is what you’re causing. My phone number is 760 449 1564

  • joe mallumaci says:

    I am a 100% disabled vet in my 70,s with a severe spinal injury,bought you bed to get some relief, the installer didn’t set up the bed properly and does not function well,i paid up front for the bed immediately.the bed is under guarantee but your customer service will not honor it.your customer service rep Romeo hung up on my wife and another said she cant do anything. What kind of operation are you running?I bought the bed in Gainsville GA 30501.If the bed is not fixed soon,my lawyer will be in contact with Ibach,Callen and Krishana,along with every news outlet we can get to in Atlanta, your company is discriminating against dis. vets and seniors.

    • j thom says:

      did you get any satisfaction from posting here? I have a complaint to enter as well. but wonder if it would do any good.

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