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Sleep inn is a brand of hotels incorporated by the Choice Hotels, a public company in the Hospitality industry, traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the tag ”CHH”. The choice Hotels was found 80 years ago and is one of the largest hotel Chains in the world. Its headquarters is located at Rockville, Maryland, United States, where Stewart W. Bainum Sr., opened the first hotel. , The Choice Hotels is in charge of about 6,800 properties in over 40 countries worldwide with approximately 554,000 rooms offered to customers., Sleep inn by choice Hotels have locations in 44 states in the US and several other spread across the globe. It is specifically designed with simplicity to give sanctuary for a good night’s rest while providing basic and free amenities like WiFi and a warm breakfast. Its design elements “Designed to Dream” is inspired by nature to bring about refreshment and relaxation. , ,

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  • Heidi Mire says:

    My husband had a reservation for tomorrow night 12/31/2023 at the Sleep Inn and Suites in Denver, Colorado by the airport. He booked the reservation 2 weeks ago. Today, the day before his reservation, the hotel called and canceled his reservation. When he asked why, he was told that a very large party had just called for reservations and they needed his room. Absolutely unethical!!

  • Donna LaGrange says:

    Sleep Inn, Provo, Utah, was the worst experience of my life. The Manager Miste Dalton was rude, unprofessional to me when I requested a room change. I was later given a different room, the air conditioner and refrigerator did not work. When I brought this to her attention she told me if I didn’t like the room I could just checkout. Therefore, I did checkout and went to another hotel in town. Manager Miste Dalton is rude and condescending to her staff who were trying to assist me with my room issues. She continued to interrupt them and take over the conversation. Miste Dalton threatened me stating she added me to the do not book list with Sleep Inn and Choice Hotels. Dalton also said I was not getting a refund for the second night stay because I smoked in the room. I informed her I did not smoke in the room, I smoked in the designated smoking areas outside the building. She stated there were no smoking areas outside the building. I took photos of the smoking areas located in three different areas outside the building. Front desk employee Bethany went to the room I was in to check if it smelt like smoke. When she returned she stated there was not any smell of smoke and it was obvious I did not smoke in the room and she was going to inform Dalton of this fact. I was not disrespectful to Dalton. I did inform her I would be making a complaint with the corporate office about her unprofessional behavior. She then told me to get the —- off her property. Sleep Inn corporate office should check on the unprofessional behavior of Manager Miste Dalton. Perhaps they could have her take a class in hospitality as they are in the hospitality business.

  • LaShonda Thompson says:

    Panama City Beach, 9201 Front Beach Rd was the Worst experience ever with any hotel. The bathroom was dirty, the floor on each hall was dirty, the bed was not put together(headboard off) and the staff was unfriendly and mad to be at work then told me my incidental would be refunded when I checked out and now when I call they said 7 days. Worst experience ever!

  • Johnny Morgan says:

    They took my $50 and it’s going on two weeks now that’s no that’s not right

  • Johnny Morgan says:

    My name is Johnny Morgan I stayed at the sleep inn in Savannah and they took my $50 deposit and haven’t sent it back yet they are giving me the runarounds my name is Johnny Morgan and I have proof I have a receipt

  • Waldir Roberto Gregnanini says:

    Estou hospedado no Sleep Jacarei, hoje ao chegar, cansado do trabalho, sentei pra fazer minhas necessidades fisiológicas (Nº2), não tinha papel higiênico, não reclamaria dessa forma, se ao olhar no porta toalha, avistei uma “CUECA”, deixei um pacote de biscoito no frigobar e o mesmo sumiu… fui reclamar com a gerente Mariana, ela não estava no hotel, e mandou recado que “sentia muito”, sequer quis falar comigo, como eu estava com a cueca nas mãos, a funcionária Ranieri, (muito educada), me chamou para o escritório da gerente, uma bagunça, copo com café largado pela metade, um relaxo. QUEM ENTRA NO QUARTO QUANDO ESTAMOS TRABALHANDO ??????

  • Donna says:

    We stayed at the Sleep Inn in Billing’s Montana. August 25th, 2022
    We stayed one night and were charged for two nights. The toilet was broken and their were what looked like blood stains on the carpet. I spoke to the day manager Dominic about this. He agreed to discount our room and credit us with the over charges on my account. To date this has not been rectified. I would like someone to tell me who the franchise owner is of that particular hotel so I can speak to someone that will rectify this situation. I have all the documentation.

  • Willie Davis says:

    Disgusting room, poor air, ppl are nice but had to change rooms 2x..

  • Aishia Johnson says:

    Hello, I have reservations for 30th to the 31st of July. The lady name roxann that cleans the rooms came to my door and told me I need to check out. (With a very nasty attitude) I explained to her that my check out is not until the 31st. She then began rolling her head and telling me I needed to leave. She calls the manager and the manager and I had words. She asked can I come downstairs. I explained to her I don’t have on any clothes. The cleaning lady Roxanne starts saying “well you can get dressed with a very nasty attitude “ I still proceeded to ignore her and speak to the manager over the phone. Roxanne begins rolling her eyes and making faces. I then asked her what is the attitude for. Then she begins yelling saying this is her normal face and attitude. If an employee’s attitude is like that, how can anyone feel safe and comfortable enough to stay here? Then she kept coming in my room while I was trying to sleep. She could have easily stole from me. Something needs to be done about this worker. They literally tried to throw me out when my reservations said different

  • Ruth Nelson says:

    This is the second day of my stay and the internet would not work. I’ve called downstairs 3 times already and the clerk, had a slew of excuses and lies. I am certain it is not my laptop and after the last call I took a pic for evidence. I have homework due for a class and cannot turn it in and at this hour , there is no library open. I am not staying here for free and it is not right for him to treat us this way. He says he reset it, but obviously there is a bigger problem here which he is too lazy to attend to.

  • Angela says:

    First of all the card charged for my stay did not match the reservation. I received a receipt when I left then when I went online to check my Choice Privilege Points I had received an adjusted invoice after I left which added a smoking charge to the room and made the room amount $407.08. When I called to ask why I was charged this amount, I was told the room smelled like smoke. When I said I did not smoke in the room, I was then given another explanation. I was then told they went through the trash and found evidence that I smoked and that why I was charged. I explained I smoked outside in a vehicle that does not have a ash tray as most vehicles don’t, and threw the cup in the garbage instead of throwing it on the ground. I was told then I should have thrown the cup in an outside can and I would not have been charged. So I ask, so you’re now telling me I’m being charged for throwing a cup away instead of just throwing it on the ground, and was told yes. Therefore proving his claim of a smoke smell to be bogus. The charge was based on the trash. Furthermore if you want to be technical everything I own smells like smoke including my clothes, luggage, and person. I ask who I was speaking with and the assistant manager refused to give me his name, after my persistence he told me his name was AL and I ask for a last name and he refused said that was too personal. I ask for a managers name so I could talk to the manager and he then again refused, then he HUNG UP ON ME. The customer service is horrible. This is the second time I’ve stayed at the hotel. I stay at choice hotels regularly and always do the same routine and have never had an issue before. I am not paying a smoking charge when I did NOT smoke in the room. My daughter is a freshman at the nearby college and we had hoped this would be a hotel we could use for the next few years and recommend to family. I want the charge credited back to the charges account immediately. Not only did I NOT smoke in the room and was charged after someone went through the trash, the card and invoice do NOT match. My husband then called and when he gave his name, “Al” immediately hung up on him. When he called back he ask why his card was charged when the reservation, account, and invoice was in XXX and “Al” could not give an explanation. I am not paying a $250 smoking charge when I did NOT smoke in the room. It is impossible for the room to have smelled like smoke, there was NO ashes, butts, or evidence of smoking in the room except garbage. Garage that was brought in from outside including other multiple cans, spit bottles, food, vending machine wrappers, even tampons. What kind of nasty person goes through the garbage filled with someone else’s tampons???

  • Angela says:

    Horrible Customer Service at Sleep Inn #TN259. I was hung up on, husband hung up on. Refused to give their name or managers name. Ridiculous Service for a Choice member to deal with!!!

  • Destiny says:

    This passed weekend I stayed at the sleep inn located 1120 Copperfield road, Concord NC. This was by far the worse experience that I had ever had. Check in date was Friday April 22 2022. Check out was Sunday April 24 2022. The issue began prior to check in. I did book through Expedia so it was a reserve now, pay later. Which I have used this in the past and never had this issue. However, on Friday I had received a call where they said they had an issue with payment. I called them back and I told them I did reserve now pay later so I wasn’t to be charged till I got to the hotel. The woman on the phone stated oh this is just authorization and you won’t actually be charged. I said okay and provided payment information. I hang up the phone and I then see the charge for $129 to my account. Still as of today is showing withdrawn from my account. When I got to the hotel to check in. I waited 20 minutes for someone to come to the front desk so I could check in. Once someone got to the desk I asked if the authorization goes toward the cost of the room they said no that it won’t actually pull from my account. I told them it already did pull from my account. They said just give it a few days, I said okay. Well here I am with the $129 ( authorization ) still withdrawn from my account. I did pay the $259 that was due at the time of visit plus I paid the $100 deposit in cash. So that is $359 I paid at check in total paid that day was $488 with the $129 previous charge. During check out I did receive my $100 cash deposit back so said and done after the weekend I had paid $388 which is still $129 more than I should have had to pay. In addition, when I get my room key and head down to the room, I open the door and all I could smell is cat pee. Then the bed was a mess and not made at all, there were stains on the curtains and on the bed. The bathroom toilet just kept running. I went to front desk and told them about the issues and nothing was done. So I had to call my girlfriend and have her bring some bedding with her because I refused to sleep on bed spread that was like that. As for the toilet well I went in and fixed that. Since the hotel seemed so inconvenienced by me asking. Then on Saturday my girlfriend and I discovered a cockroach in the room. We did kill the insect. And we went to the store and bought raid because neither my girlfriend or I like bugs and we sprayed the room with raid as again the hotel was incompetent to do anything. Then I told my girlfriend let’s just go to the pool and relax and stop stressing the money we put into this piece of crap room. The pool is advertised as heated. Was not heated when we got it. But it was hot that day so we looked past that. Overall though this stay was disgusting and a shame that a hotel cannot make customers satisfied.

  • Roosevelt Smithh says:

    4/16/2022 I stayed at the sleep in Danville Illinois to make this very simple very bad service from the front desk (samantha) and hotel mgt didn’t get the rooms I requested don’t stay at this hotel

  • Allan Beck says:

    My wife vows to never stay at another Choice Hotel after our Slidell LA stay on 22 April 2022! Over charged me $171.90 on room 323 and still no refund…lights didn’t work, no phone, toilet was running full blast, no Kleenex, poor staffing and business acumen

  • Elaine says:

    Broken Chair, Phone was dirty and Hot Tub was burning skin and eyes

  • Seep Inn Boone NC says:

    If you are trying to reach Sleep Inn Corporate please do not call the number listed on here as it is an actual hotel in NC that has nothing to do with corporate Sleep Inn. The corporate Sleep Inn number is 18003008800. Thank you.

  • Mary Williams says:

    I think people should not rent a room from Sleep Inn on 52 in till they find out what’s going on they’ve been finding bodies two in one month you do not have cameras that work they have dummy, but they need cameras that record really record

  • Mary Williams says:

    Sleep Inn hotel on 52 Florence South Carolina something is going on in there they don’t have no cameras record they’ve been finding bodies two bodies in one month in the hotel what is going on they need to put cameras that record they have dummy cameras the management name is Pat Mania she’s no good you need to put cameras that record not dummy cameras they’ve been finding bodies in that hotel Sleep Inn on 52 Florence South Carolina

  • Terry Rapp says:

    Extremely disapointed with Sleep Inn hotel. There was no hot water. I was not told when I checked in that there wasn’t. They refused to reduce the price of the room because they said it was booked through a third party. The phone number on the website didn’t say it was a third party. Called the complaint line and they just kept me on hold. Could not get anyone who would help. Don’t stay at Sleep Inn.

  • Linda says:

    Super dissatisfied with the location in Nampa. Asked for a king bed accessible room. Had a queen bed and the room had a bath tub and not a walk in. The hair dryer is falling out of the wall. The chair is broken at the desk. Staff is very inflexible and offered no help. They ran out of breakfast before 830 am. Will not be returning. The hospitality industry is failing to provide.

  • Joshua Johnson says:

    Hi , my names Joshua Johnson I’m staying at the Great Falls location and unfortunately due to this harassment I’m filing a complaint on listening to your customers and allowing the government officials to violate the privacy of your guests! Looking to the ACLU and their case against Montana for this behavior! This takes all value of your brand away and I plan on moving ASAP due to this behavior! The lack of privacy is disgusting and I hope more speak up on this government overreach taking from the citizens! Forcing us to pay for their voyeurism of respectable citizens! Sorry for those hard working Americans your rights don’t matter in the USA!

  • Claire Benesh says:

    I am overwhelmed with the kindness shown to me at the Sleep Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina I had lost an earring (which was from a pair my daughter had given me) and they graciously went out of their way to send it to me. People going out of their way for such a small seemingly insignificant thing just doesn’t happen that often anymore. Plus our room was neat, clean and they accommodated our 11 lb. dog , who is like a child to us. So grateful to everyone who helped us . God bless you all. Claire Benesh

  • PJ says:

    I received a survey from Sleep Inn about my stay. I was honest about my visit. The response I received from the hotel;
    “ Some time I wonder where you get these responces”.
    I guess Sleep Inn managers do not like real honest feedback and do not know how to respond professionally.

  • Diane Ulrich says:

    Very DISAPPOINTED Have stayed at Sleep Inns before but won’t be staying there again. There was a hole in the ceiling that had an awful
    Patch job done. Carol at the desk said she didn’t know about it and it must have happened recently. Offered to take $10 off our bill but she didn’t. When I got my bill in the morning that woman said it had been like that for a long time. Really don’t appreciate being so lied to. It was the Sleep Inn, Cullman Alabama

  • OW says:

    THE WORST! We stayed at the Sleep Inn in S Jordan, UT. This place is disgusting! The grounds were littered with garbage, dog feces, the trash receptacles were never emptied, hallways were never vacuumed, and the windows were so dirty inside and out, you couldn’t see through them. The staff was rude. We told the gal at the desk about all the litter on the grounds and heaping garbage cans, and she said it was the maintenance staffs responsibility. It was never cleaned during our stay. Low water pressure in the shower, cheap coffee machine and horrible tasting coffee. The “breakfast” was horrible. We’ll certainly never return to any Sleep Inn!

  • T L Goodson says:

    I stayed @ your location in Clarksville, TN ..by Cracker Barrel..I felts the rooms sre not that clean, I took a photo of several isdues.
    Also, feel your rates are higher in the area due to a Military Post.
    Rates gere compared to Ky are more expense. I would NOT Recommend the hotel to any friends.
    I was 😞. Truly would not recommend or stay again in the area.

  • Denise Smale says:

    When I called for reservations at the Sleep Inn I called directly to the hotel. I asked for 2 double beds. I was told that there were no longer 2 double beds available. However, there was a room with a King and or 2 queens. I took the 2 queens because I had 4 people staying. When I checked in the room clearly was not 2 queen beds it was 2 double beds. I spoke to the front desk clerk and he said that they don’t even have queen beds there. Well this was what I was told and was charged a higher rate because of having the queen beds. We were there for a baseball tournament and the other family we traveled with also had 2 double beds and their rate was significantly lower. When I made the reservation and asked for the lower rate of the 2 double beds I was told that they were sold out and offered the 2 queens. Why would someone offer this if it wasn’t even available at your hotel? The front desk clerk said he would speak to the manager and get back to me. Well, the manger said there was nothing that could be done. I am disgusted that you can have someone tell you something and then when you get to the hotel its incorrect or different. I travel frequently with my son’s baseball teams and if this is how Sleep Inn operates I will be sure to make it known to other team travelers and share on social media on how your company lies about accommodations and charger’s higher rates for something that you aren’t even getting. Then to top it off it doesn’t look like the AAA discount was applied to my bill. It was given at the time of reserving the room. I was not there at check in because I was in an accident on my way to Buffalo. My husband arrived first so he didn’t know to check verify! I did bring it down to show them my card when I was making a complaint and they told me they didn’t need to see it. I have never had an issue in my travels with this kind of dishonesty. I even called the day prior to confirm my reservation and he confirmed I had 2 queen beds. Seriously, what kind of business are you running there? I am not happy with how this was handled.

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