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  • Address: 225 S Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-746-3411

  • Fax Number: N/A

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  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 1992

  • Founder: Robert Greenberg

  • Key People: Robert Greenber; (Co-founder, CEO)

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Robert Greenberg

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John M. Vandemore

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  • John McCarter says:

    I am a Pickelball teacher in 3 communities in South Carolina and North Carolina have a big base to sell sneakers to would like to know if you would be interested in selling your brand.

  • Laurie says:

    I experienced abusive behavior at the Nashville 100 Oaks store today. She called me a f&&&&&& b&&&& and threw the shoes at me before actually kicking me out of the store IN FRONT OF A POLICEMAN! She checked my bags and then had the nerve to call me a thief after she obviously found nothing.She said he would escort me out! He mouthed “Sorry” on my way out and I heard her chewing the cop out for not supporting her! I was a flight attendant for 42 years and know something about customer service. This is unacceptable. Plus I didn’t even get to buy the more expensive shoes!

  • Anonymous Skechers workers says:

    Hello I used to work at the Redlands ca skechers warehouse but my hours were cut to 4 hours a week from 36 hours . The general manager Denise Padilla cuts everyone’s hours so they can quit . I called the ca labor on her . If she don’t like you she yells at you and tells you if you don’t listen she will fire you but she won’t because they don’t want to pay unemployment. A group of us workers are getting a lawyer to fight her . She is a manipulative general manager I have contacted corporate but they don’t respond back . Please don’t support Skechers with there illegal tactics they do to us workers.

  • Sharon Simpson says:

    I can’t find my shoes. Customer service is an automaton who can give you zero answers. There are no supervisors willing to come to the phone. I paid $100.00 for a pair of shoes that noone can give me any information on. Save your money. Sketchers no longer cares about their customer satisfaction.

  • Michele Domineck says:

    I just wanted to share my son and I experience. He started a new job that requires him to stand for entire shift, after his shift he informed me that his feet really hurt, so I went home and looked up comfortable steel toe shoes and ordered sketchers. The next they arrived and I gave them to him, during the middle of his shift he text me to tell me me how good the shoes feel and that he could not have done another shift without them. So thank you!!

    I think it would be a good idea for you to share real life experiences with the world 😊

  • Michele says:

    I order products there charged my account but didn’t send my shoes very pissed off calling the better business bureau

  • Judith Smith says:

    I hate how Sketchers take online orders and don’t give updates until you start inquiring about it. that’s late and still sitting in a bin. I ordered my shoes almost a week ago.. my shit is still sitting in a bin waiting. I will NEVER EVER!!! order from them online again!!

  • Jay says:

    I and my friends have stopped buying sketchers trainers because sketchers have changed the material on sole of the shoes. They tend to wear out very quickly. Other manufacturers like Nike they are using superior quality material. Please let me know your response
    Kind regards
    Jay Patel

  • Ray says:

    I called customer service numerous times, I was on hold for over 30 minutes at one point I laid the phone down and walked away I came back over an hour later still no one ever answered, I sent several emails to customer service no one answered, I’m new to sketchers this year I purchased over $800 on there shoes. No more reason ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Connie Priester says:


  • Connie Priester says:

    I am a senior citizen as well as a veteran. I purchased a pair of size 11, slip in blue sneakers (order # 27498565 $75.33). The purchase was made on 09/18/2022. I changed my mind for the purchase realizing my inability to afford the purchase. Immediately I made several unanswered calls to Skechers to no avail. Finally someone returned my call and told me there’s no guarantee I would get a refund!! Skechers rapidly collected my money and now I’m being told there’s no guarantee for a return!! That’s very very unfair. Will someone please assist me with this ?
    Thank you

  • Beth says:

    I am a huge fan of the Go Walk 6 Skechers. I have plantar fasciitis along with cancer (the cancer required the removal of both of my fibulas,2 separate surgeries) and these shoes are the only ones that do not make my legs ache or my feet hurt. I am seeing they are getting harder and harder to find and this makes me sad, but I just wanted to say how much I love these shoes and how much they have helped me navigate daily life!! Thank you!!

  • Frank Gambino says:

    I went to one of your big stores in Summerlin downtown Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada to buy a pair of the slip on sneakers that just came out and one of you please tell me all we don’t carry those in the store only selected stores the store was pretty big and I got discouraged now I’m feeling negative. I had a stroke last year so I think it’s easy for me to put my shoes on. Thanks

  • Marc says:

    My girlfriend has a pair of loose fit slip on black Skechers size 10 with a leopard pattern only seen up close. She loves them and would like the same pair new again. Can you help me find them for her?

  • Janet Matteo says:

    Upon always buying Sketchers sneakers and also recently 2 or of GoWalks this spring and summer they have gotten stuck on the floor i.e. kitchen, woo, laminate even grass. I have fallen 5 times as a result. Very afraid to even walk in them!!! Very dangerous and will not wear them!

  • Paul says:

    Disappointing – I am a disabled veteran who visited your store for the first time yesterday to buy my wife a pair of shoes for her birthday. When I asked the salesperson if Skechers give veterans discount they said “yes.” I soon found out that this wasn’t totally true. When I brought a clearance item to the register, they said a veterans discount would not apply. I also found out that a discount was not offered for “buy one get second on half off.” Well, what really through me for a loop was when I found a pair of “Skechers Max Cushioning” shoes, they said the discount didn’t apply to that particular style. Give me a break! Why do you play games like this instead of just eliminating veterans discount altogether?

  • Ronda Mejia says:

    I am very disappointed in sketchers they advertise their new slip on shoes and do not even have the sizes that you need looking for men’s size 12s and women’s size 8 and they have none whatsoever why would you advertise when you cannot even provide very angry

  • Jennie says:

    Why do you feel the need to include profanity in your commercial? I know it’s bleeped out but it’s not necessary. Not everyone uses profanity in their everyday conversations and it’s not appropriate for children.

  • Athena says:

    After 2 hours of wearing their sandals, they stretched so much that I fell and broke my finger. After waiting on hold for 40 minutes, they won’t even refund the price of the sandals – with the receipt. Good luck trying to reach their corporate office or legal office. What a way to run a business. Pure junk!!

  • MARY says:

    i have been on hold for over 55 min….what is going on .. the $ price point of your shoes is high enough
    to employ more staff.. you sent me an email regarding my order .. and I have questions ??

  • Joe says:

    Why are you wasting your money by advertising on CNN? Presumably you are trying to sell your shoes to first time buyers? No one who has ever purchased your shoes will ever buy them again because they stink, you know they stink (hugely documented online) and you don’t do anything about it. You are using odor retaining, cheap materials and you keep doing it.
    You should be charged with misleading advertising because you are not telling people that your shoes will stink to high heaven after a couple of wearings.
    No one should ever buy your shoes…ever.

  • Leanne lukela says:

    This is what happens when rich companies use sweat shops tp make their items. Cheap labor

  • Leanne lukela says:

    It hasn’t even been a year ,and 89 $ steele toe boots for work are dissinagrated inside. Shitty cheap quality.

  • Colleen says:

    My second pair of sneakers and the inside of the lining ripped in a few spots.

  • Denise M Gonzalez says:

    This is 2022 I don’t understand why you do not have different width sizes for everyone. It makes absolutely no sense why you would not offer wide width so many people have asked! So many people have commented over and over and over again. I’m talking about wide width in every shoe not just the ugly ones. This should have happened decades ago! I shouldn’t have to even be making a suggestion. I rave about your shoes to so many ppl but many need wide width including myself. ADVANCE CHANGES NOW!

  • Sandy Dorner says:

    What kind of big company doesn’t help a longtime customer. I ordered a pair of shoes and “Paid” for it, only to have it lost by their UPS shippers. I asked Skechers for help “from people in the Philippines”? Skechers could not help me because the order was already shipped (out of your hands) and was told to call UPS myself?? I ended up having to file a claim with UPS and was told I’ll probably have to wait WEEKS to get ANY feedback…not my shoes, but feedback!!! I’m here to say “I DO NOT WANT A REFUND, I WANT THE SHOES THAT I PAID FOR”!!! What’s it going to take to get that done????
    Angry and Frustrated

  • Kathryn DeLeonardis says:

    Waiting for a store to come up lady lake florida. We thought it was going to come but covid stopped process. Will we still get a stir here?

  • Bridget Panarelli says:

    I have a bit of a shoe addiction and have way too many shoes. I pulled two brand new pairs of skechers sneakers out of my closet to try on. THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN WORN. In both cases the soles have separated from the top. OMG. What kind of glue do you use? I have pictures that I was going to send with this comment but you don’t accept pics or have an email address. The store will not take them back. Grrrr.

  • Linda Schmich says:

    I am a 74 year old woman. I was diagnosed with Polio at the age of 18 months. I was paralyzed from my neck down and spent time in an iron lung. Eventually it left my left hip and leg affected the most. When I got out of my braces I always had to wear shoes that were light weight, had either straps or laced up. I cannot we’re sliders or heels. I have to buy 2 pairs of shoes and throw away the ones I don’t need! It is expensive and I am inquiring into your company’s policy about someone like me. Is there any way I could get the ones I need and you can get the ones I don’t use and make another mate for them? I wear a 9M on my left foot and a 10W on my right. When I was young a company would allow it. The owner of the stores wife had the same problem. When he left – so did the arrangement. I’m just inquiring. I would love a reply and appreciate your help. I’ve never had nice shoes. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
    Linda Schmich

  • Barbara Palmer says:

    I ordered two pair of shoes on Sunday pass and it was supposed to go out for delivery on Monday and I haven’t heard anything about my order no email no phone calls or nothing

  • Barbara Palmer says:

    I am very disappointed with sketches I ordered some shoes on Sunday and today is Tuesday I haven’t heard anything about my order

  • Daniel Mauldin says:

    Why do they not make a shoe with a “pull tab” on inside of shoe back, that when you put on shoes, pull that tab, and works kinda like a shoe spoon?

  • Robert Denman says:

    Like the concept but shoes don’t hold up. I’ve purchased two pair and they both fell apart when they got wet. The top separates from the sole of the shoe.

  • Dan Sladick says:

    My wife and I were stopped by the manager just as we were leaving the store in a very loud voice asking if we planned on paying for our shoes. Embarrassed and very upset of her tone of voice and treating us as if we hadn’t paid we said we have receipts and started to show her but she looked at the cashier and scooted off very quickly without apologizing or anything. It was too late for hurt feeling we have. I call the complaint department and they said someone would call but wishful thinking. We will never go back and hope these business practices are corrected.

  • Lynda Weigand says:

    I bought a pair of Skechers memory foam less than a year ago and they are literally falling apart. I have always been wearing your shoes and this is the first time this has happened ! I paid am close to $60 maybe more with tax

  • Mike monti says:

    I bought a brand new pair of work shoes my dog chewed one of them any way of buying one shoe

  • Ob says:

    I purchased a pair of work shoes by Skechers off of Amazon SN 77509. They didn’t even last 1month before they cracked near the side front on both shoes. I’ve been buying Skechers for a lot of years and I am very disappointed. I spent approximately $80 and want something done

  • Wick Mclaren says:

    I bought a pair of Skechers at the outlet store in St.George Utah.
    When l got home l realized l had purchased a pair of Wide shoes.
    I returned to the Store and searched for the right shoe but had no luck.
    Just as l was about to give up Heather one of your store employees asked if she could help me. I told her my story of woe. Heather searched the overhead bins and found my size.
    I was so happy that l thought about doing cartwheels right there in the aisles.
    I learned that Heather is the store manager. She was wonderful and very nice too.
    I love your shoes and l will be a customer for life.
    My shoe # is 232106

  • Frank Moniz says:

    I bought a pair of Skechers on line and after 3 months they are falling apart so I called them and they were not helpful at all very poor customer service I spent 70 dollars and they wouldn’t replace them which is a shame because I’ve had good luck in the past but not thus time

  • Roberta H Johnson says:

    Your district manager Amy is a racist, she do not speak to her black and Spanish employees..I will be making a formal complaint to the EEOC..She belittle her worker.bo employee handbook but she writing employees up because they don’t know….she have a attitude ..



  • George Rounds says:

    I just left your Skechers Store on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach CA. I went into your store and was going to purchase 2 pairs of shoes that were in the clearance section with a huge Red and White banner above stating all shoes were 30-50% off When I got to the register the clerk told me that she could not give me the discount stated on the huge banner. I asked for the manager who stated that he also would not honor the advertised banner and they needed to take that banner down. was totally taken back by his terrible attitude and refusal to honor his own sales banner. Is this the way Skechers is doing business now? Total bait and switch and blatantly false advertising.

  • Angela C Tirey says:

    Please, please, please make your shindigs in more colors. Chocolate brown, red, navy blue. I would buy them all. My daughter, two of her friends, myself, 5 of my workers ALL LOVE THIS SHOE. I NEVER SEE ANY OF US WEARING ANYTHING ELSE. So comfortable. Great for work and play. With pants or shorts. Absolutely, hands down, the best shoe EVER.

  • Charles Pace says:

    We visited the Memphis Tennessee store today. It was the sorryest, rudest, miserable experience my wife and have experienced in a long time! We shopped for forty five minutes with absolutely no help from anyone from the store! Several associates walked right by us. The stock was mixed, the sizes were mixed, the shoes on the shelves were not in line with the boxes, colors for various shoes were mixed! Heaven for bid you needed to interperate the codes, WBL, NHR, NBGN, NBLBL etc. The shoes on the shelves had no markings to match up to any box’s above or below them. Finally found a pair I liked and finally found them with much , much effort! Also found another pair but was on a shelf above that I could not reach! About the same time my wife found a pair she liked! There was a ladder right there and all I had to do I step on the bottom step to reach the box. From completely across the store some one yelled at the top of thier voice to get off the ladder, you can’t use that ladder! I admit that i lost my cool and yelled that you should be around to help your customers! Then the person came completely across the store to make thier point again in a very rude boisterous manner! She tried to apologise and said she was assigned to the other part of the store and that is what she was told to do by the people up front by the people up front and they were always yelling at her, very unprofessional and rude! I told her she shouldnt be yelling at anyone in publick and especially a customer! She was maybe eighteen or twenty years old! I am 74 years old and have never allowed any one i know to talk to me like this and never a teenager or young person showing absolutely no respect! A civil tone would have been appreciated and accepted! My wife and i put all three pairs of shoes back, several hundred dollars and politely with no conversation calmly walked out the front door! We will be sure to tell all our friends and family about the very unprofessional and horrible treatment we received!

  • Garry N Long says:

    Until today, we were long time shoppers at Skechers and probably have over 30 pair of Skechers between my wife and I. Today we were shopping at the Skechers store off Coors Blvd in Albuquerque, NM. We have shopped there many time and most of our Skechers have come from there. That ended today!

    We had shopped there today and spend over an hour shopping in the store. We asked one of the workers to see if they had a size 7 woman’s shoe that was one of your newer additions and was quite pricey and was an arch type. The salesperson went to the back and came out a few minutes later and told my wife that there were none. During the hour visit, my wife checked out many other styles and found one she liked. After about 20 minutes another lady came to the same salesperson and asked for the same exact size and style and when the salesman returned, he brought her a size 7 in two different colors in the same style. Why would he do someone that way? Is that customer service that Skechers prides themselves on? I don’t think so!

    It didn’t end there. My wife kept shoppng and finally finished and picked out another shoe so that we could take advantage of the buy 2 and get the second at half off.  I shopped around too and found two for myself as well. So we headed to the checkout counter. There the salesperson rang up all 4 shoes and charges us the full price for the 2 men’s shoes that were $59.99 each and the women’s shoes that $39.99 and $32.99, they marked at the half off. We said, wait, they have never done us like that before, they have always kept the men’s shoes together and the women’s together. So I said it that’s the way you do business now, take the men’s shoes off and I’ll just pay for the women’s. The checkout person (who we discovered was named Travis after multiple times of asking him and he would give us that information) kept telling us that is the way they have always done things and that was the only way he was ever taught. At that point, my wife said she didn’t want her shoes either if that was the way they did business. So I said, wait a minute, I will buy her shoes and then later buy the men’s shoes, but Travis said we couldn’t do that because there was only one transaction allowed per customer. I said we have 3 people here (my wife, my 22 year old son, and myself) but he made a scene that we were together so that one transaction per customer meant that all three of us constituted one customer. I then asked where is that written? He said that is the way it is, so I asked at that point to please ask the manager to come over. Travis indicated that he was the manager. Travis was a kid who didn’t seem to understand what he should have done. So I asked him to provide me a number and contact information to his district management team or to the corporate office. So he looked on his phone for about 5 minutes, I think in hopes that I would just walk off. When I didn’t he turned to me and said he wasn’t allowed to give me any of that information. I said your making a scene here before several customers who are in line behind me and you are making a managerial decision to loose a $150 plus sail as well as future sales and can’t contact someone for clarification and so he just quit talking to us and we left the store.

    Just my wife and I alone accounted for approximately $4,500 revenue to Skechers in about a 2 1/2 year period, turned down $150 sales today, and are willing to loose several more thousand dollars of our future sales with this kind of behavior? Why would anyone purchase two $60 pair of shoes under the buy one and get half off another and decide to do that for a $20 to $30 pair of half offs? The answer: no one!

    By the way, Travis wasn’t wearing a name tag so we have no idea if he gave us the correct name or not and he finally gave us the store phone number of 505-890-1363, if any of the information is correct by if correct, maybe could provide you with the store’s information. Just as a point of concern, when you allow kids to run things at the customer point of service, without quality training, sadly you get lifelong customer shopping elsewhere.

    It’s pretty clear to me that if you don’t rectify what happened to us today and respond appropriately to this concern and humiliation at a crowded register, then you have openly decided that you don’t want our business anymore.

    I would expect a response within the next 72 hours,

  • Jerri Sparks says:

    Your Texas store in Allen, Texas is NOT following Texas mask mandate! I have been a loyal shopper of Skechers for many years as well as have recommended Skechers to many family and friends! I will no longer shop at one of your stores and neither will the people who were with me today! I had a mask on and all my family had a mask on! Texas mandate is if you can NOT be 6 ft apart you have to wear a mask! I was alone in the store with a mask on when I was told to leave! Will absolutely not shop there again. Y’all need to go to the CDC website and follow the guidelines. Still is mind boggling what happened today. Get it right or close your stores! The people working there are rude and without guidance.

  • Samuel Torres says:

    Sketchers in Kittery, Maine discriminated against me based on race. I went to the Sketchers located in Kittery, Maine and asked to switch the toddler shoes I had purchased for my grandson, since they were to narrow. Sketchers told me that they did not carry wide shoes. So I asked for refund. I did not have my receipt on me, but did have the debit card that I had purchased the shoes with. She refused to retrieve the receipt using my debit card. I then agreed to accept store credit. I had purchase the shoes two days earlier . The manage at that time sold me a pair of used shoes (as Brand New). At the counter after I had purchased them I noticed that the soles were black with dirt and I noticed a drip on the side of one of the shoes. I immediately asked that the shoes be replace with a new pair of shoes. The store did not have another pair in stock. I returned the two pair of shoes anyway since one pair was used and the store had refused to give me the second pair at half price as advertised. I ended up purchasing one pair of shoes.

    Two days later I had to return the shoes because they would slip onto my grandsons feet since they were to narrow. The manager was very rude. I told her that I did not have my receipt and that I need to exchange them for a wider pair. The manager said they did carry any wide shoes for toddlers. She offered to give me store credit. I asked for a refund and that I had the debit card on me so she could retrieve the receipt. She refused to retrieve the receipt. I agreed to accept the store credit at which point I reminded her of the used shoes she tried to sale me and the deceptive advertisement (back to school half off on second pair of shoes). She yelled at me and told me to get out of the store because she did not like my attitude. She told me that she was calling the police on me. She started dialing the telephone. I told her that I had not done anything wrong but informed her of my concerns. She again yelled at me to get out as she was calling the police. I was embarrassed as other customers were looking on.
    I believe the manager felt she could call the police on me is because I am dark brown skinned. I am Native American and Spanish. I am also a retire US Marine and Practicing Attorney.

  • Robert Yeider says:

    I have never been so frustrated with an internet site. I purchased a pair of shoes (232040). The site led me to believe that I wouold recieve 25% off if I signed up which I did. I atempted to use the code MASTER and it indicated “Not applied” I tried it in all
    upper case, first letter upper case, nothing worked. I attempted to get in touch with the support people and they could not help. I bought the shoes at full price. this was on Saturday night. Monday I got the 25% off coupon with a code. I LOVED THE SHOES. I decided to order 2 more pair of the same shoe. There was an add to buy 1 pair and get 50% off the second pair. The code did not work for that deal either. I tried to use a code that I got today it did not work (Coupon cannot be added to your cart ) So far I have not order the 2 additional pair of shoes. No codes work and I don’t know why. It is not at all clear. I have 3 requests for assistance that have not been responded to for 3 days.

  • Katrina Loveless says:

    Hey I wanted so much to mention my experience about a store you have in one the oldest cities in the world St.Augustine Fl.
    My name is Katrina Loveless and I have been threw a real ordeal and I wanted to really appreciate the man that was beside for it and 8 years of my life but the issue is I don’t know how have fashion and style like most women so I wore a dress for the first time in over 20 years and I applied makeup which for me is hilarious. I wanted to so beautiful Beyonce would be like “oh no she didn’t” . I forgot shows to wear so I walked in your store and 2 younger men where behind the counter.I was shocked when they greeted me because now a days…. Well you know….. They didn’t have cell glued to them. They were over excited to help me. So am I on Funniest videos because I told them what I needed and both them helped me so much they made me laugh and they really represented Skechers like professionals. Even though the shoes hurt my toes these guys rocked it. Skechers has been a big part of our lives because my son has extremely flat feet and they are the only shows he prefers. I mean I use to run from him is freaky haha naw but I love sketches and I wanted to let you know that they were awesome. I hear most women day pain is pleasure so I didn’t exactly become top model I did compliment the man I loved.

    Lately I have been having issues with corporations and days like today make me step back and not be so judgy. Please let them know how appreciated they are so your investors would be happy with returns until the circle goes around and round.

    I needed you to know how much a difference this made because of my experience. Please continue to make your employees appreciated and I will rethink my views on corporations I know I am just one person but I swear I have a big mouth to spread the word. Store #124 in St.Augustine fl .
    It’s salesperson 106391 but it was two young men.

    Thank you

    Katrina Loveless

  • Gary W says:

    I ordered 2 pairs of Skechers on 7/19/20. It has not shipped. There is no tracking number in the system. I’ve tried emailing them twice, but have not received a response. The phone number 800 746 3411 indicates that they have temporarily closed because of health reasons (Covid). So I am unable to speak to anyone at Skechers. What should I do? I cannot contact anyone.

    • V Miller says:

      I’m having the same problem. I don’t understand a National Brand company has such poor customer service. No real solution. I continue to email them everyday and will continue to email them and will write corporate office.

  • aNNETTE sISSON says:

    I bought skechers #40826 navy size 6 and they are the most terrible shoes I have ever had. I paid $39.99 and they hurt my feet so bad that I cant wear them

  • Sally Pisano says:

    I have ordered sandles,4 weeks ago I haven’t heard anything call me 518 265 9267

  • Angie Mazerat says:

    The sales associates in my local store are paid to be antagonistic and argumentative. I waited in line the “store manager” was arguing with the man in front of me until he gave up and left. I was IMMEDIATELY told different than what I was told via emails with customer service.I was told I could NOT return an online order at the store. I have an email from customer service saying I COULD return unworn items directly to the store for a full refund, minus shipping. The argumentative “store manager” was EXTREMELY quick to tell me “no online returns” without even TRYING to help me. It was as if I was a mere inconvenience on her otherwise slow day. If this is the level of customer service Sketches expects out of their managers, it’s a wonder you are still in business. My common sense would indicate that hostile arguments to apparently every guest is a bad business practice.

  • Lucci says:

    Store at Christiana mall Delaware refused my return with a receipt. Said it was too long ago. I said you were closed due to the pandemic. She shrugged her shoulders and said I can’t help you. I asked for a manager and she pretended to call someone. This is not over. It’s a matter of principle at this point. If any management is seeing this, please contact me. The phone number she gave me is just a voicemail. Surprisingly, no one has called me back!

  • Myriam says:

    The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patti James says:

    I have emailed several times and called only to find out that nobody is answering. I have received no responses to my emails. I ordered my shoes last month and received a tracking number that states it hasn’t been taken to UPS. It continues to say ready for shipping. If you are going to sell things online and take people’s money you have to deliver the products. I ordered these shoes for my work and need them.

  • Robert Lewis says:

    I see that you have complaints from others also about not addressing issues.

  • Robert Lewis says:

    Someone needs to look into at how you handle customer that need answers on orders,the help system dose not help,only sends automated emails that dose not help!

  • Jessica says:

    Hi I recieved a message saying I order was delivered that is a lie I have not received nothing. I have sent messages and no response I want my money back. Please HELP?

    • V Miller says:

      I’m having the same problem. never received merchandise Skechers never sent tracking number was not able to call FedEx and when Skechers finally sent tracking number it was past the days I could make a claim. Shipping confirmation received on 7/24 no tracking number Skechers sent FedEx tracking number on 8/1. I’m so dissatisfied with this company

    • Samuel Torres says:

      Seek an attorney and start class action lawsuit. It seems it is sketchers policy to not deliver items, keep the money and ignore customers.

  • Dennis Gray says:

    Do I need to wash my returns in case of virus. I see people returning shoes are putting them back on the sheilf

  • Sylvia Gomez says:

    My mom and I went to Skechers on June 2nd here in Santa Fe New Mexico and no one else was in the store we had to keep asking for help at least a dozen times one of the times a woman named Winter said “I’m busy in a very ugly tone.” The manager was not there but my mom called the manager later on and she was given a discount code for the next time we return to the store. Today which is June fourth I went in and I didn’t know it was the manager telling me “don’t mix up the shoes in the boxes” and then a few minutes later she says “you need to put on socks” I had thongs/ slippers on. I showed her my socks and I said it’s hard to put your toes on each side of the thong. And she replied “you need to put the socks on or leave the store”. I asked her if she was Katrina the manager and she said yes.
    The manager and the one worker that we dealt with don’t any sense of customer service!!!! I wanted to buy one more pair of shoes but after being spoken in that manner I just wanted to leave the store.
    Maybe I’ll wait to buy my next pair in Albuquerque which is an hour away.

  • Mary Malkin says:

    I have a pair of the Bobs Maldives an absolutely love them. I want them in every color but can’t seem to find them. Were they discontinued?

  • John Pilette says:

    You claim my shoes were delivered on May 8, never were received by me, or any one in my building. Send me the shoes I paid for

    • tammie says:

      me too june 3rd at 830pm and no one will respond to my emails! i want my shoes or refund.. terrible customer service!

      • Samuel Torres says:

        Seek attorney and file class action lawsuit. It seems to be a practice and policy of sketchers to not deliver merchandise and ignore customers.

    • Samuel Torres says:

      seek attorney and start class action lawsuit.

  • Ron says:

    I just went to the west palm outlet in Florida and I was turned away. I called the day before and I was not told I needed to wear a mask. I needed to just exchange a pair of shoes. It doesn’t say on west palms outlet site or the stores outlet site. I have been trying to get a hold of someone ti just do an exchange but no one will get back with NOT PLEASED AT ALL.

  • Cynthia Silkey says:

    I went to your store at the Osage Beach, MO outlet mall & was told I couldn’t come in without a mask!! You had your mask Nazi at the door to stop you from entering!
    I explained this is the USA & we have constitutional rights & I would not wear a mask.
    She told me it was Corporate Policy. Well, guess what?? You are NOT going to dictate to people what they wear in your store!!
    It’s no wonder you have bad reviews.

  • Christine Shutt says:

    I, have repeatedly tried to get a hold of you for close to a month ! My order # 16355283, arrived defective! Two inches of hem, is undone. I, am a disabled senior and I DO NOT HAVE A PRINTER! I, need a return label sent to me, by USPS MAIL ! I,appreciate your time and help! Truly, Christine Shutt Address 30 Elmwood Street, Pittsburgh Pa 15205. Phone-412 922–1925

  • Sally says:

    Why is the Lubbock texas store requiring paying customers to mandatory wear a mask If your coming into the store to stop. It should be employees should be forced to wear them ,but not a customer, customers with anxiety can not walk around with face covered.

  • Loti C says:

    Your walking shoes are cracking and peeling all over. I have two pair. Both are doing this. What a shame

    • Christine Shutt says:

      I, think, I am done dealing with this company after the last incident, I was subjected too! Good Luck, to you !

  • Steve Mullin says:

    Sketchers work boot sole falls off due to poor quality

  • Richard B. says:

    I have never had Sketchers before, but these “Sketchers Sport, Relaxed Fit, Air-Cooled, Memory Foam” running shoes are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! I was trying to find an email address to corporate office to send them pics of these specific shoes I’m thanking them for making, but is just a form to fill out. Maybe I’ll write them an actual letter with pics. Great Shoes!!!!… At least the ones I have.

  • Worthy. Leach says:

    I have a complaint my skeechers slip on the soles r like a sponge when it’s wet out it either a defect or something I would like a for u to replace them

  • sandie gm says:

    yes I have been going to the store off of murphy rd and the one on 45 gulf frwy and have been asking for a discount on our shoes for myself and employees for a yr now I have been asking how do I register finally the store on 45 gulf frwy gave info so I registered in sept 2019 I went in 2 wks ago to see if we could get a discount and was told our corporate decides who and when the put companies on our log and capt bennys seafood is not on our list. I asked how often do they update our corporate office update when they want to its out of our controll . So I ask you when can I get on this list to receive a discount ?

  • Daphne says:

    I am looking for a shoe that I have had so comfortable but now worn out, cant find it, SN 13971 is the style Go walk Flash in grey , if some one could let me know where to find it I will very much appreciate it,( shame no customer servive contact)

    • Tammy Riggs says:

      Did you ever get a response? I am looking for a specific sneaker as well but I do not have a serial number but it is a sketchers go walk flash the insole is what I consider a non slip insole and I absolutely love this sneaker! However I have not been successful in locating another ?

  • Albert Hobson says:

    When will you offer solid white athletic shoes without the blue sole turned up from the bottom to the front of the toe?

  • Jerald Hall says:

    Skechers Go Walk 3 shoes are the best shoes I’ve ever owned. I have several pairs. The sole of the shoe makes it comfortable and provides excellent traction. Loved the shoe fabric. I’m disappointed you are no longer making it. I tried the Go Walk 4 and it is not nearly as good of a shoe as Walk 3.

  • Donna says:

    I love Sketchers / have 6 pairs ! I love them because their are comfortable / cool and I have a few pairs that help my back . I finally found a pair of shoes that are good for my back and a flat feet. And they are all beautiful and stylish !

  • David says:

    Awful customer service.

  • Martin Hannon says:

    I am Edward Cheserek’s high school coach and I know that I can sell A LOT of King Ches shoes with contacts that I have in New Jersey and elsewhere across the country. Please have the Marketing Division contact me— as to how we can sell a lot of running shoes.

  • richard moshman says:

    Hi,We are big time sketcher fans,and always will be but the last pair I bought are a gray canvas type shoe and developed white holes on the upper part of the shoes,which detract from the shoes,they are about 6 months old and I lost the receipt.I can send pics if you want.I would appreciate if you can replace them with another pair.Thanks,Richard Moshman

  • Carol Smith says:

    I always liked sketchers shoes but this recent pair are the worst shoe I’ve ever had. The shoe is made too high in the back and curves in towards the heel and digs into your heel causing a blister. I will have to throw them in the garbage as they are unwearable! These are Sketchers relaxed fit SN 22468. They should be trying out these shoes before selling them.

  • William R Hambor says:

    Please send me an e-mail address to notify your company of a complaint on recent sneakers I bought.

  • >